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June 21, 2020 9:30 am

The David Chadwick Show,

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Everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program and tries to intersect faith and values with what's going on around us.

It's Father's Day weekend so will have a particular focus on Father's Day today and also still be very sensitive to coronavirus and the racial tensions that exist in our city and our state and throughout our nation and even beyond. It's great having you here.

Many thanks to my sponsors Ruth Chris steakhouse and. Fine jewelry without your support. We could not do this program on a weekly basis. My dear friend, Ed Billick, the producer of the show joins me we still can't have guests in studio yet so Ed and I are pontificating weekly about different issues. I just completed a book called moving beyond anxiety over the last couple of must we be looking chapters in that book, how to deal with the anxieties that surround us from a faith and values perspective that's been really fun and we've enjoyed it a lot.

Just thought today on Father's Day. We would move in a different direction and talk about the meaning and purpose of father's Ed happy Father's Day to you David. Happy Father's Day is supposed to be with you here on the so glorious and happy children do you have if to our son is practicing attorney in Austin, Texas. My daughter lives right here in Charlotte heard her husband and she's blessed with a beautiful little boy is eight months old, his grandson, and guess what she's expecting again. While our November and guess what he's getting promoted to big brother area go that's nothing like going there is nothing like you have quite a few grandchildren.

Yeah kids to we have three children. For those who may not know, and seven grandchildren.

The recent one couple a few weeks ago. His name is David Charles Chadwick, my son David gave birth with Jesse for him gave birth to him, and it's just been exciting to see this new addition yeah but big brother banner is he is a big brother and also my daughter has five children. She really did jump into the water him with this whole mothering in our course Reiner husband is a great dad and I believe use the joke on several occasions.

If I'd known grandparenting was so much fun. I just get parenting altogether. You can't describe grandparenting until you experience it. Yeah those understood that there's nothing quite like it. That meeting the really is the joy of just loving the child not having to do a whole lot of discipline and then giving the child back to their parents and letting them do the discipline stuff and you just love the kid Father's Day today were to talk of gambit an array of fatherhood. How do you want to start.

Let's start with the whole understanding of God as father you it's interesting the Christian faith of which you and I both are a part of the only major unique difference in the Christian faith is that we believe in God as a father. No other religion really claims that understanding of God, yet they seem as transcendent and holy and different, but the Christian faith really does see God as father and the reason that we do is because Jesus whom we believe is God in human flesh. The Christian faith believes that God became one of us in Jesus.

He enshrouded himself in human flesh to came to show us who the father is that God is spirit, but to give us an understanding of who he is.

God became one of us, and put human flesh around to say if you want to know who God the father is looking Jesus the son, and so Jesus is the one who taught us to pray, for example, when the disciples saw that Jesus power was exceptional. They concluded that it was because of prayer. So they went to Jesus and they said teach us how to pray and so Jesus said okay when you pray, you notice he said when you pray not. If you pray, he concluded that prayer should be a part of every believer's life. He said when you pray, pray like this.

The first two words are our father who is in heaven. So there's a holiness that's a part of God.

He is in heaven but is also our intimate, loving father and also in the garden of Gethsemane at the end of Jesus life as he was facing the cross. The next day, the way he prayed to God, was he called him Bob which was a colloquial Aramaic expression means daddy so he was calling God, the holy one of the universe not only his father but daddy the most intimate expression possible between a child to their earthly father. So Jesus is the one who introduced to us the whole idea that God's a good good father.

He's a loving kind daddy and I have an African-American friend of mine Durwood Gray who's the pastor of transformation church, a church in town this done a wonderful job of bringing whites and Blacks together. They live in community to get also Latinos other people and he always prays this way.

Poppa daddy father because God those intimate expressions because he knows that's who God really is and the kind of relationship that God wants to have with us.

It's just so cool to see Ed that God is our daddy God's or father's beautiful way to start on this Father's Day. If we can get that one down our whole prayer lives will change. Jesus himself said, hey, your earthly fathers. If you asked them for a fish wouldn't give you a snake if you ask them for bread, they would give you a stone.

Then he said, how much more your father in heaven wants to give you good gifts. If you really believe that your prayer life will change. Beautiful David what's coming up next, what let's look in the next segment at some of my father's teachings that he gave me but also let's try to understand what's going on in people's lives who didn't have a dad who had a bad dad who had an absent dad, let's look at some of that to help us understand how Father's Day can still be important for those folks as well.

I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT.

We will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is this talk, 11, 1099. Three WB welcome back to the show.

During these times of nervousness fear with the coronavirus and during these times of racial tensions, strife, and even hatred among people could we be the love of Jesus, could we be the love of the father to those around us. However there hurting and I think that's our reason for being on this planet is to continue to spread the absolute love of the father in heaven and Billick, my producer has his microphone open again. I'm David Chadwick and folks were to look today on Father's Day and to all of you out there happy Father's Day. Look at the meaning of the word father in the Bible and then also some ways that my dad taught me about faith and values and then also honor all kinds of different fathers and father types that are in our community debt. It tells about your dad. With that group is an auto's dad was an automobile mechanic you absorb the business. Worked on people's cars coming here. He did it because he really enjoyed helping people. He passed a very early age.

At the age of 58 lung cancer in drinkers for drinking a few beers every day, but he was not as healthy, but he was extremely loving and caring. I miss him deeply will be 33 years this week since he's passed. If you can believe that know your dad David you speak of him. So often I mean growing up a strong father he left you with a lot of life's learnings. Then he really did there so many things he taught me he passed away in 2009 November 11, 2000 904th 1987.

You know these date you don't forget them. Do you know and that was some 11 years ago I I miss them terribly. Even to this day. But if you're so proud to see how you've continue to grow and thank you he's others. A remarkable man and you know he loved my mom so well. You need one of things I want to do today is talk about people sometimes call them David isms little phrases that I've adopted through the years that people get into their minds, but really I should call them dad isms. What was Dan's first name Howard okay yeah Howard is I think the owner or dad isms, whatever you want to call out on so many of my David isms, or dad isms things that dad taught me through the years and Ed one that I'll never forget that so appropriate for Father's Day is the night before I married Marilyn and now we been married 42+ years.

I asked dad that if there is a gift of a child to Marilyn to me at some point down the road. What would be the best thing I could do to be a good dad and I'll never forget his answer and it was again the night before I was married and God has given me three children. He said to me son are in a deep resident baritone voice. He had that I think God was in view's office on should you ever have children. The greatest gift you can give your kids is to love their mom and it's so simple Ed but it's so profound in a kids today are looking for stability, especially as their living in this coronavirus tension and fear, especially as her living amidst these racial tensions. The best gift a dad can give to his kids is to love their mom because kids are sitting around the home all the time watching mom and dad interact and if there's constant tension, strife, and arguing inside there asking the question first. Is it my fault and secondly are mom and dad going to split they see divorce happening all around them and that causes then a sense of fear within their own hearts. Anxiety you speak of, makes them very vulnerable to anxious thoughts to tensions to heartfelt concerns and fears and and so the best thing dance can do is to make sure they love their moms deeply and profoundly. So the kids feel like the environment in their home is safe. You know you want your grandchildren as I watch my grandson.

They are so observant there watching you know of taught them how to clap sister-in-law thinks she taught him how to clap the heat now models that and there's so observant, so kids are also learning how to love into your point. If they see dad loving mom mom loving dad okay that's how we should act that's that's how I should behave. I'll never forget one time I had a little tension with Marilyn and we were little sniping at one another just like most every couple you have those moments were sitting on the couch a little separated because there is some not frosting this between us.

One of our kids came and sat between us and just kinda sat there and sat there and then finally reached over and took mom's hand and placed it in her lap took my hand and placed it in her lap and put the hands together is a God moment.

It was a God moment and we both kinda looked at each other when how silly are we little kids are watching in their feeling. The environment in the home.

They have little sensors there going off all the time when they see that tension. So again the greatest gift. My dad said to me that you can give your kids to love their mom and for moms out there as well. The greatest gift you can give your kids the love their dads and when they had that security in that commitment together. They feel able to keep moving forward in life and the other job tension another teaching that my dad gave me that I thinks applicable here it he said and son always locked the door in your marriage from the outside, lock the door from the outside explained so what he saying there is you have made a covenant commitment to your wife.

You have said it better or worse sickness and health, rich or poor, as long as we both shall live. I'm covenantal. He committed to this marriage. The back door is locked from the outside.

I can't get out in it. I just really believe that's this and maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy, but I believe that if two people will say hey I married for life. I made a covenant promise to you before God and these witnesses that when those tensions come intentions come in every marriage. But you realize that divorce isn't an option.

You'll find a way to work it out. You'll find a way to forgive who was Ruth Bell Graham. I think Billy Graham's wife who said the best marriages are made up of two great for givers. So if you'll just learn how to close that door from the and lock it from the outside. Make sure the kids feel that covenant commitment with one another. Love your wife then you can give your kids a security that will help them emotionally. Be mature. People like that expression I shared last week.

If you have an option of being correct or right or being kind becoming choose kindness you know and many know this as well.

Dads especially you don't have to always be right. I will what it is within us that when our life brings is a problem we think we gotta fix it and all that.

Yeah, and if she doesn't think that's the right fix it. Then we argue because we think we gotta be right and I don't know what it is within us that means that it's it's called, I guess. Biblically, self-righteousness in God's never pleased with it. But the more we can be humble. Walking and humility in these relationships, the stronger that will be and you know it we need to also acknowledge that there are people out there right now listening you had bad dads who had absent dads who had dads that maybe even abuse them.

Sadly, that one just breaks my heart beyond words, and we need to say very clearly to them.

That was never God's intention what he wanted was for you to have a loving great earthly dad who would point you to the father in heaven, so that as you're growing up as a child you want that love not only from your earthly father, but especially the love of the heavenly father that the earthly father keeps pointing you toward and so all I know to say to those who had bad dad's absent dad's abusive dads into Sam just so sorry. Please know that God loves you deeply and dearly. He wants to heal those wounds in your heart and keep in your mind. That's a part of the fall. That's a part of what sin has brought into the world and God wants 30 good great dads in the world and if you don't have that in your earthly dad. There have been other situations where men have stepped into kids lives and been like a biological good dad in one of those would be a coach you and I were talking about that all fair yet absolutely you always us because of who Dean Smith the famous Carolina basketball coach people of your scout leaders. All calls many uncle step in and fill the void in many grandfathers dues well but there could be family, friends, and such that really provide that kind of leadership in the absence of a phenomenon that's happening in our culture in America today that I will I love and is wonderful is the number of families that are choosing to foster children there caught in the system of not having a mom or a dad and they have someone step in and say I'll be a foster parent for you. First season and then if the relationship works those foster parents often times adopt that kid into their family and increase their family. I got one friend I know who has adopted three African-American kids into his white family there, a family of seven now and they really love each other. It's beautiful to watch those three kids who didn't have any parents now have parents and this man and his wife stepped into the vacuum stepped into the gap and love those kids like their own, and it's another example of how someone can become a father in our culture for the fatherless. It's interesting in the Bible got often times shows through the prophets, especially, I depart for the widow, the orphan, and then what's called the fatherless because God wants us to have fathers today. Sadly, we see that fatherlessness increasing in our culture, not just among African-Americans. We need to make that very clear though it's a huge problem in the African-American community is becoming increasingly huge in the white community as well. Just people who are impregnating women and walking away. It's not God's original intent is not what he wanted. He wanted there to be a dad and a mom who are covenantal he committed to one another in a lifetime relationship who show their kids the love of the father in heaven and their love toward one another in a John Hancock euro WBT nuisance retarded this Father's Day show and for people calling to give testimonials about the things they wish they would assert that their dads were things there dads did or did not do it touches the heart to your point, David. All children need a father and in as you get older you appreciate that and with all your Howard-isms or urine test that is sincere that's working to share some hearers we come back. It's it's important to reflect on this Father's Day and I would encourage all our listeners. If you have a dad who still alive and in it again your day has gone on to the Lord and he's in heaven. My dad's going on to the Lord. He's in heaven. If you have a chance though. On this side of eternity to say thank you to your dad.

Please make sure you do that today because most of us dads really did our best, flawed as we are. We try to do our best. We tried to provide. We tried to guard our homes. We tried to nurture our homes. We did the best we could. So if you have a dad who did the best that he could make sure your text and call them right and just do something today and say the simple words. Thank you dad it's all that you can say that will touch his heart deeply. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 993 WBT. We will be right back is a nine and had a great message. God is good. Father loved by him. The proof for those of us who are Christians and across. We know the extent to which the father went to forgive us of our sin so that we can have a relationship with him ever have the gift of eternal life. He's a good good father. Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT.

It's great to have you back on the show. If you'd like to hear this special Father's Day show from beginning to end. Please go to scroll down to the weekend shows and you can hear this program from the beginning to the end my producer, Ed Billick, my dear friend is also his microphone open and were talking about fathers today if were in the 8 o'clock hour. Tell your friends it's going to get it numerator on news talk 11 to WBT for if you're listening it's with the 12 o'clock are glad you're joining us at this time of day. Thank you all for joining us and happy Father's Day to you and I ask you to think about what is your fondest memory with you and your dad would you share that I think one of them is he is an automobile mechanic. He taught me your work on cars and all and we would spend hours with her BR cars someone else's and I was his assistant and all but those are true father-son times where he'd be a given advising you to give me this tour do that for let's do this or cleanup part and you remember those kind of moments because they were just you and he and you know the advice that he would provide. He was using a college-educated, although he wish he would've, he went to business school for his garage.

There is so proud when I graduated college and so very happy when I found my lovely wife in the marriage in 1982 so he's very proud and as he lay suffering from lung cancer.

He said you big goofball look at you, look what you've done. I am so proud of you and those words will resonate forever, you know it's interesting, Ed is on two different occasions at his baptism, and then on the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus had a supernatural spiritual encounter with the father and the father spoke to him. I had bad the baptism people around actually heard the voice and on the Mount of Transfiguration, Peter, James and John heard the voice and it's interesting both times. Here's what the father said to Jesus you are my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased to note he was saying to them exactly what your dad said to you on his deathbed. I'm just so proud of you.

To the father in heaven to Jesus. I'm just so proud of you. You are doing what I ask you to do and that is live the perfect sinless life that none of these people can live in your heading toward the cross where you'll die to take the penalty of sin upon yourself so that they can be forgiven. I'm so proud of you and I thought to myself on many occasions, if the perfect son God in human flesh. Jesus needed to hear from his heavenly father. You're doing a great job I'm so proud of you. How much more do we as dads need to say that message to our kids. I'm so proud of you.

So dads listening today. If you have a chance. Just look at your kid in the eye and give them what I call the blessing. It's a blessing just say to them. I am so proud of you.

It reverses the curse of sin of doubt, of accusations that they sometimes hear their heads from the enemy, the evil one who wants to tell them how awful they are. If you'll just be a heavenly father's voice to them and say I'm just so proud of you. It can literally change their lives and as a young man you want to please your father you want to please your mother's will, and then knowing years later that you didn't do that satisfies that kind of did I do it right you were not perfect or not.

You know the perfect son growing up, but to know that hear that from your father must be sincere message to just goes a long way. You know, for me, Ed, I have an older brother, Howard, and he's wonderful. We have a great relationship, but dad was so busy.

As a pastor, building the church.

I don't think he gave Howard the kind of time that Howard needed and so Howard was a little bit rebellious and he went on his way eventually came back and is now a minister of the gospel in Daytona Beach Florida just a wonderful, wonderful man, but I think he was affected by dad's absence. Trying again to build the church doing good things with his job but just putting children on the back burner. I think when I came along five years later and began to develop this interest in basketball began to play basketball begin to love sports in general.

I think dad said the kind inside himself, you know, I goofed up with Howard and Micah make that same mistake with Dave. How many of many oldest sons or oldest daughters that the parents experiment with, because they don't know how to be a father. How do you learn to be a father you I don't know if you can learn it except by doing it by K-1 key is I'll never forget the night my dad came home and I was like 89 years of age, and he said to me. We lived here in Charlotte. Do you want to go to a Charlotte hornets baseball game that amazingly we had a minor league team. Way back when.

That was a baseball team called the Hornets and I said cost at I'd love to, and Eddie began a special daddy son bond that my dad and I had going regularly to Charlotte Hornets baseball games. I can still remember where we sat on the first base line.

I can still remember the end of the fifth inning us going get snow cones together. I can always remember he got orange. I got great.

I mean I remember those times we would walk out of the car and walked past old Griffith Park over in that the now South then kind of area and I would walk along the fence and I'd be jumping up in the air trying look over the fence to see the baseball field. My dad would finally take my hand six months and will get in. Soon enough, and we would spend that time together. We would talk about anything and everything but going back to your dad with automobile mechanic think it one of my David isms that really is a dad-ism is kids spell love TIME dads just make sure the best way you are.

How to be a father is just spend time with your kids just love them meet with them share life with them. Listen to them pickup on their hurts, their hangups, their hopelessness, listen to their dreams, their hopes and their ideas what they want to become in life just spent time you can't have those moments unless you spend time with your kid and realize and understand as a father you're creating memories. You may not know that you are creating memories that they'll replace you later in life and gosh, I didn't realize that was so impactful for you just never underestimate the time you spend with you and when you are in those time moments those conversations that have eternal impact begin to occur to me those were some of the times that my dad and I talked about faith. We talked about future we talked about hopes we talked about dreams and that couldn't happen unless my dad one day wake in the said you know what I didn't spend the time I needed to the Howard to make that up and he did but I'm going to spend time with my son to make the same mistake again.

So make sure dads that you are spending time with your kids because, again, not only does that allow the love connection between you to happen but it is the opportunity to share your own faith with them your own values with them again face more caught than taught when they spend time with you and they see you operating in a faith realm they want what you have. You have a few other really important messages that your dad taught you, what are some of us will another one fits in with this whole thing of kids spell love T IME.

I he would tell me during Christmas time, especially when we would celebrate God's gift of his son into the world that Christmas is much more about God's presence PRESENCE then presents PRS CMTS now. I still remember some of the cool Christmas presents that dad gave me.

I can that chrome plated black bike. He gave me especially when I was in elementary school but the greatest gift he gave me Ed was his time was his presence and I'm afraid too many dads and even moms today because they're so busy trying to pour elaborate wealthy gifts upon their kids in order to earn their affection and kids aren't, they know when parents are trying to buy them out by just giving them presents know what kids really want is not the presence not stuff not material gifts.

They want your presence. They want that time with you. They want to be with you, and I think about the heavenly father you he gives good gifts. Sometimes you blessings in life. But the greatest gift we have from the heavenly father is his presence. We believe as Christians is Jesus died on the cross to place his very life within us. We have Christ in us the hope of glory. So the father in heaven spends that incredible time with us every single day and as we pray as we are with him. That's where we get our spiritual strength in order to dream move forward and have great goals and you say that it so it's really cold. Think about that then. Really folks think about the time your dad spent with you wherever that was. Whatever that was. Christmas is at our house yet remember couple cool Christmas gifts.

But I remember him cooking the ham in going to midnight mass and in the things that make Christmas special and it was the time when you reflect as an older adult on those times. I think we all have step that rings true. The whole idea of presence of time spent with the kids so we would say to dance. Now if you like we did in the last segment for children.

If you have the chance today. Make sure you call your dad and say thank you leaving for those of us who've lost our dad's like Ed Billick and myself would love to have even a five minute conversation with them now, so make sure you do that, but let's also say to dads right now that you need to take some time to save your kids ham so proud of you. Hey look if you're 80 years old now is a dead call your kid who may be 60 and save them. I'm so proud of you edit it true even at 60 you want to hear. Absolutely.

I member my dad said that to be your dad said see you on his deathbed. My dad said to me in the latter years of his life, and I got chills every time he said it to me. I was a grown adult with my own children, but he would say to me. I'm so proud of you and it would mean the absolute world to me. So dads make sure you say that to your kids and also if you have some time today dads make sure you spend some T IME with your kid. Give your kids, your presence PRESENCE because it's the greatest gift you can give them along with loving their mom and as you spend that time with them. It gives you opportunities to share life blessings, hope, faith, all those things that kids just so want to have, but they can't have it in less you'll take the time to spend with them and one other thought right them into your schedule.

My dad was at every basketball game I ever played every single one eroded into a schedule of the beginning of the season and he when he was asked at a certain time. Hey, can I have you for this meeting.

It's a note out another appointment he wouldn't tell them it was with his child at a basketball game, but he made that appointment with me. It was never forgotten in my life. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk Leviton 993 WBT. We will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show happy Father's Day wonderful day.

This is for dads to be celebrated. Dads on add-ons folks to families that are very important for the stability and wholeness family so let's make sure we think are dads who were great dads and also Dez make sure you save your kids, those wonderful words. I'm so proud of you. When that happens man you have great dads great families and a society is made stronger because of society's strength is rooted in the nuclear family when mom and dad love each other, raise healthy kids. It continues to produce health in that society. Eddie not been talking about some David-isms if you will, and Ed Billick, my producer has his microphone open during this time.

They really should be called dad-isms because so many of my David-isms that I use are my dad isms that my dad taught me know what I love is that he said you know dogs only bark at moving cars, and then he said after that, you know, they've never erected a statue to a critic said I love that teaching because he's always taught me. You can't please everyone to the dog will help me understand it well.

Dogs only bark at moving cars. If you try to make something out of your life. There can be critics to go to the people you just don't like it they like to be lazy. They like to sit in their little rooms and never do anything and if they see you moving forward in your life. They know they either need to move themselves or they gotta criticize you moving so dogs only bark at moving cars. Make sure you're moving forward.

When the critics come. Remember, they never erected a statue to a critic that those are two dad isms that the become David-isms that I use all the time with people that help them continue to grow in life. One thing dads are good at is giving feedback and feedback is most of your gift okay supposed to help you many time he comes across as criticism and it turned you off as a son like what's he trying to tell me to do, but in reality dads are not good at giving advice like maybe like your dad was but something that comes across wrong way and you got understand it's coming from a loving heart and it's really true feedback to help.

Well, kids give your dad some grace.

You were not there and then we don't say things perfectly in their times, we don't say things rightly just give us some grace as well. But most of us have good hearts trying to do the best we can, and in the midst the race riots right now wanted to share a story about my dad that had a profound impact on me.

I dad was raised in the Winston-Salem area around 1918 was when he was born in the depression years and he was a product of the South in his own racial struggles were there. No, he heard things said and done that.

He just could not understand and then he imbibed some of that racial tension when he was called into the ministry. Though something happened that changed his life and you love to share the story with me.

He was at a ministers conference and he walked into his room to set up for the weekend and in walked his roommate and African-American and why would you with this would be around 1940 or so and so all of those tensions that he had had racially in his own heart began to rise in the other man could feel the they were palpable in the room so the African-American minister looked at dad and said may I do something in my dad's it will sure that be fine. And so he took out a pen and he pricked his little finger and squeezed it and he said what what color is my blood and my dad said it's red and he said will, may I do the same on your finger and dances okay. So he took his finger pricked it lightly squeezed it in and out came a little drop of dad's blood and he said what color is your blood in my dad said red. He said will, isn't that the real color that defines us. And dad used to tell that story how it was a life-changing moment when he didn't really realize every persons created in the image of God were all image bearers that the outside of someone's color does not define who they are in their hearts and he said that was the life-changing moment that began to help him understand that all are created equally the ground the foot of the cross is level every body's the same and dad. So then developed a heart for racially quality that he stood for African-Americans during the Martin Luther King riots and as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church Orlando, Florida 3000+ member church at that time, an African-American wanted to join the church and dad took the person before the elders and gave a testimony of faith in Jesus. I dad recommended we receive him into membership at the church and the wealthiest member of the church you gave a lot of money said I'm not going to have that blankety-blank join this church and he said it, you have to choose between him or me and my dad then looked at the elders and said well you can have to choose between me and him the very wealthy elder because I think you should be a member and so they voted them in the other guide never left the church, but he became quiet and very distant and very angry at my dad, but dad stood on that principal and I'll never forget him sharing that story around the dinner table. All people are created equally. Folks, that's the kind of thing.

Dads can teach children. It's one of the things we can do is dad's to help solve this racial tension that goes on every body is created equally work the ground at the foot of the cross is level may all of us.

Dad's teach that to our kids black and white alike, and that way we can become one in Jesus. Let's spend some time in prayer. It had we tried in the last several months programs in prayer because we realize the fears that exist because of Cova 19 and the hatred that exist because of the racial tensions will let's address both through prayer in the name of Jesus in order to solve all of these problems around us and come together as one in a community and I hope you advise me Edwin you that we need to begin the prayer with our father. Father did he teach us how to pray, he did so, let's begin there. Everyone pray with me. Our father daddy pop up loving father in heaven come to us now and deal with all that is around us Lord. First of all, help us deal with the fears that consume us. You know good daddies and earthly homes tried to take away the fears of their children.

Eternal daddy take away our fears help us get a glimpse of your glory.

Help us to see that you're sitting on the throne in heaven and you control everything.

Yes, even the coronavirus it's under your sovereign hand Lord. They named it the coronavirus because the corona looks like a crown, remind us that father you where the true crown in heaven. You control everything. And as we trust you with everything in our lives. Fear starts to abate and we start to live in perfect faith. Daddy father Poppa help us with all these racial tensions.

We are really one human race. There aren't multiple races there is one human race, and we all have a different skin color a different skin hue in the human race. Help us to realize that the color that should define us is not black or white or brown. The color that should define us as red. We all have your blood pulsating through our veins, and when we have those colors opened up within us. The red color.

Especially we can see our oneness in you, O father, help us to realize that you're the one true heavenly daddy and all of us are your children.

Some are taller summer smaller. Some are larger, some don't have as much weight. Some have a different skin hue than others, but were all your children. Help us to be one family that loves deeply that cares for one another as you the heavenly father would want us to care for one another, so daddy pop up loving father today on this Father's Day. Help us as dads to say to our children well done.

We love you so much so proud of you and help children say to their dads. Thank you dad for sacrificing all that you did to give me all that I have so that I could live this life to the full O father in heaven when we do that will truly celebrate Father's Day the way that we should celebrate Father's Day and we look to you, our heavenly father to answer all of our concerns whether it's fears about the Cova 19 crisis or whether it's the hatred that exists in our hearts because of a person who has a different background color of skin. Help us to be one. Help us to love one another. Jesus you came to show us the love of the heavenly father and you said to us. Bottom line were to love God with all our heart, soul, mind in mind and love our neighbors as ourselves old if we just do that. Father, we have a lifetime's worth of work to do. Help us to love as you have loved us when we do our fears will cease hatred will be gone. I pray this in the one I know is my Lord Jesus's name

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