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What Happens When You Stand for Righteousness

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 14, 2020 6:00 pm

What Happens When You Stand for Righteousness

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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There's a price to pay.

You confront the culture.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, this is Michael around. Welcome to the line of fire broadcast great to be with you. I'm not taking any calls today were going to be getting into a bunch of really interesting video clips and talking about what happens when we as followers of Jesus confront the culture around us. I don't mean hate, hate speech, anger, intimidation, God forbid, I don't mean violence, but when we speak up we speak out when we shine as lights in dark places is a price to pay for confront in the culture.

It's a reason that many pastors and leaders avoid not one reason they avoided as they think well I just need to teach the Scripture and encourage my my flock and protect them from error and then reach out to those in our community that are hurting and in need of course, that's a great job of a shepherd and a great function of the church, but we live in this world confused messed up world. Our kids are dealing with all kinds of confusing signals from schools and social media media were confronted with all kinds of problems issues in the workplace. Universities are going in a very different direction with their agenda. We don't speak little confront the culture who will when Jesus said to his followers.

You are the salt of the earth.

One of the the functions of salt was to preserve dripping flavor. You could say that we are the conscience of the society.

He said if the salt has lost its saltiness. What good is it, what good is it. It's this can be thrown out and trampled under people's feet when we are not making the difference.

We are supposed to make. We just get in, nor ignore it and mocked it as being irrelevant. He said you ally the world. The city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

That's why by the way our scandals or shortcomings are broadcast for the world to see. Because we are like a city set on a hill and and the great problem in America. As you've heard me say over again is not so much the presence of darkness, but the absence of life. The old saying you don't curse the darkness. You light a candle for you light a candle in the dark.

Not everyone will appreciate that all right if I get to some of these clips tell you about some of my own journey and then talk about what what got stirred up when we confronted and exposed BLM leaders calling on spirits of the dead, you will get into all that first a shout out to everyone watching on the America's voice channel on dish TV on Pluto TV if that's you right now you're you're watching one of our daily live radio Internet broadcast that we are especially tailoring for you watching on Saturday night on America's voice or elsewhere different time online so that you want to take a moment and shoot a note to our website because we want to give you two free e-books. So go to my website right now. Asked Dr. Brown a SKDR* you see their son up for the emails when you do that, you automatically get a really neat eye-opening e-books seven secrets. The real Messiah is for everyone surfing on our email list going get on that you find out about our daily op-ed pieces are daily videos and great material help equip you, but when you fill out the form and it says how did you find out about the website. Click on other than type in America's voice when you do will also send you an extra free e-book a mini book 5 ways to pray for America. Okay couple weeks ago I was asked on short notice to join Pastor Rob McCoy on his nightly broadcast that he has been doing for many weeks now.

Fireside chats and he was some of his team members there a pest McCoys, and to national attention with his church services. They were going to meet you confine us but were to meet. This is a First Amendment right etc. and he is also served as a city Mayor city councilmember, so he's been actively involved in politics and he was talking about how the SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center went after me some years ago. Listen to the dialogue. The last person I would want to debate and contend with as you I've seen you debate your vicious in a sweet way.

You just need this is awesome. Her viciousness we disarm people and then you just smother them with facts and your grasp of the topic is is hard to contend with. So I imagine that you you are doing your best to enlighten him and I love the fact that your bridge builder mean your in reality or messianic Jew you're considered by some in the Southern poverty Law Center and others to be anti-Semitic which couldn't be any further from the truth. I just read some of these things and and it baffles me that people can put that in writing.

SPLC went after me years ago is allegedly anti-gay.

Woodson became anti-LGBT Q so I was I got on their hate list. I was one of the third use of the of the radical right and also first. I actually made my night when a friend asked about it. I just had this tremendous sense of joy affirmation for the Lord, knowing it was opposition for righteousness sake and I called on the carpet publicly for a truce and never got a response and even rejects the privately they continue to discredit themselves.

The SPLC Dave they branded ADF licensing freedom, which is one member Supreme Court cases as well. Most respected organizations in America brings them a hate group and others shown in a regular, double standards, etc. Not now. The SPLC Southern poverty Law Center. One student really good work and exposed hate groups legitimate hate groups and KKK and those kinds of things they did good work the case go but then they shifted further and further to the left so Christian conservatives and Christian concerns now made their way onto the hate list and find Christian ministry organization cement – the respected American family Association got branded as hate groups. To this day, Missy good Amazon and you you want to make a donation through Amazon and designate a charitable organization to get a certain percentage of of sales and and Amazon's done that with hundreds and hundreds of organizations so ADF note no you can't give to ADF like is there hate group family research Council bring a hate group. I mean this is some of the dangerous work there. They're doing in the double standards involved. If you are a Muslim exposing Muslim extremism and Muslim terror. You can be branded a hater so I got a Lewis just want to understand that when you stand for righteousness. You will be opposed when you expose gay activism in our schools will be opposed.

You can be loving, gracious, caring about individual say, but I differ with this being touch my children that this matter will be branded hater. So it was back in 2012 and I want you to see the sold the Southern poverty Law Center actually has this page and and here's what the page says it's got me listed here and it's got 30 new activists heading up the radical move the radical right right so this is from May 2012 the last decade has seen major changes in the American radical right was once a world largely dominated by a few relatively well-organized groups has become seen partly by large numbers of smaller groups with only a handful led by the kind of charismatic chieftains that characterize the 1990s like a someone of the charismatic chieftains elastic is seen major changes the American radical right was once a world largely dominated by fusel go through that and it says this others the explosive growth in several sectors of the radical right, specially in the last few years much, were driven by anger over the diminishing white majority and severe dislocations caused by still ailing economy and anti-Muslim movement almost entirely ginned up by the political opportunist and hard-line Islamic folds has grown enormously since takeoff in 2010 reported anti-Muslim hate crimes went up by 50% during the same timeframe among a number of religious right anti-gay groups enraged on the defense of the swelling majorities of Americans drop their opposition to same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights grown extraordinary vicious in their propaganda and it goes on so that's how everything is couched, we are we are angry were angry that were losing our domination. These other groups arises. So here's a list of different leaders in the Christian historian David Barton is on there and there is Michael L.

Brown almost always David Duke, David Duke well-known unapologetic anti-Semite David Duke, former grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I'm on the same list with him. I'm on the same list with Malik Zulu Shabazz, former leader of the new Black Panthers with other neo-Nazis and white supremacists and also find Christian brothers that are on that list so I want when a friend told me cuffs on the SPLC hate list. I literally had just I jump for joy on the inside. I accounted a badge of honor because I knew it wasn't for being nasty it wasn't for being mean-spirited it wasn't for insulting people and calling them names and and railing on them like some some rabbit fundamentalist know it was for exposing gay activists curricula in schools. It was for expressing my difference with the idea the two men or two women can have something that was called a marriage in God's sight.

It was for speaking the truth in love. Jesus said that when were persecuted for righteousness. We should rejoice and listen. I have friends of mine colleagues people I've known over the years who have literally been persecuted for the faith, meaning put in prison. Meaning stoned people hurling stones them to the bleeding from the head their head, meaning tortured for their faith. There are people that I have personally worked with in ministry and help send them out to preach. You have been killed in different countries. I can even mention some of the places because we still have workers there killed for preaching the gospel so getting on somebody's hate list getting discredited, getting this right does defame getting bar getting block, getting banned hate. That's that's the least we could do that. The lease we express. I just want to candidly, I don't feel sorry for you when you're unfriended for sharing an important article about righteousness. I don't feel bad for III don't feel bad for you when people post nasty things in response to a Scripture that you post all this. I know many of your sensitive and you care about people and you want to be your friend and you want to be loving but Jesus said would be rejected. Jesus said we be hated the fact he was hated to the point of being nailed to a cross. He said if that's how they treated him the master of the household.

How will we, the servants of the household retreated. Let's not fall into some pretty poor poor. I got unfriended where we're worried about losing her friends on social media was her brothers and sisters around the world are literally losing their heads the gospel and not denying Jesus. So let's let's have the strength the soldiers. Let's stand up and be courageous. This determined nasty mean-spirited fight will speak truth and love me will not move. Nothing occurred expose darkness right. We are just getting started. No calls to David will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is what happens when you speak truth and love. What happens when you flip the light on when everyone has gotten accustomed to the darkness. What happens when you confront error.

What happens when you are the one that is granted, the hater you are the one is granted, the homophobe trance fold the racist xenophobe simply because you love righteousness people will mischaracterize you just have to accept it. People will lie about you get your message out. You speak the truth you leave the rest to God. But just understand you will be misrepresented will be spoken against, Jesus himself was prophesied over him and his birth.

Luke to that he was to be a sign spoken against the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed one when you bring the truth to light you find out where people really stand so it is not just the SPLC that put me on their list and and by the way, reached out to them everywhere knew how didn't respond expose their error publicly didn't respond. They actually had Dr. Ben Carson on their hate list for little while you Dr. Ben Carson and Bill O'Reilly when he was on Fox drew attention to it and they backed away.

I wrote said that you will me across a cheap apologist, but Carson know me an apology and and they pulled my daddy years ago because that really cannot legitimately classify me as as a hater but I'm still on that list even though you click on my name. It doesn't go anywhere and obstinately switch again three badge of honor. So there's another group called glad started as the gay and lesbian Alliance against defamation Michael McGann Lisman Watkins disagreement because that's really what they opposed and they put out something called the commentator accountability project called Commentator accountability project and yes I'm on that list as well listed as head of the coalition of conscience we can speak from the conservative circuit and author of a queer thing happened to America and then it's got quotes of all the horrible things of allegedly said use of those are actual quotes.

Yet in context all boats a stand for hundred percent but they will try to represent them as if I am leader of of a hate group and spreading hate. So you see what's What's the commentator accountability project about commentator accountability project was glad which is very influential, very influential behind the scenes and they don't even call themselves anymore and Lisman wineskins defamation there just glad that they don't even referred as an acronym anymore. Just glad, but they'll be working behind the scenes with major networks you have enough gay characters representatives not strung up represent equal here anymore.

This more that their main rate influential, so they started this always on their initial list of 36. I made on their first lessons expanded since it began my great honor.

This is simply for, God's model for marriage and family and sexuality with compassion sin. Jesus died for all of us the same role created in God's image, the same and and and we all need mercy role broken fallen race will be God's mercy and redemption. Every single one of us yet marriage is need of a man and woman. The two men. The two women, the world's best mother is not is not a father etc. so this makes me Cody hater so be it. So what glad did.

Was this. They reached out all the major networks and said do not have these people on do not have the mark me you Tony Perkins were risk do not have them on. If you're discussing these issues with sexuality relationship in the case of military whatever is do not have these people because it will pollute that they will they will mess people up. They will they will spread misinformation. Their haters don't have the puck so much for equal dialogue when I'm asked to go to campus, run a school campus and and do a lecture on Kenya began Christian, or do a lecture on on Israel's right. This is will have a right to to homeland whatever my request is or is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Whatever the controversial subject. My request is can you find a professor on campus or someone involved in one of the groups that is able representative or someone in the community can be brought it to have a debate with me. My preference, my preference is that we have a debate and that both sides are presented and we can cross examine each other and the audience can ask us questions you say you want to just present your view because I want someone to challenge our challenge. There's let's put it out there on the table, glancing, no, no, no, we only want one side presented if if I was going on the air and I have an opportunity to just go on by myself or have a major debate with the leader from the other side. I settled please bring the Moslems we get equal time, please bring them on. II want things to be brought into the light. I want to be able to challenge the error and I want some to be able to challenge me so I can defend the truth that's always my preference is always my desire when I do my daily talk radio show is not taking calls today, but I constantly ask critics in the centrist: they really do, but I constantly do we invite critics in the centrist, very few take limitation so glad and if they probably effective in getting voices like me off some of the major networks so be it will get the message out and then the HRC world's largest gay activist organization human rights campaign on a big enough that they have people no less than Pres. Obama speak at their annual fundraising event that they would actually host presidential debate soaked few years ago I was invited to Portugal to excuse me to out to Peru to prove I was invited to Peru to give a presentation to congressional leaders and university chancellors as to what happens when you normalize same-sex relations in society and legalize a quote marriage.

I was this just go and give a presentation. There which I did and as a result of that I got on the HRC list as one of those exporting hate. So that actually put out this is this is not a video that we Dr. this is their video.

Check out the music and everything exporting hate all you exists a network of American extremists Michael Brown Marianne hate romance ally with the man's contrary to what God intended.

The unspoken manager. Gay activist for many years has been newly delegitimized. If you do not embrace set and celebrate sexuality.

If I say desistance that homosexuality do. I therefore justify pedophilia is distancing them had a feeling I have an issue with two men marrying her to marry, cancel, understand, and that the world's best mommy is not a good daddy thought of it. The thought of it a monster like me exporting those views around the world this is. Yes I'm being sarcastic and hate.

Bottom line, the world's best mommy is not a daddy in the world's best daddy is not a mommy in the ideal environment best environment for child to be raised to give them the best chance to thrive is with their mother and their father in a healthy long-term committed relationship that that is it is been proven and demonstrated and thousands of articles and studies in all kinds of data that supports it very angle notice say that is being hateful. And when you use the argument from silence while when did Jesus condemn homosexuality by name. My point is not to compare homosexuality pedophilia but to expose the faulty arguments that want to be condemned pedophilia by name. Wendy could condemn wifebeating by them that you just go down along less the fact he did not condemn a specific thing by name doesn't mean it's okay. Of course in different ways. Jesus clearly tells us God's model is is one man one woman together for life, and that all sexual acts committed outside of that violation of God's will and defile us but but see this is again what happens when you speak up there's there's a quote of Wells and Piers Morgan years ago with a Pamela really got me Quach them by the quote.

It's biblical. It's truthful and if you love people you speak the truth. You see, long before the cancel culture had risen up in recent years, the seeds of it have been here for years and years and years and there have been attempts to marginalize those of us who speak to culture were controversial cultural issues you think it was carpaccio on the back. When you expose the evils of abortion, even with great compassion for the women involved in the families involved in reaching out, using people to thank you.

Never done this goal join a sidewalk prayer counsel group outside of abortion clinic. Okay. Notice the demeanor notice the graciousness of the group.

With a good Christian group there graciousness their love and concern worshiping the praying your offering to speak to people pray with people pay for them to get an ultrasound, whatever it is and you you watch the cars drive by you watch grandmothers rolling down their window and cursing you out with the worst profanity you watch Satanists ACS which is lesbians gather together and denounce you as evil.

You think what were doing this is trying to save the lives of the unborn and offer life. But when you stand against the spirit of the age there will be opposition clip on play for you and what will do it. On the other side of the break, but again I want to set this up. We have been saying for weeks and weeks and weeks now when you look and see the rioting and looting and burning of buildings filing tax that is from below, not from above. That is the spirit of anarchy that is lawlessness. That is rebellion is very different from grief over the death of George Ford that is very different from concern about unequal opportunities of education for kids in the inner-city that is very different than reviewing the horrible history of our past with slavery and segregation, and asking, are there scars of that that still remain in our culture know this is something totally different in the profound difference is where this is coming from.

One can come from legitimate grief concern desire to see righteousness equity. The other comes from below. In that sense, it is demonic in that sense it is hellish and it is clearly destructive, but it goes deeper than that.

There is a deeper spiritual battle we've talked about it on the air.

We been exposing it and and now are exposing it has gotten the attention of right wing watch which is a notorious group of ultra-ultra left. I've often feature on their website fact sometimes a broadcast is a regular watch if you're listening to this is a good clip pull some civil moccasins take the stand. So be it will get the message out-great thing to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown is returning into the light a fire.

This is Michael Brown once again a shout out to all of our friends just joining us, getting to know us on the America's voice network.

You can call in right now. This is a prerecorded show we do live daily radio folks can call in, but were not taking any calls today with you watching this on a Saturday night on dish TV on Pluto TV on America's voice network or perhaps just watching online with America's voice of one of their different outlets love to hear from you and we love to send you some free gifts to read that will really be eye-opening and helpful. So guess what you do get your watching on America's voice, go to our website.* and you to see where you can fill in your email and submit that that means is you will be notified of all the new videos we put out every week on the new articles we put out every week special resources that we make available when you do, you'll automatically get a free copy of a mini book represents many years of study, but is contested in many books, seven secrets of the real Messiah. Whether you're Jewish, Christian or agnostic atheist. I think you'll find it a fascinating read and then also when you fill out how you found out about the websites you click on the bottom click other than typing America's voice will also send you another free mini book 5 ways to pray for America. Alright, so couple weeks back I was with Pastor Rob McCoy, a politically involved pastor in California knows the word of God loves the community around him and is urging Christians to get involved in a righteous godly way in the political scene.

So this is a discussion we were having was a Sunday night discussion that he hosted with some of his team. Let's go back to that. Talk so well everything started back in 2016. I wrote an article saying we must separate the BLM movements from real civil rights issues, we must separate BLM movement from sin apply cosmetics.

What you need to say likewise not because much of American history. To this day many black Americans feel they must have choices that shout it from the rooftop. Yes, God's matter BLM movement. We separate ourselves from now that this has grown into a national phenomenon. We've opened up even more.

I will be referred to them as the likewise letter movement. I just: BLM dignify this is likewise matter with their movement of when you go to the website.

Of course you notice that the three founders oral radical feminists immediately trained Marxists to have them openly identify as queer. All of your viewers know by now that the old obesity want to disrupt the Western nuclear family.

When I dug into the state and even further I noticed strikingly that the word father never heard lots mothers mentioned parents mentioned his father never once and then more recently surfaced that some of the leaders in the movement talk about calling on spirits of the dead when they say say his name José George Floyd or or or say this name went when you say the name you're also calling on the person to come forth for those spirits come forth and counter movements was witchcraft and you think this whole thing is very Jezebel like in that regard. In terms of joining together radical feminism attack on gender attack on family structure, emasculating man and you bring and it appeals to the spirits of the dead, so I have been warning people for months separate from the movement's and artist's antichrist do not show show your solidarity with my friends in different ways. You see, injustice confronted, separate from the movement and we began to worry about this. Not long after that they started burning Bibles in Portland and I treated okay now what's next, but who's next. Sure enough, next week and I tried to burn police live in the police precinct suite exposes for this from below are from about. So what happened was right wing watch saw that clip and and give a report of it on their websites. When you go to their website and you look at with a posted. There it's it's a fairly full report right so the right wing watch website does not take any comments okay so that just post what happened and and and gives a quotes are from from the talk that are representative quotes but then their Facebook page or Facebook page is different. There, Facebook page, you can add comments so you go to the right.

We watch Facebook pages is anti-LGBT Q activist and author Michael Brown calls the black lives matter movement antichrist ice his former years of Trump will give the church time to usher in revival and awakening, then a link to their site and then beneath my picture Michael Brouse is BLM calling out names of the dead is witchcraft.

Okay then. One statement I made about Trump was in the context of former years of gone trouble not save America at best, it would be like a human wage stuck in the door before it collapses completely with the church get about doing what it's called to do steering revival awakening great commission because of the net America's head off a cliff means is that urgent it's that it's that real is that intense, so that that's the situation in which we find ourselves. But what really got the attention of folks there was me mentioning about BLM leaders calling out spirits of the dead and calling it witchcraft, by which I met you are looking to other powers. Demonic powers other than the power of God to have influence and N2's and to be empowered by these other spirits how to do a particular work and ultimately to kids to cultivate anarchy in the society.

That's from below, not from above. That's witchcraft rather than the Holy Spirit and end many of the leaders involved in radical feminist others openly identify as which is the meaning different ways that openly identifies which is, as I documented in my book Jezebel's war with America now my colleague and American family radio American family Association eight Hamilton himself a black man, a lawyer and pastor was the one that brought national attention BLM leaders calling on spirits of the dead that I played some of those clips on my radio show women talked about it on the air. So what kind of responses did this get so I went through the comments on the Facebook page and was interesting was people didn't have a problem. I'd say 98% of those interacting that which should be follows right.

We watch and the most part, ultraleft that 90% of had no problem with the idea of calling on the spirits of the dead. They had a problem with me exposing it and calling it witchcraft or limit when we read some of the some of the quotes from there) old.

Let's see here or here your some of the more passionate posts when you make a racist lose his mind like this you know BLM supporters are doing it right about this great Caesar's ghost. He is insane in this so fighting for equality is satanic now. If that's the case that I'm a Satanist and then these morons should have to work real jobs, not just make up hateful blank to sell to lunatics another blanking nutcase where they come from. Have you ever notice that it's the most evil minded bigots and cranks to call other people antichrist which is discussed total much up so no problem with BLM leaders calling on spirits of the dead to empower them no problem with naming names George Floyd Rhianna Taylor.

Others no problem with naming their names to call their spirits from the dead to empower the leaders to do their work. No, but to call it out to call it witchcraft makes me insane and reveals the evil and the is isn't it while how how the darkness identifies the light is darkness and identifies the darkness is light by going back to the prophet Isaiah. In the fifth chapter of his book woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Let's look at some more of the comments some posterior homosexual comments is to crude that if you put those up with Deirdre, but that got tons of attention people adding in their foul comments, others like and this was his Christian practices Roman Catholic practices calling on God, Jesus or the Saints over more dead or made up to intercede on his behalf. His religion got it about this and talking to an invisible being in the sky and asking for favors is madness. So to see how many atheistic responses are but then course people to bring up Salem witch trials, and I was gonna bring in their own witchcraft humor so look at this.

I bet Mrs. Salem and the witch trials yet because I expose this is what happens when a hex on him about this. Expletive you Mikey Brown. That was a satanic spell get Micah to soil himself to work another seriously, this is counsel even that he actually believes in, which is was just another gift or plane. The suckers for that ignorant.

Another funny how fast Christians, one from love thy neighbor as thyself to kill all the witches, the fascist heartbeat Mason with power money does another holdovers from medieval times these people.

The modern equivalents of those who thought burning at the stake say Turkey salt letters were so while they now have me calling for the burning of witches do you understand how suddenly be an enema fascist and autonomic goes and as we have been shouting everywhere we know how that black lives matter by close to matter was there with her black with assistance in America where there's injustice or in equity. We want confronted together with the discourse of our past one address that together with is not reconciliation will reconcile, but we oppose the BLM movement for these various reasons that doesn't matter nose can get that living is as evil to the bow. I am not complaining this comes with the territory and anybody with any platform. Media social media's can get hated intact understand and this to me is a badge of honor for speaking the truth. What concerns me is the people I want to help them. I want to reach them and end the way people's minds can be so twisted that's what concerns me okay others needed to be little clear with the threats. A look at this once is this yeah pal.

Keep it up and I'll be calling your name was you to be dead soon that's critical threat on feel personally threatened, but that that's what you call threat yet. I'll keep it up will be call your name so I keep up, exposing the evil roots of BLM and I'll be killed for.

That's what that thing about this time to bring the liens back to the Coliseum is because the amount that can happen time to bring the liens back to the Coliseum for a buffet time to eat the Christians time to kill and devour the Christians once again no proposition H when that was major, major news in Sen. Obama's first campaign for president in 2008, proposition eight, which said marriage is a union of one man and one woman that passed in California. One reason the past was many bike Americans are conservative in their ethics also voted for Barack Obama and he had lied. At that point about his real view on same-sex marriage but they help black voters that came at a larger numbers fully, understandably, for to vote for Barack Obama when understandably they they also voted for prop eight and passed, but there were protesters against property calling it prop eight and also say utilize timelines of this rhetoric, friends, people may just be posted online. But the loss of the haters really want to see bad things happen to us as follows.

The reality is what happens when you swim against the tide and go against the grain, so be it would be on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So let's go back to my dialogue with Pastor Rob McCoy and his team.

Again, a politically involved pastor is really challenging other Christians to get involved and to make a difference. This is part of the fireside chat we had joining him and his team by Internet Chuck Smith and Kay Smith look out of the sea of humanity, and they begin the simple application of teaching the Bible verse by verse chapter by chapter book by book and then they bring in Maren off the music with syncopated rhythms and electric guitars and and it takes off any of Costa Mesa won the first mega churches from 68 to 22,020. It's a 52 year span of our our life existence of Calvary Chapel. We experienced 10,000% growth. There's no 1800 Chapels around the world south of Ananias right here in California there's 350 Chapels. It's a it's a Chapel sandbox that the tenant probably many of the 10th largest churches in California are our calorie chapels and in some of the largest churches in America, chapels, but we have we been a political. The only really president the Chuck Smith ever endorsed was Jimmy Carter because he said he was born again. So 52 years of preaching the gospel. That's conversion growth not transfer growth people being delivered from drug signal on and on about amazing stories and the movement of God spirit and was charismatic because we were still aligned with the vineyard, and he still had Lonnie Frisbee and people were speaking in tongues.

Which is it you know in your wheelhouse, but here we are 52 years into this movement and let's look at the byproduct of how this is change the culture in California by being a political we no longer have the fifth-largest GDP we have the six maybe seven with the highest gas tech sales tax income tax corporate tax would lead the nation in debt with the highest poverty highest homelessness were the authors of no-fault divorce.

A decimated marriage across the country and and fatherless families. We are the authors of transgender bathroom bills. The most secularly progressive sex ed curriculum in the world and here's the kicker we've aborted more babies in California than the entire population of Canada. So how did that revival change California. Those three questions so pastoral McCoy is talking about what happened with that Jesus people movement. This came in the midst of the counterculture revolution of the 60s. I was pulled in by the counterculture revolution of the 60s went wholeheartedly into the hole drugs rock 'n' roll scene.

You know my story, and 1971 was radically transformed became a follower of Jesus. The age of 16 is a Jewish hippie rock drummer heroin shooting LSD using but the whole drug rock scene. I got caught up in the 60s but during that time. Beginning around 1967 was was that the birth was called Jesus people movement or the Jesus revolution read about time magazine June 1970. Once this incredible story that is lays out what was happening on the country hippies, radicals, rebels radically dramatically converted transform is actually happening all over the world.

It was a spiritual phenomenon. Rob McCoy's in the Chuck Smith and his wife Kay. They they looked out soul was happy there were traditional pastors in a jacket and tie. Normal traditional church sing the hams they saw was happening, they began to bring young people and they began to do outreach and Calvary Chapel exploded because these young people were spiritually searching and looking for spiritual fathers looking for places to gather together and let's this incredible movement of calorie chapels with with tens of thousands of people generally born again generally save generally come to faith in him being changed, but like most of our churches was kind of a political mentality that's a different kingdom kingdom of this world were of the kingdom of God and they don't really intersect their disc, parallel, and so on.

So get involved in politics. It's dirty.

It's messy we don't get involved cultural issues. Another mentality was. This is the end of the age.

Jesus is coming any minute will be out here any minute so pretty silver all be out here. Go back to love early songs and teachings, and how Lindsay's likely planet Earth, which came out in 1970 and in the end of the World Series over right here any second. Why get involved plus the theology was the world's only get worse for the worse it gets, the more confirms the theology the more you don't get involved worse gadgets. See the cycle you understand the situation there so with all the good that calorie chapels to thank God for doing good.

To this day. Well-known pastors like Greg Laurie and others during great outreach and doing so much good of God.

Find friends that a copy Chapel pastors that love the Lord and have solid churches at the same time mentality that was there and in many of these churches was just you don't get involve the political scene. So all these people come to faith if the culture goes down around his overall still here 50+ years later were still here. Something was wrong.

The metallic past McCoy's is something else very challenging to go to one more clip from our dialogue when we abdicated our responsibility in the public square, whether it was our eschatology or whatever it was when we abdicated our responsibility in the public square, to engage the culture and end simply saying politics is dirty and I want to be a part of it in the church. I just preach the gospel. I watch something happen and in that picture. I give you the 52 year decline of California where were more people to lift the stay thinking here during the dustbowl and this was this was the epicenter of evangelism in our state is just devastated. Right now it's a mess in there there shuttering churches and censoring what we say and yet this is where Focus on the Family came from. This is where in a campus crusade came from Bill Brightman, Dick James Dobson in the Calvary movement in the Vineyard movement go on and on.

But here's my struggle because we abdicated our participation in the culture and stayed within the walls of the church and the decline of the family unit and we didn't defend that and we allowed public education to take a course and we never participated and we surrendered our children to public education and we embrace divorce as a governor would promote it and devastate marriage across the country and then families are dissolved and struggling and you give this depiction of waking up in 2000. Suppose 1969 and you gave the social barometers every social pathology is listed there. The this is the kicker. This is where we diverge, the gay and lesbian movement moving towards Marxism and participating with BLM.

I think that's our fault not tell you why these are disenfranchised human beings raised in a single-parent family or a culture that is driven by sexual deviance and any political structure for them to participate. They're not permitted in the church and and understandably that that you can hold a leadership position. You can do this and the only thing that the church does politically is to define what they don't do an end are you are you opposed abortion. You aren't in your you're not in any here's my point, we have relegated these human beings that struggle with their sexual identity that they can only embrace the leftist theology so really, really interesting point from someone involve politically, who was also a pastor.

Caring about people is that with the shift that we have in our culture in the 60s until today again is psychologist David Meyer point out years ago. If you fell asleep in the year 1960 woke up in the year 2000.

Wake up to the divorce rate double teen suicide triple reported filing, four times prison population up five times, children born out of wedlock of six times people in get out of wedlock up seven times just those last couple of factors that massively impacts the society that massively impacts the younger generation growing up, and often with the churches that is you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong, and people got ideas stay away or leave you raised in the church leave we don't want your type.

That's what people heard. Rather, the compassionate voice saying we understand that you brought grew up in a broken home. We understand that you were raised in a very alienating environment terms of your view of God in the gospel. And yes these are values, yes we believe God's ways are best this we believe God made men for women and women from it. Yes, we believe all these things at the same time because we believe God's ways are best. We're here to show you mercy and compassion, grace to sit to stand with you and Ed as people who care about you were not your enemies were your friends. So come and listen, sit with us. Get to know us. I was asked by a pastor to speak to his congregational poll about 900 people Sunday morning and to deal with Kenya began Christmas a bit. Please address the transgender issue also. I said you bet.

And as I was speaking I said so what you do if a man comes into your building wearing a dress carrying a Bible. What you do us about the lunch not get little kids that could be confusing for them but otherwise just take how my thoughts. But on EE text me a few weeks later he said he's a dark brown that it happened just like you said, the coarser people are loving and we loved on the sky and then we found out afterwards from Salinas that he went to use the ladies bathroom.

What we do. If that happens again thought about a chat with my wife Nancy Savino have when he walks in the door when the pastors greet them on their screams. They were so glad you're here were so glad you're here and listen. We want you to be uncomfortable is been comfortable at any point need use the restroom.

I'll be back.

You're just look for me will bring over to the pastors private office. Just try to reach out meet someone where they are and then bring them to Jesus to find wholeness so as we stand for righteousness as we swim against the tide of the culture and go against the grain of the spirit of the age. Yes, you'll be hated, vilified, rejected Mark so be it.

Bring it on its for righteousness.

And hey, what happened to her Savior. At the same time be known as people who love when you cut us. We believe love not just that we love one another.

Of those who differ with us. Those who oppose us. We are willing to lay our lives down for their well-being friends. That's the gospel I visit my website ask

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