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Brenton Bersin

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 8, 2019 8:00 am

Brenton Bersin

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 8, 2019 8:00 am

Brenton Bersin – ex Panther, shares his football career, lessons learned and his faith with David.

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What I'm 11 to 99 show in case you don't notice the faith and values program to try to intersect faith and values with different issues and people locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show now running 20 years.

I especially want to thank my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and also. Fine jewelry for your sponsorship of the show.

It means so much that you would allow the show to go on week to week because of your trust in me.

Well I have a special guest today that actually brings back a lot of memories to me. His name is Britton Berson. Some of you remember him as a Carolina Panthers or as a Charlotte Latin Hawk high school player here in the Charlotte area but also went to Wofford and played for the Wofford Terriers and has just an interesting background why he is special to me is he went to high school with my son David who played basketball at Charlotte Latin and Britain played football there at the same time, they were friends. Britton is wonderful having you on the show. Thanks for being with me today. Thanks, Remington what what is your history help us to know little bit about you, Charlotte, TN family.

All of that so one in Charlotte.

My brother was born in San Francisco. Actually, my parents lived there, moved to Charlotte 1999, 1989 I was born in 1990. Right after they moved here, grew up in a huge Panthers fan went to Latin ever from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade so Latin lifer was a grade ahead of David. Get to know each other pretty well and just a lot Charlotte's still here and got married March and will be here forever. So this is home from the back and probably will be for the future for years to come. This is what you know I remember you so vividly at Charlotte Latin, because before the basketball season would begin. Obviously football would be there and coach McNulty was just such a great coach and I would come to the football games on Friday night and watch you and others play in what I remember so much about you was just your phenomenal athleticism. You had a quarterback that we both know Braden Hansen, the left-hander who could really throw the football. So you two teamed up for an incredible tandem that had great success in high school love playing football there and then it's a little thing that some people might not notice. Current panther Ross Cockrell was also on that team with brain and I and he played receiver to sows me Ross and Braden Hansen. Some people will remember me played at UNC is one of the top quarterbacks, not high school I think is all are under Armour All-American so we basely just run a seven on seven offense out there that some teams hadn't seen back in 2007, 2008. Oh what I remember so vividly about Ross is Ross did play basketball. Unlike you and I want to talk you got that existence.

Second, one of my memories from you in high school, but Ross right before the basketball season was to begin.

I think the last game of the season. He has a serious knee injury and can't play basketball and when I watch that from the stands. I went home and we just lost our best point and I know this is going to be hard season losing him on three great athletes you and Braden and Ross and a lot of other really gifted players as well. You had hammy state champion ship teams.

Psalm 13 so my sophomore, junior, senior, while back to back to back up that must've been very special that was awesome just coach Mack was a great coach and he we had a lot of talent, but there will coach and I think that's why we did so well you can have talent and if you have good coaching you still want when others planning teams back then Victor Christian's mother teams that have more talent than we did.

But where will coach tell me one thing the coach McNulty taught you about life that you still remember to this day because I'm he's coached numbers of kids coming for three decades plus and I know he's influenced a lot of people and I think coaches beyond parents. Maybe just are the only people in the world who really influence kids like they should be influenced what one thing he taught you have to go with hard work and never give up. He's has a military background he he drilled in us real quick to work hard and all sidewalks like to say attitude. Ross and I we always had a running joke that we were talented yes but sometimes you will act lackadaisical practice coach Mack would remind us real quick.

That's not allowed on the Latin football field. He drilled in that real quick and went to Wofford men had cochairs of Wofford.

He's also had a military background. Remind me a coach Mack. Luckily I learned some things and catch Mack before cochairs could give me a little hearing about it.

You might my college coach I talk about it a lot on the air but Dean Smith was my college basketball coach and one thing that I'll never forget that he taught us. He said the discipline man is the freest man of all the discipline man is the freest man of all and what he was trying to say with that is when you can discipline your habits and you can say no to bad stuff that will influence your life negatively.

You are truly a free person because you can control those influences that could take you down that rotten road and allow failure to occur, so is that same kind of military background that I think allow success because when you are discipline through the freest person of all that's awesome I was when the best coaches of all time. Yeah, and your high school coach to his well written versus my guess when we come back list. Talk about your recruitment out of high school. Not highly recruited but yet God used that in a very wonderful way to move you in success Britton versus my guess, I'm David Chadwick and will be right back in my room when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show.

I guess today is former panther person, someone who has a remarkable story of moving from high school to college and then into the pro ranks. Many of us remember him when he played with the Panthers and again he's my guest today when we started in the first segment talking about your life in Charlotte. Your high school career at Charlotte Latin again. I watched you there. You were just ahead of my son David and I will really enjoy watching you play weekend and we, Braden Hansen, the quarterback Ross Cockrell current panther on that team as well.

What I remember about you was just your amazing athleticism you had tremendous speed jumping ability and you were Braden Hansen's primary target and yet you want highly recruited and a lot of people thought, you really should have. I remember reading one article in the Observer. One time, that thing was Langston Wertz said I don't understand why Britton versus not being more highly recruited and I thought that as well talk about your high school career and how the recruiting part of it unfolded Scott weird because looking back, I wasn't too focused on that at the time Braden quarterback was. He must've been top five in the country rated quarterback back then. This is pretty social media and all that sows something or There's one other rivals.

Maybe conscious websites that you create a profile, but he somehow was top five in the nation was the first year they did the under Armour All-American game, so he was highly recruited.

He sent the headlines is that anybody knew about him. That's a quarterback but then we had medium Ross that we talked about and I guess it is, the coaches that came in. I guess visually impressed on the house at six 380 pounds contract to say soaking wet so I wasn't impressive visually.

I guess when you met me, but will we play we win every game but dominate your dominating and you know football team sport so it can't just be at the whole quarterback always joked about Braden and Ross that he had me Ross and my other friend Andrew went on to be All-American lacrosse player its indecent targets different to so he went in on Butch Davis came recruited him when Butch was at UNC. Greg Schiano ton atop coaches would come in every week, but for some reason this fell through the cracks and you look at that and looking back now, how do you begin to process that and think through that that they just fail to see your giftedness at that point in your life.

I think it worked out for the best. I love going to Wofford was a great school got to play on a ton of great teams. We won the silicon once when I was there. We are always competing is when apps state Georgia Southern. When the soak on the Don up to the FPS but we had a lot of competitive seasons got to meet up ton of good people looking back at it is weird but I will say going on to the NFL. There's a ton of guys that just like the letter overlooked coming out of college towns like Isaac on a college that are drafted. That should've been drafted a minute happens in every level sports. Now we know recruiting isn't a perfect science. It really is an eye test.

If you will is whatever catches the coaches I at that moment and that you had a great high school career.

Again, you read Latin, from what years so planning I was 2005 67 were my sophomore, Junior said okay and you see I graduate in 2008 and you went to Wofford and you play it Wofford from 1000 8000 9010 2011 okay now what I remember about Britton person in high school that I want to get into your Wofford career is that one day I was working out my son in the gymnasium. You know doing what dads do. Tossing the ball back to them and there's this kid down there to shoot the ball and my son says that he said I want to show you something. So we walk over to the side goal and he tosses the ball to this kid and he said my son says that watch this and he said hate do you do and this kid six 380 pounds, jumps up off two legs and easily dumps the basketball. I mean, without even any effort whatsoever naps in their going back to 26869 going and I wish you could just like that.

The other question I had was why aren't you playing on the high school basketball team that skinny kid on the side to so easily dunk the basketball was Britton versus my guess.

Today I'll never forget that moment and you just kind of said well you know I do play football and that's really my sport and I want a few days off in the two seasons overlap, but I'll never forget that story Britton that's a cool story.

We always used to love to go in and play passports. The funds for us to play today I'll go to the Y with much my friends from Latin plants and pickup games. It's a good fun sport stay in shape and but that's what we talked about is I played baseball and football Mets fall and spring since football. We are so successfully going to the playoffs last fall season would start when we are still in the playoffs and football so once bunch of football guys that play basketball that it have a single day. Often I kinda liked the sounds lazy but I kinda like to have a couple weeks off and then get into baseball, so I don't think that's lazy you so hard your body need some rest and you football why is your giftedness again. You ran well. You had tremendous athleticism, you could dunk a basketball easily. So Wofford offered you a scholarship and you ended up going there for those years like those great so Braden went to UNC they gave him a four I'm actually offered me a walk-on spot sows actually between going to play UNC is a walk-on and Wofford actually was heavily recruited and that showed interest from the start. Most popular fluoride so I went without a felt more wanted their it was hard. I think going any situation going from high school to be enough.

True freshman in a sport on a sports team's heart and the good thing about football is start training You start before school starts. Start with this group of guys are going through the same thing any kind of bond together.

That's what football teams about that's kinda what got us through that bin offers great expense and you had a great career. They're all very successful. Did you have any idea while it Wofford that you might have a chance to make the NFL.

So going to Wofford budget will start my dream as a kid was the plaintiff, but once I kind I wasn't recruited, went let me go play. Let's use this to get education so you Wofford generally I guess was still in the back my mind that I was my dream, but account wasn't backing on that but my freshman year, Wofford rear-ended triple options wouldn't throw the ball a lot. Not great for receiver but my freshman year was a senior. Andy Strickland is really good player and he was getting some scouts that came down the games and showed interest and after he was done he went to think initially went to Jacksonville's training camp got hurt and went to Atlanta's practice squad so you immediately didn't make it onto active roster is our practice squad mated and training Like Wolf if any could do it why cannot side, put it in the back of my mind and kept working and then think I did good sophomore season statistically we didn't do too well exceed on injuries and then Junior had some scouts, watching. We had a great year we won the soak on the Internet, got some exposure so you are beginning to get on the radar screen off some scouts while you're at Wofford you have a wonderful career on and yet you don't get drafted as I understand it, is that correct you undrafted.

So what happens in that when you are hoping that you get drafted, but it doesn't happen and it's interesting over the last month we had several former NFL players here and guys like Donnie Schell and others who didn't get drafted and yet became great NFL players what's going on in your mind. When that doesn't happen, so I wasn't expecting to get drafted out, hoping maybe late rounds. I know it always mock drafts and everything but the funk of fun fact for some listeners is if you're going to be 1/7 round pick her late pick so much better to be undrafted from a I guess career standpoint is once the draft ends. It is like for agency.

It's a free agency pool so I even before it ends. Teams are calling agents and kinda put in a word like we want your guy will so if you're not drafted.

You much if you have some interest. You can pick where you want to go. So if the team picks you late seventh round and they have 10 receivers in your receiver, you're gone.

I mean it's getting very hard right, or if they have six veteran receivers.

It can be hard to crack that, but if there's a team that had a bunch of young receivers. I didn't do well your before if it's a good situation. You can pick to go there. Just like for agency work. Since veterans later in my career, but that's a fun fact about that so I wasn't wanted to be drafted. That's a cool thing to say that a team picked to your names on the TV and all output after that didn't happen.

I was kind of thankful and I was gonna sign with Pittsburgh management called.

They called and said we want you. My agent was laboring in Pittsburgh so I hung up and told like my buddies. My brother was there. We are excited obviously think my brothers were in a San Mills Panthers jersey so obviously he was wanting Panthers, and again you had been a Carolina Panthers fan since you moved to K-9 at Clemson right and I grew up going to games and all that so major calls back after two minutes of past insight actually ruined a Carolina discount come up here to do some other stuff or other clients were like, taken off guard, but then we started celebrate mine. That's what we truly wanted was your lifelong dream. So that night like this one back to the Steelers thing where my best friends, Brad at Wofford was a teammates from Pittsburgh area cities huge Steelers fans. Once I told him that I sign there, he went running around the like. Senior village scream and holler and then two minutes later agent calls back and I don't go go on the porch and to Brad actually were not uses a range of plant prettiness, but he was still happy.

It was a funny story well. So here you are now your free agent you been able to sign as a free agent with the Carolina Panthers and this is what your again so our listeners will know 2012 okay so it's about seven years ago and you must be thinking what I do to get ready for NFL training camps so Wofford doesn't ISOs my senior year we hadn't had graduation yet so the draft is late April. So I still had finals and I was double majoring accounting, finance side to go to the minicamp and all that and go back to finals and then go back and start OTA's Sosa was a long process. So you're not on the team yet and we want to talk we come back about what that was like actually making the team and what that felt like a lifelong dream fulfilled written versus my guest, former panther, I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT. We will be right back yes were ready when I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show and by the way, if you like to hear this program in its entirety. Go to scroll down and we can shows you can download the podcast and listen to my interview here with Britt Berson from beginning to end a fascinating story of someone who came out of a small private school here in Charlotte and went into the NFL fulfilling his dream, and in Britain we usually get into the faith perspective with my guestroom. The third segment and you know that's a very real part of your life. I will talk a bit about your mother, I remember watching the football games with you on Friday night and your mom was always there just so faithful to come by and she knew I was a pastor and she'd say keep praying for Britain and I would do that regularly asking the good Lord to protect you in every way and allow you to have success, but faith was a natural part of your life and especially your mom's life so back story grown. I went to St. Gabe's mom still goes every Sunday member. My brother have one older brother, Bradford were young on Sunday NFL prime time was the best show to watch with Chris Berman was at think six or 630. Right before the sun again and mom would always make us go to Sunday school right at six so we miss prime time. We are huge and NFL as we've Artie talked about but my mom would make us go to Sunday school, no matter how much we beg to stay home and watch football and do that, but she made us go to Sunday school and I think establishing that early was great going on at Wofford I kinda like with football because it takes over the weekend. Sometimes it's harder to go to actually go to mass or go to chapel. You always meet some guys on your team that we talk about the tightknit group that have the same background in faith and you can always just have a conversation with them and being able to talk with people and share that same faith in God and Jesus and it was great and it just helps that process it stabilizes. Doesn't yes exactly, is that there's nothing else I know how to describe faith, except just stabilizes your life give you hope it allows you to keep moving forward in your mom's a special person is energy he is solid he could see his eyes light up as I just said that she she is special so my parents split up when I was five I was really young. I don't really remember it. My dad moved to Seattle and so my mom raised my brother and I am she established that at an early age and I miss you so supportive. I guess maybe overly supportive than you've ever you can't be overly hoarded bread. You know, until you have chosen the perfect way to describe her as she's always there. She's always asking questions. She's always interested in what's going on. Funny story about her and how she's overly supportive is when I was in college.

We talked about how we were in the triple option to improve the ball that much. We had a tight game with Citadel.

I think my senior year Junior's tight game should have been tight. We are better than them. I don't think I had a catcher, even a target.

So after the game cochairs comes up head coach after tight game. He's not super thrilled with our performance. My mom this. She says a neighbor. She gets rid of the cochairs is. Maybe when the been a tight interview from us on the ball is like a typical exit description of her always supporting me and she she's a loose cannon show what you know but she's great.

You want those kind of parent you really did every one of Lewis as my wife. I used to say about our three children with their athletics and everything. If we don't support them and go a little bit over the top. Who is nobody else out there cares as much as we do. So I we get that and you'll know it when you have your own child. What will with that faith as a part of your background you're now graduating from Wofford free-agent Carolina Panthers you're not guaranteed a contract talk about training camp and how you were placed on the team. Yes, the only guaranteed money ever made was my undrafted contractor 2500 bucks sows my signing bonus was only guaranteed dollar ever earned an NFL. Some people don't know how the contracts work versus on the other sports but Liana forgot little have guaranteed money so the planning. If you get hurt.

You can earn some money. If you're on that but past that, so it's hard and I coming out as undrafted receiver that year we had obviously Steve Smith greatest panther of all time will foul with good receiving core, so it was hard and actually I got cut back training camp. So I came out as undrafted rookie got cut and I was on the practice water anything and I actually went and played arena football in Arizona, if you knew that I did not know that that's fascinating and so I got have success there they won the Arena bowl so actually he was there for two months and then got called back to try out for the rookie minicamp in 2013. The following year and got signed that euros on practice. What actually got cut my first year when out in Plan a couple months and arena in Phoenix and that helps me get back in trial.

When you became a fan favorite. In a lot of ways and when did you actually make the team. You're on the practice squad for a member year or two when you actually be placed on the squad itself. 2012 was Mercury got cut came back 2013 got cut was on practice for the whole year and then thousand 14 was the year I like made the roster and training camp sites.

Technically my third training camp. What was that like what was it like to get the news you'd made the team's amazing service of three years running three training camps try to make it so all that hard work paid off Your fondest memory as a Carolina Panthers. It's gotta be when we beat the Cardinals for the NFC championship game. I know after that, not as fond going to San Francisco and losing the Super Bowl, but just being able to win in Charlotte was pretty special that was a fabulous game they played so so well and in you had a few moments I remember where you step to the plate. I can member one pass that cam Newton clued you in a key game and got a first down. He runs over to you and picks you up and pats you on that helmet and it really was a grand moment because obviously my remember you from high school and I loved playing with Cameron. I get a lot of questions now because of injury and whatever's going on with them right out that position and a lot of stuff going on within the organization, but not outside his back is a great person to play with me media will have their different perspectives. The national media but is great person.

He does a lot in the community here in Charlotte so you enjoyed the friendship and I enjoyed playing with them is good. Did had a good relationship written versus my desperate let me ask you this. How long did your career at last and what you remember about how it ended. So I played five years, but had six training camps believe with Caroline and those onto my plate with and I gave it one year after such thousand 17 season was the last year I played and I gave it to the 2008 teen season just working out trying to find a spot somewhere when tried out for New England. Nothing came of it, but I wasn't gonna stick around and keep trying forever, 29 years old.

As a six year vet if you don't, get a contract offer some trials that year after your last contract, get the hint and move on with your life months, when it did. Now I'm working as a wealth advisor here in town for a guy that managed some some out to Maximilian.

That's kind of what we talked about it accounting, finance is what I want to do's help some guys out on the financial side that they might not have help otherwise yet because one of the stats we hear a lot about is guys who play in the NFL who even received these astronomically monstrously large contracts that after three years out of the league for example there bankrupt and that really is true in it. Yeah, I think maybe not so much the huge contracts, but guys like me that didn't have future contracts the mid-good money. Don't get me wrong but they they might try to keep playing for more than that one year that I did, they might try to keep working out for three years four years and not get a job and means are so accustomed to make it high income be also spending a lot of money to even like even work expenses like trainer all that stuff. It adds up and you try to do that for for five years after it digging a net savings and sign in sign in them spinning it on anything for the last yeah it's not even that it's it's little things like like even I struggled with the transition. I only did one year of a trying and I had a job, wind over a path lined up so I can see how other guys would struggle nuts, when got into this. Let me ask you this. How did you know it was over I was meeting with the young man just a couple few weeks ago who is in his college basketball career, but he's really feeling like it's coming to an end, hee hee. He says to me I just think it's over. How do you know it's over.

I don't know to be honest, I kind of just put the little pieces and hence together that I had a good career ahead couple injuries. My last year when tried out for one team in August. Nothing happened for months after that whole season ended in the Mark, just got to know if it's God giving me a hit or that's just in some context clues, but I think the combination of all that will I played in the European professional league for three years after college, and I remember coming back to the states and getting on wired actually back then was a Western Union wire that they had signed somebody else in my position and I thought because I want to keep playing. I still love the play but there was just then, something that came over me and said it's over and and and I'll know how else you put it, but gimme it. You just know that you so that you know just know some take the next step will written versus my guess we come back Brent, let's talk about what you are into sports and kind where you are in life right now and what you love to be able to do with the rest of your life to influence people and help them know what you can learn by going through adversity, but also by persevering through trials, I David Chadwick will be right back. This everyone I David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WB welcome back to the show with my guess written verse and former panther, Charlotte, TN, a lifelong football fan, who had his dreams fulfilled as he went from Charlotte Latin to the NFL of Britain. A lot of folks have watched the season unfolds. Been really frustrating and disappointing season. Your take on the Panthers this year. Starting the started out own to cam, but he was injured and Kyle came in and I will spark and nothing Five in a row five into and out of loss five and run this past week's game with Washington was a good tall tale sign of NFL no one knowing that those battery teams got 11 guys on the field that are getting paid to play football and that week. I think the three worst teams" all one on that week offenders, dolphins, Redskins and Bengals are one and I think that's, it's what it is, sometimes, and there was always so good about not getting complacent.

Not looking ahead like we would always bring the present era divisional battle with New Orleans. We play them in a couple weeks were already looking at it that matches naturally doing. He would always made with Tampa Bay who is one in 10 that year and we were sometimes look past Marrero was always good about sand, don't pass them, but I miss you a lot in that locker room so I can't speak on what's going on. It's just been frustrating. I think a lot of different things haven't teetered on timely turnovers, not stopping the run is just some things not going right. Every week, and this freshman one So sports like you said guys on teams are all talented early with me at that level and they all want to win and you gotta bring it every week or you're going to get beat think the NFL's headed five years from now.

10 years from now can continue where it is what you think. I know I know the past couple years have been focused on player safety, and I think that Scana her the whole point of football.

I know that sounds bad but people like much of the box. It's a physical sport and it's entertaining to watch in some the rules that they've put in the place Scana taken away from my fan experience in and on another topic for where it's going to go. I think it's such a digital age in international sport. Now that the trying to grow it to London. The been playing in Mexico and who knows where else there to try to play games internationally and now digital you can watch it on your phone whenever you want. So it which may in fact affect people's a desire to even go to the games if they have a choice. They can stay at homes in the lounge chair and watch it on a screening device but I stay home and watch all the games out. Watched Panthers on the TVL scroll through other games on my phone on things all sports are really entering into this?

Aaron, then you have all the other kind of things with the patriotism and the flagging guys kneeling and is really Wonderware saga to be headed in the years to come, especially as people want to spend their dollars wisely. Living in the show with what I teased with earlier, you really have had a remarkable career and it's been up and down he gone from a high school star to a small college star to undrafted to making the team to playing in the NFL. Your life now is headed in accounting, financing, or helping other guys manage their wealth. What is it that you learned from football look at it through the lenses of faith and values. If you don't mind, and what would you counsel younger people, especially today to learn from sports as they move forward in life. Think the number one thing would be failures in lighthearted trials are not the worst thing I think you can learn so much from a failure or a hard situation so I know I didn't fail in high school but maybe my goal is to go play UNC on a full ride just like Braden did that it happened but whatever cards you're dealt, you can make the best of them and I think that's something you can you know in your back pocket. God's got your back no matter what you're going through. You can get through, so I got got the process really. And as you look back over your life. You think man I wish I could go on to you and see that God takes you to Wofford the gods in the Wofford experience and had you not going to Wofford you might not ever even continue to play which would allow Jew going to the NFL exactly I have that exact combo with my friend Obi went to Latin. I remember last week I think we are texting them. He was talking about a finger to talk about the NFL in the Baltimore Ravens and all stuff and how Lamar Jackson was a similar situation to believe in him and now look at them is Michael Bennett MVP this year so in order to talk about Wofford as her gallbladder wants Wofford because who knows what happen if I went somewhere else so we just have to believe the gods in the details in life and that he's working everything together for good. The other thing you said that really is remarkable is don't give up that that failure is a part of life and no one walks through life without their challenges and without failures and having to pick yourself up when those failures occur, not if they occur side about if it's just how you handle that exact situation is a mean failure to happen in every part not to sports but in life and just how you handle and work from. Give people a hint on what to do when failure occurs, what's one thing that Britton Berson learned as you had to walk through trials barriers on how to overcome them.

One lesson in life that gives people hope satchel is for my wife and she why love her so much as she's the most positive person so it's easy to get negative mentally and those kind of situations and just think positively know that God's got your back.

You can work well.

It really is the faith perspective and what faith really says is that you believe that the gods in everything he's overseeing everything and there's not even one detail that God's not working together for good.

And that's the essence of hope as you continue to look at your life five years from now, would you look for it to be. Think here in Charlotte hope in as many either ex-teammates current players even just regular people helping them with their finances and then open them just live a great life. Life is a precious gift from God.

And we know that every second is his and we can continue to trust him and bring this is been fond of recounting your story and watching how you have been used in such powerful ways we only have a couple more minutes left in the show and I love to give my guests a chance during these last couple minutes to speak to the multiple thousands who were listening to the show right now and you have had an opportunity to be on a huge national platform. Now another part of your life has moved you into another place. But you still have a chance to influence people. If you had to speak to the thousands.

Listening right now you have a bully pulpit. You have a microphone, what would you say to them, lessons learned from your life and how you would like for them to learn from your life.

I know we spoke on this earlier, but just always worked hard and always have faith in yourself, as well as Godalming, having self-confidence, I think leads to positivity that leads to success. And if you're confident in yourself. Surround yourself with people that believe in you. I think encouraging positive people how important anything positivity. That's why I married my wife and she's super positive and makes me a better person. I think you just stay positive, no matter what's going on. You can work through anything that's going wrong with your life and turnaround are just keep living a great life you and sports, again is a microcosm of the macrocosm. It allows us to learn life lessons that allow us then to apply them to life. Don't they just wife of I think football's ultimate team sport is the greatest sport that I've ever played a lot of Americans agree with that and that's what it taught me so much grown-up and I love the sport. I love what it does to a team and you can translate back to any part of Britton Berson. Thank you for your time today. Thanks for your life history and also most importantly the life lessons that God is taught you the taught people today. It's been great having on the show fixated on family and everyone do this for me.

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind in mind and love your neighbor as yourself. You never love God more than you love the people he created created in his image.

If you just do those things. Loving God with everything within you loving your neighbor as you love yourself you have a lifetime worth of work to do.

I baby chat with.

This is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT talk with you all

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