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Miracle Weekend

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 28, 2020 9:32 am

Miracle Weekend

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 28, 2020 9:32 am

Miracle Weekend

This weekend Steve took a trip up to Washington DC with RFA church to attend the Prayer March organized by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home more and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now does your host well I can pretty amazing like crazy miraculous really was miraculous. I was up in Washington DC for the prayer margin that was just never been with a group that large praying or singing a little taste of heaven.

It was $75 somewhere between 75 and hundred thousand people, is the official count that 50,000 people registered.

This was the prayer March Mitchell Brimmer spring March 2020 with Franklin Graham.

He organize at the BGA Billy Graham evangelistic Association that 50,000 people register above. By the time it was all done and said somewhere between 75 and hundred thousand people, and I was standing now got that we got there early and went without my friends at RFA church or in Raleigh. They got three different buses and we got there a little early, which was great because I was able to see some friends and run into some people there up right in front of the Lincoln Memorial, halfway up the steps as you come up from the reflecting pool up to the steps. The Lincoln Memorial in and that's where they set up that's where it all got started. That's where VP Penn showed up. He was about 15 feet in front of me, which was school and Franklin Graham getting it all started in Michael W Smith worship going on and there were some spontaneous worship happening before then. As the crowd just grew and grew and grew and then moved from kind of move because the crowd went. If you been Washington DC.

Imagine and I put a bunch of pictures on Facebook's if you want to check that out. This is Steve Noble.

By the way, welcome to show up. He had a great weekend. Thank you to my buddy Stu Epperson Junior of the truth and radio network and filled in for me on Friday were trying to get our house ready to list so you know if you been on the road. You know what it's like all-consuming and we had an event last Thursday night and going to this thing on Saturday is just been crazy anyway if you been there.

You know the Lincoln Memorial on the steps going all the way up the Lincoln Memorial, then you have come a flat area than the steps go back down then you're at the reflecting pool. So it started there was 75 200,000 people. They pushed all the way back towards the back end of the reflecting pool which takes you to the World War II Memorial. So it was finding five different prayer stop. So there was the Lincoln Memorial, then the World War II Memorial. Then the Washington Monument over by the White House, the African-American Museum of the down close to the capital to finish it up and to see people just breaking into groups and there were prayer points and you can tune in the listen as you had Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie and Skip hide Sagan a bunch of other people there that the pastor that Pres. Trump was able to bring back a year 1/2 to 2 years ago was there and he prayed in n-gram lot sprayed at the end with her brother Franklin. It was awesome. And really, really powerful, very encouraging in that there's only one thing that ever makes me nervous about a situation like that is the that now that now hold on a second okay don't jump to a conclusion here. I think as followers of Jesus Christ. We need to be wary not to conflate too much, our love of this nation and our patriotism with our Christianity. IIII have been uncomfortable for years now. When we wrap a flag in the American when we wrap a Bible in the American flag or or does the those patriotic pictures kinda blending Jesus in America on all that kind of stuff. Jesus of as above and beyond the United States of America. Okay, do not conflate him with anything. He is the great I am. I just wrote a devotional on this today. The end of John chapter 8 we said before Abraham was, past tense. I am present imperative and then going all the way back n-gram look forward to my coming right you do not conflate Jesus Christ with anything he is above and beyond outside of residing over a despotic meeting to totally empower control of the universe God that we worship. He's not an American. Okay so that that's where I get a little worried conflate the two.

And I'm not judging anyone you or if you're a political idolatry of it.

If you have some political idolatry or perhaps you're a little too far down the road and care more about America than Americans. Okay, so there's some of that stuff. I was a little nervous about that, but largely it was incredibly encouraging to see that many believers willing to come out and show up in a huge crowd of moving slowly and praying was just really powerful, really encouraging him up on if we have some time today I'll play for you.

The closing prayer by n-gram lot that on the ramp time. Then we had a little bit of an event last Thursday night for the ministry.

My ministry here radio show and everything and were fortunate enough to speaker the house or North Carolina. Tim Amore was able to show up.

I didn't know is going to be there and he had some really encouraging words. Just endorsing the ministry and will and we've known each other for years.

When I first got started as a political activist that he was aware of that, all the way back in 2004, but there's some things going on in North Carolina right now on North Ghana Board of elections members resigned over changes to the mail-in ballot law.

This is happening around the country is getting worse. Okay so so representative Tim Moore; here at the top of the next segment and give us a little update on what's going on because it's very alarming it's happening more more around the country and that ties into what we were praying about over the weekend and it also ties into what happened Saturday afternoon when Donald Trump officially nominated Amy Tony Barrett and that's blowing up before we left town. I was able to walk around the backside of the capital building and go to the Supreme Court and and it's pretty calm right now and by the way, when you get 70 500,000 Christians coming to town man, burning, looting, graffiti, property destruction, broken windows, all kinds of lurid things being said I just really uncomfortable, very dangerous, stopping traffic and threatening people bashing cars and not letting shutting down entire parts of the city said no one ever because that's not what we do right and that was awesome. There was like one small black lives matter set up beta stage was young after American guy talking to the crowd there. By crowd I mean, like, 35, 40 people surrounded by 75 200,000 Christians okay there were some Jewish people there also which was awesome but man there is nobody that showed up today and by the way you want to know who else didn't show up. The media I didn't see any media not. I didn't see anything on Fox News Saturday afternoon.

I didn't see hardly anything anywhere on social media, Facebook, twitter Instagram mainstream media see it in a missive but you want to know why because we scare the tar out of them. You do, you scare the tar out of the mainstream media and the liberal media because that you know what they see. They see 75 200,000 voters. That's what they say now, you may go. Yeah I am in right around us is boombox but is way deeper than that friends you know what they see. They see a physical manifestation of the power of God and to those who are perishing. We being the children of God. Those who are in faith through Christ Jesus to those who are perishing.

We are the aroma of death barely hear the radio by liking every bit of elopement where the aroma of death and we remind us that there's a God that we judge that's not funny.

This is Steve Nolan. Steve know so you will believe what a pastor said yesterday will be right back noble show.

Talk about a lot of major things that were happening over the weekend. Of course, prayer March that Franklin Graham led that's very encouraging, but a great reminder powerful reminder that that we can get involved. We can vote all those things, but our prayers are to the most powerful thing that we can engage at the most powerful weapon, but it does not take you.

But some people vote, but they don't pray other people pray they don't vote, you need to be doing both. And when it comes to voting we got issues popping up all over the country and what they're doing on a state-by-state basis, especially the swing states and here in North Carolina where the Republicans are doing a great job in terms of being in control of the house and the Senate, which the Democrats controlled for over 100 years, or by the way, but things are starting to blow up here in North Carolina house as well. The people on the left literally like a set of the break will do anything forget the law. Forget the corn forget history, all bets are off. They will do anything they can to win the election because their hatred of Donald Trump and all things conservative is just beyond rationality.

We've known that for a while, but knowledge is getting bigger and worse, especially with Amy Tony Barrett selection nomination which happened on Saturday but here North Carolina. A representative Tim Moore the speaker the house in the great state of North Carolina, Tim, let me just say first.

Thanks for calling and right click and I know how busy you are, let me just say publicly you are able to show up at a little event. We did last Thursday night, just with a real targeted group of people just trying to raise some money for the ministry. You are very encouraging and very kind.

That was really nice of you to show up and I really appreciated your kind words. Well thank you, Darren. Of course I really appreciate what you're doing with his ministry getting information out there to vote because your want a lot of really a lot of hard facts and information that people need to know their is exactly right. It's always a little depressing. And you know what this is like that, that there's so many people that just going to go about their business and especially conservatives because we don't really do groupthink and we kind of just doing our own thing and providing for our families. Running your business is whatever but there's a situation that's come up in North Carolina. This is happening more more around the country to just come to give us the four on one get us up to speed with what's going on with the mail-in ballot law and what's happening with the North Carolina Board of elections because this is very serious and very troubling will absolutely and so many folks may recall, and the 2018 election Wednesday night district rate ended up being satisfied because of fraud that was happening with respect to to absently bout it was often called ballot harvesting which is where individuals were clearly going around and collecting ballot and and would would have ballots that would work would make the request for the absently bout would get those builders out by the voter and then and then send those back in her term and the board of elections Whitewater that is discovered is that number one stranger is not supposed to be turning in ballot by wall for someone it could turning about for someone you need to be there guardian or a family member and so you had situations with people you think for example of folks in the nursing home might be taken advantage of someone just goes and collects a bunch about and so the way that we discovered that there had been a problem with the fact that when the ballots were to be turned in.

There was a wall spilled out where the name and address of the person who turned in was there as well as the envelope ballots the voters themselves had to sign it and then that signature had the witness well the way that the issue there was discovered was by virtue of that information by having the z-axis to the names of the people were who was turning in the bowels. And so when they did an investigation when the allegations came out, they were able to track it down and discover who they spoke for so after all that now. The Democrats have sued the Democrat state board of elections that govern the people control and wanting basically to get rid of that but you don't need to witness requirement and you don't need to know turned in the ballot.

They can just be anonymously dropped off and say this is that this is the scam that was perpetrated a democratic leftist organization to a democratic control Board of elections and they reach they quote consent order to settle the case. They didn't even bring in her involved, yet they didn't say Centerburg or myself or defend this lawsuit on behalf of the North Carolina Gen. spent it all. They didn't even consult about the settle they were literally trying to do a settlement and not even have us involved in that is on purdah and the Savior didn't think that the attorney for this group suing the state board of elections was formerly Gov. Cooper's attorney during his recount the issue with McCrory and the same organization guessing their keynote speaker was a couple years ago to be good-looking. Their keynote speaker was Josh Stein who supposed to be horrible all day and guess what.

Josh then spoke about at their conference election. Believable unbelievable it is. It is absolutely unethical what they tried to do, and serve as a result we ended up we felt like we were not going to get a fair shake. People North Carolina were not get a fair shake at this. We filed a lawsuit in the federal court in the Eastern District of North Carolina because it's also federal rights but we have a lawsuit that we filed and in the front campaign and two members of Congress also filed a second lawsuit so there there are multiple lawsuits going against the scam that they're trying to perpetrate and the governor ought to be ashamed of this.

I mean, this is just unbelievable that there might not everybody acknowledges that voter fraud is needed most easily perpetrated with the B ballot and are now wanting basically anonymous dropbox yeah I mean it's it's really we talk about this for months to many and you're aware of this is really shocking. I mean all the all the pretenses gone. All the veils are gone. Any any attempt at all to hide anything or Nuance anything or do something subtle is completely gone, the, the radical nature of the left and the unlawful nature of the left. At this point is on full display.

Nobodies should be questioning this. This is obvious and is not just in North Carolina. It's happening more states around the country so obviously Tim what's behind this. I would assume is the trump election, the Cooper, trying to keep Cooper in office as opposed to Danforth getting in there and they're just still willing to come right out in public and try to to try to rig the whole thing. I'm am I overstating that your daughter for the first time ever noble. You might be understating it. It is, it is critical. Here's the deal with North Carolina. We are the number one targeted state in the country by the Democrat they want to take over the state legislature. In this day is much as they want to be able to breathe oxygen because if they do that.

There are 14 seats that we haven't got up and they've already advertised that they can do that if they take over there going to draw rig it so that only about four Republicans represent North Carolina and Democrat, which is enough of the switch is enough of a cushion in Congress or Nancy Pelosi could be sure that she would be speaker as long as you want to be because the Democrats would have control data as well as of course Chandra Tillis's rights may in fact determine the majority of the United States and all these things are and put yeah really remarkable. Anything we can do just as as citizens here North Carolina Tim.

Besides praying, obvious, and we gotta get out and vote on it. I always vote on election day on knocking a monkey around the mail or anything else but anything else that we can do this for you guys so I would say pray I would say advocate, I would say for those who are interested in helping out with what were doing. I have a website. It is Tim Moore in CPI MM Re: these, that is. That's my website there. We got information releases that we spoke about this issue were here, social media, but that really appreciate any prayers that silly things now presents call and I will do it again real soon's representative to more speaker the North going out no more hauling in the house and pay attention all the stuff located in every VN prayer like we were on Saturday that type of urban prayer needs to continue between now and the election and then after that because I doubt I highly doubt that the election will be over on November 3. There's all kinds illegalities going on their spiritual forces at play here. Darkness is growing and billowing all over the place that we've never seen a time like this, so we should be praying like we never have before.

So vote be engaged. Pay attention on social media. All the other stuff. Yes, drive to Washington DC yes, but if all we do is go up to DC and a bunch of us pray for a couple hours and then we go home we go back about our business.

That's just one shot. It felt good to look at but that ain't enough, not when this is really an existential threat to the United States as she is today and into the future and I'm not overstating that it really is is that serious. So we have to pay attention and end up being on our knees. We should be praying about this every day praying about this every day.

Okay, couple things about Amy Connie Barrett and then you will be shocked. So if you're on Facebook like you'll see the video if you're on the radio you'll hear just a little over two minutes after Chad Harvey RP church is been on several times. The last couple months on theology Thursday and in he was. He said some things yesterday. I've never heard a pastor say I was there I and I went there I was dead tired from all going up to DC and back in and buy like I have to see this as I kinda knew what was coming and I just never I've never seen a pastor do that before but you're here for yourself again. Just a minute. Republicans I Amy Connie Barrett Senate floor vote at the end of October so this is going to start on October 12 okay with the Senate Judiciary Committee, which they don't have to do by the way, so they can do that and are looking at three days or so, then there hoping to put their nomination on the committee by October 22, leading to potential confirmation vote late October ahead of the November 3 elections. The 16 days before nomination and the hearing represents a very quick timeline compared to most modern spring court confirmations more than half the Supreme Court justices have had hearings were done within 60 days or less. I will start on October 12 Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsay Graham told Sunday morning futures grant continuing to build the 57 days during the nomination hearing for Cavanaugh 48 for Tagore such and so the Mayor 49 days for Justice Elena Kagan. However, there were just 14 days between the nomination hearing for retired Justice Anthony Kennedy 10 day for the late Justice John Paul Stevens 12 for the late Justice Lewis Powell and only 12 of the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, this is not unheard of me passes can be down and dirty semi-brutal.

I might Ashley go up there for part of it.

I'd like to be able to do the show from somewhere nearby and I do some wife some Facebook livestock from there at the Supreme Court, and I will see but this is a really important article to get past Chad Harvey in the second.

The most important line in Amy Connie Barrett speech. O'Casey had about 100,000 Christians there during the day I was over 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the Rose Garden.

Pres. Trump nominates Amy Connie Barrett to be the next member, the Supreme Court came so she speaking to the White House. She she honored the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote the flag of United States is still flying at half staff in memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to mark the end of a Great American life. She said Justice Gilbert began her career at a time when women were not welcome in the legal profession. She not only broke last ceiling she smashed them so very complementary on that part of Ginsburg's history and in career. Then she spoke of the friendship during the late Justice Ginsburg in the late Justice Antonin Scalia, which by the way, is a great lesson for all of us.

Those two were really close friends. Okay, these two great Americans demonstrated this is what she said that arguments even about matters of great consequence need not destroy affection about my personal and professional relationships. I strive to meet that standard and amazing challenge for all of us that you can have people that you vehemently disagree but that doesn't mean you need to have a terrible relationship. I know parents and kids relationships being destroyed over politics, especially in the body of Christ that is inexcusable. Okay then she deliver the most important part of her speech is a John McCormick in the national review."

I clerked for Justice Khalil more than 20 years ago, but the lessons I learned still resonate his judicial philosophy is mine to judge must apply the laws written, judges are not policymakers and they must be resolute and setting aside any policy views. They might hold his judicial philosophy is mine to Scalia and if I could have multiple of any justice. It would be multiples of Scalia which is why Planned Parenthood and national organization for women in all these guys are just spontaneously combusting at this point Donald Trump of the Senate Republicans want to steal another seat on the Supreme Court so that Amy can't Connie Barrett can help repeal wrote Roe versus Wade and shred the affordable care act, but not before she, both with the new ultraconservative majority to validate an election he intends to steal at the national organization for women printed action find a particular insult to legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote wears history of hostility toward reproductive health and rights that mean she's opposed killing babies expanded healthcare access to more demonstrate that she will put Justice Ginsburg's long record of ensuring that everyone receives equal justice under the lot risk ha that's funny everybody wanting equal justice unless you're in the Wilmington in New York unless you're in a retirement with cold write stuff like that.

So if you can't speak for yourself, or show up in protest and break stuff and and and make a fuss. Guess what happens to you. In America, it's a chance you're going to die.

Some of the stuff going on but I want to get sorry. Let's do we have that you had everything queued up okay Chad Harvey past RP church yesterday talking about four lines of defense in the country, one being the conscience Romans eight the laws written a man's heart. Everybody has a conscience. Okay, that's kind of like a yellow light. What you do when you come up the yellow light ask room of 50 people and you'll get a bunch of different answers.

So the conscience is there but it's just a yellow light what's after that the family but the families that our conscience is seared as a nation in many different ways right and wrong, whatever. Then you get the feeling but the families breaking down 42% of children in America today are grown up of the father in the home and some urban settings at 8090%, so the family another line of defense to teach morality and respect for authority.

See, I'm to talk about all this on theology Thursday this week, but that's that's going to be at the third line of defense which is government which was to restrain evil to protect righteousness, punish unrighteousness to restrain evil. Basically, even a bad government better than anarchy because of the human condition.

The sin condition depravity depravity day so it's in the context of that the pastor Chad Harvey decided to talk a little bit about how he votes this is a pastor here in Raleigh pastor Chad Harvey. Okay, let's play is that next breach in God's line of protection and on the pastor's been talking a little bit. We got some mom we got parking issues here are as a church parking lots to full were going to do so. I want to help the parking issue right now.

Okay, listen carefully you think and I don't do this every again wondering if we don't hear what it is. This voting is the least powerful thing the church was something we can do is pray and preach the gospel and Samantha were supposed to do but listen to this. Voting is I've I've been hit with a couple criticisms recently. No one you would think I'm making this up.

I'm not making this up pastor you can no longer say why, so that because we know this codeword for both Donald Trump you can say in pastor number 268 on this abortion issue.

This is not just from a black sisters like brothers and sisters as well. There are bigger issues than just the abortion issue you really start focusing on the on the race issue. I found out that this last Monday I just wrote down some culture okay as a registered independent. I think you're right. I think maybe focus on the abortion thing a little too much. Listen carefully and I need to start focus on the race is going on as a registered independent I will vote for whatever party brings African-American lowest unemployment rate in history. That's all I will vote for whatever party does prison reform substantially helps the African Americans really I'll do that because I love my African-American brothers will not support any candidate that is endorsed by the defund the police movement because now finding out sociologists and African American leaders that that's hurting the African-American community more than the white community. Since I love you. Please, and since I love my African-American brothers and I will not endorse any candidate and vote for any candidate that is endorsed by Planned Parenthood that was started by a racist amorphous anger since 79% like flavor to me. Party of slavery with have you ever heard a pastor willing to go that far better to pastor willing to just hit it straight on because there's a lot of people and I will talk about that Tim Keller tomorrow. Tim Keller in a series of tweets, Redeemer Presbyterian Church up and run up and not New York. He's retired now is fighting cancer. Very serious, but this whole dance with such as hate, your conscience doesn't dictate as a person that you should vote for Republican or Democrat. And so you can kill a baby with your right hand and hand out condoms with your lap and then asking to make it work is not about that tomorrow when we come back a little money Monday update, but I put that that video clip is on my Facebook page.

Sharon rarely hear about video talking about cultural engagement Christian Sultan light was that look like in the gospel comes first prayer comes first to be sent the most powerful thing we can do in the selection for our countries pray there's a lot of things you can do saw this this Thursday on theology Thursday. I'll do the theology of salt and light. The theology of what it means to be salt and light in your context could be your family could be your neighborhood could be your work could be your school and then here in United states of America. So this Thursday and all, Chad was just hit on thing after thing that pastor Chad Harvey here in Raleigh. RFA church that is like a perfect combination of my two semester civics class Constitution class in my one semester Christian ethics class and is just hitting so I was just you can imagine as a kid in a candy store yesterday and you rarely hear pastor the Apple which is awesome but prayer prayer prayer prayer appropriate. By the way, let me ask you this question because were to do a money Monday update. Do you have do you are you struggling with contentment struggling with contentment. Most people do. I struggle with it myself and I got the radio several years ago back in 2010 and I struggle with that. I knew I wasn't content so I took several months off. I got off the radio cancel all the ministry stuff. I was involved in a Mike I did not feel content and so I had to study and I taught it and it. Contentment is a big deal and most of us struggle with that. Especially these days. So working to go there first, a little passage of Scripture which is perfect for that. With our good friend David Fisher from La Marque, M.

R. As always, landmark David how are you I am content is exactly right. Yet even Paul himself and another best descriptors that I have learned to be content. Mike okay Silva took Paul little work. It's gonna take us a little work to anyway great to hear from you and I know were going into first Timothy first let's start there. Thanks much. God actually is the meaning of great gain when accompanied by contentment, for we brought nothing into the world so we cannot take anything out of it either. So I think contentment especially maybe for men can be bias could feel women deal with the same as you know where the worker login on the fight to go show shall be pure you will influence you might the children and or should I will help provide a no other income source to a family that two incomes almost meaningless damage in this environment to show you one thing I learned of come across some people in my lifetime commitment post on my dad. He was a very well-to-do person that that didn't come with a silver spoon it came over hard work over time, but you never would've known it was always content and he didn't live beyond his means yet on the other end of come across in and work for the past some very wealthy individuals that there was never enough money in the Olympia money to pay the bills. It shouldstrive in the image were given a warrant was a believer, a devout Christian show.

Contentment is a place that affects the heart that the word says godliness is the company to show you note something that we need to strive for and and can truly remind ourselves I can't say I have my arms completely around it, but I can say it not battled heavily in that area. Bunch did do something that believers it's not the dollar is not our destination is not in the yardstick and we have remind ourselves when we talk about money Mondays were not talking about increasing wealth were not talking about any of that were learning to be content within the wealth that God has given us.

That's right.

And that's the next thing I taught the class.

Like I mentioned in the intro for a large adult Sunday school class that I was teaching for several years and, on average, these are a bunch of pretty successful people and we took a little contentment test. On average, out of about ED people. David R average grade was about a C sons and overseeing look at the life that we have look at what John is providing were looking God square in the face and saying yeah you know what to give USC based on where I met that's when you know you've got a real problem with contentment and we tend to look at that big is your house so much money to have Bob block is a whole lot are in there and godliness with contentment is great gain and we have to remember that especially in these crazy days such a great passage of Scripture as always thanks David for picking that up insensitive what the Holy Spirit habit. Have you lead us and so good to to start there every Monday now let's look at the markets, how they performing year to date and I will talk about today was such greatly last week was kinda mixed but wary at your today your today the powers down now 5.1% S&P just barely up here today 1.6%. Mastic still leading the charge for the paper index up 20.7% but still the winners are gold, silver to gold at up 22.7% silver leading the charge regarding it really hard last week, up 28.8%. Just amazing. So today obviously I mean a good day on Wall Street.

Dow is up Thornton points NASDAQ at 203 Billings S&P was up 53 points a little up almost 1.61.7 percent so that was today looks great. Last week was mixed. So what direction. Who are we going in here. Are we just on another roller coaster ride. Looking at the bigger picture Steve. We had a cute little small picture today bomb, the largest since April. Coming off a four week down streak, which the S&P's been down for the last four weeks 4% in September and saying Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google also down significantly 10% in September, on average, show off, though, was not a panic one induced decline.

It was more of a just works overheated little crowded, a little overvalued offloaded overvalued but fundamentally challenges the market still facing some challenges immediate term.

This can now call noxious election contest election.

There's also still a lack of financial support. As result of the covert, 19, and economic disruption in some areas impossible more correction that could remain technically the one overseeing the market up is because we are trying to get above the 50 day moving average last week we broke down through it. We talked about that last Monday this week.

It took all of it in all three indexes just slightly which is really good news for the market, but the flipside of that bus Wall Street and Main Street is economic data is now starting to disappoint because stimulus is running dry and earning estimates are beginning to fall short so for those reasons I will say of the markets may indeed be a short-term balance about long-term depression might not be over an off-site city global strategist said don't buy the dip in stocks by the dip in gold fascinating point and then something they intend to do, which is why we talk to David on a weekly basis.

As such important issues again from a stewardship position as well as from a contentment position.

But what's the Fed doing.

I need to look at the Fed," helping the economy.

I'm not quite sure I ever buy that, but what's the Fed doing in response, all of this and what can we expect from them in the future. Talk last week about the Fed before Congress. The good news is out, like the Fed is pointing fingers up the government like cartridges pointing the finger at Fred saying yesterday that each do more stimulus, so the Federal Reserve germ towel so Wednesday that the lack of further physical support from Congress and Pres. Trump would scare and damage the US economy." So that's a big statement from the Fed and the government was asking the Fed how you can help us then he said our actions are in the way intend to really pan from Wall Street which is surprising so that it also another say that him and his colleagues done basically all the things that we can think of, but the Federal Reserve is, there has been there seem to calm the markets but there's an area that they haven't have a big effect on and that is, small businesses, so the PPP is ran out. Small businesses are filling the pain they will have access to public markets, don't you love stocks IPOs original publicly traded stocks to cancel bonds publicly on Wall Street given in the benefits from Wall Street and 50% of the of the employment comes from small businesses roughly and nearly 50% of those small businesses are going under.

So the Federal Reserve just implying bonds and fuels treasury bills to fix that area. So I think were going to see is this new thing that's being talked about and will be soon coming out that is digital dollars from the Fed into Americans. Fed bank accounts ups were going so will a lot of time to get in all that there will talk more about Emily next Monday whenever an hour-long program will follow unveiled everything but this is a biggie I think were going to see some Scripture be filled when this all gets all laid out will talk about all the ramifications with this is the big one that is going to affect us all to come out of nowhere. David flirting with the digital currency are they been talking about it for a while was a kind undercover and now it's coming out because at that time get more desperate. Like you said 50% of small businesses failing in most of the PPP money went to businesses without more than 100 employees and and it's because they have the means and they have lawyers they have accountants they are ready to rock 'n' roll.

Get those dollars and these dominoes are to keep falling but has that the Fed flirting with digital currency is not a new thing, not by the public start to come out actually coming on mainstream media's Bloomberg CNBC marker watch and even last week there was an article coming out from Edward Jones is being launched next year. Cecil mentioned calling all your counsel immediately, but there's a lot of talk about time you will do well outside the system to get outside assistance of Nestl people to get some information on that they can call me 844-879-8882 landmark I got bless you brother will look forward to a full Monday Monday show next week.

The first blessing David, thanks for calling. I talked again real soon.

This is Steve Noble decedent was still a lot more to talk about other things.

Tomorrow is always used to say

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