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O.S. Hawkins Interview 2020

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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November 1, 2020 12:27 pm

O.S. Hawkins Interview 2020

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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November 1, 2020 12:27 pm

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Under non-Christian is a possible disorder of the speaker and we walked through such bristles as Joshua coded the Jesus code. He's always working and that oil drilling point visits with a good juror.

Martha discusses powerful Bible code funding Jesus. Every book in the Bible to help you discover Jesus throughout Scripture is at his friend. I was Hawkins talking to my friend, always Hawkins today. He's not a stranger to those of you listening on the radio because we have featured some of his codebooks in the past and always get such great response from all of you because of the way these books are written and how they communicate in during the month of November. We have a brand-new codebook from OS Hawkins and I think it's the best one of all. And it's one that I'm truly excited about before I get into the discussion of the book. Let me welcome OS Hawkins to our discussion today. Thank you Dr. Jeremiah it's a joy to be with you. Appreciate all you do for the kingdom and how God is just enlarging the kingdom through the ministry you received from me what you know us. We believe in the printed page. So I once told me you can talk on the radio and people will hear that. But when you put an imprint it's permanent and gives a sense of stability to what you're saying and so over the years we have distributed millions of books literally, and we've also had the privilege of introducing you and your books to our people, and vice versa. The book you just released the Bible code is our special ministry for this month and I'd like to ask you first of all, what caused you to start using the word code in these books because that's kind of the signature word that everybody associates with you right and you know I really know how to answer that, other than the fact that it's not it's not code in the sense of a secret, but it's sort of a code and being able to unlock truth that's already there in the word of God. You know it all started David when probably begin to realize that new believers that I've seen come to the Lord and even believers that had been walking with the Lord, found it a little bit difficult to get into the word of God. Maybe they started in Matthew and by the time I got through the first chapter. They can pronounce genealogy or started in Genesis. I got bogged down by Leviticus and so I picked 52 verses in the Bible that I thought every believer ought to know if they would know those 52 verses they know basically the theme of the whole Bible. And Joshua 18 says this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night in order that you may do all that's written therein and then you make your way prosperous thing you have good success. So I picked those 52 verses and I called the Joshua code 52 Scripture verses.

Every believer should know one for every week of the year memorize that verse. That week there Bible study materials. There are practical helps to apply it to your life and it was a devotional guide and it just took off. It's not about giving people the word of God. It's about getting the word into our people what what happens when you do that when you when you put it in that format doesn't intimidate people when they see they read the first one I think all I can do that they get into it and little by little.

Sometimes we try to feed the people of God with a firehose just choking grounded in this overwhelms him the profundity of these books.

This is what I think is really being used of God will thank you. And you know that then I was reading devotional Gospels, like I've done hundreds of times in all of us have lived decades of Christian experience.

Like I have an and I began to be taken up by the numbers of times Jesus asked questions in the Gospels over 150 questions he asked. We know he was omniscient, yet all knowledge. He didn't need the answers, but he was trying to use that as a way for us to see where we were.

So then I came up with 52 Scripture questions every believer to know before they get to heaven. What if a man dies, will he live again.

What think you the Christ son is eight and so that was the Jesus code 52 Scripture questions every believer should know and now the Bible code binding Jesus and every bot book of the Bible's the 12th of 13th and that series in and they sold over 2 million copies in all my royalties sub all these books go to mission dignity which is a ministry we have it God stone that helps retired pastors and their widows and their declining one the reasons I'm so interested in this.

This new project that we have a copy of sitting here and I don't want to get too theological about this, but over the last year for the first time in my life, I've heard somewhat respected Bible teachers talk about disconnecting from the Old Testament just overwhelms me to think about that and the idea that there's something uniquely different about the New Testament.

Obviously these are two different writings from two different periods of time in history. But the thing that Hester will be understood is that Jesus is the theme of all of it and if you disconnect the New Testament from the Old Testament you leave, and half of it on the table when you came and showed how Jesus is referenced in every book in the Old Testament was something I knew but it was also something very refreshing and powerful and I just I just want to tell you that I think this is going to be a blessing to a lot of people and it's also going to be on new information to a lot of people because many of God's people don't know that you can find Jesus in the Old Testament, exactly, and course. Jesus himself expressed that on numerous occasions after the crucifixion that the disciples forsook him and fled. And they were dejected and clear person that unnamed disciple follower from Emmaus were headed back in the resurrected Christ appeared to them and as you know, in Luke 24, 27 it says in beginning with Moses and all the prophets even explained to them expound them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. So Moses to Malachi, Jesus preached Jesus in and back when he went to Jerusalem in John five. He said in verse 39 search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me was talking about the Old Testament, and of course, in verse 46 up the same. If you would believe Moses, you would believe me said because he wrote of me so we believe Jesus can be found in every book of the Bible. Wallace talk about some of these because there be a surprise to some folks. For instance in the book of Amos, you say that Jesus is our plumb line tells about that you know Amos Amos was a country preacher is you know you not. If you read his language. The compared to Isaiah some of the others is rhetoric. He was just a man of the earth, a man of soil was. He was just a regular guy and I use this vivid imagery of a plumb line. The Bible says and in Amos seven. For example, thus he showed me, behold, the Lord stood on the wall made with a plumb line with a plumb line in the sand and the Lord said to me, Amos.

What you see and I set up plumb line and then the Lord said, behold, I am setting a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel will will Amos was warning the people of the northern kingdom that God has a righteous standard by which he will judge his people in a plumb line is many people know just a string with the weight attached to money and and when the string is held in such a way that the weight dangles freely actually comes to a halt with an exact vertical line so carpenters use those plumb lines. The data keep the works exactly straight line and in essence the problem line applies God's exact law of gravity to right angles so it never changes. It doesn't move with the wishes or whims of the quadrant remains true always in Jesus is is God's plumb line. He came down from heaven in our midst. He didn't just set a standard.

By meeting the righteous demands of the law. He is the standard is our plumb line and soap into our moral failures and shortcomings. What Amos is telling us is Christ comes to show us God's plumb line not weighted by the law but weighted by grace. And he says to us today on the plumb line loan measured up to this perfect standard of God, but by grace through faith in me alone. You can stand in my righteousness.

So when God tests you with his plumb line. Instead of condemning you.

He can receive you faultless before his throne.

So, Amos was just showing us that God has a righteous standard and it's Jesus Christ. We can talk about all these, but I'm choosing some of the ones that water from books that people may not even have found yet in the Old Testament, depending on how long they've been walking with the Lord and I want to jump over to the book of name because the picture of Jesus in the book of Nahum is he is our stronghold in the day of trouble and we could use a little exposition on that during these challenging days in which we live. All for sure you know all the listeners better get to know Nahum is a made meeting in heaven. He's going to say what you think about my book and I think we ought to be given an answer, so they know he said the Lord is good.

He's our stronghold in the day of trouble and he knows those who trust in him, so Nahum as you know, was the prophet who prophesied the fall of Nineveh, the Syrian capital but but in the midst of the doom and gloom of his book, there arises a reminder that God is a good God, and he knows who is he is and that Naaman reveals that Jesus is our stronghold are safe haven you know in biblical times, kings had their stronghold sums about you.

I know thousands of people. David of travel with you to Israel facing the Herodian South of Bethlehem mixing Mossad and been up on Masada.

These were strongholds where people could go in time of trouble and find refuge and in the days of King David. With we find David fleeing to those strongholds in type E. He said in the Psalms, the Lord is a strong hold for the oppressed on the stronghold in times of trouble and so Jesus told us that he was positioned in his father. He said that when he left before he left the night before the crucifixion. He said at that day you will know that I am in my father inherent me and I'm in you. Now if Jesus is positioning the father and I'm in him and he's in me for a bombing him and he's in. He's taking care of the inside of me and the outside of me and nothing to get to me didn't have to come to God the father and God the son. So Jesus is that stronghold in days like this that we can find our refuge and our rest and flee to him. No extra shelter and handling their Psalms talk about the sheltering God in everybody's talking about sheltering during all these days we been through some probably still doing it more or less.

It's wonderful to know that you have the strength of the stronghold and you can trust in him and especially in the day of trouble. We don't want to be partial to the Old Testament, so let me grab one from the New Testament, the book of Titus talks about Jesus is our blessed hope, absolutely.

You know what this is. The theme of David Jeremiah's ministry, for example, and David. What I'm concerned about today is this, I find very few people talking about our blessed hope, which is followed by listeners to be reminded. It's his glorious appearing when our Lord Jesus comes and that's what that's what it says in Titus it says Jesus is our blessed hope his supreme little those early believers they had witnessed the resurrection they witness the ascension they'd seen the miracle of his ascent from the Mount of olives says he was ascended from that mountain he said he was going to come in like manner as they saw them leave and so they live. For that moment in their hearts and minds. It was imminent.

He was coming back at any moment and they were just not not just ready for his return date were consumed with that they they had a word that constantly escaped their lips Mayor and author of the Lord is coming. They greeted each other with that word when they were martyred. They they went to the martyrs death with that word escaping their lips and and then the days turned in the months and the months turned into years and years to decades and decades to centuries and so many believers today have lost that anticipation of his blessed hope are glorious appearing in there so many signs today. What you and I both loved Israel what a what an incredible sign. The regathering of the people, the Jews that Israel is so many other signs and wonders that tell us that that the return of our Lord is still imminent.

Will you know what I discovered as a pastor, OS is that during these recent days when a lot of the things that we have taken for granted have been taken from us and that we got rid of a lot of the trinkets and toys for a period of time. Many of God's people have been drawn back to a realization of the reality of Jesus Christ. We've had more people come to Christ during the pandemic than ever in any period in my life been doing it over the Internet now back outdoors, and services.

But when when people realize how frail life is as they come to enjoy it. Then they begin to realize if you don't have your life connected to something more powerful than that you're not ready for what we talked about a few moments ago, the day of trouble. So I think people are being drawn back and that's a good reminder from Titus.

He is our blessed hope they let me ask you about how the book is put together, you devoted a certain number of pages to each book. Tell us how you came about doing that well. We try to keep these books. The code series. As you know when is your answer. Listeners who receive them know that their beautiful leather bound additions, books, devotionals, and so that their limited to certain number of pages 200 and some odd pages so I have I have just a limited number of words I can use in each chapter so it takes takes me 3456 months to do a codebook with all the research and the outlining unit but it's one of the joys of my life and like you I been preaching for decades and David little back then when I started pastoring almost 50 years ago, I prepared every message with the full manuscript Greek word studies documented where I got illustrations everything so I got thousands of manuscripts in my files. So it's a great resource that I can go back in and get from what I did the same thing people ask me how I have written so many books write a book in the period of time you write a book in your life that is a good way to put it in its true and one of the things about having studied the Bible all these years, but so wonderful is when you're studying. One thing God brings things you study before back to your mind and soul and mind is like a little computer and information input into the computer you got some work with battles literally simply because you and I know they don't study the Bible and so everything that they do has to be fresh and right then because they don't have anything in their computer to save any other way but I'm so glad that that these books have become available because I think they will strengthen believers, but let's ask this question. What if you gave the Bible code to an unbeliever. How does that work right and that that's what I've designed them for the end.

And that's the reason they sold so many copies because they sell each other or somebody gets the Bible code in Nate and they want the Joshua code. The 52 scriptures every believer should know the Jesus code 52 questions a believer should answer in soap date there there just great un-offensive tools to to give to someone in their beautifully bound so that it's giving a beautiful gift to someone when you do it and that's one is one of the secrets of it in and I were so grateful to you and your listeners for helping us get this word out. What is a beautiful book.

In fact, it's one of the few books you will ever see.

I find that as it is a writer of publishers are trying to find less and less expensive ways to present your material and save every dollar every time I'm not really sure where that all goes. I know it doesn't come to me. But the thing about this book is really cool is if the cover is padded when you see this book and you touch it, you feel the depth of the cover and it's and it's beautiful.

It's got beautiful embossed words on the front and each chapter is you just look at it, you know, I can read this you can read in just a few minutes read one every day and when you get done, you won't remember all of them, but you remember, many of them and this is kind of a book that can be read over and over again. And when you're done reading you can give it to someone else butů Is this is been a great gift to the body of Christ.

I want you to know that I think was going to use it to open up the Old Testament to a lot of people who feel like maybe the Old Testament is for seminary scholars, and it doesn't have anything to do with their everyday faith in. I'll tell you what finding Jesus in every book doesn't take very long. You just have to read it and you'll discover the I remember you and I both know how how go.

Chris will used to preach that scarlet message where he was in the Bible and went forever. I think you had to have a lot of stamina to go to that sermon because it lasted for four hours as he preached Jesus Christ from Genesis 1 to the end of the book of Revelation sleep one night that and that's what that's what you've done, but thank you for not doing it before I say since you brought up Dr. Chris will him love Jeremiah he was like a father to me and it was my joy to the success of their first Baptist Dallas but love David Jeremiah, and David is middle the personal privilege something to say. I tell people everywhere there, so I'm not just saying it because were on this program provide one verse of Scripture to identify who I think David Jeremiah is I'd say what I saw. The psalmist said of King David in Psalm 78, 72, that he led his people with the integrity of his heart and the skillful assuming Sanson I don't know David anybody that smarter manifests that verse excellence and skill posts abandoned, rightly dividing the word of truth and just having a life of integrity is been such a blessing to so many of us we see so many people mess up in ministry and just tell you that plumb line David for all of us in ministry.

We thank God for you what I know, OS is what we all know is you can't take one day for granted that you've done all of these things all these years and so you're now vulnerable anymore. The Bible says let him thinks he stands take care lest he fall.

I've just written a book at myself in the in the last one of the last chapters is on finishing how important it is to finish and finish well really interested interested to find out that a study was done at Fuller seminary several years back of all of the Bible characters that have two or three lines about them and less than 30% of the Bible characters finished well and yeah and so my goal is to finish well. I know that your goal to lose the old Southern Baptist evangelist Vance Hamner East preach a sermon I heard at one time, he said, Lord God, get me home before dark. Our prayer everything you know the amazing thing about those characters and their greatest temptations came later in life. After the absolutely best in the last third of their life and and so while I'm grateful that God is protecting me and kept me from harm and allowed my testimony to be strong. I realize that I have to be every day aware that the enemy would do anything in his power absolute to destroy the influence that God has given to me.

You do the same for you and so thank you so much for being with us were thankful for the opportunity to promote your book in the message of the book, and I know guys can use it will talk to you soon will close this and view with gratitude to all things are good friend and also with hope that you get a copy of this book. I know it will be a blessing to you tomorrow. We will get started with our study of the book of Mark, and the series entitled in search of the Savior to study the last part of Mark's gospel tomorrow. We began the study with a lesson entitled who is Jesus who is Jesus to you who really is Jesus tomorrow right here on Turning Point.

Thank you for listening Jeremiah that we thought to help you stay connected monthly magazine Turning Point that I hear my daughter/writing that Jeremiah thoughtful/writing finding Jesus in your my study Bible and the English version of the new international version with helpful notes and Jeremiah will/radio Gary tomorrow as we begin a series Turning Point

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