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Proclaiming the Gospel of Light

The Verdict / John Munro
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October 26, 2020 10:46 am

Proclaiming the Gospel of Light

The Verdict / John Munro

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October 26, 2020 10:46 am

Pastor Nathaniel Pearce October 25, 2020 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

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Turn with me your copy of God's word to second Corinthians chapter 4 second Corinthians chapter 4 verses one through six would be our main text for today. Second Corinthians chapter 4136 in a message out titled proclaim in the gospel of lights proclaim in the gospel of life that's really a double positive for those of you who may be interested if there were ever a possibility to link this phrase to the Greek language will probably call it a double positive because you can't have the gospel of Jesus Christ to be darkness, it has to be lights so but nonetheless we need to proclaim that we going to learn why that is important this morning. Second Corinthians chapter 4136. Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God's word, but by the open statement of truth we would commend ourselves to everyone's conscience in the sight of God. And even if our gospel is veiled, it is mailed only to those who are perishing in their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers to keep them from seeing the gospel of light. The glory of Christ, who is the image of God for what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as servants for Jesus's sake, for God said, let light shine out of darkness #in our hearts to give the lights of the glory and knowledge of the glory of God the face of Jesus Christ. What a text. I do believe that we are living in an era where the proclamation of the gospel is probably more needed, more important and more relevant today than perhaps any other time before never, I believe. Never has there been a time when iniquity and prejudice in seems to be so obvious and blatant before us. Never has there been a time where dishonesty and the twisting of truth, corruption, immorality in situational ethics are boldly boldly paraded before us.

What do we need how do we solve this, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Never has there been a time where more babies have been murdered in various stages of abortion, apparently.

We also lost our fear for the Almighty Creator of the word, the one who was given us in life that there are those who would know say. Apparently, it is never ever too late. Merthyr potato life of a child, even if during the process of aborting the child. The child is accidentally born and survived. Then there are still those who would say yes still go ahead and Merthyr that child.

I just wonder perhaps that child's life matters regardless of the color of that child's skin is the life of that child does it matter apparently it does not. I think it's time that we as God's people. We take a stand but but we also need to do this through the proclamation of the word of God. I don't know in my few years on earth you're a time that we've seem to be more hopeless, broken, despondent and and and fearful than the times in which we live in, and one of the sad reality is I'm seeing more and more people including God's people, Christians, believers turn into politicians as if the say they are the ones who are going to solve our problems as if they are the ones who are going to give us all. I have news for you regardless of who wins the upcoming election. I suspect the things that bother you in your life are going to remain the same and they're not going to give you hope because they cannot do so. Our hope comes from Jesus Christ and him alone. This is not to say we don't go out and vote that we prayerfully consider who should vote for research certainly do that but we should remember that our whole is in Christ and therefore we as God's people have been given this wonderful ministry of the gospel. What do we do with it. We are to proclaim the gospel of life is the gospel. Someone may ask.

I'm glad you did. The gospel in a nutshell, I would say it is simply the good news that Jesus is the remedy for man's sin simple equipment we all have a problem. We came into this world with a problem, a problem of sin.

We were born with a disease which is far worse. Yes, far worse even than the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is here and I suspect very soon, it will no longer be I don't know when it would be a vaccine and I'm not advocating whether one should take it or should not take it as a decision, my family and I would make when the time comes. However, the point is not nearly 100 years ago we had the last pandemic and that time went as well so we know this too shall pass. What will we be left with really Laura home stand will do we fix or hold on so that gospel is simply good news that the remedy the solution the vaccine.

If you may, for man's sin problem is Jesus Christ.

With that said, then what do we do with this gospel that we have been entrusted with what do we do with it. People live in darkness around us spiritual darkness as it's difficult for us to walk around in our homes or anywhere else in darkness. Can you think of how much more difficult it is for those who live in darkness, you should just remember those of us who are saved, the time when we also live in darkness and what that wasn't like it wasn't pretty. It was hopeless. We were miserable we were trying to do things trying to change things. Try to to to honor God and to a limited extent trying to be good as it were, but we fail that it why because we just got in and off ourselves. We needed someone and that person is Jesus Christ. So we who have been changed by the gospel, then we have a responsibility to those who are living in spiritual darkness around us and the responsibility is to proclaim the gospel of lights and Francis of Assisi. I think it's a very simple but very well said when he when he said that we ought to do all that we can to preach the gospel and if necessary use words all you can to preach the gospel and if necessary use words preach the gospel live the gospel. How will people to be chains around us. If you are not are not shining in the light of the gospel in the darkness of their work at Calvary. Here we recently launched a ministry that we are calling via lights at will.

Offering training and we are offering opportunities and encouragement to people to go out and evangelize their space. I call it our community for Christ coming your view are involved in that you've chosen not to be involved in that you are too busy to be involved in that.

I tell you it is not too late in my prayers that we would on the side. Perhaps like never before. The urgency of the importance of being is like mirrors to the darkness of four. So from our text today we will see four reasons why we must not that we may look for reasons why we as God's people must proclaim the gospel of life for reasons.

First of all we must proclaim the gospel of light because we've been called to this ministry, we have been called to this ministry. Look at verse one therefore, having this ministry by the grace of God.

We do not lose heart is a ministry to which all of us as believers have been called the proclamation of the gospel is for us as believers and I'll explain a little bit more later on why this is the case, but notice that we been called by the grace of God we been given this ministry I the grace of God.

I wonder why is that the case my second point will make that even a little bit more clear. But this ministry is inseparably linked to a life changing message.

This ministry that gospel ministry is inseparably linked to our life changing message, a message that when presented on the work of the Holy Spirit coming alongside that convinced the hearts of men of sin to righteousness and judgment and constraints people going so we know as we read in first, second Corinthians chapter 570 Madison Christ mirror new creature. The old has passed and you has come. We must therefore proclaim the gospel of life because we been called to this ministry. This ministry also has a messenger that must be true to the message we don't lose heart. How we should stop wishing to become weary in the way we do because we know that what we do what we are striving to do is for the Lord, the Lord promises that he will come alongside that and he will bless that and he will call persons to him so look at the life changing message. Look with me one chapter over our prior chapter. Chapter 3. This look at this and compared two different ministries here. First of all, in verse seven second Corinthians chapter 3. Now if the ministry of death carbon letters on the stone came with such glory that the Israelites could not gaze at Moses's face because of the glory which was being brought to an end.

Moses went up and he met with God. He saw God he received the commandments he came back after a time with God and his space was so radiant that the people could not even look at him, but you know, as he received the commandments, we are told that this is a ministry to death. Why is this a ministry to death is a ministry to death because the law was not intended to save the law does not say you're driving down the highway are some Street and you come around a curve and you see a police what do you do check your speedometer or you take your foot off the gas pedal right or you begin to think wonder what the speed limit in this area right. That's what the law does the law Texas. In that regard, the police in an off himself and all he represents does not reach into our cars and make us stop.

There is a point in which he might come up behind you and turn on that wonderful blue lights that some of us enjoy seeing our nods and then we pull over and if you don't pull over your involving a police chase and there's a whole different set of problems he would have had right that the law doesn't fix anything the Lord tells us very soon as the law reveals our sin. The law really brings death to life was but through the blood of Jesus Christ when he died. Think of the Old Testament assisted with told in Hebrews that the priesthood daily, offering sacrifices, which could not take away sin by the sacrifice is simply compensated for a period of time, but Christ haven't died once sacrifice remove sin for ever. And so for those of us who come to Jesus Christ as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our sensor must and he will remember them no more. That's the ministry to which we have been called we are given this message to a lost and dying world. And we must go now. In contrast to this message off the law that brings death verse eight that.

So this message will not the message of the spirit, not comparing the different methods were not administered of the spirit which is even more glory. For if there was a glory in the ministry of condemnation. That's the law. The ministry of righteousness. Much, far exceeded in glory. Now look at verse 12. Since we have such hope this ministry of Jesus Christ of righteousness that brings in life eternal life to you and to me it also gives us hope, since we have such hope, we are very bold. We can be bold we can be bold for Christ.

And yes we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us to what we we do are you living in a home with a spouse that might not be saved. Man or woman very difficult to live with and near impossible to live with. Perhaps children, perhaps neighbors that are tough to live with coworkers, bosses at your your your places of employment. What do you do how do they change yes you are impacted by them. Sometimes you don't want to be around them. How do these people change so that you can enjoy their presence and relationship with them undulate through the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross busy. One of the challenges with our secular world we we try to change people from the outside in. And that is impossible, because our focus. That is simply on the behavior of the person we want to see them stop doing this, you know, one of the words children learn very early in life.

No and stop the wonder why they repeated back to us. Our first daughter that was apparently one of her favorite words. No say something is your name Ruth no, your dad know you love chicken. Yes, somehow when it comes to the food they know the difference. But nonetheless we have that problem with our second daughter we we realize that we had talked the child. The word no and stop because every time she's about to do something no and stop and so we change that with a second-order suite in have that much of an issue.

We focus on external we focus on the behavior which you change comes from with the person change that is affected by the spirit of God alone. So we've got a life changing message to bring to the world. My question is are you taking this message understand as believers that we have been called to this ministry. So we must then take the message of the gospel. Otherwise, we are in disobedience. We must go we must tell the message of the gospelů Women do it. God is calling you is calling me so we must go and proclaim the gospel of life first because we been called to this ministry, but second because we been changed by this gospel. Women changed by this gospel. We will have experienced this change ourselves. We know the lives we wants to live. When we remember the things we we gravitated towards remember how we we we we we violated the destroyed others through our lives, and through our lives and and and and and know that we are in Christ where different people. Yes, we we may fall periodically but we have a different passion but we have a different drying. We have a different purpose in life because of the change in the work of the Spirit of God and the gospel that came to us. We often sing the song the gospel changes everything. And that's certainly true. The gospel changes everything that God is mighty to save. Know that one can accomplish what he accomplished for us. He changed us, perhaps you got married as an unbeliever, and later you came to faith in Christ, but that man or that woman hadn't been converted yet and you had to live with him or live with our and that it was just me you go through it day and night. You wonder why you're even still, there but as you continue to pray in live the gospel share even the gospel. Shortly thereafter, this brother. This young woman comes to faith in Christ and you begin to see instantaneously the change that Jesus makes in that person. You now can celebrate that.

That's the kind of change you and I have experience again. Paul reminds us in second Corinthians 517 any monies in Christ or woman. We become this new creature.

The old has passed as the new cubs think about the possible life like white shortly prior to this, is ministering here to the Corinthians. Remember he was a murderer himself.

I remember how he had plans to wipe out the church to kill anyone who belonged to the way.

Notice how he took it upon himself to travel all over the ear at that particular point of buying those who belong to the way to kill them to beat them to guide them through the streets. He had his Judaism and anyone was compensated well they believe in this Jesus who died and is now alive deserved by as far as Paul or Saul was concerned it wasn't too long before acts nine and seven but we see how he and he officiated as it were, the stoning of Stephen. This was the kind of man he was. But he was no longer that person because he had now been such a he met Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus and that radically change his life. Why wouldn't you want to see a similar change in someone else's life, and if we want to we desire that certainly we should share the gospel.

Such a change that took place we see in verse two that now that this pollen and also we are you in Christ as he says but we have renounced disgraceful and underhanded ways. It was a time when he would not renounce disgraceful method lies in underhanded ways with no that is in Christ, he renounced his nose set those aside not limited according to the old way any longer.

Not only that, he says, but we refuse to practice cunning that telling those lies in an strictly or to tamper with God's word and it was a time he wanted to destroy God's word and and anyone who represented that was flown with any portion of the word of God deserved to die.

As far as he was concerned if you belong to the way if you're promoting this Jesus that you needed to die, but now he's different now God is going to use him with a new passion with a new heart to evangelize the world to to raise up churches in and to disciple the same. No longer is he trying to destroy got God's word, but the open statement of truth is what he would not proclaim that we have commended ourselves to everyone's conscience in the sites of God. This was a new person. This was a new man no longer live in the form of life, but now seeking to honor Christ no longer living a life of trickery and and and and tampering with the word of God is with we know in in Revelation 22 we are told that those who add or take away special judgment is reserved for them.

Those changed by the gospel, then live the gospel and share the gospel with others.

If you found something you like. Maybe a new gadget maybe a new restaurant comes to town or you saw and you pop in the you take a bite and you enjoy our new gadget you want to tell others about it. You are excited to share it with others, and indeed you have. Why then would we not recognize the changes that have come to us through the saving grace of Jesus Christ that he would catapult us to see her also with other unbelievers. Remember, it wasn't too long ago we were meeting here on campus on Wednesday evenings for our supper and then after supper we would go to the electives and I was sitting at the table once in one of my daughters had a friend there and that we were eaten or among the things I had on my plate. We had some right and apparently my fried fries may have been tasted better than other people's rise. So next thing I know I stepped away I think I stepped away and my daughter helped herself to a piece of fried and then of course her friend wanted to help herself to a piece of fried as well and I'm thinking go get your own fry leave mine alone know I'm a few fry short of a big Mac will get your own.

By the way, this young lady I love this young lady I can imagine it in the next 10 to 15 years. She may get married, and if he ever invited me to her wedding. Those of you know me well know I would do justice to swap my way right up to the head table and help myself to please the food off her plate right your memo and your biggest know I get back to you and all the food would be good and if I might even invite us to come and help themselves right.

If we find something we like. We share it with others would been changed by the gospel, why wouldn't we share the gospel and lives change in message of the word so that others also can come to faith in Christ, we should do that to first of all we must proclaim the gospel of night because we been called to this ministry. Secondly, because we been changed by the gospel, but then thirdly, we must reclaim the gospel of night because they unbelievers have been lying dead by the devil. We remind ourselves. That's where we also wants were we also walked according to the course of the lesson.

This word running behind the devil, the father of lies. And we know any better. We thought we were having a wonderful night. Enjoy the pleasures of the world. Perhaps others are attracted to us and all of that and we thought we were living the best life ever. What we didn't know what unbelievers might not even is what the devil is trying to do a look at verse three, which show that even if our gospel is veiled, it is built only to those who are perishing. Verse four. In their case the god of this world. What is he done has been lying in the minds of unbelievers, why what is purpose what is rational what is his goal why the eyes of unbelievers.

He has done so to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ that said they want to spend eternity in hell all by himself. His a few more down there with him so he's on the blind that my distract unbelievers a lot of lights around then and there attracted to the light anything yet.

This is the best life that I can come and join the pleasures of this world. This is my life is by their thinking libido you will join me in that place right there been blinded by the devil. The idea here of Bailey in the gospel being merely means to convert to come see you are to put it away in such a way that it can even be traced. It can't even be home. That's what the devil is trying to do besides of this, the word of God does not want you to hear the message of the gospel. He certainly doesn't want you to be convicted by the Spirit of God, let alone say yes to Jesus Christ that's not what he wants. The gospel is veiled, veiled only to those who are perishing is not just the work of the devil that causes the gospel to be bailed. Unbelievers will hear the word of God and choose not to believe the word of God. Romans one tells us that God is given them over to the action so that they learn within that area you choose not to say yes to God and having your own way you harden your own heart and so each time one hears the gospel and says no to price it becomes much more difficult. The next time around to say yes to Jesus Christ the devil is very much at work. He's in this situation never has and continues to distract or to by providing darkness for the minds of unbelievers, look at me to John chapter 12 John chapter 12 in verse 40 at some context to this. I read from verse 39 just the context. Again, he says here. Therefore, they could not believe for again. Isaiah said, why wouldn't they believe it could not believe because he bedeviled the evil one has blinded their eyes and harden the hearts and less with their eyes and understand with their hearts and turn, and I would what is the devil not one does want you to turn doesn't want the unbeliever to understand the message of the gospel doesn't want their unbeliever to be convicted up by the Spirit of God know naturally, God is far much greater than the devil so he cannot forever but he continues his threefold ministry, as we see in John 10 is the stela to kill and to destroy. Think about it.

The devil is this weekend evil serpent off of an Angel and Angel are being on the other hand, Christ represents everything of righteousness. The devil hates Jesus and loves the father of my Jesus represents and is the personification of truth, the devil wants to kill us.

The Lord has given his life for us. The devil is the accuser of the brethren or Lord is the Mayor of the brethren who want to be living with and want to serve such a want and spend eternity in the dark dungeon, that's what the devil wants God has something else for you do not know Christ as your Lord and Savior. His desire is to see you say to see your life change what the devil continues to work against you. The Deborah hinders the message of the gospel in Mach 3 we see the parable of the sower, so goes out and he scatters his seed right some fall and fall and saw some among thorns, and in some on the pavement and the birds come and snatch it the way we are told within verse 15,000 that the birds there snatching it away represents the devil himself who tries to remove the seed of the gospel the message of the gospel as its proclaim this since the hardening of the hearts so that unbelievers would not turn to Jesus Christ there unbelievers would remain on the slippery slope.

The broad road that leads to eternal death. Many are on it that having this wonderful party there limited. They think they're living there. Life think about it would be better to live for Christ. Now use the we normally get in this word maybe three scores then maybe a few might go to A.D. maybe even far fewer might get to 90 think about life in this longevity of life in terms of quantity. How do you want to fly a few years here on earth in comparison to eternity elsewhere. That tells me that you my few years here to live for Christ.

Someone said when I know you're wasting your time.

What if you are one of your restricted yourself restrained yourself all these years and you get to the end and you find know that everything the Bible teaches is not true. Would you have lost out introduced such a person Tabasco your member Pascoe's wager he says listen.

In essence they want to live their life for Christ and live a really good life more life that is known for being honest and well loved in his or her community restrains himself or herself life, so to speak, and if they get to the end and realize they were wrong. They don't lose anything. Scott Pascoe's wager anything on the other hand, the man who is skeptical.

The woman was skeptical refuses to believe the message of the descriptor refuses the third the price. Who even believes that there may be error in the word of God is a live a life and then they die and find out that they were wrong. It would be too late. What should we do then live for Christ now seeks the stakes are high. There is much to be lost here and much to be gained as well, for the kingdom of Christ. So what must we do, we must preach the gospel the devil's activities at work is distracted in the minds and dark in the hearts of men and women so that they would not come to Christ the story so the farmer who had a Walkman if you call a machete wherefrom we call it in my sent in our dialect is colorful. We just say why my see it but anyway we just stick with my citizens wearing room for today. So here goes.

This farmer who had a machete's community was known to have had the sharpest Merced people, and bar is machete news went out you Photoshop machete to chop on whatever go Google go to farmer Joe or whatever his name was after a while farmer Joe realize a pattern.

Some people would Martin not return.

If you have to go to their home to some people to retarded out all you have to replace it at his own cost. Some people may even return it damaged after 1.0 is machete being gone for over two weeks and he had to go to the to the borrower at the bar. It is own tools from the person who borrowed it from the in the first place. Don't know anyone like that go to the bar. Your holes are the bar your your your shovel from someone who borrowed it from you finally decided because he came back damaged, you would buy a second one that he would not lend to anyone he would keep them for personal use, but knowing people would continue to come damage. The damage machete that was returned to him. I mean, he messed up the blade so that he wouldn't even chop a fly and then comes another neighbor to borrow his machete course. He kept his brand-new machete for himself and he loaned them that old raggedy beat up Ben thought machete, a person came back with Michael to do it is here, take this out of pocket cost back at him and then the word went out in the community that Merced is no good don't go there. You waste your time so pretty soon they stopped coming to borrow his machete no longer had he needed to go and bar back is machete from a person who borrowed it. He intentionally done on the thing blunting the thing to the point where no one would be interested in it. That's what the devil is doing to the hearts and minds of unbeliever souls twisting their minds seeking to twist the word and the message cc can success over the message of the gospel, but provides some sense you know falls under lights to attract unbelievers to distract unbelievers, so that they will come to faith in Christ is Delaunay in their mind is in their minds with the other things of the word to what must we do, we must proclaim the gospel of life. The message of light. The last need to hear it may need to have an opportunity to be saved and if they chose not to. Each time, then their hearts are hardened and you have delivered yourself is easy because as as the watchmen over the city. When you see trouble use of the war in the city of impending danger anyone chooses not to listen. If there were to die than their own sin in our blood would be on their shoulder. You and I must deliver ourselves as we present the gospel being then it in wants prayer as we passed the spirit of God to change that that spouse to change the heart of that child unbelieving child to change the heart of that brother or sister or other family member or that neighbor are that difficult person at work saying to them and asked the Lord to use you to be a part of this to the proclamation of the gospel of light. You see, my unbelieving friends joining us here and those on online you must understand what is at stake.

Again, each time you say no to the gospel. Your heart becomes harder and all you're doing is the play into the hands of the evil one when you think of what the Scripture tells us about heaven, a city paved with gold, a city where there is no sickness, no crying, no death.

We don't need the sun, the moon, because the Lord himself will be the light that the when you compare those facts about heaven with what we also know about the choices I Jesus died for you because he loves you and he wants to save you. He wants you to spend eternity with himself, so we must preach the gospel proclaim the gospel of light because we been called to this ministry because we been saved by this gospel because they have been blinded by the evil one. The devil and then finally because we been called to preach Christ, not ourselves. We been called to preach Christ not ourselves. Look at verses five and six. This is the call that God has placed upon us who believe for what we proclaim is not ourselves. Paul says about Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves, simply as servants for Christ Jesus's sake. Why, for God, who said let light shine out of darkness, as shown in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. We don't reach ourselves.

Although we don't preach ourselves and and sometimes we share the gospel. Often times we may share a personal word of testimony and that's good as as as long as the testimony shines a spotlight on Christ.

It is more about Christ and is a lesson about anything about us. The only thing we should be showing the chains and tell the change in the goodness of Jesus and south and share the glory of God that you have come to experience.

That said, we would only to compete with others in their salvation story. Their testimony, one guy got no save from Joan and then he turned to faith in Christ or one guy had died in this car crash in and somehow God brought them back after he was, you know, determined to have been dead or declared dead and all of a sudden he's awake again and later we just and then you are significant pain. I might even say I'd love a story like that. It's not about you is not about me it's about Jesus Christ and we should keep the order of priority to give you a few reasons why we preach Christ and not our selves. First of all we preach Christ because he's the one who died for our sins, not me. Not you know other human being. Christ is the one who died for sins we preach Christ because salvation comes through him alone.

Acts 412 tells us there's salvation ignore the name, but in the name of Jesus Christ.

So that's the name we should promote. That's the name we should preach. That's the name we should share and live and tell we preach Christ because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus you want to be a part of the Pearce family.

There may be some condemnation there. What you want to be a part of Jesus Christ and there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, we preach Christ because our hope comes from him alone.

Paul reminds us in first Corinthians 1517 if it were only in this world that we had hope in Christ, we have been of all men most miserable.

Some versions a most repeated. Our hope comes from him. It is sustained by him in our hope is not limited to this word, but hope transcends this work who wouldn't want such a hope.

Who wouldn't want to live with and have a relationship with such a person who loves you, to the point of death.

One husband said to his wife. You know I love you, but my love is in on dying, though she didn't quite understand what that meant until someone broke in their house and he went to high and when she asked why didn't you rise and dependencies. It did I not tell you my love than on dying love. Not so in Jesus.

Of course not. So in Jesus. He willingly gave his life because of his love for you.

I don't know anyone was going to be willing to die for me where the president of the United States and the Secret Service around them and they're supposed to be willing to take a bullet for him, but must come to so what Christ died.

I'm sorry that was Jamaican record came right up was but only in Christ do we have such hope, we preach Christ alone because he delivered sinners from darkness.

He's the only one that can take us out of darkness. The light of Jesus as son in our hearts. Therefore the light that is in us needs now to come out of most NBC are doing the rest of a dark dying and hopeless word weeping save we not been saved to sit around here in the church are blessed assurance is doing nothing and join those who complain about everything we been saved to serve. Ephesians 210 tells us we always wore created in Christ Jesus for good work or service. What are you doing what are you doing do not care about those who are perishing. Daily around you. We are to care.

We preach Christ because he brings light into our darkness the darkness of the word. The same God who in the beginning said, let there be light is the same God who was graciously sunlight in our hearts and then finally we preach Christ because light of Jesus Christ illuminates the darkness of our hearts in the word person would begin to see things differently begin to reason differently would begin to live differently would begin to love differently. We give differently everything is in change is change for those who are in Christ.

So again is not optional. If, as believers, we are not sharing the gospel of light that we are in disobedience and we need to share the gospel. We do so verbally, we do so through the lives that we live, we live the gospel. Paul's heart was change the understood that the light came and shown in the darkness of his heart and bring sports something new from him, and a passion now to go and share Christ with the rest of the world about you, what are you doing with your time.

Some people make excuses as to why they can't share Christ with the rest of the words and provide you a few of those excuses. Some would say.

What I can't share Christ. I'm very nervous. I don't know where to start that conversation. Other say when I get share Christ because I really don't know what to say and one that is very very prominent. Some would say when I'm fearful of rejection. I understand it I experience it myself should deter us. We should share. I maybe ask questions I cannot answer to that deters it should not. I'm not responsible for sharing the gospel. Pastors are professionally mindless to be sharing the gospel. That's not my job. Others may even say you know I don't have time to share the gospel to visit with my with my family with my with my career with with my education I don't have time.

Someone else can do that no God is called you he is saved you is given you this ministry. Others may say I don't want people to think that I'm judging them when can we go and find lost people with whom we can share the gospel. I get sometimes right in our very homes in our community at the grocery store at the park walking down the street you know we find on the airplane's buses and trains.

Sometimes God gives us captive audience and we waste the opportunities to share Christ. Someone dies and you realize you had the opportunity to share Christ and you didn't hold you feel is a believer. What would happen within you think it was Dale Moody. On his deathbed called for his brother who had known Christ before him when his brother came, he said to him, had it not been for the grace of God I could've died and slipped into eternity not known Christ as my Savior because you did not share them with me someone else did praise God you as my brother didn't share them with me. All that we would love the people within our homes and people that God has placed in our lives. People in our community so that we would be compelled to go and see her. The gospel so others may hear and be convicted up their sins and come to faith in Christ. If we are the body want the feet going want their hands moving while the mouth telling we should go until God is calling you. God is calling me and he has given us here at Calvin. This wonderful ministry you can be involved is not too late contact past the subleased tell you how you can be trained, and how you can be ready to go in and and share the good news of the gospel. We provide all of that here. So why don't you involved in for you who don't know Christ as your Savior will you allow this moment to pass you by not knowing if you're going to get home when you leave church or your next location that may be from your living room to your kitchen. Who knows you might not make it.

Do you want to risk it. The spirit of God is calling you was speaking to you and you God loves you. He wants to save you now is the acceptable time to the day of salvation I pray you will come to trust Christ, the one who loves you and paid the penalty for your sins on the cross before it's eternally too late spring or God in a loving heavenly father, thank you Lord for your word squeaks powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword pierces through today. Lord, we pray, cut away from us. Anything that needs to go so that we Lord can just go and freely share the gospel with those you have placed around is because they are there Lord help us to look helpless to see and help us to share. May we be more concerned about the lost around is that any other time in our lives work in us that we pray.

Thank you for your word.

In Jesus name

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