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What God Said About Anxiety

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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April 19, 2020 9:15 am

What God Said About Anxiety

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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When I'm 9912.

In case you don't know this is a weekly program the faith and values culture locally and globally. Thank you folks for listening on a weekly basis now over 20 years it's been a blast doing the show thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and. Finds jewelry for their support of the show your support allows me to be on every single week.

Well, what else can we talk about except the coded 19 prices I want to continue to give all of you.

Hope amidst this crisis give you some practical suggestions on how to handle anxiety in your life. In fact, I have a book that's coming out. Just this week.

It's entitled moving beyond anxiety.

You can presently get but at the end of this week it will be available on It's 12 practical suggestions on how to handle anxiety.

It's only $10.

It's an easy read and has to be.

I wrote it, but it's a wonderful way to deal with anxiety in 12 practical ways before you ever have to get all medications and those more severe ways of dealing with anxiety.

Here are some practical things you can do to overcome anxiety rooted in the Scripture rooted in the biblical perspective that's the way I look at life is called a biblical worldview and I hope again. The book moving beyond anxiety is something that you would love to have and be a part of your life in the months to come, because coded 19's not going away idyllic is it first.

All welcome back into the studio you been remote.

The last two shows you actually have you back in here and we are 6 feet apart that we all were practicing social distancing, and you know I shared with the church I pastor moments of Hope Church online last week that actually I was running a fever and I had chills and a cough and it persisted. It just wouldn't go away. So finally, my doctor said let let let's get you tested. So I went in and got the test and it honestly, I think the cure is worse than the disease they know stick the thing up your nostril to try to get the culture that's necessary to do the test. So for 24 hours. I lived with a? Do I have this thing you know, but I had every symptom you I could have guessed where your very faithful guy. How did you handle the anxiety let you know I did what I talk about in this book moving beyond anxiety. I attacked my anxiety with faith. I had to go to God and so you know what you're the giver of life.

I gave my life to you years ago. You control everything, every Adam, every cell in my life is under your sovereign control if I have it and I got to go to the ICU unit and I eventually die. I believe that the die is to gain I go be with Jesus.

I'm in his presence on with my loved ones who going on before me if I live I can continue to try to help people grow in their faith to handle not only this crisis but all crisis you know it that's what we've all got a live Paul said in Philippians 1.

If I die I go be with Jesus and that's again if I live here. I continue to be able to tell people about Jesus either works out okay for me. I give my life totally to the Lord and that's what I had to do during those 24 hours with chills and fever and cough. I just had to say Lord my life is yours. Whatever you will is my will and I'm going to trust you is I'm not good to be anxious. I'm not to be fearful just about cold. It ended up being probably a seasonal crud if you will. We go through in April when the pollen comes out and you know it's been an inch deep on our cars over the last several weeks. I think I just had one of those bronco things I get occasionally in the changing of the seasons, but for 24 hours. There I didn't know I had to feel great empathy for those out there who have the virus and wondering how God's going to handle their lives. If they'll get well or not, and bring you out there who may have it trust the Lord continue to move forward. The truth is only 2% will die from this disease.

I like those odds and continue to trust God if you go be with him. It's better because then you're in heaven you have to be with no Cova 19 crises.

No other diseases. No other turmoils. No other trials. Heaven is perfect.

We look forward to that were a week out from the resurrection. Let's remind ourselves that the resurrection reality is still true today. So how was how was your Easter Sunday. I mean, you didn't. You did a service online right. Our church has two online anyone listen to it after this show is over with.

Please do so. You go back and listen to any weeks. It's all archived. They're all there. If anybody wants to listen to them and we've had to do what all churches of had to do your Catholic at and you had to do the same thing go online and try as best you can have some kind of community I give the message we have a worship time. We also have a chat room. We also have a prayer room, the people can go into and receive prayer so in a virtual world as best we can.

We try to care for our people.

But it's not perfect is not getting together. You know were not to forsake the assembling together of the believers. Hebrews 10 were social animals. We were meant to be together but we can't right now and that's the reality of our situation so we gotta do second best understand what coming up on the show today you got some great announcement on her giving some to some charities will talk that what else we could do the rest of the show.

I want to look at my book moving beyond anxiety and one particular chapter. The chapter in Matthew six that talks about Jesus words on anxiety. The chapter in my book is entitled consider creation. It is Jesus specific teachings on how to handle anxiety.

People ask me all the time will did Jesus actually confront the problem of anxiety he did in Matthew six verses 24 through 35 and were going to look at those verses today in specificity to see how to handle anxiety folks is wonderful being with you. I'm David Chadwick, God's in control of Cova 19 trust him will be right back and everyone, I'm David Chadwick, 99 WBT welcome back.

This is a faith in value, showing how we need faith and values right now. During the Cova 19 crisis.

We are so thankful that we have a God cares for us. Amidst even this worst crisis possible. We know he cares. That is a promise in the Scripture over and over again. My friend Ed Billick of the producer of the show has his Mike open were talking about how to handle anxiety. I have a book that's coming out this week entitled moving beyond anxiety.

You can get it via It's 12 practical suggestions on how to handle anxiety. We think that if you practice these 12 principles you'll be able to handle anxiety and not have it conquer your life. Indeed, you'll conquer it as well. So get moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind. The truth is anxiety begins in the mind.

It begins in the thought and thoughts produce feelings. If you are feeling anxiety, it's probably because your mind is focused on anxious thoughts. So change your thoughts to look at faith. When you focus on faith. Anxiety fleets you are what you think folks your feelings are caused by your thought life and this book is trying to give you 12 ways to capture your thoughts so you can focus on faith and then peace will come in your heart, not anxiety. Again, moving beyond anxiety coming out this weekend. I hope some people will prosper by it.

I think there will David have previewed it will thank you all for an autographed copy to pretty cool you know that a lot of people were giving of themselves right now WBT morning news had a couple stores this morning are people that are stepping out whether it's a creating facemask were doing different kind of things and a lot of churches, even though you're not in the pews are stepping up I heard something that you guys are doing is just outstanding. Well moments vote church is only a year old, were a fledgling church. We were created last Easter and we celebrated our first year in existence. Online together and that was a wonderful thing that you and we have our own building needs that were looking at work and have to have a permanent home. We been meeting at AG middle school in the gymnasium there but the truth is, we were confronted with the reality. Should we take the giving that's coming in online are people sending their checks and keep stashing that money away to build up a warchest in order to buy property and help other people or people are hungry in our community, they are not healthy.

They're not able to get the care that they need. So our leadership got together and one of our leaders name Rick Parsons is a very conservative banker. He's been on the show before I really understands finances in our economy very well. He just said why don't we give $1 million away and it was interesting. It took about five minutes for the rest of the leadership of moments, vote church to get on board and say that's absolutely what we should do so. We made a decision last week to give away $1 million over the next several months for the purpose of mostly feeding hungry people sorta work with organizations locally like Jim Nobles came kitchen like Tony Marciano's organization, the Charlotte rescue mission. Also, Rusty prices ministry Camino church on the north side of town, dealing mostly was on that old little Latino community.

Yeah, he's been on the show and you know the Latino community doesn't have access to some government nets that allow people going through the Cova 19 crisis to be able to continue they just are trying to exist. So you give away $1 million.

Ed and we have had people ask is why the world would you do that with your own needs will bottom line.

Jesus said in acts 2035 is more blessed to give than to receive it.

To give than to receive. So over the next month were given away million dollars and not doing it to be self-congratulatory to pat ourselves on the back were doing it because we know Jesus said you're never happier, healthier, more whole than when you participate in giving for God so loved the world he gave his son, the very nature of God is a giver. I think when we practice generosity will supply our needs.

At some point down the road was a giver. When you practice generosity like that, you know, put in a warchest makes me say what a gift to because I know it's going to go to the people need here in our community. You know it, even if the pews are being filled right now.

Many organizations have what's called faith, director, direct deposit where you can still donate because you have a needs for lights and all the infrastructure that you may not exactly have in your church churches to have a lot of their percent of their donations go to charities in these charities. To your point, David.

Need more today than they did before you, and most churches with their online services have a way you can give online you can do direct deposits from your bank account into the church's needs or the ministries needs. Or, you can still write that good old-fashioned chatter that works too, but the needs are going away at his you know it. Indeed there being exacerbated their enlarged so we've got to help as best we can know our churches and functioning at 100%. We got a 70% giving level, but the truth is because we don't have the infrastructure, because we don't have the staff needs as much.

We can give this million dollars away and we gladly do so because we love this community culture. I do love these folks do hourly work in their businesses may be shut down and it's just it's tough times for them. And of course the schools right now are not in session so love these kids don't have good delicious healthy meals at lunchtime in her and her parents are trying to scrounge around the finder with the servant for lunch.

I mean that million dollars is a beautiful thing well. The other thing people don't talk much about is the fact if people are hungry, they start getting on edge and in poor communities. Guns can be brought out and you can start seeing theft and intimidation occurring because people are hungry. So there's a lot of downstream good things that happened in this million dollar congratulations sure church all those who donated to it wonderful. We are most kind and again were only doing it I think mostly to say we love Jesus and this is our way to show his love. He said that when you feed the hungry. In Matthew 25 you're feeding him that when you look in the face of that person who has hunger needs and are giving them food you're giving that food to him. So were doing it for his glory and for his glory alone, but we will challenge other churches and other organizations to jump on board as well and really the truth is Luke 638 given it will be given unto you, the more you give away the more God and will take care of your needs as a faith exercise and we really believe that Jesus is honored with this million dollar gift.

We also believe it will help this community.

I hope the Lord is pleased know the last segment you were taught about your book order to continue to talk about anxiety and fear you think about the man on earth that was both human and divine in Jesus and because of his divinity. Right David.

He knew what his outcome was going to be so if there was someone of love, of human nature that should've been loaded with anxiety and/or fear was Jesus the son of God, will I think you see evidence of Jesus having to confront anxiety in the garden of Gethsemane. So Jesus totally God and totally human totally God so he is omniscient and he knows but totally human and that he feels everything that we feel in the garden. He knows the next day he's going to face the cross. The pain physically on the cross was something I know he didn't look forward to in indeed the word excruciating comes from the two Latin words X cruises, which means from the cross. The cross was the most horrific death possible. The Romans made it painful.

The person on the cross usually live forth for three days, people walking by the crosses would see that and say we better obey Roman law, there is no kind of punishment like thatsay it's beyond anything we could imagine absolute and Jesus knew he was going to experience that physical pain but also the spiritual pain and because he lived every day in perfect union life with his father.

He knew that when all the sins of the world came upon him, he would not have that relationship with the father indeed and Psalm 22 prophecies. The father turned his back on the son when he took all the sins of the world upon himself and that's why Jesus cried out from Psalm 22, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me. So Jesus knew in Gethsemane. He was going to experience physical pain and spiritual pain like nothing else.

And he was anxious, so anxious. It says he sweated droplets of blood from his forehead, which is medical evidence of a person under extreme stress, but that's it.

When he practiced the nuclear bomb of how to defeat anxiety. He prayed what some commentators call the prayer of relinquishment. Others call it the prayer of surrender. In facing that potentially anxious moment.

The next day.

Jesus prays this prayer, not my will but yours he relinquishes everything to the father. It's the ultimate consummate act of faith, it's Jesus saying I know what I'm facing. I know it's real but I'm going to put everything in my father's hands. I'm going to trust him completely explicitly with every part of my life and in doing so then he was able to rise up faces arrest and then look forward to the next day knowing that the father in heaven was with him care for him and would give him the strength that he needed in order to overcome that moment. So for our listeners right now as we face the Cove in 19 crisis. Let me encourage all of you to practice the nuclear option with anxiety practice. The prayer of relinquishment practice.

The prayer of surrender basically say like I had to say it during those 24 hours when I was tested for the Cova 19 disease and I didn't know I was going to live or die. I had to say, not my will but yours is not my life. God, it's your life you gave it to meet you control every second of it.

I'm going to trust you explicitly with everything's unbelievable level. Would you paint the picture of the garden of Gethsemane and then then his forgiveness when the sword takes off one ear and he was that he was still, he didn't get out of character at all and what is handwriting. He put the year back on and Hilda healed individual and he had that kind of compassion that even then, for the ones arresting him knowing what he's going to face the next he had that kind of deep love for the father in his heart that consumed every single area of his life that consumed every single second of his life so dear friends as you're confronting the coven 19 crisis as you're being forced to isolate. Remember, Jesus was isolated indeed quarantined. If you will, in the garden of Gethsemane. He was alone when he had to deal with this particular crisis. You may be alone yourself, but you're really not alone.

You have the father in heaven with you and if you would dare practice the nuclear option of prayer. The one prayer that the enemy hates to hear it's basically father, not my will but your will.

When you relinquish and surrender every area of your life to the father. The enemy has no power over you. You have filled your heart with faith filled thoughts and therefore anxiety cannot be a part of your life, it must flee practice what Jesus practice himself under anxiety.

The prayer of relinquishment. The prayer of surrender. Indeed, folks. When you do it will set you free. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT. We will be right back I'm enrolling in literature soon and have me a little confused and I found my health with my health I can go online and compare Medicare advantage plans from some top rated national insurers including zero dollar monthly premium class I can learn about plans in my area talk with a licensed insurance agent if needed.

My health is me doing my research the hold out easier. My choice my Medicare my health

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