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David Chadwick,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 17, 2020 9:15 am

David Chadwick,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 17, 2020 9:15 am

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to respect faith and values with different issues that are going on in our culture locally and globally been doing it now for over 20 years.

What a joy that's been. Thank you for listening on a weekly basis. Also, thank you, too. Fine jewelry and also Ruth Chris steakhouse for your sponsorship of the show without you this show would not be possible. Well, we are continuing to live in crazy times. I've never seen anything quite like this. Amazingly, some of you may know that year and 1/2 ago I was approached by my publishers asking me to write another book and I thought we know a subject that we might want to address his anxiety because then a year and 1/2 ago. It was the major negative emotion adults were experiencing. It was also the second major reason for teen suicide. So I started working on a book entitled moving beyond anxiety. It came out April 21. Little did I know the crises we would be in right now and how this book would address the major negative emotion folks are experiencing it a year and 1/2 ago it was anxiety is now anxiety on steroids.

CNN recently did a poll that said, there's been an increase of 34% and anti-anxiety medications in the last two months, so this book is trying to give 12 practical suggestions on how to handle anxiety. We covered some of them over the last several weeks will continue to do so in the next couple of weeks and I hope you'll enjoy a new perspective on how to handle anxiety. My friend Ed Billick has his microphone open the producer and dear friend of the show I Ed, strange times aren't they sure David and you know folks some you think about in the book came out. At this time, but usually we have some outstanding very interesting guests in studio with us and we go down many paths where there ex-NFL football players or basketball players are people of interest that we that have a strong faith life that we haven't been doing that. So not only is this book available for you to purchase it gives us content for this show which is right on.

During these covert, 19 times during this pandemic.

It's it's perfectly set in to go through these chapters, and it been very enlightening. We hope you're enjoying David asleep as he goes through the different chapters. I think were gonna talk another one today what we are indeed Ed and out for our listeners if they like the book they can get on or any bookstore online. It's available and is not really expensive. I wish I could get all your free copy of it.

I got that for my church members, moments of hope church I'm going to get all of them a free copy at some point when we can gather back together again. But until then, since we can't have guest in studio. Let's cover the book and help. Hopefully that's going to help our listeners be able to deal with the anxiety in their lives.

So many of you looking forward to getting back to your Sunday service the Catholics to celebrate mass. David you made a comment.

I think as we were talking about fear and anxiety when do you plan on getting your group back together with what your thoughts on it. I don't know. Maybe it's just a real problem right now trying to think about getting back together again.

Gov. Cooper has allowed outdoor gatherings.

That's fortunate that were entering into the warmer months we might be able to find some way to get together in a park or something like that to be able have some fellowship. We still have to practice social distancing. Catholics are low in communion and you go to a you have to schedule it and go up to the priest or the deacon and I have the face shields on in the masks and all, but as we were talking bringing congregations back together. Are you have to wear a mask. Can you sing through masks. I mean there's just so all kinds of questions that just can't be answered right now. If you have a facility that seats say a thousand, but you can only get 200 and there because of social distancing. What's that going to be like when people are singing and praising folks normally love the hug they like to hold hands and pray for one another.

That's just not going to happen right now.

Or perhaps anytime in the near future. It it's just a new normal not only for business, and jobs its new normal for the church and synagogues in Moscow in any kinds of religious expression in and people have asked me what's all of this mean where are we headed as faith communities, and I honestly just don't know in sporting events. Can you have games without finance you can have a church service without born. I do have worship without worshipers and virtually no that's not the same.

If you have together.

It is the best stopgap, the church can do. But you know there's a verse in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 25 that says do not forsake the gathering together all believers in their something powerful when people come together and pray for one another, encourage one another and do all those one another's together.

Three are gathered in my name, I am present but right now you gotta say were two or three are gathered with social distancing mistakes. You are from one another. But you're right. The Lord is still there and it's important that we realize that so today what I want to do is to take the next chapter of my book is entitled. Remember, your body, and as all of us are experiencing some level of anxiety. Let's not forget we have a physical body that's connected to our spiritual lives and as we have those two intersected with one another. We need to remember that if we take care of our body that helps our emotions, especially the emotion of anxiety as were all indoors. Let's make sure we remember our bodies will talk about that in just a moment, I David Chadwick will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show when I want to do today is to continue my glance at my most recent book entitled moving beyond anxiety. It's 12 practical strategies to renew your mind.

One of the chapters I wrote is entitled. Remember, your body and since all of us are so enclosed right now and we don't probably get out as much as we should, and were not adhering to the need to take care of our human bodies as we should. I want to give a special message today remind all of you who may be anxious that there's an inextricable connection between your body and your emotions and when you take care of your body, you're taking care off your emotions as well and vice versa. So, I want to begin this time together today with this story from my past on after I had completed my seminary studies I needed to be interviewed by a certain number of religious dons out there if you will.

People who were experts making sure that I was ready to be ordained and they would examine me in the areas of Bible and theology and the book of order and ethics. They quizzed me for a couple of hours asking me really tough questions but I was a generally good student I had done my work and I was ready to answer every single question.

Then came one final question Mr. Chadwick tell us about your prayer life will I take prayer very seriously. I spent some time with the Lord.

Most every morning in his word, in prayer, I do journaling I write out my prayers. It is just an important time for me to be with the Lord when I start my day.

So I went in depth about how important prayer is now. I believe in the power the Holy Spirit and the union life with Jesus, my life in him his life in me and I thought I'd given a pretty good answer.

Well, at the end of it. I was thinking now going to be approved. Finally, another old grizzled real thoughtful theological kind of a guy with his glasses on his nose stood up and said with a deep baritone voice. Mr. Chadwick is that how would you respond if someone called you on Gnostic now for those of you out there that don't know Gnosticism is spelled GNOSTICISM and it comes from the Greek verb good notes go which means to know. Will Gnosticism was an early church heresy.

It was a mystery cult only a few really knew that's from where the tonneau comes from the true inner workings of this cult, and in this mystery religion. They seized upon Jesus incarnation and they said basically, God became one of us.

But Jesus was not in human flesh. He was not in a body. He was merely a spirit so as you look at him. It's just a spiritual revelation of who God is.

It's not really of physical body and that mystery cult lasted for a while until the church called together a Council and declared Gnosticism a heresy, and by and by the way, dear friends, you can begin to know what you believe by looking at some of these early church heresies. There was another one called dosages, MD OCE TIC ISM and a dose setting believe that Jesus was just body, but not spirit and what Christians believe, is that God become one of us fully human. In a fully human body but also wholly divine holy spiritual a mystery for sure how those two things are intersected. But that's what Christians believe that's what the councils of the early church determined, so my grizzled theological friend was asking me. Basically, as you emphasize your prayer life as being so important. Do you see Jesus as being only spiritual and not of a physical nature whatsoever. Fortunately I had done my church history study and I knew what Gnosticism was, and I was able to assure him and everybody else that I was not a Gnostic I believe, and also the spiritual and the physical being intersected and connected.

Now what is that have to do about this chapter in my book call remember your body. The truth is, dear friends, that many of us in our faith walks can become gnostics. We look at our faith as only spiritual we only develop the spiritual side and we fail to realize there's a physical side of our faith life as well. We need to take both very seriously the spiritual and the physical and when we do we are being faithful to an understanding of who Jesus was and how our lives ought to be set another way we can become so heavenly minded were no earthly good.

We are spirits and bodies intersected with one another so therefore if we have an understanding of that reality. It should help us deal with the problem of anxiety in first Thessalonians chapter 523 Paul says that we are body soul and spirit. There are three parts of the human personality and I find that fascinating. When I think about the number of three-part divisions of our world. For example, there's a earth wind and fire as a part of the elemental makeup of our created order, and Adam has three different parts. Interestingly, in our theology as Christians we believe in a Trinity, father, son and Holy Spirit, would it also makes sense that our bodies are made up in a tripartite division body soul and spirit. Now all of you listening right now. Imagine the Olympic rings.

Now there are five of them intersected all representing the five continents. But imagine three rings intersecting.

There are three separate rings, but they have an intersection in the middle will think of those three rings as body soul and spirit, your body is this physical body that all of us have. It's the only one organ I have on this side of eternity look forward to heaven when we are not going to have aches and pains in trials and tribulations, but on this side of eternity. This is the only flesh and blood body will ever have. The soul is the mind that the will and the emotions. Your mind is how you think.

Remember in this book over the past weeks I've been reminding you. You are what you think.

Whatever you think is what causes you then to feel your mind and your emotions and then how you feel is what makes you make decisions. That's your soul that your human makeup. That's what makes you uniquely who you are is your mind, your will and your emotions and then there's the spirit life. That's the guidance of God from the Holy Spirit who supposedly lives in us who believe in the spirit should be the one who guides us but in our rebellion against God.

That's not happened enough and were too often led by our body and our own souls, what we want our decisions. What we feel. What makes us do what we want to do. So what we want to do right now is to mention that intersection of those three parts individually body soul and spirit, and that's what makes you who you are not. If that's true, if body soul and spirit are all interconnected. That means that in our emotional life. What happens with our bodies will affect our souls.

You with me folks that if you don't take care of this body that you have it will affect your emotions in your soul-ish area and that is a reality. It is truth. And if you just try to live life totally in the spirit are totally in your soul with your mind, will and emotions and forget about your body, your body is going to go cup boot and your will and your emotions will go out of whack so I want to remind all of you that we have a body and we have an emotion and we have a spirit, and we've got to take care of our bodies in order for our emotions to be rightly cared for.

We are body soul and spirit.

Remember, your bodies when you take care of your body, your emotions will be healthier. My wife calls it Temple upkeep.

I love that temple upkeep. Paul said, do you not know your body is the temple of God in which the Holy Spirit lives. So think about that. We have a body that the Holy Spirit lives in and the Holy Spirit then guiding us should affect our mind and our choices which then make our emotions operate as they should. Here's my question for all of us today. Are you taking care of your temple are you taking care of your body. I guarantee you, especially during this coven 19 crisis. If you're staying inside all the time. If you're not exercising your body. If you're not eating well. If you are imbibing caffeine and heavily caffeinated drinks and all kinds of alcohol etc. if you're not drinking enough water.

If you're not taking care of this body. I promise you anxiety is increasing in your heart it is a reality, you must take care of your body. If you want your emotions to be well and if you're not taking care of your body. It's contributing to exacerbating your emotional your emotions going haywire.

You know that I read somewhere this week and love to give the source, but not so sure food is to be your medicines so medicines don't become your food boy food is to be your medicine. So what you and take ought to be healthy ought to ought to allow you to live and be healthy and if not, then your medicines will become your food, exactly, and I have a friend of mine. I was out to eat with him and his wife and we were enjoying a great meal together. He he he was a bit rotund, overweight, and he ate his meal and then his wife had some leftover and he ate that and then actually my wife had a little left over, and she said would you want that to me and I said no I really don't will he grab that and eight that as well and his wife sits out loud and and they must have a great relationship because she held no punches. She said you know it's not what you eat. It's what's eating you it's not what you eat.

It's what's eating you and my friend as much as I love him has some real issues. He was dealing with, and Eddie was medicating his pain with food and he was using his food as medicine and as a result, he was contributing to what later was discovered to be a diabetic problem and when your diabetes is going crazy.

I promise you. Your emotions are haywire as well and your anxiety levels increase. While let's continue this topic when we come back. It's quite interesting it's what chapter of the book. It's in chapter 11 and when we come back it. I want to look at a biblical example of how God restored emotions gone awry. A man who was living in depression. A man who wanted to die, who was even thinking about dying. It doesn't say suicide, but it certainly implies that and how God restored his soul what God did to give him new life is an astounding example for all of us today. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three. WBT will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news on 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to show Blessed be the name of the Lord, even when it's bad. Praise God, even when it's awful, blessed be the name of the Lord. When you learn how to praise and the problem it really does make life different because folks if you complain, you remain in the problem. If you praise you are raised above. The problem is just such a wonderful truth. All of us need to remember David isms, there are a bunch of them I learned from my dad. I got a few myself after 40 years of ministry you interestingly folks we like to hear the podcast from beginning to end.

Please go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end and also if there's something else that WBT is allowing with my show right now and it bears again encore presentation at noon every Sunday, so if you just caught part of it, or you've missed it, it's on at noon here on struggling to WBT. Thank you for that and I'm so honored that WBT would want to reenter it in their doing so in these extraordinary times just trying to get people faith and hope in order to keep moving forward. Saloon will here is something I am trying to teach today. That is we live in human bodies and our bodies are connected to what's called our souls, our souls are minor will and our emotions and our bodies affect how we choose and how we choose to live life is what we then feel and one of my real beliefs in life. It is that we need to have healthy human bodies, and since our bodies are connected to our emotions when we have healthier human bodies we have healthier human emotions.

Sometimes when our emotions are going awry and they're just way off track. We don't need to go any farther than to look at what were eating what were drinking our lack of exercise and all of that and here's a biblical example to make my point Elijah was one of the great Old Testament prophets are in fact on the Mount of Transfiguration in Matthew 17 when Jesus took Peter, James and John on top of the mountain to have some time of prayer together because Jesus was facing the cross in just a few days. This was an extraordinarily powerful moment for him. He wanted to take his inner circle to be with him. I think just to pray have a spiritual time together will. While there on the mountain.

The cloud appears and what happens next is extraordinary out off eternity steps to Old Testament characters Moses and Elijah the prophet what will one thought here folks is we all need to realize the veil that separates the visible world here and the invisible eternal world. There is very thin and I really believe we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who love us are cheering for us to get to the finish line faithfully. I believe they include the saints of the Bible who lived in faith. I think they include the angels of heaven who were cheering us on. I think they include our loved ones. There are days when I hear my daddy whisper in my ear, son, keep moving. He died 10+ years ago, but I sometimes think I hear his voice encouraging me to keep being faithful amidst my own trials and challenges and I think those cloud of witnesses are our loved ones are moms or dads or brothers or sisters or cousins are friends have gone on before us, and in that eternal world there cheering us onward and I think God occasionally allows a person or an angel to step from that world into this one. He did so with Elijah and Moses. Now why did God allow those two to be the ones who would come and encourage his son will Moses was the great lawgiver he was the one who had the law given to him for Israel. Elijah was the greatest of the prophets when he saw evil he didn't hesitate to call it out when he saw something he knew wasn't the Lord he addressed it he confronted it so he was the one chosen by God to be representative of all the prophets and in fact Jews. To this day at their Seder meal. Their Passover meal have an empty chair there thinking that Elijah is one day going to come back and sit at that table with him. That's how revered he is in Jewish circles. So Elijah was a great prophet a great man of God will during his time. He had to do battle with two people one wise King Ahab who was Jewish, but he married a godless foreign woman named Jezebel and she was evil beyond words. She started bringing in the Israel. All of these Canaanite practices like child sacrifice and occult temple prostitution and just ugly. Evil stuff that God had warned the Jews about. Don't be a part of that. That's not who I am. I am a holy God. That's offensive to me.

Will Elijah again, the great prophet didn't hesitate to call people out so he called Jezebel out and he continually confronted her in every possible way.

She had asked her prophets the prophets of by LB AAL IL was just a name for all the Canaanite deities that allow those godless practices to occur. So Elijah calls in a famine in the prophets about ale to the top of Mount caramel. I've been to Israel.

It's a beautiful mountain that takes you up thousands of feet and they had basically a Super Bowl of faith. Elijah said if your gods are God.

During this famine. Let God like this altar and give fire to it and they went and wailed and they cut themselves and cried out to Biodel and nothing happened.

And Elijah finally said okay God, it's your turn you actually wet the altar during a famine. He takes water and wets the altar and says now God do your thing and God strikes the altar with fire. The people are so enamored with Elijah. They strike down the 450 prophets of bile.

They kill them. There's a sense of gay were finally going to return to Yahweh and be him following him alone. Elijah runs down off the mountain you can think he's thinking all man, there's gonna be revival to break seven, Israel only to hear that Jezebel upon hearing that her prophets had been killed was so angry she issued a fatwa on Elijah and said, man.

I want you dead within 24 hours that you think that this great man of faith would go at you gonna win.

Look what happened on Mount caramel I got this thing under control. But something happened in his spirit, his soul collapsed and he just started running and he ran in the opposite direction from Mount caramel and he ran to the southern most part of Israel called Beersheba. Normally a six day walk he did in one day. That's how much he ran he got to a broom tree collapsed under the broom tree and said to God, I'm done.

Take me home. I want to die. It almost gives the implication he was suicidal. I don't think he would've taken his life.

He was too great a man of God, but he wanted to die. He wanted to get out of here and what God did with him is so interesting that I outlined in my book moving beyond anxiety and Chapter 11. Remember, your body the first thing that God did to deal with Elijah's anxious heart with his depressed soul with his desire to die.

The first thing God did was not to have them pray not to have them worship the first thing God did was he said.

Remember, your body Elijah. He put them to sleep. He put them to sleep and then after some hours of sleep. We don't know how long I can tell you when I've been exhausted and just about ready to give up on life sometimes 12 hours goes by in a heartbeat and I sleep through the night. Then God awakened Elijah, I think, shook his shoulders a little bit and he awakened and found an angel was doing something extraordinary cooking food, an angel was cooking food on an open fire and and folks do not notice it.

It's like when you smell crackling bacon in the morning when you wake up or a fresh pot of coffee. Or here's the best example a loaf of bread freshly cooked with Elijah woke up to that smell and the angel fed him.

I think Manna Angels food perfectly nutritious food and then the third thing God did with Elijah after he put them to sleep and fed him. Well, good food, he gave them water lots of water folks, our bodies are mostly water the best drink that got ever wanted us to imbibe is water and then the fourth thing God did with Elijah was he put them back to sleep. He put them back to sleep now. Here's my point. God knew that Elijah's depression and his anxiety was connected to his physical being. So God got the physical well before he addressed the spiritual it's true our bodies and our spirits are inextricably connected and it isn't it fascinating that God dealt with Elijah's human body first before he addressed his negative emotional experience and I think all of us need to learn that lesson. First of all make sure you're getting enough sleep. Make sure you're getting at least eight hours of sleep. That's what all sleep therapist say.

And now I recently read that the older you get, and I'm doing a little older. They say you need nine hours of sleep because your body needs that replenishment when you sleep, God restores your soul. Psalm 23 when David said, God makes me lie down in green pastures before Stillwater.

He restores my soul. The second thing is, he then fed him folks make sure you're eating well, not a lot of bad carbs and a lot of highly sugared food. Don't do it. Thirdly, make sure that you are drinking lots of water. Make sure you're doing that and then next go back to sleep sure you're getting some more sleep. What you'll find is your soul will be restored in your body will start getting healthier. You know what they say when you have a lot of pain. David can't think straight when you're very hungry you can't think straight. Get cranky. It all fits together for me and I just find it interesting that the great prophet Elijah, who was chosen by God to appear to Jesus right before his crucifixion in the Transfiguration, was a man just like us who just got exhausted got tired got depressed, got discouraged, got anxious, but when God dealt with him. The first thing he did was he healed his body before he ever addressed his emotions. Folks remember your body and when we come back let's look at one more thing that needs to happen and that's called exercise I David Chadwick this is the stock limited 993. WBT will be right back. I been looking today at a very real way to help overcome anxiety based on my book that I just wrote called moving beyond anxiety is 12 practical suggestions on how to train your mind to think well into use your body the way God intended it so that the emotional part of your life to be under control and we looked at the pre-in the previous segment about the prophet Elijah and how God restored his soul when he was at the point of wanting to die. The first thing he did was he put them to sleep. The second thing he did was he gave them great food. The third thing he did was he gave them good water and the fourth thing was he put them back to sleep again and then he called Elijah back to ministry. It was at that point that Elijah return to serving the Lord, but he had to get his physical and emotional holes parts of his life together operating in sync, and God did that with him and he needs to do the same with us. So during this coded 19 crisis, folks.

Be careful that as you sit around not being able to do a whole lot that you don't sit around too much and that you don't get enough sleep and that you eat bad food and you drink that stuff and again you don't sleep enough and when that happens you can be, more and more anxious. This bodies connection to your emotions is inextricable.

It's understandable.

It is medically proven and here's one more thing you must do, make sure you exercise again. This is the only body you'll have on the side of eternity. It was meant to move.

It was meant not to sit around so make sure that you're moving your body in whatever way you can wear in some delightful weather right now, so make sure you go outside just take a walk if you will walk five times a week 30 minutes per walk, it will lift your emotions.

It will allow your breathing to get better. It will allow everything to feel better. If you are a jogger if you'll jog 20 minutes five times a week that will release in your body.

God's great antidepressants. His antianxiety medications. It's called endorphins.

When you jog it just releases endorphins. It's God's way of overcoming anxiety. If you can't get outside just dance around your room, put on your favorite song and just dance around the room. Good CD and do some exercise, aerobics with somebody else leading you do some resistance training against your walls or just doing some push ups or sit ups on your floor.

Just make sure you move your body and exercise. When you do so, it releases endorphins and that is God's best way to overcome anxiety in your life. Many many people out riding her bicycle as families know which is great where your helmets, of course, but bicycling is a very that I learned there great way to exercise it and that is one of the good things it's come from the Cove in 19 crisis. I'm seeing families together like I've never seen them before. I'm hearing of families worshiping together and praying together. Kids actually taking the lead on the spiritual part of their families life it's bonding people together spiritually like God intended it supposed to start in the family even before you're supposed to go to church. You have to him. We have to move your body and you know taken a 30 minute walk through the trails are on the streets. Whatever it just helps her cardio. It just helps you tremendously and don't you believe as well that as you look at creation and you see how God orders everything to fit together so perfectly if God's on his throne, and he's controlling everything he's controlling this coded 19 crisis. He is overseeing it. I don't know what he's doing exactly what he is doing something in this. I think maybe to drive us deeper into him to drive our faith experience more realistically to drive us in the family to make our relationships more real. So God sitting on his throne, and as you consider creation as you walk around. That's another way for your faith to increase, and faith drives away anxiety.

Those are at opposite ends of the spectrum. They are opponents to one another. There UNC Duke in basketball or Ohio State and Michigan in football their Auburn Alabama in football, they are at war with one another. Make sure folks you choose to be on the side of faith and that's ultimately what Saul a big sports guy like me there's no sporting events wash and also how do you feel that time.

Well, you should fill that time by maybe spending some more time with the Lord, open your Bible, read some stories like that story of Elijah, which will give you great hope in life and as you develop that spiritual side of your life and faith increases anxiety willfully. What settle phrase it had that fate of fear knocked on the door of my heart. I sent faith. The answer, faith, open the door fear was gone ago and I think it's that simple. So did folks continue to develop that part of your life will it take a look at these are shows to you go back, check out the podcast.

Of course for the show but over the last for five weeks. David's been covering different chapters of the book there all insights he speaking straight from the heart of this book book he wrote in working a pickup with the titles moving beyond anxiety ordered online is just 12 practical ways to overcome anxiety. I really believe folks medications you may need to take them. If your doctor tells you, so I can't argue that, but here's a way you might take some practical steps toward overcoming anxiety where God gives you his medications and that's my purpose in the book.

Should we pray, no, I think so heavenly father in Jesus name. The one I know is my own more than Savior, I come to you and I pray for all those who were listening right now.

I know Lord that many people are feeling anxious. I prayed that they would realize that anxiety is the result where their eyes or focused if their eyes are focused on the problem. Anxiety will increase. But if their eyes are focused on you. The possibilities increase.

I pray instead of focusing on the problem of the covert crisis.

We focus on the promises that you've given us, especially in your word in the Scripture those great magnificent powerful promises that assure us you are in control matter what may be going on in our lives. I pray for those who are lonely. I pray that have someone reach out and care for them. I pray for those who may be feeling like they might have the disease. I hope it doesn't happen in the Lord. If anybody listening right now has been diagnosed positively with the Cove with the problem. I pray they would be healed.

I pray that you would give them a magnificent healing and I pray they would build up those antibodies and never have to experience this again for other listeners who might be concerned they're going to get it.

I pray a protective bubble around them. For those who dwell in the shelter of the most high. They can cry out in Psalm 91 language that I will not live in the terror of the night. I will not be affected by the deadly pestilence. It just won't happen. I pray Lord for all those listening that they would walk in such abiding faith and overwhelming joy that this disease would not harm them. No weapon formed against them will prosper that they will be more than conquerors as they walk in life with you. I pray that they never feel any condemnation that they are experiencing a retribution from you because of something they did wrong for Lord there's no condemnation for those who are living in you.

I pray everyone would realize all things work together for good for those who love you and are called according to your purpose. I pray Lord all remember that you are for us, not against us. You are a good good father. Your our daddy, Jesus, you yourself called God in heaven. Daddy, so should we in a loving daddy will always take care of his children, no matter what. So I pray for all of our listeners.

Now that the walk in faith, not in anxiety will see you in control though. See you on your throne will know you're in control of everything and nothing happens unless you allow it to happen and you're working all things together for that good and glorious purpose. You have help us to love you more Lord help us to love our neighbors to our lonely and needy.

And when we do so we fulfill our reason for being of this side of eternity. I pray this in your name. Amen. And everybody.

I look forward to talking with you all next week

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