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The David Chadwick Show, 5/3/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 3, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show, 5/3/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 3, 2020 9:00 am

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBC welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a show this been going on over 20 years now, faith and values program trying to intercept weekly faith and values with different issues going on locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the program. Thank you for listening on a weekly basis and many thanks to my sponsors a Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Peary's fine jewelry for their support of this program will we continue to walk through this coded 19 crisis and what I've been doing the last several weeks is playing off a book that I recently wrote and amazingly was just released this past week entitled moving beyond anxiety. It's a book I decided to write two years ago because at that point anxiety was the major negative emotion that people were experiencing today so I felt like I needed to write it two years ago, not knowing that it would be released right in the middle of the biggest anxiety producing crisis our nation and the world may have ever known, especially in the last decade or so. So it's been a good exercise for me to go through that information with all of you weekly and try to help you focus your minds on the whole idea of faith and hope, believing that God's got this.

It's under his sovereign hand and not focus on the fears and anxieties that this kind of crisis could create because you know what, folks, you are what you think that's what cognitive therapists have taught us for a long period of time.

You are what you think. Let me put it in a different way, a way that my mother put it garbage in garbage out. My guess is many of you had great moms told you that if you put garbage in your mind by what you watch and what you think that's what's going to ultimately come out. So make sure you're putting thoughts of hope and faith and love and service and care and giving into your mind, because those then are the feelings that you will feel here's the way behavior happens. You have a thought. The thought causes feelings and then you act on your feelings and what too many people today have tried to do is to solve behavioral problems by simply conquering their feelings that doesn't solve anything. That's the whack a mole with the beach or just whacking down the feeling but it will ultimately come back again if you want to change your feelings change your thought life.

Change what you put into your mind, change what goes into your head when you change your thought life that changes your feelings, which then changes your behavior. So what I tried to do over the last several weeks with this book, which is 12 ways to change the way you think, which can then solve anxiety. I've tried to present different ideas to you in order to conquer those particular feelings that you have that are anxious in Billick my producer joins me as well.

Did you know that over the last four weeks that anxiety medications have increased 34% that people are turning to their meds. I'm not an anti-med kinda guy, but if you turn the meds without first turning to your thought life not really solving the problem that is as amazing with the been quarantine at home and sheltering in place and staying with those that you love and in relationships get strained, and the unknowns were going in the unknowns for zero solution to this. So you're on the first segment here. I want first rib take up a pause. The money your church is donated.

Give us an update on yeah we because we have a low overhead were meeting in the middle school gym and we don't have a lot of the costs of buildings that other people have we been able to give away $1 million to feed the hungry, and over the last two weeks. We understand that we have been able to feed over 50,000 people in our area and had the problem of poverty existed before the Cove in 19 crisis in this area. It's only now exacerbated even on steroids and the people who need this often are people who have transportation issues anyway they can get on the bus and go to one of the feeding centers. So what were doing is working with Kings kitchen and West Boulevard ministries in Christ's resurrection church in a better world to some of those organizations which are closer to those hungry people and their actually getting the meals and taking it to those folks again because they can't get on a bus and go to a feeding center.

They don't have the ability nor the prices them money to be able to do so and you know so it's the same hoots and salutes to all the church member. For those of donated and it's just a good feeling where that money is going yeah and their other churches doing a lot of wonderful things as well were just fortunate to be in a situation where we can give this $1 million away and we want to continue to be generous, we may even give more than that because we know this needs not going to go away anytime soon it's going to last for some time now and so we got to be on top of that we got to be concerned and we you have learned too that the people who are most vulnerable are those in the rural areas in Gaston County Cabarrus County Mecklenburg as well. Those in those rural areas who are isolated in it.

What we discovered as well that not only are they perishing because of the Cove in 19 crisis, the piercing because of starvation.

You know, we come back from the break. Your assurance of good news go to discussion with Dr. for New Year's. Some wonderful news that he feels like there's a light at the end of the tunnel with something scientifically that has just been discovered and I'll tell people what he had to say and also look at this very interesting word quarantine from a biblical perspective. David Chadwick will be right back in everyone. I and 99 you got a choice you can focus on the problem or you can focus on the father can focus on the Cove in 19 crisis in all of the problems with the good good father and the essence of faith is the belief that God's even in control of business worlds terribly falling terribly broken. It's not working the way it's supposed to work. And yet God still oversees this world as a loving, good father, and he promises to still care for it.

In fact, I heard some news that I wanted to share. In case you haven't heard it, there is a breakthrough in the Cove in 19 crisis medically, scientifically, a rims of this drug that has been discovered has been proven to help older people with pulmonary problems breathing problems to be able to get well quicker. Not all of them, but a good number of them proved that they got well quicker and my doctor friend who is on the front lines of this Cove 19 crisis said to me, David. It's the first sign of hope in the medical community. We've had the even use the term. This is a light at the end of the tunnel and I think that's awfully good news because here's my belief folks when you see God do something once you can sit back and go you know what Lord if you did it once you can do it again and I think this is the first light at the end of the tunnel that says to us is not a train coming toward us. There really is an end to this crisis. My dad used to say all the time that his favorite verse in the Bible was and it came to pass, folks, this will pass. We will make it through it together we will get to the other side and the key is focusing on faith focusing on the good good father who works constantly through this broken world to give us hope. So please is my doctor friend said is the first light at the end of the tunnel. They can see is the first sign of hope.

Let's continue to focus on hope and not the brokenness of our world. Let's continue to focus on love and loving one another rather than hatred and getting after one another. Let's believe that God is good. He's a good good father and we can get through this together and I pray this simple prayer right now. Father in Jesus name. That's my faith perspective. Please give us a cure. You said Jesus that were two or three are gathered in your name. There you are. And I know there are hundreds and thousands of listeners right now listening to this program. We agreed together in prayer in the power of faith that you will bring a total healing to this Cove in 19 problem and we will return to normalcy again and you will continue to make your plans known and us serve you.

Thank you father in Jesus name. I keep praying that folks. If God did it once he can do it again and will keep moving forward. Ed Billick, my producer joins me with an open mic in it. I got some interesting information on the word quarantine from a biblical perspective.

Have you ever read this before notes are okay here you go. It is absolutely fascinating world quarantine the Latin root of the word quarantine is 40. So what does the Bible have to say about 40 well the flood lasted 40 days for 40 years. Moses fled into Egypt for 40 days Moses stayed on Mount Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments, the Exodus lasted 40 years Jesus fasted for 40 days. Okay Ed you come from a Catholic perspective lent last how long 44.

These days there you go and a group of theologians thinks the number 40 represents change. It is the time of preparing a person or a people or a nation or a world to make fundamental changes in the way they live. Something will happen. I believe after these 40 days of quarantine just belief folks and pray with me.

Remember whenever the number 40 appears in the Bible there is a change that's ready to come. Please note that during this quarantine, rivers are cleaning up vegetation is growing. The air is becoming cleaner because of less pollution there is less theft and murder. Healing is happening, and most importantly people are returning to faith, especially in Jesus Christ they're getting tired of focusing on fear. They know it's a deadly emotion you're choosing now to focus on faith and the believe that the God who created this world is in control of this world and that Jesus loves them deeply. The earth is at rest. For the first time in many many years and many hearts are being truly transformed by the power of God's grace in Jesus, so during this time, enjoy with your loved ones and return to the family altar, together family prayer is a great blessing and I know you said your grandson has come over.

What a joy it is to see him and have those special times with him that you just don't have when life is so hectic and chaotic through prayer. You will see the changes. God can work in and through you, especially in your home.

Christ promises us that everything works together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

That's the promise of Romans 828 remember we are in the year 2020 and 20+2012 on Ed for 40 also 2020 is the year of the United States Census, Jesus Christ the Savior of the world was born during a census.

Lastly 2020 is perfect vision when you go to the eye doctor any measures your cycle. You have 2020.

He looks for 2020 vision. Here's a prayer.

May our site focus on the Lord and living according to his perfect vision for us.

Knowing he holds us in the palm of his hand. This Cove in 19 crisis did not catch him by surprise.

He's not sitting on his throne in heaven pulling out his eternal hair going. Oh no, I didn't know that was going to happen. He is the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and as the Corona crisis.

Corona means crown because there's a little crown that looks like it comes out of the tiny German. We know that the crown is truly worn by Jesus himself made these days off quarantine bring spiritual liberation to our souls, our nation and our world dear friends the best is yet to come. Trust in the God the father, son and Holy Spirit, who controls everything in the world is beautiful. You know it and it's it's all occurring during the Easter season and the resurrection jellies of Nero and of course the moments hope church you can watch the services online. What I've been doing is going to the different Catholic churches that are used with 10 in my Frito-Lay days and watching masses at different places across the country so you're not with community you're not with Eucharist or your folks in the church environment, but there's many ways to celebrate Sunday and celebrate the resurrection. What you know there's not one the pastor or priest who has all the information needed to help people get through this crisis. It and I know some people who go and listen maybe to me or listen like you're doing to several different freezer who go to ever other pastors of other churches and they get insights from a to B to C to D and then they accumulate those different aspects of faith and they all give a person an insight that helps build their hope walk through this particular crisis absolutely stuff there, it it, we have this 40 days to quarantine and at least until May 8 were going to be with our families and friends and just trying to do the best we can and let me remind all our listeners that this device that all of us have either a computer or a cell phone technologically a wonderful thing. Just be careful about how much time you spend in front of the screen absorbing all of this information, you know, one of the major reasons for anxiety in our world today before the Cove in 19 crisis was the amount of time we would spend watching different streams of information coming into our mind and with all that information coming to us.

We are negative in our views of the world so quit looking at all the information coming to your screen quit looking at all the criticisms of the different politicians that are out there. Quit letting your anger be exacerbated and use your screen to contact somebody who's in need of go through your contact list and go through them and make a text to everybody and say hey am praying for you or reach out to a few people you know you're going through a really difficult time. Call them and say let's pray together. How are you doing build those bridges from your heart to other people. This is a magnificent time to be able use the quarantine to care for others, even though you're inside your home with this cell phone and other technologies.

You can stay in constant contact with people encouraging them praying for them, building them up serving them.

And isn't that what life is all about. It absolutely, absolutely.

And for a lot of us guys that are sports fans will have the major league baseball fall over like this week and would've been the Wells Fargo championship. That time is now given to us to do other things and maybe spend some time with your kids if you got kids at home. I mean you been so busy. Dad's in your jobs mom in your work that you not develop those relationships with your kids spend some time with your children and spend some time a husband and wife with one another. Yeah, you may find that you got some difficulties that you didn't realize how to hack your face on site and go to one another and care for one another love one another and use this as a time to build upon your marriage. Note, you fell in love for a reason you got married for reasons of find those reasons rebuild those reasons and build upon those reasons, so that out of this quarantine will come a stronger marriage, a stronger family, a stronger faith and a stronger reality of I'm called to care for other people. That's how these days can be used for good. I David Chadwick this is this talk 11 to 99.

Three. WBT will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and Mrs. Lewis talk 11 1099. I just believe my God's bigger than the Cove. In 19 crisis. Adjust the bottom line. My faith focuses on my God and not the problem. I believe that the Scripture gives us possibilities not impossibilities got our Lord and I just believe as we focus on faith, we can get through this crisis together. Loving God, loving one another and on the other side of this. Folks will be stronger and better because I really believe that if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety.

Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear this program from beginning to end. And if you didn't hear the whole thing on the 40 number biblically the word quarantine in the last segment you need to hear that it's awfully good stuff. Also, folks, if you're just in the car your runaround are more likely at the house this show air again at noon here on this talk little WBT it's an encore presentation so if you missed it. We heard parts of it. Tell your family. Tell your friends turn it back on at noon, but it's also podcasts and that's another way to connect with the David with the David Chadwick show will monitor the W BT would repeat the program if they want to help folks develop that faith perspective during this Cove in 19 crisis and I'm again honored the WBT would do that many things also next week. Want to go ahead and plug this Mother's Day. Can you believe that is next week and my wife Marilyn is going to join me in the Mother's Day program were gonna talk about a chapter in the book that I recently wrote a book entitled moving beyond anxiety. I came out just last week.

Amazingly I wrote two years ago because anxiety was the major problem.

So many people are experiencing, but I wanted to do it special Mother's Day program on one of the chapters in the book that faith is more caught than taught and we want to talk to all of you out there about developing faith in the heart of your children. By the way that you handle anxiety. By the way that you won't let fear dominate your life's was apparent. If you have conquered anxiety. You can bet your bottom dollar your children will be able to conquer anxiety as well and watching you do it for many of us for most of us was our mothers that helped instill our faith life that helped instill God and in our belief system or both parents. Of course, but in my case was definitely my mother more so than my father, and you just recently lost your my first Mother's Day. That's in my entire life that I won't have a mother to think. But then I have my wife is a mother or children so well. I just believe that in that Hebrews 12 that we are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses who are encouraging us to keep running the race to the finish line with endurance and to set aside all those things that encumber us like anxieties and fears. I really believe those cloud witnesses are the great saints of Hebrews 12, you know, the Moses is the Gideons the Isaiah's all those people who live by faith in Chapter 11, but there also. I think the angels of heaven who are cheering us on.

But I think finally there's a cloud of witnesses of our loved ones who've gone on before. So I think your mom is cheering you on every single day going yet finish strong your parents as well. Especially her dad always quoting that he was my mentor taught me about life and my mama was just the sweetest, most genteel Southern Bell you could possibly imagine.

And they loved each other and they loved me, and I'll never forget my dad said that me the greatest gift you can give your children is to love their mother and I had a dream the other night and it's about two months since she passed and she was in a wheelchair for the last two and have three years a walker before the Saucier dream and she's walking around the house and she's walking to work more towards the wheelchair what was going shows I don't need a wheelchair in my new life. All my and you know she doesn't know what she does and people asked me how old will you be in heaven. I don't know but you know Jesus was crucified at 33 I've always wondered if that's got to be kind of the age. Everybody is in heaven out of a gauge of matter that it probably doesn't. That's probably a silly thing to say but I do wonder that the truth is, will be able to recognize one another in heaven just like the disciples were able to recognize Jesus resurrection body. Eventually I think will be able to know our loved ones in heaven as well.

Whatever age we may be and will be reunited in that the David Chadwick show up. There will be able see all of our listeners. I hope that everyone enjoys these programs because you know it.

You and I both want to get people faith today.

That's just the heartbeat of our lives.

We want to give people faith because we know anxiety can a road corrodes the soul and we just want people to live by faith.

In fact, interestingly, anxiety was a huge problem before the Cove in 19 crisis ever hit when I wrote the book moving beyond anxiety that was released this past week, and by the way folks if you'd like to get a good or any of book stores. You can get it that way again. Moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind whole idea was to deal with the problematic of anxiety, which was the chief emotional problem. People were experiencing two years ago. In fact, it was the major cause of teen suicide.

It was the major cause of people's depressions and discouragements.

So in the book. I went through some of the major reasons for anxiety being in our lives today. One of the being rapid change in how rapidly our lives have changed with this Cove in 19 crisis but no with the ability to receive information immediately from all over the world. Our lives change dramatically and quickly. It causes anxiety.

There's also lost your people just go through constant loss.

They lose loved ones. They lose jobs, they lose bank accounts that loss causes a great fear that I'm going to lose everything and causes anxiety to increase in our lives. Here's another one natures disasters here in North Carolina. We've lived almost every summer over the last several summers with one to three hurricanes blowing through here over the last several weeks we've had tornadoes that have come through here rainstorms all kinds of flooding in those on I think are unnatural disasters because I don't think I never intended them to exist in his world are part of the fall, but those natural disasters calls people's hearts to be consumed with fear. There's also wars and rumors of wars.

People hear of a new war out breaking someplace in the world there even more wars fought in the 20th century than all the previous centuries combined.

So we hear of another war breaking out, and we wonder when Mike somebody push the lever when Mike somebody caused the nuclear option to really occur across all the negative medical diagnoses before the Cove in 19 problem ever occurred. We had people dealing with heart disease, cancer problems going to the doctor and hoping not to hear one of those major medical reports that causes our hearts to spin downward.

Then there's the fear of failure. People don't want to fail and when they fail, they feel like their lives are meaningless and they are complete failures, there is the fear of rejection. When people get rejected by someone or something a person or a job or whatever they live their lives with what's called the acid rain of rejection for your young chickpea folks and even adults, fear of missing out that it is part of that is constantly but propagated is the word on social media well. Social media causes two emotions, either causes pride or envy your either prideful. I got it better than all the people on social media, following or you're envious that you don't have it is good and both of those emotions are negative in which then causes anxiety of trying to keep up exactly and you do what my dad used to call the snare to compare. You compare your insides with somebody else's outsides. Again, it can only cause pride or envy, and as a result, your life will spiral downward and negative emotions, principally the negative emotion of anxiety which leads to another reason that anxiety existed, it is not having blank. You know we we all say to ourselves.

If I only had blank then I'd be happy. But the truth is you finally get blank and you're still unhappy you look for something else in your life to give you meaning it just is a spiraling downward of your emotions when you think you're comparing yourself with other people.

I got to have blank in order to be happy or how about the political division said you and I talk about that a lot on air and off air. The political divisions are like nothing I've ever seen before and what should you believe what should you hang your hat on than oh by the way, you may hear something and then okay that's the way it is what you need to listen to both points of view.

You need to understand and then decide.

But what you can really want to be consumed with you and the politicians themselves use crises like this for the virus to create fear to get people on their side and to blame the present for the problem or others to blame other people for the problem. That division widens and what increases anxiety and then you mentioned it earlier with food. With this isolation increase use of drugs and alcohol. Yap, 34% in the Middle East in anxiety beds over the last month. Since this crisis hit in it again I'm not against meds, but I think what they do is they cover up the real problem. The real problem is the emotion of anxiety and spring fed by a fought life that does not focus on faith, but focuses on the problem and if you focus on the size of the mountain. Your anxiety will increase. If you focus on the size of your God and believe in him. Your anxiety will shrink. It really is that simple.

Jesus chided his disciples what he said in Matthew six.

Don't be anxious about anything, oh you of little faith. He wants us to have a great huge faith. There is a really depressing ulcer with the life of the Lord people.

He said those of the problems, but let me tell you the solution. The solution is a great big huge God, who oversees all of these circumstances, they're not bigger than he is. He controls everything. He sits on the throne. If your mind focuses on those problems, and especially now the coronavirus problem. Your mind will be consumed with anxiety.

If you focus your mind on faith on the size of your God on other people serving other people giving, caring, sharing your anxiety will shrink. It's that simple.

You are what you think that's the message of the book moving beyond anxiety.

It's my joy to share that reality with you all. My David Chadwick will be right back then and everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99.

The I hope all of you believe what's just been sung to you that we are many, but were one.

We will make it through this crisis together. We really will and on the other side of it will be better because of it and we are the hands and feet of our God.

We are the body of Christ we are Jesus living touch to those who are in need. What an opportunity during this time to jump outside our own selfishness and to give our lives away for folks you find yourself when you lose yourself in something greater than yourself. When you give your life away.

There is where true faith is found. It's where meaning is found, and if you will begin to do that you will have purpose even in a crisis like the coronavirus crisis. God is good. Keep focusing on that, and even though the problems surrounding us are huge. Even though we still don't have this problem of the Cove in 19 crisis solved. We still have a God who sits on his throne and my challenge to all of you that I outlined in my book moving beyond anxiety that you can get online. Amazon wherever please it's not expensive is just a simple way to have 12 practical strategies to renew your mind as you focus on your thought life as you believe you are what you think.

As you know that whatever you put in your mind will eventually come out emotionally put thoughts of faith in your life, what is faith will the only definition of faith in the Bible is Hebrews 11 one. Faith is the evidence of things not seen the evidence of things not seen that we don't see God but yet we know he exists. We look in his universe.

We see creation.

We know that he exists.

Though we can't see him. We feel love a great question for all of you skeptics out there is if God doesn't exist.

Word love come from where did the deep emotion of love toward your spouse, your children, your deep friends the ability even to love an enemy, where does it come from, it's got to come from a God who created this world out of love and he wants this world to not live in its brokenness.

It's selfishness. It's strife. He wants us to live in love.

So if faith is the evidence of things not seen. Our faith focuses on the invisible God who controls this world. I've had skeptic friend say to me before. Oh, you're God's just a crutch.

Your invisible genie in the sky is just a crutch. You lean on to get through life and you know what I say. You're absolutely correct. I believe in a great God who loves me dearly and I leaned on him daily to make it through this world and this life in all of its trials and turmoils that we face. Yes, God is good and I leaned on him.

Focus on faith folks don't look at the size of your problems. Look at the size of your God. Don't look at the size of your mountains look at the size of the promises of your God. And when you look at the possibilities and the promises and you let your mind dwell on them and you ingest those beautiful promises in the Scripture you even memorize them. You can speak them to the feelings of anxiety and fear that enter your heart. Use beer them in second Corinthians 10 five language were Paul said don't let any thought come in your mind that's negative spirit take it captive. You then usher it out of your mind and replace it with good positive thoughts. One of those being like we've Artie talked about in this program use. Thanks giving thoughts as regular ways to combat anxiety.

The moment an anxious thought enters your mind, spirit, usher it out and replace it with something for which are thankful something. Everybody's got something we are too blessed to be stressed. We have so many gifts that God is given us develop an attitude of gratitude. You are what you think. Whatever you put in your mind is, what will come out garbage in garbage out spear those negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts of blessing, hope and Thanksgiving and and when you do, you have trained your brain you have exercised.

The one thing you can do. You've chosen to focus on faith and not fear. That's where that old phrase comes from fear knocked on the door. My heart, I sent faith to answer it. Faith open the door and fear was gone. Fear cannot stand in the shadow of faith. It just camp the way you defeat anxiety is through faith.

Jesus said so. Matthew 625. Do not be anxious about anything on this side of eternity, but trust him. Look at creation look at the way he cares for the birds, the flowers, this world and if he cares for this world. Here's the argument a for your time or you argument from the lesser to the greater if he cares for the birds and the lilies and all the things of the lesser order in creation how much more does he care for you the crown of his creation. Dear friends, once again, as Jesus chided his disciples and said oh you of little faith, develop great faith believe in the bigness. How huge your God is and when you do and you focus on him and his love for you is care for you and especially serving others. Your faith will overcome your anxiety. That is the promise of God's word. I think it be appropriate now to end this show as I have the last several weeks in prayer. I do believe Jesus was right when he said, where two or three are gathered there I am with power. We have thousands of listeners. Would you all join me in prayer right now as we pray for all of us during this crisis. Dear father, the one I know personally, as Jesus my Lord, I pray in his name there something really powerful. Jesus, you said when we pray in your name. It is the name above all names, the name that every knee shall bow and tongue confess that you are Lord. So I pray Lord Jesus in your name right now and I asked that every listener would pray with me that as there was a breakthrough this week with a drug do something else. Bring in something more. As one of my doctor friend said there's a light at the end of the tunnel Lord, make it a bigger light. Give us more hope expand our belief that you're doing something magnificent in all of this and you will give us a cure.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you be with every listener out there that you would keep them safe from the coronavirus.

If by chance anyone has contracted. I pray for healing in Jesus name.

No matter what age you may be younger all that you will be healed in Jesus name I pray for the power of God to come upon you and your mind will focus on the greatness of who God is and not the size of this problem. Father I ask that marriages be strengthened. I pray that families be made stronger. I pray that relationships between husband-and-wife between parents and children, and children.

The parents will grow and deepen and that at some point in the years to come to look back and say remember that quarantine back in 2020 when we were forced to be together and how deeply our lives grew toward one another father in Jesus name I pray that you would be with the city that we would have jobs restored soon. I pray that those who may be have lost jobs will find them soon and they will be able to be restored to the place where they once were financially in every way. I pray this Lord, because you are a great God who loves us deeply and dearly.

I pray that you'll take care of us. I pray that we would develop our faith in such a strong way that we would see our primary objective and loving you but also loving our neighbor and we would care for those around us in prayer and in service believing that you are the great God of the universe is called us to love you and love our neighbors above everything else.

Thank you Lord for the privilege of doing this program for the privilege of prayer. Be with us all give us healing. Grant us a solution to this problem again. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Talk with you all. Actually

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