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Joel Rosenberg + Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

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September 9, 2020 10:08 am

Joel Rosenberg + Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 9, 2020 10:08 am

Joel Rosenberg + Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

Today Steve shares his interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author Joel Rosenberg.  In the final segment steve talks to NC Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and askes the question, “How would he have handled the COVID-19 situation?” 


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One noble show you why you were ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders and lots of no sacred 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH checking out now gives your house and go go go dog go and I want to back it didn't have a chance to get Joe Rutherford on live because seven hours ahead. Presidential election and everything so I had a great 30 minute conversation with Joel Rosenberg, Maritimes, best-selling author from yesterday's words can jump right into it. This is my conversation with Joel Rosenberg from yesterday about all and all, which were to talk about predominantly today but one of the things you said in the press release is people asking you all the time and I can echo this because it happens to me all the time but where's words a source of news that you can trust that you can actually get actual information. Instead of just spinning when it comes to the Middle East. For those of us evangelicals over here in America it's very difficult to get any news that's not tainted and isn't spine mostly to the left so so what these two websites that you're launching, why these and why now Joel you will always find it meet you are here greatly.

Always start relationship absolutely and you're here with her and I love North Carolina. We vacation in the Outer Banks every year for the last 20 years, the whole thing is beautiful. So now I think they're all going to listen. I started the website news and all Arab news because I all these because, like I did need to be a one stop shopping website that link to all the really interesting incredible stories in the region but also provided exclusive interviews, original content, exclusive polling and and contact analysis what's happening and why does it matter why should I care that type of coverage from an evangelical worldview is not very hard to find and and there's nothing like the Drudge Report or something that link all the things in one place. Now I know you next question Steve is what you are wanting to website. How can you call that one stop shopping okay because they're cross-linked all air it started because many of the contacts in forces and relationships I have with Eric Christians but also their they are not willing to let me interview them. If the interview can up here on all Israel news it just a bridge too far for many Eric Christians near most, but yes, they're very happy to do it if I have a website called all Eric and already had exclusive interview with a leading leading Islamic Sunni cleric or shake an entire world with our first interview on all Arab news will most fascinating man, 9/11 changed his life and as a family and he decided to go be against the radical and be supporting moderation, peace, relations with Christians and Jews. And now he's the head of the organization. Don't read about him in the mainstream press in a state and he's not ready to do an interview on all Israel news, but he did the interview with me on all Arab news know that I'm knowing that I'm Jewish, knowing that I'm an evangelical, Zionist, and I live in your household in the capital of Israel and that is changing on this part of the world, and these websites can cover them and help people who do care about the Middle East but you like I care but I don't really know much about what went on and I don't know who to trust in them. For those of us back here and then Joe was originally from America and as his dual citizenship. But for those of us back here. Listen when it comes to news about the Arab nations when it comes to news about Israel anything out of the Middle East. We almost have no option except until now. Praise the Lord to get some news that we can trust in news from a fellow believer which is even more rare and then even in the believing world attendance. Sometimes people make too much or too little a lot of things going on in the Middle East and it's really a big deal, especially right now mean this is been a crazy year in the Middle East as it is around the world 2020, the year of anything but clear vision. But whatever talk about the UAE deal with the Israeli army. That's the first piece deal we've seen in 25 years. The huge explosion in Beirut and then we've got this massive battle between Trump and Biden then these two parties that like to both chirp about being massive supporters of Israel, but there's so many things on the table here.

Joel let people understand. I don't know that everybody understands beyond the fact that you got this incredible story, and this incredible career as a number one number number one best-selling New York Times author with all the Baptist Center and the last he had no the other books of people are familiar with the God's given you incredible favor. There in the Middle East with the Saudi's it's really remarkable. I just want you to let people know about that, and obviously were not banging anybody's going except the Lord's, but he has definitely put you in a unique position to do something like this. Well, that's true. I mean 20 years ago I then former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and so that you can draw me into the political epicenter of Israel built relationships all throughout the Israeli society.

Now I know actually here as a dual citizen as you said one of my sons with 41 of them has finished his service in the Israeli army and now is back in Bible college in the United States and that one of my sons in a special forces unit here in Israel and God is also open other doors and that is why I six evangelical delegations to meet with the most senior Arab leaders in the entire region. I've now had five meetings with Egyptian Pres. Elsie five meetings with Jordan's King left on the second to access to private meetings with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed inside Mark, arguably the most common here in the world and one meeting with the crown prince of the country that just made peace with Israel united Arab's name is Crown Prince Mohammed inside yet. I also met with the leadership of Crane and Azerbaijan and the kingdom by buffering is invited to bring a delegation they are but Cogan is delayed.

It the present by John is asked me to come and bring a delegation code delayed. It has nothing to do with me. God is opening some door for me and not as an Israeli or as a writer but has an evangelical. They invite me because they want to build relationships between and evangelical Christians. Pretty amazing interview with Joel Rosenberg from yesterday. This is Steve Noble. I am live in the studio to our segments with Joel and then listen to Gov. Dan Forest in the last seven of the show will be right back don't go anywhere. Noblesville is replaying the conversation I had yesterday with Joel Rosenberg horse near to best-selling author, but is also God give them all kinds of paper there in the Middle East to be taking all these several groups of evangelical leaders to meet with the Muslim leaders of these countries of their United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the king and Saudi Saudi. That's just amazing all the favor, God's given him and that's what we are talking about when we hit the brakes so this is continuing my conversation which I just recorded yesterday with Joel Rosenberg. He was calling in from Jerusalem. That's where he lives now.

I got dual citizenship. We were talking about all these meetings he's had with these Arab leaders will pick it up there and most of them have never done it before eight directly. I print key leaders with me, not just me and submitting conversation we just one example, we actually say look in the Bible we are commanded to pray for kings and all those in authority.

King so-and-so present so-and-so or Crown Prince don't.

What are your prayer requests.

How can we pray for you and they share with us the things that are on their heart shared about the illness of his daughter, and we been praying for her. We we ended meetings with prayer or their families for their nations.

I'm not saying that strips have been game changers in terms of making peace in the region but we had a front row seat on some of the ordinary dynamics that are going on and let me just note many Christians millions of Christians around the world around. I stated praying for the peace of Jerusalem for decades and decades, and we always able or even answer that prayer. And now we have this huge piece deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Most American media outlets are not giving it the coverage thing that happened at 25 Americans are paying attention just really remarkable or talking to Joel Rosenberg, Maritimes, best-selling author novels, nonfiction books never talk about these two brand-new websites all and all I'm looking at all Arab got news right now. And speaking of the UAE deal with someone ask you about this right on the front page of the website all in a stunning statement really uttered by Arab leaders, senior UAE officials tell all Arab news quote Jews and Christians belong here unquote in the Mideast, adding that quote. Their roots are in this region unquote.

I mean, it's remarkable Joel. I don't know how much people understand how shocking it is to see a statement like that out of the senior leadership of the United Arab Emirates and not talking about it much.

It was kind of a blip on the radar screen here in America got swallowed up by the new cycle, but how big of a deal is this historic peace agreement because it was shocking to see it come together. Well, you know, most people when they think about new news.

It's terrorism, genocide. Each religious persecution against Christians having their heads chopped off. It no more. It's rumors of work that has been news from the Middle East for 2000 years and certainly for the last hundred years, so look I was born in 1967, two months after I was born Israel faced with the most dangerous time like and we had working in 4856 6773 7982 91. I'm not going to not so good news coming out of the Middle East. Nothing. Everything perfect, but there's some fascinating dynamics that are going on. Yet, Iran is becoming more dangerous than ever, but the but because Iran becoming dangerous and honestly because Obama and then VP Biden made in saying nuclear deal with Iran, giving the terrorists to run Iran hundred and $50 billion if it did that one silver lining to that crazy deal. It wasn't forced Arab leaders who was my friend and he was my slow and they'd always seen Israel as their vote with their enemy, but they were like listening maybe just not sure. Maybe we should form an alliance with Israel against Iran.

The Arab states are terrified of a good clear on a terrorist led Iran and they want to build alliance could protect themselves and in realizing Israel had high-technology that we have money, let's go invest in Israeli technology into business together.

Let's have ours. Countries have tourists go back and forth for country totally change thinking is going on in this last couple of years that hasn't gone on so is this generally a realignment in the region. Joel from hey, it looks like Israel big bad Israel accident are so small, but but dad definitely be little Israel is our enemy and then all of a sudden with the unleashing of the delivered on the on button on the crates from planes with Obama and Biden. The next thing you know you see people around the region going okay, maybe Israel is the problem.

Maybe the real problems. I ran and I have the massive realignment and I don't think the United Arab Emirates are the only one having this conversation are having this realignment to could we expect other things going on there.

Joel and how much does Pres. Trump have to do with any of this out loud, great questions, let me give you, you know, quick fire answers and you control on what you want.

Number one is absolutely a massive fundamental alignment going on and it it it it and end it didn't start wanting to get close to Israel. It started with the Arab state, terrified that Washington was lifting from his traditional alliances with Sunni Arab countries to Iran and they couldn't believe it and and and Obama and Biden began those negotiations with Iran in secret. Not even telling Israel or the Arab countries, so that created a sense of betrayal I had more than what many Arab leaders tell me to my face Joel. We felt betrayed and we felt scared that America was being there for us if we had to defend ourselves from Iran.

So who could will not Israel. This what you're watching that one number two.

Yes, I believe it is not as UAE, there are multiple countries that are considering not if you make this trip, but when among those would be playing Oman, Saudi Arabia, Rocco, and a number of others. So this is fascinating present from present compass flipped description on the delete 25 years. People American presidents of both parties trying to keep fear and every time they tried exact same approach, which is that the Palestinians have to make peace with it first and then every else can it be front flip the script. He said listen, I would love to see the cows and make peace with Israel, lay out a plan that I think would be a great deal, but I know that Allison leadership is not going to make peace with Israel, spend most of my time either air country, once you go first. You guys want peace with Israel. Don't wait for the cows in leadership will come around. Someday maybe in the meantime, what you need to do to make peace for your national interest and the crown princes UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Fayed. We call on NBC here in the region.

He was shown the courage to go first and Trump has look, he wrote a book called part of the deal.

Everyone is often a good deal of the Middle East and China with Mexico in end Or any pretty amazing, pretty amazing developments.

That's my interview yesterday with Joel Rosenberg near Times best-selling author and God given great favor. There in the Middle East. More about Pres. Trump.

The 2020 election what it means not only to the Middle East, but to the rest of the world some great insight from Joel Rosenberg my conversation with him yesterday will finish that up when we come back in the final segment will of a live conversation Dan Forrest Lieut. Gov. run for governor Noble. I am not playing the interview that I did yesterday with Joel Rosenberg, New York Times best-selling author of all kinds of things in the Middle East. These two new websites.

He just started so you can actually get some good accurate news and reporting out of the Middle East all and all or talk about Trump in this particular segment and the 2020 election is to say some amazing insight about Joe Biden in the election coming up here in less than 60 days. Let's jump back to the interview from yesterday with Joel Rosenberg. It's like watching thought maybe I don't like the song I like just coming out the first piece deal Middle East 25 years, you know, we president is creating millions of new jobs. He you know he's got you unions all across America who usually are 100% of the Democrats are shifting over to voting for him endorsing him like a case believe they believe that he may be messy. You may need to sometimes be strong, and he knows how to get things done better in America's behalf of private capacity as an individual, American citizens, not running all his delusional Arab musicals, a nonprofit organizations that are nonpartisan, but I will tell you that when I met with Pres. Trump in the Oval Office last year.

I had been a never Trump told that I'd been a never but that he converted me. Because each word used the most pro-life and pro-Israel president we have ever seen in American history and the biggest job crater we've ever seen and you Biden is nice week is wrong on every issue that I can think Trump is not the nicest one is kind of guy I was on twitter in person is hardly but on twitter. He can be a disaster at times, but he's hiring evangelical making amazing deals needing well it messy. The results are in crisis that I think will be all right.

Best-selling author Joel Rosenberg specifically about his two brand-new websites all and all and I'll try to remember to give you credit for the sausage example because that's exactly what it's like I got a friend here in town. If you're ever in the Raleigh area, Joel, and like barbecue all take you to some of the best Texas. Barbara had ever had my life, but they make their own sausage there in the store and it was rather disturbing to watch it come together, but it sure was lovely to eat it and I'm like wow I don't want to watch this process anymore, but all ordered just about every time a vendor that's a great example of Donald Trump. You may not like the process and the way it looks, but the end product.

I mean I was in a never Trump are but I I was back then in 2016. July was like listen I want to vote for the devil. I don't know very well over the devil that I know quite well, which was Hillary Clinton. Of course, but since that time that I did vote for Trump at the end of four days before the election. I find I can't go for Hillary. I will vote for Trump but I was really voting for Mike and you and Trump should happen to be on the ticket and to the personal friend of mine and is also a reader of my novel and my wife was joking with me. Really your to vote against the tickets on write your novel. I that your plan document. We voted for, but I guess that when I met with my disagreements with you, but I gave Melissa about anything promises he made that I totally didn't believe he would keep that he had Big promises are neither huge and I think pro-life just we just have to say is an nice manager, nice grandfather you nice father is a nice husband. I believe all that we believe in killing babies and the woman is Harry doesn't even want any restrictions on it and you know that he appointed a young selected a San Francisco radical leftist to be his running mate. That doesn't give me any more comfort at issue on I don't I don't even see the choice deal is the people you're talking to. There in the Middle East. Joel help helping how big of a deal is a selection to them with Trump versus Biden are they nervous about it or they confident the Trump's gonna win a kind of outlook and reverberations is having because I would imagine this is on everybody's radar screen of the number one question I get when I meet with Raley or Eric people or meters is having elections what you think because their nervous because they like Trump because they see how much security he is brought to the region and how clear much clear thinking that he is giving towards Iran is the enemy and Israel and the Arab countries are the good guys not look good and on America's side. It's not hard to see Trump sees it.

Biden does it" about Joe Biden and we both went to the same university Syracuse University. He cheated and I didn't. I will say again in my own private capacity. Nothing on my own personal views, but did it" by Sir Defense Secretary for the Obama Obama Biden ticket ministration that was Baci Robert Gates and Robert Gates, the Defense Secretary for Biden said that Joe Biden has been on every foreign policy issue for the last 40 years guy saying it and it's true you know when we went when Obama made the decision to go send US special forces into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden that was a great move by the president and I and I is one of the few things I've been able say nice about writing Obama against that decision. Joe Biden and Clinton supported going to kill bin Laden.

I like are you serious I will talking about here and so I'm just saying that people in this region. They see that Biden supported the insane Iran nuclear deal and giving $150 billion to Terrace move laws who run Iran insane. Biden was for when United States under Obama pulled all American forces out of Iraq when everybody said don't do that or Isis is going to sees the vacuum and then kill a lot of people. Biden supported Pres. Obama pulled all the troops out what happened was a genocide. Genocide by ISIS took over the creed of the caliphate. The size of Massachusetts and then killed systematically were killing Christians until what until Pres. Obama came to power and worked with allies to stop.

If this is not rocket science.

One gifted, one guy doesn't possibly as American evangelicals and will let you go Joel help.

How should we as evangelicals are here in America we go to these two brand-new websites that Joyce is created with some folks there in the region.

All as well as all how to how should we use that as evangelicals as people you know excited about the return of Christ, not knowing where, but obviously looks like. If anything, 20/20 is been a great dry run for the man of lawlessness and what that could look like. But how should we come to interact with the news coming out of the Middle East give us some encouragement. Give us some help there. Joel and then will finish up. Sure happy to enter any money saved or used websites are actually nonpartisan, so we will cover fairly both sides. You clearly hear that I have personal views. I'm a Democrat when I was growing up and I wish to become a conservative Republican. But I'm also Germans and I can treat them fairly and we got a good team helping me cover what's going on in this region and help Christians understand story by story. Why are these things important and I think it's not just reporting the news that accurate, trustworthy, but explaining why is it important in doing it with the biblical worldview.

It doesn't mean every story is going to be about questions or have Bible request will and will cover stories that are uniquely interested thing to even troubles like archaeological discoveries and interviews with Christians in the region, and so forth. But it also context.

Where is this world having because Israel is the centerpiece of God's plan and purpose for the nation with the Bible tells us and and Jesus is coming back. We know in the Bible where is he coming back to Washington not talk and is not a Hollywood to the heartland.

He's coming to Jerusalem and so all the prophecies in the Bible read us from where we are right this minute to the return of Christ in wrangling from this city, Jerusalem, where I live today to keeping an eye on the state of Israel was returning to the holy land. After centuries of exile are rebuilding the ancient ruins making peace in the region.

Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus Muslim people coming to faith in Jesus. These are all big stories that what seemed impossible hundred years ago, it would seem the parcel 500 years ago, seven, 700 years ago the house near the happening. All right now and there are very few places you can go and learn about it in one place with all and all

That's what were trying to really is amazing what happened there really is amazing. Everything going on in the Middle East appreciate that time a Joel Rosenberg New York Times best-selling author. When we come back North Carolina defendant Gov. Danforth run for governor was in doing this every Wednesday until the election. The dance floor as the last segment every Wednesday. My good friend Dan forces and Steve Noble rewrite that you live action admit the last year on a trip to Israel. That's my other good friend Dan Forrest who happens to be the North Carolina lieutenant governor running for governor by God's grace will be the governor the next governor the great state of North Carolina where on that trip together.

So we've gone from Joel Rosenberg to Dan Forrest. I'm doing pretty good today Dan, how are you buddy, I am doing well he was doing great. You know when he first went back over there earlier this year they stuck him in his bedroom. Literally his bedroom in his apartment for 14 days because they were playing hardball with the coping situations.

That's when I do a live show with them back in February and then had a chance to talk to him yesterday.

We desire that interview, but it was cool to be on a trip and of course you and I were on a trip and Israel factors and will talk about that another time.

How that factors into how God moved you in the public service but thanks for calling today super excited for what's going on praying and working towards the election of value for the next North Carolina Gov. here in our great state in order to do this by the way, everybody. I mentioned this before were trying to do this every Wednesday between now and election day. This is super super important as well as important as the federal election is do not forget about state and local elections. A lot of politics still is local here in North Carolina. Obviously, under Gov. Cooper. I just put some pictures up earlier today Dan on Facebook of all these businesses in downtown Raleigh. This is true in other parts of the state that are all boarded up. It looks like a kind of Third World country in graffiti.

We ate down there for dinner on Saturday night.

It was sad, but it was also enraging. So what have you thought of the way. Gov. Cooper is handled the coping response here North Carolina because there's about 47 other states that are more open than we are right now there are two things got a good opportunity right know that the riot came along the Georgia boy that lived. The one thing after another Got completed with peaceful protest and riot became a synonymous with peaceful approach. They are all the misinformation going on out there about how to approach a bat for COBIT, but people going to church is bad for COBIT all the things it's part of the nonsensical story, because all the governor I think is really downtown Raleigh and downtown Charlotte payable state route country. The question on the media is not telling the story, how come they're not showing pictures of the structured befell.

That's the real question because if there was a Republican governor North Carolina. I'm pretty positive that it would be a headline on the nightly. But the beauty of from the public. So when I got off the people in a meeting and big audiences are regularly thereafter. But if you know Raleigh and Charlotte were destroyed during this grant will boarded up and it looked like the root nobody knows she's it's a mystery to them. Why is that so I counseled this with much broader agenda going all the Democrats right part of the lockdown part of the strategy related all the much larger strategy for the election coming up in November that nobody wants to talk about yeah really shocking to think that is just about COBIT is really small minded is a lot more going on here and in existential threat and Charlie Kirk at the Republican national convention me referencing Donald Trump said Donald Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization and I want Hannah Mike is not hyperbole, but on the other hand, and think and yet I really is and on a state level. We have the same situation. It's just as dire here as it is on the federal level to make the greater Charlie Kirk was. Winston Churchill was that during World War II open. I really like Churchill, washed up at five and they went through every politician they could try to find that well Actually willing to do it and it was Churchill and I think that's what we haven't Trump right now we have a band was going to stand up and fight against the fight against all about the leftist ethics.

The fight against the Marxist.anarchy going on across our country will is willing to do that is Donald all three stepped into the play that role for your here we have a governor.

North Carolina is not really stand up for law and order dog structured go on a let's not lose sight must not pay so much attention to Windows big business being booted and loose sight of what they're protesting for is complaining peaceful protest over Georgia boy to anarchy running around smashing building Windows eluting businesses and burning of those things should not be ever be conflict that you you could have peaceful protest and all blog think I'm protect individuals. Dr. Bill should do that we should expect the governor to do that, but our governors done nothing like this a bit of a constitutional emergency here North Carolina mean at the federal level, not so much. But certainly the state level, and certainly here in North Carolina you've got a governor that took advantage of kind of an emergency mandate. That's normally about 30 days when you look at the history of it and then and then the other leadership involve you in the other people in the Council of state and is literally taken over the state for six months I've been pulling what left of my hair. I have Dan doing. How in the world did this happen here North Carolina were governor has this kind of power so so speak to that and I want to ask you if you had been the governor what you would've done. But generally the reason why your cross country people are scared of shadows right out of it what spec along you know there were talk about here a pandemic in front of ourselves that we talk about back that no doubt the small space but because governor there that I have no costume authority to shut the state ownership.

I have no costume authority to shut your teeth out of warranty people do it. She looked at her, you should first rule of law battered more in a pandemic are governor did just the opposite is the job that you politically you think a better job. And that's what he's been doing is been your overreaching his executive power, but it's been followed up with, but non-football objective criteria for shutdown and think that's what infuriated people in our state is all you are not based on bias are based on politics. The people start yet it's really been disgusting to watch the governor North Carolina Gov. Cooper often called Conrad Cooper choosing winners and losers, of course, one of the winners he didn't dare to shut down abortion clinics, but you sent on churches and everything else in all these different businesses, any one of our favorite businesses here in Raleigh that Gina and I love to go have dinner up dinner at got shut down the other day because they can't survive is literally putting people out of business and the government has no place picking winners and losers in that game and it's just it's just infuriating.

So Dan let's let's let's play a little game here and if we had had governor Dan Forrest in January of two 2020. What would your approach of been to the whole COBIT situation in the in the shutdowns and trying to help our neighbor at the same time not destroying ourselves in the process will all be fair to all governors across country, including Oro started.

Nobody really knew what was going on or what but one spirited robot, but the old picture and I think that looking back at it again, but 20/20 public it back. I would say that the way to handle this is what very open and transparent data across the board. I will lift actually that I keep on my phone of about 30 data point that I would run through it. The most important things that we need to track when we started off divorce to shut them for two weeks got a flat earth. We don't overwrought our hospitals are generally thought everybody will do that thereby took that it well to we started to mustard, but it is still going on in these new orders are placed on top of the right has to wear a mask and you have to start to wear a mask of thought: universities and their kids at school that is been the all the stuff is not based on diet support so they follow all of the science and data make it publicly available to everybody so everybody can see exactly where we stand all the key indicators of the report of the key indicators of the things when you're playing right now it's a really appreciate that a lot. I don't think enough of us are talking about. It is the effect on our children have not been back in schools to speak to that. Well, maybe you if you're going to talk about rotavirus. Talk about the symptoms of the fire of the symptoms of a shutdown go along with the formfitting healthy people that all people Arthur L. Budget kids that are locked in their home. There probably becoming addicted to technology now because her parents probably don't know what to do about screens all day long on technology or screen addiction is real then you have got domestic abuse you diction brother pornography addiction or substance abuse addiction of the alcohol or drugs. All these things are very real one or our young people in our country have seriously contemplated died during one of 25%. That is going on in our country right now. Do you think about all health implications backed by the debtor, caused by a lot about people not going to jump out working out docket out big shot in Depression and anxiety here. All these things are very real consequences.

Talking people that human beings locked them. Yeah, that's what I trump meal that early on, say we cannot allow the answer to be worse than the problem and that's exactly what event has had this for a couple months that we brought in Adam bomb do a knife fight and with our kids were there. We had problems with anxiety and nervousness and all I can to stop before it's getting a lot worse now and end, Cooper never talks about that. There's almost no discussion of the impact on kids? Do your listeners always after water all the big start talking about things that we should start talking it out because this is a very real problem affect the results of this prologue, what will happen to remember you walk to help you with your help close down about. And when you will become the next governor to Greece in Carolina you can move pretty fast on these things can't probably one day so encouraging. If you need any other reason. There you go. That's just an incredible fact my my kids and Gina has that all time when Dan lends how Matt turns around and one day so that's really good news Dan. I look forward to doing this every Wednesday, buddy.

Thank you so much for your time. Got my ballot walk the doctor soon as Lieut. Gov. Dan Forrest. Hopefully, God willing, the next governor of the great state of North Carolina.

Mrs. C Noble on this email. Michelle, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for

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