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Dr. Carmen Teague

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 8, 2020 8:00 am

Dr. Carmen Teague

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 8, 2020 8:00 am

Dr. Carmen Teague joins Dcid to discuss Coronavirus and helping those in need! 

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and thought 11 1099. Three WBC in case you don't know this is a faith and values program just been hearing now for 20 years. Your. I've always enjoyed doing the program. Thank you for listening on a weekly basis. Many thanks to my friends at. Fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for your support of the show without your support. I could not do this on a weekly basis. Thank you again for listening. Well I guess today is a dear friend, but also someone who is going to have great relevance today not only about a disease that all of us are hearing a lot about, but also in mostly in the show. Her ministry outreaches, particularly in the Caribbean area and around the world.

Her name is Dr. Carmen Teague. You often hear her on both Thompson's Charlotte morning news show. I wanted to have her on for longer than just a four or five minute snippet. I she is the director of internal medicine at atrium medical group that I say that right Carla health medical grade.

It's wonderful having you on the show Julie to be back will will tell us again about you, your family, I think those would love to hear that as a part of our show today. Well first mom had four fabulous children ages 17, 1411 times to allow mass and Austin usually being a primary care physician and an internist with medical group which is part of atrium health also serve as a director of internal medicine. For a time health which means a happy awesome privilege to shepherd and work with internal medicine practices and hundred and 50 mile radius around Charlotte while mom, wife, physician, and really overseer of other physicians in the way you have all of those responsibilities in a 24 hour day. How do you do that. I just wish I had to mark every 24 hours already this morning we worked out the kids out the door. Everybody had breakfast so that a successful day will. I'm so glad to have you on the show and what people might not know about you is you also have a seminary degree in that's a part of our connection years ago when you were a student at University North Caroline Chapel Hill and I was there speaking to a group and you came up to me afterwards and talk to me about seminaries and I tried to point you into a direction I thought would help you, and I think it did some seminary degree. I did quite a sense of humor as an undergrad at the University of my time in Chapel Hill I was a premed major psych theater major, which is useful for finding a job, I might add. I was planning to go on to do a PhD in clinical psychology and then after conversations with you on my path was changed and I decided to pursue a degree in counseling at Gordon Conwell snaring any urine Charlotte campus there and then transferred to Boston and ended up spending a year working at a state psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane and the indigent and call my state of Massachusetts and bizarre setting, I fell in love with Madison and had a clear calling that even at school. I wish I could say I answered quickly.

I didn't keep screaming thoughts back on. Two years later I started school at the University North County, Chapel Hill, and had no regrets. It is an absolute joy in calling will those who are in medicine are considered scientists. Those who go to seminary have more of a faith perspective UC antagonism between faith and science is not at all because I believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we are not only a body but we are soul and spirit, and it is amazing how open folks are to talk about the spiritual things when your body is broken still absently blast and to have the opportunity to help people with their physical health but also have my ears open to listen to what's really going on because so many times what's happening in their emotional health and their spiritual health and their soul is affecting the body. I try to treat the whole person is an absolute gift to the interconnectivity of body soul and spirit, and sometimes a somebody is physically you'll you might help get them in touch with their spiritual life that's causing may be fear or anxiety which then they can rest that on the shelf and then get well physically absolutely never allow an opportunity to go back to pray for a patient with the patient if they're open to many times I spend the end of my day. Looking back over my schedule and praying for patients that seem to sense that they're open to prayer or do you ask permission.

May you pray with them how to work in a secular environment probably ask permission would never impose on anyone that oftentimes if I sense a patient is in pain or crying asking if they would be upset if I pray for them and it's a great gift because it I can offer to the spiritual healing that I can't offer from a physical perspective. Have you had some say no. I would prefer you not and are offended by this, absolutely.

And I do not pray for them if they asked me not to.

I do pray for them afterwards. And if it's okay if I prayed for them later and I've not had a single patient to please, no, don't do that and I would guess the vast majority of your patients are willing to be prayed for prayed with because they know that prayer does work/gasoline okay but I think that's a good thing.

We need to take a break, but when we come back let's talk about the coronavirus. It has swept our nation. It is caused more fear than I've seen anything in quite some time and I want you to look at it from a medical practitioner but also from a faith practitioner and I'll try to give some insights from the faith perspective as well on how to deal with fears and anxieties.

Actually, I have a book that's just come out. It's called overcoming anxiety on living beyond what anxiety brings to us.

I think there's a way to solve anxiety for willing to look at it from a faith perspective. I'm David Chadwick, Carmen Teague, my guest and will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is this talk 11 to 99 WB welcome back to the show.

My guest today is Dr. Carmen Teague. She is the director of internal medicine at atrium medical group, a friend of many years, but also a dear person of faith. She's a follower of Jesus, and has a wonderful balance between faith and her scientific medical background as well, and we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the subject that everybody's talking about and that is the coronavirus I think right before we left I said the viruses swept the nation. That's really not exactly true. The fear about the virus has swept the nation.

And that is true and just let me allude to it again. I just had a book release that's entitled moving beyond anxiety year and half ago my publishers asked me if I would write a book on this because like you I have a counseling degree before my seminary degree and I understand the problem of anxiety. It is real and now with the coronavirus. It has exacerbated anxieties like nothing I've seen before. So first of all, from a medical standpoint talk to us about the coronavirus. How fearful should we be virus is one of many in the class of viruses called coronavirus as it's in the same class that causes similar to the common cold lifetimes. The calls we get here in America and anywhere across the nation are just the coronavirus. The two must for this coronavirus is our mers and SARS which hit the nation are hit the world a couple years back. Lots of fear around the because they were quite virulently deadly viruses. A lot of people died. Although, in combination with both of those irises less than a thousand people died with each virus which most people don't realize virus causes a respiratory illness of cough, fever and respiratory distress. However, the severity of the forest is very hard to predict. Some people have almost no symptoms whatsoever, and others have a very significant respiratory compromise.

Most people who are more severely affected with a virus already have underlying respiratory conditions.

The elderly is with lung disease and the very young. I think more important is the influenza that we are experiencing now because quite frankly, many more people die from influenza right absolutely more people will die just from the present flu virus so far. I mean the yet to telescope there about 80,000 cases confirmed the coronavirus noun have been about 2700 deaths that's worldwide that's worldwide.

However, testing everyone and there are lots of folks out there that have respiratory type illnesses that probably have coronavirus would not testing for the same is true for influenza every year between 25,000 and 70,000 people die of influenza every single year larger, much larger than what we know and we don't test for the flood with everyone that comes in front with the flu like elements like this in the last couple weeks. The trend of new influenza -like illness is in the United States has started to trend down were at lower level than we were. For that, 17, 18 season, but around the same level we were for the 1819 season. Who knows what can happen over the next couple of weeks but definitely influenza kills more people. It's just the coronavirus is a new virus. It happened in a country in China that doesn't have the same healthcare standards we do and it was Donna stating when it hit because it was so virulent and so easily spread.

Some have suggested that perhaps this was done in the Chinese laboratory, perhaps with these kind of thrill were ways of trying to figure things out that the it's to disrupt the Chinese government.

Others are saying no it's for the purpose of trying the Chinese government did it on purpose to control people. We just don't know. Do we absolutely we don't know it we know it's a virus that originated in animals and then became human spread similar to the other coronavirus.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lab they are in Alcon China Providence that is the virology lab for China, but I'm not sure there's any connection will probably never know the reality is, once the virus is out in people and it spreads people to people. We have no way to predict how it is going to spread this particular virus is squarely and that it can cause little to no avail illness or severe illness, and we don't know how to predict, so we just shouldn't fall prey to conspiracy theorists and we just need to be with what we are dealing with and that's the reality of the coronavirus to be prepared in the same lazily prepare for a flu season are influenza season is the way we need to prepare for coronavirus and and what would that be just talk to your folks practically as a doctor regarding any virus or any flu bug that's out there.

We know that it is spread human to human contact. Coughing respiratory ballots, droplet, and I'm touching things so wash her hands covering her mouth. If you are coughing and using simple precautions that you would any kind of cold and flu season. Should people refuse to fly because you're going to be in this very contained area and will be more likely to get of the chronic Crohn's fires in that way I would not recommend if it's not flying. Certainly, there have been said don't come in and agree with that you're trying to keep people from spreading the virus that I would say defense. I don't think there's any reason not to fly at this point, I'm actually flying out today for a medical mission trip and of course I will be cautious that I don't think everyone claiming to be wearing a mask, but if you have a call if you should be the one wearing will let's talk about the fear and anxiety that this has created. Again, if people missed the first segment you're an interesting person because you have a seminary degree of faith degree.

You also have a medical degree of science degree in as you mentioned in the first segment.

You don't think those two are contradictory at all. That really in the faith perspective and the science perspective you just believe that God has made everything and he's allowed us the privilege through science of discovering how he does things and I think that's a marvelous gift of faith to us. How would you counsel people today to deal with their fears, their anxieties regarding this coronavirus and other kind of illnesses that surround us while we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and therefore we have here and I'm not sure. Fear was original intent there that first negative emotion in the Bible through early fall occurred. Genesis 37 they were afraid God never intended us to walk around fearful he will just walk around faithful in every possible way and fears crippling.

I do not think we need to panic over the colonizer or the flu or any illness that's out there in the community that our bodies are broken. I believe that because of the fall we don't work like are supposed to.

We do get illnesses and things breaking things clear out and I don't think that was what the good Lord intended for us either. But if we walk around crippled and paralyzed by fear that something is going to happen. I'm going to get sick. It takes its toll on the body and I see folks all the time they come into my office and physically. I cannot find anything wrong but they are convinced that they have cancer or a terminal illness or something is significantly wrong with him and know not of science that I can produce or have tested back and Kyle will convince them otherwise. If the condition of the spirit in the soul that they're just crippled with fear will I've just completed a book that shows come out of people would like to get a good David Chadwick. It's entitled moving beyond anxiety and his purposes or try to help people deal with this crippling anxiety that is over coming our nation. You talk about something that is of a pandemic episode.

It is fear and anxiety. In fact, is now the second major cause of teen suicides under lots of reasons for it, try to get into that in the book, but one thing I do want to say is that I believe all my heart the beginning point for fighting and winning the battle against anxiety is in your mind that everything begins there in Romans 12 to pulses be transformed by the renewal of your mind, you pulses in Colossians 31 a look at things from above. Look at things from a heavenly eternal perspective on Jesus in Mark seven talks about its out of the heart that we speak what's in our minds. And I think understanding our thought life is really important. Trying to control anxiety. Do you have some practical suggestions on how people can move their minds toward faith and not fear. I love the verse.

It talks not taking captive your thoughts and often include this to my teenagers. He spent a lifetime of social media when they see nothing but everyone's highlight reel and how perfect they wind that happening to me are comparing and that's another source of anxiety source and exotic for adults and physician NRC adults all day, but it is astounding how much they compare themselves to others, and encourage folks to think on positive things to determine what their filling their minds with a filter minds all day with comparison and negativity and waited. That's the business Journal or some sort of social media.

I encourage them to read the Scriptures to look at positive ways of thinking and to capture those thoughts. I firmly believe that feelings follow thoughts and often counsel folks with that, especially those who are struggling with thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness, and suicidal international week because my dad had a patient in my office that is considering taking his or her own life and really that prevalent in your practice, suicidal thoughts absolutely that prevalent not offense have a plan, but we talk through it. It really that bad. What is leading you to think these thoughts and how can we help you get professional help and connect them with folks who can the professional level help them redirect their thoughts and often times they do need a medication. Our bodies are broken, their chemical imbalances in our brain and I am a huge fan of medications that can help reset balance resetting the chemical balance doesn't change the way you think this like in Windows with I.we don't say that's wrong to take insulin to help solve the diabetic problem.

I jokingly Sam Appel pleasure and I believe that if a body is broken. We medication. If you have strep throat. Most people have no qualms whatsoever about taking a penicillin-based antibiotic to treat that the same is true with anxiety and depression.

There's a chemical balance in your brain.

You may need chemical help to fix in balance but then you need counseling and therapy ways to redirect your thoughts and redirect the way you think about life to get through it.

I couldn't agree with you more in my own counseling degree. I came to the conclusion that feelings are responders to what you think and if you want to change feelings quit trying to change your feelings.

You got to get at what you're thinking when you change your thoughts that causes the feelings to change and I love that verse that you said you take captive every single thought. The word there is like a spear you spirit every thought when it comes in your mind and usher it out of your mind. But then you got to replace it with a better thought that is more positive that allows you have faith and hope and continue to grow in what life has for you. When my favorite verse is on top that not being anxious to not be anxious for anything and everything with Thanksgiving the rest of the verse and remind folks take inventory of your blessings. If if do not be anxious, followed that with thanksgiving, you need to look at what you have to be thankful for and we in America have so many we have so much for which to be fine. If you take that gratitude inventory, it completely alters the way you think about changing your mind and is sparing that negative thought measuring it out and I want in our next segment to talk about a way that people too can overcome their fears and that's by going doing in caring for other people who are more desperate and broken than they are your leaving on a missions trip today to do that very thing. Carmen takes my guess we'll talk about it when we come back on David Chadwick hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 993 WBT welcome back to the show if you like the program in its entirety with my guest, Dr. Carmen Teagan in the last segment we dealt with the coronavirus and if you didn't hear your scroll down to the weekend shows the David Chadwick shown you can download the show in here.

The podcast from beginning to end. In case you don't know a Carmen Teagan is the director of internal medicine at atrium medical group is also has a degree in theology went to seminary combines faith and science in a remarkable way. She is a good friend and is so good to have you on the show to your leaving this morning for Haiti salad sided trap. What we have already discussed anxiety connected especially to the coronavirus and other things. One of the ways you can address anxiety in my opinion, is to get out of your own world. Get out of your own little life to serve somebody else in need. There's a wonderful verse in Isaiah 5810 I actually put that verse on a bracelet and gave it to my wife Marilyn years ago because it's one of her favorite verses.

It simply says if you're depressed if you're discouraged if you're hopeless of your anxious go serve the needy go.

Carefully pour the oppressed, the downtrodden, and if you'll do that. It says remarkably, then your own depression will lift like the dawn, having hit by the warmth of the sun and and I just find that a wonderful verse saying to us, get outside yourself and God will remove your own stuff you you believe that part of what you're doing it right now. I believe that wholeheartedly and that's part of the reason I felt like the good Lord called me to be involved in medical missions in a very long-term healing as a little girl I remember a teacher in the fifth grade asking me what I wanted to do when I popped up, hands on hips and criminality missionary teacher listening to weeks acquiesced and I smiled to tell the world that she and she politely asked me to sit 40 years later, I realized that my mission field is an exam room the opportunity to share and be light in the darkness in people whose bodies are broken, but also realize sometimes American medicine and being a doctorate can be very difficult and he can suck the life out of you because there's so many things about being a doctor is not why you went to Madison less paperwork let's things like that but I realize I need to get back to my rates back to my calling until about eight years ago I started getting involved with an organization called glass back worldwide and I travel every year, sometimes twice, eager to either Haiti and organization all consent as to Nicaragua to be involved in medical missions and it is life altering and it is so life-giving I come home exhausted, worn out, but so renewed and so restored and my desire my calling to be a doctor, it's beautiful Carmen talk about why it's life-giving and you we talked about anxiety in the previous segment about taking every thought captive you talked about doing an attitude of gratitude list. List all your blessings. That's one way to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I've learned when you go to these very broken places like Haiti where you're going and you see the way the world lives. It makes you so thankful again an attitude of gratitude for all that you do have. Not complaining about what you don't have talk about that.

It's perspective it's really as we we have no idea in our American culture. How blessed we are even those of us who are poor are incredibly wealthy based on the conditions of the world and favorite stories from an earlier text Haiti.

We were up in the mountains in a rural area, Haiti, and we were taking a mission team to provide care. 29. It doesn't have medical care at all and we pulled up in a box truck literally in the back of the box truck and there were lines of people, hundreds of them waiting to be seen by physician because they don't get medical care, often in this beautiful elderly woman caught my eye because she was in his bright dress with the scores in haste gorgeous Haitian headdress on her head, captured my attention. She was beautiful and I thought what a lovely lady. Well, a couple hours later she ended up in my bag and I saw her as a patient Haitian Creole translator talking with this patient and she was complaining of a condition of acid in her stomach, which as a physician I seen was reflux asked a simple question. Translator and that was is it worse when you eat or at other terms and she policies she was really quiet for a long time and she looked at the translator said something. The translator looked at me and she said she can't answer that question because she doesn't eat very often stated. It just took me. I try to address a medical condition gave her arms and advice. Also realize when she was in the room with me that she was barefooted. This woman had walks to this clinic with no shoes on her feet. I finish the rest of the clinic took a break to go grab a singing ledge that we packed and I walk through the courtyard of this nation area and I saw this woman.

She was in the middle of the courtyard and she was seen literally dancing and I looked down and my mission team had found aperitif ice to fit her gnarled feet. Nothing else would affect those teeth as had taken this elderly crippled woman and turned her into a princess and she had such a way we also were able to give her food as well, but it completely changed my perspective on things that we have to be thankful for. You can't see in the practice of medicine here every single day that seem to help her very much trading acid probably not that prayed with her and we provided for her needs and was life-changing for me.

So you would encourage people to somehow get outside their own little worlds, especially to be amidst the very poor and we do have some here in Charlotte and there there available to our care and we should care for them.

Our own depression can lift like never before. But if people have the opportunity you would really encourage them to go overseas and especially to the Caribbean, which is within a 2 to 3 hour flight and we can see dire poverty that is you like what exists in Africa and India and other places in the world.

It is something that we need to see you have to see it to believe it. Haiti is the poorest country in the last sphere the organization with whom I serve also serves in Nicaragua and it's the second poorest country in Nicaragua is I wasn't aware that it is and they made were material things that they are rich in Julie and what is always astounding to me is that the joy I see in their faces and in their conditions and restores your own faith and gives you a totally different perspective. What else hits me is how dear community is to them you another clause of anxiety that I got into in my book the shoes come out again. Folks you'd like to get it. It's called moving beyond anxiety. Good David Chadwick you can get the book but is loneliness. That's a huge factor in people's anxiety and crippling fears today in America and that loneliness forces us to deal with all of our issues alone. We were never meant by God to live life alone, but when you go to Haiti even though it's broken and poor in so many ways community is not a problem as it is not a problem and people live in different conditions that we can say to many families and generations live in the same small huts and areas and I can think of another story, where folks understand the concept of sharing their blessings. Another trip I was on another remote area and I saw a little girl that kept walking up to the back of our trailer where we were coming to get sandwiches and just looking seamless. They are in one of our mission and police just handed her her role simple piece of bread. A simple roll and I watched in this little girl who was probably 420 feet away from the truck and then another little girl, maybe two came out to her.

She took the piece of bread she broke it.

She looked at the hives and gave the little girl the bigger because she understood the concept of being blast and blessing others and sharing and I'm sure my kids would've done that here in the United States. It was beautiful to see how these folks understand that they needed to share in order to survive and that is a concept that we need to be reminded while we tend toward everything it in the book again that I just wrote, moving beyond anxiety when illustration I use. There is a Charlotte magazine a year or so ago came out with a cover story called clause of envy is believable to me. Carmen closet in V that you talked about the snare to compare how that causes anxiety. The whole magazine suggested my closets bigger than your clause in them, and how many shoes and clothes I can hold in the closet that you don't have and some of the size of the closet that were outlined. There are bigger than rooms in my own house and he just astounds me to think that were envious of those kind of things when the world and this condition of poverty.

I'll tell you those closets are to the size of the homes in which the text live in Haiti. Haiti was devastated in 2010 by the earthquake and it was actually almost 10 years ago in January 2010.

The last time I was there I still saw families living in the huts that were created after the earthquake, which were four posts 10 lean to Ruth and wrapped in blue tarp and it's been 10 years and that is still there and there's not much hope really that that's going to be solved anytime in the near future because they have political chaos so they don't have any kind of governmental infrastructure to really deal with the poverty that exist there. They've also got a religious system that hints at voodoo and other kinds of things that cause kinds all kinds of problems as well. That is to an end that does have an effect on folks out.

They are happy that we do see these influences of evil. There so difficult to fathom, one of my earlier trips we took care of a young woman who had been burned severely in a voodoo ceremony where in they were testing to see if she was a virgin and the concept as you throw gasoline on the person and shall not if she doesn't catch fire. She's a virgin olive she dies she was.

Not and we spent the entire trip just nursing her wings. I'm happy to say that we she came to faith and she's attending where the truth is a religious system does affect how a nation is healthy and that's why when we try to eliminate faith from the American culture. I'm sitting on the sidelines. I know you are as well screaming ago you can't do that. It's our faith that informs our values and how we treat other people. Dr. Carmen takes my guest list talks more about your mission strip as we conclude the program in the next segment. I'm David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick is limited 99.

Three WBT welcome back to show my guest today is Dr. Carmen Teague. She is the director of internal medicine at atrium medical group is a wonderful person to intersect faith and values with the medical problems we face today, but also what I love hearing from her about is her heart for the world. She's a part of an organization. What's a call to call and bless back worldwide, less back worldwide where is it located who oversees that that kind of stuff.

Worldwide is actually located here in Charlotte is a fabulous organization that was founded 10 years ago right after the earthquake in Haiti, which was in January 2010, a group of providers recognize there was any and mostly these orthopedists and some general physicians and they went down and took a team of physicians to simply provide aid and relief on it was a devastating trap.

They had to find to the Dominican rod 24 hours on a bus over the mountains. Even Ken's Haiti and they simply set bones set up Sue Chino wounds and just did whatever they could.

After that trap. That is, huts came back in their lives were changed and they were inspired to do something more in the founder who is an physicist physicians assistant North Carolina founded bless back worldwide, and the entire concept of bless back worldwide is to partner with organizations on the ground to support them to provide care and service to folks they are in Haiti you can do a lot of damage with medical missions and with missions in general. If you just hand things out. The concept is you teach a man to fish and he fishes for life and you don't just get an efficient bless back is been very careful over the years to develop clear principles to partner with folks on the ground are now involved in Haiti as well as Nicaraguan. As I mentioned is a two poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and less like focuses on three things number one in enriching education on improving healthcare and empowering businesses to those three arms. We go in and we support schools. We go in and we support healthcare and we go in and we encourage businesses with things like microloans to help them better their business in and make a more rich economy and whatever community there and is incredibly successful. I had the opportunity to serve as the medical director of bless back for the last couple of years and all of my trips had been to Haiti simply because they line up with my clinic schedule that it is such an incredible organization. We are always looking for volunteers and folks to be involved in blackjack you don't have to be a physician, you might be in healthcare.

You want to be a teacher and you don't have to be a business executive. If you have a heart's desire. We can use you on a trip because we build the traps around the people that come and want to go in your life will never be the same and your life will never be that you know what my favorite hashtags is just go go give your life away locally, but if you can go global. You'll never be the same when you do in your life will always be different than Mr. such a wonderful gift that God gives you, and it sounds like bless back is based on the verse in Genesis 12, three were God called Abraham and said I'm going to bless you so that you will be a blessing blessed to be a blessing.

Absolutely that's what it sounds like you guys are doing and it's amazing that God lays in the hearts of people the desire to go and we are able to allow them to live out of their gifts and bless others. I give you a great example. I'm leaving again this week and we have a team member that works in information technology and cyber safety and unbeknownst to this team member. The mission in Haiti was just donated a large amount of computers and they created a computer lab in the school in Haiti but they don't have to keep the computer safe and this person who had no idea why she was called to go on this trip is going to be able to go in and equip these computers with safety nets to keep the kids from seeing things that they shouldn't see on the Internet open the world to them through the Internet so they can do their studies is a God thing. She had no idea when she was called to this trap that this was going to be an opportunity the opportunity. She then blasts this is recalling.

This is what she does.

She can be able to bless others back in a way that she never expected what a wonderful story.

And if anyone would like to go if you pique their interest. Please how can they respond so blessed worldwide has a website is Debbie WW bless back and it is a wealth of information, it tells you all of the dates of the upcoming trip trips for 2020.

The 21 trips will be posted very soon. There's a portal you signing. Give us your information and you can absolutely contact me at any time and will make sure my information is available on the W BTV website and again let's emphasize the people who go aren't just doctors and medical personnel. They are teachers and lawyers, and anybody who would just like to give their lives what he wants to get an opportunity to take my teenage daughters, which is been an incredible exchange. All absolutely life altering. Talk about a remedy to anxiety when I couldn't encourage parents more to take their children on these trips.

Not only does it bother you together like nothing else but he gives you a chance to show them the way the world really lives and also allows them to come back and go you know all this foolishness with the social media in comparing myself. It's nothing compared to the problems of the world and you nicely unplugged when you're there is an insurance don't have axes like you do here, and I'm just curious will have a few minutes left in the program but people love stories and Haiti and Nicaragua are the two poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere are places that your ministry is focusing to have one story that just stands out more than any of the others with the trips that you've made their little girl that I cannot get out of my head, she's been on the heart and mind since that trip and it was 10 years ago I was taking care of patients in the clinic and have mentioned before that on internist. I don't usually take care of children here in the United States and overseas have that opportunity which is not a challenge and blessing all at the same time. This 18 month old child, or approximately 18 months. We don't know her age came in and she was listless she had swelling in her lower extremities and wouldn't walk because she was in so much pain and just examining her. It was incredibly obvious to me that she was so anemic that she was unable to even if she had such low hemoglobin. We don't have a lot of lab tests at our clinic. We have some her.

The inside of her eyes were completely white and fingernail beds were completely fine. I just hard to spread for her and held her in my arms, and of course we knew she was malnourished and we thought it probably most of her issues were around malnutrition. We were able to get her some nutrition packets and get it connected with the ministry are to be able to get food, but she left my area of the clinic and went to sit in the lab and what teenager wanted the teenage and the trip was sitting holding the child to get a glimpse of the child from the side and I noticed that her eyelashes were long and full, which was unusual for a child that was malnourished and had this thought that I had been taught in in my training that sometimes in early HIV, which we never see here in the United States. Your eyelashes can grow longer so I took the child to the lab and asked him to call a test and the pain the child. The little girl that had AIDS. Probably Flonase and I was probably that the reason for all of her symptoms was devastated as I talk more I found out the child had been brought in by 17-year-old girl who taken in the baby when the mother had abandoned the baby who probably had AIDS and probably knew she was dying and dropped the child on the 17-year-old's doorstep and send him was raising the child. But we were able to through the ministry get this child connected with the hospital that treated AIDS in Port-au-Prince get the child nutrition and get that young adoptive mother all the resources she needed child is important to God and he loves that child and I know because that child came in a clinic that date, she has hope in the future and I would never have happened if we had not had an opportunity encounter well because of eyelashes Dr. Korman to thank you for being with me today and you know what you're also helping people know eternal life and not worry about this life with gifting merely a transition to the next one and will look at forward to having our total health and total healing fear completely. Thanks for being with me.

Thank you so much. Have a blessed day. Everyone love God and love your neighbor. Those are the two commands that we have given to us by the ward. If you do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do always have something in your daily schedule to accomplish my baby check. This is news talk 11 to 99 BC. All

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