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August 30, 2020 11:15 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Morning everyone and welcome to the David Chadwick show David is on a personal retreat this weekend, so we thought we would do an encore presentation of a previous show highlighting a chapter from his book moving beyond anxiety. 12.

Practical strategies to renew your mind hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WB you welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect and values with different issues that are going on locally, nationally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show for you and doing it now for over 20 years.

Thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis and many thanks to my friends at Perry's fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for your sponsorship of the shows without you sponsoring the program. I could not do this on a weekly basis. I just want to try folks to bring you some hope to give you some spiritual insights into what may be going on in our city, our nation and throughout the world during times that are frankly quite challenging. We've never seen anything quite like what were experiencing right now in our city and nation not it is beyond description.

In some ways. For example, who would've ever thought in Seattle Washington right now that Anna Marcus would take over seven city blocks of that city and basically take control and say try to root us out. We dear you and the police and other authorities aren't doing anything Trop cries out if you guys don't eradicate this particular problem in Seattle. Believe me, I'm going to come in and do it myself. So there's all kinds of fomenting fear and anger all kinds of hatred that is increasing all around us, and bottom line.

What I'm seeing surrounding us is fear people are just fearful. Their lives have been disrupted.

So what I want to do today is to maybe take a glimpse into the eternal, invisible world where I think God sits on his throne and controls this world, but there is something spiritually that those who are people of faith understand as spiritual warfare. In other words, there's a spiritual enemy of all of our souls, and he simply wants to disrupt he wants to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus came to give life and give it to us abundantly, and I think we'd be wise if people of faith would understand that spiritual reality and what's called spiritual warfare that is influencing in my opinion, a lot of what's going on and if we could get a glimpse behind the curtain of the true wizard who is pulling the levers God himself who sitting on his throne controlling everything. I think the fear and hatred with a bait and love would increase in our hearts of today's program wants to focus on that invisible reality. I've asked my friend and producer Ed Billick to open up his microphone and to join me in this discussion.

Again we had a difficulty getting guests in the studio. So what I'm doing is trying to look at a book I most recently wrote called beat moving beyond anxiety.

It's trying to solve the problem of anxiety in our lives.

It focuses on 12 different strategies to help renew our minds because I really believe we are what we think whatever we think is causing us to feel what we feel. So all of us need to be very careful about what were placing into our minds.

If you look carefully at every new story out there, practically it's saying to us, be fearful, be concerned you know the headlines of any newspaper knows if it bleeds it leads is to catch our attention that way if her putting that stuff that fear into our minds we can start feeling fear most assuredly and Ed, I know you feel that it is one of the chapters of my book, that it's interesting and it is wrote this with your and 1/2 ago today. Chapter 14 right realize God did not give you a spirit of fear, yeah. It's based on a verse in second Timothy chapter 1 verse seven, where Paul is in the latter stages of his life may well have been facing death so he could have been feeling some fear himself a one of the things I love about the Bible is the Bible never sugarcoat its characters it it shares very openly and honestly how all of them were human and they all had the same struggles that you and I have and it could well be that Paul was in prison at this point facing some certain death in the relatively near future, and he writes God did not give us a spirit of fear. Now folks listen to that if you feel fear today. If your life is upset.

God did not give you that God does not want you to live with a spirit of fear. He wants to give you the second part of that verse. Love power and a sound mind. You want your mind to think rightly so, what I want to do today is look at the invisible world and how the enemy wants to give us fear and the cause hatred but God wants to give us a spirit and attitude of love, peace, and a sound mind, but also that spirit could be some kind of dark spiritual agency that wants to come against us. Place fear in our hearts so will live paralyzed and not enjoy life to the full. So today let's take a glimpse at that eternal, invisible real world that exists alongside this one. It's very clearly taught in the Bible and will begin to expose it. When we come back, I'm David Chadwick, Ed Billick joins me and we will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome back to the show.

I'm taking a bit of a different track today as we continue to deal with two major causes of the year in our culture today. The first is the obvious the Cove in 19 crisis, which is lasted for about three months now. It's caused isolation and folks there is a reality in psychology that is easily diagnosable. It's called isolation. Sickness you can really get sick by being alone.

And if you spend too much time without community, you can really get sick in your mind. You start imagining things you start saying things to yourself that just aren't true.

You practice negative self talk. So Cove. It has caused that to happen.

We have been in isolation, and then the second problem we have is obviously the George Floyd murdered and it was nothing short of a murder. What has made this thing so hideous among all of us is we've actually seen a man murdered eight minutes of suffocating right before our eyes, and that has set off race riots all over our nation, and indeed the world, my guess is, at least at some level the isolation sickness has exacerbated the fury of the riots. I think a good number of people have felt like I'm so tired of being inside. I'm so tired of being alone. The protest gave a good number of people in their anger and rightful anger to get out into the streets and to march in protest what happened, but as a result of that in our culture. You not only have the fear of catching Cove bid and dine you now have the hatred and anger of racism that exists in our country. So as you look at fear and anger. They look like two emotions driving a lot of Americans right now and dear friends, I would say to you that neither of those emotions are good.

They just aren't. If you let them exist over a long period of time. They are destructive to you and to other people you know that we have many places to deal with this before covert would go watch the golf tournaments.

You and I the basketball in the playoff baseball would have places to escape.

Three were no the only place to escape is listening to what God is telling us and I want the Lord to use our voices today. It had to try to tell people the true source of anger and hatred that there is an invisible eternal world that exists alongside this one. It is clearly taught in the Scripture this world that were presently and is visible but it's temporal. There is an invisible eternal world where God sits on his throne.

And that's where will ultimately live forever, so I think we need to take a glimpse into that eternal world and see that there is a force of darkness that rebelled against God in the book of Revelation. This enemy is called Satan he was originally a high ranking angel.

He wanted Jesus seat in the father's hierarchy.

He wanted to rule himself and because of his pride, which is the root of all sin folks. All of our problems are rooted in pride. I feel like I'm better than you are and I want what you have. It's the snare to compare it saying again I'm better than you are well.

Satan desired that seat of Jesus. He couldn't get it because Jesus is the create tour.

Satan is the creature so the enemy led a rebellion in heaven and took one third of the angels with him, we see his job description. In John 1010 Jesus said, the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.

That's the enemy's job description and he has some number of angels who become the demonic courts who do his bidding. Jesus said in that same verse but I came to give life and give it to you abundantly. Jesus job description and the job description of the good angels and all of his followers is to give life wherever we can possibly give life. So we need to take a glimpse into that invisible eternal world and see that there are spiritual forces, warring against one another and the enemy wants to destroy what God has created dear friends. He wants to destroy you and me, but God has sent his son into the world to give us his Holy Spirit who lives with in us and we have the power to fight the enemy and win.

Indeed what we Christians believe is what Jesus did on the cross was. He defeated the power of sin, death and the devil. He did so in the resurrection proves a that Jesus is God. But, be that that power that raised Jesus from the dead. Romans 811 now lives inside the hearts of all of us us who believe, so that we can live like Martin Luther did when he awakened in the middle of the night and purportedly saw the devil himself, sitting at the end of his bed, snarling in anger against this man of God and Luther evidently looked at him and said oh it's just you and he went back to sleep. The enemy has no power and authority over those who believe but he is real and he has a lot of weaponry.

He's trying to use today. Now, first of all, let's take a glimpse in the Bible. At some places where we see this one that comes to mind is Daniel the 10th chapter. Daniel is experiencing great hostility from the king regarding some positions that he has taken worshiping only the one true God.

So Daniel is under power from the king to submit but Daniel will not submit. So what is he do, he prays and he prays that God would send him spiritual help.

Interestingly, Michael the Archangel came to Daniel after three weeks of prayer and fasting folks three weeks. It took Daniel to finally get the intercessory angelic help that he wanted, and Michael said to him, I tried to get to you, but the Prince of Persia did battle with me until I finally defeated him to come. Prince a person who's evidently Ed, there are powers and principalities in the invisible world negative forces demonic oppressions that control nations that control areas and there is evidently a demonic force that controlled Persia during that day and the Archangel Michael had trouble getting to Daniel. Interestingly, in the Bible. It's the Archangel Michael, who ultimately will throw Satan into hell interestingly is not Jesus who does.

It is the archangel Michael, and I know it from your Catholic tradition, you guys really do honor the Archangel Michael in some wonderful ways. So many people pray this prayer to David and in many now Catholic churches at the end of mass as a priest is leaving the altar we say St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares the devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do, though, O Prince of heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking to ruin the souls of men and men. There is a prayer that expresses the spiritual warfare that exists in the invisible world and God's angels are created by God. First of all to worship the Lord that we see also in Hebrews chapter 1. Their purpose is to come care for God's people. So Psalm 91 says that we can call upon God to send us the angels to help us in our times of need. That's what Daniel was doing. He was asking God to send him an angelic messenger to help him in his time of need.

And God sent him actually one of the strongest archangels possible the Archangel Michael himself who came to help him and in our world of instant gratification. The same article Justin show up yesterday or honey just like an hour or two later, was a three weeks three weeks and it proves there some kind of spiritual opposition that is in the invisible eternal world with angels and other help trying to get to us in our times of need. So we got to continue to use spiritual weapons to fight against the enemy. You can't defeat a rattlesnake with a water gun you got to use spiritual weapons to defeat the enemy prayer, fasting, faith, worship and praise all those spiritual weapons need to be used in order to conquer him and and Michael gave Daniel what he needed to continue to walk in faith, and ultimately be lifted up by the king and placed in positions of power and authority in Job. The first chapter would Job a righteous man, and Satan comes to God and says consider your servant Job, and I've often said, I hope Satan never goes to God as is.

Consider your servant David, just a quick note but he looks at the righteousness of Job is it is righteous because you've blessed them so much. Take away all his blessings and he won't love you and so God gives permission for Satan to take away Job's family. In some ways and all of his riches and you see that Job's battle through the whole book of Job, trying to figure out why he is suffering the way that he suffering and he ends the whole idea in Job 42 that God dealt with some of this self-righteousness that was some of his bitterness and unforgiveness but then restored him. Job 4210, two times, but the point being that Satan is a creature, God is the creator or Satan had to ask permission to attack, but Eddie did attack he did come after Job is another evidence of what goes on in that invisible eternal world can affect us here that you have other examples in Luke 22. For example, Jesus says to Peter, Satan has asked permission to sift you like wheat and in fact some translations say that Satan has demanded what arrogance, what pride he is demanded Peter to sift you like wheat and the pointer being again that Satan had to ask permission before he did his dirty work, but he wanted to do his dirty work to Peter as he wants to do it to us want to talk about in the next segment.

Ed is this reality, Jesus was accused by the religious leaders of his day that he was in league with Beelzebub, the devil himself. Jesus cast out demons, and the religious leaders at all your in league with Satan himself and Jesus responded by saying how can that be how can I cast out the demonic world the dark world. If I'm on that team that's impossible. And then he uses this phrase for a house divided against itself cannot stand. And that's what Abraham Lincoln quoted in the Civil War when he said a nation divided against itself cannot stand house can be a nation. It can be an individual house or an individual person.

You've got to be united and so I really believe that one of Satan's major tools is to divide.

He wants to come against us and create fear and hatred as we see fear with Cova.

19 hatred with the race riots and if he can get us to be fearful and hate one another will divide and he can do whatever he wants to do. Let's look at our need to be unified and loving when we come back, I'm David Chadwick with Ed Billick and we will be right back. Then the man and everyone I David Chadwick and this is new talk 11 to 99. I love the words to that song that those of us who believe come together as a common body of Christ, and we are literally the hands and feet of Jesus loving and caring for this very broken world.

And what I've been trying to talk about today and if you'd like to hear the program in its entirety. Go to and scroll down to the week and shows you can hear this podcast from beginning to end, is the reality of the invisible eternal world that's alongside this visible and temporal world folks were gonna live in that world forever. Not in this world. Death proves that reality. And in that invisible world. There is a demonic reality of force of evil, and I believe with all my heart that there is this one name Satan in the Bible that name means the destroyer. Another name for him in the Bible is the devil which means the divider that describes what he wants to do. He wants to kill, steal and destroy. He wants to divide nations. He wants to divide families. He wants to divide friendships and as he divides he can conquer.

And that's what Jesus meant when he said in Mark three, when he was accused by the religious leaders of being in league with the devil himself. Jesus responded and said a house divided against itself cannot stand. There is no way that he could cast out demons, but be on the side of the devil himself. So Lincoln quoted that in Mark from Mark three in his Gettysburg address when he said a nation divided against itself can't stand families divided against themselves can't stand. If you have the enemy attacking you. You've got to find out how to withstand his spiritual evil attacks and what I want to talk about in this segment is what is our option. You don't have to live in this culture amidst a group of people who are constantly angry and want to divide you don't have to give into the fear of the coven crisis that is consuming our hearts. There is an answer and God so loved the world that he sent his son into the world and what those of us who are followers of Jesus believe that as we choose to die the self to die with Jesus on the cross that we are raised to new life and he gives us the Holy Spirit the power of God from on high to live in our hearts, and when the Holy Spirit consumes us. We no longer have fear, but we have faith we no longer have hatred we have love and as I look at the world today what coven and these protests have done. They created fear and anger behind that I believe with all my heart I see the enemy and and I know we need to have racial justice in this world, but racial justice. As Martin Luther King pointed out will never come about through hatred. Hatred only increases hatred, anger only increases anger. You reap what you sow.

What Jesus came to do is to put love in our hearts. Forgiveness in our hearts. And when people of goodwill. With that love in our hearts come together we form what's called the church the word church means checklist CI in the Greek the called out ones who come together in that love and we are of force from God against all fear and all anger we say we know as we look at fear that our God sits on the throne that he is sovereign, that he's ruling over this world that even the demons themselves. Even Satan himself have to bend their knee in God's presence.

He is authoritative over every demonic board in the world and that's what Philippians 2 means when it says and one day when Jesus returns every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord.

The most antagonistic evil person in the world one day. Been there, neither Jesus they have to because he is Lord, whether we recognize it or not, he is Lord. And so when he gives us first of all, the gift of faith, realizing he's on the throne on the throne of our hearts, ruling over everything and then he gets us together to fight against anger and hatred, replacing it with his unconditional love. Jesus said in John 1334 35 by this, will the world know that you're my followers. By the way that you love one another when the true church binds together to operate in love we confront that hatred and the hatred melts away in the demonic forces behind it melt away and I believe with all my heart. That's the answer. It's when we die to self receive our own forgiveness from Jesus have his Holy Spirit who lives inside of us increase our faith in our love and then together with other Christians edit Roman Catholics and Protestants coming together in the larger body of Christ, ministering to this nation and love. I think this will ultimately heal our land David were to some inspiring words get get misfired up with what we do like starting now, what can we quickly due to to help help their cause with for internally. How do we feel better about that then how do we share that with others. The first thing is to realize how we started the program.

Looking at that verse in second Timothy chapter 1 verse seven, where Paul is facing perhaps a beheading in the Mormon teen in the room in prison. What he says to Timothy, and all of us is God has not given you a spirit of fear, so if you've got a spirit of fear about coven 19 you're fearful of death will will deal with the death issue right now receive Jesus, and you know you have the gift of eternal life. You're never going to have to worry about death. Death is merely an entrance into eternity. And really you go to sleep and you wake up in Jesus presence.

It really is that simple.

That's what death is so all of us to go to sleep at night.

Just imagine waking up the next morning and you're looking into the perfect face of love that that's really death so you don't fear that anymore God hasn't given you that spirit of fear but he has given you a spirit his Holy Spirit of love power and a sound mind.

Let's reverse that. First of all, a sound mind. It's a mind that thinks right thoughts. If we are what we think is what I but I say in my book moving beyond anxiety. If we are what we think God gives us a sound mind. It's a mind that thinks rightly that sees God's on his throne.

We don't need to worry about anything that sees God's power as being greater then the power of darkness. We see God being able to defeat the enemy in every possible way.

We believe that that's our sound mind. We know he sitting on the throne. We need worry or fear about anything. Also, he's given us power, the power inside of us and that's what the Bible means when it says he who lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world. First John 44 so the power of Jesus that lives in us is greater than any enemy demonic force in the world. We have that power in us, but also he's given us love, so it I think is just as simple as this. Find ways to love find someone today to love especially find someone of a different skin color than you are and love them listen to their reality, how they may have been profiled, how they may have been prejudiced against in our nation how it for them. The Confederate flag for example is NASCAR eliminated that this week in its entirety represents for them. Slavery, oppression, and them being only 3/5 human, which is what our fathers who founded our nation in writing the Constitution had to finally declare in order for there to be unity in the Constitution that Blacks are only 3/5 human just just go to people and love them and say you know that's not true and I don't believe that your an image bearer of God. Your created beautifully and wonderfully by him and I love you deeply, a find a way to send a kid who is impoverished to college. My wife Marilyn established a scholarship fund called seeds of hope scholarships. It is to try to give at risk kids a chance to get an education because education is still the way to overcome all problems in the world. She did that and started that we sent over 30 kids to college.

Over the last years. That was her way of trying to combat anger, hatred, racism, and those kind of thing as a hanger and the anger and hatred that anger the turns age also's conservatives and liberals before trumpet against Trump in this whole, at the Trump approach and it just causes disruptions and families and friends.

How did get away from all that and still love your neighbor every person, whether Republican or Democrat goes to God and doesn't let Trump or Biden or the party itself define what they believe. They believe what God believes in God is said were all image bearers made in the image of the Lord himself and we are called to love our neighbors and to give them love. So we choose Ed not to be influenced by a party or our prejudices. We choose to be influenced by got a sound mind that loves us. He wants us to love and then week take acts of love to people who need that love and especially conquering the barriers of hatred that separate us so much today.

We will not let the evil demonic forces of darkness, when we will not we will stand as the people of God walking together in his love, caring for one another. No matter what our background may be, no matter what our skin color may be we choose to love. We choose to walk and hope we will not let despair Congress. We believe that the spiritual forces of darkness have been defeated by Jesus in his death and resurrection, and we will be the people of God who know that we win. Ultimately, one day.

That's our truth and that's what will cling to. Until Jesus returns. I'm David Chadwick will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show going to bring this idea that I've been trying to get across to the program to bear now in our final segment and that is our call as followers of God is to love one another to fight fear to fight hatred to overcome despair, but I wanted to give this illustration is something that I think all of us need to consider. I recently had my seventh grandchild born and he's a beautiful baby. Charlie 10 pounder. Can you imagine a boy. He was a big one and right about three or four weeks before the Charlie was born on his mom had were called Braxton hicks contractions, they aren't the real deal, but there warning that the real deals coming that I take that as an illustration. Jesus said that he's coming back and he said when he comes back, he's going to judge all hatred, anger and fear.

It's just not going to be a part of the eternal kingdom. Now the Braxton hicks contractions warned that my daughter-in-law that in a few weeks. The real deals happening. I believe that Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24 that before he comes back there's going to be all kinds of fear and anger and hatred that exists in the world and I think these are warning signs there.

Braxton hicks contractions that one day he is coming back and dear friends. All I want to say to you today is are you ready to meet them.

Are you ready to meet him. You have warnings that were prophesied in the Bible that these things will happen.

Nations will rise up against nations that we wars and rumors of wars will be increasing numbers of earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes and those kind of things and Paul says in Romans eight that creation is groaning for the day of redemption for the day of the baby being born if you will will that's going to happen as the culture around us shows us that the prophecies of the Bible will take place.

Here's the question. Are you ready, so why not today.

Make yourself ready say I want God's love to be in my heart I want to be forgiven of my sins, I know what happened on that cross.

I know the resurrection proves that I want to be forgiven of my sins and I want that new power that new love and that sound mind to enter my heart and dear friends, then unite yourself with other people who have that same reality and commit now to fight evil on every corner. It begins by saying first of all with the covert crisis. If there's a second wave. So what I believe God sits on his throne. He's in control over it. If I die I die and I step into eternity. Paul said it this way for scripting is 15 when he realized he was going to live forever death, where is your victory death, where is your sting.

He knew that he had the gift of eternal life, and therefore he didn't worry about death. So let's fight that fear of death and also folks, let's fight the anger and hatred that's in our world. Let is let us try to move forward in love making sure that we understand what's going on in the lives of those with the darker skin color of gone through prejudice and profile let's understand that.

Let's try to be a people who are compassionate in every way. But then, let's unite together of people of love people and all different kinds of backgrounds and all different kinds of churches all different kinds of denominations, let's unite together as the larger body of Christ.

And let's say were fed up with this mess were fed up with hatred were fed up with anger were fed up with prejudice were fed up with all the things that kill, steal and destroy. We will not let the enemy win because he's not going to win folks.

I can promise you that in the second coming, he will be cast into hell with all of his demons.

In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 25, 41, that hell was created for the devil and his demons. God knew that that's going to be his eternal home and he knows it and why his anger is exacerbated and enlarged right now because he knows the day is getting closer when Jesus will come back. He knows those contractions aren't just Braxton hicks contractions the real contraction so he is working overtime to divide.

Remember, that's what the word devil means he wants to divide your families make your marriage is strong.

He wants to divide this nation. Let's come together in our common cause in our beautiful Constitution and he wants to divide the world. So let's make sure we come together and say no, not us were going to be a people of unity, a people of love, a people of compassion, a people of hope, a people of kindness, people of giving our lives away were not to live in the lusts of this world were going to get live in the love of the Lord as we do that we will have a better world in which to live and I know you believe that as well data to the Sixers of been with you. You are inspired, the Holy Spirit has you on fire. Today I want to thank you for all these great words but the way folks if you missed part of the circuit was in the podcasts of Davidson but also replace at noon today here on WBT and I'll also be doing this online moments of hope online at my 9/11 services today if you'd like to hear it that way and I'm just tired. I'm tired of the fear that has caused people to be paralyzed.

I'm tired of the anger that is destroying people's lives and property. It's just time for the people of God to rise up and say no more. Were just not going to put up with prejudice anger hatred anymore were going to live as a common people breathing the same air in a common humanity. All of us one race, there are multiple races there's one race, the human race. We have a common color is not black or white.

It's red. We all have the same blood this pulsating through our veins. It's time to love one another. Folks, it's time to quit the destruction to fight the enemy and say no more. You don't have any power any authority over my life I'm living in love with my people around me in love and I'm going to be a part of the cure and not the problem. I believe that with all my heart can happen if will just make that commitment today folks. So let me in today show edit.

Let let's pray over the last 23 months we've ended every show in prayer because of all the fear and all the hatred that's out there.

One of the spiritual weapons that God has given us his prayer you can't find a rattlesnake with a water gun.

You can't fight the enemy with fleshly weapons it done work you got you spiritual weapon, so let's use one of those weapons right now in prayer which adjoining heavenly daddy, Jesus, you called your father in heaven. Daddy a colloquial Aramaic expression the most intimate possible expression of a child to her father.

That's how you called the daddy daddy we come to you today. In Jesus name.

And we pray Lord that you would give us freedom from all our fears. Let us get a glimpse in the eternal world of you sitting on your throne. And if that's true, you control everything. The higher we go and sit with you on that throne, the smaller our problems become more the covert problem will go away. In Jesus name we believe that I pray someone to find a cure.

I pray would go away during the summer during the heat. It just evaporates and is not a part of our lives anymore. I pray that you wouldn't allow a second wave Lord. If that happens, though, we will not be afraid, we know you're in control. We know you have total authority over everything in Lord I pray for all the hatred and strife that is in people's hearts. I pray Lord.

First of all, those of us with different skin colors would remember there's one race, one human race were a part of it and could we dear Lord Jesus, obey your command to love one another. By this the world will know that your mind but the way we love one another and Laura also asked that we would have some kind of reconciliation that would allow our nation and our city to come together and find common ways to help people in upward mobility help them succeed in life to eliminate the barriers of any prejudice any anger that would allow all our little ones those in our public and even private schools to succeed. We breathe a common air we eat a common food Lord. Let us be a common people who come together and fight for one another's rights, so that Lord you would succeed. We come against the enemy and all of his wiles to kill, steal and destroy. We will not let his anger rule in our hearts. We will let love rule and as we love one another. Lord, we know you have a lifetime's worth of work in doing that love with our neighbors. Thank you for your presence today on show. Thank you Fred Tillich. Thank you for all the listeners bless them, oversee them, take care of them. I pray this in the one thing I know is my Lord and Savior Jesus.


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