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Anthony Morrow

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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February 9, 2020 8:00 am

Anthony Morrow

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 9, 2020 8:00 am

Anthony Morrow, Former Charlotte Latin, NBA Player, joins David to discuss Lessons Learned in Life. 

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program is been hearing now for 20 on his talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT is been my pleasure hosting this show. All of these years. It's a pleasure to continue to do so. Many thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse in Perry's fine jewelry for their support and sponsorship of the show without you.

I could not do this on a weekly basis. I hope you listeners enjoy the inspiration that you receive the information you receive each week as we look at things through the lenses of faith and values both locally and globally divest during the segment. My friend and producer Ed Billick to open up his microphone and talk about a few things that have happened over the last couple of weeks that have been startling but have interesting faith and values perspectives of the first thing I like to mention is Kobe Bryant now we are two weeks out from the aftermath of that shocking development. I remember my son called me right after he heard the news.

He is a late twentysomething son and he said that this is the first icon in my athletic understanding who's ever passed away seemingly before his time was so tragic to of course was the death of his 13-year-old daughter, and we can't forget the deaths of all those others in the helicopter accident, but what struck me, Ed, was that Kobe Bryant partook of communion, some 90 minutes before he got on the helicopter that Catholic faith was a very important part of his life. He evidently went to mass regularly. I understand to that after he had that awful event in Colorado where he was accused of rape and later exonerated. He went to a Catholic priest who asked him.

Have you confessed it and he said yes.

Do you have a great lawyer and he said yes he said did you do it and he said no.

He said then go on and live your life you're going to be okay and he remarried his wife and they had a great family and he evidently was a man of great faith and great compassion. You have a Catholic faith.

The communion celebration is exceedingly meaningful to you is going to Sunday mass, and experience in the Eucharist as we do. Yes indeed, and the so I think his soul was in a good place when it happened and you know there's what's surprising he appeared to be doing good after his career alike in a little bit sooner think the guy was favorite of grown up in vertical money died so early and for both those gentlemen and Kobe will enter the NBA Hall of Fame. But you know not the five-year weight of the grace. He will be inducted this coming on this coming induction time so very similar, but very sad indeed a young young life.

And of course all those of Hearst with him yet. You are from Pittsburgh and that's a great analogy because I'm old enough to remember when Roberto Clemente, the regular was when it happened. Yes, I know I'll remember work I was when I heard from uncle I can remember this as well when I heard the news about Clementi dying in a plane crash trying to serve people in the Caribbean for his homeland Puerto Rico I think it over to Nicaragua. There is an earthquake. There's always taken really supplied unbelievable man of great faith and his wife is still alive today and you just pass pushing last month or so my dear Eliza, that is risen. These verses with her husband Roberto. I any about the Kobe tragedy and but he did have communion. Interestingly, an hour and 1/2 before he passed away and that expresses a faith in his heart that was very meeting and like you always say David is you every day is a gift from God. So you gotta live it and thank him for the breath breaths we take with us the next natural segue to note that Kirk Douglas passed away this past week hundred and three years old.

All of us. I wish could live that kind of rich long life on what a man of great integrity. From what I understand, and also a terrific actor. I can still see him in Spartacus. One of my favorite movies of all real people don't live long. David people that are positive and uplifting that they have a nice wonderful long and I bet he would say to all of us as well enjoy every single day of your life whether you get the 41 like Kobe or 103 like him.

Enjoy every single day, which is another noted person who has expressed a problem in his life. Rush Limbaugh has said he has lung cancer. Now we don't know what that ultimate battle will end with but you note again. Life is short, we all have only so many days and years here on this side of eternity and we need to enjoy each single one, so the purpose of this opening segment is to encourage all of you to enjoy your lives to live and hope to live positively because life is so short in the Bible, the book of James is life is like a vapor.

Remember when the vapor comes and then suddenly when the sun rises it's gone it's like to do. There's the wet grass, and suddenly the sun comes up in the dry grass takes over. Life is so short folks enjoy it to the full Place your priorities in order make God the master passion of your life. And then secondly, make that spouse of yours so important make those kids of years so important, honor your friends spend time with them.

They are so important and then let the job and all the other junk of this world fall in line there after Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God and everything else falls in line when you do that you're living the way you're supposed to live your living with hope and if Kobe Bryant and Kirk Douglas and Rush Limbaugh say anything to us at all. Enjoy every single date of the fall, I'm David Chadwick will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show what we have for the rest of the show a really special guy I've known for some years now not know him well but always admired him from a different distance. His name is Anthony Morrow I he is a former NBA player of former Georgia Tech yellow jacket, but for me, most importantly, he's a local Charlotte TN who played Charlotte Latin school, a one of us from the Queen city who made it big and is now back in the Queen city after his career in basketball has come to a close and I want to talk about that just a little bit but Anthony Morrow thank you for being on the show and have me talk about your your history here in you raised in, and what took you to Charlotte Latin school from West Boulevard from where Charlotte born and raised when the South Mecklenburg for one year. My mom wanted me to get out of school so she took a chance and the end of dinner some night school and pass in the placement says it was part of best decision she ever made me you know I just said to buy and was to do it outside my first grown-up decision in life to go to the school and said that sounds those was kinda tough getting from West Boulevard to the bus stop to get all way down Prout's road 11 so it was a great decision and I'm glad I went because foreigners and coastal live the life out of things to me and you want somebody and I got you sent used to that the atmosphere was like a shoes. Climate change is a change for me and I got through, you know, and it was great and they help me out and I went to Jordan sick and obviously Charlotte help me get through Georgia Tech.

I was with the coach of the college right it is a high academic setting is able to adjust from the schools of those high academics, yet I wasn't I was it was it was easier. Transformation is easier transformation and it would be if I didn't go to write so and plan NBA for 10 years after that and on. It was in all and it helped each other down.

So now I'm just in the place.

Now I want to help kids understand it didn't have may be the opportunity are the Wednesday work at the but maybe not the tools to be able to make those smooth transitions like I did. So now want to give back and help them voices Anthony Morrow Charlotte Latin grad but also Georgia Tech great and NBA 10 year career. Anthony let let's jump back to Latin just for second because I have some affinity there. For this reason, my son, David was making his decision were to go to high school and he looked at different schools and he saw two things that made him decide to go to Charlotte Latin. One was a guy name Anthony Morrow sought a great flayer he was and said you know, maybe I can become like him and he never had your career, but he certainly admired you and you guys are friends from a distance, I know. But secondly, Jerry Faulkner, Yahoo is the closest thing I've ever seen at the high school level to Dean Smith, the guy I played for assessment, college tell me one wonderful life lesson that you learned from Jerry Faulkner because he would do what Dean Smith did every day you had ever thought of the day you had to memorize it in the put in your brain and if you didn't do it. The whole team had neurotically tell me one thought of the day that you'll just never forget because Jerry Faulkner taught you that true feast is not the time of my life I'll never forget this disease to do at least once or twice a week and it was something that stuck with me and is fun. It is raining outside because Easton had a story about the man acts nomad houses day going and he said is a great day sunny day today. The answer next day and it was raining.

He said how's Daigle and he said how's are you doing sit is a great day soon what it was sunny yesterday understand what he said it was today's rain so is not a great racing.

I can't control the weather is out of control.

Do any was light as a life lesson. You can control things you can control what you can control what you can control and shows that control. He added to work at the anything that you can control. You can control stuff is are you hands that's enough for you to do so yourself and always remember that and it took me like a minute. From that in high school to college to MBA.

They help me out allow always remember that quote from them that that's a life lesson for the live your life soon and for every listener. You all need to hear what Anthony just said you can't control what happens to you, you can control your response to what happens to some of you I'm sure I can see him telling you that right.

I got so little quizzes room on the board. We had a rough.

I know this as well.

Anthony Morrow is my guest, former Georgia Tech player NBA star Anthony you then went to Georgia Tech and we highly recruited out of high school and what made you choose Georgia Tech, picked up after a while.

My last.

My top four schools in some of his UNC Charlotte, NC state, Tennessee enjoys to and it picked up after I started going some additional cases. Now, as I every camping you was a showcase so magnet was it was more of a high school games and she's getting light recognition like that was a YouTube or anything like that so they picked up after a while. But Georgia Tech was just, you know, my mom really liked it. Mom like defensive play of a culturally is only three hours away which would've been like if I don't insist a you know close enough or she can watch a silly will me to go to Ulysses. He was too close really is close to BPS is. I mean there were I was in the world, including nation so I didn't know what it meant until I went to my visit so you know I almost cannot cancel it would going there is because I want to leave too far for mom and she was the art three hours down row makes sense. So knows his proximity was great close to you know in the end and the culture and see me and just came off a championship run a loss to Yukon Sam should be here before and all the guys came back to learn from some of those guys BJ Elder Ishmael Jerry Jack will bind him so I went in there, you know, I just basically just like respondents worked hard and I knew my sophomore year I will be able to have my body write him a moderate to go in and as I said and see my sophomore year, so it was a good transition I just I like the whole process of you and I like where wasn't Sgt. proximity to Charlotte down and get back now.

You didn't get drafted for the NBA, which is not unusual because a lot of guys who gone and drafted end up making the NBA. What was that process like you get the news are not drafted and what happened. Isaac fell asleep during the draft delete all of the door my daughters mother, girlfriend she went to Clark and one might see Ms. Lewis clenching his girlfriend and we will watch the drama like we always do and we go to some pieces in the second round came and I was like if I get drafted yelling me up is about to go to sleep and I will go big news in it. A draft of my agent, assume it was the next move. I will be doing. He said I got a team in Ukraine signed right now for $80,000 a say uncle as I know nothing about Ukraine not on the way our nation is a lot about you. Crazy I know now I know a lot about you that I didn't know anything about it being a Yahweh-based game of verbal like silicone coming and he gave me like a $10,000 advance, which is the most when a man of my life and I was scared to spend it in and aborted three different some leagues, it's a simile in Orlando. Some of the vaguest in the sum of the soul Orlando.

I didn't play much when the guys got hurt. He was with this Miami Heat and a plan last games and doublethink is 18 and 19. Then we ended up going to Vegas Vegas will go to state they want to go. I was in the show was the featured in the plan will the last two games again because I can play much in beginning with Utah's official Guyana game MVP.

So they came patient with a manila folder.

Last, the assembly said his contract and his stipulations and is undrafted concerts and make it through certain dates but it was it was special to me.

It was like a grandma for the door and I was there only look back resting and went to Golden State played there for several years and then your journey man I guess is they call it but a 10 year career, which is just most unusual for any guy while with the average length of someone in the league, but that unit dose to three years is that dinner was like three years in the sky not because about 44 so you've exceeded that in wonderful ways. Again, folks, this is Anthony Morrow from Charlotte made the NBA Matthew were known as a three-point specialist to me in high school that was your deal in Latin the state championship when you play the Georgia Tech same thing and your career in the NBA that was where you were really noted, talk about that yet. I'm enough knows little things where I felt like you had Allison. You gotta have a niche you have a skill that you can stand on the porch and hang your hat on and I knew was going to shoot shooting outside and it was his is the just about working on every other aspect of physically insist put myself in a position to view it off. What mosquito was and always tell young players that you know find out what you do really well and imbue it on it and if I know what you don't do will and just work on it, you know, this is is is is kind of a two-way street. Yeah do bow you knowing, don't let people pigeonhole you into saying it. All you strictly strictly/strictly defensive play got work on everything is basketball at Ashley today. Again position unless absolutely is that this is his art not basically so I'm curious on this and we only got a minute before we need to get a break, but how many jump shots. Have you taken in your life in my life millions because I was three years old, so little point being, you can become a great three point shooter with a 10 year NBA career by happenstance came by practice and practice and practice and practice.

I was the ground that was a grant I was back its facilities to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Gotta be a party life to be part of your mindset.

You can even think of it is work and I would think with a 10 year NBA career and multiple teams you had to develop perseverance which I learned in my life is the key to success absolutely persevered and we come back. I want talk to just real quickly about the trade line was this week in the NBA. What's it like, because you had to experience that. Secondly, a little bit of reflection on the Kobe Bryant data and did you ever guard Kobe and what was that like and want to move into what you're doing now that how your faith is influencing your life and how you're trying to give back.

That's what's most important in life. Anthony Morrow is my guest.

I'm David Chadwick and we will be right back when I need to check we can talk limited 99. Three WBT welcome back to show if you'd like to hear the program in its entirety. scroll down to the weekend shows the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end my guest Anthony Morrow of former Charlotte, Latin great, also a Georgia Tech great and NBA 10 year career, which is most unusual. Today Anthony real quick this past week was the NBA trade deadline.

My imagination tells me a lot of guys playing in the NBA kind a bit, their fingernails and little pins and needles this week wondering if they be traded. What's this week like for someone in the NBA.

You were in that position yourself traded at the trade deadline. Yeah, I was traded to trade deadline in Jersey to Atlanta and I remember when I signed with New Jersey. The trade came up and Ashley before the trade deadline. They were trying to get Carmelo Anthony, it was time to leave Denver in Jersey was winded season were going to Brooklyn soon and it was my my name is getting thrown and it is because of the salary he knows his business and nine is basically so we got a deal with and allot again. I've seen guys not care about seeing guys know, take it to heart and for meals is basically like you got understand the business of basketball you can't get caught up in. You know, wondering what's going happen. MMI took a nap and took a nap and I will go blight now might be going to Denver and I just signed she is moved to my apartment.

I just shook my cars it like it was crazy you know but nobody knows that people have to go to the whole entire families and he gets right. I got traded from mom Oklahoma City to Chicago and I really did see him, I knew I New Jersey I might be traded to Atlanta because it the Joe Johnson and Thomas trying to get out of Atlanta and with the Chicago OKC to Chicago is I got traded in my entire family I see I got to stay here soon. I am going so you know they were in OKC and after the seasoning movement, Charlotte, and we had a ship everything in our house back. This is like a lot in terms of life, but people don't care because you making millions of dollars, but this a lot is left you keys do we know if move coaches you know Oklahoma City back to Charlotte. Schools keep friends still asked but it might might notice indicating seven years old still asked about his friend Oklahoma City and so is like that part of, well, you made it through and guys will make it through that kind of life changed just happens. I couldn't help but think of when you were talking probably.

You heard Jerry Faulkner, your high school coaches advise you get to control what you can control that.

Can you gotta deal with what you can't control, and then what you can't control.

You try to control something. Sounds like that was good advice for you during that time. Kobe Bryant two weeks ago we saw that when the icons of professional sports passed away what you think when you heard those news still can't believe it was in office.

I still get emotional over the last moment we go crime in our son attributed they did a great beautiful tribute for last week. I believe it was a broke down again and at the stable set of you and it's rough on me and I will assume I posted pictures over my room when I was 11 years old and actually got a chance to play against him and in his respect he respect me as a shooter and he told me that you know and and his leisure and elites aluminate and I was like I was going to be dismal as a chrome NFL like a key to grace, and can't admit is like validation like Mandy know and I had and I got no windows but it was it was a great moment, so we were in Miami me in a few my friends one month old friend is his birthday and we went to I know forget what I was at 100 and who had a bright spot in Miami :-) just put it out.

Kobe Bryant bit TV and it was was all over, thinking out I can't be true God and I denied it for the first 30 minutes and that's just tipsy, immobile reports and is more more of the story came out it was a rough day, and though I told my friends I said look man, we gotta suffer stay here so we have to make sure we gotta find out a way to have a good time but you know which is under sale. We got love on each other, man love, on occasion, respect and love like Mary got it set keep my faith in God and just keep grinding and have some that we can leave what she was. You never know was going to happen so I mean is, never go sit right with me. I can never look at Staples and it is right and what would you say he's one of the greatest you've ever played against a probably good to me him and Lebron may Kobe's to me always say Dwayne Wade was on his person.

You have regarding Dwayne Wade but Kobe Bryant was hard to Gorbachev. Moody was going do we just couldn't stop it. Yet all pages will have an off night and he have a lot of season so I mean he's the greatest in my generation, I didn't see so Michael Jordan but I will actually watch how Kobe worked and I took a lot of what he did, the owner of the court and even out these careers.

Business acumen and how he was with his family that would so we sometimes forget that he won five NBA champ I know his name. Jordan had said yeah we forget Kobe at 50 and and almost with two different teams. He was that good molding guys around him to be better but also playing at such a high level. Nobody wanted to garden.

He was tough he was tough on his teammates. He was tough on people but he looked at it like I'm working harder than everybody in this is what I'm bringing to the table so I need everything that you so we can win together and it took him being no tough guy at times play with but everybody respected so Anthony Moore is my guest, former Charlotte, Latin Georgia Tech and NBA great Anthony, let me ask you this, when did you know it was over when did you get to the point your NBA career 10 years long time. When did your mind finally say you know what I'm done. I as I have actually retired. Technically it.

I mean, I knew I saw the writing on the wall when I was Oklahoma City.

It was just the way they were moving in the way they would change in Florentine and when I got to Chicago was one of those things where was arguing Any young guys but also your plan behind Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler so his little luck you will always light your may pray to summing up no matter what was seen at work, you know, work work work coming to an early lead Leica Megan Knight on the still live.

My weight skidded 506 and the size of the day, but it was just like understanding that they had and its indoor arena got traded at midseason so I just can't understand like you know after this.

If you have him to go somewhere else and they cut you three seasons would have been important. Do you not understand the devil yet, so I mean it was as I was playing a lot of season signs of life and business and foundation with innovative thing for her and it was that easy transition.

It is for most guys is already had a lot of stuff I wanted to do, and I planted OCs I can just slide right into that your most guys that I've talked to in your position and and I played three years in Europe and you and I just knew that I knew after three years it was done and I had to start another phase of life. But that's what I hear from guys yes no yeah. Gotta move on and you have moved on now and you're back here in Charlotte I'm you got a foundation talk about some of the work you're doing how faith intersect with that you alluded to your faith in God talk about that. Please thing off everything opportunity have had opportunity to have my hands in no foundation is Anthony Malle chair disabled should more charities that work and Venus been instrumental in it obviously would be out hammer 501(c)(3) since 2010 so everything we do is based out of one from Was Blvd., Southie recreation center. When I was growing up. It was just part and now as a recreation center and is been, like the home base of bookbag drives the kids back to school events, Thanksgiving events, Christmas events, we also have a hell demise program is MLK MLK middle school and we look in the expanded into more schools and in an in progress for kids and this is been a blessing because I hope nobody is in the media from one from some for me to be able to go back in be like that is like the home base of my foundation S&S exciting the blasphemy everything I can do have my hands on and in its is this a blessing to do.

I like don't know so is not like I'm being forced to anything and noticed that the idle time you speak with guys is not MBA when you use the plan basketball is you will baby and you just got him to get on just snap of the finger is gone here some people. Some people don't know how to manage their time know so I might stay busy and I wanted to start that I feel like it's fun and I want to do so. This will will you sound like kids are an important part of your life and that's a part of your ministry, your hopes and designs really help kids yeah definitely under search using underprivileged children.

Single-parent single single-parent homes. It is not just the keys.

The key is 70 keys but the parents will so this is, I want I want to be able to help them find whatever a passion is an understanding that we are here for y'all, not just the key because a lot of times disconnect between the key and in the parent when it comes to programs of foundations.

They don't know who Richard saw my hands on with the parents.

As will for sure that Stephanie Palmer plan Anthony Moore as my guest, a former Charlotte Latin*Georgia Tech*NBA player of 10 years. Anthony is my guest talking about his work now, especially on the west side of town is hard for kids and Anthony will come back let's pursue that little more intelligent people to give their lives away because that's where life is really found by David Chadwick will be back talk back like yesterday Anthony Morrow. For those of you who are NBA fans. The name is easily recognizable. We now moved out of the Super Bowl. We had great NFL guest during the fall.

It is wonderful to have an NBA guest as well now as we move into the All-Star break and the second half of this season, Anthony Morrow Charlotte Latin*Georgia Tech player NBA great for 10 years.

Anthony the NBA seasons really long-winded to games plus the preseason and if you make it into the postseason you're talking 100+ games.

It must be grueling on the body. Yes, this is is tough but about the routine like for me. I make sure I stay in the weight room for sure. I delighted in ways my first when it stand in the way room just makes you eat right steamy routine as being a professional. A lot of me.

I know a lot of guys can call right now to see arm exactly which used to do is try to be Kevin Durand and Russell Westbrook into the gym in the morning news heart. Know your parties at 11 o'clock and in the gym at eight so you know I man got to get in there and I started routine when I got on a team that has such a great coaching to work it here. Someone once said to me, the major ingredient for success in life no matter what you do is perseverance absent. It's just working through the problems keep pounding forward and ultimately usually you will have success if you do so think that's true, absolutely thousand dollars. They operate a prayed and worked every day and it was for me About stay locked in to SMI routine in and just staying grounded family got so I like being around my people, my family and my close friends and this would help me out moving through the NBA because you got a navigate through a lot of stuff that comes at you. So that's what it's all about to stay grounded to stand out.

Well, back to Jerry Faulkner's quote, you can hold.

You can control and then respond accordingly and you respond with a positive attitude even the negative stuff you'll be able to overcome the stuff you let let's go back to your foundation because I know that's really important you. It's where your life is right now when you talk to kids and you try to encourage them and you mentioned in the last segment how children are so much a part of your heart. What do you tell them in these early ages to do in order to have some kind of success in life really is about control you.

Your destiny is much can you know until the day that I have faith in a got on that they gotta believe in the sales number one, you know, and I know it's kind of a clich, but you really do have to believe in which one I try to help them understand it. School is his discipline is a tool for discipline. You know you may not understand why you doing this but it's a tool for discipline and how important this isn't like high point discipline is for sure and understand what they like, you know, a lot of key logic is a tonsil might what are you liking what are you passionate about because we in the information age right now that you can actually start a company is a 13 or 14.

You know I you can do it now as social media soldiers understand which light will just waste your time on your phone and all social media find out what you like research education. So, good knowledge, and in going to that which you also have the staying in good grace and got work. Sometimes people forget. I think that when God is calling you to do something often call you to something you really love to do you sometimes think all God's can put this burden on me instead of the awful and I like it but I don't think that I think when God calls you to do something is to do something you really really enjoy something your passion absolutely passion about my foundation passion about one from passion about just seeing how much Charlotte is thriving in being able to be a part of it all real estate a minute Ellen Elliott here and was in the motel on all clothing company Olson starlight is something I always wanted to do and I'm like Lord. I hope you like let me want to keep my head is in which you want me to keep my hands all want to be moving outside your company in Rumson so that's how I look at it and I'm like I was his work towards everything that I got mama said no and I would be influencing no pool people. We don't want to put them up like I'm reaching back trying to help nearby to come but we got the same mindset is been working not been released for two and half years and made a lot of strong progress with every single thing so keep that goal and end it seems like that your life's passion is in passion in your heart to go serve others, and I've always believed you find your life as you give your life away in your discovering that as well. You go back to Kobe you know we we was plenty handy mystique about me. Let's get some coastal and when he retired and more as as he was working more with Noah's philanthropy when Oscar was working with no training. The girls and empowering the WNBA he started giving more of these Jews away, even in his last year the NBA started giving more the knowledge and is usually Rumson and that's what we owe.

That's what we owe the gay. I feel like we have to get it back from owning off the court. We gotta get it back because so many of them usually locked evening.

We can talk and I can be around. I got it working working working family family you know you had that time you start to how can I give back to again answer the culture known as what he was doing and asked important for former players in any sport or any profession I support you know all all that we have to gift from God. You didn't do anything that deserved to be 6566 a great body and strong and have an incredible shooting. I mean, those were gifts God's given to you, but I've always believed that those gifts given to you are to be used for his glory than that your gift back to him absolute in the way you serve other people is obviously the best gift of all, we don't have a lot of time left. But I want to make sure that you I challenge our listeners to get involved in your ministry get involved in your program. Would you like to tell the Charlotte Tian community about how to get involved with you will social media follow me Mr. Anthony moral twitter Instagram young fresh why you whingeing fresh note on system styles Macomb company Anthony moral charities able charities will Instagram's will and just is making a strong push mentioned minestrone twisted influences much of the other coaches we possibly can positively and you know we got a handsome a lot of things right now.

Marriage is blessed to be able to that opportunity to then I bet you're emphasizing education are shoe absolutely because you know what that can do for you. Absolutely. Like I said, you have to 100% understand that school is a tool of discipline have to get as much knowledge as you can. But now with social media you can educate yourself on exactly what you want to do is not a age limit and so I want kids understand it versus just being on the phone all day playing games. A mental Instagram so it was very important that they understand the power that they have any hands on these phones because this is it is a strong tool writer. I love that information really is power and then when you have information in your head and that causes a heart transformation you got a life that will make a difference in this world naked doing earlier now I understood is very is powerful for these kids today. I will give you a 10 seconds yellow bully pulpit with a microphone to Charlotte.

What you tell us love you Charlotte born and raised here. I just want to continue to be a strong influence in anything more reach blessed and proud Anthony were proud of you feel the show today great hearing your story challenged all of us and folks follow his ministry get involved with him in your lives away children especially. They are the future of our world love God and love your neighbor goes to think lifetime data Is chocolate 99 all

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