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September 13, 2020 9:15 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick in the top 11 for 99 three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues locally and globally is always a pleasure doing the show.

Thank you for listening every week.

Thank you WBT for allowing me this privilege now over 20 years and running.

Also, thank you to our sponsors Ruth Chris steakhouse in also. Fine jewelry for your support of the program without your support.

I could not do this show on a weekly basis. So thank you again so much post Labor Day. Now we moved into the fall. The Panthers played today at 1 o'clock.

You'll have the Panthers pregame show at 10 some sense of normalcy in the fall was also had college football kind of return to empty stadiums, but nevertheless there's some excitement about that. Having come back on. There is a hint of fall in the air except on those days when it climbs up to 88° and we don't feel as much, but several days this past week we felt that happen. So fall begins to produce within us a sense of new life, a sense of hope in the sense that life still has some oversight by our create toward the seasons remind us that we don't control much of anything that God controls the seasons. There's a great verse in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 that to everything there is a time and a season and a purpose under heaven. So God controls the seasons we see them come and go, and I think that should give all of us a sense of hope today because no matter what may be going on around us. Yes indeed you're right post. Labor Day means election is coming up in the next two months will be greatly intense and what I want to do today is to remind you that the God who oversees everything the seasons is the same God who controls the elections we need to understand that it should give our hearts piece. We need to vote our conscience. We need to give our hearts to our Lord but also to our convictions. But as we move forward in life. We need to know that God is in control of everything. I want to give all the listeners of verse as you contend to worry about what's going to happen this year in the election cycle. Daniel chapter 2 of verse 21 it says God raises up kings and God a basis Kings. What that means is, God is in control of every ruler and authority throughout the world.

He is the one who allows them to be lifted up. He is the one who allows them to be abased or just be set down. He controls all of what's called salvation history from the beginning of creation Genesis 112 the time of the second coming of Jesus. God controls all of that history in between. And God is the one who oversaw evil kings in the Bible like Nebuchadnezzar like Cyrus like Herod all those kings were under God's perfect authority and he was using. Yes, even their evil purposes for good and if we didn't believe that folks we couldn't move forward.

So today as we enter into this election cycle, from now until the first weekend in November were going to be bombarded with all kinds of negativism set your heart on the one who controls all of salvation history as we move into the fall. Let's make sure we understand the God controls the seasons is the God who controls the elections he controls everything where God guides, God provides what God overseas. He'll give us what we need to move forward and that's going to be a continual message that I give you over the next weeks and several months until the first Tuesday in November when we make our election choices of my friend, Ed Billick has an open microphone as we will go through a biblical passage today that I hope will give all of you. Hope amidst the different turmoils trials and difficulties that are around us that probably you're going through. We still have the co-vid 19 crisis staring us in the face.

We still have all of the different financial difficulties staring us in the face their real but folks, we have hope because we believe in one who controls everything Ed good morning good morning David, in the welcome to the fall of 2020. You know when you read sports and you have your teams and if they're losing you just start fretting that they have the right picture the recorder back all that when you read politics in the newspapers that than the misguidance that the angst in your heart of of what's really going on the world when you read God's world. When you open up the Bible. According to her this morning. There's a sense of peace is a sense of comfort and that that does that for me. Some of the forts of today show. Well I am as well, Ed, and there's a great verse in the book of Hebrews that said God is the yester is the same yesterday today and tomorrow is called in fancy biblical theological language. The immutability of God. What is that mean it means the unchangeable illness of God that God doesn't change the seasons change the years change the candidates change you and are both old enough, we can remember from Jimmy Carter. Until today the different presidents who come and gone, but the one unchangeable factor is God sits on his throne, and God rules over everything. That's what we want to look at today amidst all of the different crises in turmoils surrounding us.

God is on his throne. God is immutable.

God never changes will be right back to talk more about this. I'm David Chadwick at Billick joins me, this is WBT 11, 1099.3. When I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show my friend and producer Ed Billick has an open microphone will go look at a scripture passage today that I hope will give you hope. As we move through these difficult days before the election, especially as there will be all kinds of turmoil created in our hearts you're going to hear all kinds of ads on TV, demeaning the other candidate from that political parties side it's going to be tit-for-tat and it's going to escalate and exacerbate until that first Tuesday in November, which parenthetically people avast media think everything with the covert crisis and all the racial unrest at all that might abate some after that Tuesday election.

I wouldn't be at all surprised because the candidates want to win, and they're going to throw the kitchen sink at each other in order to win, but we have an unchangeable God who sits on his throne in heaven. Amidst all of the different feelings and emotions that surround us, especially as we move toward the election. We have a God who never changes, and in it we kinda joked while we were getting ready to introduce this next segment that a lot of people who aren't old like you and I are what remember that song by the birds. Is that what it was, be why RDS a back in the 1960s. They did a song called turn turn turn and actually it is had a lot of legs.

It still is even played today. Sure it straight from Ecclesiastes chapter know you you spout off those alert something, wait a second there's a song from that. So you said when the song was released. Yet a lot of people, when, how, how can this be, this is a Bible verse that this is a group that's very popular today singing straight from God's word and they just kinda said yeah but it's true and we really think we need that kind of message in the 60s. We need this message every day. To everything there is a season and a purpose under heaven. It is just saying that God's in control of everything. He is immutable. He's unchangeable.

He sits on his throne he overseas life and the we want to fret and we want to become anxious about all the different turmoils surrounding us. We don't need to do so. We have an unchangeable God sitting on his throne, ruling over everything. And as we trust him. We know faith will overcome fear. We know that fear will flee when we trust him. You know, folks.

You can't see it, obviously were radio or theater of the mind that David has his owner's manual in front of his own manual for life and it is his Bible and the pages are a little worn and I see some yellow highlighting there where we going today where you take all I want to look at Ephesians chapter 2 verses one through 10 and just go through these verses and and help people realize that Paul when he wrote these verses from prison. He was chained to a Roman prison wall when he wrote these words and when we realize that we know he was in pretty difficult states when he wrote these words give us a little history on St. Paul is a pretty bad guy before he was converted was any yeah he he was trained in the most rigid Orthodox rabbinical school of Gamaliel was his teacher who was the most sought after and respected teacher of that day. He was purportedly a member of the Sanhedrin one of the 70 who oversaw all of the ruling Orthodox laws that Jews were supposed to obey very well thought out, and when this Christian outbreak occurred when people saw Jesus alive, and the Holy Spirit descended upon people at Pentecost.

Paul was angry because he saw Christianity and this Jesus as a false religion. So he started persecuting Christians. Indeed, Stephen one of the deacons he actually oversaw the stoning of Stephen in acts. The seventh chapter and it's interesting that right before Stephen died. It says he looked up into the heavens and saw Jesus standing ready to greet him and he said father forgive them. They don't know what they're doing. Repeating Jesus words on the cross isn't that interesting that even till his last breath he was expressing forgiveness for his persecutors. The other thing is interesting in that passage is Jesus is standing in every other place in the Bible when it talks about Jesus. He seated at the right hand of the father. There are those who think that Jesus was giving Stephen a standing ovation for his faithfulness, even until his last breath, but it was Paul oversaw that stoning of Stephen and then when he realized that the gospel was spreading to other cities like Damascus, he made a decision to go to Damascus and to capture Christians there and throw them in jail as well or even stone them to because he hated the Christian faith, and of course many people realize the story Paul was on the road to Damascus. He had a vision from Jesus himself who said Saul. Saul Metz is pre-conversion name Saul, why are you persecuting me Paul was blinded by that light, I Jesus told him to go to Damascus and their Ananias, a servant of the Lord would come to him which is what happened a couple a few days later Saul later named Paul's site was restored and he was given by Ananias through the Lord the call to go preach the gospel to the Gentiles which you know for a Jew that was considered extraordinary because Gentiles were no better than dogs. They were hated by the Jewish people.

But God's call for his love and forgiveness is for the whole world and the Jews would be the launching base, but all of us would receive his great love, compassion, mercy and kindness and so Paul was then called by Jesus to take the gospel throughout all of the world anyone on three different missionary journeys during after one of them. He was thrown into jail are from there and other places. He wrote most of the New Testament.

Two thirds of the New Testament are his letters written to churches that he had founded one of those churches is the church at Ephesus which is in today's modern day Turkey and that church had a lot of different things going on theologically in practice. And so Paul while he was in a prison wrote a letter to the church at Ephesus to give them hope to encourage them and also to correct some unsound doctrine that they were teaching among themselves is his messages are always very clear to me David that they make all the sense in the world. I have no problem understanding them. Unlike some of the some of the things in the Old Testament were was confusing. What was the message. But Paul's very clear in his writing, at least I think so. He had met most of the Old Testament is God's journey with his people. Historically from their inception. That's the call of Abraham in Genesis 12 to ultimately the king's being established, and then their demise being taken in the captivity, the prophets warning about what would happen if they did not repent and did not give their lives back to God. And that's basically Isaiah through Malachi the prophet material and then we see the set up of the New Testament that 400 years of inter-test.

The mental silence as we call it from Malachi to Matthew, but the Old Testament's the story of the Jewish people being called being faithless God warning them that he would judge them if they did not return to him.

Then silence, then the coming of Jesus in the four Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John. So much of the Old Testament to be seen in the New Testament, or vice versa. And people say sometimes in the God of the Old Testament is different than the God of the New Testament and then the same God, I mean it in the New Testament you have Jesus getting angry sometimes driving moneychangers out of the temple. You also seem lovingly taking children and putting them on his knee.

Now he's God in human flesh. He reflects the God of the Old Testament sometimes judged angrily against the people who rebelled against him, but a lot of time showed his rich grace and mercy to his people and brought them back into himself even after they had wandered from him to St. Paul's in prison. He's writing these letters. Maybe later on the show but how does his life and will his life ends in prison. He I think from the best biblical material we have. When he was in Rome at the end of acts. He was there in jail but seems like he was released from that prison and then he went to Spain which was his goal in Romans 15, you know he Paul took the gospel to Spain. That's what he wanted to do. Spain was the uttermost ends of the earth. Remember next 18 when Jesus commanded his disciples to go into all the world and to be his witnesses first in Jerusalem today. Samaria than the uttermost ends of the earth in Spain was the uttermost end of the Roman Empire, so he had that as his goal. There's some evidence that he actually went there and did preach the gospel when he came back to Rome that second time he was imprisoned by Nero and our historical information tells us that in that second imprisonment he ultimately was beheaded by Nero as he lived in the Mormon team the Roman prison cell and he was martyred for Jesus sometime in the late 60s. AB is what most scholars think before get into the content. Why did you choose his letter to the Ephesians well because today were experiencing this turmoil that we talked about. We've talked about how difficult it is to exist in this world today with the coronavirus with the political unrest with the racial tensions and riots. We see cities being burned and a lot of people are just going one of the world's going on were living in anarchy were living in lawlessness and could what happened in Portland and Seattle happened in Charlotte North Carolina. Is that possible, and I like to think it's not but you know anarchy is like a forest fire were now seeing the forest fires in California will consume thousands upon thousands of acres will anarchy in the human heart can spread from heart to heart to heart and ultimately cause a city to go up in flames as well.

So as people are so worried with everything that surround them. Paul wrote this letter to Ephesian Christians to give them hope to give them a sense of assurance, a sense of God's presence, no matter what might be going on in their lives so and I just thought it would be an appropriate place to go today to give people hope to let them know that you know we all are in the same human boat.

We all have the same human condition and what's going on today is the same thing that was going on. 2000 years ago as Paul's in a Roman prison cell in a Roman Republic with all kinds of angst and turmoil.

He wrote this letter to give people hope I'm here today with this letter before me amidst a culture that seems to be very anxious very fearful in my heart is to give people hope from this book that you says my operating manual and it is it's where I go every day of my life in order to find hope I have have this phrase. My wife and I live by no breakfast before Bible we just believe we need to feed upon our spiritual bread the Bible before we eat our physical bread breakfast of the day and that gives our hearts, hope, and allows us to continue to face each day. So today what I want to do for the rest of the program is give you folks some insights from Ephesians the second chapter about how we can have hope. Even amidst our most dire circumstances. My friend Billy joins us. I'm David Chadwick. This is new stock. 1110 993. WBT will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is new stuff 11 1099. Three WB welcome back to the show if you like the year. This program in its entirety. Go to scroll down the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show when you can hear the podcast from beginning to end, where basically what I'm trying to do folks on this first Sunday post-Labor Day football season cranking up but staring in the face of the elections in early November of this year I want to give you hope. I want you to understand that what were going through today is nothing different than what all of the major characters in the Bible went through history hasn't changed. Life hasn't changed. It always has its difficulties.

In fact, Ed Billick, my friend, the producer has opened up his Myco in one of the moments of hope that I did recently and I do that every morning about 5:40 AM.

It begins both Thompson's Charlotte morning news show was that like is it really hills and valleys. Life is more train tracks. A lot of people say all life is one day I'm really high and another damn really low when I discovered in my years on this planet's life is more like train tracks exist every day with highs and lows you exist every day with joys and sorrows that they accompany each other in the same day and you just got to live in that steady equilibrium of hope and faith. Realizing that you don't get too high. You don't get too low, you trust God with every second of your life every day that you live in when you live in that kind of spiritual equilibrium. You can enjoy life to the full euro slowly correct at some moments of hope for everyone from both Thompson's morning news 535 everyday. Let's get into the Ephesians, well Ephesians 2, starting with verse one. Remember Paul's and in a Roman prison cell. He's chained to a wall and yet he's writing these words to the Christians in Ephesus to give them hope, he says, and you were dead in your trespasses and sins.

Let's stop there. That every person who exists is in Adam that were all in sin, we have that sin nature given to us at the moment of conception. The moment of birth. Anybody who doubts the doctrine of original sin. I always tell them just have children, do you have to teach children to obey or disobey. And you have to teach them to obey because there's a bent to disobedience. There's a bit too rebellion and it's free will. If you have the choice and and we're birth with that condition of warning life to revolve around us. That's what Paul here say were dead in our sins and trespasses and dead means dead that we can't choose God to give us the gift of eternal life. That's gotta be a gift that comes from him because were did the movie dead men walking. Basically that's a term for a person is been condemned is going to die there still alive.

They still have choices but they are condemned to die there in that prison cell that's repulsing here like he was in a prison cell were in a spiritual prison cell and were dead in our sins and trespasses and were under God's condemnation and God's judgment. He goes on to say in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now work in the sons of disobedience, among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh tearing out the desires of the body and the mind and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind. Notice first of all, he said were he's talking to Ephesian Christians who once walked in that debacle of decadence but now have been set free, but he's reminding them from where they came and he saying there were three enemies of their lives as they still were birthed in a negative selfish condition.

There are three enemies that exacerbate that condition. The first is the world, the world's values. Ed you know something shaping everybody's life in mind right now it's either the world or the word. And if you're constantly reading negative blogs getting negative info from Twitter if you're watching negative TV. The world is influencing your mind to think despair to think hopelessness so that's the first enemy the world so I say to people all the time. Either the world or the word is informing your mind. It's one of the two and you feel whatever you think if the world is influencing your mind you're going to feel despair if the word is influencing your mind you're going to feel hope so. The world is the first enemy.

The second is the devil, the spirit of the air unit we talk about airwaves here with radio. They exist in the enemy is the one who controls a lot of the air a lot of thoughts that come in around my my mom used to say all the time you kick, stop the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair what she's saying by that is, you can't keep bad thoughts from coming in your mind or something in the airwaves that just allow negativism to come into us that creates fear and anxiety, but you can control what you do with them. You don't have to build a nest in your hair. You don't let those thoughts stay there. So there is an enemy. His name is Satan. His name is the devil. The word devil means the divider.

Cannot you see folks what the enemy is doing in our nation. Right now he's dividing friendships. I have a friend of mine right now who won't talk to me because he is so anti-Tromp. He thinks anybody that has any Republican leanings is an absolute idiot and that's crazy to me how a candidate can divide friendships. Don't you see what the enemy is doing. He's dividing races he's causing anger is causing people to be all kinds of anger toward one another. He is real. I know he exists. I have felt his temptations and he is trying to get your mind to disobey God.

The third enemy, though, is not only the world not only the devil, it's also your flesh, your nature, your body has inclinations that just want to rebel against God. You want to use God's gift of of sex and food and all those wonderful gift that is given our body for your own purposes, and we use them as a way to comfort our lives that we will have to deal with the pain of our lives and that kind of choice is not what God desires for our lives. So that's what Paul says here is that you once walked in the power of the world the flesh and the devil, and you had your desires leading your lives but there is a different way you can live and this is where it I love these next words in verse three. But God but God may be the most.

Two important words in all of the Scripture, but God you can look at your difficulties but God you can look at the size of the mountains in your life but God you can look at all the turmoil that surrounding you. But God, there is a God who sits on the throne and he is greater than the enemy. He is greater than the flesh. He is greater than the world's values.

He is the one who controls everything but God is what Paul said, who is rich in grace and mercy and I love that he's rich in grace and mercy it if you ever thought about the difference between grace and mercy as I define those words which are will let me do it in a way that might help everybody understand it, grace and mercy are the two major characteristics of God in the Bible and I got a grasp on those two words in an incident with one of my children years ago.

It was one of my sons and he was just being in his own selfish human nature very of deer hunt very disobedient and very rebellious to me and I ask him to do something and and believe it or not like the age of seven or eight years old. He looked me in the eye and said I'm knocking to do that. Dad well at that point how it will wait a minute you just stepped over a huge boundary in our home. I tried to control my anger in a people say don't discipline your children when you're angry and I've always thought when do you discipline them most of their disobedience causes some anger within you.

So I said to my son, go upstairs, go to your room. I'm gonna come up and discipline you. And so I got myself under control went up into his bedroom and there he is crying is that I'm so sorry.

I don't want to know what came over me. Why did that I'm I'm just so sorry.

Please forgive me and my heart was moved so deeply by his repentance and tears that I gave him mercy know what's mercy. Mercy means you don't give someone what they deserve. My son deserved discipline he deserved punishment and yet I felt so moved in my love for him that I gave him mercy.

I did not give him what he deserved, will then I went into my bedroom and I have some change on top of my dresser and I scraped that change into the palm of my hand put my pocket. My wife Marilyn was there and she heard the interaction with my son and she said what are you doing and where you going and I said I'm just gonna take this change. I'm to take my son out. I'm gonna buy him some ice cream. Ed, that's grace. Grace means you receive what you don't deserve as mercy as you don't receive what you do deserve grace as you receive what you don't deserve so David should have gotten some kind of discipline because of his of German behavior toward me and I didn't give him what he deserved.

That's mercy. But then I go out and buy him an ice cream cone. That's grace he receives what he doesn't deserve so we as people who live on this planet we deserve hell in our rebellion against God. If you look at the perfect moral law of God, the 10 Commandments. Look at many of them we broken all of us have any don't believe you broke the 10 commandments folks just go to number 10, which was the one that finally got Paul, thou shalt not covet every single one of us covet. That is the one commandment of the heart and we broken not only the 10th. We broken all of them at one level or another. When the men I haven't committed all culture you say people. Jesus said if you've even had a lustful thought you committed adultery because that's where it begins. All of our hearts are bent away toward got from God so God gives us forgiveness on the cross. That's his grace. But then, what is he do.

He gives us heaven.

Not only does he deny as hell which is his mercy. He gives us heaven. That's his grace he gives us ice cream so but God in the midst of our sin in the midst of our decadence in the midst of all this evil God gives us grace and mercy, but God because he's rich in grace and mercy.

Folks, let that sit in your mind through this next break and will come back and wrap it all up because when you have that kind of God, you need fear. Nothing. Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is limited.

99 the show.

I just want to give you some hope today and we been looking at a Scripture passage in Ephesians chapter 2, my friend, Ed Billick and producer has is Mike open as well. We see in these verses that were just dead in their sins and trespasses. There's no hope for us. One of the control of the world the flesh and the devil. But then we have these great words in Ephesians 2 but God rich in grace and mercy. Mercy means that he doesn't give us what we deserve. We deserve hell we deserve separation from him.

But God just loves us so much, but then also gives us grace which means he gives us the gift of eternal life.

There were going to spend eternity with him always so rich in grace and mercy.

If we really believed that we would not fall prey to the fears that surround us and then he goes on to say in Ephesians 2 because of the great love with which he has loved us even though we were dead in our trespasses. God made us alive together with Christ and those that were alive now no longer are we bent toward our selfishness were alive in Jesus were bent toward love, were bent toward hope were bent toward faith and were doing that together because we are in need of community folks. Be careful about isolation, sickness during this covert crisis that would been an easy thing for all of us to fall prey to. We need each other. We need to do things together by grace you been saved and raised up with him. That's Jesus, and seated us with him in the heavenly pace places in Christ Jesus. That's an amazing reality to that not only have we been saved. Not only are you made alive from our dead sins and trespasses, but we have been lifted up, and folks think about this. Paul said that we are seated right now with Christ in heavenly's. If Jesus is seated at the right hand of God the father. This verse tells us were seated right next to him that we have some kind of authority with Jesus ruling over all of this world. I think about that.

That means we can speak the very words of Jesus to all of those fears and turmoils surrounding us and have the authority and blessing of Christ himself. We need to realize that we need to realize our position in heaven our position in his authority that should always give us hope so.

That verse seven in the coming ages. Jesus might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. That means that we tell other people about this rich grace and mercy that we receive ML tell other people and they'll tell other people and that in the ages to come, there will always be this hope of the love of Jesus conquering every single problem. For by grace you been saved through faith and this is not of your own doing, it is the gift of God. We have been saved. We have the gift of eternal life by grace, not of our works mean who of us could ever work ourselves toward perfection. That's the standard that God demands of us complete obedience and perfection toward his holy law, but none of us ever do that why we have this disease of sin that were birthed with.

We also have a rebellious spirit that wants to look at the world instead of the word, to guide us, so we fall far short of God's glory. That's why we need grace and mercy were saved by grace and not of our works, but listen to this for we are his God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

What's that saying it, saying all the were not saved by our good works. We are saved for good works that good works express the understanding in our hearts of God's rich grace and mercy is if we really know who we are in Jesus. If we really believe that God has saved us by his grace and mercy and not our works. If we really believe were seated with Christ in the heavenly's have an authority given to us by Jesus. Then we should do good works in reciprocity and thankfulness to all that God has given us so were not saved by our good works.

We are saved for good works, good works prove that we understand grace and mercy.

That's a discipleship that exact sharing that with others exactly when we live that way were proving we truly understand God's rich grace and mercy that he has poured out in our lives and is one other interesting thing here that Paul says in verse 10 we are God's workmanship, that word can also be translated trophy that because we as children trust him and we believe in him and were living out our lives in good works. God literally has us on the mantle of his Celestia will eternity were like a trophy were like a prize were like a workmanship that God has created, and he is so proud of us. We gotta live every single day hearing his words resounding and echoing through all the annals of internal eternity saying to us, and I'm so proud of you man I love you who you are.

I love how you've turned out you are my workmanship. You are my trophy you are in me you are seated with me, and if people really believe that it if people really, really believe that their lives would never be the same. How could you ever fear or be anxious when you know you have this kind of loving, gracious, merciful God living in your heart.

How could you ever disappoint the one that loves you, you can't. You would never want to do.

Never would want to and that's what Paul is saying here that works prove our faith. They don't earn God's favor. They prove that we know God's favor and if you just simply accept Jesus and believe in him, your sins are forgiven and you arty have God's favor. He looks at you and says, man. I'm so pleased with you. You're my workmanship you're my trophy. I have you hung on my mantle. I look at you every day. I'm so proud of you a joy to my image and likeness in that something and when we believe that when we really, really believe that. I think hope and faith floods our hearts so that's why I preach all the time. The people believe who you are in Jesus, find your identity in him know how much he loves you when you really do all the fears and anxieties of this world start to fade.

All of those things that we continue to allow to enlarge our hearts with worry start to go away before we get into our prayer that you and I have been enjoying here during these past few months you you post a moment of hope. Every morning, don't you not only on WBT the written moment not go to moments of Hope and you can sign up for daily moment of hope it will arrive in your inbox at 659 every day and it's just a moment of hope at some thoughts that I have on how to give you hope to make it through this next day and it's something I enjoy doing.

Again, moments of Hope the church I pastor is called moments of Hope Church here in Charlotte and I'd love to be able to give that to you.

You can subscribe that easily and you want to pray, was to will daddy in heaven and I've learned to call you daddy because that's what Jesus called you, not just father ecology daddy and you are intimate and close with all of us today. All of us were in our sins and trespasses. All of us were in rebellion against you under the authority of the world the flesh and the devil we were children of wrath we deserved your punishment and judgment. But God, I just pray those two words today.

But God whatever you're facing right now, dear friends, but God if you're going to a lonely time because the death of a loved one, but God if you're going through a financial problem but God is going to some relational difficulties but God continue to cling to and believe in the one who created you, because he's rich in grace and mercy.

Mercy means that we don't receive what we do deserve grace was means we receive what we don't deserve, and you have not only forgiven us of our sins, but you've promised us heaven. Thank you for your rich grace and mercy. Thank you that were not saved by our good works, but we are created for good works, and we are your workmanship, your trophy, you love us so much, daddy. Please let us believe today that you have us in the palm of your hand, you have this country in the palm of your hand and no matter what may go on in the politics in the weeks and months to come we will trust you. We will not look to a candidate to be the one who gives us hope we will look to you to be the one is will not look to the government to give us hope will look to God who gives us hope. But God that's our prayer today.

But God, and we believe that that is the source of all of our life and pray this in your name. Amen. New to Medicare. Start now due to my health to learn about some of the top leading Medicare advantage plans in your area including plans for zero dollars a month in plan premiums low out-of-pocket costs and expansive provider networks. If you're thinking about a Medicare advantage plan. My health is a great place to go to find a plan that meets your needs. More about your options even talk with a licensed insurance agent. My health new to Medicare go to my with my health you can compare plans from some of the nation's top insurers start now to find a plan and apply online. My health easy to find a Medicare advantage plan in your area including plans for zero dollars a month, and plan premiums low out-of-pocket costs and expansive provider networks.

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