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Bo Thompson

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January 5, 2020 8:00 am

Bo Thompson

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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January 5, 2020 8:00 am

Bo Thompson of WBT Radio joins David to discuss what to expect in 2020.

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick is chocolate into 99. BP will show the first show of 2020, January 5, 2020. We hope this will be the first of some great shows through this year we already have them planned out through February and folks are in for some real treats on some shows were to give to you in the next couple of months and beyond what I wanted to do something special here with this show because I'm so grateful for our friendship through the years. A lot of people don't realize that when I had the opportunity to try out for this particular gig this weekend show on WBT brought me on a Saturday afternoon, and for two hours I had to fill what they call graveyard time and radio and I brought in a raft of material make sure I had enough material to cover the two hours actually even fielded a few calls which the BBT found very impressive than anybody would call him on a Saturday afternoon so I got the gig but my most fond memory of that time is the board at that time was a guy by the name of Bo Thompson, who has since become the morning news voice off WBT radio has been a friend for these past 20 years. It's hard to believe this show has been going on for 20 years and Bo has often come in on the first Sunday of the year with me to do a show that looks back at the major news stories of 2019 and then he puts on his swami And tries to predict what's going to happen in 2020 were to do that show today.

Bo Thompson thanks for being with me always look forward to sitting down with you, David.

It's one of the highlights. It's the highlight of my year. So for five days and that's not a thing a lot.

Do you remember that afternoon that I came in with that raft of material and you were the board up way back when. I remember very well and I remember going to the program director after the shows over saying I think this guy might have a future and talk radio. What I didn't realize is that this would be nowhere near your your regular job that when you are doing something else were you talked a lot and I'm thinking oh now I know why the guy was so good because he's he's done this a talk in front of people thing a few times before we had a good time getting to know each other then and then later through some other places our lives intersected but now especially it's fun to see where you have gone are you still enjoying this gig. Oh, you mean radio is in my blood has always been in my blood. If you talk to my parents when I was a kid I used to sit up in my room I in the wee hours of the morning playing radio as I would call it man, I sent a tape player and I used to practice in the pretend I was Casey case of woman and subsequent years. I'd pretend I was people I heard on the station but it's been in my blood. Is anybody I think will tell you is it doesn't quite happen exactly the way you map it out in your brain, but the endpoint is the important thing right and so I'm doing something now that I always wanted to do and I'm going in my eighth year now, so eight years must mean I'm doing some some okay by the and if yes, the other powers that be around here well John Hancock retired as Charlotte's most beloved. Maybe now it's Bo Thompson that I'm just thankful to work here, the beloved thing is something you earn over a long period of time and I will say the fact that John two John so Hancock back in October and Stokes at the end of December.

Those are two guys I said it on the day that that Stokes left I said I've been lucky to work during the John era and that will be Hancock, whether that be Stokes. Those are two people that I'm lucky. During the years I've been here to work with all those years and I will always be lucky and appreciative of that. Two great voices to better human beings just wonderful folks and you're now helping Pat McQuarrie host to show on from 8 to 10 every day Monday through Friday. I have you been surprised at its success for it surely has captured the heart of a lot of listeners well when we started it. I didn't know how long he wanted to do it.

I didn't know how long it was going to go. It was an experimental thing out of the gates.

I think both he and I thought about that. He was still trying to figure out what life was going to be like after being in office and in so the early days of that show I I think we were trying to figure out what it was and now going into the second year orally, we've been together over two years now and so it has been something I've really enjoyed. I've grown up. I grew up in Charlotte so I'm a lifelong Charlotte Tian, he's been in Charlotte for years. All the stories that he tells her stories that I remember experiencing so that's my favorite part of the show. I mean Pat is everybody knows Pat and his name recognition in North Carolina is through the roof.

We knew that starting out, Pat has all kinds of stories. My challenge was good to be at the beginning is can I get those stories effectively out of him. And can I teach them a few rules of the radio trade along the way and I think the fact that were still together here in 2020, means that yes we been successful on that front end. Every day I learn something and so yes I'm having fun. Some days are like a roller coaster but that's radio right now. One of the few people I know who can help filter Pat's unfiltered knows that he's a unique personality.

As we all know, but you gotta love them. He has come back from a real devastating loss and has moved toward rebuilding his life and is Brandon that's been exciting to see and and there's a lot down the road for him.

I don't think is done with politics. I mean anybody who listens to the show knows that but I think David the base thing I would say about the show is and this is where I think I've hopefully help make it successful. I think we started out this is going to be a thing he tried for a few months and now he would tell you this radio thing. I, like this and he's good at it. We is very good at it and so I have to be.

I'm the guy I'm I'm the lifelong guy was gonna get the stories out of him. Bo Thompson is my guest will only come back. Bo look back at 2019 with me and let's pick out the top stories and talk about them together.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back. We already everyone, I'm David Chadwick and 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome back show.

By the way, many thanks to my sponsors with Chris steakhouse and Perry's fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show without you. I cannot do this on a weekly basis. Now over 20 years.

Bo, can you believe that Bo Thompson, my guess 20 years I've been doing this I remember because I remember your first day as we were talking about in the last segment now will can't catch me up with your family were quick. I have two kids. I married my wife and two kids. They are both teenagers, now, which seems impossible.

It does, but every step of the way has its own moments but II love the ages. My kids are right now we can go around and do whatever activities they both play sports, which I know you. You had your kids did the same and I love that. So anytime I'm not behind microphone. I'm with them. It is fun, you know, it's a great ride and you can't have it for many more years to enjoy every second of it. Bo just so people don't who may not know this time to get up every morning, 3 AM believe in God before 7 o'clock in the morning, especially after if at like last last week after a vacation after I've been working normal hours for a few weeks and then to come back to that 3 AM but will sky have to be that way. I learned early in the process of doing mornings that you can't prepare the show at night and go to bed and get up and just start because things happen overnight right news happens and it sometimes happens right before you go on the air as well.

Exactly 12 were so appreciative of you. You do a great job here and I look for this show annually when you come in the studio and we have a chance to look back and look forward on this is going to be very interesting year 2020 and will look forward during the next segments of folks hang on. But during this segment. Let's look back at 2019, a really really interesting year probably has reflected more of the divisiveness in our nation than I've ever seen before. As you look back over this past year. What is probably your major new story that you remember during this past year.

Well I you just mentioned the divisiveness and I think a national perspective, you have to come back to Washington right you have to come back to the continual battle between the right and the left over Pres. Tromp, the unconventional presidency that it's been no matter which side of the aisle you're on. It's interesting, I everything seemed to be building towards the molar report last summer and the net came in that went and did a phone call a few days after the mother report was released, ends up being the basis for this impeachment battle, and so the president is impeached as we sit here and talk right now there are questions about how this is going to go in the Senate Nancy Pelosi still has yet to deliver it to the Senate and so II think you can't look back at this most recent year 2019 and not from a national political perspective and not start and finish with trump. Do you think the divisiveness is because of Tromp or do you think Tromp simply revealed a divisiveness that already existed in our nation. I think the latter of what you said. I think Tromp pushes buttons and Tromp has made a career and a life out of pushing buttons of his adversaries. Whatever part of life. They may be in Tromp is not afraid to tell you where he stands and is not afraid to take someone on face-to-face and he's not diplomatic.

In many cases he's abrasive, unfiltered, unfiltered running Twitter the way he uses Twitter now in social media. So whatever side of the aisle you're on. If you're if you're trump supporter. Then he draws the battle lines very, very clearly, there is no gray area with which side you're on with trump and if you're on the other side, then it's an opponent that you've never quite seen the likes of before him, and he's a message.

Above everything, and sometimes the way it's delivered I think is part of the problem with people who had issue with him. Why is it that he remains so popular among many in our nation.

I think it's because he says what a lot of people are afraid to say no, that doesn't mean that I sit here and endorse everything that he says with a way that he says it, but I will say this from where I sit.

I'm a political science major.

I was that when I was in college I wrote my thesis on the debates of 1996 I was told people the political theory part of politics. I get bored with. I love to watch the race in the battle and Pres. Tromp has been in office the entire time or I should say I've been on the air for the entire amount of time president trumps been on the air. I also overlap with the end of the Obama era, but I've seen while I'm doing the show I'm doing right now. The entire trump presidency.

Up until now I don't feel David like he's ever stopped running for office. I've always loved covering the election part of the political process and from a guy who covers that day-to-day.

I've enjoyed covering the trump presidency because I feel like he never got off the campaign trail every other night. It seems like her at least once. Two or three times a month. Even well into his first term.

He's campaigning and so from a coverage standpoint. I've enjoyed the continual fight but he's the only politician that I can think of its ever okay, you know, conducted his presidency as if he was still on the campaign trail running for the next one. That's what he's been doing when you wonder how much of that could be the feeling, at least among Psalm that impeachment began the moment he was inaugurated, or maybe even the day he won the election.

There was some theory that people began to study a way to impeach him.

The moment he was elected the binder that I certainly understand the argument that's that's made by some of those on the right about how he has been targeted in here that said maybe a slightly different way that ever since he ever since he was elected people of been trying to undo what happened in the last election. The interesting thing I know we'll talk about predictions coming up in a later segment but I do want to say this, I believe Tromp could end up being removed from office and then turn right around and run again.

The rules are in place that he could do that and whether or not you believe that it will happen.

Here's what I did. I know that there is no other Pres. that we've ever seen. That would do that but trump puttering around like yeah and and he does run against the grain of political correctness, where I think you're right. A lot of people are just fed up with trying to be politically correct and not say something that isn't offensive to somebody in there letting him save for them and I should say only clarify that I don't mean that no one else would ever do it, but my point is, if there ever was a candidate that that we can all say he'd be the guy that would try. I think you're right, it would be impeached and then run again what within the next several of them talk about how we think might come up. Let's shift gears a little bit because that is the subject that's dominated 2019.

Almost every day has been either the molar reporter now. The impeachment process. What are some other major stories that you remember well from this past year. Well, I mean if you look back at Charlotte's and go a little bit more local or statewide. I think there are there so many but there are two that immediately come to mind. The first one is one that I was immersed in from a coverage standpoint for more than a year and that was the district 9 election that ultimately elected Dan Bishop, but you know we had a and eight way primary had an opportunity last spring to do something I had never done before. I told you I wrote a thesis on the 96 presidential debates actually got to moderate a debate for the first time this past spring or spring of last year and that was with the eight Republican candidates that were vying for this spot to run against Dan McCready. But if you remember a year ago right now that whole election was up in the air. We still have the that the trial or the hearing I should say with with that the combatants the first time around and that whole Mark Mark Harris saga was just an unbelievable thing to to watch and had a lot away yeah frantic and and then we went through the did the. The rounds of of primaries and then we went to the actual general election and I'm talking to Dan Bishop on the air the day after he got elected, and I said hey I know this is been quite the track, but don't look now you turn around in less than a month or so when you get around again and that so that race. Watching it go from where it was a year ago to where we are now is one I think the UN cc shooting back in the late spring is one that still seems like it was yesterday. Unfortunately in it.

It highlights another thing, it highlights the number of homicides that we saw last year so I guess I could sort of pair of those who two stories together.

There's the UN cc shooting. There were another.

There were 108 shootings altogether. Last year the uptick in the homicides and arson correct and I think unfortunately when you look back at 2019. Those are stories that come into the forefront that the UN cc story, put Charlotte on a on a national stage that no one wanted. Unfortunately though it reinforced the idea that that can happen anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, it was in our own backyard this time and the heroes that were involved in. Of course, is that the lives that work there were lost in it be hard to look back at 2019 sports wise and see the hopes for the Panthers then quickly diminish again almost us scenario repeating itself from the year before and the firing of Ron Rivera very beloved coach in the city and now the head coach of the Washington Redskins voicing that headline. My first day back on the air this past week see in that headline Ron Rivera will be welcomed as the Washington Redskins coach. How would we have reacted to that headline had it been proposed to us back in August or September. Even just it's an odd thing because I've never seen anyone sports figure political figure just collectively saluted on their last day in and no one has a bad thing to say about Ron Rivera except for the fact that the wins and losses didn't match up the way you wanted to.

The last few years, but see in him will it introduced as a Redskin is is an odd thing to do, process Leno he said in your seat and did interview with me this past year and the one thing that struck me was he was a man of great faith.

So you gotta believe that he says okay this happened and it happens all of us, but we all have setbacks in our lives but then he believes that there still something ahead of him and he becomes the head coach of the Redskins is that magnificent in so many ways where there's an old adage that what would it be like coming people be at your funeral right. How many people when you get have have a full building of of of people that come to your to pay respects to you. I think it's an odd thing with an NFL coach, or any kind of coach where you get fired. And yes, that was a low time for Ron Rivera but also had to be a rather affirming time for him to look around and see what the reaction is Botox as my guest a boat when we come back swami hat what's going to happen in 2010, 20, tell us your predictions will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show if you like to hear this interview with Bo Thompson the chance for him to give his views rather than to just give the news, please go to scroll down to the weekend shows the David Chadwick show and you can hear the podcast from beginning to end. Fascinating show with my friend Bo Thompson.

Thanks again for being with me and here we move into 2020. Today's the first Sunday of this new year. Who knows what this New Year's going to bring, but I think we have some clues on some some things we can anticipate as huge news stories.

Bo what you think's going to be number one well, I think number one has to be what happens between now and the Iowa caucuses this idea of an impeachment trial in the Senate. When will it happen. How long will it be what will the outcome be and that final question, what will the outcome be has a lot to the idea of how it's all gonna be put together the rules and witnesses, and in all these logistic assessment process. Yes, the impeachment process how that's going to end answer that question better when you know exactly how it's going to be carried out, and we don't really know that yet, but I think looking towards that and impeachment trial that would go to the Senate. I don't think that Pres. Trump will be removed from office. Although here's what I'll say about that.

If he is or if he isn't I think either way, he wrought he will be the candidate do think that it is impeached he will run as the Republican nominee well me. He's been impeached, but the question is is will he be sound reprimanded.

Will he be removed from office. Clinton obviously wasn't running for a second term, when his impeachment trial came around and he was acquitted, but in the case of Pres. Trump. I honestly David don't think it matters either way, he's gonna run either way. And here's the other part of that. I think he will be reelected.

You do thinks I do here. There is your prognostication.

You have said you think Trump will be the winner next November 2020. I think the bigger question is who's gonna run against and that when Ira doesn't matter. I well I I put this way I don't think it matters if he's running against the crowd that's running right now. I think the big question is, will someone else emerged, will Hillary Clinton emerged when you get someone like Oprah or some subset celebrity status person. I still think Bill Obama well I'm and that's a name is been mentioned to, and I do still believe that unless it's against someone that that we haven't named yet that's true, out of the blue wildcard game changer. I think I think Trump wins again. Do they have enough time. The Democrats to put in a game changer candidate to me. Don't they have to sign up for the different elections in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. you have to get on the ballot in a certain number of states but remember back in the 90s two different times. Ross Perot was in the mix.

And if you remember one of those times he got out and got back in really late and I don't number how much that had to do with how many bouts he was already on from the groundwork that he had laid but your teacher point. I think if anyone's gonna run the we don't know about is going to happen pretty soon.

But here's another prediction for you and I'm not so I don't know that I hitch in my wagon at this necessarily like I like I would say I think Trump is going to win. I think there's a good possibility that the Democratic convention can end up being close to brokered because I still think it's so fractured right now and you still look at the front runners and and there's not a front runner that I believe this is still plural right now and were less than a month away from the Iowa caucuses and were also going to see an impeachment trial between now and then and so by brokered you mean they'll have a candidate decided gladly convention the can that chats conventional gas, saying I said I'm not totally hitch that wagon yet but I can certainly see a scenario where it could happen.

Were this would be the year where it be right to have, so maybe they look at all the candidates who were there and the goat none of none of them can be Trump. We gotta find somebody who can beat him and then anchor somebody in there that may be unexpected or or within that mix. You have these candidates that are all running right now and none of them go into the convention with the clear majority so that you have to have what they call brokered convention where you would decide who the ultimate winner is the scenario you brought up is one that I would consider to put it this way. I think the Democratic national convention is gonna be rather chaotic. That will be interesting to storyline the following 2020.

Bo Thompson, do you believe that the impeachment process has helped Pres. Trump in the national election in 2020.

I think it will prove to help him yes and and here's why that's not it. And that's not me saying it's a good or bad thing I'm saying strictly from a political view of will.

This rally his base.

I think yes I think any time you talk about what he spent his first term rallying against which is impeachment. The witchhunt that he talks about in all of his adversaries. Like I said earlier David.

It's with Pres. trumpets, you know, it is either us or them right you know which side you're on. Your support is not much of a gray area in between. So I think anything that galvanizes support behind him.

Whatever it is, or against, I think that that's can help and I wondered if there aren't a good number of people in our land who really didn't buy the witchhunt and all of that until all of this happened in there looking at the model report that didn't work there looking at impeachment. That didn't work and really when they get in the voting booth or to say you know what it did look like a witch hunt in there to pull the lever for him.

I think that could happen. I saw a tweet rolling around the last few days and it said the Democrats thought they had won the race back in 2016 and then all the Trump supporters got off work some truth to that you and I think there's a lot of I definitely think it's gonna be interesting, but I think I think yes I think anything that rallies trumps base is a good thing for him.

Swami had will Hillary dear put her hat back in the ring again. I think she'll tiptoe as close as you can get to the edge and then say no hiding a lot of people will say to her, please don't. Because she probably is the one candidate that for sure he could beat. He did so beforehand I don't think she's any more beloved, now that she was four years ago your predictions.

Swami had for the are in C here in Charlotte. Will there be violence will there be protests that will this be a hard time for Charlotte or do you think will be foresight full enough to do what's necessary to plan accordingly.

I think the latter of what you said in 2016.

I went to Cleveland to cover that convention.

I remember the talk of the time was you need your hard hat to walk her to and from the arena. There gonna be protests everywhere and I was a bit worried going to that as a media member is my safety gonna be compromised here in the end the perimeter around the court and the Quicken loans Arena back in 2016 was so large that protesters couldn't get anywhere near the front steps of the arena is as bad as they may wanted to be there. I think in Charlotte, it's gonna be the same thing. The parameters bigger and Charlotte than it was four years ago and especially then it was for the DNC. I think the fact that Kurt Putney is going to be in charge for the duration gives me peace of mind that the city's going to protect everyone.

The way a city should with a convention like this.

Now that is a me, I don't think there will be protest, but I don't think that to me the protester to be talked about a lot leading up to the up to the actual event and then after that it'll be a nonstory and also say that I think the riots that the CMP D dealt with. Back in 2016 have will will prepare them for what they're going to see if anything, this time around. So if you put all that together it's not that I think that it's not going to be contentious or or potentially dangerous but I think Charlotte's ready. Okay, I'm gonna take you to the international stage.

Now do you think there will be a continual movement toward populism, particularly in Europe and other places in the world like we've seen here with Trump might that continue even be enlarged in 2020. I think anybody on the outside looking in meaning and not the United States has to look at what Pres. Trump has been able to accomplish here and not take some sort of playbook page from it. Think different parts of the world are are are obviously some are more comparable to what the US has in some aren't. So I think it's it's it's a complicated question, but I think there already are leaders out there that have watched what trumps been able to do and are taken a page from it. So I think yes and Boris Johnson in Great Britain has proven that you can be again a bit of a populist radical an appeal to the people who look around and see their very lives changing so rapidly you know when my jokes is the only people who really like change your babies with wet diapers. People like change and they see change happening so rapidly around them.

They're clinging to trying to keep that from happening well and and to your question doesn't always have to be a leader that falls exactly in line ideologically with Pres. Trump, but I think the idea of being a bit of Masonic Sarah Palin, but at the idea of going rogue a bit and doing it your own way and not playing by the same rules that have always been in place, whether or not you completely agree politically with everything Trump says I think his style of the fact that he is unfiltered that he uses go straight to the to the public with the social media feeds.

I think that idea is the part from which I think some of leaders from other countries may look at what he's done in and try to replicate a bit. While I wondered to if the press doesn't lean left to me. We know most of all the statistics share that folks who are in the press.

90% are Democrats and I think this one of the appeals of your show Bowen with Pat. You offer that other perspective. This can be really interesting to see if the press may be moderate. Some just because of the populace mentality that exist in America today.

We have one more segment. Let's conclude the show by looking forward to some more predictions that you may have. As we move toward 2020. Folks can you believe that I'm David Chadwick and we will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show though Thompson's my guest. If you like to hear this program in its entirety.

Go to

The David Chadwick show and you can hear this podcast a fascinating look at Bo's heart for this nation this city and what he thinks is going to happen in 2020, but will quickly you you have now started your own podcast. Let's give that a plug well.

I started the what's called ice WBT century podcast last year SA last year. Now it seems like a just few months ago but technically it was last year and its profile series on legends of this radio station and of the city and that's one way I'm to branch out in 2020.

Talk to some newsmakers, not necessarily directly connected to the station, but I started as a ramp up to our 100th anniversary which is going to happen in 2022. We started ramping up the preparations for that and one of the ways I'm contributing as is doing a periodic podcast where I sit down and have a long phone conversation with on icon of the radio station we started with Todd Boyd. I talked to HA Thompson. I talked to Don Russell and James K. Flynn about the anniversary of hurricane Hugo 30 year anniversary.

I sat down with Al Gardner and most recently John Hancock, and it really is, labor of love on my part because I'm on the de facto historian around here now, and I've always loved the station's history and the idea they say is that you need to come up with your own longform podcast and I landed on this and it's been something I really have enjoyed digging into and will do more of this coming year.

Many accident with you. I'd love to be fun to do 20 years now on the show. I spent a fun run for me and people want to find it. The good iTunes Google play anywhere you get your your podcasts and that's all. Of course it and but anywhere you find them.

Now you'll be able to find this one was really enjoy having on the show Bowen. This is our final segment. Believe it or not.

It goes by so fast but returning to looking forward to 2020 and your predictions will this economy continue to work like it is right now.

I mean it's almost unprecedented in what it's accomplished these last four years. There are people out there who would tell you that everything that's going on in the trunk presidency would indicate a reason for the economy not to be doing what it's doing. And yet it has flourished during the Trump administration. If Trump gets reelected, I see no reason to believe that this diseconomies gonna stop chugging, but if he if something happens with impeachment. Like I said, I still think he runs a still think he wins. But if something changes with the trunk presidency and you have a change of power.

Maybe that causes the economy to have a hiccup. I think it's hard to say. Stridently an election year like this that absolutely it's going to continue but I if I had to be a betting guy right now I would say that the yeah the street continues you alluded earlier to the fact and 96 your Davidson College and you wrote a thesis paper on the presidential debates. You and I both remember that Pres. Bush back in 92, whenever that was said no new taxes.

Read my lips, and of course the taxes happened and then James corbels said to Clinton just say over and over again. It's the economy stupid. A lot of people think he wanted 92 and 96 because of that mantra. Many folks think that that's going to be the same case with Trop. Even though, like Clinton, a lot of people knew he was a reprobate he was in adultery was a womanizer. Same thing with Trump and a lot of other ways but people say I don't care.

The economy is great well and I think there are a lot more people out there than many in the media would like you to believe that simply when it comes down to it, despite all the riffraff and discussion that really it comes down to two things, it comes down to their pocketbook and it comes down to Supreme Court justices, and if you look at Trump's track record in there and if you look at it where it would go if he stays in office.

I think that's reason just on the face of things to say. That is a good chance that things continue not add one more thing there. It is not often talked about is the federal judiciary. Not only has he appointed to Supreme Court justices could very well with Ruth Bader Ginsburg if he wants another election, maybe even another one, yet still which would be unprecedented unbelievable but he has Paul appointed over 100 federal judiciary judges to the bench and they're going to probably make the face of America in the next decade or two decades, more than anything else. Trump is not well and I think there a lot of people out there who would say I may not agree with how he does things are how he says things all the time. He may not be my favorite president ever. But if he guarantees me that those types of changes will continue in the ideological direction that they've been the last four years.

I think that's enough for many Republicans out there to pull the lever and I do think that in the end that's gonna rule the day some conversation going on that this might be the last election. The Republicans will have some kind of majority among the voters that the younger people are coming along.

They want more socialism.

They're not as to the right are not marrying and having kids which always makes you more conservative. Everybody knows that and we could very well see a movement to the left.

I'm not sure that's going to happen what you think. Well, it certainly has happened locally here in the left turn in Charlotte and in Mecklenburg County. If that ends up being seen on a national level. A man I'd be stupid to sit here and say no David, I don't think that's a possibility because if you look at what's happening at a local level and then some will tell you everything with politics starts at the local level then you have to bet not as to what's going on here and so certainly things could change. And I certainly see the changing dynamics with the younger generation, but until you see it happen on a national level. That's was one of those.

I'll believe it when I see it, and maybe it will be something that I will see if we have only a unicameral system in our nation either locally or globally.

We are in a really sad state but hopefully that bicameral system can continue in here in Charlotte especially we can see a resurgence off two parties that will balance each other off. I think a bit better. Okay, we only have about a minute and 1/2 left and and I want you to comment on this show because you know I'm the hope guy here at the station can make you the hope guy you have hope for our nation. You have hope for our city Bo Thompson yes and yes. But I think that we all need to take a breath. Sometimes I think people can get so riled up on their sides of the of the battlefield that sometimes you don't take a minute take a breath in and realize what's really important in life and I might saying that I have that all figured out. I'm just as guilty as as other people. Sometimes for not really sitting back and being thankful for all that you have and realizing how good things are.

I think it's really easy to get riled up within pull back and look at the big picture.

Charlotte is a great place to live I wouldn't be anywhere else. I think were going to do huge things with the RNC coming up the next year on with Democrats and Republicans joining forces to make that happen.

Just as Republicans did back in 2012 and there's no other place I'd rather be than the city right now but it's certainly going to be an interesting year.

Could we stop for even one second folks and say you know what I may not disagree may not agree with you but you're a person created in the image of God in your valuable you have unique priceless qualities. I'm therefore going to do everything I can to protect your right to live and then will work out are other differences as we live in this same community nation together, breathe the same air youth. The same restaurants, enjoy the same city, I have lived here all my life. David, you said that is their hope and I'll simply say I sure hope so you know we end every Thursday segment when I come in for 10 minutes with you and Pat on some subject always try to end by saying hey if the sun comes up in the morning, there's always hope. Guess what happened this morning. All mornings the sun came up and what color was the sky David Carolina blue, although I'm not sure this basketball season has that kind of hope for the goals you said it not thanks Bo thanks Dave hey everyone, love God and love your neighbor if you just do those two things that a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT talk with you all next

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