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Daughter of Destiny

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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October 24, 2020 6:00 am

Daughter of Destiny

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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October 24, 2020 6:00 am

Kolby Koloff, Nikita's youngest daughter, brings a young woman's perspective to It's Time to Man Up! She is now pursuing God's calling on her life as a singer/songwriter, but His Providence has been apparent all along ... From losing her twin brother before birth, to discovering her musical gifts at a young age, to being the sole tomboy of the Koloff sisters, and wrestling with how she views God. These days she's more on fire for Christ than ever!

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare know the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call time. Well, back to it's time to man up the cuticle off the hook devil hose worst nightmare, and I know I probably say this every single weekend really because it's true.

But today I have a very very special treat. I know it's called it's time to man up, but my youngest daughter Colby cloth joins us today. For those who don't know, I have four girls Karen Tawny Kendra and Colby, eight grandchildren and one on the way and we have a little boy in heaven.

Colby's twin will talk about that today, and so much more. Colby girl welcome to it's time to man up at such an honor and a pleasure to have one of my daughters on the show today. Well I tell you what I'm excited. I'm excited to you to be able to share some of your story for us to share some of our story and obviously for our listeners out there. You know the recognizes I said in the intro that I have four daughters, but I also mentioned that I have a little boy in heaven and really hear your what I would call a daughter of destiny so mutely explained that to our listeners and then will will jump in, jump into this as as mentioned on the opening the show Colby you had a twin you have a twin brother in heaven and it just reminded of of the story of your sister, Kendra Kendra Taylor and how at the age of three. How she revealed to us that she had a a prophetic gift and at a very young age and I just remember when your mother was was pregnant with you how she was adamant insistence that that we were having twins and we were like no honey, there's this one it be in your mouth was probably not too wary where you help Ed but she was insistent and then and then your mother started having some issues go to the doctor's office.

Kendra and I are waiting out in the waiting room there and back. The Coliseum on and then I'll never forget the doctors looking at the ultrasound and he says these words yeah you you you lost this one here, but this one looks looks fine and were like hang on, wait a minute. And so, lo and behold, we were having twins. Now the whole time Kendra's silence as a three euros and then we I recall we get on the elevator we go down to the parking garage. The door was and she goes, wait a minute were like yeah honey she likes so there were two babies in your belly and only one babies in your belly now are like yeah darling. You are right you were you were spot on and that I never forget just as matter-of-fact and insistent. She was well my baby brother is in heaven, but my baby sister is in your belly were like will honey. We don't know it's a girl yet it's it's it's too early to tell.

She was not my baby brother is in heaven. My baby sister is in your belly and sure enough Colby girl along you come. Our fourth daughter. I know right it's been pretty amazing, and it had a really kinda leaves me like I said a minute ago, you know, just that you're at a daughter of destiny. Now certainly, you and all your sisters are all uniquely gifted in your own own special ways, but I think about when I reflect back expression. Your early days.

You know your growing early growing up years and utilize as an athlete as musician and songwriter singer, a speaker with talk about some of those things today, but let's let's first let me ask you this. Let's first talk about the idea that you are a twin and I will. I'd like to really kinda get your thoughts. Let her know we never talked much about that just can't get your thoughts on on what you think it would've been like growing up with a twin brother where going around. I only Eric you know want to get sports are that Mark the tomboy went back to my brother gave me a marker girl and I can only by think it would have been really something to look forward to by choice to make it. I'm trying to verify the time being. Yeah well and I have often thought you come to your point with you. Certainly sister six Excel that your cheerleading the three others were. I mean you some of the best of the best when it came to cheerleading winning different awards and and it etc. and and certainly for you yet whether it was softball or basketball. Whatever whatever sport you tried.

I just kind of felt like to your point, there was almost like your brother was in the sense vicariously living through you. In that sense and it's interesting to hear a lot of different stories about twins and they're just their similarities and in fact your your sister tawny has twins right Libya Lottie and I know when I'm around them. I just watch how they interact with each other and it really kinda causes me or II kinda pasta reflect on again. You know had had your brother been born what what that would've been like raising you and you and your brother. And so it is kind of uncanny how how twins have a have that ability to kinda know whether it's what the others are thinking or you for stories like that right is weird like let me somebody for not and look like that identically are not connection that you have will always have yeah I would would wholeheartedly agree with that. That's what I did and I think it's going to be fun to watch your nieces grew up and again just to see how they interact with one another and and but you know on that note, you know it's one of the other things that not only you know you you I say, a survivor from the woman in fighter and athlete. But there's many other gifts and talents that that we recognize really at an early age. I mean, you display super unique gift to me the ability I can remember back when you were very little and I want to say like maybe three or four years old and just the ability to hear a song on on the radio and then go over to the piano and start playing without even ever having read a music note to Gevity you have a recollection of of those early days doing that just fascinated self-interest at and you can create it into my love and guidance. I think that matter what you give waiting in that way just getting a correct what it's like to just create from that from the starting points out. I remember being there for your version of that so let me let me say this or just another fond memory of mine.

I remember you now as you were taken early on, music lessons, piano lessons and and you had an instructor name Michael you may or not, may or may not remember that you were in single digits. You were young. I remember one time walking in to pick you up from your music lesson and Michael's likely I want I want I want to play something for you Mike all right any place this on them like oh my gosh, that's beautiful. Any I go when did you do that. My cousin know your daughter did that I go here he goes know she just sat down and she just composed that by herself at him like that's crazy.

In fact he told me goes, my wife came in at and heard it and she was like wow Michael, when did you do that he was. I didn't do that. Colby did that Eddie had a hard time convincing her that that you did it and not him and I think I have that somewhere stuff in the attic.

Give her a recording of that.

I do know bolivar find it, but that was pretty amazing again just kind of highlighted just some of your your gifting's your ability to sit down and begin to begin to compose in and utilize those those talents at an early age, so it and will talk more about about that certainly want to cover some of that today as well. Let me ask you at any others far as like your childhood years. Any other been met. You played sports where any of those your favorite more one more than the other or did you just like all of sports. You can't hear me enter basketball to get to try cheerleading first found out very quickly that was not my let the Lord I just like I like being credit status that can be a double-edged sword, happy or sad or frustrated and I would get kicked out of court in the house because I would get to been something that is an underlying caloric my competitive heart really want to peek at it well and that is as you said, can kinda be a double-edged sword right to be there. Certainly something you like, like your daddy who's pretty competitive himself. I certainly understand that hey I have a vivid memory I have a video actually speaking of basketball when you are in sixth grade and playing with all the seventh and eighth graders. As you mentioned, towering over you but I will never forget you had no problem getting under the under the basket for rebound, even though they were towering over you and just mixing it up underneath there and then Nevada getting the ball and then hustling back up cord and it you just brought them everyone at one of my one of my favorite memories with you on the basketball courts appreciate that well good luck for my grandma talked a lot way back left.

Well for the listeners out there from a daddy's perspective.

You are the cutest thing on the cord and the best of the best. As far as I was concerned itself, but by that though the target I stay on I is that let's fast-forward a little bit here several years ago you you were featured actual reality show called preachers daughters and the idea was to illustrate some of the some of the real struggles of preachers kids arrestor known PK's out there in the in the biblical word in the Bible world. The religious rule against but but the idea was to show that that hey, just because you're a preachers kid, you're not perfect and course we know nobody is, except except Jesus right and it and that was what it was intended to highlight, but sometimes on all these shows shall we like to always talk about the glamour and the success and in all of that and certainly you know we've already done some of that will talk a little bit more about that but I think sometimes we overlook the idea of hey let's not always perfect and we have struggles and and and what would you say with Weatherby is something come to my like I said you Colby, what are some of the struggles what's up with something you struggled with over the years that that you have overcome that might help our listeners out there who maybe the struggle with the very same things and consistent struggle and you are not and making sure that Berkeley are culturally we can look at maybe a different generation and he right Christian plantwide that God was just always horrible, like a sharp right right pretty legally for 2020 and I think the church against cracks that they want action in the local church and and so I've realized that there's God that people I've hurt and really great. I helped him a lot of a lot of help restore that 20 why you better you pick up some some very valid points appreciate you sharing that is the difference between again as you said, a worldview of Christianity in a biblical view of Christianity which this is one of the conferences when I do the Manna conference. I give a clear distinction between those views, but let you don't let me ask you that even in the midst of you know, just all of all of us all a struggles or shortcomings or flaws or imperfections be one of the one of the many things that I love about you. Colby is is just your is people are probably listening there already picking up on is your passion for Jesus. I mean you're on fire so how important, how important you may have already somewhat addresses but I want to ask the switch to bring clarity how important is your relationship with Jesus and what are you doing personally to grow in that relationship and that walk with Jesus share that with our listeners while I think that the Lord is important and should be for every believer Lord over your life and on the forever are understand and largely saved or whatever and working on letting the world to get me. It's not been easy to get Q&A the plane consistent walk with the Lord said throughout Scripture #tracking peek to make sure your are working.

I believe Clark work with. We could walk like I will ever go cracking toward the goal that is Christ like. On a practical level, I don't word it got pretty and you can let that looked like a bank that I learned how to prepare my wicked reality being planted in the church is needed and the Lord are sent guide will help you in all Scripture also church and correct bring and cry that he talks about what you give a good a really good checklist for people to see how how how the that line suffer for themselves and we got just just a few minutes left appreciate you sharing that is all those things are super important for you and certainly helping you.

You grow. Let me let me transition just in our last few minutes here.

I know you realize pretty quick that the TV wasn't for you. And while at the same time that help really launch you into the music songwriting career just just quickly just tell our listeners about that your heart for songwriting and an auditing the Lord. That way I will wear what great I just found love like that because that's when you can bring glory to God, and it only got right to write exactly where he placed you there and the people around you. Thankfully and I'm less and all thing I worry only right Christian right things. I really encourage here and I'm just really grateful yeah well and then to that point.

I know you currently you wanted test out corporate America and so that's a ministry and of itself right working on corporate America and being around people on an everyday basis and also what what I've come to learn a social media influencer. We've only got a couple minutes left, just to take 60 seconds. Colby, what, what's a social media influencer in North Carolina and are already double for the Lord for sharing her opinion and the Lord of following that I have. I have not brought shame to let out aggressively so I think the word implement very very what are you thinking right, I found what are you people to Christ and it will implement right yeah that's it again.

Another great point.

Well let me ask you this. So if a church, a ministry of school. Someone wanted you to come in speaker or you know where can I find any mention Instagram.

I know you on twitter or know your most the social media platforms how to get a hold of Coca-Cola when they find your music iTunes with a five spot five Pandora contacted me personally message me directly on their or an email that will bookings and what type Colby call aloft all of our listeners out there check her out on iTunes spot of all the music platforms Pandora I have ever heard. I have Michael Bickel of channel on Pandora Colby I love you. I thank you so much for sharing your heart with us today, and I know you're going to really bless our listeners.

Thank you for joining us. Well you know what excited about your future. I can't wait to see what else the Lord does with and through you and you just stay on fire for Jesus. Okay love you man, I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days left. I am pursuing the heart of your listening will send your manhole with God godly husband's and God you give them your blessing them. Sign up today and Thought all pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries Manna conference to your community protocol and email member this it's time. This is the Truth Network

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