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Christian Car Guy Theater 55

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 9, 2020 12:01 pm

Christian Car Guy Theater 55

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 9, 2020 12:01 pm

After his struggles at Mt Sinai, Valiant finally makes his way to the Narrow Turn pike and Meets GMC Goodwill

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Time so I must John Bunyan's classic the pilgrims.

Today's episode seven is a Christian car both episodes one through six. So you can easily catch up with a series you can find a follow along.

Of the original book for today's episode, and most importantly the Scripture references that go along with today's episode does help greatly in the interpretation of the Plymouth progress all Christian car after this excellent evangelist called allowed the heavens for confirmation of what you said and without there came that made the pain.

This vendor works of the law is cursed is everyone not all nothing but death and began to cry out lamentably time in which he met with Greg near worldwide still calling himself thousand pounds. He also was greatly ashamed to think that it was arguments flowing only from the flesh.

C with him to cause him the first thing the right way. He applied himself again go to bed and sit back, she saw his dad's counsel is great is committed to his forsaken the way to school to trade in full God of the Turnpike receipt.

He has good will only take. He turned aside again. Let's all perish from the way when his wrath is kindled one smiling Godspeed on the case vacated by the way he vouchsafed them an answer. He went like one was all the while treading by no means thinking self say again left in the process. Turn now and it shall be opened once or twice a soaring national to sing his lasting please, there came a great name GMC goodwill who asked who was there and where it came from and what we hear is that vengeance on the Mount Sinai destruction. I am going to Mount Zion. I may be due from the rock to come for seven since I've been full brightness Turnpike is the way we all, I am willing with all my heart and with that GMC was driving in GMC's a little distance from this Turnpike to resurrected a strong castle, of which beetle Beelzebub is the captain from vents both he and them that are with him, shoot arrows, this Turnpike. If haply they may die before They Can Dr. in Joyce someone valiant was God in the pickup of the Turnpike asked who directed him not use student in open doors before the no man can shut now I begin to read the benefits of my hazards. But how is it that you came along because none of mine made this change as I saw my did any of them know if you're coming yes, my wife and children sold the fast and cold after me to turn again. Also, some of my neighbors crying and going to meet to return, but I build up my Windows is not so came on my way, but none of them follow you to persuade you to go back.

Yes, I came away why did not come.

We indeed came to came phone into which he also said I need previous and would not venture left all getting out to get him back side next. He told me I should possess the great country known for went is mine.

I will ask for Sudan is the celestial glory of so small a steam with him counterfeit not work. Running the hazards of a few difficulties to obtain advice say the truth of myself. It would appear that is no detriment to myself is true.

Went back and I also turned aside to going to sleep, one would owe like he would have had you sought for ease at the hands of Lexis legality. They are both very cheap. But did you take his counsel. Yes, as far as I just went to find Lexis legality and stands by his garage for their holsters that Mountain has been the death of many, and will be the death of many more as well. You escaped being by dashed pieces, truly I do not know what had become of this is the sign I was seeing. It was Goldsmith that he came to me again as I had never come now and come such a one is I will fit in the by that mountain that duster stand.

Talking with my all is entrance and no turnings nor bindings by which a stranger may lose his way we make no objections against any notwithstanding all that they have done before they come, they are in no wise cast out. And therefore, good value, little way with me and I will teach the about the way that must go look before the spell see this narrow way that is the way down must go.

It was cast out patriarchs profits Christ and his apostles, and it is as straight as a rule can make this is the way, then no turnings no windings likely to stranger in his way. Yes, there are many ways but down upon this and they are crooked. I just now made us distinguish right from the wrong right only being straight and narrow.

For the next exciting venture in the Plymouth progress now here Randy radiator to review today's episode. I know I like the PC for the last time in my

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