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Kicked Out of School for Her Bible-Based T-Shirt

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 31, 2020 4:30 pm

Kicked Out of School for Her Bible-Based T-Shirt

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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My friends can speak the truth. Today were going to dispel the laws stalking for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown to find today's broadcast therapeutic cathartic it is going to help you because there's so much frustration when you watch the news when you read the news when you see what's out there. When you see the way the cultures going well. What will get you through the frustration. Maybe the anger and income to positive things that we can do and are being done to make a difference.

Thanks for joining in today.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast.

All of our viewers watching on dish or Pluto on America's voice. Welcome to the broadcast number to call for room watching live 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 78841. Start by telling you about a 15-year-old girl who wore a controversial T-shirt to her high school in Tennessee and was sent home for wearing it. Want to show you and how what I call it a ridiculous video and absurd video or delusional video with supposed protests in show you that again just opening stuff show you some genuinely fake news.

I'm genuinely fake headlines should have to have to sift in and dig in and look I I'm noticing some of these on the left. I'm sure folks and left to point out figures on the right it's it's a discouraging thing when you look at a headline story is not telling the truth or the headline is not telling was in the story or the story itself is leaving out essential information will get into all that, but at the end of the day, you'll be encouraged and strengthened more than frustrated okay 866-34-TRUTH I want to tell you the story was to give me a call if you think with this young lady did was right and good and courageous or disruptive and asking for trouble. Or maybe the background then you put this young lady's picture of this is all with her permission and her dads permission real Penn Koski 15 years old goes to Livingston Academy in Livingston, Tennessee. So overall, a conservative part of the country, not like say northern San Francisco or something like that of New York City. Right and the first-period teacher in her high school is openly gay. He's had a gay pride sign or or indicator in his in his classrooms. You going there is openly probably gay and is open about his partners quote husband and Brielle actually went on Facebook just to find out thought it would be some of the pushback she did not expect to be sent home for the so she doesn't know who complain she's assuming that the teacher from the first-period reported her but she knows that she gets called into the principal's office and the principal the principle says this, you cannot wear that T-shirt you must go home change. Change shirts being sent home today. Why, according to what Briel said her father confirmed.

According to them, the principal said because of a sexual connotation that the word sex is mentioned the word sex is mentioned.

Therefore, there is a sexual connotation, and you cannot wear that shirt now. Some kids have worn shirts and virginity rocks speaking well of virginity. Doesn't that have a sexual connotation. We are abstaining from sex and and since one is homosexuality, and in common parlance, just about sex thought it was about code sexual orientation or romantic attraction, and to say it's just about sex is to be demeaning and negative. She gets sent home for wearing that she doesn't regret it. She's glad she did. She and her dad feel quite sure that if the shirt said adultery is the sin that there would not be pushback that she wouldn't been sent home.

Now it be interesting to see that she ordered this month is a website that that knows about speaking out messages on T-shirts and of course, first Corinthians chapter 6 verses nine and 10, Paul lists various sins and uses those who practice these things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Don't be deceived, and he uses in verse nine, the first Corinthians 62 different Greek words three different Greek words and these words together explicitly and undeniably as recognized in translation after translation speak of men having sex with men. It's not about pedophilia.

It's not about prostitution. It has no reference to committing these acts and idolatrous right in the temple it's talking about men who have sex with men. That's why most of the more modern English translations don't even have a two separate words. There interpret them together is men who have sex with men, or men who practice homosexuality to be clear every human being is fallen flawed.

Every human being has weaknesses.

Every human being has wrong tendencies when it's pride. Another can be self absorption, another to be cruelty. Another could be heterosexual immorality. Another could be covetousness or one thing or another that we are a flawed and broken race, which is why Jesus came into the world to save us from our sins in his forgiveness and redemption, and some people are same-sex attracted, for whatever reason or accumulation of reasons. They are, but to act on those things are to enter into a relationship based on those is sinful in God's sight.

So this is what Briel's thinking and what you think. You think she did a good thing is he was courageous. You think it's a righteous thing for girl to obviously with her with her parents blessing permission and doing it justice or a righteous thing to see if you can be out and proud open them.

I am beyond proud about what the Bible says or students not have the right to do that that the teacher can be out and proud about homosexuality and and be in an open relationship with his partner. That's fine that can be known that can be spoken of, but a student can have a contribution or they can because reviewing different things, but not on this none is not when it comes to homosexuality.

That's taboo that's off limits.

SL attack on the person you can do it when you think 86634 to hear. Here's the bottom line even though our primary message is not homosexuality is a sin or adultery is a sin or fornication is a sin or list of thousands of other things or success on our primary message. Our primary message is that all have sent some of the gospel message. Some political message appropriate messages that all have sinned all the phone shirt only got only grace all need redemption at so that's our primary message.

The fact is, if you can spell out certain sins but not others. That is a direct assault on freedom of speech and any fee simple.

This is too controversial is is in the Bible is in the Bible we hug in a band certain verses from the Bible if there were attempts to do that in Canada years ago banning certain verses from the Bible. If California had passed its bill last year to put a ban on on so-called conversion therapy. Another was meeting with a professional counselor to get to the root of unwanted same-sex attraction.

That's what actually is talk therapy that that if they pass that make it illegal to do that, then it would've also been illegal and see you your part of the church and maybe there is paid professional counselor can get in the church. It is a service that the church provides and the pastor say I highly recommend that you read this book by Dr. Michael Brown, can you begin Christian.

That would've been against the law or or what about if you said. I strongly encourage you to read this in the Bible so without ability. Among these were questions that were being raised will the Bible be bad. Let's let's go right to the phones we got a ton of other stuff to cover here, all but start in Raleigh, North Carolina, J.

Welcome to the line of fire which are prospective. Thank you water clear eyed reporter, young lady. Have a great God and God were not completely agree with you that there is no compromising that my Holy Spirit from time to why we share what we share your research a lot overdue shirt more so from trying to protect God agree she needs to be protected. Artwork need to be protected by counter flow member and a T-shirt take away from the law and doctors wonder that metric should be shared more in a relationship thought away rather than a shirt or slogan. I think sometimes there are some unwritten things that are spoken. For example, someone could read that shirt and fill it.

If that person were judging them without amending their own fan figure out revolving and fall short of the glory of God. We missed the mark and you know will be a pretty long T-shirt sale that are think about this wonderful need to share a little more love and be careful with the program five T-shirt John J on the witnessing level on the level. Sharing the gospel with my neighbor. I'm with you thousand percent… If I was living next to an openly lesbian couple right I we cannot go over there no let my life and I just introduce her. So say welcome to the community and we know or cook something for you just believe that with it while wearing a shirt that says God is against lesbian relations so totally with you on that. On the flipside, J and and I'm sure you understand this as well when you are in the school setting and the teacher is making a public statement to all students that pass through that class. I'm out and proud.

Then to me the students essay you're out and proud, proud about what Scripture says nowhere this publicly will you wear this publicly, it it is a First Amendment issue. It is a pushing back for righteousness on the witnessing level absolute total is taking a stand to push back the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire points: 866-34-TRUTH 784° with a 15-year-old high school student did wearing a shirt to school say homosexuality is a sin with prescription 693 10 referenced beneath that state claim that homosexual practice is sinful in God's along with adultery, fornication, idolatry, greed, extortion, a number of other things, drunkenness, God says you practice these things shall inherit the kingdom of God. The good news.

Prescription six limits with some of you were we. We all had a past may be raised in a lovely Christian home and all your memories, you always want to serve God and pleasing, but we all fall short in ourselves and many of us have quite a pass put me at the top the list. So to getting high 14 shooting her with 15 stole money for my own father, to my shame radically born again at 16. Yeah, that's part of my history from my past God's mercy and grace can forgive any of us to matter how far we fall in. There is hope in God, but what you do you do within your school. You can kids can wear gay -related apparel are gay celebratory apparel. No problem, teacher first. Teacher for the student out and proud openly gay speaks of as quote husband in postings openly about who they are on their private Facebook pages.

No problem, you come to school wearing a shirt with a Bible verse on it referencing specific thing and sing that homosexuality big problem big problem why base demo based on what standard based on what freedom of speech, standard based on what standard in terms of what's written in the Bible is a specific statement related to specific versus okay to be exactly technical homosexual practice is sent five. That's the message that was being put forth essay but it's it's not the best way to witness the intent there was not the surly witness, although it did send a message. The intent was to push back against one point of view being advocated in the school appointed you. Contrary to what the Bible says a point of view, contrary to biblical values. Judeo-Christian values historically and in Islamic guys if you want to miss diversity plurality and something that would have been looked at negatively through American history until after the sexual revolution so so why are there rights to proclaim gay pride in homosexual activism in all and in the schools but there is no right to proclaim what Scripture says you say, but we need to be very careful. The language look, I you've never heard me rail on people: sodomites never heard me do that. You you've never heard me use insulting terms slang terms to defame those who identify as LGBT Q I've referred sometimes to how folks would refer to themselves. You know I could gender transcendent non-binary Mermaid King Queen talked about that individual couple weeks ago just referring to them as they refer to themselves but I'm always careful with vocabulary always careful to speak in a gracious way in the midst of differences. But here's the question has that stopped the flood of LGBT Q activism in our schools has it stop the flood in our society to the literal taking away of our rights know it hasn't know it hasn't so glad to get your perspective what you think you got kids in school maybe a young person listening at the school listening right now.

Give us a call. 866-34-TRUTH okay as I'm speaking I'm putting a video on the screen for everyone watching right and It It Takes Pl. in Lafayette, LA oh little over a week ago and you have a group of people a black-and-white standing holding arms to block someone from driving into a gas station there but understands just the local tribes be a white male and he's going in there to get gas and these cook protesters or stings when what happened of a black man had been shot and killed and been reported disturbance. He would not he police and he was going back into the store with instruments have been called in and he was shot and killed shot 11 times shot and killed right. The details of it was the right use of force. So it that's something to be investigated.

That's what happened. That's what they're protesting at the gas station now this whole time I've been talking about this, that the man has been gradually pulling and he's he's going. Initially inches of the time because there standing in his way. Okay, one guy jumps on the back of the vehicle starts jumping up and down on it bouncing on it.

Others are smashing it with their hands summoned by the picture was apparently a rock at it.

So this is what's going on. This is there that have no business blocking the entrance to the driveway.

They have no business meeting on the guy's truck when he keeps driving very slowly's and gets hurt when he keeps driving or giving the finger. The F word yelling at him, pounding on the side of his vehicle. Remarkably, remarkably, he gets out of his vehicle. Diana looks like in the 60s. Not a big guy just pump gas. That's why he's there to pump gas and some of the protesters. They go back to to try to block others from coming in and and then it is this is bizarre enough. This is crazy enough as if they have the right to do this ON why you pushing the gas station while punishing local drivers. What's that got to do with what happened to the snowmen that were shot. Okay so at the gas station did or this guy had anything to do with it. There's an issue with police lit up. He looked into and and thus far it is not created the outreach of the George Floyd situation did.

But here's here's what happens now the guy is is talking someone is yelling at him, and now someone's narrating. This is what's going on. The guys calmly listening his people screaming at him okay point is the point his finger at him. He's just okay just here to get gas so let's listen now to what actually happens. Let's listen all I make. This is one of the saddest things I've seen. Obviously there of said tray propeller and shot and killed in the field yet another example of a black man being killed by police without because that's the position there heard over his grief over. I hate the fact that people are hurting. I hate the fact that so many feel okay. That could've been me.

All right, not downplaying any of the pain and grief but friends. This is delusional.

In terms of what their site. This is the world turned completely upside down. He tried to try to kill anybody. He drove his vehicle so slowly socialist to make sure that nobody gets his waited for them to put the truck to push his vehicle backstop. We want to hurting what ways do is accelerate all that said, some insert for it. Maybe so is killed, though he does the exact opposite. Always try to do is go and pump. Get they had no business blocking him.

They had no right to block him. Truth fact, I will he's doing is driving in inch by inch, so was no one gets hurt.

Try to get he did not try to kill anybody he did nothing.

He did nothing wrong is a racist 108. Why is he a racist. He's going to get gas is local guest. It doesn't make you a racist. Please friends I want to speak out against racism.

I wanted to announce racism. I want to expose it were exists in our society where existed any of our system anywhere. This undoes things this makes a mockery all end. He's there'll incite a riot deliver insight riot. Are you kidding me, especially watching the video, there is the guy quietly pumping and chatting with another protester squirelly. He's not even gesticulating he's not pointing finger people space he's not responding to the yelling and screaming at him and pointing at him. He's not said how dare you touch my penis and get out of there. Pulling a gun on them. Nothing.

No indication even call the police and nothing nobody that's a domestic tyrant that is not a domestic terrorist. That's a local guy filling his pickup truck with gas talking calmly to amass protester to say he tried to kill us to say he's a racist to say he was inciting a riot deliberately to say he's a domestic terrorist is to make a complete and total mockery of real race issues that should be discussed real questions of justice in America. That should be discussed but see this is why so many people just dismiss the whole protest movement dismissal be because they see nonsense like this that they see absurdities like this care if it's a white person centered a black person's animal or grain person from Mars saying it's just as ridiculous, idiotic, stupid, and degrading of the issues that people want to discuss if and when there is police brutality.

I say if and when. Let these things be discussed, but these things be reviewed and practices need to be put in place or things going wrong exaggerating. Please bring wrong you just let everything be examined righteously, but this makes a complete mockery of all all and as we have been warning week after week after week after week, while affirming black lives matter.

Separate yourself from the BLM movement did you hear about the connection between BLM leaders and witchcraft.

Necromancy consulting spirits of the dead being in power and joy. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us. 5633 will book you came out last year. Jezebels war with America and I talked about the spirit of Jezebel, not meaning a ghost from a woman from 3000 years ago named Jezebel or woman in the New Testament that Jesus references this Jezebel about 2000 years ago.

Not talk about the ghost of someone from the past, but rather demonic forces. Yes I believe in demonic forces that the same demonic forces that work through Queen Jezebel in Israel 3000 years ago the Old Testament through this woman that Jesus calls Jezebel in the New Testament 2000 years ago that those same demonic forces or work today and that whether it's particular demonic power, whether it's a group of demonic forces working together. The result is the same that there are characteristics, just like you have certain physical diseases that have characteristics that the doctor can diagnose them. It's the same thing spiritually. There are certain spiritual characteristics that can be diagnosed and when you see okay you have this this this you go to a doctor and the doctor checked you out or does it hurt her. Yeah docket does you feel fatigued. Yeah, I do Jeff headaches but yet I do and and is effective this way with you. You can eat yeah okay that's this it's going around. That's what you've got. Here's how we treat so the same way you put things together you look at how Jezebel operated. The Old Testament you see that she was a seductress. You see that she led the nation deeper into idol worship since she was a sexual seductress feet.

She led the nation deeper into idol worship idol worship in the ancient world was also associated with the killing of baby's okay. Connect the dots so sexual seductress idol worship killing of babies intimidating the the prophetic voices with fear and then with that emasculating her husband so so the war on on men in that regard, and even with that, the war on gender training minutes women and women into men. These are some of the characteristics of Jezebel also associated with witchcraft, sorcery in the Bible, so in Jezebel's fourth America we connect the dots to show you how all these different things are happening in society today and and they go back to a demonic source. It's not just coincidence that you have the rise of porn.

The rise of radical feminism shout your abortion movement. The silencing of the prophetic voice of the church.

The rise and witchcraft.

All these things happening at the same time so soon a radio interview a few weeks back and the host said to me as I was in his show. He said how do you connect Jezebel with the current protest riot movement. Well, it's a good question because what's Jezebel got to do with the killing of George Floyd which Jezebel got to do with the choir for four for justice which Jezebel got to do with an outcry against racism will also those are that the dots that you connect their terms of Jezebel.

But you look at the leaders and founders of the BLM movement. So here I just want to say how I've simplified things I do not want to dignify the BLM movement with the reality that black lives matter with the important reality that black lives matter and that as Americans we affirm that because at times in our history until today in certain parts the country felt supply because do not matter. So I'm to separate the movement from that slogan okay.

We've all done that, but the simple way for me to do it is to never refer to the black is better movement, but the BLM movement to dignify the movement with the important statement that black lives matter, so we make that statement. We separate that from the BLM movement. Just use initials plasma is my simple way of doing so, we know that the founders of the BLM movement. All three women radical feminists we know that to openly identify as queer there. There were we know that they said in their there their policy to goals and want to disrupt the Western nuclear family well now you dig a little deeper and you find out some of the spiritual roots. So my colleague on American family radio Dr. Abraham Hamilton is is actually part of a documentary that I hosted for American family Association called in his image, and an eight Hamilton also contribute some great insights about what the word says about male-female which I believe this should be out somewhere in the fall very, very powerful movie.

Very powerful documentary gobbling opening movie theaters as well. Really tackling the most controversial others with homosexually transgender is him God's will. God's desire God's plan. So, on his radio show. And this is getting a lot of play, a lot of folks a basket.

He found this of you heard about this.

Yes yes yes so since he's given exposure to someone play clips from the show to set this up as a local BLM leader California who is a university professor than Patrice Kull is one of the cofounders one of the radical feminist who says retrain Marxists was openly queer again. Her word of their talking here and Abraham have the skill set this up in all the audio about share with you now what the different classes in the care of the neck segment is a zoo like conversation between two women.

One of them is named Dr. Melina Abdullah that she is a professor of African studies at California State University, Los Angeles is having a zoo type conversation with Patrice colors. Let me welcome you into their little conversation where she admits maybe I'm saying too much.

Listen to Dr. Melina Abdullah, who was also in addition to be a professor at California State University, Los Angeles. He's also the founder of the BLM loss Angeles chapter of the organization please play clips put number one. Maybe I'm sharing too much that we become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regular bright like each of them seems to have a different presence in personality. You know I laugh a lot with what he said you know and I didn't meet her in her by writing her through this work will so he begins to talk about.

This is what with hooded cricket had you meet this Lakisha this is some spirit that this local BLM leader University Prof. storm, a commune with the spirit they talk about African religion.

They talk about the traditions of the ancestors commune with the ancestors. Patrice colors explains that they say say his name. You know that George Floyd say his name when one of the people that will kill off, but our barriers say his name or say her name Rhianna Taylor that for them.

They don't just want you to acknowledge the importance of this person and and name them and then respect them by saying their name, but but they also want to conjure up the spirit of the dead, they they want to date they want to commune with the spirits of the dead people. That's so it and and they are empowered by this right.

Let's set let's go over to the next clip where it's Patrice colors speaking and she's going to explain this a bit more again. One of the cofounders of BLM in which is why I say this ties in with the whole Jezebel experience consulting of other spirits consulting with the dead necromancy drawing on their power, a spiritual movement to witchcraft, sorcery, type of thing. This is was gone this and what she says this in her own words is very important and hashtags are certain way more than a hashtag is on literally resurrecting spirits is to get you to get done. I started to feel personally connected and responsible and accountable to them and both from a deeply political place deeply spiritual place and always in I condition you are things that that your loved one passed away now, and whether it's like honey tobacco days like that and asked if someone were not just for us to be in direct relationship to our people, past and also nosy. Please remember and I have them work through us so so many of the spirits from the past work through us today. BLM movement, and she explains Patrice colors how they draw power from that that she could have made it this far without the power that you grow spiritually from these deceased ancestors and the Fester mentioning one by name or spirit that she encountered not in the body and she had a name for friends. This is why we have been urging you shouting from the rooftops. Separate from the BLM movement.

It is anti-Christian. It will turn against you, it will turn against God. It will turn against Scripture.

It is drawing its power from elsewhere.

That's why we work with those generally working for justice. We work with those generally working for racial reconciliation do our best as churches as fellowships of believers to learn from one another to sit down and be educated by one another in terms of life experience and background to become sensitized the things that may need to be addressed still in our site depends on where you live depends on what but the culture is that that we are the bridge builders and working together with God for justice and for reconciliation. That's what we should all be doing is God fearing God loving people while we separate from the BLM overlook. Is it any coincidence that there is such a union between a and T for an BLM movement that it is, is there any mystery behind is a mystery that protesters burned Bibles in Portland and the sick church buildings on fire and evangelize synagogues. Is there any mystery to any of that, absolutely, certainly not by all means pray for these individuals, pray for them to truly know God, pray for them to truly know who Jesus is. Pray for them to experience new life and forgiveness and mercy, as so many of us have II know former Satanists. I know people at fault engaged in terrorist activity in other countries. Literal terrorist activity killing people. I know people like that since then generally converted made amends with their society around like I know people like that dog God's merciful. That's the whole message of the cross and then let's use our weapons. Prayer, fasting, preaching of the gospel.

Let's use our weapons to bring spiritual victory and transformation.

All right, 866-348-7884.

Remember to stand with us if you appreciate the work that we're doing on the website ask Dr. just click on donate together friends were making a difference. It's frustrating out there in the world to get God's presence. There is joy, victory purpose, yes we are over. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown: all right 2016 endorsed Donald Trump is now endorsed Joe Biden.

Now some of said can take this seriously can think about what he says what is trying to do saying what he says but he's Say Hambledon St., Democrat this time out there there all kinds of arguments to speculation about why he did what he did but I want to say that I am glad that Biden's camp said we don't want his endorsement. Glad they did. Good thing, but when you get someone like – member Donald Trump challenged over again about David to conversing him and as if Trump was a white supremacist because of David to being who he isn't doing what is done is a former former grand Wizard of the of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. If you bite and supporting.

Of course, Trump claimed to not not know a lot about it but spoke against what he generally stood for, but good for the Biden campaign. Glad that that when they got Richard Spencer's endorsement. They said we don't want appreciate that what they listen.

I I'm not voting for Joe Biden as you know, but I appreciate when they do something right. Like that separate themselves from the ugliness that's out there into the phone so that I will give another example of displayed misrepresentation of things in the news will go to Gaithersburg, Maryland Andrew, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown doing well, thanks. What's up you will think looking Dr. Brown on coming up. Don't open it on EP "go over movement.

What you said pretty much confirmed for me and enter African-American Danube that people would think that African-American men aren't coming. Given the status quo of being, supporting them after doing research I only don't think I could even do that, you know, because as a Christian I things wrong with it yeah and and and it's a righteous thing to do it. In other words, just because people have popularized the slogan and have been leading the way in getting national or even international attention on certain issues, doesn't mean that it's righteous to stand with them if it's a compromise group if it's a mixed group. If it's a group that has other goals. If it's a group that may explain the black guys were talking about or only victims of police brutality were not talking about see a black three-year-old girl that's caught in the crossfire of gang violence in Chicago were not talking about Blacks being aborted in the womb when I talk about Blacks and other countries who are being persecuted and killed by Muslims because their Christian know work were overtime about those that are subject to police brutality which case, change the. The motto then so yeah it it's for right when you look into. Did you feel on easy first and then study more or once you studied, you felt uneasy. Well I will progress in your encouragement. My own research, and even if you went I realized that it was coming up with something that especially when you're good talking about the medium part of the okay this kind of puts it even on a higher level and difficult for people who decry critical race theory really do have a point which one do you talk about on her. So yeah, I need to get intuited in greater depth and bring some folks on that can hopefully clarify and sharpen the issue so Angie, you said it well here in African-American men, yourself, and you want to affirm black lives matter which Rick does the movement something you have to separate yourself from you and and millions of other Americans of all background color come to the same conclusion as the things unfold, it becomes clearer and clearer and clearer. Hey, thank you for the call book. I'm no Johnny-come-lately to the story was 2016.

I would an article about separating black lives matter from the BLM movement all right and and their other saying it even before me.

So this is nothing new. This is something we've been saying and the more you find out, and the more you watch things unfold over use these things. Developing the worse it gets. Look when you see the Marxist roots to me. My issue is not so much Marxism versus capitalism, but Marxism versus Christianity was knowing what Marxism will ultimately do to the flourishing of the gospel in a country and an end where it will actually go in the satanic roots of that way of thinking. So those are my deeper issues gospel based gospel based okay if you love truth then you hate falsehood right and it's it's increasingly frustrating now to see misleading headlines on the left and on the right blatant misinformation. It is increasingly frustrating. So I was very curious to see what happened with the RNC convention versus the DNC convention. I had been reading reports about the drop in viewership from DNC convention 2016 to 2020 drop in viewership of roughly 25%. I wonder okay is doing the same thing with Republican national convention. Just curious and watching us.

So then after the first night of the RNC convention. I see that C-SPAN said that almost 6 times as many people watched the convention just airing the footage on C-SPAN is composed of the DNC convention the previous week was six, I think of your wants us it was seven times was almost 6 times more that's walking its massive I thought curious to see with the Nielsen ratings are the TV ratings in the streaming ratings and I always wanted.

I was reading some right-wing websites conservative websites and they were talking about the drop in DNC viewership sows curious to see what the report about the RNC so each day getting online looking for Nielsen ratings try to find what I could then also say to myself, Nielsen ratings, the TV ratings only tell part of the picture.

So John Nolte running on Breitbart East is not setting a Christian conservative Christian watching his words. This is John Nolte getting out there. He's got an article on Breitbart this is this Trump convention delivered 25 million more viewers than Biden's obits for the convention. Donald Trump of the Republican Party earned 147.9 million viewers and raised 76 windows in cash, reports Fox News, which were they convention Joe Biden's consulting name for which a skip in the patriot party that wants to confiscate your guns and force nuns to pay for abortions earned only hundred 22 million viewers and raised just 70 million okay and he's again using his typical rhetoric and so on. So here's the problem. I looked at headlines which said the opposite. I look at the reports. This is the opposite. And I said to myself. All I just asked are they including streaming ratings are they including streaming because if you just go by TV that does not give you the whole picture because so many people watch online on the computers on their tablets on their laptops on their on their cell phones so Nolte post these headlines again with his mocking terms of each biblical. He says CNN Biden hitch and I saw all these headlines is a repost. Biden hits Trump where it hurts in the convention speech ratings. NPR Democrats beat Republicans and convention television ratings salon trumps Republican national convention was a ratings flop Huffington Post. Despite all those fireworks Trump still had lower convention ratings than Biden Forbes in battle with convention speech ratings. Biden beats companies. Nolte says that a single one of those headlines is true or accurate. They are all lies. Ball face lies over this four nights, one 25 million more people turned into the trunk convention than Biden and will just look and if you just look at those media headlines. They claim the exact opposite friends I I saw those headlines I think I saw all but one of them. When I was doing research and I looked at them I thought I just thought that there was more enthusiasm Pro Trump enthusiasm. The Republican convention than pro Biden enthusiasm in the Democratic convention and other notes can happen in November, but my assumption was the RNC will have more viewers than the DNC is just just my assumption based on energy and enthusiasm so I saw those headlines I asked myself the whole story just wondered if you dig down like CNN actually say what we don't know the whole story because we don't have the streaming ratings and we don't have the online ratings with the online ratings it what the exact opposite direction and overall many many more millions more people watch the RNC than the DNC you must combine TV with online.

Everybody knows that. And certainly the editors knows that lettuces again there misleading headlines on the right as well.

There misleading headlines over there is fake news all over but you've got to be really careful, don't just look at the headline read the story and then ask which website is posting it, will they have biases that we can expect and then dig deeper if they link you to other sources. Go and read the other sources go to the primary sources look. My PhD is near Eastern languages and literatures. The reason I studied more than 12 different lines of settle know the more well. But the reason I study 12 different languages plus actually recount dialects and things like that was to go to primary sources if I need to read the Babylonian inscription in Babylonian Acadia so I can do that if I need to research with crosses in Arabic I can do that when I'm sitting the Hebrew Scriptures or Greek Scriptures.

I can do that to go to primary sources friends dig dig get to the actual sources fax learn to love truth learn to expose falsehood and be encouraged by the spalls were sicker things 13 eight we can do nothing against the truth only for the truth. The encouragement of the website has to ground the Lord is your friend.

I will check out articles and videos Center for email together

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