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41: The Church that the Worlds Need

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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November 21, 2020 10:00 am

41: The Church that the Worlds Need

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life ministries and culture was a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network preparing this program and thank you to everybody for listening. Right now it is December, you have made it to December by Brandon Roy, so grateful you take time out of your day to listen to this program. Information about process fellowship will occur to the and if you missed any previous episodes this entire year you live Nellis in this incredible month. I love the month of December as it speaks to, hope, love, joy, and peace.

In fact, I want to encourage you, whether it's virtual or in person to be sure that you get connected to a church over this Christmas season. Invite people once again were in this kind of interesting hybrid state right now and so will invite you if you don't have a church if you do not have a home church at all. Of course we have a church make sure you go there support them plug-in serve and connect if you do not have a home church.

We want to personally invite you to come check out Crossroads Fellowship this Christmas season for joy. A special 22nd okay and so for this particular episode. Today I want to draw attention to a message I preach, not that long ago out of acts chapter 2 that I think is so incredibly important for the church to hear and once a church.

I don't mean just the institution of a church.

I mean you listening.

Who are the church body. In acts chapter 2. It was the beginnings of the early church, and I preach the message that I entitled the church that the world needs and listen this world's in trouble. We know that we see it we talk about all the time, and what this world needs is not just not just another church, not just the church building and not just more programming. But what would happen if our churches were truly mobilized with the Holy Spirit's power that actually went out and actually believed in the God that does miracles that goes out and believes and what happens when We Pl., God and generosity in unity.

First we go out with sound doctrine and theology.

See all these things I just mentioned were found in early church as I want to bring attention to a message I preach Sally back afterwards to wrap it up before we go.

It's the message here's a quick word from one of our sponsors. Your success as a leader on buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you in strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource.

Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you and depends on your team as a leader and watch organization further visit The world needs mobilized church that is filled with the Holy Spirit's power. This is what the world needs the world doesn't just need church that sits empty on a corner. The world is just another church that is just doing her own thing the world needs a church that is mobilized but not just mobilized with talent or mobilizes with people or mobilized with technology. The world needs a church is mobilized with the Holy Spirit's power that this early church this early church in acts chapter 2 verse 1 to 41 Omsk to summarize it here, but next to verse 1 to 41. You see the beginnings of this that this church, the early church was gathered together in the upper room and there there because Jesus told the Galway verse Holy Spirit and wait for the power I was going to come and they go there and they wait. And sure enough, just like Jesus words are always true. The Holy Spirit shows up in a huge way and empowers empowers these believers we hear something that you got a note they didn't stay in the upper room, these followers of Jesus, these people that were gathered in the upper room when the Holy Spirit came upon them and cause them to mobilize this and sit in the upper room go wow, how cool is this how amazing is God while Jesus must really love me to give me his Holy Spirit.

While we just say appearance. We can be safe. We just enjoy each other's company. In the meantime, there's people right outside the window right outside the doors that are lost that don't know Jesus and church.

I can't tell you how much that resonates with my heart today that the church doesn't just sit back and just say wow how wonderful is church or how great is the servicing and well how great of these programs. These ministries know there are people right now. Wherever you are, whether you are here in the building. Whether you are at home or somewhere else.

There are people literally walking right past your door and your window of your house of your school of your workplace that are completely lost that don't know Jesus tell you that what this world needs is a church just like Crossroads with people just like you that are not just mobilized but mobilized with the holy spirits power that is what's needed to tell you why. By showing a little example. Previously we find Peter putting his foot in his mouth denying Jesus at the time of Jesus arrest Peter denies Christ three times and then all of a sudden in acts chapter 2, particularly it says in verse 14 that Peter he stands up with the 11 today replace Judas they stand up with the 11, and he raises his voice and he addresses the crowd, this is the same Peter who, not too much earlier was denying Jesus because he was afraid of what was going to happen now. A sudden year with great boldness stands up and addresses the masses of people. What's the difference same Peter timeframe timeframe is not much later, Sally Keith had years and years and think about this is a short time later today with the big differences. The big difference that disappeared. That is now filled with the power the Holy Spirit the power the Holy Spirit that comes upon us as believers to give us that boldness to speak to give us the boldness to be mobilized to give us that boldness to stand up and say in the speak and to share the wonderful, beautiful things of Jesus. So what this world needs is not just the church and it's really not just a church is mobilized. Could you be mobilized, you can just do good things like we duly we can do good things we can we can feed the hungry, you take care of the homeless. We can secure the widows. We can do all the things that that were called to do and we should be doing also be mobilized.

The Holy Spirit's power. I'm just telling you when you allow the Holy Spirit to power you listen when you when you accept Jesus as your Savior. He gives you that Holy Spirit. So Sally, we don't have the Holy Spirit as I could so foreign to us, we discover allow the Holy Spirit to operate through power. As of this early church is operating through the Holy Spirit power and it caused them to to leave where they were in a God into the streets and as a gone to the streets were given notice as you start reading acts 242 is at the the church just explodes that we see the world of them turning upside down that miracles happen.

Salvation is happy. Fellowship is happening connection and yes persecutions that they one of the reasons why those disciples were so willing to put their even their own lives on the line was because the power the Holy Spirit. So my prayer for you is that you and I that we would not just be a church, but that we would be the church to be the church is mobilized.

That is moving in power so the next thing that the world needs quite honestly the second thing the world needs is a church that is devoted to sound doctrine and fellowship, and here's really why listen, you can be mobilized for the Holy Spirit's power and you get real off and what you think and believe.

We see this happen all the time is so important that we listen we follow we just follow what the early church, and I was never feel the Holy Spirit are filling power but but watch with this early church does.

I think it's so important. So, in acts chapter 2, verse 42 is going look there. It says this says they devoted this. The people who were just empower all those people all people are you saved is as they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, they also devoted themselves to the breaking of bread and the person… Put that together real quickly.

So this is now after Peter addresses the crowd, and thousands having thousands of people are added to the church that day. There are thousands will be added in there looking around on what we do with all these people. They never been a seminar though it's a church planning schooling and know how to do. That's what they did is they simply found themselves devoting themselves. The sound teaching the sound doctrine, to fellowship in the prayer.

What a great thing that the world needs this world needs you and I a church that actually knows why we believe what we believe was one of the things that I loved about reading through the Scripture this year and if you didn't do it. I encourage you sometime some way. This find yourself and walk through the Bible. Sorry Genesis walk-through the understanding of who God is, when you want to call that theology while look at the doctrine of the church is so critical because it's so helpful for you and I to actually know why we believe what we believe, especially those you right now there that are teenagers. Those right now that are there students, those that are going off University. Those that might be in University so one of the greatest things you can do is get routed and why you believe in God. That is because a parent told you are church told you not to because you had emotions in refill response one night and thought that was God but truly what is it about God. Why do you believe what you believe and get grounded in that one of things I love about this church is listen.

There's a lot of ways this go wrong is the sound doctrine and theology of this church that we look at Scripture we said this is what the Bible says this is what we believe and understand that I'm just telling you that with this world needs is is you to be sure that you know who you are because if you don't. Otherwise what happens that the world is going dictate that for you and you will be easily tossed and influence, and many many ways and listen work were sooner or now because right now the word of God. The Bible is been so challenged in so many ways was on that we can amend you can leak in a list of page full of ways. Right now, this culture of this world are challenging God's word and that is the tactic of the enemy of all the enemy can do is just get you to doubt member. We talked about from the very beginning in Genesis all the enemy had to do was whisper and Adam and Eve's ear did God really tell you this same thing today and if you and I are rooted, meaning we gotta get us the word of God.

There's no way around that reading Scripture, applying it to our life.

Understanding put yourself in a setting in the situation of a small group or class or in a church like this where you are getting sound doctrine, sound theology because that is good. I hope you now when the world comes like they are right now in their sin not well you I know the Bible says this, but at work.

We really don't believe that is what I can follow or the world is challenging what we believe are challenging beliefs in all areas of our life as Christians and followers, and if were not grounded in what Scripture says, grounded in our own personal belief in God and knowing what does the Bible say about moral issues. What does the Bible say about injustices.

What does the Bible say about unity and oneness.

What does the Bible say about how her's was to treat one another was a Bible say about speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves, and how do we take care of of our community to the Bible addresses all of those things.

When the greatest things of this world needs you and I grounded in what we believe also devoted themselves the fellowship and is aware.

I love this word it says a great work Coakley in the end, this word coined the it has the idea of association and communion with one another.

Real fellowship and participation, but also means this it means that they shared in something common there something common that this world needs to see from the church something common that you and I this, your lens was beautiful. Income from all the background is why we can still have fellowship and still come in from all different backgrounds all different cultural experiences. All other parts of the country in the world all different structures and believes we can come together and be unified under who Jesus is and have fellowship and common ground, and that in order to share together and that to the Christian life is meant to be full of fellowship. It really is.

It's not meant to be left undone alone is not meant to not be share where we are here to share in the importance of this.

This is why it is so important to us, especially over the last several months with coronavirus is been so important to me as your pastor to make sure that you are connected so important because were not meant to do life alone. I know there are some you even right now that you're still staying at home you're still not back down to the community and in airways doing it at their own pace sometimes and get lonely, but so were not meant to do life alone. I will encourage you to get connected and you can even get connected right now with your back at the building are back in a program or if you're still at home and I will put a little plug.

I know we talk about all time, but quite honestly, if you're looking for a way to get connected. Let me help you real simple

Give us your information and I guarantee so we can reach out to. We want you to be connected be connected to other believers to encourage one another and will be our glory. Believe the third thing that the world needs that is so important at this world needs a church that absolutely believes in the power of God and miracles. Listen, I believe that we serve a God that still does miracles. I believe in a God that still heals that still sets people free. That still reunites people that reconciles people that still forgives that still delivers that sets us free from all sorts of things that this is the God that we serve. I believe that I believe the guy can hear you today and I'm just telling you there something powerful when you mean I believe that God is the God of miracles that he is a wonderful miracle working God that this God of the universe that not only created the universe, but also created you that rose from the dead, that nose is binding that this God is for us and not against us is victory force that this God hey can you powerful things in X2 43. It says it this way is that everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles love that Satan everybody was filled with all is again a church that was mobilized left devoted themselves the teaching sound doctrine, but they also went out into the streets when it's in the workplaces when it's a homes and saw God do absolutely amazing things in them and through them and people were in all sorry to hear about your times. I wonder if perhaps we don't see signs and wonders. Perhaps we don't see the power of God is because you and I are willing to say in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus be healed in the name of Jesus stand up and walk in the name of Jesus be healed in your relationships physically, financially. I was wonder if we'll see miracles and signs and wonders because the church is not really mobilized ever. I really mobilized and were not out in the world. People actually need signs and wonders and miracles know we are. We just kind of blend in and so will we see a need. Are we willing to walk up say the name of Jesus be healed from that sickness and limit Jesus be healed and images at your finances make the job happen in Jesus is Naomi. I just wonder if we don't see that miracles will signs and wonders because word is not competent enough. Maybe in our own faith to go out there and say in Jesus name. So you just imagine with me if we would if we would imagine if you would a church that's mobilized that was bold enough to say no. I still believe in the God of miracles and we are watching right now and you need a miracle in your life. Let me just tell you in Jesus name I pray that that happens about right now I would discourage you right now wherever you are. Weather here the building or watching a line wherever you are given need, you can just right now just claim Jesus's name over that need. Let's let Jesus heal you right now, your bodies heal you emotionally and spiritually and mentally.

Jews provide that job for you.

Those finances Jews provide whatever it is that you need, but we gotta believe that that's going to happen you know Scripture says that we can pray for more faith in the right now we as Christians as churches as people. Maybe the first priority is to be God, give me the faith got increase my faith to believe in a God that still does miracles. I believe in that is the evidence of God's power to the see miracles happen is that is that while they can look at that person or leader, that church know it's it's look at the evidence of God's power because we want people to put their attention on God, not me another church. 90 but on God. Here's the thing. I pray that you and I never lose the all of what God can do that we never lose sight of the all of a wonderful miracle working God for the file thing that this world needs to file thing is that this world needs a church that actually practices generosity and oneness so that is a church is mobilized. This power, not just a church that is with sound doctrine and theology and practice that is a church that believes in the power and the miracle working God, but also church it actually practices generosity and oneness. I think if you asked me what is one of the things that that most summarizes and marks the early church. It is their generosity and is there unity and ask chapter 2, verse 44 to 47 it says all the believers were together and had everything in common.

They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all people in the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved those last three verses are so paint the beautiful picture of a functioning, healthy church, they gathered together in the temple they once church the actually gathered together and went to church and I know right now very hybrid model right right now we can come together physically would come together online. This only power but is coming together.

They came together. Then if he knows what they did that small groups they want to people's homes. They ate together, they celebrated together.

Also, did you notice that they were doing community partnership outreaches. There are gathering up food items and clothing and material needs, and as people and needs. They gave those needs away and encourage each other. They added to the number daily those are being saved to this world desperately needs to know and see how we can live in generous oneness together. So imagine the church to figure this out. I'm so glad to be part of a church that I believe has and is on the right path. Figure this out.

You and I listen are generosity matters. The way that you give absolutely matters.

I don't talk about it weekly because part of what we do, but also want to encourage you with this. The way that you give financially or the way that you donate items to the thrift store or to places like Nona pocket the way that you are generous with your neighbors with your time. The way that you serve the community and the triangle. All that matters.

It all makes a difference in our context here. The way that you give generously, financially, makes a huge impact in our church and in our community is not a new concept. The early church.

They sold every thing that they pull it all together and they gave it away in order to reach the world around are generosity many many ways matters is about seeing needs and filling needs.

It's about you and I actively participating in generosity not just with our money but also with our time also with our other resource with our gifts and our talents the way that we serve all those ways matter ties offerings neighbors community to generosity to me is a path to fellowship and one more generous. Did you notice there is two words in their says they did all this with sincere hearts, generosity breaks down walls break down barriers when you and I are generous across the board. It allows us to do so with really sincere hearts. It allows us to open up our hands to give so we can also receive this in generosity, it changes lives you are changed as well as the church and the community. I told just before one of the things that I think when we do we are most like God it is in our generosity to the church also is not meant to worship God and learn his word by ourselves church is meant to come together, not just by ourselves, not just isolated but the worship got a come together yet. It's also meant to do more. God wants us to share our lives with each other so I connection in small groups be part of a glad class or group or team. And yes, right now whether you're here in person or online.

You can still get connected and all those ways because the Christian experience us in the Christian experience in the early church. It was daily.

Every day there get together. It was joyful and it was simple and I know times change. Cultures change, things are different, but the Christian experience is still meant to be daily. Three joyful and to be generous and also to be one this early church notices said that everything in common.

The house that possible when people thousands of people from all over coming to know Jesus and coming to the faith. While they were common under one person see again what this world needs is a church to show them despite our differences, despite what we might say or believe. Outside allows this church despite where we are politically where we are education wise where we are social, economic, and that we can still come together and we can so I oneness because it's oneness under Jesus. We put Jesus first we put his kingdom first and you and I we line up under that no we went out lineup and all these other areas. We went out lineup in our upbringing or our culture. We went out lineup and how we look at what we believe.

Even at times are or who we vote for non-ionic goes, but we can certainly line. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business is the business running here. How might your teams grow.

If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats. Mining Cheryl Scanlon visits an executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three

As always, thank you so much for joining us on this episode really appreciate you listening and and don't forget her previous episodes go to and hay.

Merry Christmas and a sheep like you have a church and if you don't church across his fellowship and I do hope this program is beneficial and hope you today and we will see you all again next Saturday at noon. Right here on the Truth Network

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