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Thomas DiLorenzo (Socialism) Ali Husnain (Terrorism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 24, 2019 8:00 am

Thomas DiLorenzo (Socialism) Ali Husnain (Terrorism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 24, 2019 8:00 am

Why has the failed political theory of socialism gained so much ground in modern America? Thomas DiLorenzo, professor at Loyola University, Maryland, joins me to talk about it and his book, "The Problem with Socialism." Plus: What's it like to live your life on a terrorist hit list? Ali Husnain stops by to tell his story from his book, "The Cost." Join us for Tuesday’s JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Provident films and affirm films movie overcome or coming to the small screen in time for Christmas overcome are available on digital Blu-ray and DVD generated reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, before the soil is no Democratic primary voters believed packed on society and among voters under 45, 46% preferred socialism to capitalism is a remarkable shift in the same nation that rejoiced over winning the Cold War against the Soviet Union and reveled in watching the collapse of communism just a few decades ago, and even today is millennial's praise socialism. All you have to do to understand it is to watch the online videos of Venezuelan streaming across their borders in a desperate search for food and medicine, but of course that's not what Bernie Sanders will tell you about. So we have to really look and take a hard look at why it is that so many Americans are now moving in a direction in which they see socialism as preferential to capitalism, soaring to discuss this today with my next guest, Dr. Tom DeLorenzo.

He is professor of economics at Loyola University Maryland and a senior fellow at the Macy's Institute's new book a great one. It's called the problem with socialism and it's wonderful to welcome you here Dr. DeLorenzo how are you today well. Thank you so much. This is interesting to me and also a tragedy. It's is a generation obviously the millennial's especially are affected by this. They don't have any recollection of the Cold War.

But what you make of this shift in the United States to an idea that capitalism is the problem we need to be more socialistic result of several decades of political correctness were from the academic world and no one there to teach young people about the reality of social note was so over hundred colleagues like myself throughout scattered throughout the world but were always horrible lone wolf somewhere from college or university were outnumbered by 20 or 30 liberals or socialists of your own department's academic department. So what I wrote this book is an attempt to reach out to the millennial generation who lived through the Cold War. But you know I didn't personally know George Washington either but I learned I learned a lot about them by reading books. Grice arrives hoping education control gap. Yeah, absolutely. What would you say millennial's actually actually believe about socialism because they'll hear things about having a higher minimum wage and that brings about equality with all talk about free tuition.

All these freebies and they think this sounds great what you think their understanding of socialism is over and against what it actually is.

Believe it socialism or government giveaway free so you talk about three pre-healthcare my own student, you know woman economics professor. Bring up the introductory student told me not to work for in my doctoral work free healthcare and education be free and local interfaces built all that you are coming out of a family situation when they leave home and go to college where everything is free moment then to pay for everything and they seem to think you know the people at Bernie's and get a hold very few 19 swallowers anyone off of the more free to be educated about this think it takes a lot to turn around and educate just exposing the common sense students of groom to be resentful of politicians like Bernie Sanders think there trying to make schools of them by thinking they can give them something for nothing right. That's so true, so when we look back on Coryell in the 20th century we saw some 100 million deaths. Under socialism, and that's that. The horror of it, but from an economic standpoint how does socialism actually operate. When we look at all these different countries that have implemented it today were middle-class people are routing garbage streets looking credible national I love the registries. For one thing and nationalize a government run monopolies never work.

Market feedback mechanism would make this work is when you're rewarded with profit for good consumer service and are penalized by losses if you don't serve your customers very well. So limited.

When government takes over and we also impose government post prices on everything as well. Like every other socialist country know you usually do. It makes up all the popular for a short time because the prices are low, but then they run out of everything because it become economical or profitable to produce anything that's one of the Venezuelans of new food, no real mentoring crisis in the making their work. People are literally starving. As a result of socialism to have it all over socialist countries so it's economic poison wherever it is tried, but what it does is creates small political elite very well just rather, the daughter of Hugo Chavez, the former socialist ruler of the net worth of $4.2 billion, even though she never read a business or even at a job I don't believe my goodness while I often share the story I went to the Soviet Union when it was still the Soviet Union back in high school and I remember having this experience we saw members of the Politburo driving around and they had these expensive cars, they said this is a real contrast because they talk about equality for everybody but I see the regular people living poorly while the Politburo just seems to get richer and richer at this is to come, that all Bernie Sanders. He bred the young man if he got married he chose Moscow for all place in the darkest days of the Soviet Union when they were murdering their own people fell. That's what Bernie chose to go and what a romantic occasion. Yeah, he must get some great meals to also unbelievable when we hear these mantras from democratic socialist as he likes to call himself Bernie Sanders even to some extent Hillary Clinton talking about how great democratic socialism is in differentiating between Democratic socialism save Western Europe versus the old Soviet Union style socialism would you draw a huge distinction between those two different versions of socialism or would you say they have more in common than they doubt more, but Venezuelan Univision reporter interviewed Bernie Sanders couple weeks ago and asked him if he had opinion on the economic disaster oil in Argentina to democratic socialist countries that have nothing to say. The first time in his adult life. He was speechless for August from his recent chapter in my book called the myth of successful Scandinavian socialism in Sweden, for example, Sweden was a very capitalistic country until about the 1940s and 50s and have the highest per capita income growth in the entire world. From 1870 until about 1940 and then they adopted first version of fascism in the main version of socialism nationalize industries who dwell first. I sleep progressive income tax and as a result, Sweden did not create a single job from 1950 until 2005.

Basically all the capital that earlier generations of entrepreneurs like Alfred Nobel will be a bit of dynamite people created saw Volvo automobiles is tax enough and it all imploded, so that by the 1980s. They had hyperinflation and 500% interest rates, and so sweet and so they have a major cutback may privatize lows in history as they cut back on the welfare state taxes.

But Sweden still has a per capita income lower than our poorest state. Bernie Sanders was lying when he says there socialism works in Sweden their own president nowadays said that they are not socialist anymore incredible I get there always seemed to hold up. Sweden is a great example of socialistic success is a quick hello. The average voter out there is what we call rationally that we don't spend much time becoming that well-informed most of our time raising our families doing their jobs, getting to school that well-informed about politics specially or national Swedish economy is about exactly as they surely will break will come back with Dr. Tom DeLorenzo.

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That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet this is a subject we can talk about too much. The problem is socialism. The name of Dr. Tom DeLorenzo who is joining us talking about all these millennial's and others who think that socialism is a great idea and capitalism is the enemy you don't when we hear people saying things like capitalism doesn't bring about equality and this is not the way to go. And capitalism is evil, what goes through your mind. From an economic perspective, Dr. DeLorenzo, because you know the whole idea that capitalism is evil seems to be gaining traction, but this is nothing new. This is always been the way Marxism is operated a capitalist have to be painted as evil. But what's the truth about it.

You will Karl Marx himself capitalism because he wanted people to think the only beneficiary capital X, which is untrue.

Couple of them as the greatest generator of the quality because it provides us with economic opportunity what what gets people stuck in subsistence income wages is the welfare system. Stories of families for generations. The welfare stuck on the bottom of the unit were out of the way from the bottom is to learn a marketable skill that you can use in the free marketplace and get a job with a job that we reduce inequality in America and by the way, equality for saying no. Why would wear a suit. Some of her accounting jobs and echo the last of her father or mother or accountants that have 30 years experience, why would you expect to be paid the same as them get out of school when they have 30 years more experience and of course are a thousand different ways in which we are all different so equality per se, even this really a good idea, but what we have had over the years with socialism is the notion of totalitarianism with efforts to force equality on assessment: was the name of the quality supposedly the purpose of it all. Like you pointed out earlier, they murdered over 100 million of their own people in pursuit of equality so you don't have to be a Hugo Chavez for your call me about where you destroyed. It was more brutal way right and these people died at the hands of their own governments, and so how is Ward. How do you square the rhetoric that the government is going to make things more equal and care about the little guy over and against this legacy of massacre of people who lived in socialistic systems. What is the connection between socialism's political theory and the need to murder its own citizens in so many cases that will force will government plans to replace the individual plan. We all make for our own lives and you can have socialism. If you allow people from that you Plan the whole society and whether it's just for healthcare or just for education or just for whatever.

If you have competition. Socialism is all about monopoly government and so the history of it is government becomes more and more people the more the longer socialism existed might start out relatively mild but inevitably fails to achieve what the politicians promise for us to us in the politicians, though they never give up and I never admit their failures so they always adopt even more intervention and more coercion to make up for their previous failures of the people who tend to rise to the top of any socialist society was called about depriving their fellow citizens of their liberties and in the worst case, of course, people, criminal installer and the rest that's so scary. So when you look at the United States, for example, and the success that Barack Obama had in passing Obama care, now we've seen the disaster that it is in terms of all of these insurance companies bailing out of the exchanges and all you all the financial problems that everybody predicted to his smarts predicted would happen. What is your opinion on the implementation of Obama care and its future and how that plays into moving America toward more of a socialistic society of the matter by a dictator, but democracy is still socialism and every I have a chapter in my book about the failures of socialized medicine all over the world and creates for the same pattern tell people it's free course is not really free. You pay for taxes, but people tend to want all they can get a bit of pain point of service. The cost ceiling government imposed price controls because the cost is two and that causes shortages, shortages of everything in Canada, for example, the waiting lines are so long as things as people diagnosed with colon cancer or or disease that hundreds of people die every year waiting for treatment in Canada and England without socialized medicine and we do have the problem here because you still have symbols of the market healthcare. Although it is extremely highly regulated. Yeah, it sure is that as we move more and more toward socialized medicine to get better for us all, you end up getting the long lines you get up you know, as you say.

Having to wait more for care may be people die while waiting for care why do so many Americans want to know better that we got so much testimony at the time from Canadians from people in England and so forth about how bad socialized medicine would be, why do you think Americans didn't heed those warnings will America treated Hillary know where we are rationally ignorant people fall for the video. The rhetoric of oh there are poor people out there who don't have healthcare, which is a lot you don't compose it all is such that no one is denied healthcare and illegal immigrant comes across the border by car, you will be brought to a hospital picked care of this want not to.

And so everybody gets care system and so Obama care or Hillary care is just a government takeover of the hospital's medical care system is not as though there are people who don't have care who will pay for first step along the road to government monopoly where everything is paid for by you right where you have no insurance. Yeah, we have no insurance. That's right so we seen of late.

This discussion about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and that is taken place in certain places and then there have been the predictable you know adjustments from these companies and laying people off, and so forth.

What you see as the next. Hurrah for you know those who want to move America into more of a socialistic country what you think they're gonna want next.

You want they want to help market all and have everything funded by the government and Hillary Clinton was just announced that she is she's in favor of the government-funded funding education for families with income under hundred and $25,000 but you know once you empower issues and power. Why would you extend that the 200,000 more votes there election campaign course so that would be a government takeover that she's also proposed a what you call it basic government income of $5000 for every baby born and that baby could claim that money.

Upon reaching the voting age of 18 similar to what George McGovern talked about in 1972 he was little left out of town when he proposed a holder of demographics is updated, adjusted for inflation. So she came up with $5000 figure and so that's the sort of thing we can expect never exploding welfare state more more government takeover of our most important industries such as healthcare well and you know someone who's not rationally ignorant might say to Mrs. Clinton used got tens of millions of dollars, why don't you share some of your personal wealth to people that you claim to care about what you asked that question. It states your job is a middle-class taxpayer with a couple of kids to have to have a 90% increase in your insurance premiums or whatever it is, so you can finally redistribute your wealth to somebody else that it's one way for them and it's the other way for the rest of us.

Why why why are you bragging about all the poor people yes yeah. Television everywhere bragging about you think what anyone looking now know they don't anything to look at anybody to look into what they're doing.

So ultimately how do you assess our current mood as far as taking capitalism and appreciating it and going back more to our roots of rugged individualism and individual liberty and working hard in saving a will that ever come back to you think as you look across the landscape. Why so many millions of people are Spent his entire adult life creating economic value is successful in their run young people bias, but school but love even people I going to have babies love you, being their own boss when they when I graduate and being a bunch of an orderly locus television show shark tank where inventors of small gadgets want to make a pitch for funding of their business start up and very encouraging to have a lot of young people, much of the millennial's Sanders a lot of really really don't want to see government running everything is a basic government like politics, although they do like the idea of free stuff. You think that is very hopeful reaction to a goal trump absolutely well and it will be encouraging us a lot of those millennial's will go into academia like you have and will will up your numbers of conservatives to understand what's going on with socialism. All great but the problem was socialism. Dr. Tom DeLorenzo joining us. Thank you so much Dr. DeLorenzo is great to have you. All right. Thank you and will be back stay with us this archived broadcast of Janet Baffert today is brought to you by Provident films and affirm films movie overcome or coming to the small screen in time for Christmas overcome are available on digital Blu-ray and DVD for today, the Lord Jesus said in Luke chapter 14.

If anyone comes to me and does not his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers, sisters, yes, and even his own life he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple, which, if you desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it. So therefore anyone of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple. Now there's no doubt that there is a cost to being a Christian and as Christians in America, we often lament how were beginning to see more of what that cost is how the culture is increasingly pagan and hostile to the Lord into the word of God.

But obviously what we go through here, cannot possibly compare to what believers endure in other parts of the world's my next guest is proof of that. Ali Hussein grew up in a prominent Shiite Muslim family in Pakistan.

But when he became a Christian he paid a high price as he was in need up leaving everything behind and became a target of terrorists. He tells a story in a new book is called the cost my life on a terrorist list and it's great to have you here Ali welcome like thank you for being here this is such a fascinating story and I think it's so important for American Christians in particular to hear but tell us a little bit about your upbringing in Pakistan.

You were a Muslim and a very prominent Muslim family. What was your life growing up going out with everything ready.

My father had disciple like many, so before I come out of bed, my breakfast would be ready to carry my back to my school and my brother in a big house that my my family come from Mysia background that we would see it as well that we had many disciple so like the type of lining outside our house before when I'm leaving." By now, what did you think about Christianity. Growing up as a Muslim and I didn't know about anything. I remember going to the school. I have one question about Nate who will Take. I remember just talking to them mobile things and because build a working clause 12 never had a time to sit with them and talk about it, and over time I see them if they would like to know to one plot think we never really talk about talk about anyone what we hear lots of new stories here in the United States about Pakistan and the blasphemy laws and and what it really means to be a Christian. Over there, how much it really can cost you just generally speaking, what is life generally like Christians but also Christians who convert from Islam, like where I grew up. I never had any public Christian.

It is tough but the boarding a Christian family and you go up as a Christian, then no because people know you as a Christian, but you can't let opportunities so that they drove to like this: there like 10 feet with student then and there are like 10 most and then one question they will give tendency to Christian something thought the top lot, family, and then you going become a Christian.

That's more hard because then you bring shame on you bringing shame to region where people don't like this and they would climb out. You will family and they will make you a cup of coffee. Someone left his family left and going to a different religion in them like no one would cope you something you won't get a job you can do you like be. Yes, very, very difficult and very different from how it is here, especially in the last how did you end up becoming a Christian you tell the story in the book about how you ended up in a church, but what was the journey for you from Islam to Christianity told that my great aunt and take my I decided to come to visit. When I arrived in our house up a few weeks I found out that she's Christian I was really angry, very upset and I thought the painful to come back to the club because that because we come from a big family because naming people shame and doing the prayer that will unlock that goal. What made my great on Christianity and then stand to the right way mutually to me and then I was in the church. One week my my great aunt we are positive that will quite and I went forward and he prayed on me and why he was praying the ground and remove pieces that will cry what did you hear in that church that made a difference for you that you realized that Jesus died on the cross for you and that you needed your forgiveness of sins my privilege that I won't speak to me and when not when I'm going to church on a green light like come to mean to me my son you want to email me if you believe in life seems all in my life to show that we would like to have one goal or what will happen in a series of these was like those things made me very humbling. And then he was speaking to me. My prayer that my faith I give my faith to quite well what a change for you because now you have to deal with the Muslim family in a Muslim community. What happened after you became a Christian with your family.

So what happened to become a Christian thought. I stated my family. My mom would often question why you going tomorrow. Why don't going to my prayer and provided prayer and I would look I want to pray in my room and I want to you know I don't going tomorrow and show off that and then you change it all the good king I like that change what happening in the know nothing. I just spoke to my great aunt and she gave me some likely slumped trying to obey like and my family was quite normal because because I was the oldest son in the family know me question, but I managed to hiding. I do feel like telling anyone who didn't like going to the coaches praying in the name of right so now when did everything kinda come out in the open where they recognize that you had become a Christian, you are no longer Muslim out in my school with some of my friends was like really talking about friends, and what I just said you know we don't because Clyde paid the price for us and looked at me and said how do you know about my experience when I came to an end dream about you and that's what you told me and he said oh I you Christian. Then I said one of the guy looked at me and said, oh, do you know you called from you called cramming in from one of my friend he went to his toys that one finds out how my goodness will come back with Allie's name his book the cost my life on a terrorist list right after this mother's womb has now become the un-Safest Pl. in America with abortion being a leading cause of death in babies being aborted up to term. In some states I was afraid I was skiing. I know what to do pre-born is the largest provider of three ultrasounds in the country, helping moms choose life. You see mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to choose life for her baby and I was like wow beautiful thing. Would you join with pre-born and Janet Mefford today and help save 400 babies by the end of this year for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and now through match your tax-deductible gift is doubled saving 10 babies lives to donate, dial 855402 baby that's 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to click Janet films and comes over, coming right time for Christmas one healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss don't go a whole year without having healthcare program sign up for liberty. Healthcare is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry liberty all share is noninsurance so you can still sign up you can pick your programming choose your own doctors and hospitals. They have programs for singles, couples and families all with no contracts starting at only $199 a month go to liberty that's liberty you're listening to Mefford today and on Janet Mefford. Today we are joining us. My guest Ali, author of the cost. My life on a terrorist hit list what it cost there is to those who believe Islam and join themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and Ali is telling his incredible story, so you finally it was revealed that you are a Christian, they find out at home.

You ended up on a terrorist hit last. How did things escalate to the point that you were on a terrorist hit list and you were being targeted.

My Christian one and one of my friend. He failed to come out okay.

We went out when I went out from the front door from the school and I hope they jumped me to stop fighting with me, but I had no idea why fighting what happening and then he grabbed me on the ground and then I see the beauty come to me and he said to me oh become a Christian you talk like double kids and you like you go to heaven and hunting from the group which I can't name it treason.made it well-known and then write everything because of my family, my CT when it went fine in my school and them in the media found out that we have made that because everyone knew right. But what an incredible experience a horrifying experience because here you were you were not expecting this sort of thing so you ended up in the hospital then what happened because it just grew worse for you didn't did you end up with a fatwa on your head and went home at my house I run away from my house.

I went on to and different city. They attacked her house and she got injured and died as they had been around my family wouldn't support me. No one would hope to meet my father hit me in the forest and from the few weeks to England and because it makes law on me that I was seen my CTO in Pakistan again. Anyone can kill me. Then they will be punished so sure you were in the UK have you been there ever since.

Or did you go back to Pakistan. At any point after then know what UK I couldn't go.

But my family they did not date that we go to." They declare that he's no fun anymore MLM back and then I apply because he had reached a gap in the UK. I couldn't go back yes do you have any contact with any family members in Pakistan anymore with anyone like to talk to my mom and my time to time. All that's got to be so hard. So here you are in the UK.

I would imagine you still see a great anti-Christian.

Don't you yeah yes yes so did you get involved in a church when you were in the UK and and have you found some Christians support their name and find good friends there, but because of my coach and I did know how to people cultural language with a very good and read every Sunday went to prayer meeting, but without connecting with everyone because sometimes that the culture and everything and then good great friends in the church already guided me through. That's wonderful right because here you are gone.

Somewhere you grew up your whole culture. Your whole family and now you are a new religion. I mean, you're now in Christ are no longer following Islam and had to be a very difficult thing. How did the Lord sustain you through all of that. Ali I like to dream many cream go pray and many cream form of God, and I will go to my side me. I always had to know everything would be okay on my side and also reading some have me as well and I made some good friends in church sitting with them speaking to them and me to but I always knew that gold would bring something good out of the testimony you talked about how you'd like to return at some point to share the gospel with the very people who threatened your life.

What are your plans in that regard, I want to go back in to the local people and I will because me. They took everything away from him and I was 16 I would see my family but but but I won't go back home to show them that I love them and by quoting the great card he could forgive you the real man and then I will bless them.

Medical center in Pakistan that I can build up a good medicine pool they can be blessed. Except me and I'll complete you must feel like they called me out from there to train me and anyone he would take me back to my people to think like them and bring them to Christ.

That would be wonderful course you have to deal with the reality of your own life being threatens me what goes through your head when you think about the possibility that if you did that you could be count. Come to my pink oh you knew what would happen and I don't know because gold had limited region and I know he will find a way for me and confident that, and it called and called away for me and you know you protected me me in the hospital on a bad you know when Dr. said we die. As I look very closely and I know how powerful he is like. I know he will sort of picks up on what you said about your first time in that church. You said one of the things that really stuck out for you was the fact that there was an absence of fear among those Christians has that been the case for you. I mean, obviously, there are a lot of things to be afraid of. If people are stabbing your kidnapping, your terrorizing you and in many ways. How do you deal with fear.

Now, in your own situation. I will pray God and prayed and also reading the Bible, old old went report secretion on the Bible, a Christian persecution and fear in my life but I give it called I always came to protect me and call it and I know how powerful he is like hundred mile when I wake up in the morning.

I am you'll use me you wait, that's all well and Islam is so much in the news with terror and so forth. How do you regard Islam. Now when you reflect back on that religion versus your peace in Christ. In the someday.

You have become a Christian and and this the difference between the two religions wants to like them and I think most people, the people to Christ because every day, five times it goes tomorrow and then they would pray and people in Islam, which are made waiting on and my prayer to reach out to mostly us absolutely well. It's incredible story. The costs my life on the terrace hitless Ali's name with us. God bless you Ali will be praying for your safety and your ministry as you go back to Pakistan thank you so much for being with us like it was a pleasure. Thank you for listening to Gina Mefford today. We always appreciate having you here. Our website is always

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