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Who Are You Bringing to Christ?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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September 12, 2020 9:00 am

Who Are You Bringing to Christ?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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September 12, 2020 9:00 am

Stu Epperson stops in this week to talk with Mike and just about every other person in the state of North Carolina in this special on-location episode of If Not For God.

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network stories of the current home.

Your house is loud and crazy.

It's not God, and we are in a little bit different placement English on the road.

Michael Zwick, the Lord is in this place were taught about leading people to Christ. You share some things about the power of the gospel day. I could tell your heart was really moved today were to talk about the bomb in Lebanon, the Middle East crisis Cyprus what God is doing it with my brother here, but quickly to tell us what's on your heart as you heard about sharing Christ important to get the gospel out while I one of the things that I thought Stu was it was Hebrews 4 Hebrews 4 verse 12 universe word of God is quick, and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword, piercing the dividing asunder of soul and spirit rejoice. The mayor is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart and in a couple weeks ago we actually went to a retreat with Robbie Gilmore and we went away to Providence North Carolina for the weekend and one of the things I was so upset about all the things that were going on in the world and actually got to spend some time alone by myself and all of a sudden something fluttered. It hit me and I wrote it down and it says what a blessing to be living in the time that were living in right so the time that were living in right now it's not an act were here for specific purpose and God has us here. Reason and matter-of-factly with you earlier last week. We actually heard about a huge bomb explosion that happened in Beirut while in actually got somebody from that country. Rogerio sloughed. Michael was a regular at our Wednesday in the word and were talking about is Saul and becoming pollen in Damascus, and abilities. All these areas, and one of them is Lebanon, Colima and Reos, what, when, in your heart. We also all the bomb will heard about is Western Americans, but as a man from that part of the world from Lebanon was about what you saw. What's your heart with this is you know really second-order Shema and the excess broke our hearts seem's lives destroyed 300,000 people without homes suddenly became refugees and just broke broke all our heart, Lebanon, in the used to be in the Civil War and here we are again this so bomb, but for us as believers and not just unbelievable see that why because Lebanon you must know it's when the Holy Spirit is really really moving in the big kind of way thousands of people got saved thousands upon thousands of people got saved in the Middle East, mostly in Lebanon and the devil is not happy. Devil you know really wants to fight fight that and trying to fight the church and that's why norming all this what's going on in heaven between the economic crisis that their devaluation of the currency and now the bomb is stress. The devil is waging war against the church and in Lebanon so you know I and and I heard about the I heard about this tonight.

I heard about everything that it happened but you Stu, one of the things that I that I've seen in Scripture it says what the enemy made for bad God turned in a good deed you think there's something that can come from this that God can use in a way to even bring people to Christ.

Of course, of course, this is this is this this explosion. With all what's going on in Lebanon. This explosion came like a smack on the face for the church and southerly church is alive.

Southerly people are, you know, going to their neighbors and checking on their neighbors.

People in the church living choice of of the Lord Jesus Christ just they all came to Beirut and they all get on the street providing food, providing shelter and medical supplies see a neurologist and cleanup is just going because everybody's house is even you know that the people lost their everything they left their apartments. Lots of people but most Beirut the whole That 41.2 million have not know is that people like have no windows, no and so we raised communities almost $91,000 on these people and we still praying that you know with the grace of will and I was asked to read and quoted the Scripture, but it was Genesis 50 verses 19 through 28 it says and Joseph said unto them, fear not for MRI in the place of God. But as for you, he thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good to bring to pass, as it is this day to save much people live Stu. I don't know if you've heard this or not, one of the things I keep hearing is that the Chinese church has actually been praying for persecution in the American church because we had it so easy and they know from what's going on in their country that persecution. Many times leads people to Christ. Have you seen that estimate 10 to 15,000 new babies are born into Christ. New believers come to faith in Christ in China every week is crazy what God is doing. The church is alive. There there praying for us to be saved in the wake up there praying for Western Christians to be out there sharing the good news of Christ and we have two brothers here for the Middle East, where if you're a believer you could be your death warrant if you're a believer and this was a major catastrophe that shook the entire country Lebanon for Julie Beirut, the capital and and really killed a lot of people just place a lot of people.

People are living in the streets and in the church now is shining disease believers. They take it seriously.

Believers like this guys trying to find a ticket to go back there to go home and I'm sitting here thinking I rather much rather pray from afar. He wants to pray he wants to go to the fire and got my brother here are John a missionary in the Middle East. Also a job where you will missionary our family lived in Northern Cyprus Turkish occupied territory there. So what's going on in your life right now. We've been living in the Iranian there are six or seven years Bible teaching church established and by the grace of God we been able to see that happen. It looks very different from church here. You know it's really do most of our meetings and homes. We have in the course of six years we've been kicked out to lease facilities because of police pressuring landlords to get rid of us by just a quick follow-up from a Colima saying is that we been out of the country for two months and just to watch our church fellowship without us there really maintain a heart to continue to reach out into the community has this blessed me so much, you know, I dishonor church fee this morning to the girls from Syria have rallied the church together and they're going to continue on doing our free English club and local coffee shop, so they're starting this Thursday, just with the world being shaken. People looking for answers looking for real hope that don't have any see it in the church and just a Colima's point. I mean, this is our moment to shine like it to be out there and so I just pray that God continues these archers your new life Church of of Iranians to reach the city. The color knowledge that has you hear your ministering on zooming your praying this guys itching just like Lemos to get back to Beirut and Lebanon to love his people and to serve him in the masterly people to Christ you're trying to get back to Cyprus as we are were just watching day-to-day when airports will there's an immediacy to call you call your soul becomes Paul and immediately went to the gospel and he never stopped you open his mouth. He preaches the gospel defines himself sit next to a guy really easy to preach the gospel to a stunning design if it's a win clean. What is it about his ambition, Michael. What's at what's happened that states this, we lost our fire for just preaching the gospel quote a verse that just came to my mind in second Corinthians 62 and it starting in verse one is God fellow is God's fellow workers. Then we urge you not to receive God's grace in vain. He says in the time the favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.

Behold, now is the time the favor, now is the time now with the day of salvation will let you of course you know you need to trust in Jesus right now because he's coming back and guess what he's coming back to okay you know I think I think we can have from the front front seats so you know like one that's an amazing day. The Eastern gate. Guess what we have friends there we going to be right there waiting for him. I'm sure we going to be on our knees. Once he enters and you know you and I have a front seat Jesus comes back and maybe is coming back soon you guys know I I feel this way you know with all the geopolitical thing to me.

You know what with Turkey on top of it and then the Iranian you know like the Empire initiates, that sounds like what Megan what are you going… Right stomach coming down. This is all coming together. You guys and what's waiting for to come to Jesus what are you waiting is matter-of-factly. If we look at Romans chapter 10 starting with verse eight in verse nine it says, but what does it say the word is near you is in your mouth and in your heart that is the word of faith that we are proclaiming that if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be safe you think John well it's the I love what you said this morning and that is that it is.

It's so simple, you know, I mean most of the people where we are. They really resonate with the simplicity of that message. You know it's it's understand, believe and receive and deer are anything to be safe you know that I don't think there's any complicated aspects of we can control the earthquakes which Northline just had a 5.1, which is first time in 100 years. We can control the plague, which is a worldwide pandemic that never experienced that. I know there's politics and inflated numbers that we can control those kind of things the wars the changes but one thing we can do with what we have left in our hearts and our minds are souls with our Bibles in front of us. We can share the good news of Christ we can be ambassadors for Christ, we can proclaim.

So the see the gospel clean your challenger for the ambitious about the gospel as we close out your on remote locations little bit louder. If not for God, your challenger, one about being ambitious for the gospel to say we just have to think it makes not know what do we trust in God we believe in what the word is saying or are we really thinking we go in here for a long long time and in the big question for believers. You know if Jesus comes back today. Are we can stamp all and answer for all the gift things that we have and the money we have in our bank accounts and I will walk we say all you know I'm just postpone doing this on doing that because I thought I had more time we ready tonight to see this wonderful Lord is on my what I tell you what, if not for God, and in one of the things were talking about Colima was if you look at Matthew chapter 24. The end is near the end is near, and what I heard you saying Stu this morning in Wednesday and the word is that really what you're saying is you have a sense of urgency since is not for God.

We are so thankful that you have chosen to listen to if not for God with Mike and we wanted to make you aware of some other resources for you if you enjoy this program you can get. If not for God and on the man to simply go to your past that iTunes firearm that made me, and tell them you want to play once you found. If not, I found thank you for listening. If not for God, I'm Stu Epperson not your normal host but I'm filling in for the inevitable. The legendary Robbie do more in the course of the main host the star of the show is Michael Zwick and he is here and he is on fire. Michael is good to see a man it's been great to be in Bible study with you this morning and then recording this caused a lot of things in your heart in regards to loving the world any absolute we were just in Wednesday in the word and I was actually leaving. I was running out, and Stu caught me in the parking lot, Mike, and we actually had an interview with a guy that you guys heard earlier from he's from Beirut and we also had a missionary John who is from what country John is voice from this country, but he's a missionary in Cyprus and Cyprus, which is a predominately it might be 5%, 10% born-again Christian and he and his family been serving Christ there for nearly a decade and course with Coburn all things is completely a different world.

There was really need to hear those two interact God in this day in this moment put us with them it's and if not for God moment Bonnie and Samina has is right and in the end they both had a really good story, but something that's been on my mind lately is that I feel like God is doing a lot of things in this country right now God's doing a lot of things in the world and you don't have to be a genius to figure out that something is going on right now God is busy.

The devil I think is also busy and so there there is a battle going on right now and I felt like God didn't speak to me wasn't like a you know, but I felt like there was something in my spirit that came up that said Mike II can use you to do a lot of things don't do anything stupid mess it up and when I was looking at this a couple of things that that came up to my mind was, it was Hebrews 412 was the first one for the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and I believe that God can still speak to us today, but you and I were talking about the Stu where we believe that God can speak to us, but you also said there sometimes. Sometimes that can be a little bit dangerous. I think you're talking about Joseph Smith.

Well, there's a there's a know almost every false religion called out there came out of people having these dreams and visions and so I don't want to throw water in the fire someone who Lord really inspired into a dream or vision this and that but I want to want to be very careful and we have the word of God and the word of God. It doesn't say the dreams and visions and and emotions in this and that are quick and powerful, and sharper than two is worse is the word of God.

It says it is the sword of the Spirit says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. You have a dream and vision tell me to share Christ. My lost neighbor. God's word tells me to go be witnesses.

God's word tells me to call people to be reconciled to God. Synchronous 520 so God works in always ways to prompt us to inspire associate is a very big difference doctrinally between someone getting inspiration for God prompted just to share this gospel track with this dispersed overdrive and it you know. Also, you find out that they just lost a family member and there they they been searching for God even asked God for also and you show up in God prompt you to do that. That's inspiration is not a revelation revelation is thus says the Lord. Revelation is acts Romans versions and grades.

Galatians visions and so is as the great famous Christian camera was one who jogged up to said don't ever claim the God is silent when your Bibles closed right so when you open your Bible and you read your Bible, you're getting a text directly from God. Whenever we in a culture start to elevate what other people are getting downloaded by dreams and visions in these things over the word of God over the past opening God's word teaching edits inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. It can quicken and destroy your heart just like you. Hebrews 412 says we we must never be the rest of that we must never downplay the power of God's word memorizing it. Meditating on it. Listening to it in the biggest caution were God's beware of false prophets, one of this dude had bad Mexicans last night right or if God really did downloaded but I do know I have God's word and that's the ultimate check and balance. You gotta have discerning right in MSM I discerning detectors go off. Sometimes I hear was he had a vision or dream again I'm not trying to downgrade or veto it hurt them or be disparaging but we just have to check it with God's word is not consistent sums new you're very careful about that because God is speaking right now through his word and the Holy Spirit in disuse setter Michael the spirit of God is working in a mighty way right now.

Yeah, and in one of the things I was thinking of when you said that was first John 41 it says dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world and on one of the things that I think about now is that you know you you see people who call themselves prophets and one person is saying one thing and another profit is saying the exact other thing and so sometimes you say will what are you supposed to believe and what I hear you saying is you believe the word of God. Let's go to Christian bookstore in there will be 100, 200, 301 the biggest selling categories as prophecy, you look to the left behind series you look at all these things to tell you this if someone's out there standing at a vision and has good prophecy in their prognosticating her God told them when he's coming back and look at out there. You got earthquakes which we have you got a plague which we have you got bombs when I got nations rising as nations, which quite rightly is been happening for 2000 years. But if someone is being that you know that horse hears going to tell you about them if they're not challenging you to win souls. And if you asked them who what soul if you let the Christ event right right right. All well. I'd hear about about prophecy about when he's in a come back and were so focused like my friend Pastor David Chadwick says it is growing every confusion were so focused on end of times. Michael and we forget the ends of the earth. What can't I control I can control pledge I can control earthquakes.

I can control political uprisings. I can't converge can control the enthronement or the defilement of kings and politicians and courts and Supreme Court. But guess what I can control I can walk out of the studio Ensure Jesus was silent when I am compelled I'm commanded you, that even Jesus said quit prognosticating. In fact, that the most the largest preponderance and proliferation of false teachers in history, guess what it's gonna be exactly in the end times. So what were those in times. Guess what I dear and darn Dia and 1/2.

These things are hearing out there better be careful. And that's why we gotta get back to the word of God into winning souls.

I don't know when he's coming back but guess what I take as many people to heaven when you can. So who will be so what I do know that there's loss to other whom I leading to Christ today who my actively pursuing to bring the Jesus that that's good and one of the things that I saw was first Peter 315 and it says but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts be be ready always to give an answer to every man who ask if you are reason for the hope that is in you pastor Chad Harvey who we had on the show last week. One of the one of the things he said with that verse. He says the problem with that verses were talking about answering questions that nobody's asking and so if if it there. I think what he saying is this is Stu. There's gotta be something different about us. There's gotta be something that people see in us, and I heard somebody say one time he says you can't sell a dream if you're living a nightmare and so when when we have the light of Christ. Christ in us.

There's gotta be something that people see in us that they want and if were telling people about Jesus and were miserable, miserable and depressed and and we don't look like we have any hope. Why would anybody follow that you know but that there is something I believe that when when you say that and I and I see it in you and I see it in in robbing us even different people that who are excited about Christ that that there so excited to tell people about it and you said something about baby Christians this morning. All my why is it the baby Christians are so fired up about sharing the gospel. These you know they put us to shame.

They just came to Christ and they are out there peddling the gospel in sureties with anything that moves until one of us older, more mature, more debonair, dignified Christians get a hold of visitation can't do that.

You're not supposed to do that in your cause all kinds of trouble for me while they're doing exactly what all of us should do and you can chalk it up to what he just met Christ while they came from really bad background with her so close to being resurrected from the dead in her soul and this and that will call whatever you want with fear doing the normal Christian life.

They are actively sharing the gospel. The rest of us. They should be a rebuke to us and we should get behind that baby Christian. And we should say, hey Lord, make me more like my younger believers in my life so big to be bold for you because that's exactly it is so refreshing. It is so refreshing. Why are we telling people rightly were looking at her watch Sunday morning. Wings believes they can pray in our hearts mortal preacher finish going to the luncheon beat the Methodist lunch right we should be pray Lord help us to finish.

I get out here and go tell somebody about what I learned about Jesus today. I've been built up.

I've gathered to be built up. I'm in a get out your scatter to share Christ. I can't wait to get on that world. I told him to go tell someone about the Lord.

That's right where we aggressive about souls right in and about winning souls.

Proverbs 1130 the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life I want fruit I want to see abundant fruit my life right/have ever's he that when his souls is wise. That's right, you want to be a dominant win souls idiot is an idiot is a Christian like me, who died when souls not strong language but probably talked about a full touch, but a wise person in Proverbs 1130 says he when his souls is wise to be wise, be about winning souls just push people closer to Jesus maybe sustained a gospel track your inarticulate you lost your voice give him a gospel tract maybe should hand them a sandwich, a glass of water and bind you lunch today… Cool Christian radio stations versus awesome program called, if not for God. Listen to my podcast hope will be a blessing you like wow Michael Zwick you have a podcast awesome will in a car yeah and they find it in the fine Jesus yet. That's why we're here. Still yeah yeah and come back and take his own wife so we could occupy heaven so we could bring people with us to the Lord Senior so when he returns. Yeah, we have spread the gospel. The gospel of this kingdom will not listen. Christ will not return until this gospel is preached in all the world. Matthew 2414 and it says in Isaiah 52 seven I'm using the NIV how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news and proclaim peace, who bring good tidings you proclaim salvation to say to Zion, your God reigns on believe there's something about that matter fact I was looking at acts 928 through 29 and it said so Saul stayed with them and moved about freely in Jerusalem. Speaking boldly in the name of the Lord as he talked, and debated with the Hellenistic Jews, but they try to kill her yet. There you go you if you try to kill you. By the way they want. One of the one of my friends on Twitter. Put recently a quote and he said the problem with Christians today is no one's trying to kill him that you think about that unit with what were worse at home I accosted for my faith. What is it safe Saul turns into Paul radically say verse 20 of acts nine rightly assumes his immediate reach is literally taking the second and then it says that expertly try to kill so that they were amazed. So my question is a who's amazed at the transformation your life how God is radically safe you who's in all what this guy who spoke profanity is now speaking Jesus name people and bringing people to Christ, Susan, all your transformed life. One to try to kill you who hate you because you love Jesus.

What a convicting thought thought Stu Epperson Junior not without. If not, thank you for listening to my arrival.

Not if not more information on my contact him if not for God, life

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