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The David Chadwick Show, 7/5/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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July 5, 2020 9:30 am

The David Chadwick Show, 7/5/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick of this is new start 11 to 99 free WBT welcome to the show on this July 4 weekend. I hope you had a wonderful celebration. This is a faith in value show that tries to intersect faith and values with what's going on in our culture locally and globally in how can we not talk about 4 July in the meaning of freedom today is something that is all across our nation. Even though fireworks displays are probably minimal.

Just because of the covert, 19 crisis, people are buying up fireworks and they're shooting the ball just to celebrate the greatness of our land Gillick how are you doing well.

Happy Fourth of July weekend. David so good to have you on this Sunday, July 5 first question. How did we, the United States of America become a Christian nation, let's go back to our founders in the history we were celebrating freedom to word that the whole religious thing come from.

I think we need to note from the very beginning that America is not a Christian nation per se, but those who founded our nation were profoundly committed Christians for the most part. So you see the Judeo-Christian ethic. The early influence right woven into our Declaration of Independence and woven into our Constitution so it's undeniably fair and if you go to Washington DC and you look at all the different monuments which are under debate right now, but also the different verses from the Bible that are on buildings of the different in God we trust places of God statement them on monuments, we see that religion had a great impact upon our nation then religion the tolerance for other religions would be Muslim or you name it all kind of different beliefs that were that's the melting pot. What is that oh yeah, that the freedom of religion was granted in our Bill of Rights. So even though the Judeo-Christian influence is obvious.

In our major documents and on monuments and on statements of different buildings throughout Washington DC and other places. There is a guarantee that people can worship the way they want to worship no matter what faith perspective they may have and you can even argue that atheism is a kind of faith because you're saying there is no God but that's how you live and that's guaranteed as our right of belief for a person who chooses to do that again. It's an individual choice that allows people to worship the way they want to worship. What's interesting is we talk a lot about the separation of church and state. What's interesting is is that phrase is never found anywhere in the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution is a statement from Jefferson to Danbury Baptists in Connecticut who were trying to make the state of Connecticut into a Baptist state and Jefferson said no, there's a wall of separation that is keeping any state in a particularly our nation from becoming one particular religious sect or one denomination and that's from where that phrase, it was never meant to be taken in the enlargement like it has today off saying no religion never influences American life whatsoever. That's not the case whatsoever. Our forefathers guaranteed that religion would influence how we lived our lives that was expected in every possible way and in fact John Adams said that the Constitution was written for a religious people from the very beginning. The Constitution was written for a religious people and there was supposed to be less laws written in the Constitution because it was understood that we would be a religious people govern from within, and we would have as our highest desire individually to obey God and if we desire to obey God and operate by his moral and religious principles, we would need a lot of laws in the land to guide us. So again that's what I Adams meant when he said the Constitution was written for a religious people and we need to remind ourselves that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written in the middle of what's called the second great awakening.

It was happening throughout our east coast in America. It was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit led by an evangelist by the name of George Whitfield and with the spirit being poured out in all of these colonies, the founding fathers saw that this awakening was occurring and they said were going to be a place that has less laws because the people are going to be governed by God himself who is living in their hearts out that that's a part of our historical narrative that I find absolutely interesting. One thing I like to explore today with you is and you've traveled the world a lot. You you've experienced and poor nations many different cultures all what are the things what are those freedoms you know after the break. One of those freedoms we have here in America that we just take for granted we don't depreciate like we should let you know I've said a lot.

Whenever I've gone and travel to a foreign land and then come back that the first thing Marilyn and I do in arriving in America is we don't literally but we figuratively kiss the soil is the most beautiful nation on the face of the earth. It's a flawed nation.

We had a birth with a deformity called slavery. No question about that. I just say that Blacks were 3/5 human in order to get the Constitution ratified was absolutely horrific. It never should have happened but yet, in spite of that were still the most incredible nation on the face of the earth. We have freedoms that are guaranteed that other nations just don't have and the fact that capitalism is allowed to flourish here. It has been the greatest lifter of people out of poverty than any other thing in the world. It is lifted literally millions of people out of poverty, so we have a great nation. We need to celebrated today here on July 5. Looking back it yesterday to July 4 happy independence weekend everyone. I'm David Chadwick and will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099s ET welcome back to the show. Happy Fourth of July weekend.

Yesterday we celebrated 4 July is a day remembering our independent and is not just of the we can do whatever we want to do but it is a guarantee of certain immutable rights that we have as human beings created in the image of God and one of those great gifts is the gift of freedom to worship, freedom of religion, not freedom from religion were religion does not influence American life, but the freedom of religion where we can choose to worship as we want to worship at Billick, my friend, the producer has his Mike open to talk about this, it having been in countries where there is religious persecution where people of faith literally have to hide behind closed doors and worship and secrecy in some places in the world they have to should choose to sing hymns at a very low level so that no neighbor will hear them worshiping because they could get turned into the police we live in a country that guarantees we can gather together, for example, on a Saturday like the Adventists or on a Sunday like Christians and worship.

It is a guaranteed right. It is something that all of us have and we just need to celebrate that we should not take it for granted again. Travel to a country where there is not freedom of religion, where people cannot worship where if they are caught sharing the faith publicly. There arrested and thrown into jail and sometimes for two, three, five years just for sharing their faith with somebody else.

It's unimaginable for us in America to think that but it does exist in the world.

We need to celebrate our freedom of religion and somebody is so many other things are freedom of speech and freedom to protest and have a point of view and end of our freedom tolerate each other's point of use. Well, we need to understand that the ability to not only worship is also guaranteed in our freedom of speech that we can talk about speech and we can say whatever we want. Again, I would invite everyone to spend some time going to the Bill of Rights and trying to figure out what all of those rights are when we know those rights, we can exist as individual Americans knowing the beauty of freedom in every possible way.

So folks, I guess you know I'm thinking about a recent trip that Marilyn and I took to Nepal where we went up into the mountains and saw some of the most dire poverty you can possibly imagine where children are regularly seduced into sex slavery from travelers who go up into those villages, promising that if the kids are given to them by the parents.

They will be allowed to send money back to their very poor parents on a regular basis and they just say the kids are going into the big city to work on what they're really doing is being seduced into sex trafficking. And when that happens, folks. These kids are in a lifestyle of horror in every possible way. And what's so horrible there is that if you try to go in as a Christian and share the faith and help free. These children are oftentimes persecuted yourself because you cannot you cannot have faith and shared openly in that kind of country without being arrested. So we have the beauty again of the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion go folks and read again, the Bill of Rights, they were guaranteed to us.

It's a wonderful nation. It's flawed. It's got some real challenges as we know right now with the racial tensions we've got to solve that problem. We got to see everyone created equally in the image of God but, dear friends, this is a great nation, flawed as it is, it is the greatest nation on the face of the earth to believe the good Lord takes us through these challenges, so we we can become better. We can become stronger.

I do believe that I do believe that when you have the freedom of speech and you have the freedom of expression of protest.

Now, I don't believe we have the freedom to destroy property. I don't think we have the freedom to destroy or hurt other human lives, but we do have the freedom guaranteed of protest and when people can march in the street regarding some inequality that they see in our culture. It should then bring to bear that problem so that our politicians make laws that allow everyone to have equality in every possible way.

So I believe that when we see something like the George Floyd murder that happened in Minneapolis. Many of us watch that went.

Oh no, that's awful. Switch started a movement that makes us look more closely at how people are treated especially by the police and if there's police reform that comes out of this that allows people to be more fairly treated. That's a good thing.

I remember in 1963, watching television with my dad. I was a young teen. At that point and Sheriff Jim Clark had met Martin Luther King on the bridge in Selma, Alabama. He unleashed the dogs and the dogs started attacking the African-American protesters and it was a hideous site captured all on film shown every night on the nightly news. And I'll never forget that as I was watching Sheriff Clark release those dogs upon the marchers.

My dad looked at me and said Dr. King is one that's all he said. Dr. King is one and he made a great point.

They caught it on film they showed the protest working and I think in the collective conscience of Americans all over the country. We said that's wrong that kind of inequality among Blacks and Browns must be stopped in and so there were laws that begin to take place 1964. The civil rights laws. And then there after that allowed more equality to exist in our nation. We still have some distance to run on that issue absolutely, but we saw that in the nation. Because of the freedom to express a protest of how people were treated because laws to be changed and more people to be treated equitably about about the whole notion that since someone doesn't believe what you believe and then there there evil there, but we have to be able to tolerate and understand were people coming from that. You may disagree with them but still they should be able to express their point of view will hear on this Fourth of July we ought not to judge others. We should celebrate our differences. Don't you think it we should celebrate our differences don't judge anyone because when you judge someone that same judge was going to come back on you 10 times. That's what Jesus meant in Matthew seven verse one Judge not lest ye be judged.

He saying there the more you judge people, the more that kind of judgments to come back to you from God. It shows the condition of your human heart. So what we should have is a beautiful expression of different ideas coming together in the marketplace of ideas where we can share with one another grow from one another disagree with one another.

Hopefully this agreeably, but because of that union that Yang that pushing that pull we become better people stronger, more intelligent because were sharing our height of the lust divided.

It's amazing to me how we refused to listen to other people today. Therefore, we refuse to go pro I would say right now that one of my biggest concerns with our culture is the fact that many who are progressive liberals in my days passed and you know I've been here in Charlotte for 40 years now in days past the progressive liberals would invite conservatives like myself, to the table and we would exchange in the free marketplace of ideas, are different views and hopefully make each other better, but I as a conservative, was always welcome to the table to share my ideas and why I believed what I believe I remember Al Gardner memories the Charlotte morning news personality here for years. We had a deep and abiding friendship. He was much more liberal than I was. I was much more conservative than he were we. We had a great relationship with a great friendship we respected each other's positions and we would challenge each other and he would learn something from you, and you would learn something from him and that side of the dialogue we made each other better and stronger called about what's happening now it is in the progressive liberal movement with people who are under 40, and we saw this with the New York Times article about Tom cotton some weeks ago, the younger progressive liberals don't want to invite conservatives to the table. They want to silence their voices. It's a cancel, culture, mindset, now if you don't agree with me. I don't want to hear from you and not only are you not welcome to the table. I don't want to hear anything that you had to say about anything, so therefore conservatives are being silenced and are getting angrier and angrier. They're not allowed to express their opinions in the Bill of Rights guaranteed their freedom of speech. Their free practice of religion and because of that, you're going to get.

I think more division, more anger, more hatred, and this unification that we seek in our nation just simply not gonna happen. We've got to respect each other's ideas. Again, that's one of the beauties of the freedom of speech that's one of the great glorious thoughts.

The founding fathers wanted us to have. We got to come together be able to share our ideas and open it up to anybody and everybody who wants to share anything I do I find some people's ideas offensive regarding race or whatever. Yes, do they have to be available to speak their mind in the marketplace of ideas yes but if their stupid ideas.

What's gonna happen is the marketplace of ideas will shut them down and they'll feel so humiliated will either change or be silent by choice, not because of mandate or by law. So again, folks, I traveled the world. I've been to Africa. I've been to the Mideast.

I've been to India. I've been in Nepal and you know what we have the greatest nation on the face of the earth because our founding fathers guaranteed the right for us to freely express ideas and to learn from one another that de Tocqueville said years ago when he traveled around America in the 1830s that America was great because America was good. Now think about that folks. America was great because America was good. He saw in the average American person a general goodness that wanted to provide for the common defense that wanted all of us to come together and prosper together.

But what's happened over the years. I'm afraid, is no longer is America good were self-serving were looking for our own way and if we continue down that path. We will can become increasingly divided and will not be able to see one nation under God. So it I just pray for our ability to come together as a nation and celebrate those Bill of Rights.

Those freedoms granted us about by our founding fathers, especially as we just celebrated 4 July. So how do we change how do we individually change. I think we fight for each other's rights. I think I say to a liberal. I don't agree with you but I want your voice to be heard and the liberal says to me I don't agree with you but I want your rights and your views to be heard and as we come together again in that free marketplace of ideas and exchange those views and struggle with one another over what is truth. We become stronger because of the struggle. And I think would become better friends as we say to one another. I don't agree with you but I love you. I don't agree with you but I give you the right to speak your mind as my neighbor and as you do so. We love God and love our neighbors, and I think would become a stronger nation there in. That's my hope of what will happen.

Specially during this time were were tested were were quarantined were not out with others were not out with others during 4 July weekend. My prayer is that we will learn how to get with others, especially as the covert crisis becomes a little less intense, and we will dialogue respectfully with one another, respecting every person as someone created in the image of God, I'm David Chadwick will be right back either. When I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WB welcome back to the show on this Fourth of July weekend.

Yesterday, having celebrated 4 July. Hope it was a wonderful day for you family fellowship may be some fireworks.

If you are able to get some watch some experience, some that's a good thing because how can you have a Fourth of July without some fireworks. Even though the covert 19 crisis causes us all to have to change our behavior a bit. Hopefully things will change very, very soon, back to some sense of normalcy if Billick my producer and friend has an open mic.

As were talking about the meaning of the Fourth of July and something that's happened over the last couple of weeks and it's been disturbing for me though I understand it, and I want to appreciate where it's coming from and that's the removal of monuments and statues that are offensive to people who feel like they have expressed our past slavery are past racial discrimination issues and again I understand the feeling behind it, but I have a concern in that when you remove our history from our nation the good and the bad. It gives you the opportunity to rewrite history and maybe rewrite it in a way that's not accurate. I do know enough about socialism and communism that when they take over a nation.

One of the things they try to do is to tear down all of their monuments and to rewrite their history, which makes it much more favorable to believe that capitalism is wrong, that the kind of freedom is we've enjoyed a wrong and need to be replaced with a more socialistic kind of government.

I have a 94-year-old father-in-law who was a World War II submarine veteran, and it's interesting he was years ago schooled before the submarine encounter in the ways communism works any has brought out and reread what he was taught as a World War II soldier and it's so much of what's going on today. One of them being destroyed. The monuments destroy the past and rewrite history. So I'm one who believes that even though there may be some offense to the monument itself. We need to realize that people are in stages of development. Their growth there there a product of the times in which they live. And maybe there is some value in keeping the monument and saying you know what that person John C. Calhoun represented slavery and I'm opposed to it, and that's a reminder of just how evil slavery is again I understand why the monument might be torn down why it's an offense to some, but your monuments are there for a reason and end were all human being. So we all have stain of sin on us, the John C Calhoun was that his mantra was that what he was known for to promote slavery with other things did he do it they were good okay because we all have those black spots the Confederacy's a little tough one for me because we'll be in from the north and those guys lost so, but to your point of that's our history and we need reflect on the good and the bad of each one of these people. One thing I'm definitely fours get rid of the Confederate flag.

I know you with that of never quite understood that and that is become a mantra for racism like it.

I could tell you how I did lead to not like black people doubt that becomes a mantra you have to it. So there are degrees of severity on some of the symbols that just all for today, but just pull down statues and in think and that's real, you know, erasing your history really makes you feel good does it really doesn't help poor black kids in schools of the help.

Black families are having trouble find jobs.

What does none of that and I do want to be sensitive to those who are of a darker skin color, who find it really offensive and don't want any vestige of slavery in our culture whatsoever. I really do get that.

I just don't know how you can appreciate the reality of American history without some of those things being there and also that all human beings are in process were all growing like George Washington was a slave owner. He did some hideous things but interestingly I'm talking the Jefferson I'm talking more about what was a slave owner.

But he also when he was president in the Northwest passage passed a law that slavers can exist in that area you really wonder if he wasn't in process again of understanding the dignity of all human people and changing his mind. So the removal of him altogether doesn't give fairness to maybe his own pilgrimage in learning that slavery was an evil blight another asteroid to destroy a government property. Well, that's another question to me that if it was constructed and put on government property. Who has the right to go on that and tear down. That should be done by legislation that should be done by law so that Congress gets together and says that monument that's on our logo relates whoever or whomever right that that that legally we make that decision and we remove those statues that that's done in the process of civil law than I understand it I get it.

And that's the way we operate as a nation, but again the protesters ago and tear down and destroy property. I just keep ramming that Bible verse, you reap what you sow, if you so in anger. You're going to reap in more anger if you so and hostility you're going to reap in more hostility. Somehow, someway we got to understand that there's a process that allows civil disobedience to occur protest to occur. That's a an inalienable right of our Constitution, but to be done so without violence, without destruction, and let civil laws are legislators whom we elect make the decisions to tear these things down and eliminate them as we feel appropriate.

Another thing you want to talk, therefore, was symbols are American flag on today we flyer this weekend. We fly the American flag parades with flags and banners with the red white and blue. I just it gets emotional to me to see American flag. It represents so much, yet will I do know that soldiers who have fought like my father-in-law in World War II. That flag is special to them. It really is when you're buried at the flags on the casket as a whole ceremony to fold the flag of the flag. You know represents and it honors those who served yet. So for people who find the flag being denigrated. It is offensive to them because they realize what that flag means and I just want to ask people to remember in their own lives. Do you have symbols that are significant to you that you would want removed that you have like a Sean King who is coming out and saying that any symbol of Jesus or crosses are evidences of white supremacy need to be torn down.

Well, you know, in our Christian faith that, for example, the cross represents the forgiveness of our sins.

And you can't just tear that down to get rid of that. It's an important symbol in the Christian faith in our taking of communion, the body and the blood of Jesus.

Those are symbols of the realities of his forgiveness and love for us so we needed to be very careful about tearing down symbols that are important to a large group of people that me much more than the apparent symbol itself.

You need to look behind what the symbol actually means, and let us again as a people make that decision, not let it be imposed upon us by people who are angry for whatever reason that they may have and I also want to talk about the fact that this weekend.

The celebration of our Declaration of Independence that we also need to remember that for those of us who are religious people that we cling to our God.

We believe that it's important to do so and we also declare a declaration of dependence that our declaration in faith is that we depend upon this God whom we love so much and I really do believe that there are some number of protesters who really want to eliminate religion eliminate God altogether and and as you know that one of the Marxist phrases was that religion is the opiate of the people and it's a belief that religion controls people in a wrong and bad way. I had people joke to me and say, your faith is nothing more than a crutch to you and I say, you're absolutely right. It's a user arrives today, when I'm going through difficult times. I lean on God. I live life with a limp. I have my own inadequacies failures form at these difficulties and I lean on God regularly to help me take the next step and to keep moving toward him. So I really believe that this weekend for religious people is a declaration of dependence upon God. There's a verse in the Bible. Galatians 51 that says it is for freedom that Christ has set us free, no longer to be under the yoke of an bondage of sin and we talked about this in another show about how Ben Roethlisberger has said his addictions help drive him to Jesus and now he has a love for Jesus.

That's greater than his addictions and he feels some freedom. That's what Galatians 51 is talking about when you love Jesus more than you love the addiction or the problem that keeps the setting you your free you're able to live life to the full light. God wants you to live it and I just want everyone to realize what a joy it is to have a declaration of dependence. Yes, God's a crutch.

We need to lean on him regularly if we don't have God were we going to turn returned other people who always let us down. My daddy used to say to me regularly, son. As you are a people pleaser and I have been in my past.

He said just remember this people make lousy gods.

He was so right. People make lousy gods people will let you down because other people are looking for you to meet their needs. Other people will use you to get their own needs met.

People make lousy gods. There's there's only one God will never disappoint. And that's the one who's revealed to us through Jesus, of his great love, mercy, compassion and kindness. And as we lean on him and we make our declaration of dependence.

We can continue to move forward in life and have hope and with so many of us not able to gather in a church or synagogue or place of worship Nelle start open up again. Your prayer life is very important right now absolutely all edge are so right and I think we should this weekend, especially the Sunday after 4 July. Take some time to depend upon our create tour and prayer such an important part of that people ask me all the time.

What is prayer. It's just simple communication and talking with God.

It simply saying to the Lord, I need you here my problems. First Peter 57 cast all your cares upon him because he cares for you.

It's sitting down and singing the Lord. This is my stuff in my life right now I'm casting it on you. I'm giving it to you. I'm letting you carry it your much more able to carry it than I can. You're the sovereign Lord of the universe, and it then is walking away and singing to live my life without worrying about this burden because God's not this that's what I believe that with all my heart. Let's today make a declaration of dependence amidst our independence weekend for we are truly stronger when we do so. I'm David Chadwick and will be right back to work and I had just just my children and is in today because the flag still stands, and they can no God when I'm David Hedwig in this talk, limited 99. Three WB happy July weekend.

I can't say better than that song. Can you read all Wilder Lee Greenwood. It is just the best statement regarding what we believe in. We thought we would end this part of our show. Just being thankful you know in my own life I have learned that the more I'm thankful the more I give thanks to God for all that I have, the less worry has a chance to occupy my mind and you know and I just wrote a book entitled moving beyond anxiety and the whole premise of the book as you are what you think that whatever you allow into your mind to be your thought life.

That's eventually what you feel, and then cause behavior to be what it is I really believe that if you can control your thought life and exit out all of those negative fear filled thoughts and replace them with positive thankful thoughts, the better off we are so could we all today, especially as we look back to yesterday celebrating 4 July. Give thanks for this great nation in which we live. I know there are troubles. I know there's strife.

I know the racial divisions we still have this pandemic that were dealing with. But you know what it's still the greatest nation on the face of the earth, and in one of the questions I would ask if America is so problematic and terrible.

How come so many people want to come here absolutely so many people want to immigrate here. So many people want to live here because they're coming from nations where they have been oppressed and they don't have freedoms they want to come to a nation where there are guaranteed freedoms. My wife and I have been in the middle of Syrian refugee camps. For example, Muslims fleeing their homes and their choosing to want to come here to express their faith the way they want to and know they're not going to be persecuted like they were in their former homes. Why, if America is so awful do most people want to come here and live with all of its problems, it still the greatest nation on the face of the earth, so could we folks give thanks today for this great nation in which we live. Could we give thanks for our freedoms for the Bill of Rights that we talked about in this show the freedoms to assemble without anger or destruction.

The ability to protest when we think something is wrong and something needs to be changed.

Could we give thanks for our freedom of religion, not from religion religion supposed to affect social change and laws. But religion is supposed to be expressed as people individually desire to express it. I could we give thanks today for the freedom that we have, to live our lives the way we choose to want to live our lives we live in a nation is not imposing upon us a way that we have to live we live in a nation that allows us to dream big dreams and I hope huge hopes and move beyond where we are in life and become something better. This nation really does allow people through capitalism, through hard work through human responsibility to become all that God wants us to become and to gain wealth that we can then transfer to our children and to others.

We are be thankful for the beauty of this nation. The rivers, the streams, the mountains, the national parks the building to grow our own food for most part, our waters are still clean. You know, we gotta be thankful for the philander glue. Good Lord gives us.

Maybe put on the song God bless America.

America beautiful today and listen to those words which is what you're talking about, from sea to shining sea. What a glorious Orlando area and we do have things we need need still to address that you and I both recognize that we hate the racial divide. Right now we we hate how the pandemic has caused us to be isolated and disconnected from one another and not being allowed to worship like we once were able to do so.

We have some challenges before us, but it's still a great nation and united we stand and divided we fall.

It's interesting. Abraham Lincoln said that in the Gettysburg address. He knew that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. I really believe the enemy the devil wants to destroy our nation.

The word devil means the divider he tries to divide friendships, families, communities, nations, and when he does so were not as effective is that old illustration that Coach K at Duke University uses. He said if you try to fight a battle with just your thumb, you lose. But if you have four fingers and a thumb balled into a fist. You can win united as a fist. We can defeat these problems.

Dear friends, let's do so today, because that is our hope as a nation. So on this Fourth of July weekend. I'd like to close our time together today in prayer. I and I like to ask you to join me as well, as I would. All of our listeners and the believe that prayer has power were communing with the God in heaven and when we plead to him, as that verse and second Chronicles 714 says if we will humble ourselves and get on our knees and pray that God will heal our land, so please join me everyone.

As I pray for our nation father in heaven. I come to you in the name of the one I know is my Savior, Jesus, but I invite all people of all faiths to pray with me now because prayer is so important and I pray that you would bring our nation together.

I pray that you would cause the division to cease and to bring us together in our common humanity that we might even look aside in our different religious beliefs, the different colors of our skin are different ethnicities are different cultural backgrounds and come together in a common humanity and the love one another as we do so, Lord, our nation will be stronger. We refuse to be divided we refuse to let those differences divide us, so that our nation becomes an opportunity for violent protest to take over for us to eliminate monuments and other things that allow us to forget our past and we will be a people united in our common freedoms in our common belief that this nation is the greatest nation on the face of the earth, Lord, may we find a solution to that which divides us racially. May we heal our land. May we come together and love one another because we know that is what your will is please father allow that to happen. I also pray for economic uplifting Lord for those who've lost jobs, Lord, for those who are financially fragile right now. I pray you would supply their every need. You said in Philippians 419 that you will supply our every need, according to your riches in Christ Jesus.

I plate you would do so right now for people who are in those financial places of distress. Lord I pray for those who have broken relationships.

I pray you would heal those and men. Those I pray for families that have children that are wandering who are not walking with you. I pray they would come home and walk with you thoroughly and completely in Lord I pray that somehow someway in this election cycle. We would not let political parties divide us. We would see ourselves as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all in that kind of nation, Lord, we know there will be health wholeness, life and blessing board on this Fourth of July weekend. Let us claim that America the beautiful nation that's beautiful from sea to shining sea and to give thanks for all that we have here in this nation for when we give thanks worry fleas fear goes away and we live in your freedom and peace. Make God you truly bless America today and forever. It's in Jesus name I asked

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