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November 15, 2020 5:13 pm


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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November 15, 2020 5:13 pm

Women from all walks of life can succeed, in this show we discuss strategies and techniques to move forward in the business world and your personal relations, despite life setbacks.

Guest Tamara Norwood is a business coach, intuitive business strategist, helping people find the perfect solution building their business.


The Cure Radio™ live talk syndicated radio show and live-streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic violence, abuse, trauma, mental health, or other challenges that affect your life. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope, and love, and so much more, all while you are healing your wounds and knowing that you are loved and not alone.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Getting right is that the radio show that say it's a beautiful sunny day 80 and wearing winter and cold outside it's beautiful my lips. Now it I guess the body smart like that. I'm not glad about that smart but happy for the team that he convert more sinners and the guys please join this can be a very interesting set when awesome social body want to say hello because all the hello of the Lansing nobody rose hello scapegoat the show to you when to start the show rubric hi and bye they were back you can do it while you with Amy Kabul life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Kabul Q you guys again I stress available live radio also like to smart website to We are broadcasting today like for me to satellite available in 35 stations and more than 11 states and live social media, and soon after the show is show deals suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive in the carriage to keep them for, despite any obstacle with the help of God's help each other provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone and indicia the testimony started with me having been a survivor from companies willing to have speakers in several fields, inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary.

Awareness is crucial in comfort. I do believe we all suffer or have suffered something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other. I can always be challenging but always know there's someone who cares if no one I know got this only played earlier was where is the love I back IP and here's Mike we can sometimes feel strange when life suddenly changes and it seems that down to stop and up is down or we once felt secure. Now we struggle to smile instead of frown.

Peace and love should prevail.

How is it that there states that are difficult to exhale how we compromised our valleys taken the easier route and settle for less. Are we willing to suffer with devotion to God move forward and profess love the last.

It was sucking our eyes were open, but we still focus on love just because we are God's children receive instructions from more than words. We need to walk the walk follow Jesus always but when life at this discourage only God means father.

Father, help us weep and humble and find there's only hoping you where is the love. We ask ourselves confident your provided and grateful that our faith in today's get is Tamara Norwood all the way from Australia that business creates stress.

After 15 years of event and project management in the personal and business development industry. She witnessed over a thousand speakers and hundreds with a fascination for what makes a business really work gain momentum.

She has divided into the energetic energetics distance are nesting to see the ideal business strategy.

She's a business medium where the real insight into the success of your business, practically and strategically flowing through Tamara and give her been on the show. You are now life is you have your very interesting person and we are going to your life and how you were able to make it been story let's first start with that you are hosting an interesting help secrets of powerhouse entrepreneurs. What is its purpose and how can people looking for my period up to be about what will and create momentum alignment docket on you know the credit world 13.a business or heart. Connect with people. I really create momentum creating and hemp on my own. I live in very handy.

I don't have networking meeting. How that would look at liberty with Robin in time and it will with the common thread and I did my own United. Not only that, and then decided to go a little deeper and really look at each put together 1920 on and off. I created that movement below how they create movement down brutally at incredible experience. Today is day 17. What I love you to bring energy that will momentum regarding business. What I let it right is that the together but we would: throughout and it's amazing to. But I were looking for this area on Monday 20. Well that's very interesting and you dare to do this through such challenging times your driving spirit must be an inspiration to many. And so you know you talk about a common thread. Now you get together all kinds of entrepreneurs to different ideas so that you can help others what is happy noticed a common thread among their success, something that they all share in common. Even the last hours a day.

I like there is one that will know what it culpable one.

The well that had been that they are on a cover letter and breathtaking. They think they will talk about the vision and the hobby commitment Talk about indignant and childlike, talk about it everywhere. We are willing and the other thing that I've noticed is that it doesn't matter moving around married and they are open to some people who have no 500,000 followers and have 500 government will be not aware how big they are what eventually one of my thinking lemonade ogling the big powerful people to have around me and other anyway.

I think of the incredible. No matter where you're at your work went well here with the Bible story. The Bible story and that is so hot that I like done something about it. Everything they say that anyway every day and I think that really how only knows the been going through it every day with me that I have read well and been really inspired by your doctor. The repeated little action toward one every day that even the librarian is probably what it is right.

What they share in common is that they willing to take chances willing to face your fears and they all share a common devotion for helping others. I hope I got that right. That's what makes a successful person. It's not about your title for tomorrow to the your present will not miss the president of the Cabrera yes I know will continue talking about this amazing transformation of our willingness to be his hands. No matter what, like the fear would love to hear from you when you're successful in business one 866-3186 630 for the first goal will receive approval euros are you so deals with suffering its nasty experience. I was forced into my abortion. I think I have a choice people to know there's choices. My heart, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth will you know. Looking back, I remember that you can listen to the radio show live throw up the gear with amicable or is about cost. Look for the cure on any book club displayed was old me like five seconds by five seconds summer okay Jerry, this is my take life highs and lows sentences fields were constantly taking the blows. Training must be. There must be something holding us back from being free is getting by just enough how many times do we need to play the role. Some of us don't believe in getting up and we realize we have been wrong. We learned from it. Make the best out of it made our faith strong to the enemy we can shut the door and acknowledge we need to do more lessons we learn from the past and our mistakes was a small price to pay if it brings us closer to God when we are brought to our knees and pray to work and never slept the world can never slowness. Despite the knocking on the door. God is love and truth. We are his.

And it's got that we adore we are talking to. Tamara is helping us with advice on success and success of this before the break.

Tomorrow we were talking about this that you done together entrepreneurs that you really want to help people and had a curious question that just popped into my mind in this group of entrepreneurs and I know. Among them are very successful. It also novices beginners that you might be helping start their business or succeed like the one equal. (That anyone creating the how people create movement and the one for listening one for listening probably looking at creating a business has been going on that movement by the time so you have everybody experienced one of successful ones and the ones that are not successfully going to learn from them. Welcome people turning to the whole thing recorded so if you want to jump on it. Create create track create beautiful it's it's just really amazing thing you doing it's it's just you know it's it's it's something that I just really want and marry for because you know we all know these are scary times and we know all know that some people have become solution are discouraged. It's always important to know that there's always hope.

As long as you willing to fight Tamara how does somebody know that they're ready to have an opportunity is there the right opportunity. You just have to make it happen. I buried a little bit there with a little bit of an element on the timing whereby nothing. You know the timing is thought-provoking. Those who are doing another very common thread don't hope your mom about the business idea. Your brother, what local correction about your business idea somebody is making that kind of business that already collect the people who got an idea for information or somebody different other and talk to them about them about your idea that I got a good look more and right correction layer, then I might need another value. Know what I mean like it connection to talk to about eight so you write on right at 50.

So basically target the right audience and helpers can be beneficial in what yes yes and for those that are trying to find their purpose. Do you think it's important to try to integrate your purpose into what you doing something that you feel is worthwhile will count you will make a difference where I really think that will go.

Everybody thought them no and what they are actually more day to show the world and your usual exactly why or if you've been a long time and you're really good at something to do. As long as you're using the role of the graded Lord of humanity. Then I feel like Jeff not. Even if you just got off my fellow black business like creative visit then question the company will show by on Palm those who are leaving a lot business already people just an invoice would be is a big one and is important to be a good listener, I mean isn't it wonderful once we stop making it about us what we can do for others what everybody can selfishly can make some we can play it all behind trial a lot.

Something that you can share with the world how that that at the same time, the end share billing there. It wouldn't have been worth anything when anything to get up to share by the Belden and I've been to so many things I say I can understand so many are Russian about the storms we call why all she she is a a welcome back and think to union member will life every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern radio they care website. God is always a familiar to like Facebook what so twitter shows are available I will life about just look for the cure with amicable on any book that was beautiful, crazy. I look homes unconditional love means the person you love is amazing. There's no wrong to continue just mistakes lessons awaiting only the best site we see in the good times as well. Always embracing forgiving is easy because of the way that she can't. It can be tough, but it's worth taking chances heart is what matters. When it's in the right place any challenge or duration development when love is patient walk in God's grace. While this was flourish. I'm sorry we are talking to me. I know about successful strategies and the business rolled among those epidemic anybody heard how those women showed a very cool many business would help. I personally think that women are much more successful to member the more words you need to be more like she how does it work for certain that really incredible woman. Chronic pain debated the present present there.

Naturally involve the beginning of the like polarity polarity. We know already that body never like every woman in the one thought and I feel like if you go with your right being a woman was affected by brain billing. Thank ranging be treated like a man and really old you and you will you know Johnny will lose something that somebody actually popping that will unravel an authentic version of well you have to be true to yourself in order to be true to others, so I completely agree with you.

I think that we just need to be ourselves because carrying great strength and we should display to master.

Tell us about intuition, how much weight should be put into an tuition when it comes to the business world. I will spend a lot of time and a lot of fun looking at my shadow thought it might avoid my truth, but boy were the voice of God and I love the voice that connected to my the 11th of the doctrine for the devil you know the devil on my shoulder.

I become aware of them really get to know them. Then intuition can be greatly how you will then thinking somebody over: opening to many of them out and I on the really how to anything. I wonder how much I'm actually been clearing boy and take it with a great boat anything but make sure they get into open, maybe a crate every element of their day (my little warning. Intuition can be anything you can cut out rather a lot of trial and cut out a water ranking which often leads a lot of 14 filing filing on making it true potential of how lead you toward but it would be taken in order while we're slowly learning self reflection as were growing and not all of us know that we have intuition that went into it like for example I wasn't intuitive about this radio show that was my wonderful producer who believed in me, even at times when you don't believe in yourself by someone that you over to and so been very intuitive like you know what's happening later that intuition. I guess you say give up on being perfect. I love the real you shine peace expands because a lot of us are very hard on ourselves. So what do you mean I give up on providers. The idea should be kind boy showing me what it referred go back.

I knew and wrote perfection comes from the come from looking but if you want when you shine like new Larson you looking out should be doing out there. You should be doing is showing lack all connect with the moment. Nothing that you should be doing. Cannot really relate to be doing and if you can follow.your usual little man miracle on its basically discover your strengths and accept if it's not perfect. They'll guy can make action working through us because with God, anything is possible. I will never be perfect. God is willing to always use me just like us. Self reflection up to so there was the perfect that's funny. I think know no more thinking that there's a curious question check got sorry really God. Throughout life in God through a beautiful and also things that we feel one door one door closes another one opens just never give up some is your life. You have many opportunities. What can you succeed in the business that you have the passion for the my money and power and wealth. Just about some of the girls knows her story is welcome back, and things between you and your life every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on the radio are at the Keener social media just little show will be available for support cost. The search for the cure with amicable on any book astronomer. Remember Amy's result in a doubly special thing that displayed let me know your worth, my colleague and disclosure so the disclosures on their mortgages. Disclosure of I just disclosed that the name do we know are worth is our existence on the state. It was God who is on the potent that sent his only son to sacrifice his life, despite having scrawny only for sake. I said we cannot be bound thanks to Jesus it's possible to be found. Just look around. Who's the one who puts us first meetings us when were truly sorry and overlooks the worst.

Don't believe the lies.

It's not all in your head. Don't lose hope and embrace God's word instead can always keep her head up.

As long as were alive. Remember that with God.

Despite the pain, all survivors thrive. We're talking to him that I know that that strategies to succeed in business even within a pandemic. It's possible through the political finish.

Matt, can you give us some practical advices as to what TDD to be successful. I say start making a bet. Start with making you make. But here's the thing I everything I just on time thinking like that vision.

But the whole lot of crap on you like it nor you know you expect the children showing up in your will own your body and look at how you showing up in your how in your community in your chart in your business and deliver a body then you will really have a strategy for them to.

The problem is that we spent so much time in auto business or job that Todd.Fallon, Peter and I noticed that I was a mom worked head out of the bank wide enough to give my big work 20 hours a week. It was a beautiful balance between being my kids and being my business, my client that I worked 30 hours a week. I really children and I would going My business.dangling my lot wasn't getting the attention that it made it and it's really important, but on balance I make mistakes along the way up about it, but really fun but you every area of billing in every area basics like drinking a cup of water by empowering men okay to be able to channel something that is real value that you want for sharing. Thought it really make sure you sharing. Not every day intuition in connection I'm making sure that I share with content or in part upon the face and is not a public forum but not hot I children every day. I'm willing to share one of the main value that I know you probably know your lot isn't everything you say so. Beasley and he could practically take the words out of my mouth.

Thank you woman that really means is against I understand your single mother and from what I get from what I gather you have multiple children that you were able not only become successful businessmen help others to sell and that, can you share with us just a little bit about your story how you did it give hope to those of us who feel like we can start my Micah problem for and I think a lot, but it Bob had two children already and I realize it can be a moment that really changed me really change, and I realize that because it already had to check wasn't arbitrary. I felt that that was really well with my two) Robert.

Because we should you end up hating each other in creating garment and the Mario I feel like or didn't know what I can do on really good with my funds and not on God when it and when I really struggled a mom on realize words about is rainfall that my-no incredibly well.

I find the woman I find that, according find a way to live.

Micah and I was just getting back when I met when I'm out like a Wally limit I just kind of merging really Really imagining our love well that the love that I and children really interesting thing you might hope I shut it all down, abortion I'll leave you, I there and he was gone and I took Sheila people in my community and carry out who he really won't cut it. His job was a total soon different challenges and that you still been a good mother and I just want this one last thing because you've reached the end of the show for most of us, our children are driving force and for single mother I think is just intensified by dumb thinking you are wonderful guest tomorrow know that you can take you website is that business and thank you to our producer today and the wonderful sweet amazing trip protector for being with us making this just can't get in making the music possible. Thank you to the Christian car guy Robert Gilmore's continuance guidance show shows the mystery so I can pretty prayer to do the right thing while dear loving God, why is everything so complicated.

Am I doing the right thing righteousness and justice are the foundation on the condition of your throne. You are the way the truth and the life media work sink into my heart and take possession of my soul pointedly needed. Let me please. You will for me above all things, loving Lord I Holy Spirit established to you ordering site and extended to the rest to control. Show me well let me rest in humble obedience for all of us to Jesus name, amen. This prayer for healing. Father God. Many of us meet.

We need healing for past hurts random physical pains that we allowed to weigh the mighty spiritual ceiling for various reasons. Each up to you to receive this hearing so that I may behold, and that I may be able to minister to others in a way that brings the fullness of how wonderful to be able to worship you show others how email is not

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