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October 5, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 5, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses what the Bible has to say about government and Christians, particularly Romans 13.--2- Is socialism not applicable to representative government---3- Isn't freedom of speech and religion antithetical to the 10 commandments-Christian ideals---4- What's your position on the death penalty- Is it supported in the New Testament- Doesn't that go against pro-life---5- Can you explain Romans 9---6- If Jesus reigns for 1000 years in Jerusalem, wouldn't people no longer need faith because he could be literally seen- Wouldn't everyone just believe in him---7- Is Tony Evans really going socialist---8- A caller asked for prayer for healing.--9- What can you tell me about the LDS-

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A previously recorded selection of mats like why is a mounted resident apologetics research ministry found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine.

There is a max Y branches calls and responded to your questions at 877 Matt slick day. We have no callers waiting right now so I was wondering sometimes it'll happen show no one calls truly logical and will be doing is filling it in with the various diverse topics and things like that and I thought that what might be interesting is to discuss the issue of the subjection of government or of us to the governing authorities and should we preach.

Should preachers preach politics from the pulpit and answers yes they should explain a little bit here and what I mean by that so few you know if you want you to call all you do is get in line like in its 877-207-2276 to hear from you.

So what we do as preachers and teachers is we want to represent the word of God.

And so what will do is go to God's word. Like I've heard some statistics recently which will render it disturbing that something like 70% of the Christians. I don't read the Bible outside of the Sunday service and a lot of Christians are buying into all kinds of things I'm doing a bit of research on social justice stuff in between converting files from informative website and up. I can do as much time as I want to enter the issues of social justice I do about 15 categories of things to write about this research on and if you do have read my stuff on cargo torque CRM.RG you know that I seek the word of God and I go to the word of God and seek what is it say it and that's my goal. And so to do that right now with this issue from 13 talk about government and us. This would assess every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those which exist established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God, and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. No talk to versus here and continue to know what it is saying here is that we are to be in subjection to the governing authorities known example of this was Obama was president and just my opinion. I did not think he was the president's Muslim you had America's best interest at heart is my opinion they can agree to disagree. Let's find but I subjected myself to the rulership of the presidency as long as it would not violate Scripture.

Whenever a government violate Scripture I can't support it because Scripture is above the governing authorities. So, for example, the government said it's okay to abort babies and I will stand against my will never approve of it.

Just like it happened, even as even if the government said it's okay. The present example, if it approves of sanctions and legally defends and promotes LGBT Q I'm standing itself as well.

This mean I hate the people's needs. I cannot stand in support of those things because it contradicted what God the word of God is as above the government. This is something a lot of people don't get is, it will understand that we are to subject yourself to the government but were not to do that if it contradicts the word of God and so I would suggest is that you study this and other things and and learn what would set it limit a lot we don't know what is worse, to whoever resists authority has opposed orders of God will turn her communist regime. Well you were to submit to the authority above us in that sense but then at the same time but were supposed to be doing under any governmental system is promoting the gospel, because it is the gospel to change the hearts of people and that when the parts of people are changed. Governments change this is a fun little principle, you change the heart to change the government to change society if we have a society that is in service of the Lord Jesus Christ. You need a lot fewer laws. If you have a governmental system where they control the means of production. The me to distribution the redistribution of wealth.

Taxation of the prosperous to give to those who are not, then you need more more laws in order to govern and punish those who don't adhere to that system.

If the gospel being preached even in the system like that. Gradually people's hearts are change it is a start of the word of God will discover that we have the right of private property of ownership of self-defense. Things like this and they would then move towards fulfilling the mandate and this is a good thing. So when Christianity is spread within any governmental any societal system. Things get better. That is the way it is.

Things get better when true Christianity, not those who go around like the KKK did which were approved of by the Democrats back in the early part of 1900 should check it out. You know, the KKK would would burn crosses in the name of Christianity terrorized the black community and of course it was sinful and they need to be judged, and God will judge them in the trial for any that they can happen and they need to be held responsible. So we we don't want to approve of any group of people or organization that misuses the word of God. This is why the people of God must be equipped in the word of God. Verse three. Romans 13 assess for rulers are not cause for fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority do what is good praise from the same for it is a minister of God, for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid, for does not bear the sword for nothing for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath. On the one who practices evil and notice with that versus it's it's a just as it is in support of capital punishment because that sword was a means of execution were very means of execution back when Paul wrote this crucifixion was one starvation was another grounding was another stoning and being thrust through the sword. They had people who did this. Things are job executions and the sword is the symbol of enforcement and punishment, and of course it's a lethal weapon back then. It's like I carry a gun under the gun for nothing.

It's a it's a symbol of power and the authority to avenge this as an avenger who brings wrath on the practices evil of the government was protect the innocent. Now we unfortunately see here in America is less and less of that. You don't want to side with a group of people who allows rioting and mayhem. This is not house to be done even if there are people who are oppressed, rioting and mayhem are not the biblical ways of doing this.

Converting people from the inside is now peaceful protests, that's fine peaceful protests. We don't want to cause damage. You want to protest. That's fine. You did that the kind of things. Mark was working in the 60s. I have no problem with that of peaceful protests or house will to be done and accomplished a great deal we write and burn and destroy and kill. These are the works of the enemy of the gospel and not the work of the people of God and as I said earlier, the way you change the size you change the heart of the people. Well, the secularists want to change the heart of people into secularist ideology and they are more and more standing against, any idea of Christianity being intertwined with any governmental system. If I were somehow miraculously the science-fiction realm running for president United States and they were asking me questions. The Bible yes would you affirm homosexuality said no I would not God, not man was the law of the land similar law of the land is to be changed I was saying these things because that's what needs to be done doesn't mean we hate people doesn't mean give them special rights because their sexual activity. We have to uphold the word of God and we need to treat all men and women equally homosexual or lesbian or whatever, black, white, green, purple, blue, to make a difference for all me an image of God. Genesis 126 and we all therefore our work you want to respect but does not mean we support their sin and never going against God because the more that this progresses, the more they will move against those who represent the truth.

Don't think for a second. True Christians were listening don't think that's once the secularists get complete power control of the list. Leave us alone because were nice and working to be helpful and certainly don't think you have to say their name or support certain groups who like icebergs on the surface may be beautiful right, but underneath full of danger. Be careful of what it is you support. You do your homework and study in verse five of Romans 13 says this therefore is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath but also for conscience sake were to do this before the Lord conscience before God.

Because of this, you pay taxes for rulers are servants of God devoting themselves to this very thing.

Now I would not say that this the people that we have an office are servants of God in the sense that they are aware of the position. I'm sure there are true Christians within governmental systems that are rendering to God that would belongs to God the honor and glory due to him and are seeking to change things from within, and I applaud that and I believe that all Christians should get involved with things like this is good on how to text taxation is a ready to all those due to them tactical taxes due because new customers do fear to whom fear do honor to whom honor saxes Romans 13, 127 very quickly. Should a pastor preach this kind of stuff.

Yes, because it's in the Bible. Should he therefore be saying things like, you should not support a candidate who is pro-homosexual pro-abortion. Yes, he should be saying at the pulpit. He should be saying it if you don't like a Christian pastor saying some like that to go find a church to make you feel better because don't listen to the secular world that says that were not supposed to preach politics from the pulpit. This is what I just read you was the very issue in the nature of the politics right there from Romans 13, and Paul has a lot to say about it is more that he says this should be preach from the pulpit. It should be taught from the pulpit and we have to stand for righteousness and the men were supposed to be representing God's word in the pulpit need to speak on occasion when necessary. Politically, they need to speak the truth about God's word says to call the people to repentance.

Call the people to the strength of prayer and to stand up for righteousness, even though it may cost them dearly. This is what were called to do as Christians is Christ said, pick up your cross daily and follow after me denying yourself but unfortunately what's happening is teachers false shepherds are preaching to tickle the ears of congregation members to get more people in and they judge their success by the number of seats that doll is that we have to have faith that have these messages give me a call 77207 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Let's get on the line with Ryan from Pennsylvania running running here will not my call.

I think they are open yesterday your timeout on the island of glory" then you want to bring about our represent government.or important about socialism is that a particle representative government socialism if you started it all will know that it progresses towards communistic ideology… Stop just as the momentum the minutes of sleep.

The momentum occurs because when the government is control of the means of production and distribution of the product of that production. Then it creates a a bureaucracy that can only increase an inordinate for to increase it has to remove more and more of the rights of the people. Socialism discourages private property ownership because if you have private property ownership and you increase in your rights and your work of your own private property then you're the one who wants to take care of the needs of your own production and distribution in NC which is a physical and which is against the society.

The work of the government wants wants to be in control. So what it does is it reduces the allowance of private property expansion of it and along with concomitant responsibilities and privileges that well you know for fact alive. I've been struck or that America today is a solid and absolutely God we have private property. Obviously, we have one week later Arlie form form of socialism doesn't mean it is completely socialistic and as I told you socialism does, we have socialism here in the country is moving more and more towards that is unfortunate while talking matter to God from your description of socialism does not owe weight all the time, not necessarily going that direction with my point about and know yesterday your talk about taxation as being a form of slavery in collecting taxation benefit of all. Well having problem, as I said before, the government's responsibility is to collect taxes and it is to use those taxes for the benefit of all people in roads and power grids and things like that that no problem. There are contradictory to what you now is what I believe is what I've been teaching in the context resident of the exact context. This is what I teach a course, the government was to have a means of taxation in order to be able to get the means to produce and finance finance and produce a should say roads self protection of various power grids, and various things like that.

That's not a problem.

Of course we should do that well very direct you are working out nondominant nursing document anything in terms of Christian principles or bar Christian ideal think maybe like they got the first amendment freedom of speech with freedom of religion and freedom of the press is explicitly contradictory to the birthrate article donning the first break I cannot have freedom of those we don't have freedom we don't have bomb with the first three cents since what okay stop… First article of Rutherford number wasn't correct. Article 1, section 1 of the preamble not the preamble, not the preamble of article sake set in the Constitution of giving their I'm also looking at freedom of religion, freedom of press and freedom of speech had a dog right that's see how okay and they burst of the 10 Commandments daughter had no other gods before me about the Lord's name in vain and also get this out of the knob and give it all is that likely had a particle to the idea of freedom of speech for looking one thing. Thank you.

Today holy acid next Sunday for us and in the Constitution it says in section 7 if any Bill shall be returned by the Pres. within 10 days. Sundays excepted after shall be then presented him etc. so does mention Sunday in their is a day that it was not to happen is for the Bill of Rights goes assist Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion is not to establish any reduction or prohibit as thereof, and I don't have reps about a religion be a Mormon, God is not allowed by the type of mental so you having a good book in Orlando that can respond to commands are written to the people of God under company document. The 10 commands or two tablets in attendant 10, and each party got a copy copy of the covenant document which I was in the ark of the covenant in the top and the temp temple in the in the wilderness, the tabernacle and so was in the presence of God is his footstool.

The mercy seat and also the presence of Israel so that each other, I think so is a you know it's for that and it is true that we are not to have it worshiping false gods and so the United States should ultimately work towards the idea of serving the true and living God. Any and all government should record big ugly avocado good job in the religion of mother again by Theron insignia USA I said what every government should do his work towards the establishment of the promotion of the true living God.

But the reality is that people are sinners.

People are unbelievers. People work against the true living God's will. Now what we do what we do, then as we establish the rights and we try and establish a system that governs both the believer and the unbeliever. If you read the early constitutions of the 13 colonies you could head office.

If you want to Christian, a member in good standing of the church because it was such an important setting. This is how they got the country into existence.

This way is what it says, well, make no law affecting establishment of religion, it's in light of the state religion of England, which imposed its values upon people and they said no we don't want that to have the flock to ask about any religion you want with agree what you should be allowed to go free to my point of going to freedom of religion, freedom of 3 to 5 article 2 Christian ideas and biblical idea, not based on the model was sitting freedom of speech doesn't mean you go into a crowded theater. Neil fire so each countries restrictions and responsibilities and I curse God. If you want to you at your privileges will face God in their judgment got correct them according to time Commandments, you cannot know the 10 Commandments gives what's called a prescriptive law. It's the prescriptive is what God permit God what God declares is a prescription. You should not do this, but if you do do this. There's ways to make it right with God. So we have as part of my descriptive name. It's called the prescriptive will of God that he has a prescription of moral behavior, but is a permissive will, he allows us to disobey article describe the American government, but not both on biblical nor Christian prep and representative government. You are talking about yesterday is not out of the article was with my debit article representative government tell them yes that was my kitty defined socialism as the break defined socialism after these messages, please translate why call 77077 charismatic/O'Reilly okay can you define it are well their political, economic, or range of economic characterized by larger which main production worker self-management up at included the political very good movement because it was but larger Bucolic collective cooperative or equity. While no single definition and calculates encapsulates many thought socialism social ownership of one common element is socialism, social and economic doctrine. The cost for public rather than private ownership or control of property, natural resources, so when you look at socialistic countries like Venezuela you can see how it led to poverty and famine in the death of people in the silencing of people and freedom of speech because the government wants to control everything felt well. Out on my side a socialist.

I'm going to happen in our country prior to the Great Depression and know that it was not social was the so you're saying that the United States was killing its own people and silencing the press and confiscating weapons like Venezuela did no question about rigor and modified the video of Donald Trump thing.

One of the cop. What the blood of the prophet and that federal enough okay yeah I was a risky move along socialism is and I think you need to think about is stronger look with the Bible says is about requirements of other governments was with a long hey folks, let's get to Rachel from Charlotte, North Carolina Rachel near their rich iMac not okay nightmare. Not added that the company capital punishment negligence biblical that was used in the Old Testament supported the new I just read about it out of Scriptures just a little bit ago to begin the part of their and in the left and the new at Meckler that in the news podcasts. I'm not sure what that means.

Not that the new Test okay Romans 13 verse four. The government is administered to God for good. You do what is evil. If Rayford does not bear the sword for nothing in the sword was used for executions culture, not okay okay yeah that Matt got a hollow figure defended life not only is my satellite greater light not out on the way your architect by not say here that the government bears the sword in it and says is an offender who brings wrath. On the one who practices evil. That's Romans 13 for context. The sword that the minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath. On the one who practices evil. Do you think that supports capital punishment, do you think that supports capital punishment are you there. I grabbed the phone and kindly reach for it government talk about it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid, for it does not bear the sword for nothing for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath. On the one who practices evil case what you think to say Haman will study it in a callback right might be good. That's what it says right there okay either. Okay, okay. So Jesus did teach love and patience and kindness. Look at another and him and stuff but he also overturned the temple tables and he call people like my supplicants and he's going to come to again to judge the wicked and cast in the eternal fire and this is because of what his righteousness God is loving and patient and kind but is also holding in Johnston and told think that he won't execute his judgment upon people for their wickedness. He's going to and that's why we need to preach the gospel so they will face on the statement in Jesus Christ is good to Julie for Charlotte, North Carolina Julie, welcome their a thanks. I Romans you need. Romans nine because regional James nine I actually think it is a yes he does see this and that's what he says it's a very difficult passage for a lot of people, but it says so he does not depend upon the man who wills the men who run one God was mercy. The Scripture says in a race of Pharaoh to this to them for this power, he has mercy on whom he desires.

He hardens whom he desires where turn footed center at paragraph) and dog alert very well not well that real and my lifeline. I got that and do it with me and I know the Lord and I want people to lock the name. I think that like that you read that bad, or maybe you sick of this leads to peace in the deluding influence on people so the believe a lie in Mark 410 through 12. Jesus speaks in parables will not be forgiven you. Mark 410, 11, 12, asking Weiss to comparable six is to use been given to see you to hear them speak in parables so they will not return and be forgiven. So you so these are the things that you don't don't get focused on nothing but a focus on those things, particularly, but they are often ignored in the whole of theological examination.

The person work of God and so people but yet it also. He's very compassionate very patient very kind and so that night writing for everyone to come out and out run down yeah and first 2224 loves the world. John 316/4 now and yet it might not know it's not it's not conflicting. It's just that and I mean this.

Respectfully, I mean this very carefully, that I would do the same thing and then I fight as I studied a good understand what was happening said the Levite arrow. Now I see how it works.

God generically loves all people.

Matthew 543 through 48. But he hates individuals who seek sinful things that some 55 Psalm 11 five and he has a right to do with individuals as he desires. Romans nine 9023 says so. Yet he PREACH has the gospel preached the gospel's power got to salvation. Romans 116 says, and so yet God is one who chooses to salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 so we see a lot of things happening here and go to even more Scriptures, but we see a lot of stuff happening. God uses his people the Christians to preach and teach that gospel.

This is what I like to say to people is not Alexi with the foundation of the world.

That's what he says he likes them for salvation in Christ. That's Ephesians 145, but at the same time, the more we preach, the more people seem to be elect not to know how all that so now my pay grade and I just say let, okay Julie God bless take care you to okay alright let's get to Alvin from Michigan Alvin welcome your bloatware about the millennial back like a very good morning: rain for the near literally, the Brandon Tarullo like you would not be more what anymore. Well, one works to the 100 what anymore we would not be paid not see his face. FAC FAI. They would do nothing okay face, I'm sorry, not exactly back to the break. I explained why.

Please hold on folks right back Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave back in the show.

Let's get back on with the Alvin, either your okay you so you are asking about. So I will need faith anew during the view of the millennium. When Christ is raining and I drew back everybody every damn road beyond what you came back like everybody with no everybody but we believe everybody would have no though the hall is correct, not as one will believe people saw the miracles of Christ. When he was there they saw and they still reject Judas rejected in Jude's sauce. The miraculous so that that premise wouldn't be accurate. Also people during the millennial reign from that perspective we still need to have faith in the continued good work of Christ and faith in the power that gospel still to be able to save and have faith in the coming of the arrival of the new heavens and new earth, and that Christ would continue there in his raining and also people still have to be justified by faith. Still have to be trusting Christ during that time. So now it's not a problem that we would go about a glorified body to the normal body via Laurier. He's already out in a glorified body is in heaven in a glorified body right now, and when he returns to return up. He came back to earth. Everybody would realize the will of God. No glorified body you don't understand not everybody will believe he is who he is is just a yes even if they were to see him rise from the dead will believe that was the case when the Gospels were written when I saw this just because don't don't think that just because Christ returns and if in that position he does more miracles than we the people versus automatically believe know it's recorded in the Scriptures that people in his very presence. Seeing him raise the dead and miracles walking on water rising for the dental people still reject. That's the nature of man. They would come back in the rain or whatever you like. No Dave is not coming back to raining temple, the Christ is the one who will continue in his rain… It okay okay I think you okay go plus all right this white person is Chuck from Birmingham, North Carolina Chuck, welcome near document and your and pro fabulous. I know it was the beautiful and the Lord God looking down upon you really that absolute truth you note about your from the pulpit burning all because now I know if I could not with a wireless card. Going you're giving a warning while you're trying to do the back that you know about. They walk that I can pick up that was very I want to donate Evan that doubt is for me. Looks like it's quotes wowing the call to you and we declare an end to say this to people can sometimes say things I have done it to where you need more clarification later and hopefully will be the case. There, but this what he says right follow the poor fall we allow the poor to have worse education than others because they don't have the same dollar bill. We don't care about the health and well-being of people who do not have access to adequate healthcare. When we reduce their dignity. We have attacked God will was she saying there is an embrace whatever legal education was supposed to have equal healthcare now nuts that we can debate whether that is or isn't. Those are some of the platforms of socialism is that everybody right have an equal level of opportunity to everything was is not reality of messing is not a good idea right. It's what the socialists group say they want to quality will in order to implement that equality you have to take away from people certain things that would make it a dictator in a sense yeah and this was socialism ultimately becomes as we salute when we reduce it by law or practice. The next call posted like abortion because you are aborting either the length of their existence for the well-being of their existence (which portion you're talking about. That's a misapplication of that term abortion which I would just politely disagree with him on that usage.

But with the. The question at this point would be what she saying is you saying that everybody could have equal education and when should have healthcare that is socialism. That is, it is that I would not be right and everything. But the thing that people are important to get better. You know I got an ally like the idea and I'll admit I like the idea of everyone having educational support of our think I just got off got done paying just last month paying this month.

My school is from 1991 found you. It's just regarding Atlas artworks burden. Well, you know, trying to be and in healthcare. It's a real issue. My wife and I have separate healthcare accounts because of her very unique problems and I wish it was easier, but I believe the way to make it easier not to socialize everything to privatize everything because competition makes things better with one another and it does and makes a better gal monopolies are not good and monopolies any broken up. Competition is good and so what socialism does is it really monopolizes everything under government control and it may sound good on the surface, but the implementation of it is what is dangerous is like an iceberg is a beautiful look iceberg right to close to it and then you realize you're in trouble for what lies underneath. And that's what my wife my wife hello Matt, oh my whiteboard grew up in Lithuania. Alec Gilbert, grandfather, father by Gary after 55. I get very and want you then Manukau and all. The only thing in the door and they would the all nothing else, no milk, no bread, no fire, nothing and now is Layla not Vince. Willie Smith third richest country in the hemisphere and in 2001 a letter to Chavez who didn't pass laws to reduce we distribute the land and wealth than 2004. Private healthcare was completely socialized and then then he started confiscating private property in 2005, and then finds for a prison terms for those in the media who criticize what he said because if you can have that to socialize.

You can have freedom of press and criticism of the government and in 2006. He started using a shifting by military from the United States to Russia and he wanted to then get control the peak energy communication companies in 2007 than in 2007 said all higher education becomes free.

Vince us had ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips were to give over control of their operations to the Venezuelan government and that they said no. He could run the government and the country and then the last approved LF suspicious plan to abolish term limits, then 2009, the Brantley band private ownership of guns in 2012. Government forces price controls on basic goods. The battle against inflation.

It is just this is what happens in 2017. The Constitution elections were suspended and in 2018 2 million Venezuelans fled to neighboring countries. Since I conducted 2014 so this is with this is real life socialism.

There is the third richest country in the hemisphere within 20 years from socialist principles of famine and people being jailed starvation to believe in the country because of socialist principles. Amazing how you can remember all the while my nonreal fidelity is an article on car. What is socialism and it is a biblical so now what is real and check out okay yeah well you got a goodbye Florida will I will break no I wouldn't go that far. I would say I would say that if if I'm being used by God. It just demonstrates how bad things are out there at this resort to suggest some likely that's what I say our brother.

Okay thank you Matt okay goblins. All right, let's get to give fella from Des Moines, Iowa hello when you got thank you but prayer point. I have a problem with my look like right now anything they can to close and I'm a medical and really height you like out which I am leaving my will.

My job, I need prayer for you will see your name over the radio's people can remember to pray for you and I'll pray for. Thank you. Okay, so give fella Lord is left to rot and execute the lesser and anointed his vocal cords would cause them to work properly so that she can do her job, but if Lord you choose not to ask that you bless her with amount of grace that you could be praised and glorified. Still we to Springfield.

Jesus would give you thanks.

Mrs. Manning look at the all right while your name is give fella and that's what it says on the finger and the pray for you. They will be okay. Thank you.

Great you to come are to the clay because he was on yesterday perfectly sorry about that Your Honor you two minutes my brother how are you I'm fine by God's grace we got mad.

Well got to be able to talk to I get a question that I will go to a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints what you know about that the Mormon church the LDS church is a non-Christian called. It teaches that God used to be a man on the planet became a God follow the laws and ordinances of that got on our planet and he became a is a God and he brought one of his wives was a goddess, and they have bodies of flesh and bones and have sexual relations and have the spirit offspring that inhabit human bodies on earth was a disagreement on the means of salvation and the preexistent little spirits. 1/3 of the spirits went with Jesus plan to give glory to God morning light skin bodies assert the spirits that went with Satan's plant that he get all the glory were never to be born here in human bodies, so their demonic forces.

30 didn't go in the direction Harker city morning black guy bodies unofficially teach that that's what they prophecies or teach any teeth by going the Mormon Temple getting full 10% tithing comes your church. You then go to the temple secret handshakes and hugs you have a potential becoming a got a planet starting all over not to rush through it okay was studied since 1980, call back tomorrow okay got ago that they folk sorry we are out of time. Pearl from Rockville, Virginia Michael Colbeck Lord bless you all

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