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September 4, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 4, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions Amazon Smile as a way to support CARM.--2- What did the first-century church look like- How did they function---3- What is the function of elders and pastors---4- What are the commandments to be taught in Matthew 28-18-20---5- What does Romans 3-31 mean---6- Are the gifts -such as healing or speaking in tongues- still around today---7- Is it okay to call Jesus by the Hebrew pronunciation---8- Is it painful when our spirit leaves our body in death---9- Which person of the Trinity is speaking in Exodus 33-20---10- What is the unpardonable sin-

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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded show mats like why is it apologetic to research what is found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why is called 77 out there you'll find here. Thanks restaurant and if you want to give me a call to as usual is dial 877-207-2276 to hear from you so please give me a call and I we have five open lines right now happens at beginning of the show that we have like a little bit out of breath because at the last minute. I remember a couple things I had to run and do this and do that so I'm sit down and if you want to watch the show. All you do right hand side of any page you'll find the link information.

Therefore Swatch is not a big deal to sit in the office And Also You Will like It. We Have a Chat Room That People Participate in the Sometimes We Get to the Issues of the Chats on the Radio before Calling with a Fork in Lines 877-207-2276.

It's Fun to Remind You Also Go to and what you can do is you can set up a charity of some sort so that when you get something on Amazon.

It will go to charity later on. Nicely put Carmen in there if you'd like just about every little bit helps and also we have the three schools.

So if school of theology and apologetics also critical thinking. So if you are interested in learning at your own pace, lesson by lesson, this is nothing you elects to be 800 pages of material. And you gotta understand all kinds of big words does not like to do stuff step-by-step and build on the lesson of her lesson and I would like schools cost $33 that you get all three of them as a discount and if you can't afford what we do this we just give you for free.

All you do is email just like that you can afford him a new one. That's it. And we will get what you need. That's what we do. So were not here to make money. We are here to spread the gospel, but it does take my lights on and stuff like all rights something else in my mind, but the petri on video last night.

Talk about the state of the Christian church and my mind a lot lately, particularly with all the things that are going on in the world and how the Christians becoming more persecuted, even here in America.

The news media course and talk about that if a homosexual is insulted, then it's front page news, but Christian churches burned no mention this kind of stuff is happening and careful. We have to be couples Christians because when those kinds of biases are held by the media. Truth is surrendered to their agenda and we need to be informed. We really do about everything.

So there are alternative news sources out there recommend you check amount and on your phone.

Check out conservative news Pro. I use it and I think it is a really good conservative news Pro. Please check it out and I know that the Facebook thing just quits all reconnected here in a minute. While the good of the calls. Let's do that first.

McCall folks 877-207-2276 is good to Alan from Sacramento, California. Allen welcome here. Installment it don't look so I don't know everything about that but I should write that I was wondering what the first century church like an individual congregation are. We need the role the pastor and elders that look like from your well just backs and the pastoral epistles we see them being evangelistic we see money being transferred between churches in order to help out one another we see people giving for the Lord, we see that those kind of things as far as a physical thing goes a generally met in synagogues on Sundays called the Lord's day, and those often preaching the sermon. As Paul is recorded as doing for 2016. For example, and that I can offend you. Generally speaking, the women would sit in the back of the church of the synagogue building a building which where they would have been set up front and when it was done back then is that the preacher or teacher would sit and weirdos would stand not traversed. But that can okay how modern like an audit website for years. I think that something apologetic time when you you you talk about significant close to my hearts. I know that a lot of people aren't like maybe you want me to go door-to-door or have done that is pretty intimidating for a lot of people but I do believe that more people the more people know about the Lord and the truths of God's word, then I believe that the more apt they will be during witnessing, and more likely to witness. I think the pastor needs to exemplify that elders need to do that to what happened in churches, though, which was clearly in the New Testament church a lot of evangelism going on a lot we don't see what and I think the reason is because the church is too comfortable. We get up in our air-conditioned homes in good or microwaves and nukes and coffee and some coffee or whatever his delegate and GPS derided guided cars with her air-conditioner heaters and Goodwood nice church is comfortable and so comfortable and confident that the idea of risking and sharing the gospel is just not something that will do because it's it's uncomfortable and we have to be comfortable and also I believe that a lot of pastors, not all but a lot of pastors preach in order to comfort people and messages are milquetoast and so the people that it assemble in church are conditioned to being weak and when persecution comes, they panic, they don't do sibling United is not everybody but this is what I've seen a lot of places that is unfortunate, yeah doctor that got figured water. There are very quick aeronautical. You are the only way I think it really you kind of on the street your background. You and then they don't like the call which is the matter of not understanding the great commission. I think I will. There's a factory as I was teaching pastor in the church again teaching on this topic, I'd make sure people understood that different people of different gift things I can go into any crowd and do open air and field questions. Be comfortable with it, but the lady whose statistical.

The reason kids it at home that a full-time job. I would expect her to do something like that. She's going to be expanding the kingdom in a different way. Raising children for the glory of God and selects perfectly acceptable, but the body of Christ as a whole is called to evangelize and to witness and so there is a good program in the church with its encouraged and worse exemplify those who want to can one participate.

I see that a lot in Southern California on the beach that I dress up like bunker and without the beach.

My urine everything and would witness go to the Pierce I would door-to-door it swap meet ministry put ads in papers and called his number. I did all kinds of stuff to reach out and I that's just me and everybody judge anybody for that stuff to do it tonight. You know God always always come through, moving way in every everything will bail you out some way you not have this T-shirt on. Right now it says truth across the bottom and we are talking yesterday after the show about getting some caramel T-shirts elect and have sayings on their intellect, my I'm sorry one you write yes and so wouldn't you know it work more T-shirts I save a T-shirt I outgrew its work. I hope to say that it it shrank the necessity of a five point on the legal field that is not sensational, covenantal, Calvinist, what are you so my shirt, unaware that the end that usually people discover my way to read it, but that the idea was to try something to generate conversation and I'm always look for opportunities when I go places I like my ears are trained to hear words like Jesus Lord God Bible church and I just hear them and I just focus on and so started many conversations with people I gone to bookstores out I go to book for this is something I recommend. People do very easily escorted Barnes & Noble and go hang out in the religious section and see when plugged here to ignore the New Age section and I've done this before and I can look at some New Age books will summons next to me and say hey how's it going and start a conversation one time. For example mom and her son. He was starting a night job. Read some reading material and so this is 1012 years ago and there picking up occult books, New Age books and so with a conversation and by the time they left they had Frank Perretti's books with a good Christian of Carteret are so you know it just you're not bragging is just hey you know there's opportunities. And sometimes there sometimes accounts himself what my last name slick well again I introduce myself some place or else they'll say what your last name you own a reservation or with whatever might be a slick and the some people stare at me to go and irreverent to you and Isaac but it just never sounds right. Reverence slick and they kick the can a chuckle and I say that because I'm hoping to start a conversation with you so I use everything I can let in a recent form the early country bottle. What what what will.

Of elder care is actually great though. The role of the elder is to teach sound doctrine refute error and the pastor is one of the elders, and so the elders would rule and this is what is supposed to be a lot of people mistakingly think that the churches will be run by popular vote, that is wrong is run in the Presbyterian context and that is elder rule. That's what it says and for example if I go to first Timothy 517. The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those were carted preaching and teaching to go to first Timothy three it says your service eager and that's interchangeable with elder must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate hospital, able to teach and things like that would have to happen that we get back let's talk a little more devotion arrived back after these messages, please see Matt's leg why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. We have three open lines of a call 772072276 Allen, are you still there. I still there.

Ellen, you never talk about elders. I wanted to comment a little more about them and what I do is purge if there is elders, listening pastors, listening to consider reading Titus chapter 1 verses five through nine, but no reason I left you in making some noise or put you on hold to some stuff for this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed you, namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, having children who believe not accused of disobeying dissipation or rebellion for the overseer must be above reproach to folks. The word for elders here in the Greek is principal terrace to work for overseer is a Piscopo's Bishop, but there's no tether interchangeable here that the elders etc. etc. for the overseer because an elder is an overseer resetting for the overseer must be above reproach is God's steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, not fond of sordid gain, but hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just about self-control, holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with this teaching so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict. So this is one of the requirements of an elder among many is to be able to exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict what is that mean means an elder should be able to explain and defend monotheism. The doctrine of the Trinity, the hypostatic union as the two natures of Christ the person and work of Christ on the cross. What he did on the cross and she should have the ability to explain the gospel and defended from Scripture. He should know what justification is and be able to differentiate that from sanctification he should have wisdom in the area of marriage because it is biblically taught. He should know about the coming judgment and eternal judgment of God and should build have some areas of knowledge and counseling because the Bible teaches about counseling issues, so these are some of the things that the elders should know about and if you're an elder listening to this other question is do you know these things. Are you able to explain them and defend them and can you refute somebody who would say that there's more than one God.

Where would you go in Scripture that what about someone who says that God takes different modes.

Where would you go on the word of God to refute that.

Where would you go if someone said Jesus is not in a physical body right now to do about what would you do if someone said you to do good works in order to remain a Christian and keep yourself saved will you do have whimsical in Scripture for that. If you're an elder and I'm asking these questions and you don't know the answers you're basically disqualified as an elder useful toward Nolte's and if that makes you unhappy well is not my problem.

The Bible says that you're supposed to be able to exhort in sound doctrine refute those a contradict on doing is siding those things every RF sound doctrine and asking questions about it. So if you fail in these areas.

You either need to step down as an elder.

Read the study these things and have them memorized so you can do with the Bible says in elders what to do. The word of God is tough and this is what it says and we need to toughen ourselves up a little bit for the coming problems of life was Québec Alan Kayla Gerald, I think I okay yeah yeah I know the law. People don't like what I say when I talk like this and think I'm an arrogant jerk which is true but the question is what I'm saying true. That's the issue so I okay I already meant unless arrived at was right there was Alan from Sacramento, California have three open lines of 200 McCauley 772072276. Let's get to Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott you're on here you go Matt doing alright buddy I know I'm not currently know. I will clearly fit them resident on your yeah one day I'll probably give it 100 million heaven and you never know you have poured down the stepped out of them in the name of the following in the house. Taking them to their outlines what ever I have commanded you about my question will go man and well love God love you and the only knowledge. Can reload no commandments or love God, love your neighbor to pray and seek the Lord love one another, forgiving things like that with God's wellness for us. Okay yellow more quickly. Wellness three.

Okay yeah I got. I'm looking at promise radio zero verse 31 and have that we then know know they will bid galea that would allow a certain occasion and not important to note that you now what your question will overload you say about that about that. Will the law of the land teaches to establish, allow the law of God teaches justification by faith, and so not nullifying the requirements of the law.

The law has three main categories. The moral law. The judicial law and the priestly. The priestly fulfilled in Christ. The judicial is no longer in effect because is not in its economic system and so the moral law still there. So when they generally talk with the law to talk about all three aspects of the totality the law. Law is not done away with. Made of no effect. The laws established through faith. It's it is verified okay so faith is necessary outworking.

We know this because, for example, in Abraham was justified by faith. The Bible says that the was justified by faith apart from the works of the law and we see this when it says Abraham believed God, and was credited to him as righteousness. That's Romans 43 which is a quote from Genesis 56 and so the law is also called the first five books of Moses, and in them the totality of what is said to be there also and have a good 24 while Pacific if that's right.

Now the righteous will live by faith Bible says so, it's still there. They both arrived back out of his messages is one of the line 707 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to Scott alright now where were we? Well, have not made void, and no contradict going good and allow and that follow the spirit and that so I will. I don't end up being sorry meant that our ad and point out is that the guys daily and I would number one thing that was in no thing is to glorify God to consider him to seek fellowship with him in the true living God seek him called in the fellowship with the father through the son, Jesus Christ, and actors has infrequent is 19 got a staple recalled in the fellowship with his son, seek Jesus we are to repent of our sins, and it should be way up there and priority list number one should be the person work of Christ, the person of Christ himself should be number 111 priority about right though the Christian life right now. Using the analogy of competition and that's familiar to people that you have to be busy and finish that race well and he's talking generically to a lot of people.

In other words, be busy with things of the Lord not lazy about God bless God keep calling okay but it may okay alright let's get to Tyler from Long Island, New York. Tyler welcoming on their daily bread area defined by God's grace we got good on my quick question I had called many months ago about on spiritual gift and marked the in your very helpful in pointing out a book called Scott where the yes and I started reading the riddle of the inlet, completely amazed at on the view account that I was reading of the Neil Manning and Colin going against Queen Mary in lodging on letting Mary and how like some of the thing that were going on in the eye when you like really doesn't line up with the patient is course sensationalism in my opinion, it's it just doesn't hold water biblically and as you read through that book. They were moving in the charismatic gifts of the Presbyterian, Presbytery divines absolutely yet either, yet so well. I have fought another website at several websites and one of them actually go through there if you have more let me know. I go through there and and list out to George Richard John Fleming John John George and John Knox and if you have some letters were the other people in their do certain things if you sent me a sentence email to me. I have the book on Kindle and I can call those putting more out with the Presbyterian church which I was a member of the PCA didn't know what to do with that book. It really messed him up, and that stores so you only know there's a lot of interesting stuff going on. The charismatic gifts are still around you Jesus sets or pulses infrequent is 17 speaking to all men everywhere call upon the name of the Lord. That's what he says in first and is 12 because on in verse seven that you not like any charisma letter with the return of Christ. Okay were not lacking any charismatic gift means that the Christian church has these and that's it so that the C7 refute that Lexus what it says. I believe what it says and do missionary work. The Lord often moves in such miraculous ways. That's not to say that someone individual has the gift of prophecy a lot of cessation say that that's what charismatic stuff means is not what can the nap, but not necessarily are different degrees of sensationalism as well as continuation is my position is that the the gifts that were held by the apostles were different than those generic ones given to the church as a whole and that the church as a whole can move God can give visions and dreams.

Words of knowledge, words of wisdom to be in parentheses.

I can still happen today and it does not violate the word of God, nor does it threaten the As my position lacked the defendant care who against it not like a mean thing that's my position and are you okay with the school of the Scriptures and I asked him shall be from the Scriptures with the charismatic gifts of ceased and sealed in Scripture my position. It will be related. The Holy Spirit is the sovereign third person of the Trinity and that long is your kingdom by authority of God. And the thing that got anything great for scraping like he does. According to Welling and given right off believe that young man is not controlling it, then it's right it's right you. I had an instance where prophesied. Once I've had an instance where I knew about a person new and I remember very clearly is why guess we caught caught word of knowledge. I've talked to others who had things happen. Generally, therein it occurred during evangelistic contexts where the gospel cynical for and unfortunately I think there so be very careful. I would say this a potential weakness within reformed theology. We performed we have so many of our eyes dotted and tees crossed theologically that we don't need to go out and experience anymore and nothing charismatic to me that letter form.

Don't do that, but you could if you are so him saying he could see how that could lend itself to and I had to battle this during seminary.

I went to reform seminary is a little bit here but I believe the current continuation of the gifts see any reason to believe that they have ceased and is causing a great deal that position to the right. Still suffering from story right leg and was barely breaking the humility of the people all the other position like whatever it is you like it. They are not just disagree with the one you can do it respectfully. That's right, letting Justin peters if you guys know who he sees a friend of mine and he holds to sensationalism very strongly in eyehole to continuation is a very strong, we get along and we don't ruin our friendship over is a great guy so you don't go okay thank you very much for the S right next necklace weakness crew know from Florida include a welcome run air hey Matt, yesterday and out… I think that you remember that you owe you and you talking mod that may be utilized on the AMI we going to be yes you are right I might not know and you went to Matthew 121 night and we had me. I and now only I don't know Michael yes you get away in a different language. Different way before now you know how mom from another country and I pronounce not likely that we take we take you know Mike on you from where you from all great you know yeah Bobby all the war so that you know knowledge is all yeah Nick what that London dielectric and that though… More and all that great hero from there to hear what quits. Yeah, I thought like you I talk about the bike I I don't really get good wine again and I want to talk to me on the call me names like what what driver you chrome and I finally found and what about bottom when you put that in that he was all right.

You know like good marketing: even if you need to be great. That was a great place.

You know, I wonder like have you done any like real.

It's okay: yes you will you know and explain as I did yesterday. Yes. All right, Hazel right back after these messages, please stay tuned, Matt slick, why call 770776 charismatic sling back to show current owners there all right. The reason I focus on that issue. That way with them is because of the sacred name called, with all say is you have to have the right name and you say the right name in order to be saved and so salvation is by pronouncement by knowing a proper name, which only they really know in the toys can agnostic and so they will go to the Hebrew and will go to the Greek because they want it to be issue hummus you and so the say that is one of the variations in soil does go to Matthew 121 says in the Greek you shall call his name. The Asus which we sing in English Jesus and so is it on the sacred name thing on the stop right there in the sky did know to do with that he couldn't handle it. And since God in his sovereignty chose to have the New Testament in Greek. That's what is said. That's why I pointed out you good of me, I would've came back. Now that would be good.

In Matthew 1.5 like it.

Did you know you want in the way right inquiry the name when I made my way to have it what what what what you don't know that. Show me any any Hebrew manuscript for the first century that says his name is this in Hebrew got it anyplace. What you have to have evidence you can just say we conclude it's good to be this it has yet to sell it did show me his manuscript evidence show me something. In the Hebrew where they say that what his name was doesn't exist here. Let me ask you, like a map with Britney what audience to the Hebrews and then they'll say that was written in here. I grew great. So then what is the name that was written in the Hebrew manuscript of Matthew that nobody has yet I agree with you because that's what you know about all day with the audience would they would assume they did at Matthew Nina my underwriters dialogue and I understand there's a glistening. Do we have the original Hebrew manuscript, we have a Matthew know and do we have the original Hebrew manuscript of Matthew is if it was written in Hebrew. Originally we have no okay so we don't have it, then how do you know what the Hebrew name of Jesus was okay so we don't have either one right will be doing what I think about when Matthew okay.

We do it you can felt Matthew older but have you learned know is holistic is it from the first century.

No okay so you know, so I asked you with second I asked you from the first century wanted very very early okay so don't be going around with what we don't have a say this is what his name is that we don't know what what it really was, but this is what has to be is just not a good thing to do. So let me go back to the birth I don't know what we a lot lately but we don't know we move on because you have colors waiting to move on and was going go on folks, I don't want to get in this with something like that because it's an argument of silence or defending an argument. Silence. It's not supposed to be doing. We have the Greek that's what it says we don't have any original basic manuscripts of Matthew that would have his name in it. We don't have that so we can argue from that and to argue to try and defend that it is just doesn't work. You've already got over it not to continue to go over it against which we have people waiting in line. Ron from Virginia Beach welcome you on here all my call really appreciate it.

Sure, no problem with you.

My question is a word about death. You are going over the spirit leaves your body other than their pain involved, there's nothing, nothing, nothing the Bible says that all guidance is obvious. I know I will follow the winning volume I don't, so why would bother you when the spirit goes with the Lord. This is happened.

I it's not ever said to be painful. Why would you be painful. Pain is for the physical body and when the physical body dies, then there's no more pain or spirit. This goes with the Lord. Okay I spirit, nobody will, you bought you will be the Lord know where you're at, yes okay yeah and second hayrides is sick with his 12 two and three, Paul knew he went lopping off as Paul went to the third heaven knew where he was certain right is the problem people are that bad for you going to give you go about affording the Grail follow take you before you great are you, I don't know if he wants to he can if he doesn't he doesn't just God and I will get tortured and beheaded. Yes, he does is catheter history and then we enter into eternity as I will not my like Hitler.

The only God is good and it would not follow the will that I do it right. Okay. Thank you, madly. Okay goblins all right is good to Sean from New Jersey. Sean welcome you on the way back very eyedropper quite a bit. I don't think you would Bible know that whatever goblet being that she understand it be that pre-incarnate Christ with modern yellow court of portable light, but I'd like come up with 3321.the boat that you cannot bite me. No man can mean me and believe that we understand to be a bird got back about faith but about court on the like, but the Arctic right. The public that you know quite being by Abraham profit no.

I mean I'll be damned if that Bayeux door of the question here is we don't have that Unitarian theological perspective to consider because I cannot see my face for the make and see me and live. That seems to be consistent with the idea of the father that so I would say that's the father that was speaking you cannot see my face for the make and see me and live for 2616 talks about in the first of the 117 and so is consistent in wind and if you go to exit 3 311 s become a face-to-face or face-to-face here is a personal encounter.

So what we have in Scripture we have these statements that suggest plurality we have statements that suggest a unity and we have to kind of understand the whole of the Bible and the Trinitarian context. We understand that God can't be seen but the pre-incarnate Christ is seen in the Old Testament, so whatever would say he was saying incarnate Christ but whatever would say that he can't be seen or there's a problem. The application is a student father also say that the father thing about the Bardwell went about all the back of the board that with the incarnate right could be like that could only be yeah I absolutely hope it yes and I have been on my mind like I I I thought that maybe you know what I what I thought Arctic right about it because people write incarnate you with so you got before becoming God man by one to the back it with John Paul Cripe, Laura Piper, the court at that point relate to what God yes this is a problem because her seen that this son Jesus is nothing any man has seen the father is John 640 sitting says that so this is this here annexes 33 is included.

No man has seen the father and it says you cannot see my face for no man can see me and live.

It seems to be the implication is as the father is addressing her, but not necessarily because this is not that cut and dried.

We could make the case that was in father, but it might be. That's it was the Lord God himself. In the totality and I something worth exploring and discussing.

We seem to see that the manifestation of God in human form is the pre-incarnate Christ and the Holy Spirit manifests in wind inflaming things like that so study those us and how would this all fit and then there's a little bit of discussion we can go back and forth on some these verses of a court thought that I would happy to write right barberry, out of the park.

It would be good when you have the media in the father Kodiak Rocky oh after the father is the father thing. Big big big bag live and we have Christ on the back both of the weight father Christ like me, you know a good thumping of the word bank that I thought you might want be me and the way right yet affect my that's there's a lot of discussion about this and don't have a generic idea of what the principles are and then apply them to some verses where it seems to be a little bit confusing. Nothing is contradictory, but exactly how is it working and there's variables, possibilities, and then we just kind of move on from there. What about all Sherman buddy God bless. I goblet all right, let's get to Julius from Birmingham Arkansas Angel is welcome your on-air sir are you doing today by God's grace doing well. We got about a minute to show segment hustle up. Sorry about that talk about about the article they all their electronic health of someone you know when and I was in a time to get to it is found in Matthew 12 2232 and it's saying that Jesus did his miracles. It's right there, Jesus casting out miracles does by this part of the spirit and date, and there accusing him of doing about how the devil as I said last because the Holy Spirit unforgiven in this age of the age to come. Now, if you call back tomorrow and ask it earlier in the show.

I go to some other doctrinal things related to it like the baptism of Christ which relates to the topic. Believe it or not, but that's what Joan with the evil sin is sin that Jesus did his miracles by the part of the evil consider the Holy Spirit okay out. Think of economic growth would live more slowly. I just want to get to the government but at a time just like that. All right there you go there's a music goblet all right will the Lord bless you and by his grace back on here tomorrow and hopefully have a great

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