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September 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions that he will be doing some videos with Living Waters, Ray Comfort's group. Information will be posted on the CARM site and can also be found on the Living Waters site.--2- Could you discuss the differences between the Protestant denominations---3- When God breathed life into Adam, does that mean he breathed His spirit into him---4- Why are the tribes' directions-organization different when they are camping around the tabernacle, versus when they are moving---5- What is the significance of the 12 stones of the gates in Revelation---6- Do you consider yourself a peaceful protester---7- A caller wanted to continue the conversation regarding Matthew 28-20 and the commandments that were to be taught.--8- Does the Bible teach that God speaks to us through dreams and visions---9- What is 1 Corinthians 11 mean regarding head coverings- Must we do that today---10- A caller wanted to dispute Matt's position on BLM.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research what is found online. You have questions of our Bible doctrines maps like why branches called in responding to your questions and Matt slick doing out there. We met slick and hope you have a good day would give me a call. All you do, was dialing 772072276 nobody waiting right now and the thank you for listening and participating.

If your newbie naturally shows about the Christian apologist for the Christian faith. Apologetics of the branch of Christian theology deals with the defense and establishment of the Christian faith of the neck for about 40 years and love doing what privileges to be able to speak to you a great sometime if I were out there speaking in a church on the East Coast, which were in the show goes on Idaho to be great to be able to be out there sometimes and I just talk to the people of the before work. I got to the place of the radio show is and people just like to come in and say hi, enjoy the show. I'm grateful for that. And if you do enjoy the show, and I just I should have. Call up and say hey, enjoy the show.

Knowing the what you see in it and stuff like that again. We have five lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. You can also watch the show is go to, CAR, M.RJ in the right hand side of the page you will see the link for watching the show Facebook and you can also watch it on YouTube working shoe with a stirring Eric from Miami it's working okay in a chat room there.

So a lot of people get in there and is 42 right now with 200 lakh you had over thousand before and just watching things like that is pretty busy so if you're interested you can do it. See how I sent for the Saturday seminar.

Oh, you mean for electronic talk about that.


Reminded me Joanne I'm to be on with Ray comfort's group living waters this coming Saturday but some information about our homepage that acts talk to the main guy either today or tomorrow doing a short 15 minute thing on the inspiration of the Bible.

And then I don't mean to be on a Q&A panel question-and-answer panel and that's fine and I've been out there to living waters a few times and done some video stuff with the Ray comfort and open-air preaching with them as well. Beach down near Beach Boulevard.PCH and done that and enjoy it. You know I enjoy being to preach and teach shall praise God for that. More information on Carmen when that is going to occur exactly times, but the sign of stuff is good living and you can find all the information that you need right there on it with you three Scott school so school of theology when apologetics on the critical thinking. The idea is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry.

According to what the word of God says pastor Elder supposed to do and a lot of parachurch ministries exist now that's what you want to do as Christians is to equip Christians as ministers of the gospel promote Jesus Christ and him crucified.

All right for open lines of the one you may call 877-207-2276 and if you go to you can put your favorite charity in Kent. Kent so that when you get something when he comes into the charity. It's worth doing all right. Let's get on the phones with Mike from North Carolina might welcome your on the air and go I will gladly, thank you for doing the research done throughout the year and the gaunt your website. The car and and research. The thing in the past, but I really a great asset you one thing I want to add you for a lot of people out the world today is rather sometimes you get you to talk about different in many denominations of the product insert a lot of people on the three have no clue what is that all Lutheran, you name it. Tears of the Nazarene Church of the brethren think there are out of out of the realm right there. I think you hang you take off I go ahead and hang out by pushing you last right is a great question. Minimum answerability time for people to call in the final lines 877-207-2276 I went to Presbyterian seminary and I went to a Lutheran college also. That was last two years for your degree and went to a secular college went to attend a Baptist church.

Also, Calvary Chapel Cherry insured and done various nondenominational churches there Christians everywhere now will be have denominational differences which is unfortunate. We have way too many denominations we are allowed to have differences of opinion. According to Romans 14 one through 12 and the not to differ on the essentials for the essentials of the Christian faith. Essentials of the Christian faith as described in the Bible okay is the deity of Christ is his physical resurrection is justification by faith in Christ. Monotheism. These are essential doctrines also. Jesus is the only way and that people go to heaven and hell. The Trinity is true, the virgin birth is true. These are the basics. The very basics of the Christian faith in a written a lot about that you go to and you can read up on the essentials is type in essentials such Christian doctrine and that we do. Also, the doctrine grit-that the say hi got things arranged doing a lot of research of this over the years the essentials are okay, so whether denominational differences stand about. For example, some denominations might be millennial. Where others might be pre-millennial millennialism is the position that we are in the millennial reign of Christ now and will not be a literal 1000 year reign. The premillennial view is that there will be a future literal 1000 year reign.

There are differences of opinion on. Then there are differences of opinion on. For example, the charismatic gifts and so some groups believe that Richter for today and others don't. Then there's the issue of can you lose your salvation something you can.

Some so you can't when the rapture will occur pre-tribulation rapture or post-tribulation rapture or pre-wrath, or mid-tribulation rapture in his post millennialism in the preaching teaching of the gospel will be converted to the truth. There are denominational differences and some of the more serious than others. So mill or premillennialism really doesn't make a difference, sensationalism, or continuation is him regarding the charismatic gifts. It really doesn't make any difference it can depending on a few other variables, but for the most part, it doesn't.

There are those who would reject the idea that God predestined before for heaven and hell with the Bible does teach Romans 923 64 bit fix that and are denominational groups that will deny that clear teaching of Scripture is that set an example of a problematic issue.

Then there groups as I say who who tell us that you can lose your salvation, and that in order to keep it. You have to be good.

That would be cultic and art groups to teach that kind of thing then there groups that teach that there that salvation is completely dependent upon the free will choice of of the sinners who enslave the Senate and unrighteous and can understand spiritual things only need is just a quick presentation and the wisdom of their own minds of the judge and and become Christians. That's a false teaching that is taught a lot of churches and churches divide over things like this and some people take some issues more seriously than they would other issues, and so we will have people who will reject going to one church because of one thing. So for example you do. If there's a woman pastor with an elderly church.

While I would never go because with pastors and elders are a biblical scriptwriter 71527 first Timothy 33 through six I think is right about there and you'll see that women are to be elders, pastors, matches, what about assist with what gets me is how many people who claim to be Christians don't really take seriously in so many areas, or they will submit it to their private interpretation. There their whims, their justice, there feelings and things like that. And God wouldn't do that and there's a groups of a hold to the idea of airing idea the mistaken idea that God always want you healthy and wealthy and it appears in some form of sickness report is because you have enough faith or send in your life and that of course is a false teaching as well but one persistent step in the we have false teachers should teach Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer taken things like that and so there's a lot of five denominational differences and there are the main, I would say the main denominational differences. The main areas deal with the issue of how free are we free will issue predestination is another one in election. Those go together. Can you lose your salvation is of the main ones that I've seen within Christianity that bring division to the body of Christ. So unfortunately that's the reality of of what it is soliciting the call folks 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you and that if I don't hear from you women to do is ramble incessantly during the summer things often slow down someone to give me a call. Now along the lines would of just saying saying are unable to Romans 14 and go verse by verse one talk about something because you might as well but the denominational differences in what we are to to think about this is what Romans 14 says I call this the forgotten chapter forgotten chapter now except the one who is weak in faith but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions.

One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he was weak eats vegetables only. The one who eats is not to regard with contempt does not eat in the one who does not eat is not to judge the beach for God has accepted so Paul is telling us here not to pass judgment on people's opinions. These opinions are on the debatable issues thing is on. Who are you to judge the servant of another to his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand. One person regards one day above another, another regards, everything alike.

Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind he will observes they observed for the Lord espresso for the Lord, for he gives thanks to God and he will eats not for the Lord is not for the Lord he does not eat, and give thanks to God's will is talking about here. Worship days and eating habits is don't pass judgment on these kind of things. These are not the essential theater opinions. This is the kind of thing that Paul is talking about. Unfortunately, what we see in the Christian church.

Too often are denominational differences that get in the way that's not to say people to Calvary Chapel Baptist Church that they hate each other – not how it works for the most part is a lot of love between denominations and members of them so people do have preferences of things and they enjoy certain things about her denominations and so there you go there's a breakeven call before the line 777 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show when we recall that three lines 772072276 the Frederick from North Carolina on the air yet man I know I'm doing okay. So we got quite lame.very low-and gravy. That's a good question because we have defined terms the breath of life was was breathed into him and when we go here to Genesis, because it says the spirit of God.

In verse two was moving so we know that the spirit of God was there is a spirit of God most probably ask the Holy Spirit that makes perfect sense. So when Adam and Eve existed when he made Adam. We don't know exactly how it works. We don't know the Bible doesn't tell us, but there was this aspect of life image of God that was breathed into Adam will breath spirit kind of interchangeable in some areas so what we could say is that the breath of life was obviously in Adam but was it the Holy Spirit will I wouldn't say yes. At least not in the sense that we receive the Holy Spirit because we are indwelt by the Lord God the Trinitarian nature of God and this is because of the blood of Christ has been shed and cleanses us now in the Old Testament.

So David said I think is Psalm 34, so do not take your Holy Spirit from me what you mean by that. Did you mean that the Holy Spirit was indwelling him or does he mean that the Holy Spirit was around him, guiding him, anointing him so we don't have answers to these kind of things we go back to Adam exactly sure how to answer the question, is a good question to see the did he have the Holy Spirit in one sense, yes, and that her since no in the sense of yeah God is everywhere and he was sinless.

Adam was so there's probably some fellowship.

Very intimate. Maybe on a type of indwelling. We don't know about their but not an redemptive sense, and I don't believe personal redemptive sense the same way we are. Because the blood of Christ had not yet been shed so it is a tough one to answer the question is not really answer the question okay. Thanks. Can you have a great okay meant. God bless. All right. Okay folks, if you want to give me a call.

All you do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Ron from Des Moines, Iowa.

Ron drawn near Rod yes so does Ron like to ride you on the air you about my notes so that my question is, is that the thought why the tribe different in how they surround the temple when their camping bear couple why is that different from when they are moving the temple where the tribe or author organization different like on the east and north to south west. I don't know.

Might be because of the issue of movement in their sizes and in the relationship of how the had to go through topography is not direct them, but during the encampment. They were specified as how they were to to sit to stand or to to be around the tabernacle in which interesting is that when you take the number of groups in a few want to go through this, but to the number of people and you put them. The peasants counted four groups of three, three to the north through the South released the West and you put them there and you count the number of you to just draw a box so to speak, to the left right up down of the fee tabernacle in this extended in relationship to how many people were there of forms across and so guides us and so this really interesting. I got some information on common and furthermore God says next 20 5Ã tabernacle so I can do among my people, and so that's reflected in John 114, Lord Jesus, tabernacle among us indwelt the fleshy became one of us answers there now. Also, the four tribes. The four groups actually 12 tribes had four groups and the four groups, each had a banner flag in the four banners was a lien the ox that eagle and the man, and in Ezekiel.

There's a four-phase creature, a lion, ox eagle and the man in Revelation is a four-phase creature, the lion, the ox eagle and the man and the book of Matthew Mark Luke John the four Gospels were known in code is aligning OxyContin man and so you it's really interesting tabernacle is about Christ is more written about it and any other topic in the entire Bible by far, chapters and chapters and chapters and chapters about it. Like for example gold is embedded inside of wood will it is overlaid over gold pillars.

Why would that be when I have a goal in the outside gold represents divinity would represent humanity, the divinity inside humanity of Christ and incarnation. So this is what it's like. But 1 More Cir. before okay with the significance of the apostles being the foundation bear of the new Jerusalem significance of the but what is the know the stones like Jasper Safire, Caledonia, Emerald sardonic part of the bill on down there and ended that the actual order of the of the apostle will be just as well if it is significant that I don't know. I don't know the significance is of the order or the stones, such as never studied, and I don't know I will because I don't know if it's solvable. It's a good question has 12 gates 12 angels, 12 apostles are 12 tribes and so would I represent 12 apostles and so we don't. There's a numeric consistency and so we do is look at every instance of the word 12 the net look at it any time to 12 gates.

I look for any other time to 12 angels and then look for the representation of the Jasper.

The gold occurred last. It's for example, in one of the things it's on the throne is on a sea of glass in Revelation, remember that Jasper's well if you go to Exodus 24, nine through 11. For example, this is Moses Neri and René them an avenue and 70, the elders of Israel went up they saw the God of Israel, and under his feet. There appear to be a pavement of Safire is clear the sky so they relate to the huge studies.

I will have a greater okay okay Bob, but I really like to get a boat trip to Vermont 7707 mass Y call 770727.

Here is Matt's way, Patrick, Charlotte, North Carolina Patrick, welcome Imad Michael Doherty, I have a question about nearly yes I have a question about something you said on Monday night when you mentioned you went to the black lives matter of protest and you said you are carrying a AK-47 assault rifle. My question is would you consider yourself a peaceful protest yes, but I why would you care and AK-47 people bulked up with because last Tuesday night and with that they had a gun fight at about two people got killed there. That's not me and it wasn't loaded. But it's it's just a display that we have the rights as Americans which the left is trying to remove trying to strip us away from here in Idaho.

There's a lot of conservatives and the list to say that in Idaho we don't want to put up with this black lives matter, idiocy, and that's what it is is not to say that lawyer for a saintly finish is not to say I'm truly not saying that that there haven't been problems with injustices and things like that. We want people to be treated" fairly. That's all fine the black lives matter is that Marxist leftist organization and it is for the destruction of the nuclear family is a horrible thing I want to go out there I'm going to exercise my freedom of speech and expression, and that's how I chose to do that, along with hundreds of others who did the same thing. Do you think is wrong.

They had 100 people will gun hundreds hundred hundreds consummately. You know they the police are telling the people will not even get involved with the WHATEVER the CNP that's fine.

That is tell you how it is here in Idaho and we don't want this idiocy here and we don't know yet but I'm not were to happen.

I mean people like yourself that really aren't that prepared you could go crazy with an AK-47. What do you hear what you just said. Then we was it was it was and what you're doing is accusing me of idiocy you're accusing me of that I'm crazy just hold on a sec I'm well-trained and there's absolutely no way I would ever ever want to have to use some of the only type of wood would be in self-defense the defense of my home with defense of somebody else that's it. You probably right. Without erasing the mask you Patrick divide that I don't want to Patrick a problem with with what I just said, though, about the right of citizens that you Patrick.

Patrick, you have a problem with me having the right of self-defense stats first and last) AK-47 cake then asked do you have a Patrick Patrick Patrick do you have a problem with me having the right of self-defense. I just ask that question.

The answer is yes or no measurable Patrick Patrick Knight Patrick I asked you a question. Do you have a problem with me exercising my right of self of self protection that my first question at that degree with an AK-47.

Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick if you say yes I have the right who are you to tell me how I'm to protect myself, which gives you the right to say what I should not do most Patrick 40 Patrick Patrick. What gives you the right to tell me how I'm supposed to protect myself level and post go to what I'm supposed to carry or not. What gives you the right to come on the Patrick can answer the question what gives you the right are you will are you my scariest are you a leftist Patrick. Are you a leftist iron are.

I did ask if your Christmas and regular leftist when you talk about on Patrick went on, they had a drink and a keyboard.

Patrick would you like it, don't get one. Don't carry one that you're my guess that one you don't have the right to tell me what it can't. Patrick you like the last snow but I'm happy want to tell people what I can and can't do, is that is that what you try to do say you shouldn't do it this way or use give it a sit here and tell me what I can and can't carry is it what you want to do if you Patrick church. I question was what you agree with what's wrong with that. What happens if I carry my select.

What's wrong with that. What what's wrong with it what you get a lot better. A guy people were out there in their author all over the country defending stores that have AR 15's is that bad today not have your 15th better than people killed Patrick. I asked Patrick I would ask questions you got answering the but should want to listen first and second are you saying that. Are you saying that the people who carry AR 15 should not. AR 50s when the rep protecting the property back you are okay.

Patrick Patrick so what should they carry, or should I just got there without anything to be peaceful but it Patrick Allen Patrick keep addressing the gun.

Patrick felt Patrick, what are they supposed to to do to protect themselves. What you need a Patrick you are building carry Patrick. I'm asking you. What do the people carry or what should they do to protect themselves and their families. What you want to do when you're not towards larger wrongful okay you folks. It's sad. He's a good example of someone not able to think through the issues clearly whose reactionary BLM is been up in here in Idaho is been up in other areas.

We know that Atif is here and we know that bricks pallets of bricks are brought in and what they want to do is bring mayhem to this country. They want to destroy this country for what it stands for and what has stood for now, here's a question we go to the Bible. Jesus said in Luke 2236, Luke 2236 Jesus as the disciples he have a sword know we have two cloaks.

He says cell cloak and buy a sword. This is what Jesus said to do. No Patrick here couldn't have a decent conversation is not not having a conversation. He's like a leftist reporter and agenda. Not thinking clearly.

But when Jesus said to to buy a sword Jesus himself said this okay this is the right of self-defense, not aggression. Self-defense Mattel you folks. If someone were to come into your house, what would you do is a lot of people who say they just do nothing. Well, they come in your house.

You say it's okay to screen Rob, right, what if they were assaulting one of your loved ones. What would you do want tell you what I'll do, I'll do whatever is necessary to stop as fast as possible. Whatever level is necessary and only necessary to protect my family. No. If we are, as Patrick says just did not have any weapons that someone comes and you think the bad guys are to listen to that if the bad guys in the say hey there's no guns in this area. So let's lay down our guns will be Rob somebody they got can happen course not to be the ones who go in and are to be the ones who destroy. In fact, the feds during the Katrina hurricane time.

What happened was the government when in and confiscated weapons went door-to-door.

The soldiers order to do this, they took away peoples weapons and then the bad guys who had weapons and wouldn't give them up, followed after the soldiers and then robbed the people and other things happened as well. Why, because the good people were stripped of their weapons. We have the freedom of speech and the Second Amendment said we have the freedom to bear arms and whether you like it or not that's my position.

I believe we have that right because God's ordained this country. I believe that we have the right of self-defense, as Jesus advocated. Luke 2236.

We are not to seek problems, but we are not to this essay, lay down and do nothing while the wicked takeover and the wicked are in this world. The wicked are in BLM they wicked or in NT for the wicked are in the political system.

The wicked are all around us, I'm just telling you folks, if we don't, as Christians, stand up for our rights. We won't have any left are already starting to destroy churches and BLM is getting out there requiring one head and saluted harmony cost wears a Leanne McCauley right back after these messages the man's leg.

Why call 770727. Here is Matt's late arrival I met yesterday on your program and it really going.

My popcorn review but Matthew 28, 20 yes, what about you calling a legal brief that you have to keep commandment of God and verse 20.

Taking them to the real thing whatsoever I have commanded you.

In other words rather than now. Please list in will be going to hell. No overt gradual man and of the way the and I'm confident they'll get taken out there is her question? What I said if you have a question you when we address cancer.

Or did you want me to answer a question, did you have a question asked the want of a work that we had had to when I say about work.

Though you drive you say that because were not saved by works. You don't have to do good works to be saved but we do have to do good works demonstrate that we are Christian.

James 214 26 is simply say we know we do not keep his commandments.

The truth is not in the summer liar first John 24 so Jesus commanded that we do what he says this will be due as disciples and what Jesus commanded is different levels. He wants us to repent to follow him to pick up the cross to love your enemies, to not cast pearls before swine's to come to him to be a servant to love God and love your neighbor love one another. Things like that. These are the commandments of Jesus wants us to obey and that's what were supposed be doing, but doing those dozen get us saved and it does not keep us say okay you get the good of writing so I didn't hear you sent is repeat it will write say right arm works identify us and is what I will be Duke see people behave based on what you believe. That's it. So you will know my faith by my actions.

James two was about were supposed to do, thrives, but it's those doing of those things is not what saves us because were justified by faith without the works of the law. Romans 320 access.

Okay who wonder how secure I am in Christ and not getting it. Don't go yourself well announced your secure in Christ, if you trust in Christ. With that if you trust in Christ is because he's granted that you believe 120 is granted you believe second Timothy 225 you been appointed to eternal life. Acts 1348. So these are the things that Reston the mind work and heart of God. So were secure and what God has done whenever secure and salvation if it depends even a little bit in our ability. But what Jesus said is that he would lose not John 637 through 40. That's because all of the father gives the sun will come to him and he will never cast them Jesus at 30 incidents and you quickened. Her life was never perishing in some SOL progress will go its way to write eyes risk got blessed but I write this get to Joanne for North Carolina.

Joanne welcoming on their hello Michael Colquitt, North Carolina that North Carolina bank that you to exercise your right. Well, exercise powers, wants you to anybody anything about a camp that my family get what I can get my family on my Donald now the reason I called is that Mr. Lincoln Howell I don't know if he's outside the United Bank their plot is on Facebook and that it cannot, with somebody plaintiff Colleen. He says my question is, many Christians believe that God's sake to damn ingrained I think that otherwise I believe God speaks as calmly broke his word by side they strengthen patient come in to reality. As the Bible dictates that we are to expect God to speak at right they other channel way that possibly three grain can be well, and next to 17.9 which I was going to happen at my face kid weight great white with drains basement which my thing to happen.

I'm sort of naming and thanking. Thank you and make okay thanks Joanne gobbling us got Diane.United joint she's a sweetie Bible says next to 17 and 18 and it shall be the last days, God says, will pour forth my spirit and all mankind and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

In verse 18 oh in those days will pour forth my spirit, and they shall prophesy, and open Fresca support says in your young men shall see visions in your old men dream dreams, so visions and dreams are part of the last days about us as were the last days. That's what it is, so that we can have those because the Bible says so and were to judge all such things with the word of God.

The Bible says they can have visions and dreams so there you have visions and dreams and people are having visions and dreams we know the Middle East. For example, the Muslim visions and dreams of Jesus by the thousands in getting saved. It's a tactic that we make doctrine by experience that it is happening quite a bit and people are having visions and are having dreams Bible sepulcher and next to something they think all right, let's get swing person which is Helga from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Helga welcome here. I will have a quick sure uncle headship I was reading Me more you claim the QI.

If honoring God some doing some don'ts and is not an issue of honor disarming God. It looks like what was happening in first Corinthians 11.

The issue of head covering was a demonstration that they were under authority because the woman is by nature in the husband said enough doctrine called federal headship and Adam resented the world, even though Eve sin first sin entered the world through him. Romans 512 so what we are seeing here is the issue of headship and representation/what is the man's head of the woman in Christ Christ. The first conflict three. So, when some messianic Heather head women have their heads covered, or some don't. Were not under the law anymore because he died in Christ. Romans 6668 and Rome 74 says he who is died is free from the law, and are not obligated to wear the head coverings are not obligated to not wear them there free to do either one, and they should not be judged for whatever they do all the males same thing. We are free to do that and free not to thank you so much that I okay let's get to Adam for North Carolina.

Adam welcome your on the air guard by manning the position of blacklight matter steel manning your manning it integrated when one get the charitable position. Our opponent died on the why, I'll do it for you because I won't.

I know you will.

You need to ask me you can do that and fashioned to do it no DLM is a Marxist anti-Christian organization. I am not Mark.

It's a Marxist anti-Christian organization are not anti-Christian. Are you a member BLM work with them or something. Diane and York Stroman enough really and why does it say on your website that will destroy disrupt the nuclear family… I want what missing you don't want that you joined the group in your member of the group that wants to do that. I supported and support you can. It says we disrupt when you let things all we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure were destructed. We foster queer affirming network I'm reading their very words I am great with queer affirming and so not sure if early homosexuality, light and dark freak out about the letter but I'm very quality one free quality to Nazi oppression of early sexual support trend individual you know ordinarily what Whitley makes is that you don't portray people. Please, you have to not accused you have to to wait.

I have you have let me finish you people will is not an issue of support transit. What is it you know what the caller you: please set is okay with you when you ask you not asking a question like the caller okay okay when all are. I tell you what will do is review. We only have a couple minutes in the shell. Now he wasn't willing to have a decent conversation. So when he says do you support transit. What does that mean you have to ask this support can be understood in different senses is not a yes or no question 2+2 is four is either yes or no, you affirm or deny so he didn't understand the issue and it was not applying the logic properly and since he didn't want to obviously well just move ahead folks look. Let me tell you what my stand is about BLM black lives matter to black lives matter of course they matter the white lives matter of course they matter to human lives matter of course they matter.

I don't disagree with that. We disagree with is the idea that they want to disrupt the nuclear family, and in so doing they want to promote the homosexual agenda and queer affirming stuff. Let me tell you how it works folks.

They will destroy the family.

They will destroy the network will come after the Christians who speak against them. They will come after the Christians. Eventually when they get power and they are in power do you think the left who gets in power is going to say to the Christians.

It's okay if you don't believe that homosexuality is okay.

It's okay to teach your children to sin. It's okay to go to churches on Sunday and say homosexuality is a sin because it is a sin.

It's a rebellion against God and his judgment against God's will owed the God God himself will judge the homosexuals in their sin and the need to repent of it. Any to come to Christ you think you tolerate that when the power know they're not good thing we have serious telephone country is under threat Christians clearly not like that guy is. Sorry, Jamaal, Lisa and Tony bless you that

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