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May 24, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show,

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Everyone, I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99. Welcome to the program. In case you don't know this is a faith and values program that I been doing on the station now for 20 years trying to intersect faith and values with different issues that are going on locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis and many thanks to my sponsors Ruth Chris steakhouse in also.

Fine jewelry without you. I could not do this on a weekly basis. While today's a show I really been looking forward to. I have on air with me Manny a homemade man. He's been a friend for many many years but I just admire him so much. His passion for life, but mostly the call that God has on his life to do something special, something unique that few if any are doing at all.

Maybe, welcome to the show. Thank you, Dave.

It's always great to be with you. Just always feeling sparse just be around.

Like I said a while ago when I grew up on a be just like all yeah when I am a little bit raspy today. I have a little bit of laryngitis on you as you help me carry the show and is not going to be hard for you because if there's anyone I know you can be a bit garrulous talkative is my friend Manuel home right so so share with us. Many in case anybody doesn't know you're the CEO of Samaritans feet. It's a wonderful ministry is trying to put shoes on the feet of children around the world and let's start off with the statistic was to weaken and back up and let people know about your background, which led you to this position. Most folks don't realize that the vast majority of diseases are passed on to children throughout the world through their feet. Talk about that, you know, the World Health Organization said 1.5 billion people in the world with the be infected with salt transmitted diseases that comes into the effete because many of them have shoes.

I'm just putting in perspective with 300 million children in Africa woke up today with no shoes on your feet. The reality that many of the student walks through theses mean contaminated water in behalf of simple laceration David Tucker become a death sentence. I may just think about a place like Uganda where a young child that walks through this motto something gets a corroded metal that cuts them and opens up that wound up parasites and juniors can come right to transport to the blood through the body leads to something that looks like the guy, leprosy, and something that we can prevent with a pair shoes. I just think that's an injustice in the police like Ethiopia with over 4 million people have this condition called political neurosis.

It's an unfilled aerial type of elephantiasis 1 million people in Ethiopia children has this condition for billion in total, many of them work in agrarian company situate you bring to Africa. You seen how these people live, but many of the parents to have shoes. They walk in and saw me at a silica and this tax the soul of their feet eats away at the protective layer and text in nerve 50 blows up something to four times the original size of your feet dispatch smelling they can interact with regular people. The children can go to the parents can't afford to pay for them to get good work and we can prevent that. That's something that's very preventable and we said this shouldn't be happening on our watch. We can do something about that in one country may not us that we don't really think all the disease all over the world to me.

I had a friend actually in Tampa Florida that was cleaning the gutters around the highway.

Never thought anything of it feet got cut by something being Maria like there was some type of Paris of succumbing to the body attack went to the body. Dialogue in the heart almost killed Saul-based parasites that comes into our body because we don't have protectively we ticket from ran this country because we have shoes as a fashion accessory to the millions around the world. It's actually people to survive when you are on the show.

Some three years ago, you told us you had a goal and that goal wise to have how many pairs of shoes, put on the feet of children worldwide goal was to impact 10 million people around the world and it's amazing David to think about this is going to be our 17th year and that's up to date was served over 7.2 million children and people in over 108 country 408 US cities and communities because God said go to and because of friends like you and partners all across the world would be it would impact people with that voice. Is Manny a homemade Manny is an interesting story birthday in Africa.

You can probably tell a bit of an accident.

Still, it carries you along who came to the United States because of basketball a mutual love that we have together.

And then God has used that gift of basketball to give you this passion for putting shoes on children's feet and is just a remarkable story Manny. What you been able to do basketball coaches all over the country at all different levels taking off their shoes during games as a way coaching barefoot, a way of supporting your ministry and giving notoriety to your cause of 10 million shoes on the feet of children all around the world. When we come back what I want to do is have you tell us your story is so fabulous, so beautiful from Nigeria to North Dakota to this wonderful passion this ministry that God has called you to be your family.

Just how God is using you and I want that story to get in everybody's heart because the bottom line is, everybody can do something to help somebody else to advance God's kingdom here on the side of eternity.

Many home a, I'm David Chadwick will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show one of my special friends and really great men of God is my guest today, Manny a homemade he is the CEO and founder of Samaritans feet. A wonderful ministry is trying to put shoes on the feet of children around the world several years ago he was on the show and told me had a goal of 10 million shoes on the feet of children.

He's now has many again how many over 7.2 mail so you're getting there.

My friend and we want to help you get there today as well, but I think it be really interesting for people to know from where you've come tell us your story little boy in Nigeria and how God touched your heart you know. I was born into a first-generation Christian family. Everybody knows me is Manny but my original name is actually Emmanuel.

Every time I talk to my mom. My mom's at home the work to let them start calling you man, when of giving you the best name there.

It means God with great email but it but it all started in Africa, a group in the home of father was a practice in animist. My mom was a first-generation Christian my family. She canceled out to know Christ or the work of some in the Anglican missionary, Nigeria, and it's amazing to think about, you know, growing up in that type of culture where you know the the occult in the darkness was very real and still is a letter parts of the people don't realize because we live in this civilized society we would become so removed from those reality in the Bible say sweet you know we don't fight against flesh and blood against principles and partners powers are real well. My father was a guy that struggle with alcohol. My father was a guy that I just had a lot of choices that that that he made early, long life that that that really tends to that effect affected a lot of things that is gone true. Well I have three sisters. They know when my mom became pregnant with me. You know I remember how her telling me later on in life you said well the medicine man which are the folks in Africa that uses their spiritual powers to help intimidate and and and help should way to say I told my mom but the baby she was carrying what is will be gone. Wasn't going to come to fruition.

Exceptional sacrifices really and kinda sacrificing anything know it in our culture, just like in the old traditional Jewish culture. You know they use animals and different types of things to appease God and and in our culture and in Nigerian culture and the part of the West and Niger culture.

Where was it you know they have to sacrifice different testing trapeze a different God that he and my mom after she came to know Christ. He said the ultimate sacrifice has been hat on the cross called Calvary, and I don't have to anymore sacrifices. Well, that was a dangerous thing to say to a medicine and so they started scaring her to simply feet under the sacrifice that baby was going to kill one day, David. My mom was home just on my desk.

She was my father was out drinking with all his buddies. She said she was awoken from a sleep. I was one of the scariest day.

My mom is very tough, strong woman. She sits. She was woken up. In short, the step coming towards her door and this is the real intensity. Best of Coming towards his sister started getting fearful should, father's name a couple times and was no response, and denies to step came closer she remember what his ministry told is it every time you encounter.

Fear called the name of Jesus, and she said she thought she could muster was, in the name of Jesus. What ever steps coming towards my door. I command you to turn around so we contested that step was coming or something turn around and she established shaky status, fearful, and she said God save me and she said she made a commitment to God that is a God. If you allow me to have his baby. Baby is a boy.

I'm going to name him Emmanuel because tonight my God was with me in a few months, and later this good looking thing came right out and and my mom told me that she made our way with the Lord and she name name and she told me I was gonna serve God and it's amazing to think about as I grew up in my home.

Things were tough. I grew up in the place. Like most part of Africa would people live on less than a dollar, two dollars of that, so at least we kept growing up David and and six simple prayers of God, give me 001. That means keep it in a breakfast or lunch is given a supper for tomato next to think about our world and he looked at me today said my man, you have missed the mill in your life you know what I was I reality and it's crazy to think about as I grew up in a home.

My job at the age of nines to help my mom also contribute to the bottom line of our economics of a home, so I hope you have eggs coming just to be able to prove the heights of my job is to go so water and soft drinks to athletes a complete sports by my house one day David showed up at this park in leg is Nigeria selling soft drink some water and was a group of people from America were missionaries that came to do some humanitarian work, and as they showed up there at the bread is large policy Nigeria as roundabouts we kick in a political this was basketball.

She does seem to enjoy as his guys were dribbling girls were passing and shooting. And I want to join the but I was one of the street merchants. I didn't belong to try to shoo me away. Having so much. With a basket. What about muscle when the balls go around so I thought I'd grab it and snuck in and join with us kids playing weathertight tell me to move away all the other keys I can listen I just did that will, in the middle of all this mayhem. This missionary called David from Wisconsin said we could have a shooting competition said the price for the winter Scooby-Doo.

Tennis shoes.

David this place when ballistics because when you live in the place where your parents live on less than a dollar a day. It appeared tannish is like a Mercedes-Benz and when this concert was to be participant free child in that place was picked me. People were jumping including Emmanuelle homemade.

It was very true. I was one of the few that I got picked that day. I never played best with my life but I truly believe interest was working overtime that the because the shutout sort that day when he was in the swish. He was a Swiss Army and I would feel if the net wasn't as good as a switch here, but it was one of those crazy things where I was so related kind of winning the competition.

David came back and he never played not only basket but I will go watch people and I just I still I still think about how you talk about being something happen providentially. It's just like I Cleveland I not a plate is getting and I became the first person in my family that day. Actually, my community to become the owner of a tennis shoes while it was still coming.

It was so surreal. I was so excited all not want to do was run home and again you're nine years old and nine years old and I'm so excited and and as I was bothered take up on this gentleman, the front and presenting this pair shoes and in the him him at was about to take over the government. My shoulder and insists on just because all you see around his poverty doesn't mean the God of the universe, forgotten about you insists on keep dreaming I keep dreaming big MS after I finish speaking I didn't. I just took off. I ran so fast I forgot my basket water. I remember soon about how mom looking at Mrs. somewhere is where is this something so when I submit my check on my shoes and mom was so happy for me in a couple minutes later this evening to bring my water back to run all the way there but but that became a journey for me because my home life was somewhat difficult so basketball started becoming my escape did you find ways to play basketball well enough, there was a very it was a coach coach Jimmy and legs Nigeria that took an interest because he was actually the original Cuyahoga coach for one of the most famous nitro bass will play. I came alive and when he saw the success of Viking static looking for kids that he brings together as part of in many youth develop program will come on Saturday will come teachers and when is not there. We just go shoo up and go play whatever that is out there and that became my daily routine after school on their after school I'm there I became better. I became bigger I become stronger and as I was finishing high school in my dream was one day you know I love to go to America but but I wasn't as big as the other kids. I wasn't as tall as the Lodge was of the world, but the coach didn't even know if I will have the potential to become what I thought I could blessed it was something about me that was special place to try and introduce some schools in America and you give me those address that you write them now serve as a reference for you. What did I get in five scholarship offers and up. I know much about America, I unite, I said what I've heard about New York for about Los Angeles and for by Houston, Texas's isotopic to school with the best looking brochure and begin the universe of North Dakota in Lake region and I said I remember snowshoe and open up the good acid I've done something wrong to God's contract.

He was such a huge Contras, but he was one of the greatest decisions I've because I remember showing Abbasid man. I don't think after Capuchin protection had nothing but but but he was with the warmth of the love in which to receive me kind of going to school about place for two years transferred to school in Minnesota, Concordia and eventually went to North Dakota, stick my Masters degree and as I was finishing true.

All best of my dream date was one day I knew what it was like to be hungry I want to be able to actually I thought really.

I was in around the wet food program, but God had a different plan. It's amazing to think about as I finished my grad school I got actually recruited by technology come the right hand shall that's what brought me to Charlotte and that document was successful. Got acquired and I joined another one. But what I was going to all this process of pursuing what I thought was my purpose is to be successful so I can help my family back home. My father got sick and I was tell people all the time to seek God always allow us to make choices, but seldom will he ever allow you to pick your consequences in my father's choice to abuse all those alcohol nobles and eventually caught up with my father in the beginning, diagnosis, source of the liver and a bunch of other things and I knew my father was God, but true that process. David God used that season. My father's life and that… What we thought was failure to bring me back to Africa because my father asked the came to know Christ as Lord and Savior end up dying to accept the milk media accepted Christ. He passed away so and go back to Niger to bury my dad and as I shoot up in Nigeria. I forgot how poor we really were. It was so bad there that can we use the bathroom where I went in the home where I grew up and I to go across the street to the Parkway so water and soft drinks, and as I came out and I looked up from the rising of the bus, basketball courts and us almost children without hope, without shoes. So what if I get stuck coming to help children like this and that's when the seed for Samaritan's feet was planned. My home and you now feel some call of God in Nigeria to come back to the states and began a certain ministry and I would guess that ministry called Samaritan's feet, which is the organization you now oversee many we need to take a break when we come back. I want to explore this with you. What brought you back to America. What brought you to Charlotte and how did that German that seed of helping kids with having shoes on their feet germinate in your heart so that it has become this internationally known wonderful organization that is literally touching millions of children worldwide, and we also know little about your family to your beloved your children in all the ways that God is continuing to use you.

I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT. We will be right back. When I think Chadwick is talk 11 to 99. Welcome back to the show yesterday.

Many a homemade who is the founder and overseer of Samaritan's feet, wonderful ministry that is put shoes on the feet of children around the world 7 million+ over the last years and he has a goal of 10 million and we want to help them reach that goal. By the way, if you like you, the program in its entirety. Go to scroll down on the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show when you can hear the podcast from beginning to end is just a wonderful story Manny. How did you meet your wife. You know what I was North Dakota David, I am the running for the call snow days, which is, like diversion of homecoming and either when it became the first African guy to beat Crown homecoming king and you know the next year that I transferred and now Tracy ran for homecoming queen and skinned women. So I came back to crown her and but when I'm year I got that Crown homecoming king. The homecoming dance I saw this gorgeous beautiful blonde lady I said hello Mike… You should be extra work on this… So IIII and asking her to dance with me and and and we started a friendship and and read before I transfer from the college setting. Or maybe we should maybe go on a date and and week and we did and I became the next weekend and the next we can enough thy transfer was kept as long distance relationship and then she eventually transferred and will now close to where I was in Fargo and Domino so that's how it began.

And after I graduated, my undergrad, you know, we decided that we get married and I asked her. I still think that God needs to heal the cataract because I don't know if when she saw was like I think you left it was a blessing you know because now been married for 27 years been together for almost 30 years and it's amazing to watch how God has blessed our life.

We have four amazing children 26-year-old and the soon to be 24 and 20 and my son who just turned 18 I just on 4 February but it's been a blessing just to watch the dynamics of our life to watch out the brokenness of my wife as a relates to, you know, because she she grew up in a home that was plagued with divorce and and as we were's teaching and searching for what we want to be, and because we knew God had a call and I level you know what he what exactly we thought it was actually going to be a ministry to help couples that was struggling so we went through a process got certified to be in a family dynamics. Marriage counselors need all the student retreats and all the stuff that something was big in my when I came back from Nigeria I have this burden that we can use shoes and sports to reach the world. But my wife.I was so passionate by this marriage thing so silicate will devote so we started this organization. At that time was called the legacy of divine ministry are primarily that was actually the name of our inner like holding ministry at a time and then just a blessing. Samaritan's feet. We did the retreat with the Gypsy jam fans doing pre-entry tournaments cost less than Samaritan's feet and a dear friend of mine once the eggs don't take lunch. He said Manny should take an inventory of your life and ask yourself what are the things that God is blessed, then pour yourself into whatever God is blessing your life, and I looked up that mess that you know will you absolute right. I went home I say honey.

I know God is blessing all this, but for some reason he's less than Samaritan's feet.

Unbelievably so. So let's put all ships into this and just and when was that this wasn't true that Ernest was actually at least 2002 early 2003 and out so we decided it in a series of thing that happened in our life. You know, based last set a software company. I was we we just went through a huge round of funding came by I was working in New York and back to Charlotte and we were going to this next phase of his company's growth payment and with his new source of funding.

I came as VC out of New York that wanted us to get a look at all of us were this young 30 some euros so you got in some adult supervision would just give you millions of dollars. I wish someone to help provide oversight, so we were going through this process works in looking at acquiring a company exit out of Texas myself on my new executive oversights in a guy that came from New York how to go due to dues of the company in Texas and when I was in Texas was a women school you know there one my favorite Tar Heel of all time in a like Vince Carter was coming to town.

He was really played about time for our New Jersey Nets with plaintiff easy dollars max. Let's go watch a game so we got the tickets who have them there and was set down.

David is guide you Rollins asked me a sick money wasn't an issue. How would you change the world like my been set up in unless the sureness passion about all the stuff and he stopped me and said what you hear and I said I don't know when your boss asked why you're here.

You quickly change the subject. Some like this get better starting to get started. We forgot all about this and then fast forward a few weeks after that my wife and a group of ladies went to Joyce Meyer's conference in Greensboro know Carolina and she will receive five of the women and we got that one of the ladies that ruled that would interest you know her. She only knew one of the ladies as they were walking out of the car to sleep stop. Tracy is a Tracy can I share a few things with you is absolutely.

She started telling Tracy things we've never told a soul. She said God is called you guys into a vision is much bigger than you. You guys keep putting got in the box and traces that Christ was this person and at the end of this deficit is it okay if I serve you in a very unique way said what you mean. And she had a bottle of Deer Park water exit is okay if I wash her feet because God is called to go wash the feet of the student all over the world and I will start by washing your feet and traces the never told anybody about… Especially her and Tracy came home and said we been disobedient is that we need to go pursue what God's cost so so let's get away let's go down to Charleston. Go pray thousand Charleston with Tracy and she said honey what is to you leave your job to go pursue the call that God has in your life as it will you God and he's busy. If I can have another six months or so of income is what we have and simply commit is a rough a couple years. Well I wish I said something else that he did because I came back to work on Monday and that same guy J that we once dollars together.

As I was going along to put my hand to his office. I suggest that you want to grab lunch with them succumbing to shut the door and cementing I never forgot that conversation is cut to the chase Jerry to get the VCs bringing in once to take a job, but I heard the passion your voice will were down in Dallas.

We can help you start that ministry organization are talking about is what you talking about some the questions I can give you this amount of money. It was exactly the six months of income that I know many Tracy that's God and I asked that a weep study get a mad I said none of this is God I was because the flesh rose up, I stomped out of his office that day started crying, picked up a phone call my bride I Sonia I think I lost my job traditions and what you mean you think said come home. I said, she said I know you scared to him.

God calls, he always equip this amazing dog became Emperor theirs to help us start submit one when my dad's favorite sayings where God guides God provide the found sounds like that's exactly what happened with you, so that was the genesis of Samaritan's feet and now here we are 18 or so years later and it's a worldwide organization and I don't think you ever dreamed that you have this kind of support not only from companies but also college coaches and others from all around the world. I'm it's amazing to think I was served over 7.2 million children over 200,000 villages around the world and activated and to think about it. We only have about 50 staff around the world to think about the ability what we get to do this, you're lonely, hoping to serve a million people hundred thousand United States but not her house internationally really just rapping about MLK be of service of partnership that we have to study years ago.

True relation we have the children of Dr. Mullican Junior. We sit, people celebrate the civil rights aspect of what he is what he was, but he was just as great of a civic minded individual. So we talked a while back we actually had a lunch or dinner functioning and in Atlanta with the eye Dr. Bernice and Ann Martin the third and I remember saying, you know, man, what an opportunity would be one for can start doing should distribute actions in his name around MLK what David in 2026 started this problem last nine years we served over 12,000 people this year alone in 25 cities in honor of Dr. King where we have pulled literally, police officers, executive athletes, city leaders, I mean I mean I mean, sipping my pastors mean humbled himself and wash the feet and remind them that got in and people need to realize when you distribute the shoes to children around the world, or locally in America you first wash the feet of the children, you proclaim the name of Jesus to them. The gospel of love and then you give them shoes that's just a wonderful picture of how Jesus I think would want to have a serve, but also give those things that people need way to blessed because I think IEEE combativeness.

If you want to be great in life you got on this on the power of humility and what it means. The model that and that's the true, the essence of what Samaritans it is because the shoe we get this kids shoes one day will dissipate Bush choose one they will fall apart with the love and the dignity that this case received that the and the hope they will never forget and you then go back to that day when you won the prize of the shoes as a nine-year-old. They were put on your feet. Now you want to do the same for other children is like a blessing you received. You now give is a blessing to other people. That's another phrase that you and I both know were blessed to be a blessing and you have given that gift away to other people.

It's just a fabulous story.

Many a homemade as my guest today Pres. and CEO, founder of Samaritan's feet has placed shoes on the feet of 7.23 million children around the world the goals 10 million in many when we come back how you can make that happen. That's the question I'll ask and we just can't wait to hear your answer.

I'm David Chadwick and will be right back I'm Chadwick's talk 11 to 99. Welcome back to the show with my guest mania homemade the founder and CEO of Samaritan's feet.

They have placed on the feet of children 7.3 million pairs of shoes. Over the last 18 to 20 years. Their goal is 10 million and Manny. How are people engaged with you. I know I go on social media and watch you interact with some of the best named coaches in basketball collegially throughout the world.

The John Calipari's and the others of the world and they have games where they actually take off their shoes and coach barefoot to say to the world. This is an organization, you need to support Samaritan's feet talk about the supporters you know it's amazing actually. After I finished the show today. I'm actually heading out to go be with your friends.

A Florida state that they coaches come to the 11th year that they're supporting that that Leonard Hamilton actually this game is going to the women's coach. I guess in several that's can be doing that she was actually our fifth coach of the year last year to some supporter, but with her and coaches all across the country. Professional athletes from the NFL to rugby in Africa to in NASCAR. Last year we actually embarking amazing. I journey I know you probably so what happened to our Ryan Newman. I just adjusted last day. Also here in our city where the coalition to happen, it will read Daytona on the guide. Actually, he them was Carla Joy and Carla.

Joy is actually our global ambassador last year. Two of his race were Szymanski race. We actually donated one of the months of the salary so people can have shoes and of raising enough money.

I think there is over $20,000 and then put shoes of Pete Pete of kids, not just here but around the world and we growing their relation with NASCAR we growing our relationship with identities and people don't realize many companies like our dear friend Frank Kerzner Coca-Cola to other folks are truest at Michaela King over there with the use and Samaritans that as a platform is a calling card to connect to doors in their community. So the Associates cannot.title I schools to serve them. It's a powerful way to bottle. Servant leadership is a powerful way to activate service and bring unity and oneness within their their their their their company but also believe that out as part of their core mission in leucine that happens to people… How can I get involved. You can start by saying this you want to serve a million children you did people don't realize for $25 I can put a pair of shoes in the child anywhere in the world don't realize is in and you can see my family impact a child a month maybe watch my church can adopt this and adopt a community school whatever my business can adopt this.

My foundation can adopt this helpless impact the million people this year, but beyond that we can hit this goal. I believe I 20, 21, and the goal is again 10 million will hit this court and that we asked in our self, can we be that audacious seed maybe one day we can actually create a world with a zero shoeless children. I know we can do that but we serve the goddess that we can do all things through him.

That gives us strength and nothing is impossible not God nothing is impossible and I believe that that's where we are, since we actually invented a world shoe. If you years ago, the first of its kind is made and is rehearsed Georgia this world structure has a built-in antimicrobial property and the issue is also been pre-powerful because after the shuffling of issues over when we discarded. We don't want to become an environmental nuisance was actually got about agreeable property in there as well so that way in in the shoe week we can put the shoes and children speak to protect them from any kind of disease and infection but also be an environmentally friendly individual.

That's not put food in the world with with discarded shoes are the end of that shelf life and you can help us grow this you can help us make this possible and impossible dream is one day we want actually be reestablished on you exporters right here in Charlotte we came up with a new term called volunteerism.

We want to be would attract people to come to our city to conserve our global you know, like a volunteer center so they can also see the great things that Charlotte has in store.

You can partner with us and that we hope that police will have what we call marsh Museum the first of its kind that has an interactive she was your mom hoping your shoe will be displayed there. One day we can talk about the great work. The great man that God is used to transform our city leaders like that that we can tell this story through the issues. I know that the church I pastor now.

Moments hope church gave you a large gift and when our people. Saul your work and install the gift we were giving you, you know, tens of thousands of dollars.

The place erupted into applause, standing ovation was just a neat thing and churches can do that as well. Houses of worship that businesses can do that individuals can do that they need this to think in terms of $25 is a pair of shoes on the kids feet thick and give them live forever in many how can somebody who wants to be a supporter of your ministry do so they can go to our website they can support that. If you want to read about you wrote a book not too long ago, call soul purpose.

You can get a copy of that book go to soul purpose you can get that copy you can get to it from Samaritan's feet at work but but but only when you can pray for us if you want to go see firsthand how this is going to missions trip with us and not take people to the places where you're doing good with you and we been very blessed, and if it does listen and you know it's one thing to be to call David, your friend, it's another thing to have someone that believes in your dream. I just want to publicly and from that body right has the listen previously to you think you will be in the believer in me and the mission of Samaritans review be one of the leaders in the city is believed in my dream from day one and I can't think of Marilyn enough for what you've done to help advance the mission. Well, it's an honor Manny we consider you first.

Our friend and that's what's most important. But we saw your vision and we've seen the impact that it's had on people. It's not difficult to support my friend Manny and Tracy only but is also a joy to support your ministry and what God called you to do. It's just been a fabulous outreach and with great results and I see the future beginning to unfold for you even farther and larger and I just prophesying speak over you, then God has something beyond even what you hoped for or imagine as you reach the 10 million will be even that dream of every child having shoes being accomplished within your lifetime that would be something I'd support forever and ever. So it's a joy to call you my friend.

And here, as you listen have the opportunity to speak to this whole city. Would you say to them I will tell you that you know we live in the city today where did consider winning and success.

A lot of time based on economic means and financial means an owner encouraged to say you know pursue your soul purpose, what it is that God is called you to do keep God first, above all, serve second, love and care those around you because when you do those things. Magical things happen around you because you said that I want to give her you see that time and time to whatever you put out you get when you love people.

You can love when you serve people you get serve when you give more will be given to you. And that's the beauty of this reciprocity of the beauty of our kingdom. The kingdom of God that we serve. So if you listen today pursue your soul and sent an Manny really has much less to do with the size of your house. The kind of car you drive, the clothes you wear, and then make a doggone bit of difference in God's economy, God's not impressed with that, the greater the universe is not what really causes him to pause is when we have great faith that then obeys what he is called us to do especially caring for the needy and the disenfranchised and those who have so little. He said when you do whatever you going to the least of these brothers of mine done it unto me. I'm so honored to have you on the show again. God bless you friend will get you back in another year or so to see where you are, so that we can keep up with you and again that the website address is Samaritan's and get the book sold purpose. Manny's whole soul of the bottom of your feet purpose and listen to a story over and over again folks.

You will be challenged and amazing how God can use you to help the children of this world.

God bless you my friend a man.

God bless you to everyone love God and love your neighbor if you just do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT. Thank you for listening. Now, 20 years, and I'll join you all again next week

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