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Victory in Spite of Unbelief

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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August 27, 2020 8:00 am

Victory in Spite of Unbelief

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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August 27, 2020 8:00 am

Have you ever prayed for something but didn't truly expect God to answer? Was the situation hopeless? Listenas Dr. James Boice preaches from the story of Peter's hopeless case. He was personally imprisoned by the king and was heavily guarded. Peter had no chance. Or did he? You will be encouraged by God's deliverance.

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Have you ever prayed for something that really didn't expect God to answer was the situation hopeless.

If so, stay tuned for the Bible study our and hear the story of Peter's hopeless case personally imprisoned by the king and heavily guarded. Peter had no chance or did he you will be encouraged by God's deliverance listening to the Bible study our radio and Internet program with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act likely persecution breaks out again as King Herod arrested and executed James and Ben went after Peter. They threw Peter imprisoned in changing the guards and set a close watch on him. Peter was doomed.

Yet it was not God's will for Peter to guide God sent a deliverance that the Christians praying couldn't believe open your Bible to acts chapter 9 and let's listen together to Dr. Boyce tonight were studying the 12th chapter of the book of acts, but I want to begin by directing you to the very last words of chapter 11 notice at the end of chapter 11 to names Barnabas and Saul that I direct you to the end of chapter 12 verse 25 radio read again, Barnabas and Saul and then chapter 13 verse two Barnabas and Saul repetition of those names are certainly meant to indicate that here we are passing to the new face of the story of the expansion of the early church recall back the very beginning, where the Lord gave the version of the great commission, we have an acts there was suggested for us a three-part outline of the book because the disciples were to be witnesses so said the Lord in Jerusalem as part one, then in Judea and Samaria.

That's part two and then thirdly to the ends of the earth. That's part three Paul and Barnabas are going to be the agents of this great outward expansion of Christianity throughout the Gentile world.

My story is going to begin to be told in chapter 13 would think when you come to the end of chapter 11 that you're all ready for it because here we have been told of the expansion of the gospel in the Gentile community at Caesarea through God's great intervention in the life of Peter and Cornelius, and then we've been told of the founding and development training of that great missionary church in Antioch from which Paul and Barnabas are going to be sent certain sense. Chapter 13 follows immediately in the development of this book on Chapter 11 between 11 and 13. There is this great story that we have in chapter 12 concerns Peter, this is the end of the first half of the book is you could say the end of the first two sections is also to a certain extent the end of what is told us of the ministry of Peter. Here's a situation in Jerusalem and it's not forgotten and Luke tells us here in a very interesting way. This incident that wraps up this portion now.

It concerns a new period of persecution. The way it begins was about this time the King Herod arrested some who belong to the church, intending to persecute them. Apparently there had been a period of relatively little persecution at least since the earlier one that took place following the death of Stephen the first martyr. Recall that was a persecution that is as a result of that persecution that the believers began to scatter throughout Judea and Samaria, so you say at the end of the first phase the end of the preaching of the gospel in Jerusalem was a persecution and that cause the believers to be scatter so phase 2 began hear you say at the end of phase 2. There is another persecution and its undoubtedly intended by the supposed understand that and it happened that way. Historically, that at this point. Now the gospel begins to spread even further and say no matter how intently the church is persecuted.

The result is always the expansion of the faith, and that is exactly what happens here is a result of the persecution initiated by Herod, when you suppose this came about to get now at this particular time I think it can be said probably there's no reason to doubt it, that it has to do with this ministry to the Gentiles. That's what the issue was at the time of the persecution Stephen's death to recall from our study of Stephen's great speech before the Sanhedrin that emphasized in a subtle but very clear way that God always dealt with the Gentiles, but it always included Gentiles.

He was going to just one nation and is back. When they reveals tracks Jews of the time didn't want to hear it that the persecution burnout. Probably the same thing is true here as well. The gospel has just expanded when Antioch Caesarea Gentiles around the church and the Jewish community which seems for a time was tolerant of the Christians as long as they acted as a Jewish sect did all the right Jewish things this group was tolerant of them for a time, but now when it began to be clear that this was going to be religion that embraced Gentiles on equal footing with Jews. In such a way that they did have to become Jews first in order to be saved well and there was great hostility and great restlessness, and so the persecution breaks out again. With all that Herod arrested James having executed. James was one of the most prominent. Three. Peter, James and John find them again and again that order in the Gospels, obviously particularly close to the Lord when he was praying before his arrest, the crucifixion, when he went away apart from the others. After Peter, James and John with them and they appear in that aspect of other stories also will not. Here's the first of them to die.

Currently, Herod had done this somewhat is a test this Herod Herod Agrippa.

The first was very anxious to please the Jews and he was very popular with them and he thought well now.

If the Jewish population is against this new movement, the sex of the Christians. Well then I'll just move against them and see how it goes so arrested James executed and I suppose he waited that point I step back to see what the reaction would be told what was please them please them in verse three says when he saw that it pleased him well.

Then he thought, I'll just deal with an excellent so he arrested Peter and he was undoubtedly planning to have Peter killed. Also was a time of Passover. He didn't want to break any of the careful rules of the Jews that surrounded those days noted that today's might be Holy.

So instead of bringing Peter to trial and executing it right away. Put into prison, attending as it says to bring about afterwards season when you could do that sort of thing as a trial having executed and so Peter was put in prison and he was given in the hands of these guards is hard to imagine Peter being as dangerous as all this, but the way that situation is described being handed over to squad of four soldiers, two of them chained to him one on the right one on the left with them outside the door. The prison keep watch the sound like Peter was public enemy number one and certain sense. He wants interesting. We think back to the time of Christ and his arrest child that was a choice presented by Pilate to the people that had Jesus to be released to have Barabbas to be released and you know what they said they said that Barabbas now. Barabbas was a zealot. He was 10 is out overthrow the Romans. He was a murderer. Also, to bad things about you think wipers like that was public enemy number one. Keep him in jail where he bluntly is Jesus.

Jesus went about doing good on all the way natural man thinks you say the people of the day would rather have a murderer release to them in this Jesus, so did, but we've all but one around turning things upside down by preaching the truth preaching and doing good.

At the same I hear you say they considered Peterborough done nothing but preach the truth about Jesus, how and women to be saved through faith in him that he died for them and he rose again God raised him with power, that power could be evident in human life. That's all Peter.he was just a follower of Jesus, but to say thought of him as an enemy was upsetting things he was dislocating the order and so here is Peter in the prison chained soldiers soldiers outside guarding him and where told that Herod intends to bring them out after the Passover and have them killed was Peter's reaction during all of this will a little later on in his life when he comes right. His first letter in the fifth chapter verse seven. He's going to advise those to whom he writes the castle the care upon God casting all your care upon him since Peter because he cares for you. Amanda preached that sermon.

Later, as men practiced in early because areas in the prison on what Herod had his way would be his last night upon earth sleeping sleeping is a man who knew what it was to rest in the Lord castle is care upon the Lord. That's the position in which we find all of that of course is to set up the conditions of the story because the story is a story of Peter's deliverance and how that was received by those who have been praying they might be delivered.

Peter was in prison sleeping and suddenly the Lord sends his angel to bring Peter out Peter sleeping so soundly.

There are numerous elements in this Peter is sleeping so soundly that the angel has to poke him in the side getting awake as Peter was one of those heavy sleepers and I detect that that's what's involved here.

The Angels poking Peter Peter come untied to get up there were getting out of here, Peter, Peter, wake up, that sort of thing and's and finally Peter does apparently still groggy because he thinks he's in it having a vision reason agreement doesn't really come to himself and gets outside of the prison Street was all alone. I guess it's cool bike in the air. Kind of takes the grogginess out of Peter's head, but at any rate, that's what happens. Angel gobs gets about they make their way out past the guards who are themselves sleeping over James and fallen off.

The doors are opening and finally to get to the outside door. Peter's wondering how the world going to get through that just swings open by itself. Peter walks out from Mary is out of the street and sitting angel leaves and when he comes to realize is what it is about is done.

Great miracle you say it something that is happening on other occasions. Sometimes you hear things like this, missionary stories, and I'm inclined to believe them is a story of a great Indian evangelists endorsing who tells a story almost exactly like this from a time that he was witnessing in the Paul he had been forbidden to preach by llama priest of a particular city went on preaching and so he was arrested and they put them in a while. Dry well with the lid on the top, where they put prisoners and he was put there to die.

Going to theater me just talking down there.

They put on the Lynn. They locked Mary was he was down there with the bones of people who had died and who had decayed and only the bones were left people who had been imprisoned before.

While he was there praying he suddenly heard a noise he looked up and somebody was releasing lid of this particular well or cistern. And while he was looking up a rope was lowered rope had a loop in the and put his foot in it clung to the rope you can climb up the rope because he heard his arm when they throw them in the well and he was drawn up out of it and then when he was up on the top.

He looked around to see what was it was pulling them out and there was nobody there that can all be perfectly natural.

Up to that point you can understand how somebody would rescue him and quickly run away so they wouldn't be detected anyway, looked around, and he saw that the other was back on the cistern and furthermore was locked again so ever did that. If it was a person certainly did a quick late magic at the lid back on walking wall that he didn't think a great deal about it but he went back to the city was preaching was there the next day were got to the priest llama that he was preaching he was arrested and brought in before the man and he was supposed to give testimony did explain how we been delivered from the cistern while naturally they thought the person had done it so they went to search to see where the key was to find out who might've gotten it when they search for the key. They found that the key was on the belt of the llama. He was the one who had been keeping Katie all at time and's under Singh thinks that God sent his angel to deliver him, and he may well have a rate that is what happened in the case of Peter as he was delivered. I don't say however when we think of this deliverance. The first phase of this story that there are some lessons that we need to learn from it, lest we think we have a right to this kind of deliverance in every case ourselves.

First of all I want you to notice that it came to the last possible moment is a Peter been arrested for some time. He been kept during the feast of unleavened bread was weeklong proceeding Passover and it was only the night before he was to be brought to trial, but the angel came out of us expect deliverance, but we expected when we wanted were not willing to wait so often the case that God waits in the very last minute before he intervenes to do something for us and father that's the case in trying to know the will of God. We would kinda like to know the will of God in the special area much in advance.

We think we would do better if we could know what God was going to build planet find it very often but doesn't reveal that to us what we would call almost the last minute. He lets his weight off and I'm sure very good purpose because he wants us to be anxious to do it well in advance whatever it may be select one lesson we learn from second lesson is we can't help but contrast the deliverance of Peter with them on deliverance of James were both prominent apostles, Peter was delivered. James was executed. We look at that say well why should that be interesting.

The story doesn't tell us why that should be doesn't tell us why Peter was spared to say, well, certainly there was more for Peter to do. No doubt I don't doubt that. All told, about what Peter did more stories here in the book of acts so we could point to that say yes God spared Peter so he could do so and so the Bible just sign in to that point. Reminder that God is sovereign sovereign in our lives. God will do what you do.

He chooses one to glorify him by his or her life. He chooses another to glorify him by his or her death on his Lords resilience month for us to make that determination. That's a lesson.

Thirdly, there is this lesson. It's a little bit of patient spiritualizing upon it and I want to make that clear.

It's not what's taught here, but it is an illustration is of the way you and I are delivered from the bondage of sin. Peter's case was hopeless, humanly speaking, surrounded by guards change in the prison. Dark sleep is picture that describes us in sin chain by sin, unable to escape, darkens even asleep drug almost in our case to our insensitivity until God sends his Holy Spirit to break the shackles and set us free, and lead us out and give us new life and ministry.

I am sure that it was this scene, particularly the story, particularly that was in Wesley's mind when he wrote that great hymn that has in its verse along my imprisoned spirit lay fast bound in sin nature's light line. I defused the quickening array. I woke the dungeon flame with light my chains fell off.

My heart was free. I rose, went forth and followed the I'm sure that's what Wesley was thinking of and thinking of it rightly because this is a picture of what God does with us and salvation, but I want to sense all of that is a prelude to what happens at this point because here is Peter now out in the streets of the city in the middle of the night, having been arrested, but delivered knowing he has to leave the city because or social, arrested, and before we arrest them again and yet unwilling to the park without any kind of explanation and therefore determining in his heart go and seek out the house of his friends in order that they might notice deliverance to Peter to know that they were praying. He only knew that the house where everybody maps where you go, if you wanted to pass some good news on the house of Mary, mother of John Mark.

She must've had a large home where they would gather, probably where they were in the upper room at the time of Pentecost anyway. Decided to go there. We didn't know they were praying that we do because earlier verse five before were told of his deliverance, or that we might understand or say that it was a deliverance which God gave in response to the prayer of the Christians we read Sapir was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.

Peter goes to his house now in their praying at what we have here is a great lesson about the importance of prayer.

Sometimes people say people who have lived with the Lord a long time, perhaps have them study Scripture very carefully about this matter of prayer while why should we pray anyway because after all, God is sovereign and you just said, he is God will do what God will do violence to save John Smith God will say John Smith to pray the John Smith will be saved for getting saved God's business God will do it. Some people say, well, God is omniscient. He knows what I need.

I don't have to bring my needs. To him, he cares for me, obviously wants to take care of me. Why should I even bother to pray. After all, well, it's a good question, but did also has a good answer. The answer is simply that although God is sovereign does things in His Own Sovereign Way, God does what he does, through means doesn't just all cases arbitrarily intervene in human affairs works through means to accomplish is and in the case of prayer. Prayer is one of those means witnessing is one of those means strength God can convert anybody chooses us convert who he chooses the way does it is through the vehicle of human testimony and God has also chosen the vehicle. The L operates is proper to say God is going to say John Smith God will save John Smith but it is not proper to say God will save John Smith apart from your testimony to John Smith.

If God is the term and foreordained to save John Smith your testimony is that our operation goes together. God ordained the whole sequence so when you apply that to prayer.

That's why I can say. James says James doesn't say you have not because you ask not get it because you don't ask for ask for it to get it. Why is that because God has ordained the means as well as the ends so when he ordains an answer to prayer. He ordains that that answer be obtained through the means of human prayer and that's what we have here say well, God would've saved Peter anyway but quite white to put the question that way God determined to save Peter but the hitch in the logic is the word anyway to determine a safe Peter, but the way in which God had determined to say, Peter was in response to the prayers of the Christians who are praying and so we have here a great lesson about the importance of prayer, only that we have asked lesson about the nature of prayer was verse five.

It really tells us a great deal about how we should pray see it says send James V chapter verse 16. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Now here's an example of what effectual fervent prayer is prayer is the vehicle this now tells us the kind of vehicle kind of prayer that God uses verse says the church was earnestly praying to God for another four points to that were thinking about the first of all, they were praying to God. The aim of prayer is when you address it to someone with salable. That's hardly worthy of mentioning because after all art all prayers address to God, who else would you pray well know all prayers are not addressed to God person might say well yeah I can understand that the heathen pagans, somewhere out in the jungle or on a remote island tribal people might be praying the sticks and stones of idols and that sort of thing I can understand that that's not what I'm talking about someone else will say well yes, in some branch of the church pray to saints, not necessarily to God but that's not what I'm talking about either ongoing about normal prayers by these supposed Christian people in Christian assemblies. I think many many of them are not really offered to God and perhaps it's true.

Our own prayers as well.

I think of the story from some years back concerns minister in Boston who was known for his eloquence and who prayed on one occasion time in the past when such things were still reported in the papers and was reported in the Boston paper the next day after that Sunday service that this was the most eloquent prayer ever offered to a Boston audience.

Having a lot of prayers like that only grants are not always so eloquent their prayers are offered to the congregation. Ministers pray in a way that they hope will please the people are not really prayers offered to God and sometimes it's true of our prayers as well.

It's harder to think of that, especially when pray alone because were obviously not praying to impress other people, but you know we sometimes rush in the prayer rush out of prayer and we never really if we search our own hearts clause to be conscious that we really are praying the great Almighty God of the universe.

One of the best books I've ever read about prayers book by Ruben Torre called the power of prayer, tells about his own experiences of prayer. In it he says how this transforms him prayer life. When the register little bit what he says. The day came when I realize what real prayer meant realize that prayer was having an audience with God actually coming into the presence of God and asking and getting things from them the realization of that fact transforms my prayer life before that prayer had been a mere duty and sometimes very irksome duty.

From that time on prayer has been not merely a duty but a privilege.

One of the most highly esteemed privileges of life before that thought I had was how much time must I spend in prayer father now possesses me is how much time I spend in prayer without neglecting the other privileges and duties of life. Well, if we are to study verse five, or what it teaches about prayer. Certainly that's the first thing prayer real prayer.

Prayer is prayer.

That is to God the father now secondly tells us who prayed, and here he point is that the prayer was by the church. They want is involved in this particular example of prayer is not just individual prayer important as that may be what we would call United prayer by Christian people meeting together in harmony is real value in that the value of courses in the harmony that we are meeting together, as Christian people praying together as we think of it numerically. I guess because we Americans always think in terms of quantity rather than quality.

We think well of one prayers good to prayers is better. 10 prayers might get what we want. Well, let's be sure we get what we want. Get 20 people praying we think of all night vigils, but because it's an example of the fervency of prayer, but because well if Brielle might get more prayers in that way.

So we think quantitatively that you say it's United prayer where the minds and hearts of the people of God are together, bent upon this thing is what we have here in the third thing were told about their prayer only.

There was to God that was by the church as Christians prayed collectively were pulled that it was Ernest prayer earnestly.

They were praying that we find out what that meant. Later on, because Peter is released in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and when he goes to the house of Mary the mother of John Mark everyone is there praying.

So apparently they're having all night prayer meeting and glad wander around the streets in those days at night so they probably collected before dark and began to praise the middle of the night are still planning the Peter. And, they would've gone on praying in the morning. That's fervent prayer we know very little of today: certain branches of the church people practice this in certain areas of the world specially where there's persecution sometimes and places where there's revival people understand this kind of prayer but we understand very little of it today.

Prep is one reason why the church in America so weak numerically strong.

Oh yes were big on numbers but not strong hearts on spiritually strong is interesting. Those who have studied such things tell us that there has never been a period of great revival in the church. It's not been preceded by a strong fervent United prayer by Christian people amended start small with Ray getting together and say what's begin to pray that God will send a spirit visit us and send revival in our time begins small but it grows the albacore of people whose minds are united in whose hearts are united pray for just such a thing as I left the revivals, at any rate here that elected God delivered Peter then is the fourth thing, but only did they pray to God, and it was the church and was praying to God. Not only was it fervent.

It was specific because they were pray to God for Peter says very specifically. Doesn't hurt to be specific in your prayers. We know of course, sometimes we can pray wrongly. You don't receive, says James sometimes because you ask amiss again ask amiss, especially when we pray for ourselves something we want, we tend to get our selfishness mixed up in it have much better chance of not praying amiss and we pray for someone else. Pray for spiritual things are always better than when we are praying for physical things where they were praying for a physical thing for his physical deliverance and God did answer but it was a specific prayer to see they know what they were asking God for asking God to deliver Peter and that is the way they prayed all that is a great example prayers look at that see this church gathered together praying all night fervently to God for Peter. You say yourself why what a marvelous example of prayer that the irony of the story is that although it was a great example of prayer was nevertheless obviously prayer in which they didn't quite have faith. In other words, was cited was unbelieving prayer because when Peter was delivered game and he locked the door.

Nobody and I prayer meeting believed that it was Peter is really funny city. Gave the middle of the life of the door… I'm sure you can understand the schedule been prayer meetings know how it is. Everybody is praying in their trying to concentrate and is always something to disruption. Sometimes the telephone rings and then you try to keep the meeting going whoever's praying keeps praying reveals tries to concentrate but everybody's aware that the phone is ringing and you're wondering who's going to get up answer that phone or the doorbell or whatever. Maybe that's what this was like were all there, praying, old Lord, please deliver Peter. We need Peter we don't want Peter to be executed away.

James was executed on Lord please send… Polar please say Peter please say Peter… You look around. I guess Mary she owned the house because she looked up over there the edge of the crowd was a servant girl name was Rhoda and started with a sign. She indicated the road of the rotor should go to the door so Rhoda didn't. She got up and trotted off to the door doesn't tell exactly how she handled this. It might've been a door with the people in it. Eventually Rhoda went to the door and she looked through the peephole. That's what it was a little trapdoor. She opened the top part of the door that you open probably just old and there she saw Peter quite sure was Peter.

First she recognizes your voice you knew Peter so she turned around went back and she interrupted the prayer meeting value of one thing you must not do specially your servant girl is interrupted, prayer meeting, especially when people are praying for such an important thing is God's delivering the apostle, the great apostle Peter say she had a message it was worth telling and socially granted, she said to Peter is at the door.

All you ever hear anything so crazy in your life. Why would we be praying for God to deliver Peter from prison.

The Peter was at the door late said to her exactly what she deserved. You are out of your mind.

I don't know you saw out there but you're out of your mind. And besides that, you're interrupting our prayer meeting. Now go sit down over there in the corner and let us pray.

She kept insisting that it was so. She says Peter I don't Peter peters was used on the one that went to the door because there while she obviously saw something and so they said he must already be executed, is dead as ghosts since his angel must be his angel. He said, as they did not believe that God was going to deliver Peter, only one problem with that theory in the front of the theory was that Peter kept on locking. Now I know if you have a séance or participant sample. Sometimes this phenomena spirit wrapping I think what that probably is as a person who conducts the séance banging on the bottom of the table by the spirits are supposed to wrap at any rate might be such a thing. But this was no spirit wrapping Peter knocking and Peter did mark like a ghost, especially after you'd been Waiting outside and being the kind of impatient person he was.

I by this time, he was banging on the door pretty directly by now. I'm going to break up the prayer meeting.

Let me in.

And so when they heard the knocking of the locking of the locking.

Finally they said well you know maybe there's something to it.

After all, let's go see who it is. So they went to the door and sure enough it was Peter know we do a lot of praying like that sometimes said that the way we protect ourselves in our prayers. When we pray for specific things we know we should publish the way we protect ourselves. As always tacked on the end of our prayers.

If it be I will because he doesn't do it separately. Well, I didn't know it was as well. As is all right to say that we don't be embarrassed as long as we have sent the end of our prayer if it be thy will and that is just our form of doing what they were doing is our form of telling Rhoda you must be out of your mind know God's just not going to do it. Her story years ago. The couple who had a nice house but the due warehouse is blocked by amount they were reading in the big hill. I guess actually they were really in the Bible that if two hunters agree about anything.

Pray to God and say to this mountain, be removed because of the sleeve and will be removed so I said let's just do that. So they spent the night praying that God would move the mountain and I got up in the morning and went to the window and they drew the curtains back and it was still there and the husband said all I knew it would be there, wasn't praying in faith to expect God to answer the prayer requests. That's the way we pray, I was more or less at the spirit of Luther is really my favorite story about prayer.

Luther had a great friend Frederick Michael Nielsen in the year 1540 µL got sick and everybody thought he was going to die may well of God. He set up farewell notes to Luther written with a trembling hand a note that still exists and said goodbye to Luther that he was dying, and boozer would have to carry on the rest of the work of the Reformation without my company as well.

Luther wasn't about to receive that kind of news. He wrote back to my colonialists and said I forbid you to die and praying for your recovery.

This is my well said Luther and Maeve. I will be done because I don't want my own glory, but only the glory of God the Reformation well in the both of Luther got back to Michael he is my colonialists was so sick so near death.

He couldn't even speak. Had to be read to him.

I forbid you to die. Well, we hear words like that.

We say all you know we couldn't pray like that.

That's Luther we would do at how bold how arrogant that must be well. It wasn't was of God because when I was rest my company is microliters got well be recovered completely. Live six more years and he survived Luther himself by two months later times when we really don't know how to pray. We have to say, Lord, teach us to pray at times and were very uncertain in prayer we have to say I really don't know if this is your will or not. So we only pray that your will might be done, but there are times when we need to be bold in prayer need to really speak up and see our prayers answered gently be encouraged even by a story like this here is prayer done in the right way with all the prayer unbelieving prayer answered it and me. I didn't even believe that God was going to deliver Peter got delivered in response to the prayer. That's what it's teaching the prayer like that is effective. Well, then there's hope for us. Our prayers can be effective to question is do we really pray we pray to God. We pray with others.

We pray fervently and we have specifics mind, let's pray our father even in a time like this.

As we come to the end of the service and end in prayer because we always end our services in prayer we can do it in a routine way of recognizing that it is really to you that we come in that as we, we, with specifics in mind and wish to pray fervently and together in an assembly such as this glass that your word might bear fruit. You said that it pleases you to do that so we can pray boldly for that. You've even said that your word will not return unto you boys so we pray that it will not return and you avoid now. The results of this study. At this time that we have spent together and this prayer while the new blessed blessed in your own way. But above all, certainly the way this chapter intends that we might be encouraged in our own prayer lives so become men and women of prayer. Prayer for us becomes no longer a routine matter. The very essence of life in which we bear human beings and sinful at that pour out our hearts before you because of who you are who we are, but because of who you are fine as we live our lives that those prayers are answered Gloria's brought to our great Lord and Savior Jesus. You are listening to Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals.

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