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Joe Jacoby

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October 27, 2019 8:00 am

Joe Jacoby

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 27, 2019 8:00 am

Joe Jacoby formerly of the Washington Redskins, discussses his faith, family and football with David.


Everyone, I'm David Chadwick talk 11 to 99. WBT welcomed in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intercept faith in value people different experiences different things going on in the world is been a pleasure doing the show now for almost 20 years. I've enjoyed every second of it. Thank you, Perry's fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for your sponsorship of the show without it we could not do this on a weekly basis. We kinda had an emphasis this fall with different pro athletes who come into the studio and shared their lives, their faith and values perspective. We've had golfers we've had basketball players and we've had many NFL players present and is one of those past great NFL players is my pleasure to have on the show Joe Jacoby one of the famed Washington Redskins hogs back in the 1980s, 90s, and what an experience he had with that great team super Bowls. I don't know 34 I Joe, thanks for being on the show today.

Thanks for having pleasure is one of the fun things to see you walk in the studio because one of the few people I can look I do, I will fight you how big are you and I'm 68 still put my plane like that.

I played about 315, 315. No wonder you're one of the hogs as I kiss they affect them at will call you were basically on the shorter concert Graham and the Bostic. They were around 6264 and weighed the same as much as may I have mine spread out over 68. Since they couldn't convince you to play basketball meet at that height dominated side.

I want to play basketball in high so that you thought that I had offers coming on a high school division to basketball was really my first love, really, after seeing how big you are. I can understand it. I guess going back in the good Lord let me in the right direction than the path and that I chose wisely and ended up where I ended up.

You obviously had an a notable NFL career, but what's interesting is you came out of college, and you weren't drafted. So let us talk about pre-college if you will will you raised your family, your background, all of the greatest in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm one of four kids.

I'm number number two: I got older brother was to roughly almost 2 years older than me, a sister who is two years younger than me and we have 1/4 are our brother, but he passed away when he was about 14 early so there was four of us just a typical family growing up back there.

Father was a factory worker making Hobart washing machine parts and for that, and then my mom and the poem back to work with my father and not have to go on disability because of the major many heart attacks and stuffing it back to work anymore so she was in the seasonal department stores and stuff like that. So the whole family, helped out took jobs I member with high school that I worked in the cafeteria and after all that classis stuff so when out even football basketball practice and then I have a job and a little complete department stores same thing I want to call back, a stock boy so we all could stand with the family, make sure everything was put in their two cents and everybody was doing their share. So really a middle-class working class American family man, as we would know what to be back in the 1970s and 80s time.] Back in that time frame.

Now father passed away when I was a freshman in high school so didn't know much about my father growing up I Was just turned 15. He passed I was 15 or July baby AFTER about a month after my birthday song freshman in high school starting freshman football and going up to the high school level and a lot of bird now on my mom with father gone taking over my big brother trying the stepfamily and stuff like that so some difficult times as forms growing up in that time. All that but the end up giving to four years of high school Something Different Offers. Not Really A Lot about to Head to You Guys A Lot, but I'm After 30+ Years. I Go Back Now I Have I Have Dinner and Stuff with My Former High School Coach Coach and I'm Hearing Things That My Mother Did When My Father Passed Away Meeting with Him and Telling Him to Take Care Of My Son. I'm Leave Him in Your Hands. I Hope Nothing about Any of That Saw Me 35 Years after the Fact.

Your Parents Stuff like That You Know Joe, We Need to Go to Break-In at Will He Come Back Want to Talk to You about This Because One of My Great Beliefs Is That Your Sports Coach for Your Kids Needs to Reflect Your Values and I Know I Look Back on My High School Coach. My College Coaching and I Know How Much They Meant to Me. It Sounds like You're Saying the Same Thing. So When We Come Back. I Love You to Talk about How That High School Coach Stepped into Your Dad's Void and Helped Mold You and Make You into the Man That You Are Today, but Also You Just How You Began to Overcome the Loss of a Father for Your Years in College and Then in the NFL. Joe Jacoby Is My Guest.

We Have a Great Interview. Folks Hang with Me Will Be Right Back. Everyone Had with His Talk 11 to 99 WBT Welcome Back to the Show like Yesterday Former NFL Great Joe Jacoby out One of the Washington Redskins Famed Hall Is the Front Offensive Lineman Who Helped Clear the Way for John Riggins Great Touchdown Run in One of the Super Bowls I Joe It's a Pleasure Having You on the Show. Thank You for Your Time to Push Everything for the Time to Be on Talk about My Life and What That Has Met and Hopefully Somebody Else You Think Uganda We Want to Talk about Where You Went from the Tragedy of Losing Your Dad When You Just Turned 15 and You're Taught Me How You Go Back and Talk with Your High School Coach and Learn Something. Your Mom Has Said to Him, and She Had Said You Make Sure You Take Care My Son Into That Void. That's Now There Because of the Father's Death, Let Let's Talk about the Importance of a High School or Even a Middle School College Coach for Young Kids Growing up, Even If They Have a Dad. There's Just Something Extraordinarily Important about Them. There Is Something Important about That. I Do Quite A Few Different Camps Been Involved in Lot Camps and I Coached and after I Got Out Of the Business World.

Put Back in Coaching Football Division III Level High School Level and Just Seeing What These Kids and What They're Striving to Do and Then You Get Somebody Who in My Position Been There and Try to Help Them See the That It's Not Everything I Said Your Life Is More Than Playing the Game and Talking to Me It's More off the Field Issues and on the Field Issues. A Lot Of These Young Kids Even Though They Have Fathers and the Father Said That There Are Doing Great Jobs but It's Those outside Influences That Really Chance and That Change Me with the High School Coach. I Mean He Was a Tough Document Time in the 60s and 70s. They Were Tough Disciplinarian Gartner Snow Yeah and He Was a Shorter Individual and When He Would Be Yelling at Maybe Grabbing My Face Passively Hang in There with His Feet Dangling in the Hell Am I Offense of Line Coach Turned a 2 x 4, Well 3 Foot 2 x 4 Salami Lined up. He Wanted 3 Foot Splits Which Your 3 Feet from the Next Guy Next to You and Me He Would Put It down and If It Hit Your Foot That Was Disciplinarian with a 2 x 4 so Both of the Things, but As I Went through and Then My Life I Had Scholarship Offer to Louisville Stayed at Home and I Also Signed the Bill to Play Vanderbilt Back Then They Had Never Had the Letter of Intent for My Conference on Someone about Vanderbilt, Fell in Love with the School Academically and All That and Who Doesn't Fall in Love with Nashville Wonderful City. Yeah.

So in That Time There Was That Smoke in the Band All Yeah I Know Who Is a Famous Alumni Alumnus from Her Jerryrigged No Real Hassle Generates at All These Recruiting Outings and Bringing in All the Football Recruits and so That Sultanate Dosing in Math in the but I Couldn't Leave My Mom and My Family Because One Father Passed Away and Then I End up Staying with Global and My Life, but Something Here Someplace. 15 822 There Was A Lot Of Things That Happen A Lot Of Freshman Year in College I Come Home after Finishing My First Camp. Get Ready to Go to Church Get up My 14-year-old Brother.

I Told You about That That Died in His Sleep and so and Imagine What That Would Be like for You, Your for My Mother and I'm Not Being a Parent Now and Losing a Child, How She Handled That and Just Lost Her Husband Three or Four Years before That. Now This Does Know What He Died. Joseph Well It Goes Back to What My Father the Heart to See. All I Remember Is That the He Was Born Blue Baby.

What They Called It Which May Never Some Issues Going on with His Heart at That Time. Back Then, Mrs. 1963.

He Was Born. It Was Not A Lot Of Technology Advancement of the Medicine Bottle That That Time. So Now You Have Gone Back and Look at All That This Things, Probably Been Different If He Was Born at This Time.

I Survived All of That and so We I Am Not Going to Finish College Had a Mediocre Global Wasn't a Big Powerhouse in Football so but It Was a Good Four Years Did You Have Great Success Illegal Individually, Hard to Measure, for an Offense of Lineman Unless You Have No Quarterback That Has Thrown from Oligarchs or Running Back. That's 1500 2000 Yards Rushing in the Season.

We Were Very Average. I Weep First Year with 74. Then My Next Three Years. Identical Records Every Year, Five and Six but We Did Not Bar in the Moving off the Mat Didn't Have Any Opportunities Back to Not Even One Thing Think about Them to Fill My Plan. NFL What Convinced You to Try Many of You Going Drafted Drafted. It Was the Offense of Line. Coach Washington Redskins of His First Year, Coach Gibbs Came in. His Name Was Joe Bugle.

He Came down January before the Draft Talk to Me and Stuff. So If You Want to Play and the National Football League. This Is What You Need to Do, and since Somebody Tell Me to Put on Weight Back Then That Was the End It's All I Was Split Back, Parents, Senior in College.

I Was Only to Subject Only to Set Only, but in the NFL.

They Want the Bulky up to Go to Get the 295 Cruiser Was a Big and Working out. I Wasn't a Weightlifter like so Dedicated Development Has Been Given a Shot and Do It for the Next Three Months.

He Came Back in April. Working out for 2 1/2 Far from the Field up and down All These Girls and They Said They Were Interested. My Trappings Draft Means Later That the 12 Round Packed and They Have 12 Rounds in the Draft 17 like to Do Now and and That's Only Team That Showed an Interest in Some of the Draft Comes the Draft Is over with. We Go through Two Days Have Been Drafted the Phones Ringing off the Hook.

Back Then, There's No Roster so They Bring 125 past the Camp Thanks You Guys Are Bringing Campers Really Your Bag Holders Barrier Blocking Stomachs so I Have Phone Call Sitting in My House My Mom That Was Dallas, Tampa Bay Cincinnati and Then Asked out from Seattle Is at the Front Door so We Met a Man He's Got a Three Year Contract Is Tell Me All the Wonderful Things about Living out on the Pacific Northwest in Seattle. I'm Still Whitewashing the Call so They Finally Collect the Payment Talking with This Gentleman for about 20 Minutes Had a Plane Ticket for Me There. The Reported Mobile and Then I Get Back off That I Go Pack Come Back out and Told Him That Have To Look at the Offer. I Got a Trip I'm Going up to Washington DC. I'm Flying out Now Heading to the Airport and One of My Scout Who Drove Me to the Airport This Conference.

He Drove Me to Their A While so I Knew You Were Flying to Washington to Drive the Law That Is a Nice Guy so I Get up to Washington.

Coach Gibbs First Year First Time Is Hard 1981 and Barking like a Sentence. Some of the Cost Is about 4050 Guys Running around Risking Part Sign in All That Somebody My Terminal in the Topcoat Script so I Just between That Joe Was Misinformed about Me When I Going to Meet with Him to Select You Meyer Sit across and Talk to Same Thing with Him so He Was Misinformed That I Was a Deep and Sublime Play Defense. So He Went through All the How I Would Fit into the Residence and Plans Plan Long-Sought Date Box of What Defense He Was Going to Run and I Never Corrected I Go out Assistant General Manager Office Assigned to Your Contract Signing Most Check and I Fly Home That Afternoon and They Think Your Defense of the Things I Wasn't Deep and Sublime That Joe Did the Place and That This Because He Was Told a Certain Number Guys to Bring the Kingdom. I Can't Remember the Number 14, 15 Guys I Was the Extra God.

I Was the Plus One. Later That Day Joe Found out so Now He's All over Coach Google What Are You Doing This Kiss like a Good Opportunity. I Just Beheld the Back. Joe Wanted to Release Me before I Even Went to Camp. No Kidding.

Okay so That's That. Now I Get the Camp Number. This Is Not Real Smart Iron of Siding with Them. That Year in the Graphic Drafted Five Alignment All My so That God Had a Plan for Me Where He Wanted Me and so I Get to Camp Number One Draft Choice Is Alarming He Hotel. 10 Days Now Get My Opportunity Because Is Not There so They Can See What I Can Do so. The Day He Signs I Get Called out of the Meeting. I know the routine.

i figured that no let me go give me opportunity catch on with another team somewhere. no coach gives heaven forming my mother passed away, my goodness, so in that timeframe for my freshman year in high school to their lives in three members of your family. i'm not a real a real good christian. at this time. i'm mad mad at god was raised catholic never understood that. i went to catholic school, i went to mass every morning because of school and everything's in latin.

how's that for shiva in the first grade 6-year-old understand that i guess they joe jacoby. wow, what a life until now.

joe and michelle year in the nfl training camp with the washington redskins you're getting ready to move forward with your life and we want to pick up when we come back. you know what happened. what allowed you to play like you played in the success that you had which is astronomical for so many of us who are nfl fans and look at your life and remember you so well from your days of success, i david chadwick this is news talk 11 to 99.

three wbt. my guess joe jacoby, one of the redskins all time greats.

one of the hogs from the 1980s will be right back. everyone i david chadwick and this is limited. 99. three wbt welcome back to the show. if you'd like to hear this show in its entirety. my interview with joe jacoby, one of the nfl great offensive lineman washington redskins hogg i go to scroll down to the weekend shows the david chadwick show and you can download program in its entirety and hear the podcast from beginning to end, joe. again, thank you for your time today when we left, you were talking about your first training camp with the redskins. the offense of lineman who been drafted before you write your drafted all that he would drafted in the first round did a 10 day weight on his contract. trying to figure things out. they gave you your opportunity. you stepped in and found out your mom had died three close people in your life your dad your 14-year-old brother, your mom all passed away. how did that help you continue to move forward, though did use football as kind of a crutch to help you deal with life talk to us about that.

i think so. i mean that we go back with metal plate showing clich skews me that football you get locked down south fast to get back up and get back up into the life and that played in my life as i was going through it at the time you don't think about any of the uterus. your survivor and it's one thing at a time in my faith with being challenged. i'm a man i would say my faith was a very strong back and i was like, except the other part i was a very angry upset young man i didn't say i didn't like i did.

it wasn't real happy with god at this point i was doing my own thing and you were raised in a catholic atmosphere where acre lot was a punisher.

my parents and stuff my mother watching her every night as a family we would say the rosary so it's not like i didn't have that but i didn't have the aspect of the faith part that i might later years, now understanding and thinking while i may look back, what if i mess the main but i think god had a plan in my life were were going, and although she was always a planter. there is always a plan. i tell my wife that. say some of the things earlier today reading since now i tell her the same thing once about the lesson. i did use the same thing with the miller's one mouth and two beers and all that said, so have a plan. there is trying to get us to listen to him and i's to let me jump back into your pro football agreement and get back in your faith life because i think that's what people would love to hear today you eventually become one of the nfl's great offensive lineman. any played with the redskins on what was it for super full screen mode and one of three out of the four him and they were considered one of the great stretches of nfl teams in all history great teams. it was that like a man of member interest to my younger daughter and i should go straight. you need to write a book so she and i working are record stuff i send in her shoe this up.

still north of the king and this is something that she and i are doing and i'm enjoying that with my daughter. you have how many children just to two dollars and not so i been going through all that and i look back on and she started the thing with after the first super bowl xvii played out in los angeles has a 23-year-old. i am pregnant a helicopter at 3 o'clock in the morning over los angeles being taken to one of those networks cbs or nbc do the 7 o'clock intro coming and i'm gone. this is from a cat that wasn't drafted was almost cut in now, super bowl winner and god's hand was in all this. i look back at all that god's hand was in this i go to the team and had to be a cat scan because i didn't do my research and study drafted five offense of lineman simonson free free agent what the odds are a little bit against you yeah typically elicit a situation like this.

god's involvement in planning at that time i didn't know that about look back on it i see god's hand in all the stuff in my life. i guess going back and reflecting on those things that have happened in use's email god's hand working in all of that yet your faith hadn't developed like it is today.

how did your faith grow it where it is today. well, that was another incident that happened.

now i'm married. he's blessed me with 35 years in march that my wife mcnamara, congratulations, thank you that's that's great well in today's world it is a wonderful compliment because i wasn't the best husband when we first got married it was still about me doing my thing and our oldest daughter who lives down here now to my wife was pregnant with our second one. think now we need to start on the church. well, i'm down in local kentucky at the kentucky derby and i get woken up that morning from a nurse at the hospital and said everything is all right she's gonna make it through when it happened.

are daughter at that time was 18 months on the road. we have a dog. i was a machida and that was sick at this place in the hips and all that. so she reached down and patted the dog attacked her pendant to the ground and after surgery and everything she had over 200 stitches in her face and everything we almost lost her.

i couldn't get out because it's sunday after the derby i got back. when i got back.

she's coming out and she said i met a man and he sent me back so this is from an 18 month old nazi sheet 18 months old and she says i saw man and he sent me back. and of course it has to be gus has to be truth that she knew someone not from her parents might my mother-in-law was a very devout christian. so some of them influence came from her but still 18 month old pump say something like that and you that's remarkable.

it is remarkable. month old and i said i got that's been after me.

he's been chasing me and i've been trying to have been avoiding him. and since that day. she's she just turned 31.

so spend the last four 2930 years.

my walk has been the development size that would wake somebody up with your 18 month old says i'm almost dead and i saw man. he said i'm sending you back. did she remember any of that today i'm just curious if we really don't have them talk about it since then. i don't know something. maybe this holiday season.

i have to talk that's an interesting question to ask you, your faith began to grow then become very real to you, has in it and have been i see things unfold. it just got more patients, more peace, even when things are still not perfect you believe me things are going to ever be perfect. i know this side of eternity and put one day i will be perfect.

so my wife and i discussed the stuff and all that taught my prayer life and praying all that i said you know i see him answering prayer signal flag so i said well because sometimes we don't get out of that mentality is that it's not driving through the drive-through service and picking things off the menu and then you pull up and you get your answer now takes time. i circle back and look at the bible amend the bible's history book and some evidence of what that's what i refer back to look at different things and so then we got what we need when we ask prayers.

god's is either yes, we love it when he does that. he says wait and we don't like that as much but were willing to wait and people then say will he also says no i don't believe god says no to any prayer. i think god says i got a better plan. i agree i could tell my wife that that's the same thing when he why we haven't stopped talking. i said in his time. remember that it's not our time to time.

so now that's that's the exciting part of meeting this morning they have not been doing some things reading before happens to us when i say or talk about was 55. i think it's worth 1011 when he speaks when he said, but will not come back empty.

his word will not return void. his word is always going to be a consult that refreshing you read that so futile and early-morning time with the lord as being very important in your further thoughts for mary. that's up what's client. my love people get up at 435 clock morning and not many do joe and now and so and and and not only about 1 o'clock. he wakes me up and so we go at it than i do there for about an hour and 1/2 and then i go out and walk for about 4 1/2 miles and come back to work and what are you doing now working life working wasn't with the company here in charlotte as a multitude of things as far as with insurance product can go back with the automotive industry service contracts and stuff like that. we also handle health insurance and i'm in charge of trying to help get the other insurance with all stores, the workman's comp and other issues like that so still active life today for joe jacoby.

i think it's more active in my faith is not walking been doing the business. i only do work about 56 hours with my wife go home to mexico on the work with this hma my works in my hands without iphone joe jacoby as my guests were talking that his life is faith and join a one question that's not faith related, though it may be other people would love for me to ask is what's one thing joe gibbs taught you as a great coach who lives in this area and is still respected by so many people when we come back they'll be my first question. i'll ask joe jacoby, i'm david chadwick will be like when i'm david chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99.

three wbt back to the show. i guess joe jacoby, former nfl great the washington redskins hall get for super bowl appearances, three champions just really great to have you on the show today joe, thank you for your time.

i teased this segment with this question because i bet a lot of people would love for me to ask you this one great life lesson from your coach with the redskins. joe gibbs what's one thing he taught you that you remember whether some memory but i guess someone that stands out first getting to this point with joe is my coach now all the other coaches. i want to sex starved their lifestyle wasn't wasn't that walk. i finally had a man of god, leaving other man in his walk never wavered all the other coaches are played under and not to say they were bad or anything, it's just mentality approaches still to this day is how they act on the field, how they use language.

none of that was with joe the 12 years i was whipping the one class work ever came out of his mouth. my college coach dean smith saying things that influence may haunt to allow me to deceive it with the stress and the pressures and what he's going through everyday life.

never published his beliefs on anybody but in every message and stuff he talked. he talked about that in general terms with football last related back to the bible as i look back on all the conversations stuff and i hear from them every now and then a member. after i returned, he called me the first time i get a call from i answer the phone i got hello pickled what you do on this play is 1250 got ago he feels you don't remember it was joe, and that's how he yes and i call something he's always thinking of moving in all that he's been there for me is been there for my wife mostly my wife who went to cancer was about 12, 13 years ago. joe offered everything we could get in the see this one. dr. joe called the doctor hung up on joe and joe, his tenacity, he called right back and got on the staff that it didn't let him talk because this is what you're going to do to be in tomorrow 10 o'clock you're going to see you take care of them okay and that geico's okay so he was a coach for a few years been a friend for life.

while gillette shift because we've only got a few minutes left in the show. i want to give you a chance though to talk about the importance of faith in your life you know you grew up with an understanding of faith being god is the punisher you set off air that was just hilarious that your knuckles being swollen was less about the nfl, but more about the nonstress wrap you on your knuckles with a ruler that the truth being you have come to understand god as a father and daddy who loves you deeply and that so important to support that took me 60 years old now and over the last documents the last 10 years of the faces got deeper and deeper into this world and all that and looking at that romans 831 through 30. i me through all things he's going to love us. whatever happens doesn't matter. life or death for angels or principalities and present things to come.

the owner love her iphones and stuff.

i have all that save us safe different scriptures in there so i can refer back to them to the moments of were going through its encouragement and it gives me because it went up and said if it wasn't true and had somebody else have gone through and and that's what i've learned. now, back when i was growing up in catholicism is life and all that my interpretation was that god was angry god. meantime, i think some people still have that far from the truth. god's not out after you use after you he wants you want to come back. he he nurses use you in relation what he's your son or daughter. he wants you back once you and the family and the only way to do that is by making that commitment to his son.

his only son came and saved us, and i just being in the sports world football and the commitment and lay down your life for somebody and you know we talk about the different things. a sportsman metaphors and all that and i met happens on the football field happens, probably when you preplan your do things that i want to do this something he's discussed will get all the glory and all that but the glory switches not goes back to god. don't have to worry about that guy will give you your rewards when you get to heaven. joe jacoby, if you had to give people one piece of advice in living their lives today, especially for people listening joe who are experiencing adverse adversity, but i like you have that the loss of your dad when you work young. the loss of your 14-year-old brother. the loss of your mom, your wife said cancer you got heart issues that he had a stent put in your heart because of some genetic conditions in your family history you continue to move forward with your faith. what advice would you give people listening, especially those going through adversity cost. i'm not very good at remembering the past. remember the past. i don't remember the come from and i guess a sportsman to forget; this is correct with the race all that first corinthians 9 out and that's what i refer back to where i have because growing up in playing sports and all that. my wife always michael. we go back and forth and she's always there. so i said you know i always look at the class class have full said that the reason you look at is half-empty i sit there's more than know when that class and that's why i get up and then there's black there's another day there something else. who else is coming across.

and now there's so many thing and want to do more with camps working with guys big guys with the big man's camp got all the 707's and for the guys who start but we did one last year.

it was a lot of fun, and these kids really appreciate it.

some i took the time and make them special for their trust in the drills and stuff we do will likely thought already on the show just the importance of not just fathers, and these guys come from fatherless homes or clients who are involved, but also the place a coach can have any kids life to help influence them to be what god wants him to be canceled. look for that they want something more than enough. subchapter and they just need to be got in the right to sex, and some like that. be in there going after them to yeah that the devil votes against you got those for you and it's your choice. which side you want to go to joe jacoby got 15 seconds and a microphone to the city. i would like to tell our people listening today. well, just stay on the path trust in god. just go back to exodus 1414 trust in god. he's got your back on the left, but you gotta commit your life to be part of his life. and once you do, you'll find an extraordinary power offering you, take you where you're supposed to be joe jacoby, nfl great great in the eyes of god, which is what's most important. thank you for your time today and having on the show took letting it is always in love god with all your heart, soul, mind in mind and love your neighbor as yourself. if you'll just do those two things. you have a lifetime's worth of work to do. i'm david chadwick's talk 11 to 99. i look forward to talking with you all

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