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The David Chadwick Show, Part 2, Sun.,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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April 12, 2020 9:15 am

The David Chadwick Show, Part 2, Sun.,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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In everyone, I'm David Chadwick talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show if there's any Easter him. That probably is played throughout most of the churches throughout the world. That's the one, Jesus Christ is risen today.

Hallelujah, hallelujah again the word hell of a means praise God praise God he died on the cross was raised from the dead to give us the gift of eternal life, and what a wonderful gift that is. I would also say that not only to allow us the freedom to live each day to the pool because we need fear death, no more but also the reality of Jesus presence living in us every single day.

Romans 811. The power that raised Jesus from the dead, now live in us. I have a wife next to me.

We are obviously having to do the show from home practicing social distancing.

The quarantine Lord Jesus free us from Cove in 19 find a cure. In Jesus name as soon as possible. Marilyn happy Easter to you as you remember the resurrection best the battle cry of the church is been the battle cry Christian since day one.

The resurrection is the heartbeat of the faith. If we don't have it with people mostly pity Paul said in first Corinthians 15 what does the resurrection mean to you Lena, David, and chemically glossed over that term I think charity can be a bad thing. Concurrently, roll the resurrection of our time and I think that Easter may think it makes us pause and how it died and was really amazed at the resurrection is true. The standing need to be familiar with that we need to be asked by that you think about dad person and currently God incarnate, coming back to life means a lot first funding God is a God who is all powerful. If he is that powerful that he can raise his son from the dad, and that means there's hope for me to get me to concurrently raise me from the dead. Jesus is the firstborn among many that we are going to be raised from the dead.

When we die and that should be extremely comforting and even more comforting and there's a crisis at least touches on the edges of our fears of death Frank. It really does, especially as we deal with the cobra 19 crisis which I think caused many people to look death in the face like they haven't had for some time. Did you know last week I caught a mild cold.

I had a fever and chills and my doctor wanted me to go in just to make sure 24 hours there. I didn't really know. I ended cobra 19 disease or not and I had really worried. Maybe this is my time to go. Of course it came back negative and not fine, but you know, for those 24 hours.

I had faced death in a more real way and but I came back to the resurrection.

I came back to the fact that you know if I die I live. I really don't ever die. Christians never die, and I know that I should visit my daddy's funeral that he wouldn't come back to this mess. Even if he could he's in heaven it's perfect. There he would never come back here to the squalor of an earth if we really believe that heaven is real.

It's beautiful. We should not fear death would actually be excited about the opportunity to transition our lives this mess, to the glory of heaven and confidence to face death with the course at the Declan resurrection.

He asked me what it means for me. I think the resurrection means remaining God is certainly again, all powerful, all loving and perfectly capable of taking care of my needs on a daily basis with something I made up the ranted throughout the Scriptures on this promise it if the resurrection is true. That means I can trust the many many promises not to hold him in my heart and I can also not a bad way, but put God to the test and say what you cannot make it out in a you said you're my provider.

You said you're my protector.

You think you'll be present okay with Donald and want to see and really expect your word to be true because the resurrection to me again as a former skeptic. Now you know a believer for the for 40 years, it's given me great confidence to know that I can trust God on a daily basis as well and with eternity. So the resurrection for you and why we need. Remember, the resurrection is not only does it give us the gift of eternal life. We need not fear death, but also the promise reality that Jesus is with us in facing with us every single problem we face in this life that is you said he's our protector is our provider and will be with us even to the close of the age which, interestingly, is how he ends the whole.

Matthew 28 resurrection narrative. He says to his disciples, behold I am with you, even for every day of your life, then something else that hits me in the resurrection story in Matthew 28 is the angel says to the women. Go tell the disciples that Jesus goes before them and will meet them in Galilee. Marilyn I really like that Jesus goes for us. Not only is he with us now, but he is with us tomorrow.

He's with us wherever we go. If we should leave our house and walk around the neighborhood he's there if we should go to work. He's there if he is if you are one of the medical people working significantly and powerfully for the aid of other people with the cobra 19 crisis. He's with you is going before you wherever you go.

I just love that idea of God goes before us. We don't need to fear anything because wherever we go. He's already there goes along with and learning actually recently because I don't know what the word will grant me and I read that God is our provision daddy about that word and it comes from the Latin word and it really means to see and injuring his cousin cry like that with wonderful new to realize God, the ahead nine days before he does know before when he see the hand he con these days, need not caught off guard by this instant he see the hand again. He has had a provide provide author comes from provision to provide what we need is certainly not had a protective he's proven that in the past and he is our present and so it's funny I noticed that every time I drive down Providence right now. I noticed the word confidence and what we get provision from another great idea that God is our provider but is also our overseer and we don't ever have to worry about anything.

If we flee to the uttermost ends of the earth. He's there if we descend even in the field to hell itself, he's there. The course is always with us every day that we face anything in life is just a wonderful reality and also in the Matthew 28 resurrection narrative on two separate occasions the angel that Jesus himself says do not be afraid.

I just love that fear is the antithesis of faith, there's the old phrase that fear knocked on my door. I sent faith to answer it, open the door and fear was gone, we need to realize that faith in Jesus, especially faith in the resurrected Jesus, who has overcome sin and death and the devil allows us to face anything and everything in our lives. We don't need to be fearful. Fear and anxiety cripple like nothing else. Folks, they are the enemy's weapon to keep us from walking in deep and abiding faith. Easter Sunday means that Jesus is alive, the devil could do his worst to Jesus he could put them on a cross make him suffer physically horrific death make him for a moment when all the sins of the world came upon him, be separated from the father to cry out in a Psalm 22 prophecy, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me. Jesus went through all of it was the worst the devil could do. And on Friday in the darkness of the devil to cross the devil was dancing the jig. He thought he had one, but Sunday came folks Easter Sunday came and therefore the victory over sin and death and the enemy has occurred and for those of us who believe that power that raised Jesus from the dead, now lives in us.

We don't need to fear anything.

We have his victory over us and we walk in faith and victory because we know that no weapon formed against us can prosper. We know were more than conquerors through Jesus. We know that he lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world. We have that reality because of the power of the resurrection. Easter for the first time, David. Certainly our lifetime we don't have the ability to gather worshiping congregations all over the world for Easter, but I didn't copy that it does not think I can give a ways to remember quietly remember the resurrection. Maybe reflect on it in different way to determine I'd have to believe that he can get all people in his flock all over the world. He can give us a need new memories for this Easter don't remember the resurrection please everyone remember the resurrection.

It's the bedrock of the Christian faith is what allows us to keep moving forward without that reality, we are people most to be pitied. Remember the resurrection, no matter what you're going through right now.

Remember the resurrection God when and if he wins over sin and death in the enemy we can have that glorious Easter word. Hope we live in hope because we know our lives are in Jesus, Jesus, life isn't the power that raised him from the dead lives in us and we need dear, nothing we refuse to be afraid we will live and hope God will conquer this cobra 19 crisis. He will bring the economy back. Our finances will be restored. We believe that totally.

Why because we remember the resurrection. Again, our battle cry today and every single day for people of faith, I David Chadwick. This is due to talk limited 99, three will be right back. Everyone hired, pulled out of the week and chat with your this program from beginning to end. It's with my wife Marilyn and were remembering the resurrection. That's our battle cry today for all of you. Please remember, the resurrection is the bedrock of the Christian faith. If we don't have that we don't have a Christian faith were people most to be pitied, but folks, the reality is we do have the resurrection. We do have.

It is a bedrock of everything that we believe and because Jesus lives were in him we live as well. We need fear death. We need not have any kind of oversight of our lives being filled with any kind of fear we live in the resurrection power Jesus we remember the resurrection of Marilyn as we remember the resurrection.

We need to encourage everyone to worship this weekend all lined the church of their choice. Most all churches are online. Just make sure you worship even though it's difficult not being together, you can still have a worship experience connected with other belief of believers throughout the world and remember the resurrection thing that throughout the world. I just happened to realize I had gotten quite a number of our friends in partnership all over the world is tweaking and asking for prayer and it is interesting that as Easter printed it. Kind of a global feeling that even in raw isolated and are in this together and that's a really positive way of looking at it and you rightly can find all kinds of worship services online in a if your home church isn't showing it online or off trying to turn around and David, we'll have to stop worshiping this Easter is a little different and it is and it will remind all of us that worship is not just what we do on Sunday worship is every single day. When we have a relationship with the risen Jesus we worship every single minute of every single day like this one constant worship experience as we are in touch with him and he is in touch with us and we live in that resurrection life in Jesus.

The globe kind of separated because the Christ to gather pain right now that maybe we will celebrate an unusual type of resurrection Sunday together that there will be God's spirit living in a different way with an earlier, God wasn't caught off guard by this need not to let it defeat them to be really special. I think Brown can look back and go out on really came through and let's connect the resurrection with the ascension, because that happens to Jesus is now sitting on the throne.

He has the crown of eternity on his head as the coronavirus is called such because it looks like little crowns were coming out of it. We need to remind ourselves that those aren't real crowns. The crown that rules the world is on the head of the risen Jesus and we trust in him.

Like you said, honey. Didn't catch him by surprise. You can use it for good, because he claimed in his word because of his resurrection all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. So we live in that reality of hope knowing that God is going to use even this for good.

What I like to do. In conclusion today focuses Marilyn and I lead all of you in a prayer you're driving around don't close your eyes. Of course, but just join us in this prayer or the home.

Just use this time as a time to focus on prayer with us as we pray for God's oversight in his resurrection power of this world right now. Heavenly father in Jesus name in the name of the risen Jesus, I come to you in the power of the Spirit. The third person of the Godhead who lives inside of us. And Lord, I pray now for this world caught in fear caught in a paralysis knowing that we don't have a chore for the cobra 19 crisis. But believing that you can provide that for us. We know Lord that people are working furiously to find that you were we pray for them. We pray to be able to find that quickly, that there be some kind of antidote that could be given so that this disease never confronts this world again.

And Lord, we know that you are able to do that we crusty we believe in you. We know the resurrected Jesus controls everything in this world and we ask the Lord for you to give us secure. We also pray for the medical personnel for daily giving their lives potentially for the cause of curing this disease. We pray for doctors and nurses and PAs, anesthetist, other medical workers on the front lines. We pray first of all for your protection over them.

We pray.

Secondly for your provision for them. We pray that they would not get this disease.

We pray that none of your children you have your resurrection life living within them would get this disease, they would be free from it and you would give them the gift of health and wholeness for Jesus we pray this in your name and where you are the provider you call yourself that you call yourself to have a gyrate on your provider and I just pray for every person listening that whatever they need today you are providing that nonlethal attempt to measure small provisions are the ones that make us laugh and pray that they'll all be alert and watchful, and it will see you working quietly in each of our lives during the days that were quarantined and even beyond that to pray for people that are on the front lines that may not be as like in the trenches is not just the medical workers that I think about the grocery store workers that I think about all the people in the stores that haven't closed better trying to serve their customers faithfully went with some risk and found that pray for the restaurant better preparing Satan and Lord I pray for you to keep our economy in this area table and that he would bless each one of these people that are faintly going to work on despite and sell again just laughing during this time working at the miraculous evidences of you selling yourself strong in the God of Providence, the God of our provision, the God who provides that you are protected and above all else, you are present in order for the most vulnerable citizens in our community. We pray for them. We know different organizations that are bringing meals to care for them to give them food amidst this crisis Lord, we pray for those of us with means that we be able support those organizations that are bringing food are most vulnerable and we pray Lord Jesus, that we would continue to have a heart for the needy in the heart for those who just don't have the ability to keep moving forward. The cause of this crisis Lord make this something that unites our community together.

Make it something that allows us all to remember that we are members of one local community called Charlotte Colchester call Clover call Roxio Fort Mill, Mooresville. All these areas surrounding us Lord really want human race and the needs of one or the needs of us all. So I pray Lord that every single one of us, especially those with some means would be able to contribute to help feed the hungry and to clothe the naked, and to give hope to those who normally don't have hope for.

We pray that would be a part of our prayer today as well, and when I pray for her arm maybe just 10 grand is any concern your real pregnant or during the Easter season is resurrection season record keeper on wondered if you're there I can experience even an amazing my text copy to Billy Graham Center and she said that the fountain thousands and more thousands of calls coming in from people who are really wet and willing and ready now to talk about God. They fit well when he worried given to interested and got right now. I now will you please tell me you have a foundation right and left praying in our final moments that people would come to a deep and abiding resurrection faith in you. They would put all their fears upon you they would receive was more than your as they know you're caring every single one of their loads.

They can rest completely and you enjoy the rest of their lives.

Father, thank you for the privilege of prayer.

Thank you for this wonderful program that we all love you with all of our hearts because you how much you love us. It's been proven in the resurrection, and that we love our neighbors as ourselves. This is your command for us all. Today and always, thank you. In Jesus name I pray this amen. Everyone talk with you all next week

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