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The David Chadwick Show, 8/9/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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August 9, 2020 9:15 am

The David Chadwick Show, 8/9/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99 Freedom VP welcome to the show in case you don't know this is the faith and values program and try to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you. Listeners, for joining me on a weekly basis. Many thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Peary's fine jewelry for your continued sponsorship of the show now running over 20 years and has been so much fun to do this on one of the nation's great stations. The blowtorch of the South WBT while Ed Billick is my producer and we have over the last several months had to have our shows. Basically between ourselves because we can't have people in studio with us because of the covert crisis but is been rather fun and we've enjoyed it a lot. One of the things we particularly enjoy doing is looking at my book is just come out called moving beyond anxiety and the purpose of the book was to try to give 12 practical suggestions for overcoming fear and anxiety. Interestingly, I wrote the book about a year and 1/2 ago not knowing that coded and the racial riots and other tensions would be in our culture. Now I did certainly look ahead and think that when it comes out. It's going to be a 2020 election year, which causes its own stress upon a nation, but interestingly to I did not know about those other particular problem, so it is relevant if you like to get a good and you can easily order it. I think it's a good book that just gives some practical suggestions on how to renew your mind because the battle for fear and anxiety folks is in your thought life.

It's how you think and we had this past week Ed Gov. Cooper announced that now are going to have stage II. Up until September 11, and I can't help but think a lot of people out there just did a collective gasp of all no. Five more weeks of this, and the truth is we don't know what's going to happen even after September 11 else talking to a friend of mine is a major event planner in this area. He said every event has been shut down until January 1, 2021. It's a new year right David so everything will be okay. I'll yeah right I don't think people really realize the fact that this thing lingers and lingers and lingers and we look into the future. We think good heavens, when the world is this thing going to well good news is there are vaccines out there that are being tested among tens of thousands of people so we hear so hopefully that will will help will I hear my dad's voice who went to heaven. Years ago, but he kept saying to me over and over again in times like this. My favorite verse in the Bible son is this, and it came to pass, you know you look back over your life and in my life.

We've lived a good number of years on the side of eternity on this planet and it does pass done it. I mean things do eventually move on.

And that's why I try to give people hope and save them all the time. If the sun comes up in the morning, there's always hope it. Life does keep moving forward. We do keep moving forward with life and eventually these things to pass there certain things in life to that were tested and is in God's will to be tested. I loafed through to God, because the snow but we are tested to see how we can handle certain situations, you know that the purpose of the test is to know if you know the information that all of us have test anxiety from our elementary, middle school, high school, college, post grad years and the purpose though of a test we have.

Take test at every level of education is to see if we know the information and I don't think God caused covert but I do think God uses coded to see if our faith is really strong because God wants us to walk by faith and not by sight.

You know, Thomas first wanted to touch Jesus wounds in order to believe he was really resurrected from the dead and Jesus appeared to him and he never, it seems, let him touch him but he did say to Thomas, you have seen and now believe, but blessed are those who have not seen yet still believe in many of us haven't seen the end of this we haven't seen the evidence of our faith.

We just believe that because we just know God's in control. We have to go there in order for our anxieties to abate it on my concerns are so many people been away from church for mass. Now you know the new normal. On Sundays, as you do you really watch it on TV or virtual, or maybe not.

Also getting people back into churches or helping with our faith life. David the show helps people in the absence of that well. Thank you. We've actually had people call us and tell us that they use this as a part of their Sunday worship and I think that's important and worth grateful to be able to do this on his talk 1110 WBT here from 8 to 9 on Sunday mornings and hopefully it helps people grow in their faith and allows them to sustain their lives as they continue to move forward.

So we come back from the break. What we could do today while going to look in another chapter in my book. And again it's 12 practical strategies for overcoming anxiety. The belief is we are what we think. Romans 12 to Paul said be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so one of the ways and I've learned that I can really make my thought life stronger and more powerful is by singing is by music and you and I both love music. We talked about that a lot and I want to teach people how singing and music can be a great weapon to defeat fear in our lives and grow our faith will you be singing for I will not. I've never heard I will not do that also bear our listeners. That awful sound but I will teach them some wonderful things from the Scripture about the power of song and you'll join me as well at Billick. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99. Three. WBT will be right back.

And that's what we want really do is to fill us with the hope of God so that our hearts can be filled with hope and not anxiety. As we continue to have to deal with the coded 19 crisis now. Our governor tells us stage II through September 11 collective size. All of us continue to march through these very weird times, along with the racial tensions along with the presidential year election while there is much anxiety all around us and I want to teach you how to control your thought life so that you can have faith in your hearts and not anxiety because the truth is you are what you think, be transformed by the renewal of your mind, and another verse in the Bible.

Take every thought captive.

Another one, whatever is pure, and excellent in good and honorable, etc. think on these things. The focus of your thought life will cause you to feel what you feel. So if you're feeling a lot of anxiety today. Folks examine your thought life. What are you putting in your mind, are you filling yourself with social media and everybody else's opinion of this world that causes you to feel like all know don't do that, fill your thoughts with God's thoughts. Thoughts of faith, hope and love. And when you do that, your feelings will soon there after followed in one of the things that you can do in order to control your thought life that will then make your feelings feel great is to learn how to practice the beauty of positive singing, you heard me, rightly singing music is a gift from God. Music was God's idea when you really think about how harmonies come together beautiful pieces of music that the real the soul. Have you ever ask yourself the question, what, where that come from did did some mysterious tribe deep in the heart of Africa one day for a figure out music and then pass that on all the other cultures around know every culture has music.

Every culture has so long and when you learn how to sing the positive thoughts.

When you learn how to sing thoughts of faith, you can then have feelings of anxiety start to abate music is a great gift from God and it is a way we can defeat anxiety and that's what I want to talk about on the program today.

Are you aware that there are over 400 references to music in the Bible over 400 and are you aware that there are over 50 commands in the Bible to sing unto the Lord. Sing a new song over 50, not suggestions. Folks, but commands to sing that you say to me, David. I can't sing. I say to you, then lift up a joyful noise to the Lord. They're just something powerful and even mouthing the words of a song because you're trying to take those words of faith. Those words of love those words of hope and put them deeply into your heart when you do your feelings of anxiety start to abate and those feelings of faith, hope and love start to enlarge themselves. So today let's talk about the beauty of music. The beauty of song and how singing can be an antidote to fear and anxiety in those children. We opened the segment to refill meal God's kids that are singing.

We learned in grade school we learned in kindergarten we learn from our parents, our parents would sing to us within the nursery rhymes, or were music of of church music we learn to sing and all of that, then reflect what we think about those days as we think about her childhood. It was all part of our our upbringing the other day my daughter Bethany. It's hard to believe she has five children. Now she has chosen to homeschool, and so this covert crisis and school shutdown hasn't really affected her because she's been training her kid since day one. Two things, how to learn but also how to learn things about God.

She had taught her four children because once a baby all of Isaiah chapter 61, which is one of the most powerful chapters in the Bible. She taught the entire chapter to her children by pulling together a musical piece, not my my family has a musical giftedness. I didn't get much of it I got more athletic, just my brother Howard is incredible for voice scholarship to college.

My dad had a chance to go on Broadway so Bethany I think got some of that and so she devised a song and she had all her for children who could learn to do it sing that song and within a day. They memorized an entire chapter of the Bible and they'll be able to sing that song with that scripture in their hearts for the rest of their days when they're confronted with anxiety not have all our listeners. Please go to Isaiah 61 and read that chapter.

It's a wonderful chapter about faith, hope and love. So the kids in their lives in the future will be able to face anxiety with that song in their heart when the fear comes they start singing that song. And guess what happened. Fear then flees.

Music is a powerful instrument and even secular songs like you and I both love Motown and we were brought up with that we love to sing, it is the member this song when you are down and out sing a song it'll make you better, Earth wind and fire. They sang that song was a huge success plug-in. Listen to those words when you're down and out sing a song it'll make you better. There something even in a non-faith filled world that knows singing is a powerful antidote to worry, all singing and music in which in a different place. It puts you in mentally and food almost physically in a different place people listen to the radio in the car or whether you're in church or patriotic sing during the holidays it puts you in a different place. Here's a question I have for you. Have you ever experienced what's called commonly on earworm all Alaska tour listeners as well. What's in here will enjoy the as it is when the song gets into your head and it just won't leave it's there all day long, do some for young parents right now hundred and all the right in help a baby shark ever have in you know I hear that and I can home of the rest the day looking to do with the folks right now but did send me your head. Your work is always a great illustration of that I hadn't thought of that. Yeah it does kind of songs I get into your head and you I watched the Tom Hanks movie about Mr. Rogers. Couple of months ago and you he was on the subway writing one time and all the sudden, one person looked at him and said hey you're Mr. Rogers and Tom Hanks character said yes I am and then all of a sudden one person started singing it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood of beautiful and everybody on the subway started in on it. They're all laughing and singing and he's just honored by this, he singing along with them, but it's a great example for two dessert he can Carry it soon. Maybe not much more than that, but again the power of singing is there in that illustration among many many others interview where that there have been secular studies done that, if you'll just sing 15 to 20 minutes a week with another group of people. If you'll just get together and sing some of those old big songs or songs that you love anxiety decreases exponentially just by the power of singing with other people.

So when you think about that in a concert, for example, folks love to go to consort with other people will sing for a couple hours all those favorite songs that they have in their heads through the years because of that particular band or soloist when you think about worship.

That really is what we do each week we come together and either with a worship format that has three separate hymns or a worship format that more and more are adopting. They start out their service with about 15 minutes of singing scientists have said proven by the fact that if you sing publicly with other people. Anxiety is reduced. Maybe God knew that that's why were supposed to come together and he commands us over 50 times in the Bible sing a new song singing to the Lord there something powerful when we sing do you have examples of in the Bible where that is. I sure do.

One that comes to mind is asked. The 16th chapter, Paul is imprisoned in the city of Philippi he's with his companion in ministry name Silas and they're chained to a Roman prison wall and then at midnight. What are they start doing. They start singing under the Lord. They just start lifting up praise songs under the Lord and suddenly there's an earthquake that shakes the foundation of the prison loosens their prison chains and they walk out of the prison free and many people of use that as an illustration of the power of praise, even in the midst of a huge problem that it not only shakes us free from the particular environment of prison that were in but sets us free emotionally so that's a great illustration biblically off a huge problem. It's dark, it's thank your chain your prisoner and then suddenly this praise God, you lift up your songs of praise and it shake's those chains free so that you can walk out of the prison cell with a new song in your heart and it happens over and over and over again in in the book of Colossians Paul instructs the people in the church at Collis eye to seeing and he tells him what to sing. I think he knows to another way that music is so powerful in our lives.

Is it helps us memorize words and he does mention how as a kid you sang songs that you still remember today, many of us do in our Sunday school teachers, our schoolteachers would have us sing in order to remember certain truths like again what my daughter Bethany has done with her four children as a child had a friend across the street is a little older, maybe he'd love to listen oldies I'm thinking what listen to today's music, not oldies but now is a an older person I love listening to older music because it takes you back into time. It instills a memory or a thought, or were you were what you did, you know, whether it be your own wedding or the birth of your child or wherever music just sticks it's it's a time to rejoice and reflect.

I think what you know you were talking with the off air before the program began about dancing with your daughter at her wedding, and you will never forget the song that you chose to dance with her at her wedding sing with me and I chose that song in an my daughter Bethany and I danced along dance with great memories flooding my brain but I would never, to this day. That song don't you exactly it's Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella and then now when I hear it I will always remember her wedding day, which was just joyous and beautiful and everything he owns the connections of song to memory and when you control your thought life folks you can control your anxieties replace your fears with faith and when that anxiety floods your brain all the sudden start singing a song of faith, something that you've planted there years before and when you do so, especially with other people.

Your anxiety starts to abate, I'm David Chadwick. This is this talk, 11, 1099. Three.

WBT will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099, three WBT, welcome back to the show if you like the of the program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end in its entirety. Talking about how to overcome fear, how to overcome anxiety.

I written a book entitled moving beyond anxiety. It's 12 practical suggestions for renewing your mind if you like to get you can go to and other outlets that will have the book available for you. It's been a wonderful opportunity for me to try to help people address fears and anxieties in our world especially as we just heard our governor say now stage II until September 11. It just this covert problem keeps going on and on. Is the gift that will stop giving and doesn't seem to have any end in place and and also we have a 2020 election year that causes all kinds of fears and anxieties in our hearts. Plus the racial tensions. It's just a very interesting time in which to live. So you can let your heart be filled with fear, or you can let your heart be filled with faith that your choice and I believe with all my heart.

One of the ways that you can overcome fear is by practicing the power of music in your life. Practicing the power of singing in your life when you use sing songs of faith and you get them deeply embedded in your heart when fear comes, you can just start singing those songs of faith and amazingly. Interestingly, secular studies have proven that we just know it to be true in the Scripture and in our faith walk. Faith will replace fear. Fear will start to go away when you sing songs of faith. My producer friend Ed Billick as an open mic with me in it. We were talking about before this segment. How your family practiced music and you have a great illustration from your own father. A lot of us with ethnic backgrounds and whether whatever racer backgrounds. We are my dad and his brother would get together and play with temperate sons and that's a Croatian, kinda guitar, Netflix and Croatian music because their father came from Croatia. They did that his children in a way of honoring their dad, they would play Croatian music and it was always special to me. My brother and sisters look each other and laugh a little bit but now we when we hear those songs reminds us of our – so let me ask you question in your heart when you hear those songs does your heart become filled with faith or fear faith.

What does it bring back good memories are bad marriages, wonderful men does your heart get warm when you hear this all the point I'm trying to make folks is when you sing those powerful positive songs.

They increase memories in your heart that allow faith to grow and then when you sing faith-based songs so much more. So it's a way of praying to exactly yes indeed it is and most often those faith songs are straight from the Bible.

So you're memorizing God's word through song.

My daughter Bethany when she was young that dealt with what we Marilyn and I called Fred flies she was anxious she was just an anxious little girl and we kept thinking will. How can we help her overcome her.

Fred flies is what we call them with her and she would identify them, so she started memorizing songs she started she loved music, singing those songs. I we had a little cassette tape recorder by her bed that would play Christian songs all night long and she would memorize them so she started singing those songs to defeat the Fred flies. Guess what happened over time. The Fred flies started dying off and those songs of faith were placed in her heart. I see her doing the same thing with her children. Today, as I alluded earlier in the show and what's so interesting is she just doesn't deal much with anxiety anymore at all because she's learned the power of music and song straight from the Scripture, especially to defeat the Fred flies to defeat those awful evil negative fearful thoughts that want to come into her mind and it you know I remember my dad's funeral. My dad loved to sing. As I mentioned earlier you get a chance to go on Broadway and we had music be a part of our home regularly but he would sing hymns of faith around the house all the time. He had one that he particularly love call the church's one foundation we sang a lot in worship. And interestingly, when dad died. That was the song I chose to be a part of his worship service. Guess what I remember every word. The church is one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord. She is his new creation by water in the word from heaven he came and sought her to be his holy bride, and with his blood he bought her and for her life. He died on me that got into my head because we sang it over and over and over again in worship because dad sang around the house and to this day I can repeat those words about the beauty and value of the church because I sang those words regularly in worship and at home with my mom and dad and without the melody that is just in in the back of your mind as you were saying. Because you were saying those words.

I was nominated is Jesus Christ her Lord. Yet it gets into your mind and that is again the beauty of music God created music as an instrument to help us have memories that are warm, have faith, fill our hearts music so powerful and so way to pray.

So many of the songs that are Christian oriented are simply prayers that are put to music. So folks, if you have anxiety and are worried about Cove in 19 you're worried about the election you're worried about the race riots you're worried about the finances that have been stripped away from us because of the crisis.

You've got to go to song as a way of replacing fear with faith and just go to a song you love.

Maybe it's even a secular song that makes your heart feel warm. But if it's a Christian song or a faith filled song that allows your heart to rejoice, please do so because music is a powerful way to overcome fear.

My dad passed away 1987.

Shortly thereafter, Mike and mechanics came out that song in the living years and John Hancock arrow WBT during Father's Day show. Use that song a lot. Now every time I hear that song I say prayer for my dad because I'm thinking about him and thinking yet. I told him I loved him, but he died much too young so the music just ties to those different life changing things in it and it's and it's a I think it's a way the Lord intervenes. Sometimes those are limitless droplets and also you hear a song or start humming a song sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth sing to the Lord, bless his name tell of his salvation from day to day. Psalm 90 612.

Knowing these two verses alone were told three times to sing until Lord, not optional. A command the power of song in our lives and in you asked earlier about some biblical examples.

Here are a few more in Exodus 15 after the parting of the Red Sea, the Israelites, on the other side. The Egyptians have been killed with the waters being tossed over them by God and Miriam Moses sister leads the whole people, in songs of praise. In fact, Exodus 15 is a long song of praise were Miriam Moses sister led that with a tambourine and you can just imagine her as a worship leader doing so a King David was a skilled musician.

Not only did he play a stringed instrument. He also wrote many of the Psalms in the songs really are Israel's worship book they were never intended to be read.

They were more intended to be song which was a way people could memorize the Psalms as they were put to music.

A. David also love using different orchestral instruments along with the loot and the heart. He wanted trumpets and tambourines pipe instruments and loud clashing symbols to accompany the music that he wrote that Psalm 150. He wanted everything that had breath to sing praises to the Lord. We also see when Nehemiah rebuilt the walls around Jerusalem. He gathered together a huge choir that stood on the walls and what are they do.

They sang all the day praises to God, worshiping him because the wall had been completed weekly worship for the Jews always have lots of music and singing.

On one occasion when King Jehoshaphat faced a formidable foe. There was little hope that he could win. How did he decide to fight the battle, he commanded that his army be led by singers and second Chronicles 20 verse 21. Do you know what happened in the enemy fled. They ran away. The Israelites then collected the multiple aspects of Rudy left behind, all around them. It was worship and singing the because the enemy to flee and I know that something that God wants all of us to learn about the power of song you'll love this one with your Catholic background. When Mary learned she would carry and give birth to the Christ child.

She wrote in saying a song called the Magnificat.

Luke 146 and 55. It was a profound song of faith in praise and I wonder if she sang this song as she watched her beloved son. Jesus died on the cross and then the angels in heaven sing songs of praise during the Christmas story. They came to the shepherds and they sang glory to God in the highest peace on earth and goodwill toward men as a part of the Christmas story as well.

Simeon lifted praises to God when he realized who Jesus was. He waited so long for God's Messiah to come. Finally he had seen him in response he composed a song known as the knock minutes or the song of Simeon. That's in Luke 229 through 32. The reality of Jesus just had to be song about and I wonder if Simeon sang this song regularly for the rest of his life as a reminder of God's goodness to him and all of God's people. Then of course we've already talked about how Paul and Silas. Silas sang at midnight when they're in prison and the chains broke off their risk.

We have so many examples that in the Bible of God telling us to sing and the power of song solicitors today. If you're filled with a little bit of anxiety and you're wondering what in the world's going on this world sing a song to the Lord, find some song of faith that you love sing it over and over. Did get those words into your heart and you guess what will happen. Faith will start to flee. I'm David Chadwick. This is this talk, 11, 1099. Three.

WBT will be right back then is Windstream abundance either when I'm David Chadwick and this is his talk, 11, 1099 WBT show at Billick my friend a producer. That's one of, if not your favorite Christian song is a letter from blogging, you're taking a stroll through the woods earbuds this the song of songs of prayer back blessed be the name lesson in lesson sing with lesson and what comes from from the book of Job and when Job was going through his trials and when he finally got delivered in chapter 42 is the whole idea of bless your name Lord whether I'm in the Valley or on the mountaintop when I'm in a tough time or a great time.

I'm gonna learn how to praise you and sing songs to you, no matter what's going on in my life because there's just power in praise you know when were on top of the mountain. It's easy to praise God you when everything's going okay. It's easy to sing the songs of joy, is when were in the valleys that we need to learn also to sing those songs because there's something powerful in singing words of faith and that particular artist is singing the word of God and it's in your heart. It's in my heart I love that song as well.

Ed 363 in it… Up… Up the porch and the different places it up it changes your mood if you will. You know we said earlier that does secular studies approving if we'll just get together with other people and seeing 15 to 20 minutes.

One time a week it will lift your spirits and causes anxiety to decrease one of the real problems with the coven crisis is that we can get together. Some places allow it to happen in small groups that we can have that large group of getting together with other believers and having such times of singing in praise, which I think again cause anxiety to decrease. Hebrews chapter 10 verse 25 says do not forsake the gathering together of believers that were doing the online stuff you know the church I pastor moments of Hope Church hasn't two online services at 911.

I understand we had 30,000 people watch every month and that's extraordinary because you know people are able now to watch online from all over the country all over the world that one possibly able to beforehand so that's a good thing. There's been more outreach and more ability to touch people's lives through online. Some people call that the new Roman road. No room was allowed all of the early church world to be connected by their roads, that was one of the reasons Paul was able to take the gospel all over the world like he did people say now online is the new Roman road were now allowed to go into place and we never would've been allowed to go into and preach the gospel, but had with all of that truth. All of those incredible numbers and is not just my church that's experiencing a lot of other churches are experiencing large numbers watching online. Still though Hebrews 1025 says do not forsake the gathering together I believers. There's something important in just being together with other people worshiping, praying and singing songs of that her tenders were tended to be in community, as we say in Eucharist that that's that's what we are designed to be whether God would fit with Jesus with his disciples in such a mean orders always community always groups of believers You know if there was all those one another's in the Bible love one another careful one another and encourage one another. Pray for one another.

Confess your sins to one another and you can't do those one another's that are commands in the Bible and leisure with one another. So that's part of the isolation problem that were experiencing with COBIT so Lord I just pray that someway somehow we can have this crisis lift and we can come back together in our different communities of faith and in the meantime with you and your family yeah get the dinner table right and run some rating point. What a way to reinforce what you did with her daughter how moms and dads bring your children together and sing songs of faith as you watch online, sing those songs loudly with your kids. Let them see that musics important to you and Bill. That same kind of desire in their hearts pray with them have community among the your family members and if you don't have family members here connect with other people as best you can, via the phone via online, but just make sure you don't isolate because isolation sickness can cause all kinds of anxiety to increase come together quickly because we need each other more. That's our prayer today and I pray that all of us will learn how to use the power of song in our midst.

Because music is beneficial to the soul. It stimulates good physical, mental and spiritual health, and it can soothe the most anxious heart. Many of the people in the Bible used music to express praise to God and conquer giants in their lives. Singing his thoughts put to music, sing God's thoughts memorize the truths in God's word and proclaimed them through song and as you do, you'll drive those screws deeply into your heart and soul. You'll sing them every day.

All through your week and you'll sing them hopefully soon with other worshipers in your faith community and when the enemy attacks counterpunch by lifting up songs of praise from God's word. Doing this has aided countless people through the centuries. It will work for you as well and for your kids and all God's people everywhere. Anxiety need not ransack your heart anymore. Folks sing unto the Lord a new song would you join me all in prayer folks over the past five months since this coven crisis hit WBT's allowed me the privilege to end the show with prayer.

It would you join me as well.

As we prayed to the Lord. Our thoughts father in heaven and I call you daddy because Jesus you called your father in heaven Albay which is a colloquial Aramaic expression which means daddy, daddy. I pray to you today your my loving, kind, good daddy that you in Jesus name would come minister to me and and and every listener out there right now.

I pray that Lord you would put their frets, their worries, their anxieties and fears to sleep I pray Lord you would come and help all of us sing a new song unto you, that we would take the words of the great hymns of the faith the words of new Christians songs the words of the word of God put to music and we would sing them over and over and over again until they are in delicately etched upon our hearts, Lord you are good and your mercies endure forever as fear knocks on the heart of all of our lives we refuse we absolutely refused to let it enter we will take that fearful thought captive and we will usher it out of our minds and we will replace it with your word. You are our shepherd. Therefore we will not want you make us lie down in green pastures you places before.

Still waters you restore our soul. You are a good shepherd who gives to us every good gift and we believe you'll take care of our next moment. Our next hour and this day, this is the day that you have made we will rejoice and be glad in it you will give us this day our daily bread. You will provide for all of us. Every single need that we have you promised to do so.

So Lord is we in this show and I in this prayer. I pray that everyone would hold their hands out and receive from you the gift of faith. We don't need to worry about anything if were shelter in place for another five weeks, so be will call people text people and love people because were called to love you and love our neighbor when we do so.

This world is a better place to live and hope increases in our hearts today and forever. It's in your name I pray this amen. All friends. I look forward to talking with you all next week

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