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October 16, 2020 7:30 am

God & Politics

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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October 16, 2020 7:30 am

Mike & NC House candidate Jeff Zenger talk Christians being involved in politics - and what it looks like when your worldview and politics collide. Then Mike & Stu Epperson talk political ads, the election, and why Christians should vote get out and vote.


Hello this is Matt slick from the Matt Slick Live! podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to If Not for God stories of hopelessness that turn to hope.

Your host Mike Zwick the following interview quite nicely today if not for God. Read some turbulent waters.

Who would've ever thought be talking about politics I'm not your normal introducer guide on Stu Epperson.

I'm not a Christian car guy, but I am with your host Michael Zwick the man of the hour and Michael sit next to a guy who says that God led him to run for political office. How can that be can you mix God in politics.

How is your faith. Inform your vote. All those things on the table. Michael Zwick is angered only we do. We got zinger in Zwick's anger and Zwick and Jeff Singer is actually running he's for the day US it's actually for the North Carolina house and if you're in Forsyth County. You probably want to run that remember the name Jeff is anger, but Jeff what got you involved in politics let you know honestly I originally got politics as I was a paper when I was about 12 years old, and the first thing I did was read. I read from cover to cover and I got hooked. It was the Carter Ford election. I'm sorry to say that I'm that old, but it got me not to have been involved with it ever since.

And so on. About eight or nine years ago I had some folks asked me to consider running for the town Council loose and so I went ahead and did that and just saw God use me some big ways there are thoroughly enjoyed it and then thought that you know I was probably done with that. When I came my term ended December and lo and behold about six weeks before my term ended.

Some folks called me and said hey we would like you to run for state house and said I started to think about it and you know the Lord is his use me all different ways throughout my life and I do so well here's another venue right so let's go see what you can do for me what I can do for you how you can use me in Raleigh okay and you know one of their been a lot of issues that I kind of come up this fall but one of the issues that a lot of people are talking about is abortion and I saw last was kind of a big deal were Gov. Roy Cooper actually vetoed the board alive. Bill can you tell us a little bit about that matter will abortion is his heinous United 13 years of urban ministry in Baltimore city in which you which you realize pretty quickly is the abortion industry was designed is like the ultimate racist industry there.

It is designed to go into communities market Singer set herself to go into these communities and to stop minority people from from reproducing.

And it's absolutely heinous and so you know over the years. What is it we up to about 65 million people that have been aborted is just disgusting and now were getting to the point with her talking about, you know, not abortion, but then it weekly for a long time. We talked about the last trimester. Now were talking about after their born in the governor of Virginia is talking about. That is absolutely absolutely heinous so if we who have conviction do not stand up you like happily stand up and not say something when this kind of stuff is going on. You know, it's it, we're at a point we really need is will need to have courage and courage and conviction.

We need people in positions of power that have character they know who they are. They know what they stand for. And then I want a stand for and I believe I do. That's why I want to be there.

That's that's awesome and you know there is a lot of stuff that's going on in this country right now and I think it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He said the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself will right now in this country. There are a lot of people who are fearful, what would you say to them right now. But two things. First of all, remember that there are some people that when you're fearful somebody's gaining power because of that, and so there are people out there that want you to be fearful they want you to be fearful of virus they want you to be fearful of the rioting they want you to be fearful X, Y, and Z.

They want you to be fearful because it gives them power and so the unit, the Scripture says you're not 3651 foot every day the year so that you don't give power to someone else. So first thing I would say this, as Christians must be courageous now, does that mean the reckless Lycan and in terms of the virus. Reckless, blessed be fearless okay let's be smart, fearless, and so I would tell folks if you're fearful. There are plenty of things to be fearful of the big God rest in the arms of God and trust his word use if you're not were living in time. He also has asked us to be courageous strong and be courageous ever time that we need to do that. It's right now in this country right now. Yeah, that. That's good and and I actually heard Dr. David Jeremiah on the radio in the past weekend and one of the things that he said was that in the last election of 2016.

There were millions and millions and millions of evangelical voters who did not vote. That's one thing not to be fearful in and to trust God and stuff like that. It's another thing to take the voice that we having to stand up.

Why do you think it's important that Christians vote this year by thinking and it comes down to this.

This is really comes down about Iran you know God opened the door for me to run this dislike gives us the opportunity to better when we don't do that when we don't run through those opportunities were effectively saying well whoever it is whoever it is well think about who that whoever it is, could be and so you know I think it's our obligation as Christians in the holy race as God calls us and Peter, a holy rice and a holy nation to go out and exercise our rights and for us as Christians. You just tell you to run for this for the North Carolina House is a lot of hard work for this district certainly don't do it for the money because it pays nothing pays about 13,000 in you have a business and I can do a whole lot better by not going. But God has opened the door for me and so I feel obligated as a as a Christian to go there and to and to have someone of sound mind and they're making decisions so the wind when you say somebody in sound mind making decisions. I we were actually talk about this earlier. I was talking to somebody the other day and the middle part of North Carolina and he told me he said Mike he said there this country got in trouble when we took the prayer out of schools. He said I want to take in God we trust off of the off of off of all of our money and he said they they want to take away the Pledge of Allegiance and he said these are problems and he said no. And by the way of voting straight ticket Democrat is there some sort of contradiction errors or is it just me here. Well, I think that that's a place where people's worldview and their and their politics is not collided and so we run into that a lot.

I will say though that I have seen a huge switch where people are saying hey wait a minute, and they're starting to do it. We had a great conversation with not a lot of doors okay and we were in the neighborhood and we are two people of color were there and we had a great conversation with them. One was wearing a BLM mask by time we were done he was premise and unit was actually my wife and take a little bit of credit but here we are one flesh right but anyway but the point is is is is fish usually. We've talked officially make the point we're supposed to be wheat we are not divided his races any longer. Once we come to know Christ.

We are a new race and that race is a holy race which was to be a holy nation, civic, and if you go out with that approach and start to understand we have way more in common than we don't consume from that premise. That's really need to get busy and start to do some work. That's also in so there are some people who were saying Yegor tell me to vote on got a vote on what else can they do to get involved, whether it be knocking on doors are finally what what would you tell I would say listen get involved in the campaign. If you call any campaign there's tons of things you can do. We have, we do phone calls, which sounds intimidating. The software is fantastic. It dials him most of them go to voicemail automatically sends a voicemail if you you get to talk and generally the people are very kind knocking on doors also sounds intimidating. I find it to be exhilarating. It is great you get to talk with your extroverted. In particular, you get to talk with people and you going to make that personal touch knocking on. Then there's poll watchers desperate purple water also need folks to work the polls on the day of the polls are doing really good, all the candidates so there's a lot of ways to get involved and it's a lot of fun. You make some great new friends you have impact. I guarantee it.

That's awesome and so how did you become a Christian. Well, it was a long time ago. 3035 or more years ago and I really just tried everything I was successful very young and I had moved out about my first house 21 I was doing all the right things is going to a dead church and I was helping with the youth group at a dead church and I was just trying to be your super good guy but you know what it was and fill in and so they asked me to help with this other youth group and so I didn't. I met this young lady named Julie Glaser she was 17 she she going to young life.

She love the Lord affect the pastor said you know this is the most complicated government and so I went with her and I started doing this youth group restart tell me that Jesus and so for very long.

I met the Lord through that interaction and then a couple years later American angst that we've been married now for 31 years. We raised four incredible kids. We just became empty-nesters like three weeks ago and so far the sheriff is not been to our house so that it's been a great ride, but you know if I could sum my life up in one verse is Ephesians where it says God can do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine. I came from a very, very difficult, very hard personal background single-parent family was terrible.

I could never have thought when I met the Lord 35 years ago to pray for the life that I have and so it is I tell people start to cry. I think about it too much because it is actually I believe I never would've thought to pray for a woman like my wife is amazing.

I never would prayed for four great kids and never with me and kissed the list to God the big things and now I'm at a point in my life right now.

Look at look at distance and I look for the sake it will maybe it's politics with Scott would like to look back on 30 years from now is what might be a good time to remind people name is program based on what you said. If not for God. If not for God. Yet the and close it out.

There is a quote with people are kind of on the fence and and maybe a salad want to get involved but I don't really feel like it or I'm busy or this or that.

It's by Roosevelt and it says it is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how strong, how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly to errors who comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds. Who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions who spends himself in a worthy cause. What the best knows in the end of the trial of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. Jeff is anger. Thank you so much Jeff Singer with Michael Zwick. Jeff's website is Jeff zingers ENG to learn more about him and be sure you download the if not for God, podcast and share with all your friends if not for God with Michael Zwick interview you just heard before. Makes me political ads by now you may be actually tired. You may be ready to punch a fist to the TV or or change that radio dial, only to find another political station, but I'm honored to be in the seat next to Michael Zwick the awesome hosted if not for God, I'm Stu Epperson and it's put us here to Truth Network in an interesting spot.

This political season, but Michael Zwick is your show. I'm a throat you, it is good to see you my friend. Love your program of listing every week.

Hey thanks thanks a lot for coming on stew. I appreciate it. And yet we we. If you haven't heard a political ad advertisement on television this year and you probably don't have a television. And you know there there is a lot of back-and-forth in an and it was actually up and I was curious to before my show I think was last week or something like that.

But actually hurting Joe Biden out right before my show and I was like well that was it for me but I am sure you had some people student asked you, will you guys playing Joe Biden ads for or maybe even where are you playing political ads in the first place. What.

So what's what's going on with that. I just got an email a voicemail from a listener who said we listen you to Truth Network and and why are you supporting Joe Biden why are you why are you supporting the Joe Biden campaign so I had to call her back and say we are not supporting a bite or not it all know it is that were not endorsing any candidate, but were deftly not support we would never support a candidate who is not pro-life is not pro-marriage who stands against God and all the issues but I had explained the lady that by federal law. Radios regulated by the FCC by federal law. If we know we have to take we can just take ads from one party. So if if a conservative family friendly solid candy runs an ad we have to run the ad by law for his opponent is. This is extremely regular so after we were calling a lot of listeners to say this is the law week one forcefully that's out of our hands, but were also able to put the some disclaimers on and in use shows like this.

And so, thanks so much for the opportunity to be a guest on on.

If not for God. Today Michael took to explain the people hey we have a chaise or value the truth that were still Truth Network but it is a it is a turbulent time were in an inward were having a deal revenue. You know, maintain our legal integrity but also explained to my true commentaries" is like this you know where we really are really view on things and explain to you how this whole thing works here that's right inside the election is actually November 3, but I know North Carolina, especially my district. We can start voting on October 15 to get out and vote.

October 15 but why do you think it is that people do that this year I heard an estimate and I hope this is wrong, but as many as 40% of evangelical Christians don't vote will not vote in the average election cycle that is actually heartbreaking. That right there should wake us up. If everyone listen to my voice would vote but don't just vote vote informed by your faith.

Don't vote based on the word of a politician's politician by your time and they'll say anything that they can say to get elected. This is their job. This is their pension. This is their future.

This their 401(k) know during the pandemic. When everyone's Lane or one-off people out of work. You see one politician take up a payment right is the one consciousness that you know what Noah's get paid. My district are not getting paid no and in I'm not advocate for that but I'm just saying that there trying to advance their name so they'll say whatever takes you happy will that have nothing to do with God nothing to his life that while they were glad their mom was pro-life and elected murder them as a baby there glad about that bill come on Christian radio station will say whatever takes an act like a nice whatever to get elected and so what were trying to communicate and what I want everyone listening to really think about is step way back to don't think about that who you're voting for the why. Why would you vote.

First of all, legally, biblically, it's a stewardship we live in a in a Republic that is that is allows the citizenry to vote by the people for the people right so if you're a believer then you have a privilege it's a stewardship just like God gives you money. What you do with your money. You better be giving it to the Lord.

Less than 10% of believers give 10% to Christ.

Did you know that is terrible. We would have to have all these missionaries begging for money all time if we just gave no less than 5% of believers ever lead someone to Christ. When the Bible says it all of you were to go be my witnesses.

Jesus. Acts 18 Matthew 28 were to be were ministers, reconciliations and credits five so there's a lot of disconnects. One of them is with voting in the parable of the adjuster dentistry just hit it under a rock right did nothing with it and he got that that the master came home and called on the carpet Christians are accountable for their vote because they are legally allowed to participate in their they have the ability to vote someone not run like a pastor.

By the way, my one candidate matter how clean Wesley clean the art without a smelly look. They sound was going to be perfect, but you an opportunity to vote for people who are closer to the biblical worldview not based on the words of smooth, slick politician, but based on the word of God, the unchanging word of God and what God says about life guys about marriage. So the question is, my vote not just yes you should vote, but is your vote informed by your faith and that's where you look at those parties that are running and they both have platforms don't look doing homework and look at the platforms and ask yourself is this really line up with God's word and want to like this guy's well you got a look at what you know you can ask God to show you that and it's in its it becomes warmer, black and white.

The more you study the I met a guy on an airplane and it was probably about eight years ago, nine years ago 10 years ago and he was pro-life Christian he you know he believed that a lot of the same things and who said he said I haven't voted in about 10 or 12 years because all of these candidates they don't line up 100% with what I want and what I was trying to explain to her that if you don't vote, then the lesser of two evils is gonna get it yet like you just said nobody's perfect, but to me the worst thing you can do is just not an end. So we we had we had Jeff's anger. He's a guy is actually in Forsyth County.

He's running for the North Carolina House and we were talking a little bit about that as well and it's like you know whether it's with Pres. Trump where people say why don't like some of things that he says or whoever it is that it's like, well, we have to you have to make up your mind and and and I think you have to choose one where the other who was the best candidate who best reports you and what you believe in your faith in your values, but we were also talking about this as well as that you know it it's it it says in Scripture that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. And Stu, it seems like right now in the United States there.

There has been a lot of division what you think there's a time division is a ton of in this this political stuff just throws it wide open. You know it's there's a lot of acrimony and first log a step back and ask yourself who's on the throne we talk about the Supreme Court. O there's a Supreme Court having an God Almighty is sitting on his throne. Isaiah 66 one to heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool.

That's God Almighty talking in the one he looks to his one who trembles at his word is humble and so God is on his throne. God is in control now these politicians are to come and go with the wind, but God's word last forever.

I just think about this, who on the second presidential debate in the 1984 election and what was the question from the moderator.

See nonmembers that if you do good. Good for you but knowing that, let me tell you what I can remember I can or what John 316 says Tiger was Psalm 8411 says I can remember what Isaiah 66 verses one into say I can never John 15 five Jesus says abide in the vine, apart from me you can do nothing because that's God's word that last forever politicians will say anything will go go mouth whatever they need the mouth to get you the fall in line so you gotta look closely at what they're saying but you got a step back as believers and realizing I got a great month. I fall back my backup plan is actually my primary plan. That's the Lord Jesus Christ coming back so things could get a lot worse. We could be like the rest of the world chunks and chunks multitudes of Christians are being sought are being persecuted in prison, beaten, murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ. We got made in America we don't share our faith were not persecuted for faith were not giving to the faith. Large so things to go really bad politically, where you know certain parties get empower.

They want to take away mean they want to take away that you know of the absolute right for Christians to speech their calling hate speech when you just read Ephesians 5, marriage between a man and woman like God made it there, hate speech is anything different there calling hate speech. If you if you don't endorse the radical homosexual agenda there calling hate speech. If you is really and that's where the loop that whole party was a take the legality pastor you will marry two men in your church or you will go to jail. That's where that's going and they would still not going outweigh that's what they said 20 years ago. All would never be that we will guess what, it's now the law of the land. 20 years ago. They called me a lunatic on my show true stop for saying that.

Well, this is gonna bring back polygamy and amazed and want to marry his his daughter and four couples are going to want to get married and be 11 family unit poly polyamory I said 20 years ago my radio show and I got laughed at by my opponents. I debated up of a lesbian minister on my radio should actually show and she thought I was crazy and I said what slivers of cheese that will never do that. She said the structure will never schedule never legalize same-sex marriage. It'll never happen and no one will ever be persecuted for expressing disagreement with that but the law based on the Supreme Court/ruling just a month or two ago basically think they left it open that it could be contrived is hate speech, which is a crime. If you disagree with or in any way openly say this is wrong based on God's word. I still love you with this is wrong, though even saying that could be a hate crime, and that's where that's the direction that a lot of forces what so is your vote matter God is giving you that vote is given opportunity to vote. The question is will Christians wake up like my taxes book which I'm loaning you always loan books because I'm not sure the person I loan interest in Arena my know he will you read it. It may be, it may turn into a gift Erica taxes book.

If you can keep it. The forgotten promise of American liberty words of Jefferson know it always trainers of the Constitution. They said this is an unbelievable experiment know they were perfect together all kinds of problems that we got issues and send every one of those guys but we haven't.

We are a free country. But the question is can we keep it and can we honor the God who gave us this land of the free and home of the brave. What we do with it. Why are we sending out more missionaries are we going in and beloved black lives of black lives matter what, we leaned back lives to Christ. Everyone say that yet you say if you're Christian and you see black lives matter and you're not actively reaching out loving discipling black lives. Guess what, I wonder if you really like like like told the Packers that means Christian is looking for Christians were authentic rules, wondering why are these people.

Thanks. So if you don't vote in the election. You have no right to complain. You have no right.

On November 10, all so bad. I will vote forget about your vote is your voice is a chance to practice at storage of its God-given. I agree with you and so just to finish it out if not for God. If not for God. That's really the ultimate run. God is on his. This is the Truth Network

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