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Rudy Giuliani plus an NC Candidate

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October 26, 2020 3:11 pm

Rudy Giuliani plus an NC Candidate

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 26, 2020 3:11 pm

Rudy Giuliani plus an NC Candidate

Today on the Steve Nobel Show Steve talks to America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani about the Biden controversy.  Steve also talks with Matthew Winslow for NC House 7 about the upcoming election.  Steve also shares some encouragement from the Gospel of John. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble was wrathful are anything but fine to hear that my voice is a lot going on and a lot of weighty things like God is on his throne and we have to fight the trust and sometimes it's not always easy. Whether it's an election eight days away or whatever is going on, get my daily dose devotional.

I was in John chapter 11 as we work our way to the entire Gospel of John with Jesus at they are showing up there in Bethany for the tomb of Lazarus's good friend and dealing with a Martha first and then Mary and then the fact that you know there's a shortest verse in the Bible Jesus wept at Jesus was really disturbed in his spirit a better word is indignant so he wept with them and he was indignant, indignant because angry at the reality of death and the brokenness that exists in this world. As a result of sin collective sin over the generations in and out when you're struggling with it when I'm struggling with it when we have things going on. Jesus cares is compassionate and is there with you through all of it so whether it's me and my stuff for you and your style for this election. We all need to fight to remember that so I just a little word of encouragement for you. Okay so were to hear from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani today. I got connected with the trump campaign a few weeks ago, which is why he noticed some big-name folks calling in from the campaign, including Eric Trump last Friday. Laura Trump forbade Hogan Gidley is the senior communications director and Stephen called in last Friday as well.

Who's the senior communications guy and so that's how we got connected with Rudy Giuliani so will talk to him in the last segment of the show today about the obvious.

Most of you probably know what to talk about is what's going on with the Hunter Biden laptop that have to do with Joe Biden in this candidacy and his presidency and his term as VP eight years all that's a will talk to Rudy at the end in the second segment with Dr. Matthew Winslow here North Carolina North Carolina House District 7 which is kind of northeast of of the Raleigh area on Matthew's been on the show before dear Christian brother, and then in the third segment will talk to another Christian brother running for North Carolina House District 35 Fred Voncannon. Dave also is also been on the show before I did a show with both of them at Matthew showroom. It is business Winslow homes out in Youngsville, North Carolina. So these are godly men. A great businessman, they would be incredible representatives for us in the state of North Carolina. So were to talk to them but if you have minds right now. I before you get all that 2010 2020 presidential election ballots cast so far the numbers are just skyrocketing more than 59 million total ballots cast as of Monday morning, suggest a record turnout for this year's race compared to the 47.2 million early votes cast in the 20 16th of 30 blown it out right were already up 43% of the total number voter turnout 2016 or eight days out. The numbers are stunning selections project founder and University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald nationwide boaters when only be sent an unprecedented number of at least 87 million mail ballots, but they are returning them sooner than in past election so people are jacked up and sending things in some states already reach more than 60% of the 2016 voter turnout North Carolina were already at 65% Texas is that 80% of their total turnout from 2016. So a lot of people fired out up fired up out there trump so doing three rallies today. I think Lynn 2016 at because last day before the election he did six or seven trees on that pace and Joe Biden hardly seen which is just as the most bizarre presidential election ever Democrats have requested 23.5 million ballots. Republicans have requested 13.4. Most Republicans vote on on the day off early voting, but day off typically 44 president so were to see big numbers.

Huge numbers coming up on November 3 and let's all be praying that there would be a clear distinctive victor even that night that mailing ballots that have not been counted yet all at stuff will just not overcome anything that will be peace and that needs to be part of our prayer life every day between now and then, in the days following. Hopefully we won't have to worry about it. Come November 4. But odds are that we will tonight.

Of course are talking about Amy Tony Barrett right now in the Senate to get to that vote tonight and Mitt Romney came right out. She's exceptionally intelligent is quoting academically astute and likely impeccably credentialed. He's coming voting for the only Republican to vote against the Susan Collins from Maine, so they got the votes.

It's gonna be 5248 in favor of her confirmation that will happen sometime late this afternoon or this evening and you'll see her sworn in tonight by Chief Justice John Roberts, which is a huge praise and just enormous. Did we ever think here in 2020, that we would see Ruth Bader Ginsburg, replaced by somebody as astute and incredible as Amy Tony Barrett and Justin original is just an incredible pick and shall be installed tonight. She will be a sitting Supreme Court justice. By the time most of us go to bed tonight, so that's pretty amazing story is really sad to see this in New York City.

There is a caravan juice for trump convoy New York City big cars got pelted with objects, one family they had a couple little kids in the backseat and this anti-drunk person came in there and sprayed pepper spray inside the car, I mean that. That's why we need to be praying for peace in this nation because there's people out there that only God knows what's gonna happen if trump wins decisively next Tuesday next Tuesday night late in the morning of the fourth. Whatever the case, I mean at the organist see I think some some pretty evil activity.

We all need to be in prayer about that right now I Rasmussen just came out with a new poll.

The first one nationwide bolt likely voters has trump up one and pulled her tightening and states as you look around. There's a surge. I think the his performance in the debate obviously helped most people as we push towards election day, you're going to see more more people coming out because the Democrats vote early. I like I said a minute ago and Republicans tend to surge there towards the last actual day of the election so this is tightening you see these massive rallies 30,000 people in North Carolina last week these things continue working to talk to somebody for on the Trump campaign tomorrow and Penny Nance is going to call in from concerned women for America first first thing tomorrow to talk about any Tony Barrett's impending confirmation to the Supreme Court, but will talk to somebody that was used to serve as a vice president Pentz Chief of Staff so he's got a call tomorrow, so just ring a continued track this all the way through. This was fascinating. I share this over the weekend there and had a break and will come back with map Matthew Winslow for Northcote House District 7 Siemens Van Jones trump doesn't get enough credit for the good stuff is done for the black community. What yet. During a panel discussion on seeing on Friday this past Friday. CNN anchor Jake Tapper slam the president for remarks he made. But Jones took the conversation in a different direction. Quote I think it's really unfortunate because Donald Trump and I get beat up by liberals. Every time I say it, but I keep saying it has done good stuff in the black community opportunity zone stuff like college stuff. I work with him in criminal stuff I saw Donald Trump at African-American people formerly incarcerated in the White House and embrace them treating them well there's a side Donald Trump but I think he does not get enough credit for Van Jones CNN.

We'll be right back after this back is noble to see Noblesville going from a look at the national politics bring you down level and mentioned Matthew Winslow meeting to be times in the road on the four grades order and friend and helped to support the radial ministry as well. So lots of reasons to be interested in what Matthew has to say. The great father and husband follower of Jesus Christ great business owner. Great builder and running for North Carolina House District 7 which is, as you go up by capital Boulevard here out of Raleigh going north and east up in that area. Youngsville is been very very busy all year. Matthew was a welcome back. I doing I'm tired but otherwise well looking forward to November 4. Hopefully hopefully November 4 will bring some closure. I'm sure will for you in your race but it's been it's been a crazy long year. How you hold up your window will work in a bowl, voters go to going through our work with your more problems in the worry or you might recruit about the room up early.

He's always brings a roundhouse is a great communicator very passionate Matthew By the way is the website for Matthews campaign Matthew Winslow WI and SLO I wanted to ask you Matthew because you been out there.

You know, stomping out there on the campaign grounds and work in your neighborhood's work in your area here in North Carolina really since the beginning of the year. What's that, showing you about the people in North Carolina and what's most important to them as you been involved in all these conversations will move through your criminal court of our regular monthly which is great because I walked out old, even down below grade and also to the narrative the money out there that everybody read it grid you will not know about.

What better: will all were chatting about the people coming up there all and very encouraging that normal people everyday people don't have that thing global mainstream media, but Burkert said I'm so glad you're sharing that because we all were being programmed all the time.

Others walk and watch and mainstream media or social media twitter whatever that you know were on the verge of a civil war everybody on the left hates everybody on the right and vice versa.

But yet you get us out there on the sidewalk together even in a in a campaign environment right in front of a polling station in people generally come back to that kind of Americana where we can actually agree to disagree and be civil and even friendly towards one another, that such an important point. We cannot bind that narrative that we all hate each other, by definition, because when you get out there in the real world. It just isn't true. That's not such a great point.

I really appreciate you bringing that up.

What about issues that out there and you're in the district you're running for Northcote House District 7 a little more rural. As you push out away from Raleigh. What are some of the big issues that you run into out there for the folks that live in that area of the economy stop start with or we don't know what will happen next week or per week. No follow-up for when they are looking at a job mantra, workbook route will guarantee better than the one you have a job you know what happened next but her concerns are people you know liability that you know what tomorrow and if they go to work tomorrow and because I may be something that will be the next go over the next caller work, Mr. average American will to work and they will make the money to build the school and hopefully click duplicate really what most people are yet another great point Matthew because we look at what the mainstream media is pushing and there's the elites and there's the people that live a totally different kind of life than the one you're describing. But most people it's very simple.

I mean, still 79% of the people that economies number one healthcare's number two Supreme Court appointments. Interestingly enough is number three. Coronavirus doesn't even come in until number four and so people just want that stability. We obviously have not have had that in North Carolina I wanted to ask you about that in terms of coronavirus and coping 19 in the good we have a governor that's been picking winners and losers literally since April. In terms of businesses what you want small business owners and it's been employees which is most people in the country of small business owners to know in terms of how you will fight for them when you get under work when you want, hurt, or about one third, everyone ago to work airboat that were corporate terminology, the government picking one of the flock With little and we are most all business owners about the old article you have a problem. But you know what, what we have to do American. You were you're not somebody else. My hair fell back on the that not okay that terminology. That's not America that's a great point to so many things that we've seen from the left with Gov. Cooper or the Democrat party in general people on the left which is mostly everybody and left that we can see is is very far left now is that all notion of picking winners and losers in and you said it multiple times now people just want an opportunity to be free to express their liberty and to go out and do the best they can been when the government gets in the way of that and starts playing duck duck goose with people when they say all these essential these businesses over here are not essential.

By the way, your church is an essential but liquor stores are essential in abortion clinics are essential. It's so upside down and its anti-American, and I know a lot of people on the left like to hear that when people like you Matthew are like me say okay these policies are anti-American. But when you understand the culture and the thread that makes up this nation. You know that that's exactly what it is what we need for people that are kind of still on the line.

Still not sure what they're going to do out there. Northcote House District 7 what what do you tell them when they say, well, Matthew why should I vote for you will limit what your mom wanted me like the world rely realtor Kevin Barker Meredith while a strong economy we've all been involved in most of the organizations in our area related to the economy to chair of our accountability commission on the tour of our committee 100 with nonprofit help with the local government new business to grow in our area was the vice chair of our Chamber of Commerce for little over and all the ones that of the new year. And so when you start where you start, number one for life back that you look at Rachel Rourke, can't expect a lot about that somebody wanted to go through some follow the child away with a job there is: on the lot across the road. You have a good strong great point. Matthew, thanks much for calling it.

Matthew Noble were 35 Voncannon is website PON and Owen vote on so he's a very very busy guy, not to mention the fact that it's a date for the election so we'll see. I just got a text but I did want to circle back around and and if you're anything like me on set aside politics or per second, praise Lord and you know we we struggle with a lot of different things. I saw my friends on Facebook live if you want to join us here in the studio each day during the show. Just go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook and you literally be right here in the studio with me and I just mentioned that he's in all kind of feeling down and discouraged.

I'm deftly in that arena right now for a multitude of reasons in which his heart is hard to climb out of that sometimes, by the way were to speak to a former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the fourth segment of course very talking about the Hunter Biden laptop. What is that mean about for Joe Biden in the selection what's going on there and in the course the media blackout on that issue. So will talk to Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the last segment of the show, but so I've been I've been writing these devotionals through the book of John. Okay so were in the Gospel of John and and Chapter 11, which of course is when Lazarus dies and Jesus delays a few days and then comes to Bethany, where Lazarus lived and died. When he meets Martha first and then Mary came in there like you Lord.

This would happen if you been so there is some passive-aggressive stuff going on there right about that previously.

But today I wrote about John chapter 11 verses 32 to 35 so if you're struggling with a number of different things.

Okay, I'm struggling with a number of different things right now and get this, is if you're anything like me, set aside the politics, not stubborn. I'm talking about the election and talk about the rest of our life so so I was feeling all that, this morning when I wrote this so this is John chapter 11 3235 now and Mary came to where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet, saying to him, Lord, if you didn't hear my brother would not die when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews would come with her also weeping. He was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly trouble and he said, where have you laid him. They said to him, Lord, come and see. And then the famous verse 35 source verse in the Bible just two words Jesus wept.

Now this is the part I wrote obviously this is one of the places in the Bible where we wish we could hear the tone of voice and see the expressions on the face. This could've been a noble statement of faith say that if Jesus was there.

They have no doubt that he would appeal Lazarus right then that makes sense.

Lord of your tenure.

I know he would have got here the great healer in a great position right and so, on the other hand though could've been seen as a criticism, I wrote that previously cut about passive-aggressive thing while Lord you know if you didn't hear this would happen, but far too often I wrote this morning.

Far too often it's easier to choose doubt over faith, our fear can take over and we forget that Jesus always has our best interest at heart as well as the building of his kingdom, and the next party was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly trouble when was the last time you felt deeply heartbroken. Sometimes it comes from the loss of a loved one, or as a result of really difficult life circumstances. Perhaps it is that deep pain and groaning and brokenness of a great sin in your life.

Maybe it's a betrayal or broken relationship or a wayward child. Imagine for a moment just get this in your mind's eye. Okay, imagine for a moment that you're alone and in English over these things. One of many of these things. When Jesus arrives, and he feels for you deeply. He grieves with you over the loss of your loved one. He understands and has compassion on your feelings of guilt and anxiety over the great sin in your life. He already knows about. By the way he wants to see you free of it. He identifies with the Petrilli of experience and weeps with you over the pain it has caused. That's the compassionate and understanding Jesus that met Mary and Martha that day.

Then there's the word indignant as we see in verses 33 and 38 Jesus experienced another feeling in ancient Greek.

This phrase greatly trouble literally means to snort like a horse implying anger and indignation thing a horse when they locked all the resource up right. They locked the resource up in the cage before the race and there just bent out of shape because a racehorse is not meant to be caged right it's angry, indignant. That's the kind of the picture here that this the original languages. After okay this is think about. That's the second, it means that Jesus wasn't so much that at the scene surrounding the tomb of Lazarus. It's more accurate to say that Jesus was angry Jesus was angry and trouble that the destruction and power of the great enemy of humanity death that's written by David Guzik a great. It is a great devotional series called enduring word to our Lord death is not just another sad fact of life is an enemy of it. Once again, Jesus has compassion for the human race is on display as the full force of the death of a loved one swirled around him so much pain so much despondency so much loss it was not meant to be so, but man sin unleash the darkness of death, and made Jesus angry is not angry at us per se, but at the terrible cost are sin could rot in our lives and in the world. Death was his enemy. Praise God he holds the keys to its very existence. Finally, the shortest verse in the Bible Jesus wept. British theologian John Clark noted that Jesus had humanity in its perfection and humanity unadulterated is generous and sympathetic. That is the Jesus we worship. That's the Jesus we cling to. That's the Jesus who meets you in the darkest corners of your life and weeps with you does not mean that that such a powerful section of the gospel of John. John chapter 11 in such a comforting powerful reminder that Jesus fully God and fully man experience these things and often times isn't easy to think that Jesus or God. If you want to look at it that way is just is just standing there like without with the whip just waiting to take you out just Matt and disappointed and just like you think of that with your your father or your mom said I'm really disappointed in you right that's a devastating thing to hear.

And I think often times is certainly for me especially if it's involving my own sin that's that's what I'm I thought I'd come to get the picture up just disappointed the Lord again and I'm just pond scum and an embarrassment to the kingdom to my family to my own witness whatever and you just you just cannot broken there and we think of Jesus as just being some of us not not everybody I don't always think like this, but I deftly struggle with it like I can't be embarrassed to be walked into the room right wanted to have a little sit down with me, but that's not the Jesus of the Bible. That's not the real Jesus really yes technologists are sin. Of course, but he separates it as far as the east is from the west. He chooses to remember it no more a law wrote about that thing literally can look in the physical. We talk about because he sees you. This is very difficult understand for me. He sees you through that perfect covering and blood of Jesus Christ as God's arms wrapped your enveloped into.

So God is perfectly aware of our sin. That's why we need to confess first John 19 confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of our unrighteousness. That's to return us to a good healthy relationship. Okay that's not to re-acquire your salvation.

That's just like when you have a problem with your spouse or your kids or you have a problem with your parents and then you have the relationship as damage, but you're still husband-and-wife that's shot. That's honest to your son that daughter still your daughter there still your parents rights that make sense so you gotta remember that, but that's what you confess because God wants what is best for all of us.

So in those moments after member. Yeah, he's like yeah Steve, I know I know what you did.

I already know what you going to confess it to me. It's not like the first time hearing it depose McCauley caulking right good hands as they come already knew he saw it happen. And then of course he grieves because he knows what were doing to ourselves and others, and then he's ready just confess, repent, and comforts you. He weeps with you. You think he wants us to live like this and he wants you to struggle with your Cindy think he wants me to struggle my sin. He doesn't, I came to give you light to give you freedom free indeed write a life of abundance, so it's really hard with that but that's where we have to kick in our faith and have to remember who it is that we say we worship and remember what the Scriptures have shown us remember what we've learned getting super important. By the way, is Facebook cool right now is not on my computer is Facebook live okay right now because it's none of my computer yeah okay good scenario. Oh Steve, a little fake so anyway just member that, by the way, if you want to. If you want to get a hold of those devotionals. They come out come out Monday through Friday. Let's life is really crazy, but normally Monday to Friday, which is crazy a lot lately, Monday to Friday at like 11 AM Eastern time and you can just text the word dose DOI C to 66866. Literally that's all you need to do is text the word dose because are called your daily dose DOI C to 66866. You get on the email list you just go to website the Steve Noble and that'll come up at the top of the website you do that tonight and I generally right out of my own experience and sometimes my own pain because it's pretty common.

I think we all share a lot more in common than we know. And I think it's helpful for us to try to walk through this together with the aid of the Scriptures. The indwelling power the Holy Spirit. This is Steve Noble when we come back, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani first on the show. This was should be great to talk about the obvious Hunter Biden's laptop is what happened to that feel like we are back to back in Steve Noble tracking down America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani just texting Lauren is with the trim campaign tracking him down because they're all you know these folks like Rudy Giuliani and some of the senior leaders in the trim campaign both sides, obviously, but for us on this together side is where my interest lies and so things are just crazy either in movement all the time like up VP tenses former Chief of Staff to be on tomorrow and working to see who else we can get from the campaign between now and next Tuesday and things are just influx okay so much going on very very busy and were not Fox News okay is not Fox News is not Rush Limbaugh's is little a little steep. So were waiting on that Psalm just monitoring my phone and paying attention that but is that I'm even surprised at all about all of this stuff that's come out. I mean, I think the biggest surprise. Unfortunately, with Hunter Biden. He's had a troubled life for a while. Okay, so none of us should delight in anything that we find out about Hunter Biden. Just because it might fit your narrative and seeing Joe Biden not win the presidency. This is an individual made in the image of God is made a lot of mistakes. Who hasn't and is gone down. Apparently some pretty dark roads and these really struggle, and so none of us should really delighted that it's it's unfortunately easy to do. Sometimes in our flesh only see a political enemy so to speak. Stepping in it and you can delighted that you don't do what you want people to delighted if you had some problems.

You want people to celebrate that, of course not.

But these are very serious issues in an Hunter Biden is at issue with any type to Joe Biden and that's where Rudy Giuliani's been involved that somehow he gotten some of this information wanted to ask him about that and I think maybe the shop owner.

The computer shop owner reached out to him. He tried with the Maryland Baltimore Maryland FBI that eventually the FBI got involved in a DC and he tried actually with the with Albuquerque, Albuquerque, FBI, for some reason, and then then Baltimore and now it's in the possession of the FBI and the. The other guy came out and vines not happy about any of us still just monitoring the phone.

Hopefully Rudy on her cell. Biden snaps a reporter for bringing up Hunter Biden controversy is all a lie. Questions and controversy continued today about Hunter Biden your sons didn't get to finish the sentence. A reporter said before, and being cut off by Biden. There's no controversy about my son, Biden claim it's all lives a flat lie because the president has nothing else to run on.

If you notice why the American people talk about what's happening their families. He has no plan in the debate.

He has no plan. So Hunter Biden saying it's all a big lot hard. Will Biden saying it's all big why the course is actual information. There's a laptop there's other information out there. Not to mention Thursday night. Lester's night, Tony Belinsky, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and alleged former business partner Hunter Biden held a press conference where he outlined allegations against the Biden family and loved one person in America that perhaps knows more about this right now than anybody else's. America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Rudy thanks so much for calling and how are you I really know you very well, thank you so much. So what, how did you get in the possession of this information first and foremost because a lot of people because as as you know, the media blackout has been intense on this, but how did you get involved and then tell us what we really need to know about Hunter Biden's laptop and how this all touches his dad Joe Biden well I got it from the repair man brought it to Delaware and left it there and what they are because the repair man came in hardly made any seem to be on drugs or alcohol.

I've seen enough of the 29,000 photos that I have no that from the pictures it looks like he's on crackled, not a low and his father.

The argument being that you let us run this kind of drug addiction. The young man would never use them as a bagman in a high-stakes international water shakedown yeah that's a great point and then I'll let you know when hearing the phrase crime family. Of course, Mr. Giuliani was a former prosecutor federal prosecutor understand all about this mystical bagman in crime family in this whole scheme going on because there's the vice presidents brothers and stop this because it's it appears that this is been going on for years and it shouldn't be a surprise to any of us but it's really this does come across like a crime family. What brought back what they know a lot of completely covered up immediately arrived at that right that in a text message January 3, 2019.

Naomi Biden from Dr. but I love all of you, but I don't see any respect and that's fine. I work for you.

I hope you all do what I do and pay for everything for the entire family. 30 years really hard. Don't worry, unlike pop, I will make you give me your cell yeah information is just stunning and it's been going on for a long time.

So what, what's the most troublesome, most damning information and evidence coming out of us about VP Biden and his role in all of this. All the little pieces of each of the deal like the Chinese where they getting $10 year.

Biden family, he's not on the virtual document, then there's a memo that is on the hard drive shows that he's getting 10%, 10% for the big so that when you look in the hard drive little more carefully for references to Joe Biden as the big book, Belinsky says that through FL they referred to him and that in fact Joe got that 10% what he thought he got even more really got even more kickback from the sun and then there's a there's a memo I have that one in front of me to May 27 it says don't mention Joe being involved. She so this is a memo from the new guy joined the board will Belinsky say don't mention Joe being involved so they will hiding his involvement in it because it dawned what you mean. The plot thickens. It gets even darker and more difficult and I'm not taking any delight in any of this but you know their daughters diary which came out recently which said some really troubling things in there and it's just one thing after another. So if those euro Hydro joke joke.

Never run for office. Never would come out. Joe was an incredibly horrible to do this with her son. I keep thinking I have two children are very lucky, but Dr. been one of them had a drug problem. I sure as hell Would like make their life more stressful and make it look strict even if Joe Biden that found somebody walking back to start the party across the Democratic Party wash Bill Clinton. I believe that party went sour.

Bill Clinton I work with Democrats was the mayor of New York will good people. There were no federal works in the public and different viewpoints with putting gave the top of that the character of corruption we sold out the Lincoln bedroom. He sold everything he possibly could hold that very states all the China Russia we actually give plutonium to Russia because Hillary Clinton the nothing nothing that so you end up with the five find out two or three more people are crooked, not just the upper echelon of the Democratic Party gone corrupt. How frustrating is it for you, Mayor Giuliani, I know it is for most of us that we keep waiting for the orange suit. We keep waiting for the perp walk. We count, we don't have people at the top of the FBI in the past that we can trust we see so many things like all this evidence is so powerful, yet it seems like nothing ever happens of what he thinks can happen with this type of information will think that it really depends on what I think you Biden. When Barry and will just continue we have right now with big check, not allowing any of this to get out on Twitter or Facebook network not covering it are no they were going to be socialist but that sounds like all yes like a state run media. The cabal just keeps getting bigger when it comes to that difference to me now is how many countries would you say Rudy that Joe Biden is compromise with should he God for bid become the president wracked Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania. She so far yes so far, all wracked multiple million. Ukraine multiple million in the multiple millions China to Romania and Kazakhstan. About a million yeah just shocking what what is about a Pres. Trump and his and his candidacy. Here is an incumbent in his first four years Rudy and you've known them for a long time. What is it about Donald Trump as president you would want everybody listening that hasn't voted yet. Maybe they haven't made up your mind yet and in terms of supporting this man is exactly what you see all of that love America. You know what he put leg around him and he tells you how much he loves America and he makes decisions based on the best interest of America absolutely true guy is a complete picture you love this country doing it because he really felt that Obama almost particularly when he started paying off around the only did this because he felt that is independent of how clean it up just don't think he ever did.

I had no idea how is shocking that the swamp is a lot to get reelected right away. You get all you to be a great like Roosevelt in 19 oh yeah for the awesome really were out of time to think. So much for calling in today, thank you for giving me a very walkable talk again soon.

Hopefully things you're welcome. This is seasonal

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