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The New Wine of the Kingdom

The Verdict / John Munro
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September 14, 2020 5:02 pm

The New Wine of the Kingdom

The Verdict / John Munro

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September 14, 2020 5:02 pm

Dr. John H. Munro September 13, 2020 Matthew 9:9-17


Well I think many of you will agree with me that increasingly of the United States has become a depressing play. Suddenly if you listen to the news. Not only are we doing with Corbett 19 but it seems to me that increasingly there's a polarization between many, many groups and that the polarization is becoming more and more divisive, more and more vitriolic, unreasonable and hostile two days ago I visited Vons and a Barnes & Noble bookstore when amount of time as I invariably do and I went to the section on recent nonfiction. So I just wonder was being churned out today. I like to read on a variety of the subjects and as I looked at that. I saw that the titles in this section Barnes & Noble time nonfiction. The titles were almost exclusively harsh, extreme and depressing and I took a picture of it on the shelf for my cell phone and that it is. Let me read some of the titles the madman theory. Trump takes on the world the hunting of Hillary.

The 40 year campaign to destroy Hillary Clinton a case for the American people, the United States, the Donald J. Trump separated inside an American tragedy dared to speak defending free speech for all hopes Donald Tom Fox news and the distortion of truth. Authoritarian nightmare Trump and his followers don't burn this book liar circus waiting for an echo of the madness of American incarceration and corruption in America and what is at stake. I did make up these titles that are actually there in the bookstore.

Many people are buying them and as I looked at them. I thought this is a reflection of what kind of culture were presently living in is a kind of gloomy culture was a lot of frustration a lot of anger a lot of facility and yes indeed, even violence, and as I reflected on that. I thought that this darkness.

This gloom is not unique to our culture.

As you know is not unique to the United States in the 28th 21 I we been studying the gospel of Matthew in the sub as I thought of our present culture. I thought that the culture at the time when the Lord Jesus came to the sonic other cultural the society that was going on was indeed a very dark place, very dark, very gloomy and very hopeless, and so we read in Matthew four, verse 16 this wonderful verse, which is a quotation from the Old Testament. Listen to it.

The people dwelling in darkness think of that when the Lord Jesus Christ comes people are dwelling in darkness, but they have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of dead on them. A light has dawned, not wonderful in a dark world and a corrupt world in a hostile world and the world of prejudice in a world of unfairness in the world when Rome was dominating Israel.

This light is great light shines and as I thought of that, and there's a thought of our present culture. The wonder of the gospel is this whatever the society would living in whatever the future holds.

There is no reason to be depressed because as followers of Jesus Christ we have received as we been singing this morning we have received the light of the gospel. We have received transformation.

Yes, joy and celebration, and I want to say to you this morning that whoever you are, that one of the gifts of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the gift of joy at this joy. This transformation this forgiveness of sins. However, the darkness, however, the seeming hopelessness of the situation.

This joy is offered to you with learning and the study of the Gospel of Matthew that those who are in the kingdom of God experience joy and celebration. Know the time of Jesus were going to read about them. There always those who are critical. There were those who were judgmental of those who focus on the man-made traditions rather than the living word of God. I want to assure you, whatever your personal circumstances.

Whatever the circumstances of our society.

There is no need to despair because as you follow Jesus Christ you will experience the freshness and joy of the new widening of the kingdom is what announces a new line of the kingdom. Let's read their Bibles. Matthew chapter 9. So if you have your Bible, you open that there is the first gospel and there were going consecutively through the book of Matthew, so I'm not using the subjects were chosen for us. And today in the study, we come to Matthew chapter 9 verse nine is the word of God to us as Jesus passed on from there he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth and he said to him, follow me, and he rose and followed him. As Jesus reclined the table in the house bold. Many tax collectors and sinners came and bought reclining with Jesus on his disciples when the Pharisees saw this he said to his disciples what does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners, but when he heard it said those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick and learn what this means, I desire mercy and not sacrifice, for I came not to call the righteous, but sinners than the disciples of John came to him, saying, why do we in the Pharisees fast but your disciples do not fast.

Jesus said to them to the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them.

The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them and then they will fast. No one puts a piece of punchdrunk cloth on an old garment for the patch tears away from the garments and the worst stair is made neither is new wine into old wineskins. If it is, the skins burst and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed but is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved as the word of God to us first about in verses nine through 13 we see as we seen before that Jesus calls sinners to life in the kingdom. Jesus calls sinners to life in the kingdom. And here we read about one of the man who's going to become one of the great apostles of the church. This man called Matthew and is described here as a tax collector when there's real, there's a very complex system of taxation, both religious and secular, remember that Israel is under the occupation of Rome so tax is not is like paying taxes, but can you imagine if some of your taxes went to the occupying power. That would be a little difficult 100 taxes would assemble and that her mind of the Roman conquest of Roman occupation the component. When this happens, was a very important city and it had a custom post with a deadly out of the centurion was based at Capernaum at the keyboard to their because Capernaum and some of you have been there on the trips to Israel is now in ruins on the northwest of the Sea of Galilee and the poor little tiring at this time and it undercuts our customs post as it was on the trade routes from Damascus, Syria to the Mediterranean ports so as people are traveling there to come through Capernaum and there there to pay taxes is anonymous like paying taxes, but the tax collectors at this time were particularly despised.

There were usually quite well thank because they were taking money under the table is aware and are known as disloyal, dishonest and greedy and they were despised and detested by the Jews.

And so in the Bible.

The Pharisees put them in the same category as sinners, tax collectors and sinners in the old King James that was brought often it said publications and sinners and for a long time.

It's all in with pubs and of the pub is called a publican that will these were guys that was the pubs, not really remember going to the pub but these were tax collectors and are classed with sinners. The sinners, there's a low class. The people of the Pharisees would dine on the there were committing some really nasty sins. Perhaps they were the cheats. Perhaps there were the criminals over the prostitutes.

They were in the Pharisees eyes the lowlifes so the Pharisees group them together tax collectors and sinners despised by the Jews is interesting that Jesus would call a tax collector.

Jesus looked at Matthew he saw not just the tax collector. He saw one of his future disciples is writing this is Matthew first gospel. Mark and Luke when they talk of Matthew they don't, Matthew they call him Levi.

Often people are the two names Simon Peter Saul and Paul this is Levi, but Matthew doesn't call himself Levi. He calls himself. Matthew never does the word Levi. Meanwhile, Levi was a priestly tribe. Mark says calls him Levi, the son of Alpheus.

They know who he is. He is from a plea priestly tribe whose father is Alpheus my dog. This little blog Matthew was brought up in a godly home and Israel taught the word of God priestly tribe and then as he leaves home. He prefers the lure of personal advancement and money and he becomes a tax collector sells himself out for Rome so we can make a quick buck and turns his back on his Jewish heritage and he's despised Florida. Imagine collecting taxes for the Romans in your cheats and this is this man called Matthew is an unlikely candidate to be a father of Jesus, would your great when you look at people do you see sometimes we see someone everything how they could they could never be a follower of Jesus Christ.

We we sort of dismiss them.

Don't wait. Remember years ago when we are living in Michigan. My son Christopher this time is about 13 or 14 on the Friday night we would sometimes watch a movie and I am not a movie buff and I am known for picking the worst movies possible and so went in those days there was a video source remember them and we went to what I one Friday night to get a movie and I got probably about four or five of them thinking at least one of them must be suitable for florescent of some interest to us at the video store was packed things with standing in line. There's a long line under Smitty's assistance and there was one young lady I think she half of her hair was purple. The other half was orange and ship dues all over her as she had the ring only no ears within the nose clip and the tongue and that only ring I have is my wedding is enough for me and the wheezing and I said to customers that look at just over 34 to 6 is that that and so we go and there's about five of them serving in the in the providence of God we get this young lady and I go with my movie. She smiles and says good evening Pastor, Monroe, my mother and I love your preaching. Went to my son said, and you're the past them to the Pharisees and that I'm different from you. I'm really better than you, and we dismiss people that was a wonderful Jesus doesn't do that he doesn't look at you, whoever you are, look at me and dismiss us here is my fear of ignored my day in the office is aware and here's the call of Jesus is a very simple call as an authoritative, of course he knew Jesus was follow me, and he follows Jesus looking at the kinds Matthew doesn't say this right of humility.

I think when one says that he left everything and follow Jesus.

I'm sure there are plenty people waiting to take his job.

He left everything and followed Jesus yes is sinful tax collector leaves occupation and publicly identifies with Jesus and Jesus publicly identifies with him once a collector of taxes now is collector of men interesting, but he doesn't become the financial advisor of the disciples as the financial advisor who you think Matthew he is in the country and you can, he couldn't deal with money you have thought he was the one who would do with the finances of the group but no, that's Judas Iscariot is going to betray Jesus in Matthew than the doom of this verse 10 Jesus reclined that table in the house again. Matthew doesn't make it clear about the other gospel writers do that this house was Matthew's house. He follows Jesus believes everything he has is Matthew Levi the sun about this.

Everyone knows who is this tax collector. And now he's having a feast great feast. The Bible says in his house. The house of Matthew is not a transformative into a center of evangelism is not with Subaru was challenging us last Sunday that Holmes become the center of evangelism and verse 10 and 11 makes it clear that many tax collectors and sinners came and were declining with Jesus. Yes look says in Luke five that Matthew makes a great feast as wonderful as our God works that Matthew no. This tax collector becomes the entrance doors that were into this life of tax collectors and sinners.

Matthew knows all of tax practice may know him. He knows that the spies sinners in Capernaum and he invites them and they are there because know this man is introducing his friends to Jesus here is transforming forgiveness which begins in the home sinful tax collector is called by Jesus and now is going to write one of the four Gospels.

In fact, when reading it right now. The first gospel in the New Testament is written by Matthew 28 chapters longer than any of the others, and in all of the 28 chapters Matthew never says anything by himself every $0.40 July 28 chapters about someone, a friend of yours and never inject yourself and what you said is Matthew pointing people to Jesus is applying the think we often forget in the Christian life that following Jesus brings joy and celebration.

The man is safe, saying that to his followers.

Things are different. I'm not following Jesus.

Here he is to have this face Jesus that I was able to teach these other tax collectors and sinners under having a great party a great celebration because this man's life is totally changed and he's going to spend the rest of his life pointing people to Jesus.

In fact, he's going to be sent by the Lord to the remote parts of the world is and what a wonderful story. The surprise you the were critics.

Pharisees are there. Verse 11 when the Pharisees saw this, they rejoice that type structure was not following Jesus. No, why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners.

You see, we don't do that we would never sit down and have a meal with tax collectors and sinners sharing a meal with tax collectors and sinners. According to the Pharisees is scandalous. Jesus uses the opportunity to teach them something very important missing Pharisees are self-righteous.

They don't admit sinners. They see themselves very very much this thing from and superior to the tax collectors and sinners.

They love to criticize others so Jesus says this in verse 12:10.

Those who are well have no need of his of a physician or hypochondriac. You don't go to the doctor unless you're sick. Obviously the doctor sees, not people who are healthy. The doctor sees people who are ill. Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick going learn what this means, I desire mercy as he did know much about mercy and not sacrifice your rituals.

I desire mercy, for I came not to call the righteous, but sinners look at sinners to repentance is the pharmacy unless you admit you're a sinner there's no cure for you.

You will never receive the forgiveness of God, you will never experience the joy of salvation as long as you think that your rights by yourself. As long as you tell clinging to your religion. Good lifestyle, your heritage, your interpretation of the law for you. There is no salvation. The Pharisees don't admit the spiritual condition. Jesus's mission is what it's mercy is grace is compassion's nonreligious ritualism on this. That may not judge mentalism understand this thing this this week, I felt what kind of church scope church mean honestly you been coming here for many years. Others of you and for the first time and perhaps you can answer this question, but I love to think I'd love to think the company church is a church for the spiritually wounded and broken, and that whoever you are, whatever your backgrounds.

Whatever your dress, whatever the color of your skin whether your dress like me with a certain time on a very different that you beloved and welcomed when you agree that Jesus is that is that true brothers and sisters kind of church we are that we believe that we are here to extend the Marseilles on the grace of God to people and that God desires and Jesus quotes from the Old Testament from Hosea that he desires mercy and not sacrifice sacrifice being a symbol of the Old Testament ritualism that God is not concerned with the ritual that God is concerned with the and the reality of the heart. Secondly, the kingdom of God is not a place of legalistic ritualism.

I would see this in verses 14 through 17. I realize these are not necessarily these verses, but I think will understand them as we take it bit by bit, the disciples of John and the Pharisees fasted. Fasting wasn't is a sign of repentance sign of sorrowing over sin, and so the disciples of John fasting because probably this time John is in prison therefore is appropriate that the disciples of John fast at this time that the praying and fasting. The Pharisees of course also fasted pharmacy means separated one means holy one. Josephus calculates that there were about 6000 Pharisees in the first century saw the Pharisees there were experts in the tort of the law where they memorize that they study that they debated in the are you doing what and over the years we have developed many of their own traditions based on the Mosaic law.

Their traditions based on their interpretations of the Mosaic law number as we were studying the sermon on the mind. Many times Jesus says you have heard that it was said, really quoting the fantasies you've heard that it was said, but I see to you and the Pharisees with their interpretations with their traditions often resulted in a distortion of the true intent of the law, and this led them over and over again as were sitting in the New Testament into conflict with Jesus there speciality was not Marseilles.

The speciality was not grace there speciality was not compassion but it was judgment and that's why the scandalize by the party in Matthew's house rather than seeing a man who was saved in rejoice whenever they thought of them see this as an opportunity to criticize Jesus. Not much joy among the fantasies. Jesus is not saying is wrong to fast there. There is a time to fast.

The Jews, in fact were required to fast. One day a year to prove the grade of atonement.

I said I did with with the 16th, the holiest day in Judaism. In addition, the Pharisees fasted on Mondays and Thursdays from dawn to sunset. Another reason I would like to be a pharmacy is on the fasting. Think of that Mondays and Thursdays dawn to sunset you fast, but they use this with a ready seen in our study of Matthew they use their fasting and that ritualism as a badge of the spirituality and if you're not doing it the way I'm doing it or not spiritual and are critical and judgmental on the self-righteous Jesus and said verse 13, I desire mercy and not sacrifice what about the disciples of Jesus. Why were they not fasting at this time. Well, the followers of Jesus having a party at Matthew's house. There evening and celebrating Jesus and saying there's 15 and the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them when the bridegroom is there. You don't fast the pictures on wedding of the guys joyfully celebrated.

I can imagine I coming to waiting here at Calvary and you come to the service here in the sanctuary and then you're invited to the reception somewhere and you go to the reception and you told well. The reception is a little different. We are having a fast think I'm going home rights.

I mean yes there's a typing class but is neither the wedding reception at no wedding reception of the bridegroom is there.

The binders there is not a time of fasting is a time of celebration. The time of joy, fasting, and celebrating. Don't go together. The bridegroom is still there was the bridegroom.

Our Lord Jesus. Yes, there is an appropriate time to fast but not at the time of celebration, not when the bridegroom is present, not when Matthew is called together his friends. His fellow tax collectors at the sinners at the hugging of fee studies house and rejoicing in Jesus is talking about the kingdom of God that is not the time for Jesus and his disciples fast, but notice what Jesus says in verse 50. The days will come the end of verse 15 when the bridegroom is with this expression is taken away from them and then they will fast this matter taken away is on violence removal the same time very interesting way is used in Isaiah 53 verse eight in that great chapter of our suffering Messiah.

We read Isaiah 53 verse eight by oppression and judgment he was taken away.

And as for his generation who considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living, stricken for the transgression of my people notice the expression by oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yes, the bridegroom, our Lord Jesus is going to be taken away.

That is going to be of violent removal of Jesus, a position in the Gospels, Jesus is increasing fantasies that Herodian's are plotting to kill Jesus just is going to be taken away the death of Jesus is not going to be a very nice that is going to be a pilot that is going to be crucifixion is going to be violently taken away is going to be equipped is going to be crucified on the cross between the crucifixion. Then, in the resurrection disciples of Jesus out in the state of shock devastation and the spirit. Yes, that's a time to fast but not known for the bridegroom is there with the point Jesus is making the old ritualism is not appropriate now that the kingdom of God has come in Jesus now is a time of feasting, not fasting now is a time of joy, not condemnation, is the point focusing first, Jesus calls sinners to life in the kingdom.

Secondly, the kingdom is not a place of legalistic ritualism. Third, the kingdom is a place of celebration. I want you to get this being in the kingdom of God is a place of celebration and help us understand Jesus uses two analogies. The sensor particles to demonstrate that the old Judaism and they knew the kingdom of God are incompatible. Let's look at both of them. First of all their 16 following us teaching of Jesus. No one puts a piece of unstrung cloth on an old garment for the patch tears away from the garment and the worst chair is made. First, the knowledge of the garments so you will remember I said lender your mother sowing a patch on your clothes.

Okay some of you Kimberly wealthy arms and that did happen I did I come from a relatively poor home and being one of six bodies closer pastime and are invariably when you're playing in your wearing your trousers a whole appears often at the knee and what does mom do rather than throw away a pair of what she thinks her perfectly good trousers as she puts a patch on them so you have a patch on your trousers, one that had this thing to another on this brother shows the back going we came from. The amazing thing is not of people go to a store and buying coolants with holes in them and they brought close with patches on them.

You know when I was growing up a sign of patches and holes was assigned a poverty is a sign you're really cool by the way, if you got holes in your pants or patches on. We welcome you to Calvary.

I'm not judging your don't judge me where my time and I will judge you having holes in your ginger really cool and we welcome you here that's the point right so here are old close and then you patch is sewn on to the old close happens when you unstrung patch as it shrinks it rips the old garment that is shrinking in the new but not of the old that is the new patch can really be connected to the old close.

The new patch is stronger than the old garment as you try to do that, you end up with a worse situation know don't put you patches and "secondly, the analogy of the wineskin purposes a little easier for us to understand. Neither is new wine into old wineskins.

If it is the skin bursts and the wine is spilled on the skins or destroy but new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved, but was mine In those days in the wineskins contained are made from the skin of an animal, not new wineskins are pliable and they stretch so the new wine goes into new wineskin. That's fine because the new wineskins pliable and as the wind ferments in the expanse, so does the wineskin old wineskins. Another hot other hand on heart, the brittle rigid unbending and so if you put Jesus is saying into old wineskins as the new wine ferments it expands and it means that the old wineskins burst open and you no longer have an old white skin, and you no longer have wine. Both are destroyed point old line skins cannot contain you wine the analogy of the patch. The analogy of the wineskin was the point Jesus is making a profound point, one that the Pharisees really resent the legalism the root of the religious traditionalism of Judaism is outdated at this incompatible with the celebration of those who are in the kingdom of heaven.

The Pharisees promoted outward conformity and rule keeping, they were very exact very pedantic, very critical. You can only see them with the little book writing down another reach of one of their interpretations of the law. We see this over and over again in the Gospels were going to see it to do with the Sabbath, and so on. They charged people's spirituality by the external. How do you address. How do you wash your hands how do you keep the Sabbath.

How do you find so many times that you fast but your prayers. It was all to do with the external legalism outward compliance was their speciality adding their rules. They wrote regulations to the commandments of God. When our Lord Jesus is preaching the reality of repentance and faith that the gospel of the kingdom, repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus teaching here that they old and then you could not and cannot be mixed use is neither connected to the old. The analogy of the garments, nor can the new be contained in the old knowledge of the wineskin, legalism, traditionalism, self-righteousness, the old all of that is incompatible with the kingdom of God, the new which comes with Jesus trying patch things up in your life you use it while you and I believe in the Lord Jesus.

I believe in God's grace, but I do my part as well. Paul says in Romans 11 verse six of it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works otherwise grace would no longer be grace the gospel of Jesus Christ can't be contained in the old Judaism of the Pharisees. The Pharisees on the tradition. Something was old it was good. You have people like this good old days is good in the old days not really right. I will patches on the trousers and old days rights. I have recently. The radiologist just a few day's ago you may have heard that the gun is selling.

I get past the meatball something Italian and the his his pitch is this that is his grandmother's recipe. I'm thinking okay I don't know your grandmother and she may have the taste buds you know of a caterpillar.

I don't know, but his point is my grandmother's brother's resume. That was the old way and therefore is good logic in that looking as if you buy into the guy don't do that. Think right this point is if it's old it's good no is old. It may be bad. It is maybe bad. The question is what also following of Jesus Christ as they conform to the word of God. The mission of Jesus please go this is not to patch up the old is not to put all patches are sorry is not to put you patches on old Judaism. Neither the bridegroom's, Lord Jesus, the legalistic traditions the interpretations the for empty formalism of the past must be rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ can't be connected to our sins and eyes with any other religion, belief system or philosophy. This is totally new with everyone they do. Someone says well this is my heritage. I was brought up in this church. I was brought up in this belief and not only is thank you for telling me about Jesus you is that there's a lot to be said about Jesus and I would take a little bit of that teaching and patches here. I'm going to add a little bit of the Christian faith my life to help me get through. Absolutely not totally missed the point. Salvation were singing I got saved going to be saved.

You must understand that salvation is totally by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and cannot be mixed with art connected to your ideas to your words to your religion to yourself effort to your rituals to your belief systems absolutely no the kingdom of God is incompatible with all other kingdoms new wine is for new wineskins and only life that can truly contain the righteousness of God is the new life given by God.

When you repent of your sin and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ don't trust in your religious attitude, which may be a good one but don't trust and that that doesn't get you into heaven don't trust in the externals. Don't tell me what I've been a Christian all my life and I was baptized when I was a baby and I took communion and I did this and I did that all of that may be true but all of that can be true and you miss the whole point of the gospel which is salvation by Christ and Christ alone don't trust in your church. Don't trust in your works don't trust in your religious heritage. Put your trust totally in Christ is what Matthew did he left everything and he follows Jesus experienced in the reality and celebration of the kingdom of God. When the when the Holy Spirit is at work. The old wineskins burst speak to those of you who are followers of Jesus, you're truly safe to praise God for that.

Is there still a bit of the build Pharisees to continue arguing something like an old wineskin heart bristle critical resistant to change and growth of a fault finder was trying to find fault with someone was worried that someone somewhere is enjoying himself.

Is it worth it is the spirit of the Pharisee and I think few of us would say that were totally free of someone asking a question, brother, sister, you say that you're safe, wonderful mask.

Where is the joy of Christian life.

I meet people who tell with her saved but the Christian life doesn't seem very joyful is joy in your home with your children look at you that you talk about your faith to see the joy of the Lord, to the here criticism from you, but other believers about the church but things going on as of July sister is joy in your relationships, your friends Christian.

It is so joy there is joy in your ministry or is it just become a legalistic obligation and on and you do it but you kinda frighten you complain and that which people didn't like you is is is that there are so spiritual wives are so little joy in your home in your relationships and your service is a question I ask myself to God spirit brings new wine you joy.

Paul says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is what freedom where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom Pharisees specialized in bondage and self-righteous and criticism and rigidity and being pedantic and wanting everyone to conform to their own ideas, they wanted to be in control of everyone and everything but the spirit of the Lord brings to freedom, liberty, and joy, not bondage to rituals, not bondage to your traditions, not bondage the rules, not bondage to the devil but true freedom God is at work in your life. I hope this is the case for you, probably when God is at work in your life is growth. This freshness this humility is a desire to learn and there is joy know Jesus does not come to patch things up. Jesus is not there like some person that you just turn to when there's a problem in your link to Jesus. That's not the gospel. The gospel is this that you are transformed totally. Here is a man.

Matthew collecting taxes by greedy man, a materialistic man.

Jesus calls of these totally changed noise not perfect of course not. But he follows Jesus.

He gives his life to telling people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and maybe it's time yes it is for some of us to throw out some of the old stuff in their life. Some of the old attitudes the old garments the old wineskins is aware. What does Paul say if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation the old is gone then you has come. Don't allow the devil to bring you back into that critical attitude into that bondage that you brought topping understand there is this new wine into fresh wineskins. This is a radical living dear Jesus call you.

Follow me Jesus and follow John when you keep following me I been following Jesus for many years. I need to hear this fresh from the master because my own flesh I can become critical in heart, and I can get off track and I need to hear and you need to hear fresh these words follow God is the God of new beginnings gospel is the power of God for salvation to all who believe how important it is brothers and sisters we experience new part of the gospel breaking through the old and flowing in newness of life and joy I'm saying to you be an authentic follower of Jesus live the abundant use life of the spirit a life of freedom, a life of joy, a life of celebration. No, not being Pollyanna.

Not saying there are no problems in life with dealt with that. But in spite of the problem in your life and your heart in your home and in society that this is overwhelming. You once you are lost and know your funds and that whatever happens, whenever they told you whatever the politics happens in your following Jesus and all is well. Jesus though says new wine is for fresh wineskins. This is the new wine of the kingdom. I pray with you Judy flight from this branch of never trusted Christ to see him dying on the cross for you. You see him rising again the living Christ. We are asking to save you still says come to me. Follow me believe in me, your follower of Jesus, you become a bit hard with complacent but still needed the freshness of the power of the new wine of the spirit. May God restore the joy of your salvation is your feet as we break bread on the living Christ. Father, help us to do that, we thank you that you are living God, we thank you that you: likely people to follow you, like us, thank you for your grace.

Thank you for your mercy continue to guide us at work in our hearts we pray in Christ

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