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Moving Beyond Anxiety

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 29, 2020 8:00 am

Moving Beyond Anxiety

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 29, 2020 8:00 am

These times are difficult but they are times to stop and reflect.

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and 11 1099. Welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program tries to intersect faith values with different issues that are going on locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis. Now, 20 years in the making.

Well were in difficult times. I have never quite seen times like this before, but it is a time for all of us to stop and to retreat and to reflect about what's really important in life. We have a mandated quarantine a mandated stay-at-home from our government and were all as best as we can, trying to obey that in order to prevent being caught up and caught in this corona virus that has become a pandemic all over the world. I was talking with a doctor friend of mine this week and ask why is it called the coronavirus and interestingly it is called such because if you look at it under a microscope. It looks like it has a crown on top of it. In fact, my doctor friend said it's quite unattractive virus. If you look at it under the microscope, but it is virile in every way, but it does have a crown on top of it word crown is also corona, thus giving us the name, the corona virus. The virus with a crown on top that has now caused havoc here and around the world, but let me remind all of you today.

Since this is a faith and values program that the crown on top of the virus is not bigger or stronger than the crown on top of the head of our God who rules over everything. He is the King of Kings and Lord of lords. He wears the crown that governs all of the world.

He governs this virus as well and I think all of us would do well to remember that fact today today and over the next couple few weeks. I want to focus on how to deal with fear. How to overcome anxiety. I'm going to look at a recent book that I wrote called moving beyond anxiety. 12 practical ways to renew your mind ways to overcome fear ways to allow fear not to be a part of our mind and I've asked my producer and friend Ed Billick if he would open up his microphone and we can have a dialogue today about some biblical perspectives on how to deal with fear some practical suggestions based on my book moving beyond anxiety which is available through Christian you can get it now. It's going to come out in full force. April 21, but you can get it now and I would hope that all of you would be able to read it and get some practical ways to control your mind it thank you for joining me today and here's the truth is I talk about it in the book we are what we think it is a simple truth of life.

We are what we think and if you can control your thoughts. You can control how you live a Proverbs 23, seven says that as a person thinks in his or her heart so is he. So whatever you think is what causes you to feel whatever you feel is what causes you to behave so many therapists just deal with feelings, but if you don't get at your thoughts that cause your feelings you'll never change your behavior. So I tried to give 12 pack practical ways to capture your thoughts. 12 practical ways to spear those negative thoughts, like fear that enter into your mind and be able to live a life that is free from anxiety and fear. Thanks for joining me today. David is you know there's anxiety and fear among a lot of things that in in our normal daily lives.

Yet this thing is crept up upon us. It words this blessing upon us and it is so appropriate that over these next few weeks we many of you would be going to Sunday mass are going to church services.

They do not exist. What in our world do not exist. You never talking sports sports does not exist right now, the world as we know it does not exist so your your message. Your your twelve-step seer is just so appropriate, so timely for what were going through. We are quarantine we have to stay at home. So the question is when we going to do as we have to stay at home for those of us who love sports. We have been concerned with not being able to watch like the start of major league baseball or other sporting events like the Masters that we may love their just nonexistent. So what we gotta do is find our identity find our purpose find our meaning in something other than sports, and when were alone.

Oftentimes it reveals the idols of our hearts and how we need to go back to God and find our relationship through idle our trial, they would come back after break you going to have to help us understand anxiety the meaning of it. Meaning of fear.

Is there a difference so many folks use the word anxiety. But what does it really mean so I'd love to really get into that after the next break will talk about that because there is a difference between anxiety and fear. I think here's what really dominates your life.

Anxiety is the precursor to fear. We'll talk about that in greater depth, but the bottom line again is Ed all fear, all anxiety begins with a thought.

There is something that we think that causes us to feel and I want everybody here to use these days to renew your mind to be transformed by the renewal of your mind to think on that which is good and righteous, holy, and that will set you free from fear and anxiety. I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three. WBT will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show like to thank my sponsors, Perry's fine jewelry and also Ruth Chris steakhouse for your sponsorship of this show. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to speak to the Charlotte area this Sunday morning to give people hope amidst these very difficult times. We've never seen seen anything quite like this one, we gone through. For example, if you go for those of us who remember that in 1989 it devastated Charlotte for months we been through 9/11, not only locally, but nationally that crippled our nation for several months as well. We been through the 08 crisis when the finances dropped to the bottom and we've had to recover from that.

But what is different about this one is we've had to isolate we don't have community. We don't have the social interactions like we normally have an really a friend of mine once said that either you're going to be a lot of babies born nine months from now if or there can be a lot of divorces as people are forced to really interact with one another and come to grips with all of those issues that make marriage sometimes a little bit challenging my producer Ed Billick has an open mic with me were going to talk about how to overcome fear and anxiety I've written a book recently entitled moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind and interestingly, when my publishers harvest house asked me a year and 1/2 ago to write this book.

They knew it was in my wheelhouse because I have two great educational accomplishments.

One is I have a Masters in specialist degree in counseling from the University of Florida. I also have a doctorate in theology and ministry. Interestingly, those two have been wed together in my almost 40 years of ministry and when I was asked to write this book.

My publishers knew I had both those backgrounds. Counseling psychology and theology, and Bible, so they wanted me to wear those two together to address this incredibly difficult issue called anxiety they did know the Kronos virus was on the horizon, nor did I hear we are a year and half later, after having written the book with this book being very relevant notes or through frontages.

You say that because for many of you that know David and listen to him weekly on his show no. 20+ years under with him six years. There's these things called David isms. This book is loaded with David, is there are so many of them it's it's well-written, it's well laid out and this will be of the severe little preview for you but for the next couple weeks as we go through this. David defined for us. Anxiety defined for us. Fear well. Anxiety I think is the feeling that something bad might happen. Fear is the feeling that something bad will happen is it's really the difference between it might happen and it will happen to me anxiety is the head on the snake. If you focus on anxiety long enough and you think this might happen eventually you're going to convince your mind and what you think that it will happen, and then it moves into chronic fear and that's when your life becomes paralyzed.

So I wrote the book entitled moving beyond anxiety, with the hope that people could capture the thought of anxiety spirit and get it out of their mind, replace it with faith, then the never have to worry about fear is anxiety assisted the meaning of human emotion right yeah anxiety is a feeling it's not a sin. It's a feeling now. Unbelief is a sin when you focus on the size of the mountain and not the size of your God, then it becomes a real problem.

One of the ways you've got to deal with anxiety is to make sure that you replace the problem with a promise from God.

So as you look at the problem which is real. We don't want to minimize the coronavirus problem right now it is real. It's taking people's lives. We one of the focus on the promise of God that is consistently given to us in Scripture. And I think when use beer. The thought of the problem before it really gets embedded in your mind and you replace it with a promise from God, then you'll be able to conquer all that anxiety and be free from it and be able to live your life as God. What is it with your point and there's less fear. There is an end when you conquer anxiety, you'll conquer fear in my belief system. I really do think that's true.

So the question comes.

What can we do to overcome anxiety and that's what I try to do in the book. I tried to give 12 practical strategies to renew your mind. Paul said in Romans 12 verse to be transformed by the renewal of your mind, he said in Philippians 4, eight, whatever is pure, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is righteous, etc. he concludes that list with think on these things in Colossians 3 verses one into.

We are a Jordan by Paul to have an eternal perspective, and to look at our problems from God's point of view, not from our point of view. And Paul adjourned again his readers to think on these things, think on the things of God from an eternal perspective, and you can start to be set free from the problem of anxiety that is in your heart. It's a well-written book. It's hundred 86 pages. It's an easy read and I like it. The every one of the end of each practical strategy of final thought exactly as you kinda summarize and lead the person to the next strategy, which is what I think is practical.

Writing as you try to write to people's hearts and grab their hearts. That's what I try to do with this book is to give practical suggestions and then in the chapter with something that will allow them to digest easily what I was trying to say. I really believe Ed that there are ways we can overcome anxiety and fear. You know, anxiety has been declared by doctors. The major issue in the American culture and that was before the coronavirus. Interestingly, the major killer of teens right now is anxiety what is causing them to take their lives is anxiety what is causing that anxiety, fear of being left out its social media and comparing is the constant looking at other people and saying they're happier than I am. What's wrong with me is what my dad called and when my David isms, the snare to compare whenever we compare ourselves with others.

Only one of two things can happen.

Either were going to become prideful because were better than they are or will become envious because were not as good as they are both of those are deadly sins and they will capture our hearts and hurt us deeply you talk. Anxiety is a scratch in these questions. Near what were living at now you know who. Who should be with.

Who should we be with social distancing Debbie with your family what we encounter everyday how often should we wash her hands. What should we touch, what should we touch. Gosh it's just going through your mind how Micah provide for my family. If I'm not working for those in retirement is my retirement funds out. What's the future look like gosh is just a ton of anxiety will if you keep living in the what if's, you're going to drive yourself crazy against Ed, those are thoughts thoughts that enter your mind what if my kids get this. What if my retirement is devastated.

What if and if you keep living in those lose a loved one year. All of those what-ifs will only cause your heart to be filled with fear and you can't do that if you continue to dwell on those thoughts, those thoughts will become fearful and your life will be overridden with anxiety.

So again, second Corinthians chapter 10 verse five Paul says take every thought captive that enters your mind that take every thought captive that word captive means to speed here literally to spear something with a spear. So when a thought that is negative, fearful, anxious, begins to enter your mind. We are called to take a spear, which I think is the word of God and spear that thought and usher it out of our minds. We gotta say no vacancy in my mind for any kind of anxious thought we got a Satan no squatters welcome here will bring any negativism into my mind. I'm going to focus on what God has said so for example you use the retirement illustration you and I both are little bit older. We built up our retirement through the years we have invested and we find ourselves going. What if and at some point in you and I both know we gotta say, but God's in control.

There I said it, but God may be the two most important words in all of the Bible, but God. Again, if you look at the size of the mountain you're going become anxious and fearful.

If you look at the size of your God, you're going to become faith filled and peaceful. The question is on what will you allow your thoughts to dwell. Jesus said in John 14 one let not your hearts be troubled. Every what body did you hear what Jesus said, let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God believe also in me.

Evidently we're the ones who let our hearts be troubled or not, we're the ones who control what kind of thoughts enter our minds. That's why we gotta be really careful, especially during this time when were isolated. We have a lot of time on our hands to control what we read.

Don't read trashy jock to control what we watch, don't watch violent, lustful television, if you put those thoughts in your mind, they will rummage in your soul and I'll take you where those thoughts will naturally go good friend of mine in our men's group says that Satan doing his work when he puts those thoughts you got to pray Satan leave me, and in God's thoughts come back will. Interestingly, Paul again in Ephesians chapter 2 verse two says Satan is the prince of the power of the air. Now that's fascinating to me because that implies in a way that Satan can control the airwaves that allow thoughts to come in our mind through media but also there's just this general atmospheric condition out there and thoughts will come in our mind. Out of nowhere, I mean anybody who's lived any number of years on this planet knows that you could be driving on your car and thoughts will come in that just are lustful and godless and ugly and fear filled and you'll ask yourself the question, where in the world that come from, that's awful. And you got to spear that thought and ushered out of your mind. I think Satan is the one trying to get it into your mind. He is the prince of the power of the air and you are the one who says no I'm not going to let that stay in my mind but my mama said that this way Ed, you can keep the birds from flying over your hair but you can keep them from building a nest there. Think about that. You can't keep the birds from flying over your hair but you can keep them from building a nest there. She sang the very truth that I'm trying to emphasize here.

You can't keep those negative evil fear filled thoughts from entering your mind but you can keep them from staying there and that's again what Paul meant when he said, take every evil thought captive usher it out of your mind and say no vacancy, you're not welcome here.

I don't want you here and then the next most important things you replace that negative thought with a positive thought and let's look at what that could be in the next segment because I have some ideas on those kind of thoughts that can replace the negative fear filled thoughts with faith filled thoughts that will allow you to live freely in the presence of God, I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 1099.

Three WBT. Don't be afraid folks, God's got this coronavirus problem will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WBT back to the show whether coronavirus has captured the attention of the world that we don't need to be dominated by its anxious thoughts. We can overcome them. And that's the reason I'm dealing with the subject today and next week, and even the next week as we look at this book I've recently written, entitled moving beyond anxiety. I wrote it a year ago. Not knowing the coronavirus was going to be where it is today, but I'm thankful to make it available to you folks through Christian again.

Just go to Christian and you can order it either in an e-book form or in its literal form and they'll deliver it to you. What an opportunity to explore the problem of anxiety, but more so to overcome it. And if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can send the podcasts from beginning to end to many of your friends were dealing with anxiety.

Use this as an opportunity to share with them the truth that you don't have to live in anxiety as you are now quarantined a bit as you now have to stay at home you can reflect on God's goodness, his strength, his power, and overcome all of these problems of anxiety that are trying to enter your mind, David. You were saying as we were to speaking in the last segment around the satanic thoughts of those thoughts of anxiety that that creep into our minds. Those those ungodly thoughts. How do you quickly get rid of them and moved to a better state when one of the chapters in my book is entitled pray and is trying to teach people how to use prayer as an instrument for overcoming anxiety and Paul gives us the solution. The formula for how to do so.

In Philippians the fourth chapter versus six through seven. He says don't be anxious for anything, and those who listen to me preach through the years know I teasingly do this from time to time I looked up the word anything in the dictionary this week.

Guess what it means anything, it means don't be anxious about anything in my guess is that would include the coronavirus that when Paul wrote that he did know anything about this virus that has a crown on it. When you look at it under the microscope but anything and everything means anything and everything were not to be anxious about any of those things because we have a power that we can use against it. What is it Paul says don't be anxious about anything but in everything, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God. So the answer to anxiety is prayer and the specific way.

You should pray to replace those anxious thoughts is with thankful thoughts in it. That's what I want to talk about right now in on your Muscovy of your saying okay God's God's got this covered.

I still gotta wash my hands. I still need to be careful right. I still need to follow through. I still need to be vigilant on all these germ-free things I should be doing yet there's a revolutionary war slogan that was often quoted. It said trust God, but keep the gunpowder dry. I love that balance or you know in your Catholic tradition, you guys really revere as doom. All of us. Christian St. Augustine. He had a quote that he said I pray like it all depends on God. I work like it all depends on me. I love that balance between the two. Yes, wash your hands, yes. Be careful, do social distancing all of those things until this coronavirus ceases, but also rely upon God. There is a balance there in our lives we got to have.

So when we pray we pray doing what we need to do, but we also pray with an attitude that replaces anxious thoughts with thankful for his example.

Well, let's say that you are bombarded immediately with the reality that 10 people in Mecklenburg County have died from the coronavirus and you can let that thought, indwell your mind at rest there and become like garbage that just contaminates your soul or you can say nope that happened, but I'm letting that thought be ushered out of my mind and I'm going to replace it with a thankful thought and then start thinking about all the things for which you have to be thankful. One of the things we can be thankful for. As we now have a chance in this quarantine to be with our loved ones like never before. A friend of mine this week told me that she has now her teenage daughters coming to her and asking her questions about life, about purpose, about meaning, she thought, you know, my teenage daughters haven't ever asked me those questions now because were all close together there asking those kind of questions is a chance for marriages to grow closer together. It's a chance for you and your husband or wife to pray together, to allow yourself to be drawn to God like never before. These could be times of great Thanksgiving. As we look back because they may have drones drawn us together as a family like never before and you think about all those things that preoccupied our day preoccupied or weak, where there was the Masters are March madness are all the things that occupy our time. Another time is open for us to decide how we want to spend with different ways that we can now intersect interact with people with social media the way it is. We don't have to isolate literally, we can still be connected to people we can still do calls were we can see their face.

We can send text to encourage other people we can actually go next door and drop groceries off to an elderly person who may not be a litigator that will exactly. So there are things we can do and I think the most important thing we can do to replace anxiety is to begin to make a Thanksgiving list to list all of the things for which were thankful and really we have so much and if you're very careful you can see things that you never have noticed before, like the color of grass like the color of clouds in the sky like the next beat of your heart like the next gulp of air in your lungs. May we have so much to be thankful for so many people outside on the walking trails in the neighborhoods you have distancing 6 feet plus. But people going outside and we have a body that we can walk in. We we have general health that has consumed us. We have our pets that we love so much.

We have our friends that we care for.

Make that Thanksgiving list and when ever a negative anxious thought comes in use spirit in you.

Satan know I'm going to pray with faith. And Paul says one of the ways you can pray with faith is the prayer with thanksgiving just sit down and say you know what there's a lot of stuff in the world.

Let me replace that negative thought with a positive thought. I'm going to list all the things for which I'm thankful and let me tell you something it when that anxious thought is confronted with all the things for which we have to be thankful that anxious thought flees.

It just goes away it cannot stand in the presence of a Thanksgiving prayer. You know you say prayers one of those practical strategies you teasingly what are some of the others. I mean working to spend time going deep on each one of what it when others fit in this prayer.

One well there. There's the prayer of Thanksgiving, a but there's also the prayer of praise just praise God for who he is, not for what he gives you.

That's so often what we do and that's not unimportant. We do need to thank God for what he does for us. We missed the whole reality of simply praising God for who he is. He created all of this world he created you and me.

He created the colors in the skies. He created songs and melodies, we just thank God for who he is, for being the great God of the universe and again when anxious thought comes in and we spear that anxious thought invited out of our minds we replace it with a thankful thought of all that we have, but also who God is. Suddenly our hearts are filled with joy. There filled with praise there, filled with thanksgiving, and there is no place for an anxious thought to enter into our minds is just amazing what can happen when we practice what Paul basically said don't be anxious for anything but in everything, make your requests known to God. That's prayer with thanksgiving make Thanksgiving an important part of your prayer life.

And then he says something astounding, he says, then the peace of God that passes all understanding, will be guarding your mind and heart in Christ Jesus. Know what's so fascinating. There is, we all want that piece don't wait.

Paul says the way from anxiety to peace is prayers with thanksgiving and it's like a set a goal in our minds, will guard your heart. Now a Citadel is a fortress inside the walls of the city that would feed and care for the people. When it was under siege by an enemy will that's the idea, Paul gives here that God will supply your every need according to his riches. He'll be like a Citadel inside your heart, and he will supply everything in your anxiety moments and when that happens, then you have peace. The enemy flees, and it's a peace that passes all understanding and notice the pulse. It is first in your heart that is what you feel, but it's also in your mind. That's how you think and that is the way you overcome anxiety one more time you overcome anxiety by prayers of thanksgiving and when you pray with thanksgiving and replace those anxious thoughts with thankful thoughts. Then the peace that passes all understanding, will be a Citadel inside your heart and your mind giving you your every need and you don't need to worry about anything in that a cool verse just listening to him feeling relaxed well you know it had a piece. It's a battle let's not minimize the battle.

There's a battle for our minds and every day we fight that battle in our minds. And I believe with all my heart.

There's an enemy of spiritual force of darkness wants to dominate our minds with negative evil thoughts which cause fear filled feelings which calls us then to behave in ways we shouldn't behave. God wants us to take those thoughts captive and win the battle with prayers of thanksgiving and then replace that anxiety with thankfulness. And when we do that piece governs our hearts we have a closeness with God like we've never had before. And if you've heard me use this illustration before but still so true. Anxiety knocks on the door of our hearts. We send faith to answer the knock when faith opens the door. Anxiety is gone on. What is your mind focus folks. It's either focused on the problem or its focused on the promise either your mind is focused on the size of your mountain or the size of your God.

You make that choice.

You decide where your minds focused.

I pray all of you will focus on the promises of God that he's given us in his word, I'm David Chadwick will be right back when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99 well-connected show. The coronavirus is forced all of us to stay at home and to be quarantined for a few weeks.

Let's use these three weeks on this program to look at the power of faith overcome anxiety. I recently written a book entitled moving beyond anxiety. 12.

Practical strategies to renew your mind when I wrote it a year ago I had no idea the coronavirus was going to be where it is today, but it is here in God's sovereignty and we have this book that God allowed me to write in his sovereignty to be a way to overcome anxiety. You can get it through Christian again Christian It's available on e-book or in literal form can be mailed to you.

I'd love for all of you to get it so that you can learn these practical ways to renew your mind and overcome anxiety. You don't have to live under the bondage of anxiety. You can be free. Galatians 51 says it is for freedom that Christ has set us free, no longer to be under the yoke of this slavery Jesus in Luke 418 said I came to set the captives free.

He doesn't want you to live under the bondage of anxiety and fear. He wants to set you free, so that you can know the peace that passes all understanding.

The key is your thought life. So make sure you replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts of thanksgiving and faith. Looking at the size of your God, not the size of the problem and you too can be set free.

It's a behavioral manual and think it's it's a how to get through this thing know about this before and have always given a great answer to God because this pandemic is he testing us what what is God's.

What's the goalie what's happening, you know, interestingly, and we talked in the last segment about giving thanks to God in all things but we don't give thanks to God for all things. For example we don't give thanks to God for cancer. God is not the author of cancer. We don't give thanks to God for multiple sclerosis. God is not the author of multiple sclerosis.

We don't give thanks to God for the coronavirus God did not create the coronavirus. It is a mutation of a cell that was intended to be good, but in its avirulent mutation. It is bad now what happened in creation in Genesis 1 and do and I want a Jew or all of our listeners have a biblical worldview. In Genesis 1 and two, God created the world perfectly. He looked at the world. After each day and especially day six and said it's good it's very good it's operating. The way I wanted to operate but in Genesis 3. There was a rebellion with Adam and Eve. They invited something called sin into this world.

Not everything because of that sin is mutated. Everything has gone awry. Everything's not working the way God desires it to work so biblically. He begins a process by calling Abraham and the nation of Israel, but culminated in the coming into the world of Jesus his son to die on the cross to forgive us of our sins for our rebellion that caused all of this evil and Jesus said one day I'm going to come back and restore all things. He's going to make everything to God's original intent to restore everything to Genesis I into perfection, but we live still in that place of sin and decadence where the fall has occurred and we live in a place where there are still diseases that include the coronavirus.

It's not what God intended.

God is not the author of that. But God is working in it. That's why we give thanks in everything.

Not for everything. We give thanks in how God uses cancer for good. How God uses multiple sclerosis for good.

We give thanks to God how God is working in even the coronavirus in it.

I really believe will look back some years from now and will see you know God did some magnificent things in the coronavirus, he used it in powerful ways to bring the community together to help us learn how to love better help us learn how to serve better. I think God is in this. He didn't cause it, but he's going to use it for good, because that is who God is. So it's a part of the fall, God using it. Thank you for Cerner 30 for Serna. No think you have another strategy that fits with the flow of today.

Well, if we are what we think and that is what the Bible clearly teaches and if anxiety is a thought that comes into our mind that produces a feeling they were to take every thought captive including the problem of anxiety. One of the ways you can take an anxious thought captive is in first Peter 57 language to cast all your cares upon Jesus because he cares for you, not cast.

It's a key word in that verse, Peter, who wrote this was a fisherman he would understand the whole idea of casting you have to have the net and with a furious force casted from one side of the boat to the other. It's not a namby-pamby little toss in the air. This is a violent throwing of an object from one place to another. So when an anxious thought enters your mind you are, literally, to spirit and cast it out. Another place where the word cast is using the Bible is Jesus cast out demons from people. What he did look at the demon say would you please leave a person did. He then politely say oh I hope you wouldn't mind, but please leave that person. He violently said leave in my name and that demon was cast out of the person. So we've got to violently aggressively toss that negative fear filled anxious thought out of her mind and we put it on Jesus, we throw it on his shoulders. We say you carry this your bigger than I am stronger than I am. You've got to carry this and then the question comes, will how we know he will. And Peter tells us in the second half of the verse because he cares for you to think about Jesus caring for us. How much does he care for us will he left the splendor of heaven to enter the squalor of this world and the incarnation becoming a baby while think about that simply to pursue you and me. Imagine leaving Hawaii to move into a ghetto. That's what basically God did. He left heaven to come to earth to pursue us and die for us. So if you doubt the love of God, look at the cradle. But secondly, look at the cross. The horrific pain that Jesus underwent in order to save us from our sins and to say I love you. He loves us so much he cares for us. Look at the cradle and the cross and because you know how much he cares for us, cast all your cares upon him. You casted to him through prayer. You simply pray I'm not letting this anxious thought enter my mind.

I am by choice casting it on Jesus. I'm putting it in the mailbox and walking away. My wife has this phrase she uses all the time, pray and walk away you put it in the mailbox. You put the flag up and you walk away when you mail a letter you'll go back to the mailbox every five minutes to check on whether the postman's come or not know you leave it there because you know the postman's going to come get it. You put your prayer request in God's lap and you walk away you say it's in your hands, God, you gotta take care this. I'm not going to deal with it anymore. It's your deal and you walk away from it. You don't play catch with God you cast your cares on him and you don't let God throw it back to you. In fact the father in heaven doesn't want to play catch with us. I love to play catch with my kids when they were growing up, but here's a time God doesn't want to play catch with us, throw it to him. He's not gonna throw it back and walk away.

Don't carry it anymore and it really is your choice whether you let that negative anxious thought. Continue in your mind or you cast all your cares upon him because you know how much he cares for you.

What we do look forward to a next week show will go deeper into the book and look at some other practical suggestions were we can take every thought captive. One of the things I want to begin with.

Next week is the whole idea, not of cast but fast. There are is a great power that God has given us in fasting and we should use these times of silence, and being in our homes to learn how to fast and grow moat were to grow in our intimacy with God and abiding in him and letting him control every area of our lives it. Thank you for joining me today pleasure. David is been great having you with me on the show folks again my book is entitled moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind, you can get it via Christian Christian I love to share it with you so that you can learn the strategies to take every thought captive and don't let anxiety rummage in your mind and use these days to care for other people remember love God and love your neighbor if you just do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do and you can use even these times of quarantine for God's glory. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT before all next week

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