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The David Chadwick Show, 8/2/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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August 2, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show, 8/2/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and Mrs. news talk 11 to 993 WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith values and hope through the lenses of all this going on in our world, both locally and globally. It's a pleasure doing the show weekly thank you listeners for joining me and also to my friends at Peary's fine jewelry. Also Ruth Chris steakhouse.

We really do appreciate your sponsorship of the show.

It allows me to keep going on weekly now over 20 years.

It's hard to believe the other day, I got an email from a lady that asked me if I could possibly call her husband was not doing well physically and she said, is there anyway you could just talk to me and my husband about some hope are going through some difficult times, so I called her and did what I do best. I think and that's listen and then give hope to her and she said these words. You know we can't get out very often, but I really enjoyed listening to you on Sunday morning.

You're kind of our church, but I especially love it when your wife is on the program with me and I went well. Thank you so much. I kinda think she special to now over 42 years of marriage together, so I thought during the midst of this coronavirus.

I'd not yet had the opportunity for Marilyn to come on the show and just talk with us about faith and hope and prayer, which is one of her specialties during this crisis so on cue here. You are my wife Marilyn. The 42+ years on this lady thinks you're incredible as does her husband asked to I thank you and hello who ever you are. Maybe I get to meet him one day we have the opportunity Marilyn to talk to people today about hope and it has been a really interesting time. We were talking, some at some point this week about how these have been crazy days and then over our 40+ years of marriage.

We've seen crazy days as well. But like the never seen anything like this that the coronavirus is really unique in the crises that it has spawned in our lives in this culture.

In many of our friends lives in world and in the world and the ripple effect continues to go on and on Bettina my daddy is 92. Kind of called it at the beginning if you remember it like the day after quarantine this back in March. You might member this conversation but I called him he still is home and helps to care my mom former World War II celebrity veterans acid. He's got some diesel in his veins.

You know that he's just a very smart, he's very brilliant. Among other things, and S daughter say that but but I did say daddy if you ever seen anything like this because it was still very new debts. We didn't even know. Terms like shelter in place and that type of thing. So what does this remind you of anything I thought he might harken back to the days of 9/11 and are okay now summing up in a lot of ups and downs. Like you said in our world in the last 40 years, for sure, but he said I really can't remember anything like this. The feeling that I'm sensing across the land since the early days of World War II and he said 1942 and 43 an interesting last night. Wow, that's quite a perspective what you mean by that piece of you know we didn't know what was going to happen in 42 and 43.

We did not know how it was going and that we didn't know he was gonna win the war. Things were very difficult than in terms of just the conditions here in the states and all over the world that he said we truly did not know how it was going to end up.

We had not had that turning point where the power shifted, and then we knew it we were going to win and he said, with those kinds of uncertainties.

See you know it calls for a whole than a different character traits you know you have to look at perseverance. You have to look at what it means to work together. He says I think nations and have to work together. But he said it could end up in a positive time when it's all over because you look back and see what types of things were foraged in terms of strengthening any other cheery the jury still out on this.

We still got some learning and growing to do both as a country in and around the world would be made an interesting point to be said that during World War II. They didn't even know if they're going to win the war in the Pacific especially were he was from two years for two years. As I said, I am 42 and 43 because yesterday years. I didn't know anyone reemphasize you that's what it it and it should be reemphasized that, staggering community. We watch our World War II movies. We, like World War II history and I were history buffs yet entered two hours. Marilyn is Assad.

I know in a courseware on the other side, a history so we know with that America was victorious at the end of the war and and yet can you imagine living in those conditions. For two years blackouts at night rations.

We did and very sad not to have our coffee in the morning, but that's one of the minor things and many were major things people have to deal with.

Not to mention so many families lost in loved ones to the war and so II think I'm talking to him frequently.

Nouns can ask and how do we pace ourselves. I think that was the thing I took away from the conversation and question our what fiber/mouse down the rail and he's done pretty well. You know he's had to really work at being quarantined and he's in pretty well keep his hopes up, and I think I would have to say watching him hope is a very muscular journey and it is also perseverance in well hi think what we want to do today is to reflect on our lives in and both of us to live through a number of things.

SKUs of living together and apart and then also remember people who lived even longer that we have in the things they've gone through and what we can draw upon to help us keep moving forward, not the least of which is faith and prayer which will talk about when we come back, I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT and we will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show in studio with me is my best friend in all the world, but also someone whom I think has great insights into different things, especially different thing spiritually. My wife Marilyn I we have been married over 42 years and years to leave and you walked into faith.

Not really expecting it to you were an atheist, you didn't believe in God and God got hold of you kicking and screaming. I would say so you bring a real perspective to faith and values that few do. Because a lot of us, myself included, were was raised in a Christian home with a great mom and dad and I'm, like Timothy in the Bible.

I I never knew a day really when God was not real in our home and real to me but you were more like an apostle Paul reasoned a great home, a great mom and dad Christian home. I don't great Christian home like yours, but I just looked around and I thought don't think there really is a guy you know I just kinda had a lot of questions. I was always a question her and so at 15 I dissent you and I don't think the staff is real, chucked it when I sent God. This is my last prayer is that God will don't really think you're real. If I ever find out that you are I will file you but I don't think you're real and by college I really stop believing in God altogether and at that point I became hostile to Christians or at least had great disdain in but you know I had prayed that funny little prayer way back. And so God had a funny and interesting and very sneaky way of presenting himself to me through a book that somebody put in my hands and when I least expected it. I'm reading that book was called mere Christianity and many of you know who CS Lewis is and he was a former atheist as well, but when I got to a certain point netbook is like oh no this is true. I believe that this is true, there is a guy didn't have any. You have much more like an apostle Paul dramatically matters when yours is more gradual and admin. Both are valid other valid but you bring a perspective on the coronavirus and what were facing today in your faith journey that I think a lot of people would love to hear today so were trying to address the fears and anxieties that people are genuinely feeling right now mean it's a real world like we were talking about earlier like my dad sadly not seen anything quite like this.

And there's that that same kind of uncertainty. We don't know how it's going to player we are all struggling were wondering were praying were hoping in those really are the places where you got a land with the praying and hoping I thing calls without that you really do have despair and depression, overtake your life well in your what that internal battle that people are facing is is in many ways, even harder than the extern on daddy, harken back to that in the war as well. You have to keep your hopes alive every day.

I mean, it's a daily battle. I think it's bad to try to say when I got to be a year from that is we don't know but I think we can address what we need to do each day to keep our hope alive you again. Like I said earlier, it's a very muscular journey will the apostle Paul who had the dramatic conversion and is actually saw a vision of Jesus calls it the fight of faith and will you talk about a muscular Christian journey.

That's what you're referring to.

It really is a battle it's a war talk about how you think it's a war will you know I think one of the biggest things facing people anyway forget coronavirus, forget all the events of the last six months. In this day and age in which we live, anxiety and worry are such a battle and so it's interesting to me that in the Bible. I really think faith and fear are polar opposites, and tend to be kind of a worrier by nature.

Much more so than you and so I do have to find it and I do find that when my when I fight the fight of faith and there some very practical things I do to do that when I fight the fight of faith in my faith grows on notice that a byproduct of that is that fear decreases. You know I can't really stare fear in the face and necessarily fight that you know frontline assault when I build my faith.

I do find that I have the great weapons to it does tear down fear I can't explain it, but I noticed it you've seen at any over and over and over and over will. Let's talk about that a little bit because faith seems to be biblically especially the opposite of fear. There are purportedly hundreds of places in the Bible were it says do not fear, for I am with you.

The antidote to fear seems to be biblically the presence of God. But as you said fear and faith are directly opposite one another, so are we here today to say and I know the answer to this because I've had to live it myself that the best way to combat fear is to fight the fight of faith think it is. And yet email essay has words in it and some people might be going. I will how in the world I do. That is how can I get rid of fear and I just think back to when I took martial arts and in high school and they taught us pretty early on in between. Surely the seasons I was looking for something to do and has kind of athlete and say you know said right off the bat to the women you're not stronger than an attacker. Forget that you can't out muscle your attacker that you can use your attacker's power against him and we learn several moves to actually use the force back against him, and I think fear and anxiety are really hard to come to bigger than we are, but we can use those two can't turn that back. I think there is an evil one. I do believe that and I think we can turn fear and faith, the energy of that into prayer and to Sina reading God's word into him and fighting the fight of faith. When we use the fear and the anxiety is the energy to actually propel us into prayer. It's amazing Sica one-two punch. Let's stop for a second and once again state my belief as well that there is a diabolical dork malevolent enemy force in the universe is in different names, or Satan, which means the destroyer. Another name is the devil level, which leaves the fire and we see that all around us today were in friendly ration syringes in our nation right now.

There's never been more divisions as a divider.

If there is an enemy force who is stronger than we are. We need to admit that Paul said in Ephesians 612.

Our war isn't against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities of the darkness. If we tried to use our own strength in combating that. That's like taking a water pistol to a rattlesnake. It just doesn't work. You gotta fight spiritual forces with spiritual armor so we want today to talk about some of things that people can practically do in their lives to help build their faith so that they can combat the evil one and have victory over him and fear decrease in their lives. Think we're unusual lemming you have traveled all over the world and we've seen people and various kinds of cultures and places and they know what it means to fight the forces of darkness. You know that that was really interesting for me when I first became a Christian I became very aware that there is a dark side, you know, and in the Bible talks about that so much. But the good news is that Jesus came and that he died on the cross for us and provided salvation. But in addition to that, he gives us the Holy Spirit and there is a power, and of course, we've seen that power exercise, probably more in and what you would call developing nations even then here so we like to take lessons from what we've learned from people who may not have as much money or education, nor are the things we cannot so dear, but they're very strong in their faith so that begins with believing as you just mention that Christ lives in you and you Christians believe that there is one God in three persons that Christ equals the Holy Spirit. So the very Holy Spirit who created the universe lives inside the hearts of those who believed and so therefore we have in us that very power that allows us to fight the forces of darkness and overcome our fears. So the question then is how do we utilize that force within us against those forces of darkness that try to attack. How do we take their energy against them and win the war and then know that we are joined by God in all of its heavenly angel, hopefully more so having that their millions upon millions of age that a lot of his disposal right and I think the first thing he asked me what to do. I think the first thing you obviously admit that there's a battle. But secondly, become alert and watchful.

You know first before an accident it's first Peter 47 says be self-controlled and alert so that you can pray in this was in the midst of massive persecution. That book was written to Christians were really in lives were threatened every day but be self-controlled and alert so that you can pray said there must be some measure of alertness and watchfulness. And that's just the commitment to go okay when I feel fear, I'm going to first pray and asked them this this kinda came alive for me right after 9/11 because it was so much to worry about then, and I just took a journal and wrote down everything that was on my heart like a worry list and you know it's weird because there's access and research that says that lessons anxiety just and it's up to right on down but then I basically turn that into a prayer list of sorts, and you know that story on Charles Spurgeon, the great late 18th-century English minister said turn your cares into prayers and that's what I did.

So that was the first step to just unit sand and be alert and watchful, and then start praying and be very specific about how I prayed.

So I've learned in my own prayer life that prayer in and of itself doesn't have power not it is a wonderful spiritual discipline, but it has no power in itself, unless unless it's the prayer of faith and vivid it is praying actually faith that you believe in your heart, the one who lives within you is expressing that faith that you believe that he who lives in you is greater stronger then the one who lives in the world is constantly attacking so that care that you have when you turn it into prayer is not just a wrote rest patient appointments. You gotta pray the prayer of faith and I think we pray with the biblical authority meeting again. One of the first things I noticed when I did become a believer, was I thought the Bible is a dead booking. I kinda given up on grew up in a church and would open the book and look at it and it made no sense, but the first thing I noticed after I became Christian was oh my gosh this is this is because alive you know this is real and the Bible talks so much about how your faith actually grows stronger when you start to read the word of God. It's Romans 1017.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God and I noticed that there are certain promises threaded throughout Scripture that way if those are true then that's something I can stand on. So one of the ways to pray the prayer of faith is to memorize the Scripture, or even just read it and then read it out loud even to those forces, the backing were those feelings of fear that come into your heart and the more you either memorize and speak those words or read and speak those words that fear really does start to abate a desk and goal as well give you little nugget will example what we do that we come back yet. Got an illustration of how to actually use prayer the prayer of faith to overcome your cares which overwhelm you some time and if we can learn how to do this folks. If we can learn how to turn our cares into prayers.

The prayers of faith.

We really can start to see these anxieties start to go away so people out there who are feeling fear about financial loss during the coronavirus or feeling fear about job situations or feeling fear about family members that; we have a way to take all of those cares and turned them into a prayer of faith that can allow you to have victory over that, and feelings of hope in your heart, rather than that fear.

I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT come back in here how to do this great discipline hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome back to the show if you like you, the program from beginning to end in its entirety. Please go to scroll down to the weekend shows and you can hear the podcast from beginning to end with my wife Marilyn, my wife of now, 42+ years. While it has gone by fast and we have her in the studio occasionally to address different issues. The one we wanted to address today is just all the fear and anxiety that is in our world, mostly because of the coronavirus, but some of the other racial tensions and things going on every cause people's hearts to be filled with anxiety and fear folks. You don't have to live there and one thing the Scripture clearly teaches is for people of faith who have the Holy Spirit, God himself living inside of us. We have a power that can allow us to face our fears and not just face them, overcome them, and to live in hope. So before we took a break, Marilyn teased you listeners thing I've got a story I want to tell you about how to take your cares and turned them into the prayers of faith so that you can have that victory that hope in your hearts tells the story, and I was thinking again harkening back to 9/11 when all of us. Many of us were so filled with fear and I came across a really good verse in the Bible and I thought again. Me being the former skeptic. I'm very concrete now in my faith, and have been for decades is sort like I did. It really isn't. And if he is in his all-wheel.

You know that the Bible is true, then it's completely true and set Philippians 4 it was written by Paul in a difficult time in his life easier prison cells chained to a wall. As Roman guards watching 24 hours a day and he says these words in the fourth chapter he says don't worry about anything instead, pray about everything.

In the words and the new living translation go like this. Tell God what you need and thank him for what he's already done and then God's peace, which is greater than the human mind can comprehend, will guard your guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus which to me sounds like an absence of worry, but I thought it was interesting. He said don't worry about anything, anything at all. But then that's where the idea was instead, pray about everything in a week and we talked earlier in this in the show about using the force of your enemy against you. Like I learned in martial arts.

This is really saying don't worry, instead, pray. So when the enemy brings worry, to your mind craft that into a prayer you know and and and again if you're using Scripture as a sound when your weapons and a foundation for your faith in a comfort and a promise that that's a pretty good weapon.

I mean that's what Jesus used himself when he was tempted, so I found that if I would list these worries and write down specifics.

It's amazing how many players over the days and weeks and months after 9/11 were answered. I started going all my gosh and I and I then began to extend my prayers. At first it was like oh keep a safe you know prayers of my family and above but I started praying for people beyond myself in an action for other nations. Because we knew the world was in turmoil then and you know the story mean here we are 20 years later, but that began to develop in my heart yearning to really know more about these other countries and what they were suffering and how God was at work in these places and you and you and I ended up in many of these places ourselves over the years on various trips.

It's funny how those doors opened so you're saying that with the cares, you turn them into prayers for others typically use places I leave people anything, but especially starting with your own needs and your own family you know the things that are really weighing on your heart and you have to ask I will show me who else is on your heart because quite honestly I wasn't even thinking about anybody else besides my own needs and many of us might feel like that today will I can even think about anything beyond what I see in front of me and so what we begin to do this I God break my heart for what break chores begin to show me who is on your heart have even been doing this again. I've been having to repeat some of these lessons to myself in the coronavirus because again we are faced with different levels of uncertainty and some of the people that we love have big uncertainties so people who are asking practically right now when I have a care when I have an anxiety that one of the things I can do is counterpunch that we took prayer a prayer for other people may make your own request known to God for sure. But when you jump outside yourself. There's a healing that does come to our hearts and in amazing and wonderful way to get it set both and you and we pray for the person or the need that so close to our heart and then we also extend our prayers to beyond within.

Interestingly, Paul. In that same verse gives us another way to pray.

Our cares away and that's with prayers of thanksgiving. So if your mind is the battlefield and you got to take every thought captive in order to have victory over those anxious thoughts. You not only take them captive and ushered them out. You got to fill your mind with good things and one of the good things we can fill our minds with his constant regular daily prayers of thanksgiving, and you and I've talked about this a lot in our life together if people would clause and start giving thanks for all they have.

They would be amazed at how many things they have that are blessings in their lives. You know, in the old phraseology we have, count your blessings and when you do that you start to develop a heart filled with thanksgiving, which is another great antidote to worries you and I have learned that lesson over and over again.

Sometimes when we are in places where you might think that they don't have even enough to be thankful for. I will never forget the president of Burundi, a tiny little country in Africa was the twin of Rwanda, having just come out of a Civil War and we met this very godly man that was president and he when he came he came to America and actually we got to meet him and he said something like this. He said sometimes Americans forget to be thankful when you gone through wars and things like we have and it was a 10 year civil war. Rwanda's frenzy happened over a period of four months. He was kind of the same conflict that lasted over 10 years and so the nation was just rabbit and millions of people were brutally killed.

It was evident of some frightening thing to to know that history as it began to unfold. People were unaware of it. Beginning in what happened; the silent genocide even today, many minor and sees as said we as a people, we found that joy and gratitude help sustain us and he said you know you might not think anything to be thankful for. But if you have two eyes you know if you have two eyes and if you have both of your legs you can give thanks for that. A started listing all the very things that we take for granite soldiers had lost a lot of the things and we had lost these things and in and people had lost family members, but it's interesting that when we were over there. I expected to be, depressing place where you know you would feel the horror of what it happened but didn't really we were perplexed and kind of challenged and I still keep in touch with some of these friends even today. It's the muscular level of their faith and I would say that joy was very present but gratitude. And so it's interesting where you need to learn lessons in life sometimes in places you don't expect the way they say and work related Bayesian dance in their worship of me.

I was an unabashedly open this to God and love for him and thankfulness for all that they did have, not looking at what they didn't have was just a faith that touched both of our architecture hearts and in you know that's what I was alluding to earlier in the shower when I said we've seen places where the power of God is move mightily. That's one of the areas of the world where I have heard some the most astounding stories of miracles, and again I don't think God has favorites but you know when you're the most desperate in a course had been. I think that sometimes when God shows up strongest man I talked to a young mother who actually had a child die and she said she went and prayed for the challenge and she told her this way. Later, she said God you did it for Elijah unit is a story in the Bible about Elijah.

Praying for a child that was raised from the dead, you did for Elijah, do it for me and and and I thought she's gone tell me the end of the story was sad and she learned how to move on in life but at the end of the story. There were several of us listening to her at the end of the story.

She said, and after the my last time to go in my head and pray for this child. He finally came back to life and we are all astounded. I'm just like this. This is real will when you only have Jesus. I guess that's all you can depend upon. Well, that I got yes these are crises and trials. There were no doctors in her area.

There was no other hope and again I don't think God has favorites, but I do think people's faith grows in some of the circumstances to mighty mighty levels, so we would encourage all of our listeners right now that if you're going through a really tough fear trial if the coronavirus has just weighed you down if you feel burdened by all the racial tensions that are in our nation.

If you're looking here locally at the school situation which is just causing all kinds of frenetic feelings of anxiety among people, we would encourage you to use all those fears and turn them into prayers of faith and and also make sure that a part of your prayer of faith is filled with thanksgiving, make a Thanksgiving list.

If you have to literally sit down and write down all the things for which you can be thankful for me, like two eyes two arms to legs to meet 10 toes.

Be specific like air to breathe food to eat a be specific clothes to wear your whatever that you have and think about this, that if you have a car here and you are able to transport yourself, you're among the 90% of the richest people in the world you have so many gifts and abilities that have been given to you.

Make a list of those things. And when that thanksgiving fills your heart than you can change nothing shows that the dear mugger 10% of the richest of the world if you drive a car, so just make that list of things that you have and when you see what you have. You suddenly start to be thankful and that faith increases and the fear starts to abate anything again and for me this is for me. I do have to grounded in God's word echo back to God's word. Every morning you Nassau start things out and then I'm very specific when God put something in my heart to pray so that being specific is neat because then you know and then you know when the answer comes in when you take the Scripture and memorize it again folks I can say that to you. You put it deep in your heart. Meditate on it and you have it. Always at your fingertips.

And when that fear attacks again and guess what, it will continue to attack again and again you can speak faith to that particular attack and start to feel faith grow in your heart and fear them will flee. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99.

Three. WBT will be three WBT will be everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show. I guess today is my wife Marilyn and she has been beloved by many of you listeners through the years that she comes on the program. Occasionally with me gives great faith perspectives and I asked her to be on today just in light of the continued fears and anxieties in people's heart because of the coronavirus, the racial tensions and all the other problems. Our culture and the world are presently experiencing. We talked today about the way to combat fear and anxiety really is through faith, but the prayers of faith, particularly in one of the thing we want to say to people. Marilyn is will give your life away in some way or another, be a hope giver be a moment of hope. Give her we love that phrase because the name of our new church, but we believe if you'll just find a way to give a moment of hope to somebody else your own fears start to abate, they start to go away. It's weird how that works, and I think that's the biblical principle unit you find your life when you give it away in the midst of this coronavirus unit with some of the quarantines and whatnot. It's harder to have interactions with people, most of us have a phone most of us have a cell phone.

We can pick it up and call somebody and I found during this time that if I'll just kinda listen for God's quiet voice you know it takes some time to learn how to hear that training your heart to hear God's voice takes a little doing so a lot of other voices that come in your head, but especially if you're listening to all the news some bloated are you going to detach sometimes so many voices yeah cacophony of sounds bland our ears.

Yeah, we got to get rid of those. Every voice in your head on not only God, that's right, that over time you start to learn here, then, do you ask God specifically remember I'm the skeptic that the original skeptic, so I'm very concrete and how I pray and I will say things like I do want you to put on my heart today.

Semi-it needs a word of encouragement but not NM or even a stranger you know that friends Oliver the city. There, in different neighborhoods, and then I somehow bump into these magic moments.

It it grocery stores. I don't how this works but God puts people in my path.

I seem to need a word of encouragement and if you're listening and alert and watchful. You know you can you can give a word of encouragement somebody, but I felt nudged to call somebody at the other day when I was out walking and I would say that walking is a great thing right now. During that you advance your exercise yeah I don't do isolation out with this coronavirus yeah do not do it only exacerbates you find some way to get the blood moving in your blood pumping. But anyway, I called this friend and we had talked at least in a year and 1/2 and it was the most amazing conversation that she had me on her heart to you and we want we've known each other for at least a decade that we walk through trial. Yet she was going through about 10 years ago. She was a foster mom and was doing a beautiful job at this baby as well long story I might get into it, but she lost custody and she was hoping to adopt the baby and it was that baby was reunified with the with the birth family. Things did not work out, but it took like three or four years for my friend to get the little baby back by that point she was for five years old and it was pretty tough. She gone through some hard things but but what's interesting is you know sometimes when you don't touch them.

I know while in the year and 1/2 or whatever that we taught that the family she has turned such a corner with this now almost 10-year-old child that she said you would just not know anything was ever wrong and she's the one things that helped has been during this time of the quarantine coronavirus we have. There's been a special bonding that's taken place and I thought wow, a blessing in the midst of what seems like something that's not a blessing. But how neat that out called her it was a blessing to me that she had me on her heart so you think both of us kinda felt like, well, we got the God memo you know. Yes, we don't want to get to spiritually goofy when we talk about trying to hear God's voice. A lot of times is just an impression in prison. Yet it is. Perhaps you may quietly in your heart hear the name of someone that you're supposed to reach out to just be quiet enough long enough to try to hear those impressions.try to hear that still small is inside of you and it should sound like an alien.

You know, it would not a loving and loving father speaks in a southern accent. To me, but I do think I just talked to a Sina for my lesson and you want to fill your mind with God's word is a good advertisement that goes against his word. That's a real important boundary, but he will tell you in a people that are on his heart. You know I've had that happen. You know me must my kids are kids, laugh because they think that God listens so much when I talk as a well I'm just willing to listen when he talks of that's how it works so it might be a friend or a colleague or a family member that God impresses on your heart. It needs to reach out to this we give them a call, text, email, whatever is reach out to them, but also you have taught as well not love this to say to the Lord at the beginning of each day bring into my path. So my legs I need encouragement. Maybe somebody who's on God's heart that you don't even know when we must restore our anger, or you might find out about a need maybe don't know the this situation personally but you find out about a need in the community. There's so many needs right now you and I both are so aware of just just really incredible proms with hunger and and and the list goes on and on and on and joblessness and people is in their homes. But if you're if you're a little overwhelmed by that. You know you might have to say.

Well I can't do everything, but do not know something. Yeah, and it might be that you feel compelled to give money to somebody in the community that is in the trenches making a difference in maybe you can get out of your house to go down there believe that something we can give. We thought that something we can give and then we can all pray that we can all just sit back and pray for somebody that is a powerful thing to weekend send money to organizations and or feeding people clothing people helping folks in dire need. We can do something we can do something and when all of us do something. We give this hope community to give us really hope we start to see Hope making a difference in people's lives. And oddly enough, it does make us healthier on the inside and I want to go back to what you said about the exercise to because I think I think that just has 1 More Way member asset beginning. This is a muscular journey this time is not the time to chill out and be lazy as much as we would all like to do that and for and especially the beginning were like okay what is slow down a little bit. I have families for me personally, this is a time to take seriously now my habits when I put in my brain. Note don't just slide out eaten all day long is eaten Cheetos all day long and try to take care of ourselves. Try to be faithful to get whatever kind of exercise we can tolerate.

Don't just have endless hours on the screen. You know we have to be self-controlled and alert you and then pray so folks take care your bodies because your sidebar important temple upkeep for carrier souls your emotions. Watch what you watch all the time. Make sure you guard your brain and were also spirit and maintain your spiritual life. Read the Scripture pray and listen to God, put on your heart somebody who might need to have today. And when you do that your own.

Hope comes to you in us. Whatever you may have out will come back to you is called the law of reciprocity is something that governs God's universe. Whatever you give out will come back to you so were body soul and spirit will merely only have a couple minutes left. We tried to end every program over the last five months since this coronavirus happened in prayer.

So would you begin us in prayer and pray for our listeners as they are trying to walk in faith and not by fear not my thing. I be happy to thank you, Dan will father God, you know what's going on in this world you knew it was all going to happen. Even before we did and said this didn't catch off guard and you also have everything at your disposal to help us make it through it. Lord I do have a sense that we are to really face these problems that we we are going through only one data time and so I just pray that maybe something that we've said today will give people a way to walk step by step. I keep ourselves strong. Lord help us to stay faithful to you.

Make us mindful of that person that might need your touch, but let us do it one day at a time.

Don't let us become overwhelmed.

Lord God keep us close to your heart every listener that you today. Keep these listeners close to your heart and whatever their needs are. I just pray even right now that there formulate in their mind a way to turn that that worry into a prayer and that you will give them words of promise and assurance from your word to stand on while they haven't quite yet seen the answer and father.

We just thank you for every listener who's here today. May this message.

Give them hope. And may we be hope givers because as we give out hope.

Hope comes back to us.

Thank you for the privilege of walking with you. Keep people safe from the coronavirus heal those who might have it and let us be together again next week in faith in this faith journey. Pray this in Jesus name, amen.

Everyone talk with you all next week

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