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Taking the Gospel to Unreached People with guest Bob Blincoe

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 22, 2020 8:00 am

Taking the Gospel to Unreached People with guest Bob Blincoe

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 22, 2020 8:00 am

Bob Blincoe talks about Frontier and sending missionaries to the Muslim world.

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Hi everyone, I think chat when you talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a weekly program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis now over 20 years being together, and thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Perry's fine jewelry for your sponsorship of the show without you this show would not be possible.

What today's an interesting show that I am looking forward to doing with you I my guess is Bob Blanco. Bob is the president of frontiers, which has an interesting call and that is to take the gospel to the most unreached people throughout the world.

Login is my guest today, Bob thank you for joining me. You're welcome, good morning. David will tell us about frontiers, fellowship, and its work what you would do exactly the largest mission in the world concentrating every missionary on the Muslim world.

We are called specifically to bring the hope of Christ. God love to look and plant churches homelands. That's all we do so we in the United States recruit, train, and deploy for churches are partners.

New missionary teams to go farther into the Muslim world that anyone is ever gone before. I was a part of that I and my family and my team opened the work of the gospel in Iraq in 1991 following the first Gulf War. We were the first American family to live in Iraq that's interesting in and what led you to go into Iraq.

What was it about that particular area of the world that touched your heart. It was farther beyond you know you still the map that there be dragons. From this point on and we were interested to bring the hope of Jesus Christ of those that said for most Americans will say that they are hopelessly behind the curtain impossible to get there.

We live on the word impossible by God's grace we were able to reside in northern Iraq until something broke through with Arabic and Jordan. The year before and so we were already proximate to Iraq, but still it was a pretty big deal to move from the relative safety and security, and support in Jordan to the complete unknowns of more than a rock for the Kurds live the Kurds between a rock and a hard place for something significant happened in those years the rejoice with David. We've just completed the entire New Testament for the first time in the Kurdish language of northern Iraq.

Now this is the language spoken by fewer than 2 million people, but we ask, is it worth it to bring God's word but people group spoken by fewer than 2 million people. We say an emphatic yes and in you went to Iraq with your family with your wife, your children, that seems dangerous. We did go in the family and we were welcomed into our neighborhood starts out it's important that you find a welcome in the places that you go Jesus Christ that if you don't find the welcome to go somewhere else. In our case, I translated for the US military in northern Iraq in the relief effort and then when that effort came to it and we simply moved into the neighborhood. Our children playing on the streets and learn the language in the natural way by making friends I meant by the other Americans came and joined us. I did an enormously helpful good work. We currently vaccinate of the animals in northern Iraq and US AIG a contract every year vaccinating tens of thousands of animals in order to restore the help of the light of the sheep, cattle and goats in northern Iraq so that would've opened the door for you, then to be able to share with the people and do the work that you wanted to do. It was an enormously important part of what we are doing. We were trying to study about way of all this that I will eventually know nothing except what Christ is done through me to win Gentile to the obedience of faith through word and deed side and wonder and but Holy Spirit so these are are a handful of the means by which God does his work of missions were dispersed. We have to open our mouths and tell the story of Jesus Christ.

God love God's invitation to come home to him. Muslims will not hear the story within their own religion. They have been forbidden to hear about a God who loves them a God who is our father, a God who has a son who came to die on the cross. These are not subjects which they are going to be taught.

It has to come from outside so that word and word is central but there's also deed as you referred to here the deeds of justice and mercy and good deeds about compassion with her also fairly unknown of their society but are richly founded Jesus Christ and his people and then you know what lines and wonders these aspects to the dreams that do come that the vision the breakthrough the answers to prayer, which astonished people are also part of their submission to Christ. Bob Blanco is my guest today. He is the president frontier, which is an organization trying to take the love of Jesus to the uttermost ends of the earth Bob when we come back let's talk some about those signs and wonders, because I think that something people are fascinated with. They really do happen. We'll talk about that in the moment, I David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I talk 11 to 99 freedom anything welcome back to the show. I guess today is Bob Blanco.

He is the president of frontiers. It is a ministry that has as its purpose.

Taking the good news.

The love of Jesus to the uttermost ends of the earth. It's an exciting endeavor. Something is not for the faint hearted, but I think it's something all of us, especially to follow Jesus need to know about Bob again. It's a pleasure having you on the show.

Let us know little about about your background, from where did you come yes boarded.

This is where all my family before me but my father raised us on the West Coast was in college where I became a Christian University of Oregon and becoming a Christian was the most important thing happened in my life and going to formal education.

Following up going to seminary, but it was at seminary that I had a sort of second conversion which was to missions really on the left, never thought would be interested or willing to leave all that was familiar to me and it was still the hardest thing I've ever done, but the incentive obedience to Christ. The values that are created for me the the what's in it for me. You might think in terms of missions were all looking at me in the Scriptures to be blessed to be a blessing like Abraham was, to feel like Paul did when he said these light and momentary affliction are achieving an eternal glory which far outweighs them all were rewards which carried me on so with the love of God, compelling, and the Holy Spirit empowering and be witness of the martyrs looking down in the promises of God in play and the rewards of God assuring in the goodness of God blessing me and my family. We decided to sell our possessions and to try to figure by an airport and moved to the Middle East where we might find our way flailing along just like children walking backwards through the wardrobe into another land.

Words always with her and never Christmas and find ourselves by God's grace, his instruments of God's love to bring about healing reconciliation of Muslim people to God and to one another as you can think of anything more exciting that you left tell me because I can't well in the Jordan grooms said God called me to be a missionary.

It would not stoop to be a king. What is a high calling and you have our great admiration for honoring that call and doing what you're doing it again in the first segment you mention how you moved your family into a rock in the early 90s as a part of your call. I'm wondering about this. Why exclusively. Are you focused on the Moslems aren't there lots of people throughout the world have never heard the good news of Jesus love. There are indeed and people in our early country here. Let me put it in this perspective.

Hold on your heartstrings. There are 24 churches for every Starbucks restaurant in the United States. That's a lot of lighthouses. The church being lighthouses has to be a larger goal for the church of God simply have a mission to turn 24 to 25 members of the places the United States and the world where the gospel has begun our purpose, our hope, our mission was to go to those places where there are no lighthouses of the gospel. No, no word of God. Note that anybody's missionary maps and that for us was much of the Muslim world. They be to God in the last 30 years there are more missionaries going to the Muslim world. In the beginning we use the same with most of the mission or missionary Muslims are one of the million is probably to the million. Now, but I can still show you many places where there is no missionary presence within 100 or thousand mile, and those of the places we try to go we try to work in cooperation with all the mission agencies in the great churches mapped out where the missionaries are. Rejoice in the progress of the gospel, but that only helps us to identify where there are no missionaries, whether there's no light of the gospel and that's where we go.

The name is Bob Blanco. He is the president of frontiers, which is a missions organization trying to reach people in the furthest parts of the world, especially Muslims, you know, Bob. Many people have said to me over the last couple of weeks with the coronavirus. Their concern is that an evidence of the end times and always say don't be concerned about the end times be concerned about the ends of the earth. Really, that's the call that Jesus has given us the word time started the Lord's hand and we pray you would comment fulfill what he promised on this, not the Lord of hosts will prepare a feast for all the people, the feast of meat and why on this mountain, the Lord will remove the shroud of death that covers the nationwide where we tear.

Even so, Lord Jesus, and wipe away the tears. I know a lot of people that are crying tonight.

David R.


Hopeless tonight but yes in our country but mainly I'm thinking of the Muslim world. The peoples were still be on the carotid curtain who have no voice of the gospel. No voice of God love no hope in this world for the next that's what we want to make a difference for them. So we are going to like this coronavirus with everything we've got. But the problem in the Muslim world is chronic night high school friend asked me at the recent reunion. What you do. Bob, you know your Christian and that put me in a small minority of my high school friend and I said well you know I am missionary to Muslim well they before they can move on. I said my mission and I get to be fractured out my mission to stop female genital mutilation in the world hundred million Muslim girls that have their genitals mutilated and all my mission is the end that my mission is and the death penalty for people that convert out of Islam to Christianity. My mission is to end child bride marriages or girls were married against their will and 100 other practices of sharia law which are the way of Islam. So it's a very this world salvation as well as eternal life.

Forgiveness of sins that they should not perish in the next world. Bob has it been dangerous for you and your family trying to bring that message. For example, in your years in Iraq.

Did you ever have to experience extreme courage to stand up for the truth. How did that work itself out.

That is in the mix. We always have to ask our potential missionary couple should a pillow talk about these subjects.

There certainly what Christ had to explain to his disciples. There was a good somebody for Christ.

There will be a Gethsemane everyone that follows him into these places it in our case it was more. There were occasions when the bird that people were found with ill intent against me until I finally had to travel with armed guards when I was on the road my name was posted at checkpoints and my picture and I was a wanted man by Saddam Hussein. It was little humiliating to find out that I was wanted for just $20. No part of the what made me know realize how little outflow I was people God well it does give an insight go into how for many people. Christianity is a threat to any kind of conversion in Muslim territories and that's what you had to face on a regular basis.

When did you move out of Iraq and where did you go next Civil War forced us to leave Iraq at the end of 1996 that I resettled lots of credit refugees in the Seattle area for the next three years we we think of Jesus spoke the word of Godů, Chapter 19 I'm sorry.

Leviticus 1934 do not mistreat the alien among you, once you are also strangers in Egypt, you shall love the strangers as you love yourself as so we were compelled by the compassion of God and his word help you select the refugees in the United States, and they become citizens and are making a positive contribution to our country and I was about to take a leadership role in frontiers here in Phoenix and that was the hunters office of the US ascending debates about the term David ascending base will habit in the national office in the United States. We don't have district superintendents over our missionaries are missionaries are held rigorously accountable for godliness, church planting to stay in the scriptural evangelical ethos, but are part of the United States is pretty simple. We help churches find their bearings and coach them to send their own missionaries to the Muslim world are father Greg living stones that punctures the map missionary churches have missionaries so our work is always in partnership partnership with ascending churches. Churches have matured, we realized they realize that they can said sometimes entire team from their own church. The church-based teams have become the up-and-coming new wave churches are involved in missions and what does that mean Bob does that mean the church would have 10 people who would go together and plant themselves in a Muslim area.

Yes or 66 would be a team from the church they would choose their own team members. Team leader their location, they went SS their own people skills and what they were doing they get there they make midcourse adjustments along the way and we would coach them through this process. Two things we think we do best in the world refill coaching and on-field accountability stay true to the mission with David that they identify and how many people do you have worldwide right now we have 1100 on the field. Adult and about a thousand children all living in the 40 restricted access Muslim countries and their living in the same kind of danger that you and your family experience in Iraq. I would guess correct depend on the location, but they're all certainly in danger of being expelled from the country they are facing the kind of sorrow that Christ Isaiah foretold when a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief is coming our people are quite shocked and have to deal with what they see the kind of thing that I expressed my high school friends which grief their souls and then have to keep going. You know that the that the trauma people get traumatized by the daily crisis. I'm sure my blinker was my guest today. He is the president frontiers a missions organization trying to take the gospel to the uttermost ends of the earth, especially to specifically Muslim people Bob when we come back. I do want to explore the whole idea of the dreams and visions that you talked about in the previous segment to let people know that Jesus really is working.

God is supernaturally working and we see it happening all over the world. I David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is new Scotland in 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show.

I guess Bob Blanco is the president frontiers is a missions organization trying to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost ends of the earth, especially among Muslims. If you'd like to hear the program from beginning to end in its entirety. Good scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show when you can hear the program from beginning to end, I teased it before the last segment ended and I know from those with whom I'm talking the idea of Jesus appearing in dreams and visions to Muslims is happening over and over and over again is not a singular phenomenon. It really is happening regularly. Please talk about that first question is that really happening.

Secondly, give us some insights into how that's happening. A remarkable number of Muslim have had a dream or a vision of Jesus Christ and been directed to the gospel to God's love or to a missionary through those divine encounters.

Let me tell you a true story that lies Layla and her husband held her children's hands as they walk away from their home in their village in northern Iraq ahead of Isis, they can hear in the background the rather Fire of machine guns as very bad people moved into town and darken the entire time with their with their vehicles but they couldn't run fast enough to stay ahead of the vehicles when by the Lord's grace a white pickup truck appeared in front of Layla and her husband and said to them, get in the back and go to a place of and I'll take the place of they were taken to the city that we call the city of refuge. They never saw the white pickup truck again when they got to the city of refuge. They were assigned by the United Nations and allies became very tedious. Very boring.

They were given food they were given the health check, but their lives were over there in the picture from the past, no hope for the future when one night Jesus Christ appeared to Layla get a dream and said to her tomorrow.

You shall see Amanda you will tell you the truth about my love Layla thought in her dream man was, she would see again tomorrow and when she saw him the next morning she called Grimm to come over now this man let's call him Cornelius.

He was about a worker who had already been trained by frontiers to distribute supplies and keep his eyes open for people that wanted to know more him this entire family came to faith in Jesus Christ and they heard the story on on the on the chip that they put on her phone story from Christ stories from the entire Bible. When they heard of Christ death on the cross. They broke our word for what happened. They gave their lives to Christ and they said to this man is not enough that we have been saved, but we have been given a white pickup truck and we are called to go rescue other people and so now doesn't the families entire families. David in this network of thousands of tents that have been erected in the city of refuge have come to faith in Jesus Christ. Now the great and to get the story is yet to happen. These families that pledge to go back to places in Iraq where no missionaries could make sense of what they were doing their were no missionaries would be allowed and bring the hope of Jesus Christ and spread the good news of Jesus Christ virally into the places of Iraq and other other countries were where they alone could go in this kind of dream and sequential disciple making and disciples making disciples is happening in many many places you can think of anything more excited that you tell me. Well, it's an astounding story and what gets me is that you can try to keep the gospel from getting into certain places. You can try to block the airwaves, but you cannot block a dream or a vision of God wants that to happen. And again went but I'm hearing is it is happening in exponentially large numbers of people in all areas of the world right now and that's true right but we are working with other mission agencies, and all missionaries to keep track of what we call movements to Christ. The movement of the thousand or more Muslim who come to Christ and nearly all of movements were Muslim succumb to fight it rather large number of intermittent disciples from their own. From there on it started with a kind of a dream or a vision well it's important to remember dreaming is not likely we have to move on from the initial dream initial experience.

The initial bowing before Christ and continue onto the cycle and then move on to make the make disciples who make disciples so that a movement is not dependent any longer on the Westerner who is on a timeline there and must must be expelled at some point, but that is able to begin internalizing going by itself that the genius of what we see happening in several countries remarkable and I and obviously what you're saying to his.

They know the language they know the culture they know the people and they're just much more effective than Westerner very, very important.

The gospel always arise from the outside by a stranger. We knew enough about where your ready audio first came from the gospel first came he came across the river by a stranger that showed up and was an outsider, but the gospel must be internalized and accepted by people who then become the teachers the pastors the preachers the people who pass on the faith.

The fathers, the mothers who bring up gospel into their own homes and in that sense, the gospel is internalized into the cultures and in the whole heart frontiers is to take the gospel again. The places that are very difficult to reach, especially among Muslims when you're working with local churches again like you alluded earlier you're trying to get them to find people in their church who are willing to go and then you equip the Westerner to go again is that front line in order to equip the people and then ultimately the people become the missionaries is it that simple. Well you understood it very very accurately.

Let's call it simple simple to express. We want to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the least likely peoples of the world because this is our small part in God's great commission.

Many shall come from east and west and take their places of the fees, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This gospel of the kingdom must be preached as a testimony to all the Gentiles. All the nations, and then the end will come. We speak of the end times that this is the only place in the Bible be six words are used David and then vehicle, so we have to think of God plan to bring the great commission to the hardest place so this the 11th hour for three where the placement for the needs of the greatest arguably places like the Muslim world where the gospel has yet even begun in some Muslim country the month.

Some of them communities. That's our priority. Someone once said to me recently that the kingdom clock is ticking and her perspective laws that you never seen the gospel being taken to places like we are not taking it before and if Matthew 2414 is correct what you just alluded to that Jesus is not coming back until every tribe and every nation is heard. That means that we have an imperative to take the gospel into the uttermost regions of the world are you frustrated with the American church and how we seem to be so focused on self welded to the Lord's work to bring about revival and we should all be logging for a better amort church was more prepared to hear the word of God and to obey the word of God made God give us another chance to be that people that delight in him and are asking what his will is, but I have found his will and it is it is not a heavy burden's burden is light that I speak not of his burden to send many of our best cross culturally. It's not for everybody. I don't want to live a guilt trip on your listeners that they should all be missionaries, but they should all be senders. They should all be going there should be generous givers. They should be deep prayer warriors and they should be welcome or store country of the people who are refugees and tell me to hear coming here because their own homes are dangerous places. You know any of my own church that I pastor I had someone recently say to me you I just don't understand why Christians here in America don't understand more the call for all the nations to make disciples of all the nations that this gospel is for everyone throughout the world. So I healthy Christian Bob is one who does know Jesus meets the deepest longings of their heart, and you does do local work, but we need to understand that the local and the global must be connected. Both must be a part of the individual and the church is like correct exactly. So one more thing we needed to pass without me what the greatest need today. I don't with some courage or what it is.

I think we need more more word from the pulpit about the goalie of the gospel to the places where the needs of the greatest we need more the shepherd's voice David the voice which recalled her people and then we would awaken the flock. Many more missionaries met many more mature churches, many more healthy churches if we would hear more leadership at the church after staff would pray that your from the Holy Spirit, as we saw in Antioch that they would bring about the conversation with their own people more directive as it is the day. Many of the people of the penis are left on their own good. Ask whether they've heard the voice of God to be missionaries. We can bring about more sensible assurance to people in the pews passes will take a leadership role.

Look at the centurion. The Jesus Christ delighted that you knew his people so well the good pelvis want to go there and this one to go there and we need more of that kind of our knowledge of our own people and voices. Bob Blanco present a frontiers we are now looking at the call of Jesus for the world. That is what Bob Strang respond to in our next segment will talk more about how specifically people can get involved. I'm David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is thought 11th 1090 9G. Welcome back to the show.

My guest is Bob Blanco. Bob is the present frontiers, which is an organization trying to think the good news of Jesus love and forgiveness to the world, especially to Muslim people focused on the Muslim areas of the world. What we call affectionately in missions words the 1040 window, the place where it's most difficult to reach people today and Bob thank you for your time today is been great having you on the show.

One thing that I wanted to make clear and people need to realize that when you have a heart for the world and you really want everyone to know the good news of Jesus, forgiving love, even though you can't go physically, you can still send yourself with your money when you work hard all week long and you earn a salary when you send money you're sending yourself and that's an important part of your work as well. Bob is in it. You are partners that do are not getting a substitute for themselves.

They are giving their real selves and their genuine partners in the sending of the gospel. They will be rewarded by Christ himself. At the end when they are welcomed there. Welcome to the kingdom inclined people that they pray for that they made a difference in life simply by by the work of sacrificial giving and sending from from their homes in the United States and teaching their children these great values of of working for a cause greater than their own retirement you have.

That is a part of your work to. I know in trying to help us teach our kids that the world is our mission field and going to the uttermost ends of the earth is a call for all of us talk for second about the importance of training our children to be a world Christian to have a greater sense of my own calling to Christ than simply be blessed. Being blessed is not the whole of it, but be a blessing to all the families of the earth, we have to regard this great blessing that we received in that we received in our country for all that it was worth and all that it is worth is not simply so that we would look forward to the trip so we can take the value we create our own children. What greater value can give your children and your loved one, then, that they should live for a greater purpose. All of chapter 5 we could no longer live for ourselves but for him who died for us isn't the way the way directly like giving way for us. You the very thing that we think about the sacrifice turns out to be thing that the thing with like giving us when just to live for a greater purpose and the sacrifice for that purpose.

You find yourself when you lose your life in something greater than yourself, and it sure sounds like that's what you're doing and I think our listeners would love to know as frontiers sins and trains people into these Muslim areas. What is it that finally changes the heart of a Muslim to come to understand Jesus love yes we've actually participate in surveys about this testing Muslim background believers, what is the most thing. It certainly in their own religious system. There is no place for all of the father love them. God does not show up in Muslim heaven. God does not want to sit with you at the table these great texts. Luke 1423 give us the reality of the gospel like table shall be filled before my banquet could "get more people into like anyone but answer the door, I will talk with him and he with me that these great texts call us to a God who wants us back in my father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you. I go to prepare a place for you that where are you you maybe also David what other deity created in the minds of men, or in the in the demonic ever had a deity who wants to spend time with people I tell you, after living in the world and in the Muslim world.

There are no other deity that men have conjured up. Only Jesus Christ the real one is the one who wants you back and that is what open my soul to Christ, yours, when I was far from God. I hope that you would want me backů The same thing that opens up the Muslim world. They do have a conscience.

The word in Arabic for conscience and mobile D HAM EER one. They want to know God.

They go to sleep at night. They got God comes to them in their night and told them what what he will do for them, and his love.

The most important Scripture that we thought of all of them is come to me all the more weary and heavy like that will give you rest your soul's burden is light and you will find rest describe this kind of desired someone would come to Christ and want you back. Forgive your sins. Find a safe place in your life will leave your fears. This turned out to be the most important part of the gospel for Muslims. Wow. Just hearing you talk about it reminds me of the time I came to faith to, and I realized that God wasn't my enemy that he didn't hate me that he was indeed as Jesus called his father, daddy, and he really does love me deeply and cares for me that that changed my life forever.

Bob and I know it did years and sounds like it's doing the same for many people still throughout the world. And when you give the Bible to people in Muslim areas are are they able to understand it themselves or do they need still people to teach it to them.

How does that work we have to be you. A lot of gospel story or the but we need to memorize stories so that we can actually have the Bible in our hearts.

Jesus Christ knew his Bible all knew his Bible so we have to be people that know the Bible in their language until the start over. You are on the something here also that the Timothy, the Scriptures are able to teach you the Bible itself is the power of God. The word of God itself is powerful and when you find a Muslim who has long for God and his eagerness to get I will study the Scriptures that yes I have friends that will study with me or family. You bring the Bible and the word of God written or audio. This new wonderful technology that brings the Bible and audio forms and that they can listen to over and over again. This also has the power and yes they understand the Scriptures. The narrative of the Scriptures and Wonderful Way, God allowed them to understand and have faith in him through the reading of the Scriptures that really is a great outcome that we want is that they could hear the word of God from the missionaries, but also your from the Holy Spirit and from the Bible itself will I love the ways that some people are being created. Taking the Scriptures to different people who don't know how to read right now and you mentioned it is through audiobooks and through videos through movies is just outstanding to see how some of those things are being translated and taken to a people who never would understand.

Otherwise, again Bob link is my guess that he's the president frontiers a missions organization to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost ends of the earth, especially Muslim people. We don't have much time left. I want to make sure you have it, chance to speak to the listeners today about your heart. We have just about a minute or so left. What would you love to tell our people before I get you off the air. Let's go do something else so much David and know everyone. I raise my family in the Muslim world.

They were able to become people that love of people that are not our client. Jesus Christ said I have other sheep that are not our client. We always have to think with the people that are still beyond the gospel with the people that are going to come to faith through the witness of regular Christian such as you and I and bring the hope of Jesus Christ was far, far away some of the privilege to go. Many of them.

Thank you for the opportunity to make new friends.

The day David Bob, thank you for being on the show today is just such a challenge and amidst these times where we talk a lot about viruses and potential death we have the gift of eternal life through Jesus and as we rest in him and we know our life is secure in him we need fear nothing. Thank you for being on the show and listeners love God and love your neighbor if you just do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT talk with you all next week

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