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Michele Howe (Comfort in the Psalms) - SCOTUS Nomination

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 28, 2020 3:00 am

Michele Howe (Comfort in the Psalms) - SCOTUS Nomination

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 28, 2020 3:00 am

President Trump announces his pick to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court. We'll bring you all the reaction and the latest on the confirmation process. Plus: Through the Psalms, the Lord offers us comfort, strength and encouragement for every moment in life. I'll talk about it with Michele Howe, author of the book, "Deliver Me." Join us for Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis.

Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of yes it is the pack. I guess a lot of us were not surprised by that although there was a little bit of discussion about whether or not there was another justice from Florida who might be the pick was also with the Federalist Society and had some very good recommendations but Amy Connie Barrett is back and it's gonna be very interesting to see how this all plays out. I want to play for you. What Pres. Trump had to say over the weekend. This is One Amy Tony Blair will decide cases based on the text of the Constitution as written as Amy has said being a judge takes courage. You are not there to decide cases as you may refer you are there to do your duty and to follow the law were ever it may take you. That is exactly what Judge Barrett will do on the US Supreme Court and then this was one of the great moments from Amy Connie Barrett's acceptance speech, as it were. This is To fully understand that this is a momentous decision for a presidents meeting in honor of confirming me. I pledge to discharge the responsibilities of this jot to the very best of my ability. I love the United States and I love the United States Constitution. Surely I am truly humbled by the prospect of serving on the Supreme Court.

You know what really strikes me is how often we have seen, and I can say often because we had corsets and then Cavanaugh. Now Amy Connie Barrett three packs so far for Pres. Trump on the Supreme Court. There is always an emphasis on the Constitution and emphasis on the United States and emphasis on not bringing your personal feelings into your decisions as a justice and I can't really say the same thing for those pics who have come from Democrat presidents. It's weird were almost in a weird position where we acquiesce.

I'm not saying we literally acquiesced because we don't. But it seems the left whenever they have a pack it's all right to talk about progress and about upholding our dearest values which have to do with progressive decisions and some of the most evil decisions ever rendered in the history the spring port and that's all expect to just continue to do on what what what is always been done. As far as progressive activist judicial decisions have have gone they don't sit around and talk about how much they love the United States and the Constitution per se.

They don't make an emphasis that I'm to keep all my personal feelings out of it.

I have to interpret the law according to the Constitution. You don't hear a lot of talk about that in it. I think it really highlights the divide, and we know there is a Grand Canyon asked divide that continues to grow and grow and grow with every passing day to the point where you have a left that when you look back on the Cavanaugh hearings almost looked reasonable. Back then, that their soul past the point of crazy.

I'm not sure how you ever get the gap to close again short of intervention by God himself.

I don't know how you close that gap again. They have been pushed so far to the radical left that they are saying things that are flat out not true and they're not even pretending to try to be fair and I there all kinds of all kinds of examples of this. Let's pull out Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader he claims all kinds of nefarious, dastardly things will happen if Amy Connie Barrett is put on the high court. This was an interesting rant from Chuck Schumer cut three Judge Barrett knows from the Federalist Society want to make America right to work state which would get rid of labor unions. All environmental rights would be greatly hurt with Judge Barrett on the court, clean air act Clean Water Act, and all efforts to stop global warming would be hurt. LGBT Q rights would be very busy and I'm personally to me because at our Jewish New Year's Eve dinner at Rosh Hashanah dinner. We heard that this daughter was sitting next to her life whispered to each other will all right to marry you constrain under this Newport just about every American will be hurt by judge Barrett's views on the issues like health care and women's rights and labor rights and voting rights.

Climate change views our way to the right of the American people, and as they learn about it, she will become less and less popular. Give me a break, give me a break. What you just accuse her of everything under the sun. It's all her fault. Every future problem in the history of the earth, that is to come will be the fault of Amy Connie Barrett, these guys don't know what to say they can't go after her Catholicism anymore.

I mean they could.

I'm not saying they can't.

But after Diane Feinstein Meno made that whole spectacle. The last time when she was being confirmed as a federal judge about the dogma living loudly and there was so much pushback that we are to you know it really exhibit this religious tolerance that historically has always been part of America that you don't show religious bigotry when you're confirming somebody to hold public office because there's no religious test. We went over that at the time that Amy Connie Barrett was raked over the coals so they can't really do that and plus we also have Nancy Pelosi now saying it doesn't matter what her faith is and she says questions on Barrett's Catholicism will be off-limits. I'm not entirely sure that's gonna fly. But at any rate, the Catholicism thing is been done. I will think they're gonna really try that again but they're doing other things to get to that in just a moment, but I want to go also to something that Joe Biden had to say this is my ABC News about the issue of the timing of the nomination of Amy Connie Barrett to become the next Supreme Court justice pack. It's just the same stuff from these people is the cut for Shirley before the convert she told her granddaughter Nicole my most fervent wish that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." Was a personal request wasn't a favor and ask for it was the last act of a long career for American democracy. Never before in our nation's history as a springboard nominated and install while presidential election is already underway defies every pressure all right. Not only do we all know full well that these people were they in the same position would be breaking the land speed records to get a progressive to replace Ginsberg. We as we know, it's a total ruse. What he's putting forward their but it's also demonstrably false, and this was something the president talked about yesterday. Listen to cut five vacancies during an election year for alteration in every single instance. Going back to George Washington as performed is because duty and nominated justice and in almost every one of these cases over the past 230 years, the president of the Senate, the same party juices. As you know, that justice was confirmed versus two centuries, more than two centuries of precedent and continue to have the quickly actually thinking you don't know if I've ever seen the Republican Party more unified. I think it was probably more unified when he throws that in about the impeachment accident was an impeachment hoax.

It's got to be interesting though to see how this goes down because they're just so many things that are different about this particular peck in the timing of this particular pack. They are going after her though but let's go back a little bit to Amy Connie Barrett and some of her qualifications because Marjorie Dan seltzer.

As you know who we talked to just recently the president of the Susan B. Anthony last tour it really a terrific and wonderful pro-life organization called Amy Connie Barrett and accomplished woman of bold conviction who has shown courage, wisdom and brilliance during her tenure on the Seventh Circuit. Her experience and expertise make her extremely qualified to serve on the nation's highest court of interesting things you might not of heard as far as her background relating to life issues. There was a case in 2018, in which she joined another judge's forceful dissent and a challenge to that Indiana law, which was signed by then Gov. Mike pence that banned eugenic discrimination abortions, and required the dignified disposition of human fetal remains, and that latter portion of the law was upheld by the Supreme Court last year. She also joined an opinion by Chief Judge Diane Sykes urging the Supreme Court to reconsider a case restricting the free speech of pro-life sidewalk counselors by imposing buffer zones at abortion facilities so I pro-life originalist. This is exactly what the doctor ordered on the US Supreme Court, but they are going after her were going to get into that when we come back from this break don't go away hi this is Janet met for it for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant.

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You're listening to Joe at River today and no beers while Democrats are reportedly reportedly considering a plan to boycott the confirmation hearings for Amy Connie Barrett at least two Democratic senators thus far. Maisie Geraldo from Hawaii and Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut said they're not going to meet with her because that would just legitimize the decision of the president to kick off this nomination process weeks before presidential election like you guys would not raise to do the same if you thought you could get a progressive thorough. Do you really think were dumb were not dumb. The Houston Chronicle reports Democratic senators are mapping out how they will wield their limited procedural weapons in the fight over presidents from Supreme Court nominee and are grappling with essential question how much legitimacy do they give his candidates. This is not done in good faith. It's been interesting over the course of many years now to see how it goes when a Republican president. Pick somebody for the Supreme Court, and how that nominee is treated verse versus the Democrat because for the Democrats. It's always try to destroy them humming. Look what they did to Cavanaugh, and I think that they have used up all of their goodwill. I really do with the American people by large because they were so over-the-top with cannot and that was just sent was made up. We all know it was made up all of those sexual misconduct allegations hurled at Cavanaugh that somehow escaped the notice of Christine lazy Ford for the previous 20 some years. She never bothered to bring it up in ballboy. He's good to be on the Supreme Court. I all of a sudden remember clearly something that happened that was absolutely hair terrible and I have no witnesses, and nobody can backup my story at all. And then he got through and he was put on the Supreme Court and put through the ringer by those Democrats and where is she.

Where's Dr. for did she go to the police. Finally I used up their goodwill. I don't know what they're gonna do well it's can appeal about legitimacy, legitimacy, not just legitimacy but also working to get into the issue of attacks on her family. Now, as you know, or maybe you don't. Amy Connie Barrett has seven children and I want to go back to a cut that she had not the card but she had made this statement about her seven children back at the time when she was confirmed as a federal judge and I want you to listen to what she had to say because the reason it's important the left cannot stand cannot stand people with big families. Increasingly, they make comments. They make nasty comments and people are out there making nasty comments.

Listen to what Amy Connie Barrett had to say about her children back just a few years ago.

This is cut 97 children. We had our oldest three daughters with us today is 16 and Jackie next is 13 and is a tabernacle that angina family says mine in Haiti and she came home and she was 14 months old and she weighed 11 pounds and she was so weekly are told that she might never walk normally I speak today Vivian as a track star and I assure you she has no trouble talking sitting next to Vivian is also 13 years old, both in eighth grade and she's one of the most compassionate and determines people that I now send Peter is 10 and like that and Peter was born in Haiti. He joined our family and 2010 when he was three years old. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Liam is eights are typically curious eight-year-old Juliet is our spunky six-year-old Benjamin, my youngest is five and Benjamin have special needs presents unique challenges for all of us, but I think I need to know about Benjamin's place in the family is summed up by the fact that the other children unreservedly identify him as their favorite sibling. Now when you listen to that list that she's just rattled off about her children and how wonderful they are and she has biological children and she has adopted children and you think to yourself, wow, what a family that they would adopt these children and they also have a young child with special needs a Down syndrome child that is really something, and you'd think that that would be something that nobody could attack Well. Be wrong.

Here's some facts Abram candy and I read these tweets myself an American author who became the new director of the Center for antiracist research at Boston University were railed against Amy Connie Barrett on twitter for adopting two black children from Haiti equating her and her husband to white colonizers. Yeah, he really went there. This is what he wrote some white colonizers adopted black children.

They civilize these savage children in the superior ways of white people while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity whites.

He went on to say, and whether this is Barrett or not is not the point. I had nothing to do with spearing Barrett nothing at all.

If you're making a connection you are really off your rocker because why would this apply to Amy Connie Barrett. He says it is a belief too many white people have if they have or adopted child of color, then they can't be racist. I'm challenging the idea that white parents of kids of color are inherently not racist and the bots completely change what I'm saying to white parents of kids of color are inherently racist.

These live in fake bots are good at their propaganda. Let's not argue with them. Well, let me say a couple of things do you know anything about the parents the biological parents of these children and what their situation was and what their feelings were about their children being able to live in the United States with parents who love them and are taking good care of them. Any comment on that at all what the biological parents would think, because those children were allowed to go with the Barrett family so something was done that that was okay with the parents at some point. Second of all make you a colonizer to take children in and take care of them colonizing them mean what what is the alternative, you better take them in and raise them according to you know voodoo because voodoo is done in Haiti in a lie.

I'm not really sure what the alternative is I don't really know but again this is what they do because they don't have anything else away the minute they do have something else. Here's another one, Dana Houle, who's a Democrat, activist, and once a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill to a Democrat lawmaker tweeted Friday night even before Amy Connie Barrett's appointment was now announced by Pres. Trump that he hopes she's investigated over the children that she and her husband adopted from Haiti saying I would love to know which adoption agency Amy Connie Barrett and her husband used to adopt the two children they brought here from Haiti. So here's a question. Does the press even investigate details of Barrett's adoptions from Haiti really yes some adoptions from Haiti were legit. Many were sketchy enough, the press learned they were unethical and may be illegal. Adoptions with a reported or not, because it involves her children okay so you just smear Amy Connie Barrett's family that she did some kind of shady adoption deal.

This is the left. This is left now and and all along when you have a Democrat who puts forward a nominee.

The Republicans have said your president people elected you.

You get to choose the nominees. That said, we will put this person through were not to put Democrat presidents picks through, you know, some kind of horrible time like you guys do to us because we recognize it's fair to let you pick what you want to pack because you represent the votes of the American people and it doesn't go the other way does it.

Here's something else is just as amazing to me Joe Biden on MSNBC. I've got to get this, and because you gotta hear this. This is the guy who's gonna represent the Democrats at the top of the ticket in November Joe Biden comparing Pres. Tromp to the Nazi global's listen to this. This is cut six. Not sure anybody had an automated reminder for Trump who knows guys know he's a sort like goals you say will I will keep repeating review review becomes common knowledge. He just compared Pres. Tromp to Joseph Goebbels who is the mastermind of the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany.

This is just beyond the pale.

And these people it's okay is comparing Trump to Goble's why not why not.

Well, this was the reaction from dove hi Ken who is the head of Americans against anti-Semitism.

This was his reaction cut seven is incomprehensible by compared but he said that our present on was like goals.

As you know was he was the architect of the final solution.

He located the murder of 6 million Jews.

He was the white how does the vice president of the United States as president computer Trump goals density by this one of the greatest friends to the state of Israel.people went by his insult to the memory of the 6 million is so Auschwitz you must apologize. He must apologize for this outrageous behavior. You must do the right thing, comparing goals as insults is 6 million. Shame on you for VP Biden. Shame on you is right. He's absolutely right. It's it's crazy who has been a better friend to the nation of Israel than Pres. Trump in recent memory.

Who's been better.

Who's been better than Pres. Tromp to Israel. It's so wrong. The way these people work and I'll tell you what it was in response to it was in response to the fact that Tromp accused Biden of pushing a socialist agenda.

What what are you doing if not pushing a socialist agenda everything that you guys are supporting and/or not condemning has some kind of Marxist influence from the riders in the streets to the whole climate change. Marxist scheme. Of course you're pushing a socialist agenda and you turn around and basically call Trump a Nazi.

It's it's how do you go back to serious times with serious people who are willing to work within the system. They don't want to work within the system anymore.

They want to work within the system anymore. What I'm trying to figure out is why you have people who would say yes. I really want to get behind these people. That sounds like a really wonderful turn of events for the United States going the direction Joe Biden wants to take us that I don't understand very quickly before we go to the break we are so appreciative of all of your support for hard for Lebanon. We need your help though we are trying to help 100 families in Lebanon get 60 days worth of food and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and get Christian education for their kids.

These are wonderful Christians on the ground there in these refugee camps in Lebanon, which has been suffering so much. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 thank you so much for your generosity will be back this Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families.

Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to Here's your host Joe.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want the famous opening verse and the beloved Psalm 23. Most of us can recite that whole Psalm by heart. But of course there are 149 other Psalms that God has given to us in his word and each one offers to us the Lord's comfort and strength and encouragement for whatever we are going through in life. That is why it's such a wonderful book of the Bible to turn to. Especially when life is not going well for us and it's something my next guest writes about in her new book, Michelle. How is with us, author of the book called deliver us finding hope in the Psalms for moments of desperation Michelle so great to have you here. How are you doing well. Cannot thank you for being with us. This is such a great topic. I love the Psalms, and I understand you do to you. You are in kind of a schedule I understand of reading the Psalms.

I'll tell everybody about it so helpful though whatever you take that day they wreaked all night and then you add 30 to it. 38. Eight 9828 and pray you would be able to refi on every day, every day of the month. If you didn't do that follow are you will go through the entire book, every month, and who doesn't need all with all that conquered strength and also whatever emotion or struggle you're going through. We jokingly say there's a Psalm for that if you follow that program or that formula you will find that interesting how God while supernaturally almost simultaneously think They will be in no I Psalm every day of the month and I challenge with nurse to try because once you get on that program, you will never stop. So yeah that is a great schedule to get on it's it's like the book was written for us to fit into our month schedule. I love it that so good in your you're right every time that you come around I at least this is the experience for me. Some of these most well-known Psalm zero, Psalm 139 or Psalm 23, year, Psalm 22 every time you read it you get something new out of it that that's the astounding thing about the Bible in general but do you find that to be the case when you're going through a lot of the Psalms you see new things and sometimes it strikes you in a new way based on what you're going through that way about all of the Bible, but you know because they allow emotions are still raw and in your faith in the Psalm because David was writing from a place of real desperation as well as the other Psalm that any white man or woman out there like today with all the change that going on in our world and the uncertainty yet we open up a Psalm probably not a matter which time you open your eye something because you start out where that lamenting or crying or despairing or I'm I went out helping all by the end that you'll get the but God moment where he realizes that okay this is awful long but God will enable me to get on the other side of it to push through the challenge to be fixed that over the difficulty because a promise that to be with me and never forsake me right now and I little off whatever I go to the files and I get me where I am at at that moment and it's so practical you really I mean I felt this way in many occasions when I'm reading David's lamenting or him saying things about the wicked wide of the wicked prosper in these sorts of thoughts and I think he's just like me in some ways I really understand and let's talk a little bit about enduring the valley of depression because this is one of the places that you starting your book. Psalm 42 is the Psalm that you cite at and people will know this. I'm gonna try to read it without singing it because I know the songs about as the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God, but yet there's this reference to my tears be my food day and night and then why might soul are you downcast, and why so disturbed with any put your hope in God. For I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

Is there a little bit of the thoughts that you have on how that particular Psalm helps if you are feeling depressed and if you are feeling low well right now. There's so many that are feeling depression because of what God will will only bear uncertainty here. Whatever emotion that your calling card, a motion for your personality and your walk your life you're probably feeling it. Faith right now felt that kind of through it and you just unpack it verse by verse and you realize that your crying out to God thing I do that all the wild crying so much. If you don't call me hard right now. Help me Lord but then you journey through you realize God thing. I'm with you I am ever present. I am all-powerful, I see what's going on here and I really haven't without fear, without being upset.

He call me anything because he was in the past featuring present all it all at the same time and I think right now as I observed other in the midst of all the uncertainty and upheaval that our whole world is experiencing and so many people that are falling apart. The ones you are not falling apart are the one who know Jesus Christ as Savior and who are spending time in God's word every day people are not falling apart because they know God is still on the throne training with power and that he had promised to meet every one of their needs and I think that's what help right now is delving into Scripture every single day writing down 81 verse taking it with you on a little 3 x 5 card and looking at picture conversation yesterday with my adult daughter and she would think that the experience very and then I had to remind her well.

Our powerful that nothing can trump God's word and true, and we have to remember that our motion has got to the end to biblical thinking and to God truth and we have to remind ourselves of that every day.

How do we do it we write down that way. And with us when our motion you feel so out of control. That's really really important and I think no matter how old we get, we need that reminder that it's not about how I'm feeling. It's about the anchor of God's word. Do you ever take time. Michelle to write out the Psalms when you're going through them just to meditate on them further define that to be something that you would recommend that people do journal and not my journal a little pretty journal, but I will do my quiet time with the Lord.

I will I will get to you versus perhaps in a particular Psalm on a particular day, and I will write about and I will date it and then I will write what I'm feeling, thinking, going through and and and I refer back to let maybe month and year later whatever, and I will write down that how I work through it or how that passage of Scripture help me equip me to face whatever I say thing until not only am I reminded him where I was maybe a year ago but I'm reminded of how God supernaturally met my knee and are just grooming up to me and I look back and allow I really don't have them embarrassed that I would be in the thinking that because it was a really selfish before I was really anxious and I should know better, but you get like you're building a fake tree between you and the Lord we are like the Israelites.

We forget we need to be good remembers of all past faithfulness until after that's great you something else that strikes me when you're talking my conversation with your daughter. There is so much power in the word of God when it talks about what Scripture is for and we know that the Bible says that Scripture is used for, in part, reproof and correction and even with the Psalms that are so moving emotionally. One thing that I have found in my own life is when I am feeling emotionally out of control sad or angry or what have you.

There is a corrective element that takes place in my thinking. When I'm reading what the psalmist is writing what I'm reading what David is lamenting do you find that to be true as well that as I'm going through out. That's right okay my my tears are my food day and night. But why soul are you downcast put your hope in God like it's a correction, but it's such a gentle warm correction that it feels good.

Even as you're being in a recut calibrated, as it were in your thoughts will turn correction correction I will go to God's word morning and be overwhelmed if you like. I don't have enough for that. I have to many things to do today.

I don't think I'm wide enough Lord handled in a difficult conversation and I look at our nation, and then I did okay and I mean the litany of thought go through my head can be so overwhelming and I obediently control open up word like that and then I start reading I feel that way all my anxiety, fear and worry, and I cast my cares back to him who is the only one worthy of handling it off that is perfectly so how is with us.

Her book is called deliver us finding hope in the Psalms for moments of desperation and will come back on Janet my for today right after this girlfriend and co-led to little boys from Syria were orphan. Four years ago, but when they came to Lebanon with her aunt's refugees hard for Lebanon was waiting for them hard for Lebanon was there to provide Christian education, emergency supplies, and the hope of the gospel to these two boys.

Now they listen attentively to the Bible stories their hearing and or memorizing Bible verses. They have hope now because of what God is doing through hard for 11 on your investment of $116 will help to families to get emergency supplies that they need to survive during the next 60 days.

But best of all, these families will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, now 888-247-5499 here's Camille milky founder of hard for Lebanon to explain why he's encouraged right now. You could sense maybe from what was the excitement right this sense of God has us here and it time and location in history that is unprecedented. This is an opportunity time God's eyes. Opportunity fund like never before. Right now, you could see their wave of people in great anticipation at what God will do and I'll miss the years the golf because I believe that the crisis and see you as a loan crisis. Unfortunately so but I also believe that the right now we thought thing to reap what has been sold for many many years in the lives of the refugees.

We are seeing church was full of student refugees were seeing Muslims coming to Christ was seeing children now being the greatest specimen and the evangelists within their communities. This is the result of many years of hard work and great I believe by faith fought grade the result are coming in the near future.

Your gift of $116 will allow hard for Lebanon to help to family survive during the next 60 days.

Call now 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to 888-247-5499. You're listening to Joe at River today and know you're welcome back great to have you with us and also great to have with us Michelle Howell who is the author of the new book deliver us finding hope in the Psalms for moments of desperation. I love the Psalms. I don't think I've ever met a Christian who didn't love the whole Bible, but the Psalms. There's just something about that book that really helps us in those really difficult moments of life and a lot of people Michelle, as you pointed out are going through a lot right now whether or not it's joblessness or desperation of some sort pertaining to life in general. Something else though that you talk about what is important is for example living joyfully with chronic health issues or trying to work through the issue of unanswered prayers. There are extended periods in life and sometimes they go on for years where things stay the same.

The pain stays the same. The trial seems to stay the same height of the Psalms give you hope in those sorts of moments where it's not a quick fix were living in a broken world and written world with body that are tending toward instruction and negative that bound me know if on the other side which is glory and and and perfection. Wonder what Jesus until we get there we are to be battling again. I would say the elements that some of the elements are yeah I live with chronic pain with many different issues than you know sometimes I been like you know what I could do so much more quickly that they I always have to go back to you know how you make peace with that unanswered prayer every believer who prays will live with unanswered prayer. Number one, OR and/or will live with answered prayer in ways that make no human sense to us at all and I think that what we have to do is take different biblical truth here in just a minor spell and the follicle always reminded as this as well, is that God wants only what is very Bextra and the very best for us is often people but he wants to be transformed into the image of his son Jesus Christ that whatever it takes for us to get there.

He will allow any hay note again what he loved great cotton candidate quote, but it through and I think to myself what is in on the chief end of man while know God and enjoy him forever and within the boundaries of that definition. We acted they with others of faith and is the from Psalm 22 and I love that and you, God, our ancestors put their trust. They trusted and you delivered them to you and they cried out and were saved in you they trusted and were not put to shame. Or it could be. I would earn were not disappointed. And I love it were disappointed because over and over, that okay if you cut me you will not get pointed in what man and a women often faith the planet. I'm praying I don't want to get acquainted because I think all I'm trusting in you and I know you are but what about three, but this is all painful.

Always reminding myself.

God is worthy of my try the what do I do in the painful situations that never seem to change I can pray daily or hourly Lord, give me the grace to trust you because you worthy of my truck and I want to honor you. I trust you with the situation that I am not in control and you know I just think Crane reading.

The song you can ask holy hell. So much of your anxiety, fear, or worry, anger, whatever it is in green then you know it just is an eternal perspective in the peace of God, and he can just change your outlook and your perspective that's so great and it's so practical to because I can think of so many so many circumstances in my own life where I prayed for one thing, and I got something else and I look back on. In retrospect, and say Lord, thank you for not giving me what I asked for because what you gave me was exactly what I needed and you gave it to me right on time and that builds trust in the Lord, doesn't it.

Over the long run. You say I have this track record. Now I understand is the clay that the Potter knows what he's doing right thing, but I were going to be the thing for my life or my husband life and our children live in the Lord said no and then you know I have to work you that green fervor that did just that. Submitting to his greater authority and trusting that he knew more than me just like you. You can look back and say wow I was asking for exactly the wrong thing because God had that bigger plan and even though maybe it was painful and it hurt and it was hard seeing my kid growing character I cared my husband again, we are more fit to help other people because of what we offer and I thankful now that the Lord shortcuts are suffering because we are more equipped to face what we need to think today it's so good in any new chapter read talk about living joyfully like we talked about with chronic health issues. You picked out Psalm 40 is something really strikes me about this verse, I waited patiently for the Lord. He turned to me and heard my cry and one that made me think about was the fact that, for example, when you're in grief you're in sorrow someone you love has died. You don't need somebody to walk up to you. Necessarily, and give you the perfect line that's gonna make everything better. Because words don't mean words and I can make a big difference when you're in deep deep great what you want more than anything is for that friend to be there to show up to be. Next he right and so I thought about that.

I thought even in your most tumultuous moments in your most desperate moments, knowing that the Lord turned to you and heard you that is comforting in and of itself just to know he's listening to you, he's here. He has not walked away from you. He's not ignoring you a little well-equipped to remember even a verse in Psalm and Deuteronomy where he says I will never make you I will never never never ever ever ever ever leave me. You are and I think we have to remind ourselves that no matter what were going to present now. We can't fail in here and there and again we have to know the word of God in order to be comforted by the word of God Almighty, I think believers are lately anymore and we don't time knowing who God is. How can we trust for God. We don't even know who it true right he gave the word of God to reveal who he is in the Holy Spirit then why did he do it when you spend time in God's word that we are camping the Holy Spirit's ability to bring to our remembrance it true that God wants us to hold onto in the day of trouble and trial very true.

That's great about things that you need to do as a Christian that you might not feel like doing and that happens, I would assume a lot of people's lives, but one of those things that I think we all struggle with at times is forgiveness. You've got a chapter in your book unforgiving so we can move on and of course you know we are to forgive is we have been forgiven, but Psalm 32 speaks to this and says blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one who sin.

The Lord does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit. Michelle just out of curiosity when you're dealing with an issue having to do with forgiving somebody and being able to just get out and move past a particular problem that you may be having with somebody and and understand forgiveness is a choice.

Forgiveness is something that we do because we have been forgiven. Psalms help you well.

One thing we have to remember to obedient the matter where you forgive and we have been forgiven and I met an option, but he also overcome evil with good. And then to comfort those who feel like we really have been run in a desperate way and it will painting on hill… The total remedy and I am a just judge you know you will lead me to the position of being a judge, I will take care of things now with an eternity, but I think one of the men that we think we didn't know how the plant with forgiveness that someone will say, well, I forgave my husband for what he did and then last week I remember that incident again and it upset me all over again and that will mean I didn't forget.

And I'm like no I know that is not thoroughly true because God didn't mind that we can remember both good and the bad.

But like our pastor like that you chose what thought you allowed the bird connected and I just had a know you're not going to necessarily yet when you get triggered by something you will remember an incident. But then after new opportunity rest can you once again say okay I'm not letting that bitterness that resentment or anger take place anymore.

You know, I have forgiven that person, and I'm going to move on you not take the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit to do that and I think with forgiveness is an action and even though someone had desperately hurt you and you remember at Jacob remember that God the way he designed our mind is to be protective but we don't walk into dangerous situations. Again, with particular people who are evil and I think that that caution in and you get my thoroughly critically through every situation, wherein but again, forgiveness is not optional for the other person. For me, one unbroken communion and relationship with the Lord and we have unforgiveness in our heart hearing that I needed just like I'll get any more light you walk in the light is already given you some again your brother, you know, and against you.

Yes oh so important in all of these Psalms, obviously, are wonderful and you'll find deliver us to be a great resource to go through the Michelle how with us, deliver us finding hope in the Psalms for moments of desperation is her book and so good to talk to again Michelle I really appreciate your being with us wonderful foods to enjoy those Psalms Michelle enjoy them with you.

I really appreciate that all right will we thank you for being with us and Janet efforts today will see next time and God bless

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