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April 26, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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I what I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099 WB welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values what's going on in our culture, both locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you. Listeners are joining me on a weekly basis. Many thanks to my friends at. Fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for your sponsorship of the show even amidst this covert, 19 crisis you been so gracious to sponsor the show and I hope what I'm about to say and what I have said has been meaningful to all of you to build your faith and not have fear as you face this crisis. My dear friend, Ed Billick, my producer has his Mike open as were to talk about an interesting perspective on how to deal with your faith today to increase faith over your fears with the Cova 19 crisis in thank you for being with me today. I hope you're doing well.

Doing very well. David it every day as I got not a Groundhog Day but every day I'm taking a different task at the house doing different things and how's your week's been going on me will you what you doing on your understanding or doing little preaching on the side some podcasting but how you how you doing yeah I'm doing well.

It's much like you, we have the same day practically every day we have our resume calls with staff and we talk about things that are going on.

We try to make sure that were in touch with our people were going through difficult. I said that wonderful donation. We were talking about last week we did indeed our new church moments of Hope Church has pledged to give away $1 million over the next several months, and what has struck us, it amazingly is how yes there is the Cova 19 crisis which is killing people, but on the other hand, people need to work in the area that is particularly being hit right now hard with hunger issues is the rural community that some numbers of people are actually dying from starvation.

They just don't have food and we've heard stories about people who literally can't get food because they can't get out and are dying in their homes accordingly. So our commitment to feed the hungry, locally and in the counties surrounding Mecklenburg is a real commitment to help give life to people as well. It's a real problem and we have fed thus far, as we understand it over the last several weeks over 30,000 people over. It's a wonderful gift to this community. It's our gift as a church to this community. People have asked me, but that's crazy.

David your new church you need to put aside that money for your own building. You know the truth is, Ed, God will supply what we need when we need it. But the reality of hunger right now in our community exist. So were giving away $1 million and we think that's a great commitment and you know what we may give away more as the need is there.

It's not going to go away anytime soon. We want to continue to be a church. This generous and cares for other Jesus said it well in acts 2035.

He said it's more blessed to give than to receive. It was interesting that the two words miser and miserable come from the same word source and I think that's intentional because you're never more miserable when you're a miser, but you're never happier. It's more blessed.

It's greater it's better to give than to receive. So we want to be a church that gives and not get sent to many other churches in the area are doing wonderful things as well. Another wonderful thing to do than you thought about two years ago to fit so properly right now is this book that you've written it, it's out now right.

It is indeed and what's interesting is two years ago when I was talking with my publishers about a topic that was needed to be addressed in our society we concluded it was anxiety. I was the number one killer for teens with suicide. I also was the number one stressor in people's lives. So we made that decision two years ago, not knowing that the Cova 19 crisis would be in our midst. And amazingly, the book was released April 21 this past week. It's available on thrift other agency name of it again. Moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind and the book is rooted in the idea that you are what you think anxiety is caused by your thought life. Anxiety is just an emotion. It's not a sin. It's the result of where your mind is focused so if you change how you think and where your mind is focused. You will then be able to alleviate anxiety and when we think about how much time were spending focusing on social media and all the Cova 19 problems, anxiety raises its ugly head up and even greater degrees in our lives.

No folks, allows her to been listening last two weeks, three weeks we've been covering different chapters David what chapter we going to get into this week you from the book moving beyond anxiety and again folks.

You can get it by ordering it, thrift, and they'll come to you and its not a very expensive book at all, but the chapter today ever got a look at his ponder the prepositions ponder prepositions that we use grammatically and how they can apply to our faith life, making our minds focus on those prepositions so that anxiety will lessen decrease and our faith will be built.

Now we have a phrase that we've heard our grammarian English teachers teach us through the years don't have a dangling preposition, a preposition needs to have a modifier a thing or person that it speaks to so were to look at that great person that all these prepositions speak to our Lord God our creator or for those of us were Christians. Jesus and when we ponder the prepositions we put our minds focus on prepositions about God, our faith will increase the Cova crisis intensity will lessen and we can be free. I'm David Chadwick and will be right back I do when I'm David Chadwick and this is limited to 99 WBT welcome back to show can you see, God is your shepherd shepherds your soul who cares for you.

One of the most amazing aspects of a biblical shepherd is he knows every one of his sheep by name. Isn't it amazing every sheep in the shepherd's sheepfold was known by the shepherd by name and when the shepherd would speak the sheep's name. The sheepshead would pop up because the sheep would recognize the shepherd's voice is what Jesus meant in John 1027 when he said my sheep hear my voice when he speaks to us. We hear his voice, and we know it, and therefore can obey it and our fears will abate. I want to talk today about prepositions and pondering the prepositions to increase our faith.

It comes from a chapter in my most recent book entitled moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind folks. If we want to overcome anxiety. We got to change how we think anxiety is caused by our thought life, and wherever your thoughts are focus that produces the feelings that you feel so if your mind is focused on the severity of the cobra 19 crisis and it is severe. But if that's where your mind wanders continually you can expect anxiety to increase in your life if you want to change the intensity of the anxieties feelings within you change the way you think. Ponder the prepositions think about prepositions. Now for those of you who aren't grammarians out our English teacher has arrived here you go. It help me out here. Prepositions are part of our grammatical construction and teachers say don't ever end a sentence with a preposition is called a dangling preposition in here are a few I'll cover in today's time with you on this radio show a God is with you. The width is the preposition God is in you, the end is the preposition Jesus goes before you before is the preposition Jesus is behind you behind as the preposition Jesus is for you. The four is the preposition Jesus is over you. The over is the preposition Jesus works through you.

The through is the preposition and Jesus witnesses surround you. The surround is a preposition and what a teacher says don't end a sentence with a dangling preposition there saying don't end a sentence with a with or over or through or surround any one of those kinds of prepositions. A preposition needs a modifier which is either a thing or a person and when we look at these prepositions.

We need to realize that Jesus should be the modifier. They point to him and when you put those prepositions pointing to Jesus. They will increase your faith, ponder the prepositions look at each one closely and see how they will build your faith and decrease fear and have anxiety no longer be a problem in your life. So, more specifically, what does that mean let's look at the first one. Jesus is with you. You don't end a sentence with a with it. So, with whom that you use in your sentence and it's basically pointing the width to Jesus some amazing promises in the Scripture from the width. First of all, Psalm 23 for the great shepherd's song that we talked about even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me. Someone once said that there are approximately 365 fear knots in the Bible. I don't know if that's exactly true or not, but what is interesting is if it's true God says fear not for every single day of the year and so often whenever you read a fear not, it's always followed by four. I am with you. God's antidote to fear is the belief in his abiding eternal presence. I love this verse from Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10 it says fear not for I am with you there it is again.

Don't fear because you have the presence of God. God's presence is the antidote to fear the verse continues, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand on interestingly at my dad's funeral some years ago I was walking down a hallway and it just hit me that my good friend. My daddy was gone and suddenly my knees buckled and I began to fall to my right and my then the 12-year-old son Michael reaches down, takes hold of my elbow with his strong right hand and keeps me from falling.

That's what God does for us folks. His righteous right hand upholds us when we feel like were going to fall. That's the beauty of the promise of God I am with you and then Jesus gave us these words which are so powerful in Matthew the 28th chapter, verses 20 they are his last words before he ascends to heaven he says, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold I am with you always, to the end of the ages. Now I know that when my dad died, he whispered to me some final words that I will always treasure within. They were his last words and therefore I know how valuable they are. These were Jesus last words before he ascended into heaven. Therefore we should take them very, very seriously, what did he say to us. He said I am with you always, even to the close of the day what we have as people of faith is the promise from God ponder this peppers preposition I am with you. God plus us equals a majority no matter what we face folks even the seriousness and problem of the coven 19 crisis. God has promised to be with us. He will face the problem with us even though we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, he is with us a couple weeks ago. My fever spiked I began to cough. I began to wonder, do I have this. My doctor said go get tested for 24 hours. I wondered if I had the coven 19 problem if the coronavirus had invaded my body and during that time. I had to continually pray Psalm 23, four, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

My God is with me. How do you face death how you face any problem with the belief that my God is with me.

He stands beside me. He will allow me to face any possible problem that I may need to face with his presence, the fear of the Lord is something we all need to remember and that fear though is replaced by his presence. When we believe in him and therefore again folks we can face anything so ponder the preposition with God is with me. Everyone out there say that with me right now God is with me.

If you truly believe that God plus you equals a majority you can face any and every problem knowing that the Lord God of this universe.

The strongest force in the world is with you by your side facing your problems with you. God is with you. Ponder the preposition. Here's the second one. Jesus is in you that when you believe in Jesus. He actually enters your heart, look at first Corinthians 315 do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you. Your body is literally a temple and inside of you dwells the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit. The literal person and presence of God himself.

Colossians 127 says this Christ is in you the hope of glory. Think about that. Our hope for our future glory not only to face problems now, but our eternal promise that were going to live forever is the belief that Christ is in you, though our physical bodies are going to die will have an eternal resurrection body that will continue to have Christ in us the hope of glory have at this verse John 15 five I am the vine, you are the branches.

Jesus said whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. Now think about that.

Not only does Jesus live in us, but we live in him. As Jesus said in John 17. In his prayer for all of us as father.

I am in you and you are in me.

So my disciples are in me think about that again. Jesus not only lives in you.

You live in him, and that means wherever he is, we are not again contemplate that he is in you.

So not only is the preposition with powerful that Jesus is with us no matter what we face. He literally lives in us giving us the strength we need to face any problem. Yes, including the coven 19 crisis David he made us of the image and likeness of his own, so I mean it ties together we dwell in that image it. Think about how powerful that is in Ephesians 26 says that where Jesus is seated there we are with him right now.

He has ascended and sits at the right hand of the father. He rules all over the world. That means that right now if were in him we are ruling with Jesus over all of the world. Think about that little folks. If you do have the book and I encourage you to pick up where on page 93 and I'm just following along as David is jumping around the page, but just so beautifully describing the ponder prepositions chapter 8 and it's called moving beyond anxiety just came out this week via It was my attempt to address the huge problem of anxiety that exists in our culture and today were covering the chapter ponder the prepositions as the coronavirus has caused so many people.

Huge anxiety will let's deal with it folks. Let's change the way we think about life.

Let's ponder the prepositions that are promised to us in the Scripture that Jesus is with us no matter what problem we face, including the problem of potential death, Jesus is in us, giving us the strength inside to move forward and to face any problem in life and he said apart from me you can do nothing. But when our life is in him and his life is in us. He gives us like a vine and a branch. The sap inside of us to strengthen our hearts to face any and every problem in life ponder the prepositions and when we come back we'll look at that Jesus goes before us. What a great promise that is as well.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show.

If you'd like to hear this program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can download the podcast from beginning to end to hear what I'm trying to suggest all of us need to have in our hearts. More than that is pondering the prepositions. It's a chapter that I have in my latest book moving beyond anxiety. It just came out this week its whole premise is that if you can change how you think you'll change how you feel and so changing our minds. Attitudes toward life will change how we feel, especially with the feeling of fear that too many people are exacerbating in their hearts because of the coven 19 crisis in it or something really need the WBT's doing with my show on Sundays in November because of where we are with everything in anxiety and fear people have WBT management to decide to hear your show twice and I don't know folks if you've paid attention, but at noon. As will be this Sunday, so if you missed part of the show are you joining us like to get back on a new and of course you can always go the podcast listen to the tardy. We are on twice a day on WBT. Many thanks to the management for doing that. And if you have friends that you know might need this message.

Call them.

Let them know that at noon. It's going to be rebroadcast because I really believe if you understand these prepositions and focus the prepositions on their rightful modifier. I think you can have great faith in your life you know are our grammarian English teachers that don't have dangling partisan up preposition don't end a sentence with a preposition. You need to have it modifying something pointing to something or someone. So these prepositions were covering or pointing to Jesus and to his promises to us. We covered in the last segment that Jesus is with us. He is in us and in this segment Ed I want to talk about Jesus goes before us. I here's a wonderful verse Mark 16. Seven. The angel said but go tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus goes before you to Galilee. There you will see him just as he told you now. What's interesting to me is the angel to the women says go and tell the disciples and Peter.

He singles out Peter.

Now why is that because Peter was suffering more than any of the other disciples regarding how he had sinned disappointed Jesus. I denied him three times, not once, not twice but three times the ultimate betrayal.

We talk about Judas betrayal will Peter betrayed him as well but in Jesus love and forgiveness. He said to the angel. The angel said to the women, go and tell the disciples and Peter. I go before you to Galilee and there I will meet you and what's so cool is we see the story in John 21, the disciples returned to their fishing industry you know when you have failed at something and feel awful you go back to what you know you do well. They went back to fishing. And while there fishing.

They notice the one on the shore, making breakfast, and that one on the shore says come to me. Peter jumps out of the boat rushes to the shore and there is Jesus meeting him and three times he ask him. Do you love me more than these other things you depend upon three times G.I. Peter said of course I know that you love me a three time reassurance of Jesus love for the threefold denial of G.I. Peter in the garden. He went before Peter though, to Galilee, he was already there waiting for him and what a great statement yet isn't it to know that wherever we go.

Jesus is already there waiting for us in his love in his forgiveness in his power in his strength wherever we go. Jesus is already there waiting for us. This is the part to me the resurrection, as is our promise for future life. It's it's it's the office and at the corners and not just heaven that he goes before us now to meet us in any future problem and we all have a ceiling with those we think about this in that Jesus goes before our next hour than an hour from now wherever we may be. Jesus will already be there waiting for us that he's there for our tomorrows people get anxious about tomorrow we should not why Jesus is already in our tomorrow waiting for us. He's in our eternity waiting for us in John 14 two Jesus said in my father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you.

He's arty in heaven preparing our eternal dwelling place, he goes before us in eternity and listen to this verse in Isaiah 45 to I will go before you and level the exalted places.

I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron all of those difficult things that are confronting us in life those seeming impossible mountains.

Those huge barriers Jesus as I already go before you to those exalted strong strongholds and I've already torn them apart.

I've already open the door for you nephew really believe that it would not anxiety decrease absolutely, absolutely. Is such a great promise that Jesus goes before us, and in here's another one that Jesus is behind us that we need the claim. The fact that he is behind us now. Why is that important because every soldier knows that he's got to have his fellow soldiers who have his backside in a great soldiers have friends, a band of brothers who say I've got your back, because you can't see behind you. You got to have eyes behind you will little else can see your sports guy about the game afoot. There you go, the quarterback, the most important person in his life is the offense of guard that protects his blind side.

If he's left-handed, it's the offense of right guard if he is right-handed is the offensive left guard. There was a movie called the blind side. It's that guard that protects the quarterbacks blindside because of he's looking down the field to throw the ball.

He is a blindside behind him. That's got to be protected will conference industries and that person is Jesus. Jesus is our blind side. He has our backs and in Ephesians 6. Interestingly, there is the description of the full armor of God, there is the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation the shoes shed with the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the sword, which is the word of God. But what's interesting in that description of the full armor of God to defeat the powers and principalities of darkness in order to combat the evil ones attacks upon us.

There is no description of any armor on the backside is not there and one idea the people are given through the years is that's because the church is supposed to give an onslaught to the gates of hell were on the offensive. The gates of hell are on the defensive.

We are moving forward. And then that means that our backside is protected by Jesus himself. He is the one protecting us from behind.

He is our blindside. He's got our backs. We don't need to worry about. For example, in Africa. The Lions always attacked the wildebeests.

They are the stragglers in the herd. They sneak up behind them were that they don't know line is there in the line attacks and gets his food. That way will Jesus protects us, the stragglers he got our backside against Satan who is a roaring lion looking for whomever he can destroy. In it I just think that's one of the great promises of the Scripture that Jesus has our backs. He has our blindside. He's protecting us from the enemy attacks when we can't see what's behind us coming toward us and let's claim that preposition today to folks that Jesus is not only going before us.

He is behind us. You shall go out in haste. Isaiah 5212 and you shall not go in flight for. I go before you and the God of Israel will be your I love this rearguard that God is our rearguard. He is our blindside again folks don't worry about someone sneaking up behind you. God's got your back. Let's get one more room before the end of the segment. Jesus is for you now in that a great promises for you. Let me read this Scripture Psalm 118 verses six through seven. The Lord is on my side I will not fear what can man do to me. The Lord is on my side as my helper, I shall look in triumph over those who come against me. I love that God is on my side that God is for me.

I he's on my team and when God is on my team. You know Michael Jordan this new the last day here that's come out that's captured so many people's interest, he made every teammate better. A lot of the reasons people think he is the goat the greatest of all times is because he made his teammates better will. Interestingly, Jesus is on our team. He makes us better our team wins because we got the best player in the universe on our team. We got the goat, the greatest of all times, the Lord Jesus Christ on our side, and was also interesting. It is Romans 831 Paul said, what then shall we say to these things. If God is for us who can be against us. Will that these things will what's Paul talking about their he's talking about Romans eight what had been stated beforehand.

First of all there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Verse 11 that the power that raised Jesus from the dead, now lives in us that we grown go but grown with the Holy Spirit who lives in us allowing us to face all of life's groaning problems. Verse 28 that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Verse 29 that the Holy Spirit in us is conforming us to the image of Jesus, then the verse 31 what shall we say to these things. Those magnificent promises of Romans eight then Paul says, for God is for us. If that's true, who can be against us folks God is on your side. He's for you. He wants you to win. He wants you to claim all of his promises and walk in his strength when you do so when you really believe in the pondering of the preposition for that God is on your side. You can face any problem including the COBIT 19 crisis because you have victory in the one who lives in you through you is behind you and for you, I David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I David Chadwick and this is the start 11 to 99 free WBT welcome back to the show. I'm going to my book which just came out this week.

It's entitled moving beyond things tidy 12 tactical strategies to renew your mind. It is available on thrift. Other online sources. I hope you all will read it. It's a way to change your thought life so that anxiety will increase in your decrease in your life. The truth is that we focus on causes us to feel what we feel when I focus on the promises of God which will allow anxiety to decrease in our lives.

It is you just joining us, so will be back on at noon today zero news talk Littleton WBT management is a lot of so a second time each day, plus of course you go the podcasts but because this this content.

This is a message from David is so so vital in these times we are living. Let's defeat this cove in 19 crisis folks and we defeated by faith by believing in the promises of God. So here the prepositions we covered so far Jesus is with you.

He's in you, he goes before you. He's behind you and he's for you.

Here are three more during the segment, first of all, Jesus is over you. Psalm 121.

Eight the Lord will watch over your coming out and you're going, both now and forever more. That means that every single day. Jesus is sitting on his throne watching over you. He knows your next step. He knows what you need. He's therefore ruling your life as the King of the universe.

If you trust him folks with every area of your life if you give him every second of your day, believing that he is the king over all the king over you. Your fear will abate you know he controls everything. You can take it off your shoulders put it on his and know he will carry it.

Ephesians chapter 4. Five. God is over all I think about that God is over all, there's not one thing that he doesn't control this corona virus is controlled by him. It may look like crowns come out from the coronavirus, but our King of the universe. Jesus wears the crown that controls the coronavirus we can trust him in every area of our lives. Ponder the preposition folks think in your mind a lot about this reality, God is over you. He sits on your throne. A throne is elevated on purpose so that you look down on the subjects as the King who come before you. God is on his throne.

He's over us. He looks down on all of our problems. He controls everything. Believe it and your anxieties will begin to decrease another. When Jesus works through you.

Remember you are the hands and feet of Jesus.

He uses you as his body to help other people. And remember this verse. Isaiah 58 verses eight and 10 then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily if you pour yourself out to the hungry and satisfy the desires of the afflicted, then shall you be lifted up from your darkness and your gloom as the noonday. Here's the promise from God work, let God spirit work through you to go help other people go through your contact list on your phone and send text to people and encourage them make a phone call to those who may be lonely and encourage them if you can go visit someone who is in need. Go do so. If you have the opportunity to deliver food to hungry people do. So if you can give money to help give clothes to the naked or people who visit the prisons do so because here's the promise.

God wants to work through you. And when Jesus works through you and you are giving your life away to the hungry, the needy, the oppressed, the disenfranchised, when you do that folks your own anxieties lift your own gloom is like the noonday sun shining down upon you. It is a great and wonderful promise that all of us need to claim we find our lives when we lose our lives in something greater than ourselves. You are the body of Christ. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. Go serve someone else. You'll find your problems are really not that great and you then are lifted up, and your anxiety start to go away. Jesus works through you and here's the final one, Jesus witnesses surround you.

Hebrews 12 one therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is before us. Now the question is who are these great clap cloud of witnesses who are surrounding us as we run this race of faith in this life as we go toward the finish line. I think you'd look at several possibilities.

First of all, in Hebrews 11, all the saints who lived by faith beforehand.

The Adams the Abraham's the Joshua was the Gideons all the people of faith outlined in Hebrews chapter 11. They are in the cloud of witnesses cheering on you and me encouraging us to run the race faithfully to the finish line. Their voices are crying out from eternity to all of us keep moving.

Don't give up. Persevere in your I think. Secondly, they can also be the angels of heaven. Hebrews 114 says that the Angels are here to serve God's people. They could be the ones crying out in heaven. Keep moving.

Don't give up.

The crisis is huge but but let your faith be bigger.

You can make it run this faith with endurance and I think finally they could be the loved ones who've gone on before us like my mom and dad edit your mom just passed away and is been a great grief for you but yet you know she's among the cloud of witnesses cheering you on toward the finish line. And I know that my mom and dad are among those as well. Can't you hear them speaking to you. Some days I think I hear my dad saying to me.

Keep moving son, don't give up your gonna make it. And as you run this faith with endurance. These surrounding witnesses are cheering us on, get quiet and listen to them.

Jesus witnesses surround you.

That's the preposition and they will help you finish strong in this great race of faith and onto preposition's wonderful cash is good stuff David. Good stuff know you don't folks in the last few shows as we end with a prayer that they give a special special prayer based off of the strap. What I want to do is to take this chapter from my book moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind. I want to pray the preposition's over all our listeners right now, especially as were facing this corona crisis. Folks pray with me daddy in heaven. In Jesus name as a Christian I pray in Jesus name. Daddy, our loving father I pray that you would be with everyone who's listening.

Be with them and all they face be with them in all their trials not only be with them but be in them be associated not only with and in them but connected to them. Let them know how you are living inside their hearts, and when they face a problem they're facing.

The problem with you inside their hearts, Lord, go before everyone help them realize you are in there tomorrow you're in there eternity and you are going before them to prepare a place they need fear nothing because we have the promise that every step we take your already there waiting for us Lord. Let us know your behind us. Your protecting our backside. Those places were the enemy attacks were so vulnerable.

Help us realize that help us believe that your for us are on our side and of no matter what we face. You are for us you will help us get through it and we have that great promise mortar over us ruling over everything, including the coronavirus help us to believe your sovereignty and your rulership you work through us. Help us to serve somebody else this week to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. And as we do our own anxieties, our own depressions start to lift as we allow you to work through us in Lord help us hear the voices of the great witnesses who surround us.

The Angels great saints of the Bible, our own loved ones who departed and gone before us. They surround us, let us hear their voices as they encourage us to run the race of faith with endurance to the finish line more.

Let us ponder the preposition as we do so we have your strength and your presence. We can face anything, including the coronavirus, your very promise to thank you all for listening to this today love you so much Jesus thing I pray, amen. Talk with you all next week

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