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Dr. Brown Speaks with Alveda King

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 23, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Speaks with Alveda King

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 23, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/23/20.

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Speak today with LV Dick King about the state of America. But first, MSNBC compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown in Compton charged point that is my heart today, ready to pour out for each of you yes you talk to some controversial issues, but we are going to point everyone to the one the only one who can solve our problems and heal our wounds, namely the Lord God himself. Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast.

The bottom of the Army to speak with LV to King Martin Luther King's nieces been active in the Christian way in a political way justice way for many years ago to talk with her about stigmatization talk with her about the big event coming up on Saturday in DC, one of two major events returned talk about all that. A bunch of things I want to get to be first get a unique book giveaway. Okay this is one copy and you have to specifically fit the bill right so this cannot go quickly. But here's the deal.

When I was signing copies of evangelicals at the crossroads when people preordered so these are numbered, signed copies when I was doing that I miss signed one. I put the wrong name down and it was numbered already so specific specific person at preordered number 19 Reitzel with number 19 that it units that the order in which you came in so anyway I miss signed it and I put the wrong name it. I signed it to James so we put the book aside the thought nobody in our staff run.

Here's James, we just put it aside so I grabbed the book today because I was going to read some quotes from it that you see your relevant to this MSNBC is an MSNBC issue that I mentioned. But here's the useful number 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you live in United States, and your name is James I.

James that calls in or if your husband is James I James that calls in 866-348-7884 or send you a free copy of evangelicals of the cross was already signed to you James so go ahead, 866-3487 84. If you are James listening live right now or if you are married to James give us a call. You get a free copy of the book right.

Beat before I talk about MSNBC player, shocking video clip for you before I get into that Kenite can I share my heart honestly openly with you.

We have so little ability to have nuanced discussions with one another week. We have such inability to be and by the way you're not coming on the recall some distance all panel of the case so it so difficult for us to just be civil and and here I I posted will be heard of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death. I posted in of the timing of this the significance of that moment coming into the holiest days of the Jewish calendar and then I said to God's kingdom be advanced with me. His purposes be accomplished with her passing new Supreme Court seat and may God comfort her grieving family right so I get people angry with me for celebrating the death so responsible for millions of abortions you can have a moment of civility and respect for the family and I was not saying one of the great heroes of our day in cultural icons and an amazing witnessing any of that just said what I said was respectful, and an inner president Trump spoke with persons just died. The other thing is there's a time that she did that we would find positive in a lot that she did that edit helped women around America.

She made many, many legal rulings and pioneered things just in her own life as as a human being is a woman is a Jew positive. Of course I grieve over her positions that affect abortion. Other issues sacred to us. Of course I do. Spoke about that openly. Over the years so was just on Moody radio when the national shows earlier this afternoon and the host wanted to have a discussion with discussion about these very issues her legacy, the bad, the good, etc. the timing. All of this so were talking initially and a woman calls in very clearheaded, articulate pro-lifer talked about being on the wrong side of abortion issue and misled an understanding and how can we say anything positive busy paraphrase what you said how can we sensing about pot posit better when you were told of the loss of millions of babies sit on hundred percent agree with you in terms of the wrongness of her position and and that the massive stakes involved with abortion and and the truly life and death issue that this is I mean all over whelming movie with you that back in the days of Operation Rescue.

I was arrested for from a pro-life activity at work with people day and night on the front lines. A pro-life movement. Of course, of course, of course, no one is minimizing that but it let listen to the whole of the lifeless and and try to understand why so many in the Jewish community.

Some of the women looked at her.

It wasn't just her abortions and their other things about her life. So I said to the one I absolutely agree with everything you said in terms of value importance, and so on.

But we want celebrating life which is giving an honest evaluation that another woman calls later. Also, articulate, clearheaded. How can you all you do is talk about the evil of abortion legal abortion one undersold that you know the Lord that you know the Lord.

That's a I agree with you as well but one essay.

How can you say anything positive. Basically when when her only legacies abortion essay.

How can you only talk about abortion.

Mathematics is when she knew the Lord and it I live in this world friends the other day someone on Twitter at 70's, your fence sitter when it comes to written offense and when comes from case to try to be biblical and try to please the right or the left.

I differ with Chuck and Carl suggestion to differ with Dottie Deutsch this are different with Fox News yesterday. MSNBC today my allegiances above my allegiances, not to a political party or movement or news industry. My allegiances to the Lord. This men always get it right this Mustangs was perfectly righteous does mean I don't have blind spots. My allegiances to the Lord to please God, not people want to serve you or help you or equip you want to do what I can do my part encouraging you to run your race make a difference for the Lord. Please am so can we step can we talk about race. Can we talk about other conflicts can we talk about things that divide us in ways that are mature and I believe we can. I believe we can result a model that many years here in the lawn find a seat to model but my articles that's what the Mike Huckabee expressed his appreciation to before for taking a strong stance, but doing so with grace and it's often four to Lackey on the conservative side, but it goes both ways you might seal easily.

Fox News if I happen to agree with the position that the Sean Hannity also agrees with fine. We were both pro-life. Okay, but I'm not a Fox News host and another political analysis. I am a conservative because of a follower of Jesus.

The master this. How often have you heard me talk about guns. How often have you heard me talk about the importance of the Second Amendment.

I believe it's important and I believe we have to be on guard. If the government wants to disarm America and then you've got a radical socialist moon wanted take up take over you or my democracy ready to come to your neighborhood. I extent point self-defense.but is a big issue to me is that a major issue to me. It's that it's not so they have majored on so much as taking the conservative talking points are you following are are you are you with me on that 866-34-TRUTH all right when I wrote my book evangelicals at the crossroads I put in an entire chapter called what would Bonhoeffer do because in this chapter I analyze a major statement from the international Bonhoeffer society Bonhoeffer scholars who who say that looking at the rise of Donald Trump. It has frightening parallels to the rise off of Adolf Hitler and responsible thing for Christians is to see that Donald Trump is removed from being Pres. that was the call. So I look at their statement, analyze the strengths of it and then analyze the weaknesses of it and explain fundamentally where they have really missed the point. I don't know what Bonhoeffer with you on another Bonhoeffer scholar info was designed to live here. It's a different world situation which we living but either way that was disturbing enough, but it still scholars in its state, what will look at their statement in a moment with things like this consuming more. Listen to this.

This is on on morning Joe Scarborough with Donny Deutsch. Listen to this places without wearing masks and putting the lives of themselves and their loved ones in danger. Here we are six months later, Donald Trump still hasn't learned a thing. Look at that crowd. You know before I get too cold. I would stone me as you and Alex.

If we show some of the kind of the actual live shots of the crowd.

There's not one person of color anywhere like usually behind him. He puts one token in their token part.

If you scan is crowded that this is stunning is if you go behind a but to the thousands and thousands of people and this this to mean blue like a rally from the early 30s at your Joe was watching the first hour and as RJ Johnson was talking about comparing to Hitler and you let something you cautiously do because we can use the word fascist, but that when you go Hitler you can. All were very sensitive about what was going on in early 30s Germany.

Basically you had a destruction of thought or belief in the Free Press. You had a blurring between executive branch and the Justice Department you have, creating an order where the rich Muslims whether it's Mexicans whether it's Congressman who were born in this country and you have been structure for elections and we hear and what is the difference between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

I'm not saying as a Holocaust, but when you look at the tactician and that is where we are right. Shame on Donny Deutsch for those ridiculous and ignorant comments to compare Donald Trump to a mass murdering evil wicked demonized man, Adolf Hitler, and to even compare Christian support of him for Christian support of Hitler, supportive Trump to Hitler.

As for the crowd. By the way, the area have to be 93% white, less than 4% black, and there were others in the crowd there. By the way, but let's dig deeper. Let's unpack this number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let's be blunt here failings and shortcomings. Let's let's be blunt, he is not sending people to concentration camps by the millions he is not seeking to exterminate Jews and Gypsies and others.

He is not exterminating the elderly. He is to make the comparisons it's it's beyond rhetoric. It's it's a moral it's irresponsible to do such and I understand people meet on all sides make all kinds of outrageous statements but really call them out were going to address them. It is righteous to do so so so let's look at the argument for the Bonhoeffer society. Let's look at what they said and in terms of their arguments against Trump 11 to dig down a few paragraphs begin reading here, a hallmark of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's legacy is his insistence that we see the great events of world history from the view from below that is the urges us to see from the perspective of those who suffer the policies of the Trump administration, both written and this and disempower the most vulnerable members of our site, including people of color.

Members of the LGBT communities, Muslims and other religious minorities, immigrants, refugees up or the marginally employed and then employed over Donald Trump is not taken ill-advised military action that raises the specter of war when the greatest lessons learned from the history of the Christian churches from turned his third right is that it's crucial to respond to threats to midlife integrity community when they first appear to continue to challenge them as Bonhoeffer scholars will just leave us in confessing Christians, we have a special responsibility and in crises discern responsible actions resistance and healing. We confess our own complicity in the social order that is produced Donald Trump's presidency for many of the social economic justice as we confront predated then it says we believe scrolling down that one crucial step in this reckoning is ending Donald Trump's presidency.

We do not make the statement lightly and they go on from there. Okay so I get into that in evangelicals with the crossroads I I analyze it. I interact with it. Yes, Trump is made many statements that have marginalized different people in many statements that have been insensitive and have been lacking in nuance because of what she's been accused of being anti-immigrant anti-Muslim, anti-black anti-Hispanic on and on it goes. Understand that fully understand when you go through things and actually look at policies.

Policies are aimed at the betterment of all Americans. That's why there's actually rising. Support the African-American community for Donald Trump. According to polls that had been taken over the course the year. Recent years on exactly where they stand with the race issues going on, but it was the Republican national convention was black boys after black was all those who just token out. So when the Democrats I do not token on the public and so they are having a black Surgeon General or by cabinet member. Those are just token when Trump meets with hundreds of black leaders young black leaders and the White House interacted is just token when he calls and black pastors leaving black pastors and Hispanic pastors to sit and talk about race issues in America. That's just token when it when he calls for special summits and gatherings featuring black leaders to interact and to get insight and wisdom that's just token so rarely does is rebranded token but we as for rally people wearing masks are not theirs. Can't the constant debate that keeps going on. I wear a mask because I'm required to think I need to okay think it's helping me necessarily. I wear it in the store that I wear in the airport on the plane because I'm required to vote when I'm preaching the church and not marrying it when I'm attending the service on that wearing it right was a sort that out but but will put that aside for the master base. I want to be distracted with it.

Let me share some of the things that I shared in evangelicals at the crossroads, so I'm just gonna read some of the stew. We don't have the text to put up for those who are watching but let me read some of this to you. Okay. Remember first that when when Pres. Trump polar troops of Syria.

He's not the one provoking more on what he's trying to pull our troops get our troops out of Afghanistan polar troops out of Syria. There was an outcry from Christian leaders, Pat Robertson, Robert Jeffress, David Brody, Franklin Graham different ones spoke openly and in their warnings. There were concerns about about doing this.

Don't abandon the Kurds always is not just blind following okay so so I want you to consider this right old. Let's just see when this Took Pl., Eric for taxes. Note shortly after Germany voted to leave the league of Nations.

In November 1933 the Nazis held a large rally for the German Christians, meaning the pro-Nazi Christians was 20,000 in attendance. This is 1933. This is early on there a high school teacher name right. How Krause who is the leader of the German Christians is the pro-Nazi Christians address the exultant crowd and course crude language architects rights. Krause demanded that the German church must once and for all divest itself of every hint of Jewishness the Old Testament with the first quote with each Jewish money, morality, and its tales of cattle merchants and pimps. The stenographic record notes that sustained applause ensued. The New Testament must be revised to, and must present to Jesus corresponding entirely with the demands of national socialism in a much longer present in exaggerated emphasis on the crucified Christ. This tenant was defeatist and depressing, which was to say Jewish Germany needed with with mid 60s me.

It was Jewish.

Germany needed hope and victory. Krause also marked the theology of the Rabbi Paul but scapegoats and inferiority complex in any marked the symbol of the cross quote ridiculous debilitating remnant of Judaism unacceptable to national socialist. Furthermore, he demanded that every German pastor must take an oath of personal allegiance to Hitler and the Archean paragraph that the minute the expulsion of every church member of Jewish descent must be highly accepted by every German church. This is 1933.

This open things were. This is a decade before the that the the full horrors of the Holocaust are unfolding almost a decade. So to make a legal terms like it not as immoral, immoral to say such a thing and and think of the trumps posture towards Jews right with his own family Jewish members evoking Jared and and and her children and then being the best friend Israel had in years. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and brokering this important peace treaty that brings more security to the Jewish people in the late your parent to Hitler is and always that's mistreatment abuse treatment of Blacks okay so picture this picture as Hitler is ready fully in power that a group of rabbis and Jewish leaders are all surrounding him in prayer standing there with her hands on her shows and that pictures released publicly right sure as I can happen in a trillion years. But you have black leaders gathering to be with the president Christian is laying their hands on praying over him and he's asked the men look. I know people very close to the present. I have no connection to the present.

Okay, back know people who are close to him. I have ever friendly, his personal cell and every person I know it's anywhere near close to the president says he actually cares about bettering life for Americans when he became more educated about things happening in inner-city inequality you want to do his best to lift up those in inner-city and to lift up those in the African-American community that any way that he could not just with employing but standing with the College's prison reform things like this the negative things that it that affected the black community more than others see one of the fix that you compare that to Hitler always taken up. How was he taken over.

There was an impeachment process.

Okay and and it was decided by a vote. It was not news I could be put out of office. I gonna limit me read a few more things out of focus at the crossroads here.

Old Betsy 1938. After Hitler annexed Austria in a brazen active military expansion is in some so-called Christian leaders were giddy with excitement making fresh commitments to the fear, asthma, taxes, notes, Bishop Sasse of Thuringia was first in line aching to say thank you to his fear and doing so by demanding that all of the pastors under him take a personal oath of loyalty to Hitler is telegram to Hitler is been preserved. Fear report in a great historic hour. All the pastors of the syringe and evangelical church being an inner command have with joyful hearts taken in August an oath of loyalty to Fuhrer and Rice one God, one obedience in the faith hail my peer goes on and on and other pastors were called on to make oats to Hitler. Can you imagine, you think of all the evangelicals all the evangelicals who have supported tropical conservative Christians have supported Trump from different backgrounds you think that if they were told. You must now make an oath of loyalty to Donald Trump that part of your confession of faith in your church. You must make an oath of loyalty to Donald Trump. Do you think there is one chance in a million that these leaders would say okay will now introduce that in archer or you might have some extremists out there.

I'm sure you have some extremists out there that that it in the days of prison Obama if you had a and an oath of loyalty to him you have some extremists on the MCM extremists all over the place. But the idea that that here when he made his decision to pull troops from Syria that people leaders were so quick to speak out child you think if he changed his views on abortion decisions.

They will he's our man. He's our leader. We bow that you kidding me seriously, so let's wake up to reality. Get away from this dangerous rhetoric. Folks, it's destructive. It's destructive. Yes I say again trumps rhetoric is often divisive and often destructive and otherwise insulting and demeaning to people and then many of us followers of Jesus.

They quote P0 review because he's a fighter in a fight we could just as nasty and true. That's despicable.

That's inexcusable Christian leaders to think of Trump conducts himself like this that I can that is absolute folly. Terrible immaturity on the flipside when someone on the left is going to go this far with an extreme and ugly statement and just to get Trump like it. That's where we are now ignorant that's dangerous and it must be called out to speak the truth regardless of where the chips fall will be right back. Speak with filename light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends or Eastern time will be doing a weekly exclusive you to chat with you into a live one last week. First time in many many many weeks. We didn't just schedule conflicts and things like that we doing it this week, so listen 45 minutes from Lacey. How I participate in that is good for you to channel some you're watching their wave to those watching but of yet just go there at 415 accompanist before and you get to post your questions there.

So that's the aspect Brown YouTube channel ASKDR Brown at limit this to this is to this.

I'm looking at my scraggy multiple screen zero. It's a cool operation yet.

Once we went to video in addition to radio weeds is a real cool setup and operation here so but I'm looking at one of my multiple screens shows me a Facebook feed here. So if you're watching on Facebook right now. Okay I want to get some your thumbs up or harder. :-) Some, little Moji.

Just if you're watching on Facebook now this. Dr. Brown pays just shoots him away thumbs up smile does not be a comment, just get it our way. We are doing our best to get hold of Alvina King and she scheduled to be on with us now for the next few minutes talking about a major event taking place in DC this Saturday. There we go hearts thumbs up, let's let let's flood the screen with that for little Rachel.

Don't worry, you left messages were were good here.

Okay response that will be the king on maybe there was the a conflict with time zones that sometimes happens may be something came up and she can't be with us. The folks doing scheduling or or wonderful schedulers so not not sure what happened. Okay cool we actually are level hearts, was sweet, nice. Thank you. Okay alright so phone lines are just open. Now I have an interview scheduled Donald the phones anything you want to talk to me about your differ with me on the other Bible quest you want to ask or we actually get this book away earlier if your name is James or your husband's name is James get a free book fair get a free copy of evangelicals at the crossroads because when I was signing these books when we got our first orders in. I missed sign when I got the name wrong as out to James so we put aside so that you could get free but just have to live in the states and you have to come on the air. Oh will hang on. We did get it.

Got it all right sorry I meant. I saw the phones ring right at the beginning and that Mr. okay so good.

Sorry, sorry we gave the book away immediately.

I saw calls come in parts so let's just wipe everything out the last few minutes. Hey friends, welcome to the line of fire. I am so glad you're here 866-34-TRUTH 87884. So even if you call your name is James Sarver give the book away, but anything you want talk to about give me a call. Look, friends, we are living in really challenging times in America right now. Bottom were living in tremendously challenging times and in our lifetimes. We have never seen partisan politics and divisions. This deep in so so many ways and and when it comes to the battle for Justice Ginsburg C comes down to one issue that the think of this treatment.

What are some of the most volatile issues in America today. Race, immigration, national security, LGBT Q activism quite a few very volatile, divisive issues in America right now and you just push a button to talk about that everything slows people upset and angry, just true. It's very intense since but the number one the number one was filed.

Solution is abortion even more volatile. Right now the race issues in America like the vast majority of Americans want things to be good and fair for everyone. The differences how bad things are, how much things need to be fixed. You have extremists on either end, but the vast majority of Americans would agree that they want what's best for America that for for all Americans in the vast majority would agree in most people that you know probably feel like that you would like things to be is equal for for for everyone as possible. You know that the you have equal opportunities and things like that. Equal pay for the same job equal treatment by the courts of the country by the police and equal treatment by the government and so on and in schools and think that should be right.

We believe in that. So abortion is is is the great battle.

It is a life-and-death battle. I've got article you see if it's up yet in different places eroded last night. It's a pretty intense article. Let's just see is that website I think it is no it's not up okay anyway it's going be going up different sites. It's on some really just don't know which ones but about Armageddon and abortion why people, Armageddon using the type of extreme rhetoric is because this this the ultimate battle we have to be able to do friends not get caught up in the intensity of the emotion. Neither side and step back to father how can we make a difference.

How can we be vessels of life.

Other times we call things out were passionate about what we believe but it always is looking at one right wing website earlier today and it was talk about all the issues that Congress is uncovered regarding Joe Biden and son Hunter and allege financial gain. They came to the family wall will Mr. Biden's vice president and anyone over left-wing when sites and none of it was being reported there.

The word of it in the stuff of the left-wing up your report on the right and is it when you get your news has been filled. Let's look at 10 different things and undecided and sort them out. We cannot just be caught up in an partisan politics we have to circuit was there for life.

Truth was there for Justice. Here we are God's people seeking to model that, by the way we treat each other. I get it from both sides, because I do my best to stand for truth regardless of whether funds will so there is a set of I took, respectful difference was talk across the suggest is fairly minor, but it's a respectful difference with that.

He's on Fox News at the very strong acceptance of the Donna dude said on MSNBC, not because it was MSNBC versus Foxwood because the nature of what he said I'm going to do that I speak the truth as I understand it and and and I am to listen to people in a different perspective than I do to TB further background. Another great chat with her brother.

I furthered reached out to me some time ago regular listener is one of the interactive me off the air about race related issues at Wheeling. Another great conversation.

He was in hey yeah I want to sell or separate sports from politics but hate exports among the few things that was open to Blacks for years now and you know you if you're in Excel, you can excel. They are an entertainment of the things Ryan opens his own political implications as it like I'm not denying that senior platform everyone to use it. But when it comes to the sports event lists make that sports because people want the distraction anyway. Talk to him and you keep talking to me about the friends you keep talking to me. I was in track with one of my black friends that it really studies issues in depth.

Tell me more about Rihanna territory telling more about the.

The issues and the gentrification of her neighborhood and other things involved in a few shooters were closed-door. You know you shooting at.

That's, that's 1 Thing Retargeting Black St. or you don't know who you were shooting at whether larger issues involve those. I'm always trying to understand and not just taking the right wing cider or the left-wing side.

If I end up more on the right. With issues it's because as I study Scripture it's it's to be the right position to take the right attitude to have with pro-life and with religious liberty and with Israel of the things like that, just conservative because my political orientation I registered as an independent even of a vote Republican in recent elections and things like that. I registered independent just for my stance before God that my allegiances to him. Metro political party permits and you can't register with a political party this and that's my own testimony and stance. I tweeted this out is to see where this is a clue that list I posted on on Facebook as well just just to try to keep things simple and keep focus. Of course some attack me for the statement, but most appreciated it.

I tweeted this. Let's keep things simple I live for Jesus. I vote for the president. My message is Christ crucified and resurrected, not trump elected and reelected all die for the Lord I pray for the president only one captivates my heart and my mind and he sits enthroned in heaven, not DC. Can we keep that perspective is that too much to ask right let us go to Josh in Durham, North Carolina.

Thanks for joining us on the line of fire today.

Dr. Brown, Michael, you're very welcome area. My question is about the book of Job, we read separately that Joe would make Dr. fight on behalf of the children to think anything Internet and in her heart out that the you think that apply to date where I can pray for the forgiveness of my children.

Yes it does apply questions exactly how Sue first Job's picture this is a righteous non-Israelite recent pre-Israelite. Hence he would offer sacrifices other words, if it was during the days of the torrent and that the tabernacle and temple in Jerusalem, you would've offered sacrifices there suggest that one little detail that that reminds us of this is like a pre-Israelite narrative, but certainly we intercede look, we cannot pray someone into the kingdom just on our faith. If our children are away from the Lord. We we don't have the power to pray them into the can into the purely on our faith in our prayers. They get saved they they ultimately have to come into right relationship, but there's no question that her intercession to make a massive difference that her intercession can delay judgment that their intercession can give time for repentance that her intercession can can cover some of all God's is reaching out to them.

It's part of quote standing in the gap or climbing into the breach the wall so you can only do so much you can't make a an unrighteous person. Righteous, but you can pray for mercy.

You can pray for divine restraint is God's working with us right so if we do our part.

He'll listen just like Moses, pray for the children of Israel when they send in the wilderness and he was able to hold back some of the wrath and he was able to delay some of the judgment. And of course we pray for hearts of repentance.

The other thing is, there may be things that people we love doing the fully aware of it. Hopefully no what they're doing or what is is going on and and our prayers can can cover them in situations like that. So yes, our prayers for children to make a massive difference.

This application still is taking 866-34-TRUTH. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us. King now. Don't know what happened in terms of coordination, but bonds are open to sport a little extra time and expected 866-34-TRUTH, 87884.

Anything you want to talk about on any subject, and in less than 1/2 hour or so for 15 Eastern time will be right back on our YouTube channel. It's*Brown asked K DR Brown on YouTube will be there with her weekly Q&A chats enough be able to call and I can call and that is post your questions and we get to a lot. We get to answer all lot of questions. That's a great time to interact and told the critics to mockers, skeptics, haters, folks just differ with me. That's a great place to winter, you can weigh in anonymously you can come up with any silly name you want and raise your post and nobody will know who you are, you actually do that every identity is not, I will recommend that Mr. have to do it for some security purposes from Cigna.

Always seek a differ with me all you like you say Mike what you want to encourage folks to do that well because we Practice is never what I like to have discussion I like to talk with people differ with me. I think it's helpful.

I think it's it's good from my perspective to hear other perspectives were minor challenged okay this picture of the only people around like all your wonderful your amazing what you say so good when we do that is so good. We at and you know given constructive criticism or pushback.

Obviously you're going to be weaker because that that thing is I like to be able to challenge will people think you present your view in our present mind you say will Dr. Brown obviously did not do many people differ because it all: although quite the contrary. Quite the contrary. When I when you have the time and with comments on on YouTube. In particular, often on Facebook or twitter we get blasted by the second class to criticize attack mock blind. I must say.

For this reason I let's say for that reason I will faulty from a heretic on the skeptic you. Similarly, volume doesn't bother me doesn't like it bothers me, but I'd like to talk to those people. I like to challenge and seek.

I love truth here little confession time of said this before, but sometimes we looking on YouTube and just just checking you know reviewing some comments and sometimes merely do the right and there, so will get flagged because they somehow profanity or sense of the conflict, but is get flagged because there's a website and there suggest it's it's an automatic setting that we have on YouTube that if you post something with a link is can get flagged until gets approved, so I might see look okay there 30 messages a came in last couple hours and waiting to be approved top a look at them right is on there a look at them and it's completely false information that it's it's not is not dangerous information of the word, something that that should not be on YouTube and and it's it's not just specific calling out individuals with you Brown you're wrong on this occasion only thing about history and here's a website or you get this complete Iraqi treatment of Hebron.

Here's the website or you your clueless on this and there's a website and I look at it and I know for a fact issue. The subsidy nurse false high click to approve it because they have the right to post it. I didn't violate our guidelines that they didn't engage in a personal attack in a way that's unacceptable and attacking me with indifference that using profanity didn't just take over the thread for their own purposes. It's on-topic, but it's it is its complete ignorance.

I love truth.

I want to stop and and saved by the way, this is wrong for the following reasons. They have the right to post our sites literally. If you if you look it over the years all over social media sites literally hundreds of thousands of comments differing with us blasting us so I dislike let's talk about your sister, but your point coming with your ammunition coming ready because I have my ready and we will have it out for the sake of truth 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Rockville, Maryland used to live right around there. Susan walking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call and I'm kind of walking and at an area with traffic. I hope it won't be too much distraction back.

Thank you again for taking my call had a question on I got you and messianic congregation and Raquel and that Rabbi, like Kenneth an email saying economy following members regarding that I can't print court. Just as bench encourage that you know they'll take it for about What I did that and and I called will anyway belong in a short habit as and I'll get back the question at hand is on the ant 35 for Israel on I Prime Minister Netanyahu said he was again yelling at 35 and now I don't know whether we should be calling our elected officials that that's is not United Arab Emirates yet down at bay. It is a stealth bomber think we felt it and no one else in that region right and so here we have the peace treaty, but that we Kenneth you know yeah I actually watched a video yesterday. Susan with a number of Israeli leaders, generals and different ones involved in security and they they all emphasized that because of Israel's unique situation surrounded by so many hostile neighbors that they must have the competitive edge in the military that it's essential for them to keep that and maintain that simply to secure the nation so that they're not wiped out in a Hezbollah alone is said to have 100,000 rockets pointed at Israel at any moment. So if it is surrounded so it's got Hezbollah in the north. It's got Iran to the east it's because Hamas to the Southwest and then the larger hostile radical Muslim world that hates Israel, so these are these are genuine issues and then the extremists within the Palestinian Authority again.

The second would be the all but but those there that are there terroristic in their thinking. So Israel must maintain its competitive edge. However however, premised, Netanyahu entered into this with full understanding of what would happen in in. In other words, my understanding is that he knew that UAE would get some of the Terry benefit.

The key thing is that Israel keeps its competitive edge because right now the issue is that the the Muslim world is more deeply divided between Sunni and Shiite right now than it then it is as deeply as it used to be about Israel. So the concern is that UAE is able to defend itself against and Iran were against some of these others that would seek to attack so I would not get be alarmed at that.

I believe the president prompted Prime Minister Netanyahu in the lease upon Crane and UAE have talked these things through in the overall sense is is that this is very very positive. So again Israel and the US know what they need to do to maintain Israel's competitive edge in America needs Israel is as a strong democracy in the Middle East standing against radical Islam standing against terrorism standing against the Iran's of this world MOC Iran we don't mean the people as a whole, but the the corrupt Islamic radical leadership so that's that's the issue and for America to have a presence without having soldiers that are potentially diamine Israel does not want foreign soldiers in its land fighting its battles. It is reasonable to fight our battles, but America has the strategic advantage of having a strong presence there without having to pay for it. But then it pays for it with a massive military aid that pours into Israel. So Susan, I wouldn't be concerned about that.

In short, will be concerned. II believe that everything is being worked out with full recognition that Israel will have its its competitive edge that it needs. Again, Israel has no desire to take over these other countries. The bomb these other countries to hurt these other countries.

Israel's goal is self-defense, preservation, security. It's that simple.

I saw a clip from a very powerful documentary that I'm reviewing now. I just can't say more about it is that outfit incredibly powerful documentary that really trust a layout with compassion and fairness is really side the Palestinian side. It's heartbreaking to read from both sides, both perspectives but this one is really woman saying that that there's a Jewish consciousness that was only deepened by the Holocaust. They came up with three realities one. There's always going to be a Gentile somewhere that wants to destroy the Jewish people like Hitler to most of the Gentiles and sit back and let it happen reincorporate with three Israel has to have its own national homeland security and and with that in mind, it does with this fascinatingly.

The security barrier is 95% fence and 5% wall. But what I didn't know apologize for my ignorance here, but no was that there is a hole at the top of each of the pieces of the of the wall and they call it the designer call call and I was caught the whole of hope because they look forward today with income of the crane and and dismantle the wall, take it down to the people's can live side-by-side that remains Israel's heart and I know for average Palestinian they would like to exist side-by-side and live in peace but yeah I I would not be concerned about the sale and and what happens with these things because trumpet Netanyahu understand the issues.

The goals clearly enough, in my view hey thank you for the calling friends were at a time, but 15 minutes from now.

That's it.

Such clocks join us right over on Esther to Brown on YouTube and will continue with our weekly exclusive exclusive not exclusive exclusive Q&A channel processes and

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