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Pastor Dana's Call to Prayer!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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October 28, 2020 1:00 am

Pastor Dana's Call to Prayer!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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October 28, 2020 1:00 am

Mike sits down with Pastor Dana Coverstone to discuss what's on his mind as we approach the election - and the great need for all of us to pray for our nation!

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Hello this is Matt slick from the Matt Slick Live! podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to If Not for God stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike Zwick out loud and we have a show for it today on if pastor Dana cover stone back with Mike. You know this close to the election is a critical time right my it sure is, and that this is actually the third time we've had pastor Dana on and this I think. I believe right now we we we talked about it a little bit before Dana and a couple of the things that you said or on your mind right now are number one prayer for this time. Right around the election and then and then you said there was also something else as well.

Is that right yeah you might get regular 213 days election get eight of the group. Their command thing that you would plan on writing the ground able to get away both sides of the number of attorneys on both sides literally ready to threaten at all think anything. Then about what you're thinking that I'll probably find at guesstimate estimate elevate going out who the president is who won the election, already 36 million people have voted early and contact the American people are working the old early voting you get lines that are your blocks and blocks long so deathly people of God. They nearly need to about probably because on both sides of both sides will party people have understood what the state and at night for both sides understand what the state, thereby coming out with me. We pray more at the church, the body Christ because there will be violative and also the crazy thing happening going on once again between video report interview the people think that's what they're going to do cognitive business that that yesterday about the threat estimate the news today as some counties in Florida were people getting threatening emails about the change in your party boat Union Bank three book the right person.

Rest intimidation offers a thank you. Here I know that the mainstream media says that the ballot election is fair not regular so that I get every single day knew that I read your report even even in Kentucky, a television news program accident article where USPS employee was dumping ballot and digit we can, we see that every state was still time to get mainstream media is not having happening all this thing of the happening. And yet you read in the real world lives around here plug for that new growth of Hispanic you read newspaper articles you look around you realizes a whole lot of things. Some counties that have more people register the boat next to live in counties. Bills that raise is that this is very important that we know the important election based on the freedoms think that Hatton available on policy. The church to pray and especially that next weekend. I have, actually October 31 on the BSP Kansas was much of that, rather 12 hour prayer meeting and fasting for progress transformation.

We did purposely the weekend before the election, though it's probably going to be a prime time to get people together get people interested in get people Frank is will we know some Nielsen about the habits of the biggest coming and going badly in the first dream I had been a resident of people because people said they felt something was coming of the biblical. The closer you get election outcomes in normal people having brains think that more and more dreams of people about the election about who wins or loses about the consequences of it.

So even in the subconscious level but a lot of people that I think about the election.

I never heard as much news that election of my life of 51 that absolute chaos in the news media right now about the election is overwhelmed eligible to turn in from the news off every every achievement to become to get your head together for those that is a lot going on with Patricia and LB to be ready for a friend about because a lot of things that happened to us… To the body Christ will be reflected in the election this week for the tribe signed and in the executive action or inaction.

The legislature listened work so latterly you'll keep people safe from human trafficking is consequences of your grimace about that lives off us. Slowly anything which doesn't make any sense because strapping is due to deal in the country and were talking about gun girl tubing affected kidnapping and being trivial, being exposed to things never thought that we never dreamed of and that there is a lot of fathers who have annoyed with the dollars are better than traffic and yet confident that anything has a capacity bill with anything to save lives and waiting news and some boys my situation to the queasiness of the calf because of the carrots confirmation hearings. We saw the way that data will centered was the last time a sitting elected federal senator of the substate as a Supreme Court candidate if she had ever sexually assaulted public yet was almost like you know are you kidding me yeah yeah as an American citizen out there thinking people in that state. Don't rise up and speak out against this person and the sender and where in the world. The Utica loft… Select the document inappropriate Eddie and a Supreme Court candidate confirmation hearing, a female center as a female candidate a question like that of the fabric family been attacked and adopted two kids from eight that are about the noble yet people came out and made a racist situation polluted with the great book for the two kids.

The hot Michael Feinstein know and" is a better fate. Our faith is under fire helping people understand the consequences of what could happen to those list of expressions. Should there be a certain a certain manner of the White House nest not that's what we try to be divisive specialists of the me saying that he got one party pushes no gun control taken what they can getting of the candidate we talked earlier about you try to get ammunition it's impossible to do that that happens every every election that went outspoken animal there there there is faith there backed up on background checks. It can get the background check that because that the system is overwhelmed because people think and what does it look like I know so I that was real. I know somebody who works of business really going to people's homes on a constant basis and disabuse us a few in the last week tell me that that every healthy dunnage you recently he has noticed PL fax of canned goods, taking the bottle water stack. This your normally do not like like prepping separatist ill extra supplies exit Effexor that everybody wants to talk about with it can happen that the less we did that happen.

Intellectually they can abstractly become Catholic without rights will be with his big city so this is something that everybody betrayed the Greek word is if you're an American citizen you live here pretty much aware there's a lot of stuff going on and a lot of potential for danger for damage or chaos. People really needs to be waking up was happening and praying strength and wisdom direction. I've actually told my kids initially keep their gas tanks know full week before the week ugly Election and I'm not anticipating bureaucratic gas that I get a few dollars are both larger cities and that I've got ways for them to get out out 3B downtown places they get there they can stay with Arkansas and Lake downtown areas validly.

I want them to be safe while in one of the things that you were talking about. We were talking about prayer, we were looking at second Chronicles 713 and 14 and it says if I shut up heaven, that there be no rain gain or if I command the locus to devour the land or if I send pestilence among my people. It says if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land. In one of the things that you would said, and as you said, you're actually having a prayer was in October 31. It can do what workgroup imprint Lord continues to show mercy and grace on the country. We do, but I do believe that that prayer changes things also realized sometimes. You get the sustained note that a hearing affecting in my and in the range of the brace yourself in the written and more and more. The thing I think about those words with good dreams go through my mind, is an everyday situation I find myself thinking about you a lot executive to meet in the great that without offending brace and that brace yourself really ready for impact testing that were great in more headline news articles and think that that the last couple weeks.

I have never thought I would send it race and even future stock verdict for a hit and and you you brace yourself you don't get not benefit that the multiview that football analogy again frontline loosely is regarding the quarterback with the ball. 25 pound guy experience going to get you noticed you, you got that you get the gear only got the helmet on.

Because this book back in the pushes against will come against him because he knows because now that think I get by him get the core values that Rebecca get the ball so widely that God the ability to strengthen the church during September October to get us ready for the things in heaven because we you we can specifically say will not have that. I think that the nonpoint lightning right know something is the In our response what happened and what's the matter, we can't react use Tivoli rack unit reacts wrong. He responded he got gives a warning that they would give freight your you'll get your foot foot that the brace you're ready to learn what incident is not that there's a reason the people in hurricane prone areas order the windows were hurricane to calculate they learned from experience that you can't come back and break windows. The land of the rain the bandits is the really line around certain things you do something without having to get out tale of Gartner give the regular way right now. We had a weather report and the storms come in, get ready for the war, not just for me but for many, many, many others, good-looking sensibilities. And that I continue emails on a daily basis. People saying that they loosely filled with flexibility archive that they been praying with your family been praying with your kids there there making connections is out of hearing about church alliterative been calls to other churches see what how they can help each other through supply shortage American churches were working together on situation. If the third big your riot event that there is what can they do to bring Satan people activate Hackley user churches.

The BSA place and you will become. This proliferated in the neighborhood now hearing about that from also surpasses also churches across denominational lines of fellowship. So what wife you, that is that the response that we pray God shows what to do a few things that we can do so in my mind was oriented. Getting this ready to help one another, because that is not. I just haven't a voice yet the gospel is all-encompassing goes with us to help people teach people help people and supply that is also pleased that we teach people how to live at a workout. Heed the warning by warning them ourselves.

The church quickset begins to do those kind of things. This is okay if this happens we can do this. They can't be this category to do needs to be thought out beforehand that my shirtsleeve started collecting some suppliesback making connections of wisdom are older folks live our seniors based on that the needs of the head of the neck action. There to communication goes down by sump pump somewhat but we had, we can make contact with the final people need you to cut COBIT going on. You still got all twisted other things Of the school system.

The shooting of the COBIT is made a hole just made a mess of everything. People are terrified or nervous even feel your anybody without his coffee not is a little warmer while locking the door with math and I think it off and I get severe house to buy were masculine for 15 minutes on cough and gag hacking needs like crazy. I know a lot of people looking at me already and that lament felt like I love you the same evidence he let out a mass on Wednesday.

Liz and I had managers managers from large retail box for say I had my way know they were that he was tired of disparities but also understand that this is a real physical condition guy will business records in the hospital almost 2000 COBIT almost died. I know people person who almost died because they say COBIT understand a serious thing that we need to respond to the things are going on rather than reactive sets with the church can be be the voice of reason into the most stable force imaginable.

If and when things fall apart. Did we (we can see happen yeah I mean it in one of the things going that's going back to the election day and and according to this website. Globally, an estimated 56 million abortions are occurring each year 36 million in Asia, 8 million in Africa 6 1/2 million Latin America 4.4 million in Europe and 1.2 million in North America we have Amy Tony Barrett who looks like his can be confirmed and so than the justices are can be 63. But if if Biden wins the election. He's talking about stacking the courts and I think it was Stu Epperson who said that the last election. There were tens of millions of evangelical Christians who did not vote. Why do you think it's important that we vote this year will a lot of people look at the political side of it while it would be involved in the quote that letter from public service to the Danbury Baptist about the separation of church faith is not an official government document snow on the top vision and a lot of people just they have the mindset that will valuable politics of any mean that I step over someone. If the church doesn't vote it believers up welcome vote. I believe there will be some judgment on believers itself, but I'll tell you why we live in a representative government. We have the right to vote, professional, and yes people. I look for some sites don't get elected to the Pentagon vote because my vote represents my endorsement of the candidate in my endorsement of the candidate needs my endorsement of what their value system is what their belief system is and what they want to put into effect for the country and my country is so if I choose not to develop my my low silence is about, and I would like we were depriving the faculty with the chemical. The Lord, and that he questioned us about so that we did, did not.

Abortion is an issue that has become a major political division we see churches that are abortion forms receive movements there abortion support. Right now the church in America is probably we're the only agency the only entity that actually supports the life of the unborn. No other cyclic group more than a week where it church of Jesus Christ with all of us that the life of the unborn life, and one child is so if and when we don't vote at a lot of people filled, you can just have this one issue be the most important one. How can light be the most important issue you know and then every. And you know I seen it said that 100% of the people who are pro-choice have already been born and had him pass it in my almost 30 years of ministry. I have probably had over 200 women in my office who had abortion.

We still have nightmares. We still have emotional difficulty because of what happened to have dreams about you were a girl called mommy mommy worry and like Elizabeth I confess that people will tell you they come off the site but I don't think the ill Planned Parenthood is not telling anybody emotional damage that allow these women will begin to go through the hucksterism that handled very well those that want to be involved at that handled PTSD. Very well, they feel diligent of the situation. This movement of the patient bill is built with church. We got we got a reason responsibility to share with the watching world of Lisa similar election is endorsement of a belief system at all in the L'Oreal is endorsement of the belief system that endorsement of values that those people that you could include office live by and will endorse themselves within the formal support will vote for a while before you realize that we would comes a place in the church where you know we we don't talk about certain things because it might get people upset as a youth pastor that Indiana I ran for a city Council position. I want to terms I spent 7 1/2 years at elected twice. Of the 35% majority and work in a small class III city and I got to see if the structure were affected in a waterborne report… They Are hired and fired police officer then fired from people I dealt with contract I helped write grants for millions of dollars and I got to see how the city works you from the inside out and I had people are upset with me because you look at RUSSIAN run for public office is able to do my work at pastor also got the other community I believe I may like community a better community because I got involved. I prayed about decisions I got involved in the sense that it was Disney radical political office. I was her I was there to support my hometown at my hometown stay afloat financially and make a difference in the community bring bring big businesses and things for our kids and stuff like that.

I had people in the church will like you. Your Christmas should not be doing it. Look, we noticed that Christians are nonprofit, we deserve what we get when you had actually had a dream. Pastor Dana where and I don't I don't know this but as you're talking through this. It's starting to make more sense to me. Were you had a dream where you saw judges were actually throwing Christians into prisonlike if they believed that Jesus was the only way to get to heaven or if they believed a certain lifestyle was wrong, or even if you believe you know abortion is is a sin that they were actually throwing Christians in a prison and you can see, I think we still who would told me the other day. He said that the Supreme Court, the way that they are right now. They had kinda left it dethroned back to the states to where you say hey if you believe that a certain lifestyle was wrong. Even if you say hey look, I know nobody's perfect and stuff like that.

But this is a sin work can actually be considered hate speech and it's a crime. Yeah we do that in Canada in Virginia right now several churches that follow love to get together because of some of the qualities of it has that will impact the LGBT community and will actually force churches to hire based on lifestyle and yet a Christian is a pastor I'm not go up as it is way that's one of the cross understand what I would defend the territory of the fact that we have free speech in the country of the church, biblically speaking, can't cannot endorse those kind of lifestyles as as is vital and virtuous or or a light-I can do it faster I get plenty of hate mail every single week.

I get emails and letters that you cannot believe I neither change my opinion about gay marriage either change my opinion about gender identity rather change my opinion about this or else I've given a stack of letters and emails as a law enforcement look at this is the greatest came out and that the passive voice. I've always held my ground.

Delete that I believe in marriage between a man or woman.

I believe that when you're going to born a male or female. And that the stand on that and I realized eventually can cause great pain from a life of my family, church that because we been silent for too long and into the Christian tradition where those justices get along.

If this other get mom we have preached God's legacy in those dreams I plug judges telling pastors and leaders in Christian thought Senate last those long-sought standards have been met. Whatever. I thought persecution community church have recently very seldom release a a.m. the video that you want. I think about that execution come here this is gonna rock to rock the nation. In that sense and that is ready for that really love the Lord, roughly afraid of the things that are common in your even around the world right now persecution. The church is facing is never come here everything there for some reason American churches felt we been exempt because we give the miserably support missionaries. We built we did wills and African liberals were there that Kevin is going to come fast and hard and fast. Stress and wrote were about to see a greater castor division of the sheep and the goats never seen the church in America because it's gonna cost us 70% yield. But the Christmas church in China has been praying for decades the guy would allow persecution become the American church because we have gotten cold and laying and and lack of a lackadaisical so there has to praying since persecution American church to wake them up in the workbook were already on the verge of seeing those things happening right now and Supreme Court justice situation.

Could plate well and that election when could play into that certain people in certain positions of power leadership and authority play in that we also know your good love indictment that have been handed down yet the government level we know there's a a female scandal in a computer hard drive scandal with provide which could effect those overlap that fits me with injuries of election. A Democratic president and they have to be removed off that list.

Think 36 million people are devoted what happens if that scandal is so bad they have to remove him from the from the ballot. Imagine the cath that would throw it election unless the discipline happened with it. The thing these emails as they say are spoke as explosive as they could be August.

They could, they could throw the election on his head no and so we are currently even though it is crazy time. I'm really I'm very excited about Tiger Woods… I was in America in the places that I've never seen the church being her final silly things at once an understanding persecution coming opposition. We got we got we got really depressed at times encouraged by the number of people. From there Frank on a daily basis for the country and others friendly Facebook page. After about little remote now in your print blood in October every damn heavens valve of the thousands of people dethroned for prayer for your five or seven minutes Kathryn and the American public. Every state every day to pray with me.

People from other nations all around the world and people are praying around the world for our country because they understand how important elections are LKS. Eventually the people who plan around the nation are Christians around the nation. They understand that if some of those nations, America is a very good with supplies of finances with support and was facing so there's a good great thing that got her to the surgical around in the house and departed is in closing a sound got about 20 seconds.

I want to look up. It was John 1225 it says, anyone who loves their life will lose it. While anyone who hates their life.

This will keep it for eternal life, and pastor Dana cover stone thank you so much for coming on the show today and the week love to have you on man and looking forward to see what can happen.

I think you said there was can be a separation of the sheet and the goats ability to make those okay to not forgot this is the Truth Network

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