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September 4, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 4, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is Jesus talking about in Matthew 16-28---2- Where did Jesus go immediately after he died---3- Why did God stop the tower from being built but has not stopped technological advancements today---4- I broke a lease. Is that in violation of the Scriptures regarding swearing an oath and -letting yes be yes and no be no----5- What does Paul mean in Ephesians 4-13-14 regarding the Holy Spirit- Do we have to obey for the Holy Spirit to remain-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research was found alive for you have questions of our Bible doctrines. Why I'm glad to be on here if you want to will call real five lines 877-207-2276 and is also often the case, but the group during the summer we help for open lines at the beginning to look of the year a bit to begin the hour.

So if you want to give McCall now the time you are getting off work driving distracted. Who knows whatever. Just give is a line here 877-207-2276 and see… Could talk about something that was all you so him some interesting happened. We got people who don't go for what I'm doing on Wednesday some big deal just to be here at my house people I know that there's a look. We want good theology.

Once a good Bible teaching and so I think about this for a few weeks and I okay hello have a study in my house, and several people already say you want to go and I was at a meeting yesterday, I was some other people don't even know them and him there this people come from there. So it was interesting and people. People want to sound doctrine wanted to know the Bible teaches a lot of areas and finding out more and more that pastors and teachers is currently getting in very deep to the word of God's life is a series about that but more like 20 McCall 877-207-2276 and for the people there. It is live and the seed is live.

It should be working so look at the YouTube stuff going on. If people want to watch was going on should be working okay.

We have a every now the tech issue and so what we do on the show is so broadcast on Facebook and on YouTube and watch the concert okay good so we can know you can check it out all right now. If your newbie to the show. All you gotta do all you gotta do is a question on the Bible question on on Jesus, the Trinity, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism and even back in the day Christian science.

I do a lot of discussions on the issue of Islam and his baptism necessary for salvation. What is necessary for salvation and things like that.

Discussing that we do recall that people call with questions and they don't call.

I teach and what what I like to do is teach the Bible from a theologically astute prospective study Christian theology for 40 years or so longer and I love the Bible has to say about the truth I love to say about Jesus and then and you know some of you may have heard of living waters living waters is Sgt. Ray comfort's ministry. A lot of people involved with that they had a conference on on Saturday why the Bible and I was a guest speaker on the panel discussion I got to participate with Phil Johnson and the Smothers but like I was tickled and that I was able to get us a panel with the wing root wing grimaces, a little bit of a hero of mine. I want to tell my family, but we did have a chance and he has produced a systematic theology that is just fantastic and there are over 800,000 copies even produced of this thing. It is just a magnificent work and would suggest that you check it out when goods systematic theology. It's a great great effort of systematics and what that means is that it arranges biblical theology. This is not a form.

Now a lot of people don't understand that the Bible is very logical, very deep, and what it teaches. It has been around for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years and people have not yet fathomed its depths. It is a wonderful book is inspired of God spoke on his Bible spired and what I did was I with use of the prophecies of the mathematics related to the onto the prophecies and showed some odds and ends about that and I actually said that if anybody wanted the slides that I have produced. I gave a short version. I said, just email me and I'll give you the whole file and a whole bunch of people that they emailed and I send my file that I use right teach its grades. So glad that a lot of you for listening. So because of its I'm probably can end up doing a conference on my own. The same way. Same kind of thing to think about it anyway and want to discuss the issue of phone of apologetics, theology, and things like that so I'll be looking into that in the future.

It would give McCall fulfill for open lines 877-207-2276 let's go to Ryan from Des Moines, Iowa. Ryan welcome around here not last night I was reading and I haven't written about you lately and I was reading Matthew chapter 16 verse 28 and he talked about the Crowder. I think Dr. Diebel. I'm not sure what the target area you are standing here who will not kingdom, and I know that I'm taken out of context, thank any, talking about right are built in that contact I just kinda want to know what your take is on that what what you think you what you think he meant by that, I lean towards the idea that I'm a legal perspective. Speaking of reveille kingdom established by his presence and that what he was talking about. So there was to see the coming of a man coming this kingdom. One of the issues as it could be the transfiguration occurred in Matthew 17. Let's what skin that's one of the main interpretations. Another one is that he speaking of the future. The people at that time the Son of Man is going to come in his glory father with his angels, and will repave to every man according to his deeds truly save some of those who are standing here who will not taste death that doesn't really seem to work that idea because this is standing here will not taste death was erratic Son of Man coming this kingdom. So generally what we understand, it means is that it refers to his coming. The kingdom which is present now. Now a lot of premillennialists a problem with that because all say now the coming kingdom is a thousand year reign. But Jesus said that his kingdom is now in his kingdom is among you, and it also says in Matthew 1330 through 40 range parable to we the tears that the first was taken with return of Christ are the wicked and good. Matthew 13 I flew searching for him to check it out. What he says is this interesting verse 41 the Son of Man will send forth his angels and gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those commit lawlessness. Well, that's after verse 40 which he says is that the tares are gathered and burned with fire at the end of the age. At the end of the age is when the wicked are gathered son will send forth his angels and gather out of his kingdom means in this age. The kingdom of Christ is here going backwards, but he expect when he was explaining the parable he says about that parable in verse 30 allow the tears and the week to go together recessed first gather the tears and gather the week of the barn so I can return of Christ.

The first was gathered on the wicked not the good that's what he says in Matthew 1330 and then you go down with the other starting he's talking about so that the tears are gathered at the end of the age was like to age, as this agent needs to come and it says the Son of Man will get fat so the animation area implication narrative sort of like the coming of the Holy Spirit. The one father and he will give you another helper, that you may be with you forever talking about and to some degree the church age were not going to sound like you're talking about it. The millennial reign I would say church its way to distill anything. Okay. And the reason is because you don't find that inscription, you'll find church age, you'll find things like that were Trinity either. But the Trinity is definitely taught and what church age is is usually dispensationalism the church age as Nita Grazer think of that dispensation and so well let me look here and socialism see you have major dispensations and age of innocence and age of conscience and age of civil government and age of promise and age of law of grace and millennial kingdom in the grace era era is the weather call the church age. While that's what's called dispensationalism are kind of a classical view.

Now I'm a coven analyst got worse covenantal nephew binds Ralph by his word and because the Bible speaks governmentally. I don't see dispensationalism so the thing that we call the church is a church that thing which began at Pentecost. Well depends on what you defined the church as is a member. Is the church that ecclesiastical body that has elders and stuff.

Well then it startled 2000 years ago. Is the church comprise of those who are the redeemed will then it was before 2000 years ago, so it's a tough one to really nail down and so right you look at this and this does fit the this particular aspect that's a nominal position better because in all millennialism we believe that we are in the millennial reign of Christ. Now it is his kingdom and Jesus says that Satan was bound back in Matthew 1222 through 32. He says he was bound and want to get to the issue of the end of the age. That's when the wicked are taken out of his kingdom. It makes perfect sense.

So to strengthen weakness in every position but you'll find church age of the Bible just let you know okay yeah I guess I didn't. I didn't realize the implicate and yet I would have to agree with you on LIBOR on it. Covenantal good. You know, I haven't done it much better that day you have but I do know that you know it's very dramatic with a covenant like that, but I get by the church age. I met you know the body of Christ to the bride of Christ kind of went with the foundation of the apostle and stuff like that.

You know how it would before I buy me.

I'm sure there was a remnant of, I mean we know there was there with Symantec Damien land-grant and you know the true believers back awry. The father… It Mary you know but is still a remnant of people, but I feel like dominate the dominant believers in Yahweh were being used, but they were obviously impressed me the people of that time though I get for me. The church that the church would have been in my perspective, it would've been established at Pentecost that but that I would be that opinionated email is to present how you define the term in the right legitimacy to because of what we know.

The Holy Spirit came and did and that would mean then that the Old Testament saints were not part of the church will was I always tell people first thing you do is define your terms at the first thing you do and then you can go now I see was going on in the so the word church is Nicosia and the Bible. And I did an analysis of every single occurrence of it in the New Testament occur every holder got the mud millionaire Marilyn Everett Rebecca blood. What does Ryan hey we have two lines 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic with the caller here follow up really late regarding the question around old yeah about our that in the hell awaited me and I was a little clarification so that he in fact go to hell or did anything God did it go to heaven immediately as most Christians do doctrinally is my understanding that your dog out that what happened to Jesus as well. In my follow-up question is do you listen to them first so the apostles Creed was written back hundreds of years ago when terminology was slightly different and is now and so hell was considered to be just the bowels of the earth was withheld was the bad place and so is also used as a designation of just being in the grave and going down and being in that place is where they thought Jesus may have gone but not to suffer not in the place of punishment that was not in the apostles Creed.

That's a mistake that a lot of heretical teachers today teach how to say it again to break and it will talk your it's a heretical false damnable teaching tips for anybody to say that Jesus went to hell and finished the atonement. There and suffering in flames and torments or demonic forces anybody teaches that is a false convert to its is false. Don't accept that that's a whole other topic but nevertheless, so he went down and some with a basically believe that as I first Peter three roughly 1718 19 that he would went to and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison and what they think is that he would proclaimed the great Caruso knots offering a redemptive, salvific message but proclaimed and he wished would seriously proclaim to the people who had an demonic forces were found in all the stuff in someplace in the afterlife. There they went so this is why you're in trouble. You notices the crucifixion, etc. the resurrection who I am and all that is one of the theories that Jesus did that and then accord. Ephesians 4 verse 11 that tonight is the pastor and elders are there teaching the preaching of the word and it says in verse eight of Ephesians 4 that he led captive a host of captives. It looks like he went into the plot.

The holding place probably rinse bosom and communicated to them why they are saved for hope in the Messiah. He was the Messiah.

And then he ascended into heaven with them and the reason it couldn't happen before. That is because the blood of Christ not yet been offered less gently the theory because both places were considered to be kind of a place down below and so that's lest I did not hell is in the fireplace.

It ago suffered stuff is false teaching.

Okay okay so did not directly go into heaven upon it that he was not intermediate… We don't know know it is one of things is during that. He went to those places with doesn't say that he first went to heaven and then he went to the places or those places and then heaven just says that he did his original order. That's their but it does say he led them into heaven could have been that he went to heaven and then went down into the bowels of hell and they will back to heaven or could be just with a thousand hell with Devon who knows, we don't say gotcha. Follow-up when it comes to the apostles. The struggle of Carlisle that if they apostles Creed Van doctrinally correct independent in the hell yes it is because of what it meant when it was written, and that's what was that it was intended. Just like the Constitution was written and meant to be understood in a certain way and we understand the historical context. The link we get it because it was written in a certain context. Apostles Creed was consistent with meant at that time but did not does not mean with the wacko false teachers on TV say that he went to hell, suffered at the hands of Satan finished atonement. There is blasphemy about about remnant welcome right. Let's get on the phones today.

Billy from Charlotte, North Carolina Billy welcome you are on the air. I 11, five and six but the Lord came down pretty and a tower that the men were building the Lord had one people speaking the same language they have begun to do that then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. We put a man on the moon. We have commercial aircraft. We have hundred story buildings God will godly continued the technology back then, but is not letting it happen.

Now that I needed to know why he did not status discontinue the technology back. He just broke their language so that they couldn't work together and ending with the different areas so doesn't say that he stopped their ability to build the ribald building areas their pyramids in Amazon their pyramids in Egypt, etc. so that's all that's going on there and technology are different levels of technology, we'll is is technology a bridle for horses technology so technology can be loosely defined as a tool that aids us in survivability increases comfort and things like that and so technology is a wide variety of other areas. The guy didn't stop technology. He allows it today, just as he did back then talk. I will okay you welcome goblins already fulfilled one of the life you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 this get to Justin from Georgia may Justin Lanier hey are you all right now thanks what he got. I thought like my question is about turning the will of God, I've just been in a situation where I got out of a contract of living in the apartment complex and change to live somewhere else and I broke the contract and under a lot of other fat happen by. I can't say everything time, but I I am dealing with like feeling really tearful and like I read over something worth like you know in the Scriptures work know the person you swear he found by his word like you gotta keep your word and I feel like really guilty and I just can't think about it, but I know that it was anointed eclectic unit eats away at me like I can't thinking about it. It's not you know I feel guilty, I read a text about keeping your word and stuff like that is my break.

That is to write back.

After these messages. Y. Call 77077 charismatic slave all right to hang in there and said I was glad that you're feeling guilty is not on maybe not as I know you're hoping to hear. But I'm glad you feel guilty because it demonstrates to me that if I very good heart about this Lords working with you. You concerned about your word. The word of God says this working on is a good sign. So I don't don't know the particulars about you recommend covenant with the reasons for and do something that the elders of the church, and you could discuss to see if it's necessary for you to recontact them and make things right so that maybe someone will look into between you and the elders recommend outfielders about you, but some more particulars on how you want to get them to appear. The thing is that you understand something that we are to take her word very seriously and say something to abide by it as much as possible. We represent the Lord. If we break our word representing Christ and this is life versus I have friends that ask if they skimming their word on something I can count on. I mean, without doubt, is it the way it is and you and II have I fire that incredibly evaluate a great deal. That's how I am. Nevertheless, what you do when you blown it when whatever reason you covenant agreement contract. Whatever it is you do.

It's because sometimes there can be legitimate reasons to do that just could went I give you it was your bank sure okay so I would living in an apartment complex organ of the unbeliever and come in on the creation of the three other Christian but it wasn't a good living environment and the Lord opened the door live while and I just had the feeling of guilt. Afterward the house and I didn't know I broke my work for the other thing you open up the door for me to lift them out like so over me. So the unbelievers, so witness yeah break your word so I would living with them like that with the contract on your part about convicted because the second printing think about you that's a difference. Think curious.

He said he broke the covenant. We hadn't yet made one agree to one that I know I had the cartridges that moved in yet I'm confused.

Did you have a commissary commitment to do so yeah I had signed a contract okay sign a contract with who, with the apartment complex okay so you broke the contract with the apartment complex doesn't do you ex roommate your future roommate potential roommates today, know that you did this more. I know the reason why okay do they know you broke the contract.

I don't think they care on you know Vanessa cared. I asked you, do they know if you broke they probably do I get to your actions reflect upon Christ as you are presenting to unbelievers need to work very seriously. If you have a contract and are unbelievers and you go in there and maybe was God saying to you you to be a witness in their maybe he's a God open the door for go someplace else.

Maybe it wasn't got me was an enemy we don't not missing it was missing, it wasn't. But if you sign a contract, you could live up to the contract is much as possible. Sometimes you can't do things like that and we we cited documents and will take on a credit card and mythical bankrupt. We understand are certain laws that are of that are there to permit certain things that out of necessity.

This part of the system we live in, but it's important you understand. Take your word very seriously, if I'd signed a document saying I was gonna be in that Army complex in a better deal of someplace else and I wanted to leave. I would go to the D place. That's a can I get out of this contract I will can I do to do that I need to know the offer. I'd like to build a break of the said sorry you signed your committed then your committed write you like you can get a relay you can get out of it happen will if there's a way to legitimately get out of it didn't then that's fine as we donate with the Lord look you make a contract with somebody like apartment complex and you find a different direction that you think you want to go. If the apartment complex will release you from that, then that's fine because a contract with them and if it's with them and they have the say yes.

No. Whatever you can do like I do, but putting and if I were to say to him looking. I promise I will ABC you look I'm counting on. And this is something come up and comes upwards difficult for me to maintain that I could still do it and I could call him to say hey, something's come up.

I'm still holding my word.

If you release I literally uses words, if you release me from that. With no hard feelings or things good, then great. If not, I'll be there.

I'll do a secular.

That's the kind of thing I would do because it's with every person he has that ability and be careful. Your word is your word okay, but I think there like your Mike nagging at you like it or not, God, I don't know my be God my beer for bed pizza you ate my view back because this better understanding of stuff that I will tell you this, when you make mistakes when you send when you do whatever you feel guilty. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling guilty tickles me to hear that because welcome to the club. I've had guilt hanging over me for things stupidest whatever.

What you have to do is go to the cross and you say Lord here I am what you want me to do and sometimes he will require you to do something that could be dangerous to.

I know once the Holy Spirit to convict me about something that happened 25 years ago or actually 33 years ago. At the time and I neglected to take care of and I could go to jail for doing a car accident. Some stuff was stupid and young and I made things right. Even though there was a risk to me and yelled in the details because we are young you do stupid things and and it could mean this, it could mean that nobody would happen. You gotta find out if it's really bad if I get enough take care of this and so everything was fine, but did not look will sometimes do this to us. Where's your commitment to yourself to convenience, or the Lord Jesus Christ and that cross you picking up daily falling after okay in the nighttime, you blown it right away if you think you have or haven't I don't know the circumstances. Everything just go to Jesus. Tell him you know I messed up right. I think I messed up.

Or maybe I didn't mess up your confusing don't even know what the right thing to do was to sleep before I just talked to rest in the love and forgiveness at the house rest in. And remember that you enter into a contract agreement take it very seriously because God is watching. Okay, I that help out okay.

You can find a right to be fine. The Lord is good at cleansing us and releasing us to school.

Trust you before, I think God bless all write this on the phone the next long as wing person Daniel from Fort Worth, Texas. Daniel welcome you on the air along I thought I'd eat your meat yeah yes I do. Okay, the magic change from speakerphone. Okay the questions I had a question I have is based on Ephesians chapter 1 verse 13 through 14 about hearing the word of truth, the gospel of salvation and am all setting believed you are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise with the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the possession and the word earnest.

I found translates to the Greek word Arab on which is translated to earnest or down payments, pledge, and I was reading a roof for scholars interpretation of Frank Spielman.

Not sure of your familiar with them but he said when Paul wrote Ephesians Arab own was a term used in the Greek legal custom burn amount of money that someone wanted a service performed paid to the person who would provide the services, meaning it was an amount smaller than the total cost of the service and functioned as a guarantee that the full amount would be paid once the service was rendered the meaning that accepting the Arab own officer commitment from the service provider that he or she would follow through on the contract to receive so when Paul is talking it seems that you comparing God and in his analogy and the promises meaning like you're contractually obligated to provide the full amount at a latter date mainly salvation, meaning that the receiver of the Arizonans SAY folks to know why call 7707 okay I continue with just a really quickly that point I'll get to the question really didn't hear so is talking about that Arab on contractual agreement.

He goes on to say that when the receiver of the Aragon failed to provide the service in a contract for good then the giver of the Arab on St. Paul compares to God would not provide payment so when I was reading that I went to the next chapter in Ephesians chapter 5 and he said knowing that everyone who is sexually immoral or in your or who is covetous better than idolater, has no inherent God is no let no one deceive you with vain words, but because the thing the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Don't become partakers with them for at one time you were in darkness, but now you're in the light of the Lord walk as children of the light so I'm seeing if he's making that comparison that people in the ancient world dive something that you had to fulfill meaning and I think he is relating it to a PDF. Okay, I'm waiting for, and then in the neck as you question is going on for long time. You are going to write something up your sleeve so I need a question yet and I'm just saying in the ancient world. They understood being obedient benefit acts chapter. Thank you. Once I questioned Garrett what your question, does that mean that you are supposed to go a work you will not render you eternal life with her second. Currently, I'm not really attending any church members jingo would you go if you were to go, I've considered orthodoxy before, but I've also looked into reform position by listening to a lot of what you say. A lot of what James White says. And I also see the other side of the Reformation will tell you that you see the good student did you first.

This is off-topic that this might give you a verse and see if Catholicism or orthodoxy can answer this verse only reformed theology can understand it properly fits reformed theology, Colossians 214 to check it out.

You can go look at it. Call me back another time to talk. Colossians 24. It will refute orthodoxy and dolls now okay so what were called to do what what you've done is interesting in that you going to different places and and and I want to encourage you to continue to do this, but I have to warn you that you gotta be careful of illegitimate totality transfer take meaning of were a word has a scope of meaning to different context. You take the meeting in one context, transfer to another difficult fallacy. You always look at the information in this immediate context. First, what is talk about in Ephesians chapter 1 verse 14. The pledge of our inheritance is talking to those people who are the Ephesians and instantly been to Ephesus, our time someone talks about it. I can remember. It's great great to work if it swished talk about there is to those people who have that inheritance, the possession and he says for the reason I to having heard of the faith of the Lord Jesus, which exist among you talking to their believers when you go to Ephesians 5 is talk about the immoral people the computer with the covetous idolater they have no inheritance is not because they don't have inheritance because there they don't do good things is because they're not believers, we can never do anything good enough.

This is something orthodoxy can lead you astray in a lot of Roman Catholicism that salvation is not something that is granted by God are kept by God delivered by God authored by God but that it is mostly done so with God in you, and your wisdom have to be able to retain it and do much good to converse the context often do things like this in the state will known impure person has an inheritance, even if you are wait a minute I would Paul say is that you can be sure what he says is to say that you can be pure and that you get help salvation by being pure is what the Colts will do a verse like this. Ephesians 55 the stone certainty that no moral impure person covetous man idolater, has an inheritance of King of Christ.

So therefore you gotta be sure and give it idolater, you can make and it sounds great except we look the rest of the Scripture to says the one who does not work but believes that faith alone does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness.

Ephesians 45453 read stuff what Paul is doing is he saying in one sense, if you're a believer your neck of Italy's bad things and if you are doing those bad things are not really a believer in these immoral people to make it in a negative because their wicked justified before God are not redeemed, not regenerate. That's what he's doing is showing that the distinction here with the cults do and Catholicism and orthodoxy to us. All of them do is they blur the difference between justification and sanctification justifications a legal declaration of righteousness, and you find that you go to Romans 328 a may be maintained in a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. Why would he say justification apartment works of the law because justification deals with you, not justified by the law. We are justified apart from the works of the law. The works of the law are summarized as love God and love your neighbor so your justified before God without living in God without letting God without loving your neighbor is up all the apostles teaching in Romans chapter 3 verse 28 that he goes Romans 45 and he says to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness, and then will go to James. James 214 through 28 or James two 2426 José C. Faith that works is dead and they don't understand the context justification for people not before God.

In that context is so they look these groups like Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox like the cults blur the difference between the imputed righteousness of Christ, which received by faith. That's justification and our need as individuals to walk in a holy manner before God after sanctification. But say to the patient does not affect justification. If you're a bad person because you're not really saved because of person is saved to make new creatures and crickets. 517 says will be new creatures were born again.

John 33 through eight were made different so this is what the Bible is actually teaching and orthodoxy and Catholicism are to lead you to eternal damnation if you believe what they say you to be confused about the issue of works righteousness in the rivers is out of context like this and say hey the immoral don't make it so you can be moral think they have and it doesn't say that there is a says those wicked people to have inheritance and inheritance is a legal thing in Romans chapter 8 after the study we are adopted and were adopted by faith and therefore we have inheritance. That's justification by faith I go on and on. I just waited stuck into eternal damnation.

Thinking of making it nice and I definitely hear your point and I was wondering definitely kind of I'm on your position. Like right now I got your side of that too seems to make more sense to me but you know but have you ever liked the video I thought it was that the video's title out of unit but it is called what millions of Christians get wrong about Ephesians 10 it was published by most holy family monastery and I'm sure you heard of them, and it looked diamond brothers. I know you see any way for the wackos I got there around their miscreants who want me to debate their guys and there always demand that I call them up and set up a debate in the segment you want to be become common great debate and they never called me. They never does. I will tell you one thing I will stand on the word of God and wanting to do with Ephesians 45 where it says to the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness. What you do with that and and and furthermore, McGinty had about Colossians 214 to give you a hint about something and you can even call the office sometime.

We just talk off the air because so I see some stuff and you are here some stuff he got a good head and shoulders.

Why don't you be misled the look Colossians 214 says that Jesus canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which is hostile to us, he took it out of the way.

Having Miller to the cross certificate of debt as a single record carotid refund. It means a handwritten audio you've legal indebtedness to says it's canceled at the cross. Now the previous verse as having forgiven us all our transgressions. Verse 14 having canceled the certificate of debt.

The transgressions will be canceled at the cross, the sin debt going to the second I can connect the dots were Jesus had sin debt that doesn't in our father who art in heaven, but to verse parallels so he says this if they cancel the certificate of debt. If Jesus canceled at the cross. Can you be held responsible for sin debt that's canceled interest. No, but they will have you be held responsible. Both Catholicism and orthodoxy still have a response because you could lose your salvation. How do you lose your salvation by not following the rules.

Wait a minute.

If Jesus canceled the certificate of debt at the cross that he cancel all of it. This is all of our transgressions. You can't be saved if not if you all your sins are forgiven, past, present, future, and how you be justified before God. If you're sending children to have that you go to hell for your justified this make any sense so that verse right there demonstrates the necessity of of limited atonement and election and eternal security because of Christ is the one to pay that debt and canceled at the cross, then orthodoxy is flat out wrong. Catholicism is flat out wrong because they both teach you could lose your salvation and you have to maintain it by your goodness compliance with certain things in the in the Scriptures that's the case that it could not be the case in Christ cancel the certificate of debt because if you have to keep it keep the law some form New Testament law whenever it is a my sake. Different groups have different requirements and have time to go into a Catholicism says and orthodoxy, but they both require baptism and obedience. Blah blah blah. Well that's the case, how is it possible for Christ to obtain a descendent of the cross of canceled and removed doesn't make any sense. This is the my pin was killer versus against cults, Catholicism and orthodoxy have not heard anybody even a competent response to a given their theological perspective. Colossians 214 do some homework okay adequately thank you so much. It's good and it's called the office sometimes and leave a message if you can we select our email because some I think you should sure, absolutely. Thank you, verse, or you can look up 1st.Colossians 214.

That's right. Colossians 214 everybody talk you later okay how risky the phone with Wendell will have a minute. Sorry Wendell a lot going on. We got a buddy where you went with with with Daniel we talk Friday starting your view only fond of theology. What would: theology is and I think we agree. I'm in Fort Worth and we agreed on the first two ideas but I think the last one. That's where we have our little of what is going on when we Colossians 214 from every translation and will get back. Maybe tomorrow, Wednesday the you know what I like a lot.

I remember you telling I level people challenge me check what I say gives the word of God tickled.

Please do that I want out, do not. One letter I want to let you, thank you so much. You have a better future event Douglas Wendell. Sorry about that sunny aware from California and their time. Bless you call back tomorrow okay all right have a great

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