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The David Chadwick Show, 9/6/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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September 6, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show, 9/6/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick. It is to start 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome to the show. Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you on this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values through the lenses of the Scripture. Also, our deep and abiding faith in God and so I hope it's a meaningful program now over 20 years here on the news talk 1110 WBT. Many thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Peary's fine jewelry for your support of the program without your sponsorship. I could not do this on a weekly basis and I hope that this program gives you hope around WBT. I'm note is the hope guy I hope I'm even known that way in my family and throughout the city because I love to give people hope. I don't believe you can live one day without hope. So this labor day show tomorrow is Labor Day is dedicated to the idea of hope in our work because I really believe work is a good gift from God.

He wants us to work. He wants us to enjoy work and therefore I have as my heartbeat to work well unto him, because I know that that's a gift from him and when I flow in his will.

I can enjoy work and billing my friend, the producer has his Mike open with me. We dialogue throughout the show together.

I edit as you look at Labor Day. It's kind of a weird time and Labor Day because before Labor Day. Kind of symbolize the end of summer, the kind of beginning of fall, but also the beginning of football season yet football's been delayed and we don't know exactly what's going to happen with the whole season. How do you feel this Labor Day. David you know it's interesting in and we been talking about 20/20 and what a crazy year is out hockey in August your love exports as I think the Masters is going be played sometime in November with no friends. Where's the azaleas there dead and gone, but you will see will see adjusted a different light. The world is really turned upside down.

But at least our holidays are still dam moved out so is this the end of summer. Well I don't know how do you define Summers as the start of football, probably not. In some cases it's it's been a wild and crazy year.

It has been.

I've had some of my friends say to me.

Can we just X out 20 2015. We just forget each of the God of hope. So I am going to get everything's guilty fine.I believe that will learn lessons in 2020, like we've never learned before so I know in my own life and I'm going through deep trials and indeed tragedies.

They have been the very thing that have driven me into the ward with a new relationship with him like never before to Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was a Russian dissenter very famous author was thrown into the Soviet gulags and stayed there 10 years, horrific conditions was ultimately released and in one of his books there after he wrote thank you prison and many of us went. Thank you prison that was one of the most hideous times of your life how the world can you think prison and he said because it was in prison where I met Jesus were in Mother Teresa language that you never know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you got was in prison that Solzhenitsyn met Jesus and he said I entered into a profound deep relationship with him and I realize what Paul said in second Corinthians 9 is true that me some Corinthians 12 is true that Jesus is my sufficiency so as we celebrate Labor Day. How do you find Jesus or how do you find God in your will.

And let's talk about that during his iPhone is pretty important. It is important because you know we spend out what percentage of our lives percent of our waking hours and in the workplace. Yeah so it it's something we have to do in order to survive, but I don't think work is a negative. I don't think it's a curse. I think work is cursed for a lot of different reasons because we try to find our identity in our work, rather than in the Lord and causes all kinds of heartache and heartburn within people, but work is a gift from God. God created the idea of work. It's not something that we drummed up. It's not our idea. So if we can recapture during this program, God's view of work. I think we can help people be free from a performance-based lifestyle that defines their identity and what they do, rather than who they are and he gave us the skills and talents to pursue different vocations or different occupations. I know you could describe both those works for us here in the show. So then how do we best serve I can never be a medical doctor. I can never be assigned to the site and have those kind of skills but the skills he did give me a lot of me for for a great career and I enjoyed my work is you and your good at it and you're good at what you do.

You are great at Frito-Lay you're doing really some terrific work here locally with another organization and you're also here WBT doing a lot of broadcasting work which was your dream and the skills he gave you to preach his word right what a vocation and how precious that is so you know, how do we honor God in the work, honoring him the skills that he gave us to do. Well that's what I want to cover today, and if we can begin to realize that every skill we have is a gift and were to use those gifts for God's glory because you know it. I didn't do anything to earn these public speaking gifts there something that was given to me. My dad had that gift is a genetic gift.

I guess as well, but ultimately that comes from God. Although skills you have in the business community, but also now here in the broadcasting world are gifts that are given to you. So the question isn't, do we have gifts every single one of us has gifts were all given a gift. The question is how do we use those gifts for God's glory and his glory alone and again that's what I want to look at this program this Labor Day weekend.

What is labor and why did God give it to us and how we can use it for his glory and his glory alone and billing my producer has his open mic.

I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099.

Three. WBT will be right back me everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show. Happy Labor Day weekend.

All of you tomorrow Labor Day. I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends.

Maybe a picnic or some kind of outdoor activities as you just social assistance outside, you have some fun.

I did the proper reminder did not answer.

That's good. Thank you for that will. Today we want to talk about God's view of work because I think we sometimes have a skewed view of what work really is. Work is a gift from God, he it was his idea so it let's talk about the beginning of work. It's found in Genesis chapter 1 and two in creation. God is the one who did the first work he created this world from nothing. He spoke and made this world. He rested on the seventh day after he made it after he made all the animals, all of creation. All of the order of this world and why the world he rested. God need to rest. Of course not. He gave that to us as a model for how we need to rest one day out of the week called the Sabbath means a holy day set apart day a different kind of day. We need to rest and folks listen to me.

If you burn the candle at both ends. You're not as bright as you think you are. That's one of my David-isms and here here's another one that Doug God if you don't want to rust out.

Make sure you work out and I think that gives us an idea of how God wants us to use work as a good gift from him. If you don't come apart you'll come apart you'll need rest. We need that day of rest of God did that. But then in Genesis 2 he outlines for Adam, his work that he had for him to fold.

First of all he had to dress till and keep the land then secondly he wants to name all the animals. I find that fascinating because God gave Adam to unique responsibilities dress till and keep the land that's manual labor. He had to put his fingers in the dirt. He had to plant seeds he had to oversee the growth of those plants and ultimately the harvesting of those plants so manual labor is a good gift from God. So all of our listeners right now who may be carpenters or plumbers or farmers or those kind of things. What you do with your hands.

Your manual labor is a good gift from God.

But then he turns around and tells Adam to name the animals that's mental labor. So people asked the question will how did a rhinoceros become rhinoceros will came before Adam and Adam said rhinoceros at an elephant table for many went elephant and a hippopotamus came before me said hippopotamus and so he named all of the animals but that's mental labor. So all of our listeners right now who do a lot of mental labor. Maybe banking, accounting those kind of things.

That's a good gift from God. God wanted labor to be enjoyed and with Adam he said, here's the garden it's paradise. That's what the word Eden means work in this garden. Use your manual labor usual mental labor because work is a good gift from God in both physical and mental as you're saying there but you gotta have a combination of both. Yes, sometimes people work with their hands and have to do a lot of mental labor. At the same time, and vice versa, only to pay for some others of chores you know things around the house or helping others do things when you volunteer to work. So the combination of the physical and the mental those are those are gifts from God and he said it's good he said everything is good. Remember after he created everything he looked it all and said it's good it's operating.

The way I wanted to operate so that includes work manual and mental labor. God looked at that and said it's good you know as well as I do, Ed, how you feel when you accomplish a task that you start working on and then you finally finish it. How do you feel this is just so this week, the yard needed mold okay stuff the branches needed trimmed and it's getting hot so I know I gotta get out there. Gotta get it done. So when I finish that. Then I got so much energy to do this. I do that I added on a few things that weren't on my to do list. I know this sounds trivial, but at the end of all that back in the house, take a shower.

I felt great that I got that accomplished. Plus some other things you know so there's that self-satisfaction. It is supposed to be a part of work and when we accomplish it. Sure it's good and I'm always taught people that in creation through a physical relationship between a man and woman God allows us to experience what it's like to create life, for he is the creator of all life. But interestingly, when we take on a project and we complete that project and we look at it and say man that's good we have a similar kind of feeling that God had in creation. After he made everything he said it's good now.

One noted difference of course is God created the whole world from nothing.

There was nothing that existed. He spoke it into existence, and then created everything, the difference being with us. We create from something you know beautiful cabinet has to be created from a tree that God mates we ultimately give him all the glory. But still we participate with God in creation with a task and finish it and look at and say that's good, that's similar to what happened with God himself. So that's why work is good, God allows us to participate in words where many books that's a lot of work. It is a lot of work and I can tell you when you tap type that last word and you put in that last.

There is a sense of who good. It's done and that's a wonderful feeling. That's the kind of feeling God wants us to have in every situation. So Martin Luther King said this.

If you sweep streets sweep streets to the glory of God. In other words, no matter what you do. Whether you're a janitor or a CEO of a major corporation, you have a job to do. At the end of that job. When you've completed it should allow you to feel good because you participated in a good gift from God accomplishing something he wants you to accomplish. There's no task that's too menial there's no task that's too great, God is a part of all of that because he is the one who created work and another thing that Paul does in Colossians 3 he asked this question, who's your boss who's your boss and he says do all unto the glory of God.

If we go into our workplace. No matter where it may be, and we realize were not working for man, but for the Lord. We see work as his call unto us and working for him. Then somehow work takes on a new significance doesn't him calls were working to the one who is the ultimate creator of all work in heaven. We had a driver in upstate New York would come back off of his runs and he bit out for you know, 6A $10 and come back to the terminal. He says well I did it for God today forgot all the time goes, yet you guys may be my boss but my real boss is up there. And yes, I need his protection. Driving the big rig and on the crazy roads and been safe. But I did it for him that I felt great because I did for him and him as a regular listener is a blessed man at that's a great illustration. Remember, another friend of mine who used to say all the time will I do well. I'm a full-time servant of the Lord Jesus and I sell insurance to help me allowed to do that and I think that's a great statement because he sees himself as a follower of the Lord. But then he works as a way of expressing that love that he has for the Lord so his identity isn't found in his work. It's found in his relationship and many, many folks, especially those that come from other countries they work for their families back at the other, your relatives, you know, to help feed not only provide for their family. So your providing further so there's a blessing there that the Lord gives you surge or enabling your earnings to help what you know in not trying to be too political. But during this time. When the United States is being condemned for its capitalistic views. The truth is, capitalism is the greatest wealth producer.

The world is ever known. Capitalism also is the graders lifter out of poverty that the world has ever known. So as we really do promote the work ethic and what hard work can produce were giving people a chance to lift their families out of poverty and then for the next generation. Give them a chance to keep moving upward in order to have all that this life is supposed to give us a work becomes a good thing and I think our work in this culture that allows people to go after whatever their dream may be, becomes especially good. That's what God desires and and I've heard some people argue with the whole Marxist idea that's now being put before us know were not supposed to own private property. What if were not supposed to own private property, how come two of the big 10 Commandments have to do with private property. First of all, don't steal and don't covet it. If stealing is bad, it means you're stealing somebody else's private property. If you're coveting somebody else's possessions or coveting somebody else's private property and God says don't do that private property ownership is key because it is the result of hard work and hard work again is a gift from God. So then comes the question and will explore this in greater depth in the next segment will what happened what went wrong when you have creation Genesis 1 and two and God saying everything's good, including labor manual and mental labor.

It's all good, but in Genesis 3 in the rebellion against God, something awful happened and everything in this world has become infected with the disease called sin. It's called self-sufficiency is called self aggrandizement.

It is self worship. It's idolatry. And that includes work and actually in Genesis 3, God even addresses that with the man.

He says you are because of sin, you're going to toil and labor and sweat and you're not going to find meaning in this life. What God is saying here is the sin that's been introduced into the world through work is that we try to find our identity in our work. We work these long hideous hours trying to accumulate more and more so that the world will look at us and say hey you're successful, you're something else and we try to find an identity in our work and what we do rather than who we are and that's one of the great diseases of the American culture. Work has become sin stained and people now work for their bosses trying to impress their bosses and not the ultimate boss in heaven who really is there boss. We constantly through our performance mentality what the approval of others and if you're a people pleaser trying to find your identity in your work and the approval of your boss you're going to be for ever frustrated because they're using you to get what they want and that's the profit. The bottom line and increase their own success in the world.

So we want to look at when we come back is what Jesus does to our understanding of the work ethic. What Jesus does to set us free from that performance-based living what Jesus does to give us hope.

Not in our work. But in his work for us and what he's done for us. Once we know that we realize our identity is in him and then we work in our jobs.

As an outgrowth of who he is in us. So once we get that down. We can really celebrate Labor Day. We can understand God's purpose in labor and we can be set free from a performance-based mentality that ultimately enslaves us and is never satisfied will look at that in just a moment. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99. Three.

WBT will be right back either. What I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99. The welcome back to the show. Happy Labor Day weekend. All of you. I hope tomorrow is filled with on family fellowship all those things that are really really Labor Day was established for the purpose of celebrating work in our culture because in our capitalist society, we believe that people can go after whatever they want to go after and hard work usually brings great benefits if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows to the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end. As I try to help all of us appreciate God's good gift of labor and billing my producer and friend has his open mic in it. I was talking about before we left this the whole idea of work being a good gift from God, and original intent and creation, but it became filled with sin and what's happened is men and women are trying to find their identity in their work there sweating their brow. They're working so hard and they're never fulfilled inside their always depressed. And God doesn't want work to be our identity. That's how sin has entered the work plan what happens and you talk this a lot. It is the whole thing of ego where you're edging God out and you. It's more about you than about the Lord in their in their work and you know there's a lot of egomaniacs work what God intended work to be good and for those of us who know that Jesus completed the work of our identity on the cross that when he died for the forgiveness of our sins and fills us with the Holy Spirit. We understand that were not children of God. Again we were restored to original intent like Adam was that were just dearly loved by the father in heaven and our identity is found in that love relationship with the father and not in our work, our identity is found not in our performance and our work in the work world is found in the Lord then were asked the question will what place does work have in the life of a person who is a follower of God, and the answer is well let me ask you a question. Where is your mission field folks and here's the answer is between your feet.

It's wherever you are. If you're exercising in exercise class will that your mission field. If you are in your workplace at your desk or doing errands or doing different kinds of responsibilities where ever you are you are God's representative for his love in that workplace so you're constantly hopefully extending the love of the father to everyone around you and trying to make your workplace a better place to live. So let me give another illustration that I've used before Ed that I think would be helpful.

It's interesting that when the whole idea of the Christian faith overtook the Roman Empire.

There was a change in an understanding of work and Paul really addresses that almost in Colossians 3 when he says, as you work work into the Lord not into yourself.

In other words, don't find your identity in your work. Find it in him and realize that God is your boss and your following him in every possible way. So as you enter into your workforce not you realize that it is a vocation. It's a calling that word vocation comes from the Latin word folks the same word we get voice from the vocal cords that is a calling that God has given to you so if you work for a company here in Charlotte, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, some other place you are God's representative in that particular workplace that is your vocation that your calling and if he wanted you someplace else you'd be someplace else.

I people asked me all the time, of why my working at such and such a place we are working there because that's obviously were God's called you and if he wanted you in a different position will call you to a different position, but interestingly over the years. Over the centuries, especially when the Industrial Revolution happened in America and the assembly lines occurred, people started gathering together to work on an assembly line and they simply add a piece to a project and never see the completion. Remember how we said in the first segment a part of work is seeing the completed task, but people never saw the completed task.

They were just part of an assembly line.

Interestingly, the word vocation changed on forms to occupation, so work became not a calling, but simply something that occupied your time for eight hours a day, maybe from 9 to 5 may be in the evening from seven until whenever. It's just something that occupied your time so people became bored with their work. Work became drudgery. People really didn't like it and they've missed the whole idea of a calling from God.

Your mission feels between your feet. God's your boss to matter where you are.

You're working and serving for his glory and his glory alone.

Martin Luther King quote if you sweep streets.

The us sweeps a street sweeper for the glory of God and people of loss that because they now see their work as an occupation as drudgery as ho-hum. I've got a go to work today and then the lack of self-satisfaction. All that came out or we had a leader of PepsiCo back in the days Frito-Lay guide Roger and Rico. He said you know they pay me for my arms and legs, they never use my mind and agenda for free and as for people since our becoming involved in the workplace because everyone had a mind or or or gift from God, but they were never use they were occupying their time on an assembly yapping and you don't block the famous composer put at the bottom of his work. These three initials SDG and four years no one knew exactly what SDG meant.

But interestingly, Bock is a person of faith had reasons for doing that that SDG were the three Latin words solely Dayo Gloria which means to God alone belongs the glory. So what he was doing is saying this gift of music is a gift from God to do anything to earn it.

It's a gift from God. So when he wrote a masterpiece who put at the bottom SDG to remind him and everybody that all he had was a gift from God. This musical piece was a gift from God.

That's a good reminder for all of us.

We need to realize

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