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October 2, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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October 2, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I've heard it presented that a man and woman are consider married as soon as they have relations, that there was no basis biblically for a ceremony.--2- Matt discusses the idea that prayers of other faith are loved by God.--3- I was raised and baptized as a JW. I am now a Christian. Should I be baptized again---4- If all the spiritual gifts are still here, why are people not being raised from the dead---5- What is the difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Catholic Church---6- Does Genesis 1-6 give any credence to flat earth---7- Does God show miracles to the nonelect---8- I was baptized as LDS. If it's not necessary for salvation, why do I need to be re-baptized---9- Can you explain Colossians 2-13-14 in regard to reformed theology-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is written found you have questions about Bible doctrines Matt slick why branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick welcome at night Friday the 25th 2020. For those of you who are listening on podcast boy tell you three talk about if you want to stay tuned information. This little bit of conversation. Folks if you want to recall all you do is dial 72072276.

It was always just let you know we do stay on the air by your support.

You are so inclined and you would you like to show you want want to continue. All you do carbon work CAR.O RG the right hand side of the page you will see, the only thing we discussed were five maybe $10 a month.

That's okay with you. We don't need a whole bunch and down would let you know that we have lost some funding because of just what ministries have so if you be so kind as to consider prayer, prayerfully supporting us to help us keep the show on the air as well. Oh yeah that's right so Marcus Johnson little debate I had on apologetics life impromptu.

The guy oh man was a heresy fast Anita the shirts that say switch her so little time. My favorite Bible verses.

Colossians 214.

Just things like a duck to wear around every good so anyway you call forth in lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Derek from Los Angeles Derek welcome you are on the I'm doing very well by God's grace we got in love the quote unquote of all the men and woman are considered married.

The moment that they have relations with one another that there was no biblical precedent for having to go to some sort of a ceremony or even make a covenant before God that connection you have about one another: I just would like to get your opinion on that idea and woman are considered married at the moment of elation. Yeah, we see Those people say that could not exegete their way out of a wet paper bag. If they had a compass and a rope and people saying come this way.

I would say that if they I hope that they somehow hear this and would call me up and challenge me because I would like to a biblically lovingly put them in your place and told to repent from such idiocy.

Now, if that's the case that a person of mine woman artist Mary Desousa have relations and there could be no fornication fornication because as soon as you do that you're married and are no longer fornicating. Are you so that would make any sense to know a covenant marriage is a covenant and through a covenant. A lot of people don't know that vertical covenant between the couple. And God is a horizontal cup it covenant between the couple and people and it's a mutual covenant between the man.

The woman so for example when I do weddings. I told the couple that they are making a commitment to each other. We go through wedding the house and in the wedding vows are the covenantal boundaries and requirements so you promise to be faithful to to keep yourself to that person only to have relations only with that person to protect and to guide you know etc. etc. yes, to the exclusion of others.

Yes, this is a covenant agreement and the wedding ring is the symbol of that covenant, and so my wife and I met covenant, about 34 years ago and we didn't for the people so that the covenant is now to the people because it excludes them. They are participants in the sense that they know that we are violent, binding ourselves to one another, to the exclusion of others, and then we of course forgot to tragic the true marriage is a Trinitarian covenantal thing Trinitarian loose sense, in that vertical horizontal and mutual conduct between one man and one woman that's helpful to be so those those morons who probably got out of the book of second colonoscopy don't bear their neighbors are like yeah that makes sense as relates to Hebrew Israelites that they know if you said the word you know exegete.

They said they take.

Call me that you don't be like that so you just want to tell them know if they want to learn how to execute the Scriptures properly. I could help them out to learn about this four letter word for word called context of that word for letter. Always a horrible to hear that word to go context are you doing here. There are exegetical wackos in the book of: tell me how it is meant okay.

They didn't go to die. I learned a lot from you about. Thank you so much, will praise God damn is it, that's a miracle if anybody learns anything for me this week.

Think about it. I have autism molesting, slick, obstreperous recalcitrant little bit up to sometimes. And the fact that anybody learn from me, could only only be by the grace of God. That's all it because if you knew me personally. Trust me, you would not be impressed know my friends are all printed for the most I think for now that's the right response. Praise God, but all right okay and I got it colonoscopy thing from last night was enough apologetics life and enter Rappaport a friend of mine, he does ministry work to stuff you said that.

That's should crack it up so I said, I'm stealing it him to use it. So for the book of second colonoscopy I the second and is pretty funny. So you get a hold people's people of kinship group arc commented folks if you want to participate in the idiocy that goes on chat rooms.

All you gotta do is just go to and the right hand side you will see the links for the Facebook and for YouTube to do is go to Facebook mistyping car mortgage see the show me pretty exciting. I'm sitting here with a headset on in my chair with a plan to one side behind me. Oh, it's pretty good pretty good. So what you could do… So you have trouble going to sleep tonight.

We could his record to show and is and stare stare at it and give you consent to having said all of that name for supplies. If you want to give you call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 of the good of the wedding.

Let me jump on a couple of things to change the mood little bit as I like to say or I should say as I need to say periodically the Christian church is moving towards processing and it is an and it's unfortunate we have it with the feel-good is worship from hell song and the vacuous empty theological perspective that they put forward along with the new apostolic information stuff.

We have a lot of pastors and elders in the church to general exegete of Scripture properly and teach moralistic sermonizing instead of Chrysler cross entered historical redemptive theological perspective. To quote you and this is from a well-known individual and will talk about's a little bit. This is what it says prayer is talking to God for Christians. This is a privilege given to us through our relationship with the father through his son Jesus. People of other faiths pray in different ways and God loads to hear our prayer. Let me sound pretty good to go over little bit here really quickly just what it says I'll tell you it is a little bit slick and not prejudiced about who said whatever prayer is talking to God. No problem at all. It is, but for Christians this is a privilege given to us through our relationship with the father through his son Jesus Christ actually so it's not exactly theologically accurate but pretty good. Here's where the problem comes in people of other faiths faiths pray in different ways, and God love to hear our prayers so the implication here is that people of other faiths got up to hear their prayers wrong. There are no prayers that God loves to hear from other faiths explain something we are by nature sinners.

We are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 there's nothing the good that comes out of our hearts. Romans 310 and 12.

Our hearts are desperately wicked that she felt no man can trust Jeremiah 17 nine we are very essence or nature fallen and worthy of eternal damnation of the good news is that Jesus Christ got flush shed his blood on the cross to redeem us so that we will not face the consequences of our sinfulness against a holy God. So the only way your Christian that your prayers are heard by God when I say here. I don't mean know God knows all things he hears it because he knows everything that's not talking about hears them and takes them seriously. The only way this can be done is through the blood of Jesus Christ said in the cross that cleanses us of our sin.

This only through the mediatorial work of Christ. The high priest only through him. Their prayers ascend to the throne of God in heaven and have any merit have any power have any influence with the infinitely holy majestic God.

They must be purified by the mediator, Jesus Christ, our high priest is God here for the person or people. Of course he hears what does he love to hear the prayers of unbelievers. No, the unbelievers like Islam. Muslims who pray to their false god of the Mormon to pray their false God or the Catholics to pray to their idolatrous Mary, this is not something that God love to hear these are sinful things they need to be prayers. I go to Christ Jesus God in flesh died. The cross rose from the dead. That's how it's supposed to be so.

The quote is an ignorant, unfortunate theological quote to feel good is him who said it. Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel Southern California now nobody's immune to speaking some heresy, but some are worse than others.

I wish that evangelists would stick to evangelism and let the theology of the theologians and I think evangelists need to study under theologians understand what is and is not acceptable theological perspectives. All right real life you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Carol from Houston, Texas. Karen welcome you on the air, got right here got bless you have a question I've been listening to several years to get a break. I'm sorry I okay please take a photo right back after these messages, 77072 man's leg. Why call 770776 here's Matt's leg back everybody we have three open lines of line number 877207276 Carolyn from Houston. Welcome. 00 and I that I ate at around 24 I gave my life to Christ. I felt grateful for that.

But your debate that is them and all of that, the whole bit in my heart actually get back. I think doing some research on it. I wanted to get your take is that this is not a true baptism does not count as a non-Christian cult right so you get baptized so compelling I got a little but I am going to continue to research the I think that the Holy Spirit would like yeah you need to get a sense of the one respond to the Holy Spirit, said so, do you mean by that.

Just curious yeah, sure, having compelling, or just feeling that conviction that I think that I thought it was I would not die like you are you and Convert in my mind and I felt like the Holy Spirit leading down that corridor, unclear or do you know that the Jehovah's Witness organization is non-Christian cult.

You will now okay you know okay so the answers now, or maybe not so you know that so that the thing is that their baptism has no validity what so ever their theology is false and they are leading millions to eternal damnation.

So that was not a true baptism in the wildest stretch of the imagination, so you need to get baptized quickly.

Are you attending a church, then they go to the church and start right now but I'm sure call and arrange gifts. Call your pastor and arrange to get baptized quickly.

If he says will put on for a couple of months. No, because Satan but the Bible says that they got baptized. Immediately I recognize now that I would like to have not really been baptized, baptized, how can we do this now me. I believe in sprinkling flooring and immersion okay that's is my opinion I believe I can make a good case for description, but if you want to be just sure you get get immersed and find some is the pool or go to a local stream or river or whatever it is, get it taken care of right okay you welcome so much less all right okay Douglas, but hey folks, therefore, open lines, wide open and want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Ernie from Gastonia. Your don't be scared. Ernie had a quick question. How to ride my brain about faith in you and it.

Nothing wrong, sensationalism, and continuation the were looking at the thing at all.

Call path you've gone and that that but always have been? The it is true, and we believe that it have not thought, why are people not being raised from the dead, who says people not being resplendent Wyoming.

I have the last guy that told me that Bob might've needed to have a doctor. I know anybody will personally write okay so there you go so you have not seen it or experience that there are anecdotal accounts of Third World resurrections people places are they verified now resurrection of the dead is not when the charismatic gifts is not an issue of sensationalism or continuations because I issue the charismatic gifts deals with things like tongues, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy, interpretation of tongues, and so commanding the dead to rise is not one of them, but I do believe that God can certainly use a person to do that.

I believe the person never happens in the world. I can't verify but I know that the charismatic gifts in the miraculous occur. Generally speaking, in the context of the furthering of the gospel and I met a guy to Jim year and 1/2 or so ago we were talking and he certainly found a good Christian man.

I quizzed him and he certainly seem to be Christian, and he told me this is hearsay, but he told me he went to Africa on this church did mission work in the a woman brought in the body of her son still limp with no rigor mortis and they prayed over this this young boy and he woke up and stood up and he said he saw this with his own eyes, and he was there to be debt frontage purposes.

I try to not does it happen I don't see why not normative. I wouldn't say that it is Wyman out you know that I wouldn't doubt that God anywhere anytime. I do believe that that never verified, popped in my head on that conversation going on where you answered it will be you kind of lean towards that. Believe it more than you and I would have.

I believe it has happened to believe that God keeps his miraculous under wraps.

It's not for show. Because even when Jesus didn't miraculous.

He said go tell no one. So Ryan and even Paul had people leave the room to write the little girl and has ideas of the do with the idea of people put their faith in the miraculous incentive of God, and that's I think, but you know I could see it happening and if it happens in a village in Africa were missionaries or for preaching and teaching.

Who's gonna believe. But then the people get converted left and right. Because of these things and there are conversions to Christianity having Third World countries all happening for more clear life. There's a lot more now thank you letter for folks to write back. After these messages we have for my 07 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave have a question between the Catholic Iraq likely the Roman Catholic Church and the holy Catholic Church is that the thing online. The Catholic churches is as a whole has different rights and it so there's there's a seat and reunite.

There are Chaldean and the Roman catholic is a Roman right so the other ones are generally in the East Roman one is generally in the W. Is Also Very Different Pl. than whether they believe basically the same thing or basically, there are differences in the minutia are by don't. I mean, I had to go in a real detailed fiddle, but I'm not bound to cut you off, but what I made it.

For example, like the apostles Creed, a Methodist, I was raised Methodist. I don't I don't care what Methodist, Baptist, whatever lot you gave the ones that burst in they rise again and we believe in you get 30 days to get the God in and God got all we can't do that. God spirit draws us to him.

Do they know Mike and his father but by me understand all that but when fit you tight little kid like a little five or six-year-old young and in you a check is that having the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church and I want the holy Catholic Church, but you say it was a question on this. Now I'm just what I'm thinking about enough of him asking about the different holy Catholic Church in the Roman Catholic Church great with you. Roman is like a different light and the holy thing is that if what I've never understood that I start reading the Bible and stuff and get input never understood it is our way to God third gave the latter I know what you're saying. They played through Mary. What did I not understand Jesus as a way to God as their Bible not well let's just say that the history of the Roman Catholic Church is one of scriptural addition tradition and the theology of apostasy and infiltration of demonic documents throughout the history Roman Catholic Church is not a true Christian church and writers are dominantly and is righteousness and hold that within the holy generic. The Catholic Church is a holder of different divisions rights but they're all supposed to be subject to the pope so yeah I hate the big file. The head of the thing, yet it sounds like you got to get the pipe to get the God right mouse like is there. There really are. There are ruminations of that kind of thing that you can go to the pope and things like that so Catholic Church is the service of the antichrist to well it falls into one of her negative way. We are the wayward house and how you can believe things that are not true because you would not believe it, you know what I meant LL in a movie quack next. However, right on their bruschetta meant that again, I appreciate it okay we just Cosmo going to go up to go okay. What things like right let's get to running from you. Tell Ryan you're on the welcome. Oh cool. Well hello how are right we got a question like that you breaking hydrated for you bring up a little bit okay I'll start your yes can I get you question might question about Genesis 1 fixed God divided the waters between the water like that. I just been a lot of research done on the earth being flat out crazy and all that I have it in neighbor that Betty, what do you think your Michael Johnny, with which they make make make that that real loud shirt that is I don't see what happens. I'm leaving on will find out so we would you question them about Genesis 1 fixed. What about Genesis 16B expense limits of the waters, but to separate the waters in the waters okay right now right. I had a neighbor asked me a question eight what you think you're both round and I know your letter every third you breaking up again and you. You are walking or moving yet he's a flat earth are and see it's it's a bad position to hold and incidentally there is not a sphere is an oblate spheroid with slightly fat flattened at the poles. The site is an oblate spheroid and see what he does with the written article on flat earth that's on Carmen and there are some very good arguments against flappers. So generally speaking, those who hold to flatter.

Don't listen to the facts don't listen to reason. I was talking to a flat earth or just I think three days ago and I asked him a question, oppose this question out there for those who might be leaning that way people in the chat room question is a good good question, and they weren't sure how this has been answer.

He couldn't answer the flattest model of the table 3. 3 foot diameter round table and there's a dome of of this adult last on the model and underneath the dome are two legs of the moment in the sun, which are the same size flatter model and about each other near the top question is simple. During the day, we can see both the son and the man from anywhere. Why is it we can see the sun and the moon again so to speak. At night, since they're both up there above in the line of sight is the same all of the earth will simple your know if you have any dome on a flat table and you put if off a flat table to suggest a 3 foot diameter table… That you hang something above it from 33 feet above from every single spot on the table. You can have a direct line of sight to that object. So why is it that the darkness at all.

What happens is this a spotlight that only shines one direction it with the. The flatter thirsts of basically don't know how to deal with issues like this and other issues that are problematic to asking that question okay go to Caracas. I why I read a whole year on question 40 are you leaning towards Klamath.

While I'm sure you don't get the master question. Are you all are you leaning towards letters. Are you leaning towards believing in flatter me belief anymore after question, let me ask a question are you leaning towards believing in flatter answers yes or no. Well, not exactly, because it is not a form of alchemy I am asking a question on one more time elastic question. Are you leaning towards believing in a flat earth not what you like to move along let's get to Randall from West Virginia Randall welcome you are on the air.

I am a longtime lifter of your man.

I hope you can hear me clearly I'm using my belt on the home front. Now before I will let you know that I was electrocuted many years ago and not have to think about my word or the I think you night before about this, but now I think we did but my whole life I have thing dog work in the near and through my whole life and third bed for me and my "bad that many years ago I had an area where it was like I was praying and I will in different languages is nothing like I had everything the beer anything. It was a real cannot, were I was glad I ran to my mom and dad ran the house come in the door and out right in God my fit with their and that, rather it is the and it was that miraculous thing that my thing. The point but now she started to Islam and when I bring this up to her because there faith in it wasn't her one like that. I'm head column tongue. It was the experience plan. She did not think it was that all law allows the yeah what we can talk what is let's hold off you hold on folks be right back after mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave here. I made it down all law open the dog. They bought eight other people with her group 1K.white on the spotlight but God knowing people miracle knowing anything. They are, but if they are never going yes there are accounts of the Bible where you miraculous occurred to Egyptians and to the Pharisees and Sadducees people of Israel and they rejected Christ the true true living God. So yes it does occur. Yeah, I might rounded worry that we are not looking that will happen. Have a call to RadioShack and let's talk radio show, but I don't think she would let you guys go to the court website and read up on this long, the cut and paste section on Carmen read up on Islam to a lot of stuff there that people don't know Mohammed married a nine-year-old girl. He was a slave owner and heal the black slave and he had been killed and tortured. He was demonically pressed obviously and he made things up and he would get if the spoils of war and he became very, very rich and very powerful women so there's there's a lot of stuff that's a smattering wider wider people never see any miracle anything like this guy never show America's social that's God Nichols come from God and he shows in the some and not others. Okay, okay all right will thank you Matt God bless Randall keep keep listening. Q: okay.

Was rental from West Virginia.

Let's get to Tammy from Utah Tammy welcome you is will you get a hard time hearing I got and I have my question dear believed that bad then and tell our salvation. No, absolutely, unequivocally no I get an area I'm out of modeling by about 30 years and near South I can learn how to talk to my friends and family that are still in and I began our United that God lets for years and years and got into the Bible and I recently 12 years ago and I just wondering if I needed to be baptized again. When will they meet me tonight baptized my men and I did not have 81 baptism doesn't count. You get to baptized going to the Christian church I'm going to First Baptist Church go to the elders telling you to get baptized are baptizes a Mormon if they say no big deal, then run out of the church take the dust off of your future going because they would recognize truth of the if they should just say okay let's get baptized this to okay that's it should happen now. Are you familiar with the Prairie character salvation.

Because Jesus said to get baptized. Yes, he said to get baptized.

I looked declaration of your faith and commitment to Christ. It's also a covenant sign. So get it done all right now you listen to me on the radio down there in Salt Lake City writing a five yeah, I think you and I don't get static okay well I think were in Station Provo also but are you familiar with Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson's ministry down there yet. Okay good friends of mine are great and I would recommend you don't give questions about stuff that I miss her. Don't call me a course, but to their local and in their great really noticed that. And I think it can. Bill and I also get any better, once okay I shall get it over decades are good guys. God bless uncle all right thank you Matt okay right let's get to Andrew from Ohio who drew thanks Matt yeah on your opinion. Colossians chapter 2 verse 13 through 14. Go through that again and prove that why I think you'll use that to prove that reformed theology is correct, right yeah it's you and you most important and powerful verses such as Scripture in the entire Bible for that is what it says in verse 13 of the explainable quickly because working towards in the show. It says that when you were dead in your tryst trends rest and some transgression is breaking the law you transgress the loss of sin. We are dead in your transgressions and the on circumcision of your flesh, he made you alive together with him, having forgiven us all our transgressions. Verse 14 having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us to take it out of the way. Having mail it to the cross. So the issue is the certificate of debt, and that's a single Greek word and the Greek word is Corrado fun. It occurs only their entire Bible.

Corrado Fonda means handwritten IOU of legal indebtedness and so since it says in verse 13, having forgiven us all our transgressions. Verse 14 having canceled the certificate of debt. The certificate of debt contextually certainly seems to be the sin debt will be soon break the law of God for Chuck for an Jesus on the cross said to tell us die in Greek. John 1930, which is, it is finished with the word to tell us die has been found hidden a written in a different handwriting on agent tax receipts signifying a legal debt that's been paid in full debt canceled the debt that's been fulfilled and since Jesus equated sin with debt in our father who art in heaven how would be the name forgive us our debts in Matthew 612 forgive us our sins and Luke four.

So it looks like what's happening here. Colossians 214 as he canceled out the sin that the certificate of debt and says having mail to the cross of the sin that was canceled at the cross is not canceled when you believe it's Catholic across. That's what it says certificate objectives canceled at the cross, but there having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us who taken it out of the wake having nailed to the cross when taken away at the cross.

This refutes baptismal regeneration. It refutes commensalism refutes all kind of stuff.

It's clear now the question is can you be held responsible for sin debt that's canceled interest now doesn't exist anymore. If I were to pay a bill that you have whether you like it or not is irrelevant. If the debts actually paid the debt. The existing work schedule is gone. No more so if Jesus canceled the sin debt who to cancel it for everybody cattle for everybody that everybody has to go to heaven because there would be no sin debt. No sin to hold to their account. If there is no sin. They can go to hell people to believe will believe belief does not cancel the sin debt belief resulted justification. Romans 51 Romans 328 so it cannot be that Jesus canceled the sin that for everybody who ever lived, and we know that's the case because of first Samuel 314, it says God says to the house of Eli. He promises God says that the sins of Eli's house will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering for ever. So the sins of Eli's house were not taken away the blast of the Holy Spirit is not paid for people. Civil unbelief is paid for what unbelief is a command of God, belief is a command of God you believe in the true living God. Exodus 20 and Jesus is believe in God believe leaving me believe in God believe also in me command so we don't do that soon. Did Jesus pay for all of our sins, or just most of them if you pay for most of them we have no guarantee of salvation we have to do something to get herself saved, which is a heresy you pay for all of them in all of our centrifuge or to the cross so this demonstrates reformed theological perspective of definite atonement of Christ for the sins of the elect. It also demonstrates eternal security because of Christ is the one who paid the sin debt for the ones given to him. John six or seven, 240, they can't be lost because Alderson that is canceled just most of it in its canceled will then don't worry about anything, doing to keep our salvation enough work to keep it going to be good to keep it because Christ is the one who did it, took care of our sin that the cross so were securing the work of Christ were also regenerate don't want to sin. We struggle against sin as part and parcel to regenerative work of God, and it supports the idea of God's election, God certainly chooses those will be because he's given to Christ. We are chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 14 at what it says and were given to Christ Jesus in John 637 all of the father gives me will come to me and want to come to basically will not cast out is the will of my father that all the come to me that here and have every blessed life and I will raise him up the last day will the father that he lose none so this is part and parcel with that as well.

It's a very very powerful verse. It refutes all kinds of false doctrines if people believe believers so getting a full computer like what were you in every all the elect's and God is omniscient that the cross is a proficient Tory sacrifice was at the cross propitiation says the first John 222 propitiation on the person of the sins of the whole world word world there made all nations not just Israel and propitiation means a sacrifice that removes the wrath it actually accomplishes the removal of the wrath by the offering doesn't make it possible dependent on another condition like belief work jumping jacks or whatever and so he's propitiation never actually removes the wrath.

This is biblical theology. This is not what's taught a lot of churches because they have the feel good is some idea of the blonde hair like location server Jesus standing at the door of your heart, asking permission for you in the wisdom of your sinfulness to let him in and is one heretical song that is really pretty song but I give you permission. The heresy of such substitution. I give you permission God, give me a break. God grants we believe is 129 he grants us repentance second Timothy 225 were born again, not of our own well. John 113 because us to be born again. First Peter 13 as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed X 1348 when teaching is biblical theology.

And when people adopt this theological perspective they rest in Christ because they realize that God loved him from the foundation of the world, and his thoughts and his love for them and for that Christ came to redeem all who would believe it cannot be lost because her salvation is not upon the goodness or their faithfulness or their wished with her ability, but in the infinitely valuable and powerful work of Christ shed on the cross that Christ work cannot be undone. That's okay, all right.

They met for work call on Monday. Let's talk about everybody have a great weekend with the Lord bless you and by his grace back on the air on Monday

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