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August 19, 2020 12:20 pm

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August 19, 2020 12:20 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are the elect not under the wrath of God---2- What do you think about the recent agreement between Israel and the UAE---3- What is wrong with the forums on your site---4- Why is nothing being done or even reported about the Muslim killing of Christians in Nigeria---5- Were Abraham and Noah gentiles---6- Is Justin Peter's work regarding the NAR movement accurate---7- What does the Bible say about apostles and prophets for today---8- Is it ever to late to be converted later in life- Is that what Ecclesiastes 12-1 referring to---9- Matt discusses further the issue of Christians suffering through persecution.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
The Masculine Journey
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Matt Slick show. It's Matt Slike Lyla Mack is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, found online at Karma Dawg.

When you have questions about Bible doctrines, does a man slip why France is taking your calls and responding to your questions. At eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick, everybody.

How you doing? It's me, Matt Slick. A match lit live. I've got a great weekend. I did. And Hessy, by God's grace. We're gonna have a good radio show. Here.

I hope you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial up and seven to zero seven two two seven six. The last four digits. Spell CRM on your phone. Feel free to give me a call if your newbie to the show. What we do here is answer questions on the Bible. Theology, cults, Roman Catholicism, Athie ism, Mormonism, all kind of stuff. And we try to give good biblical answers. So if you like that, you want to listen, please continue. If you don't. Hey, listen, anyway, I just might say something that'll irritate you enough to want to keep listening. That happens a lot. And by name was Matt Slick for real match like live and happy to be a great radio name and is my real name. And that's it. So if you wanna give me call, we have four open lines. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to Tony from Georgia. Tony, welcome. You are on the air.

A Matt, thanks for taking my call, Sherman. What you got, buddy? So can you help me understand this? I'm not a Calvinist. Are they elect or neutral? I understand the question. Or a born neutral.

Well, because.

Yeah, because I've heard you talk that Jesus Christ in two thousand years ago on the cross before we ever, ever believed. Mm hmm.

So would that would they be born? If the advert where they are they not under the wrath of God damn it, this will be call in.

In theology, the now in the not yet. And I'm going to answer question by God just to lay a little bit of foundation down first on what is going on now and then. Not yet. Is a perspective within biblical theology where we proclaim things now that are not yet.

So if we were to go, for example, to Romans eight, 29, it says for those only for new, he also predestined. Now, that's predestined is past tense to become conformed to the image of a son so that he'd be the first born among many brethren, verse 30, those whom he predestined. Past tense, though. Still, he also called past tense, these whom he called past tense. He also justified past tense. DCB justified. Past tense. He also glorified as past tense. But glorification is something that occurs later on. We know this out of first Quentins, 15, 35 to 45. The glorification of the body, its future. But it's spoken of in the past tense. Why does spoken of in the past tense? Because we are so secure in Christ that God's work is so secure that we were said to be glorified. This is a good argument for eternal security as well. Otherwise, we wouldn't have this. This verse be there if you lose your salvation of a Kant said to be glorified. But it's not really happened yet. But it's so guaranteed that is said to be that way. So this is an example of the now the. Not yet. Does that make sense? Ah, okay, so our sin is imputed to Christ to impute means, to reckon to another's account. It's a legal transference. Sin is breaking the law. God first John. Three, four. So our sins were imputed to Christ. That's first Peter to 24. He bore our sin in his body on the cross. And it says in Colossians to 14 that he canceled the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross to debt to send debt. So if he canceled the sin debt in the on the cross, that was really interesting. It's not canceled. When you believe it's not canceled when you get baptized, but you are justified when you believe because justification is different than being glorified. So justification. Different then the propitiate tery sacrifice where Christ canceled the send out. Okay. So ok, well we would say is that it was the sin debt was removed at the cross. Canceled at the cross. But it's not applied. Well you know we can't say that. I gotta say Soledad couldn't want to be clear.

The sin debt is canceled at the Christ. I believe it's only cancer for the ones given to him by the father. And so, Polow, one sec.

And so I lost my train of thought, sorry. So it was canceled at the cross and it's canceled.

I believe only for the elect and then God will bring those elect interfaith. And then you become justified when you believe makes sense.

Are you not? Yeah, but I'm done. Yeah. I just don't last in the spiritual state. Like, for example, I, I, I, I believed in my college years, I was my spiritual state before then.

So then what we would say to now the not yet the now is that your sins were were paid for but you are not yet justified. So it's this in between. Kind of a weird thing. It's a great question and people ask it. So if what we understand is that Jesus Christ remove the sin debt for the elect and he will infallibly bring them into a saving place. And when they get when they believe that when they're going to be justified, when they're justified, that's when the declaration of the righteousness of Christ is reckoned to them. That's Philippians three nine. We have a righteousness that's not our own because we're justified by faith without works for the law. 328. Romans four or five. Romans five one.

Okay. Okay.

Makes sense, I guess. So I guess that's still the street preacher that the cells went under the wrath of God. I wasn't really under the wrath of what street preacher. I mean, I'm just you know what? When I'm in college, they have different street preachers come out. OK. You know, they're hellfire and brimstone, you know.

And I'm hearing some noise in the background. I'm sorry. This is noise. I'm sorry. Sorry. Yeah. Bogot. So what? What? Give me some native of one or two of them. Just curious.

Brother. Brother Jittered brother Jeb. Okay. But I'm sorry. I just don't understand that. Between state and federal from birth until your moment of justification.

The elect Sinja paid for it. But it's not imputed. The righteous. It's a crisis. Not imputed till they believe in that interim state is what we call into the theological perspective, what we call the noun. The not yet. Just like now, you'll redeemed. The justified are not yet glorified, but it is said to be glorified. But it is so secure. Well, how could that be? Well, because that's that's how it is in the mind of God. It's absolute. So the elected whom are given to Christ, John 647, whom Christ paid for, cloches to 14, 15, 18. Therefore, when they believe think when they believe, they are then just justified by faith, then.

Okay. Okay. I guess I'll accept that.

That's what it is. That's it. If you think of it this way, from the foundation of the Earth, we were chosen for salvation in Christ. That's officials one for. I just read that we were chosen in and before the foundation of the world that we'd be holding blameless. So we're chosen by God, in Christ, in Christ meets. He represented us to the entire inter Trinitarian communion of the election. And redemptive work of God is a Trinitarian effort. It's not that the father chosen gave them to the son in the somewhat. Oh, I guess I'll go for that. It wasn't like that. They were chosen in Christ because a sea turtle nature of the Trinitarian Communion, which we call these words. And so because of that. Well, we see this, we can recognize that the election of people could God chooses that an election is to choose election to. The same thing in Greek or collect as Nick Clegg or make it quickly. So these things are in the Greek and they mean to be chosen to choose to be called and are used. Are the people of God given to Christ and chosen by God in Christ will then Jesus on the cross paid for their sins. He canceled their sin at cloches 214. But that all of them for like for example, you, me and others alive today, all of our sins were future. So they were paid for on the cross, but not yet real lives. Let's just say until we believe filters, an example of now may not yet make sense.

Yeah, I guess so. All right. Okay. I'm not sure if it's very hard. You have Aadland the brother. I know.

I don't know. I've got thousands, so I can't remember if I've got one or not on guy, but I'd suggest you just goes right there on it. This is more technical, so I don't really write those too much. I can, but a lot of people just don't get them. But, you know, I teach it teaches me that I need to be able to write those kinds of things because two people are. Antonet, that particular question. More and more, I need to do the theology, the now the not yet and then go in there. Schopper, different perspectives in the scripture that talks about God's calling us from the foundation of the world, giving us to the standard for the foundation of the world. But it's not manifested until we live. So it's the eternal now for God, but not yet for us.

And that's really it comes down to make sense.


All right. Well, God bless, buddy. All right. OK, we'll see you. Thank you.

OK, we'll see. OK. Hey, folks, if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We have four open lines once you give me a call. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to Courtney from Ohio. Courtney, welcome. You're on the air.


So my question is, I was wondering what what your thoughts are on a peace deal that was just made between Israel and the UAE? I don't have being involved in his administration.

I do not know. I spent Thursday and Friday conference at conference stuff Saturday with some people were having calm meetings. I haven't even had a chance to. He didn't look at anything. And I broke away from the meeting to come and do the radio. Then we got more to do after. So that's my excuse. It's pretty good when actually. And that's it. So I don't. Also tell you about that, though.

You know, OK. Right. Sorry.

Let's see. No problem.

OK, but you have the other questions because what tell you what. Why once you help me out. What. You fill me in a little bit about what it is. Because I am that ignorant. I've seen it. I just haven't even read anything on it yet.

Well, all of us, from what I know about it. So Israel made a kind of a land for peace plan with the UAE countries. And that they agreed to not annex any more land in the Sudan scenario.

I think.

But they were going to annex it. So I didn't know if I was going to Harvard. It sure is. That is their land. Correct. That's one of the things I was there.

Who's there? That is their land. Who's that there?

Israel is. That's their land that they wanted to annex Israel's land. This is one of the things I was wondering.

I don't know. I'd have to know what I'd have to know what land it was. And I'd go back to the Old Testament and see what boundaries they had to say. It is land. God's land or not.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

I could tell you I don't know a whole lot about it myself either. So why would I want to hear your thoughts on it. But if you hear anything about it, that's all I know.

Yeah, that's it. I haven't heard a thing. So other than that that's I don't know what to tell you.

Okay. All right. Well, thanks for trying.

All right. You're welcome. OK. All right, Jugulator.

All right. God bless. Sorry about that. Hey, folks, you want to give me a call? We have a I mean, we have three open lines, eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get back to Raef or get to Ray from Vancouver. Vancouver. Sorry about that. What do we got wrong, Ron?


OK, Ron. Sorry about that, Ron.

Yeah, yeah, I I'm a band member for calm for.

How long I support you guys. Can you vote. How the hell are you going to break? We get a break. Can you hold on. We could go right back. OK. Sorry about that. So heartbreaking.

I taking a poll to right back after these messages. We have one open line eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six chemical.

It's mad, like why it's taking its toll, seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick buddy.

Welcome back to the show. When do we get back to Ron from Vancouver, Washington. Ron? Welcome. You're on the air.

Well, thank you. I know I'm on the Mormon debate line on your your Web site, and I'm already I get knocked off. And I was wondering what the problem was.

They for me, not Belardi effect. Let me help you out here. What was going on with the forum? It's hard to describe, but for months I've been having nothing but problems with the forums and I went to different server and problems continued. I had another company install it. Problems are continuing. I don't have any idea what's going on and it's not happy not only to me, but others inside the system. I'm even begin to wonder if if there's a hacker, this hack inside, that there's some something is playing games we can't get.

We are not Mormon. Well, maybe it would be a Mormon hacker.

Could could be an atheist. It could be that something's just wrong somewhere with their software or something. I don't even know. I've got a ticket in and I have to go look at it today just to see if they've even looked at it at the issue. And it's a major issue and we're trying to get it fixed. And it's been fair to say, very difficult to do. Okay.

Yeah, because I'm a subscriber and. Yep. And I'd like to be on. I'd like to debate.

Well, you know what? All I can say is, is just be patient. We aren't.

We're. I'm working on. I have spent days, days and days working on it. And I can't get to work. And yeah, I've been having a lot of people here at the house. We're doing car media. It just became a storm of things right now that we're trying to work through. But I'm going to get him going one way or another. All right. Whenever this kind of thing happens, it always makes us the site stronger. OK. So I do. I still. All right. We're working. Thank you. All right, Matt. Thanks a lot. All right. Let's get to Sam from North Carolina. Sam, welcome. You're on the air.

Hey, Mark. Thanks for taking my call. Sure. Yeah, I'm there's something really bothering me. I've been going on. I don't know whether it a crime to awareness. There've been a lot of my stock of Christians in Nigeria. He has this been going on?

None of us any big media.

There's so Western media have been announced and talking about it. So it's really a big concern.

And now you have a lot of safety Christians in Nigeria. I know my state right now.

Right. So it's been going on for a long time and nothing has been done about it.

You know, we talked about this a week or so ago and someone was asking to get a hold of President Trump to get in there and stop this because the Muslims are killing Christians and destroying churches. And the media says nothing about it.

Nothing yet. Does it does. That is sad. It's sad. But all I see is that Greece that every day that thousands and thousands of kids that are being slaughtered. And Martin has been hired by the none of any big media has been talked to now, but so really been a beacon that almost all also the hollow of family man. But yeah, we have a Ludlow's was being affected dead already.

Oh, well, I gotta tell you, we are praying about that. Put on a prayer list. I don't have any pets.

We've been praying for free for everybody. We've been praying a. I would tell you, we have a lot of Christians, people that I have on praying the way they are praying as they come in there. And it's Lord, I love them.

Yeah, it's very sad. It's very sad. Yes, it is sad.

Unknow these. I don't know. It does. Very sad situation right now.

Yeah, it is. And, you know, I don't know to tell you that. I just wish I had the ability to to make make changes there. But, you know, the fact that you call and the fact that you let people know it means we can pray and more and more people can pray. We need to pray for is the. This Muslims stop killing Christians because they're Christians. But without without people knowing there's a problem. People will pray and the government's not gonna do anything. But I wish that they would do something. But it's a newsmedia. If it was Muslims being killed. The news media bill, he adds. Yes.

Have this in mind to name. I live. Newsweek. Come to our way. And is that because the thing is that the does the base of Dean did the the weird thing going on, they will not allow the base I. There was then news media. Yeah. You know what is going on there. And the people are being slaughtered on daily but then slaughtered and then nine days coming here a un they saw wisdom media can carry. So how will people know. And people are dying. Oh really. Constantly. And they just keep on going on less often is not right.

Right. Yeah. Thanks for reminding me again. So kids are praying. My wife and I pray nightly and we'll just put this on a prayer list. I don't know what else to do, but I would suggest that Christians start praying about this and they can call their senators and congressmen and say, what are you guys going to do about this? The massacres that are occurring by Muslims upon the Christians in Nigeria. And what can you do? The Nigerian government needs to step in and stop it. The Nigerian government not doing it in Denmark?

No, no, not at all. Right now, not so. You know, it's it's bad news. It is. So would you pray for them? At the very least.

OK. Okay. I appreciate you taking my call.

All right, man. Well, God bless. OK. Thank you. Bye. And focus on. We do need to pray about not just pray, but if we can. We had phone numbers to call. Call the news media. We, Christian, need to be far more organized and make far more demands of the people are our government news media. You know, it'll happen if we make enough noise. They'll start focusing on things we got to print just to begin with. Could have. Deborah from Winston-Salem. Deborah, welcome. You're on the air.

Hi, Matt. How are you? I'm OK. How were you? Good, thanks. I have a question. I was listening to a Bible teaching the other day and he was saying they did speak about Abraham, but he was also saying that Abraham with a dance out. And so with Noah, that's before, you know. Yeah. Now, I would like to know whether or not I mean, I have never heard that before. So but this was before, you know, get out, you know, before they became the alert, you know, before I left. Well, let's define our terms. I have. But I have my Bible. I have mine. I have as I got a comment. They found out he would know where to find it. I was just curious to know whether or not it's Abraham with a gentile and Noah is in town. And we'll have to begin.

Let's define our terms. Well, there's a break. OK. Hold on and we'll get back to it right after the break. People talking about what a gentile is. Then we can answer the question. OK. All right. Hey, folks, we have three open lines if you want to give me a call. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Be right back.

It's Matt like lie. I'm taking your calls. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick.

All right, buddy. Welcome back to the show if you want to give me a call. We have three open lines still. Give me a call. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Deborah, are you still there?

Yes. Stay here.

All right. So is Noah and are Noah and Abraham gentiles or were the Gentiles, right? Right. Where they didn't have a gentile is a non Jew. What's a Jew? Right. So a Jew is someone who is a descendant of Abraham in the land of Israel. That's what a Jew is. So Abraham could say wasn't a Jew at one point that Kirk called out the urban counties and he became, so to speak, the first. You know, that's in a very broad way. Right. But Judaism actually kind of came up later with different terms and different designations. Now, Noah was way before all of that. So Noah was a gentile. And Abraham was a gentile. But then Abraham is the beginning of the Jewish nation. And then the turn back came in. Right. Later. OK. OK.

Right. Yeah. But when I heard that number by.

I you know, I, I, I didn't know.

I didn't know that is that, you know, I don't know. I just was never really thought, you know, about it. So I just want to call you to make sure that I heard it correctly, you know, so I didn't hear it correctly.

Yeah. Now here's the key, always defined term. What is meant by Gentile was meant by Jew. Always define the terms first and then we can answer questions. So that's all you got to do. OK, so I'd like if I were to go on the web right now, define Jew. All right.

It says A memory people and cultural community whose tradition religion is Judaism and who trace their origins to the ancient. He was people of Israel to Abraham. That's pretty good. It's sufficient. All right. So we would say, well, no, obviously wasn't. So, Abraham, we could say in this definition, who was the first Jew?

OK. All right. OK.

All right. Thank you, Rick. Precisely. Thank you. Bye. All right. God bless. Bye bye. All right.

If you want to give me call folks here for open lines, don't make me come out and talk to you. You call me for open lines. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's go to Kelly from North Carolina. Kelly, welcome. You are on the air.

Good evening, ma'am. How are you? I'm doing all right. How are you doing? Glad to hear. Well, I'm calling you because I began to do some research on the enemy arm movement. You know, I listen to you often. Good. I have come across both Justin Peters ministry and I've also come across this gentleman named Josh Evans. Maybe I was missed, Christi. They both seem to be closing off each year.

And but now I'm I'm seeing that there is some bickering going back and forth. And some of the reasons I'm doing I wanted to know how sound is down, both his platform and my voice on that type of thing.

OK, well, so what's your question then? What was your question?

Whether or not you felt they were reliable and they know for information.

You mean the service. Christine. Justin. Peter. Justin. Peter. Justin Peters.

Absolutely. Yes. Can I know Justin? All right. And he and I disagree on a couple of things, but they're minor things. I believe in the continuation of the Kerry's many gifts. He doesn't it doesn't really matter. But his stuff on exposing these wacko guys and girls on TV, radio, etc., you can trust Justin. So if he says it, you can you can trust him. Okay, good stuff.

Have you ever heard of service with the.

A little bit. During a break. I just a little bit of research and is warning flags about it and basically there's some problems there so I kind of stay away from there. All right. I'll do analysis on this thing.

Yes. I am seeing now some controversy about him. I have seen some things that seems to be down. But now. And just even me.

Right. Chris Rosebraugh. He's an apologist. He did some stuff and said there's problems with it, which I've not checked out thoroughly. But you can check out the article that he's written by written Chris Rosebraugh and Service Christine. You can see what some of the issues are. To do so, he said some bad stuff. I talked to Chris before. Chris is a good guy. And so, you know, could check it out. But there's generally a lot of people that a lot of work. We're so backlogged at CRM right now with a transfer to a new site, new modification. We haven't had time to go and do research on on kind of catch up on about 50 people. We've got to catch one. So we're working frantically to get to that place. I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry. I said I'm just.

You're. You're just what? I said I understand you. Okay, I'm sorry, but we'll go. I appreciate that. Thank you.

All right. Go mad if I can. Just one last thing. Sure. What is your position on what does the word say about the offices of a possible profit?

It doesn't say anything to end it. Does this thing for today a profit? Is there any more profits in the Old Testament? A sense it done away with a lot of profits, we're told, John. And that's look, 16, 16. So there's there's no more prophets and Old Testament style, but there aren't prophets in the New Testament. You go to First Corinthians 12, 13, 14, Range Rovers. Twelve talks about prophets will they are those who prophesied the future, but even their prophecies must be judged by the church. If they're are to be judged by the church, then what that means is that they don't have this high, highfalutin, authoritative place where whatever they says is true. What's happening in the NPR New Apostolic Reformation, the apostles and prophets and the prophets are of high high caliber. And what they say is basically to be just taken as truth. And so that's unbiblical. Don't do it there to be judged. The prophecies are to be judged by the church. Now, that says you can believe in the continuation of the charismatic gifts. But if you don't, well, then the office of Profit in that sense has done away with period. There's the office, the the charismatic movement in a person or in a body Christ will be done away with. So it wouldn't be in that sense, as far as apostles go, the word apostle is used in seven different contexts, seven different manners. In the New Testament, Jesus is called an apostle. There were twelve apostles. People who were sent were simply an apostle. There's a false apostles. And I have an article on this. I forgot the title of it is but dislike of the word apostle. You'll end up finding the article. But one of the things that Jesus said that Luke Paul said, I believe it was in first grade, it's nine one. He said, am I not an apostle? Have I not seen the risen Lord? So he was making his case of his apostles ship being somebody who had seen the risen Lord. Now, one of the things that's important here to understand is that when we have an accent or one roughly this chapter one, I don't the exact versus where the disciples were picking a new apostle, a new replacement, new disciple, and they had they said no because Judas killed himself. They got Matthias what they had to do with, say, we'll find someone who can replace him, who has been with us from the beginning, seen these things. So it seems to be then the parcel has to be someone who was there at the time and saw the risen lord, because that's how poorly Postle defenses apostles ship, because he was playing up the issue of X one. When you see on TV, Apostle, whatever his name, walking up a hill, bring the word today. I just sort of threw a rock at him. I'm sorry, but, you know, you're not an apostle. You know, I'm Prophet so-and-so on the so and so. I just see that as being a self angered Diamant. They're just lifting themselves up. I don't see any way where that is for the church today. And I remember, I believe, the charismatic gifts.

But if you were to go to, for example, on officiants for Levon, he gave some as apostles and some as prophets and some as evangelists and some as pastors and teachers. So some call it the Five-fold Ministry, but it's actually fourfold because in the Greek, it says he gave some as the apostles and some as the prophets, as some as the evangelist and some as the pastors and teachers. Pastors and teachers are present and are one are very similar to each other. But the evangelists are today, too. But the prophets of the Old Testament, but the prophets in the New Testament are those who prophesy and the apostles are those who had seen the risen Lord.

So I don't buy their categorization self categorizations. I don't see it biblically defined. Now they may call themselves an apostle or sent from God. Well, you know, I've been called an apostle. I've had people say, Matt, you're like an apostle. Why? Because you break ground, you correct error. You're authoritative in your your pronouncements.

And I say, well, I appreciate that, but I'm not an apostle and I won't accept that title because that's just I haven't seen the risen Lord.

I wasn't there. So you make sense.

Yes. Absolutely. I appreciate that. Humble. And I'll answer. And and it aligns with what I am learning as I study. And I appreciate very much. You're taking time. Effort. Thank you.

You're welcome. Well, God bless. Good evening. Thank you. All right. All right.

Let's just jump over to Scotland after the break. There's a music with three open lines. Give me a call like seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Be right back.

Fits Matt Slick lie. Taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick.

All right, buddy, welcome back to the show.

And we just had a little bit of an issue here, I gotta get back to the car. So if you guys don't mind, wait just for a little bit, because right when it came back on, the comics issue crashed on me. It takes about five seconds to get back in. Right there.

I got to rebuild my computer pretty soon. All right. Let's get to Scott from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Scott, welcome. You're on the air.

Yes, ma'am. I've got a question. Well, and clearly, I feel. Well, the first verse, my translation is, oh, dear. And most of them, you know, read my translation.

Be sure. One more verse. Sure.

Okay. He said at Ecclesiastes, where one is, don't let the excitement. We call you. You forget your creator. Any before you go. Oh, and no longer enjoy living. It would be too late then to remember him.

I see that agreeing to bail you out. I mean, it sounds then, but.

Oh, no. The sound with my beliefs.

But I just learned to be, you know, any reason to think it will be too late to be converted for you later on in life.

Are you OK? This verse is basically about those people. I did a little bit of research on a break, as it were, to research this. So it looks like what is talking about is basically, look, youth get it together now. You're going to have problems later on if you don't. And that's a very loose way of looking at it. But this is the kind of thing. Remember also the creator, the days of your youth before the evil days come, before things of the future to you hit you and the years draw near when you will say you have no delight in them. So talking about paying attention now because it best of coming later. Now, that's my cursory examination of it. You're talking about can you use this about the issue of repentance and compassion being converted later?

Were you having that? My my friends, like I said, I'll make a comment on Granzow I can do up here. I plan translations out and translations are most more effective than my Bible commentaries destroyed, enlightening and shedding light on.

William, has it come down?

Yeah. What I would do is if you're going to use different translations, I know which one that was quoting from that selected the the living translation.

You know what?

There will be new living translation.

OK, so it's very loose and that has its place. But I would recommend you have, for example, the NTSB and the ESV and you know, I know another Bible. You know, that's fine. And just compare them. But you want the literalness of the ESV and the NTSB. But it's kind of cool to have a living Bible translation for those who have you know, they will have more trouble understanding a few things. It helps. But you gotta be careful with the living because it's almost like it's interpreted the way it's done. And most of it's pretty good. But you got to be careful and wary at the same time.

OK, now one more quick question in time. We got one really fast. Go ahead. Okay. We paying eleven was one. OK. Generally you're asleep. Well, your guest will return to you later. Ride your year among many. Well, you not know what risk might lie ahead, sir.

Are taking is.

He's not getting there, isn't that browbeat, I guess? When they say you're a boss, so so you so you need to make it make it better for you. And he you know, he was saying that that would be like a cancer in your brain upon the water would be right.

You run into hearing people that don't be selfish, don't be self-centered, use your gifting for others, help out these things. Come back to you. Is that kind of a thing? OK. Castro.

But in the service of the only place I see Mary that hide your treasure and be safe. Yo, yo, yo.

Well, remember, Ecclesiastic is written for those under the sun. It's a very humanistic, but it's it's a lot of perspective is from humanistic perspective. What does it mean? Under the sun. But it's not humanistic and is as is modern humanism. But you understand it from a human perspective. That's why I want to say so. But this is what's going on in Ecclesiastes.

There just OK. Well, they've read tome. OK, well, God bless you later. All right.

Goodbye. If you wanna give me a call, folks, we have eight minutes left of the show. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to June 22 for North Carolina. Wanted to welcome here on the air.

Yes, there. Thank you very Lek. I'll call in because I hear that insulin there was some neck area and he was explaining about this before you.

You'll be Christians being killed.


Yes. And, oh, look at me. Well, can you put your home?

Well, I'm having trouble understanding you. Could you. I'm sorry.

I can't do that.

You better get a better place. Can you hear me now? Yes, I can. That's better. OK. OK.

So I would tell him to go to first came and we lifted the cap and we don't like simply about that. Here's the deal. But here's the deal. And Ahab. This too is still the day in it. They are in Africa. There's a lot of stuff to me in witchcraft even today.

And so, you know, the lawyer talks about the fact that the masters you have. Do you have a question? No.

Yeah. I'm just wondering if he if he knew if he had gone. If he had followed that reason, this job that get the shareholder.

Oh, it's he was talking about the issue, the Christians being persecuted, being murdered by the Muslims in Nigeria. So first things right. I mean, the spirit of Jezebel and all that kind of stuff. You know, I'm always wary about that kind of thing. It's not really necessary for him to read that area. What he should be doing is focusing on the word of God and and praying about this and getting as many people as he can to pray and calling the radio show to inform people his right saying. And that's what he's doing. And we Christians need to be got things to do. Aztecas. Yes. OK.

Thank you. I think that is. I think that's right. I think you're right about that. I think we see Outré is preaching against the spirit even today.

OK. OK. Yeah. We.

We certainly should be praying for all this stuff.


Yes. I think. Yeah. Because it's not only in Nigeria but Christians are being persecuted all over the world in other places of the world. And what we need is to pray and ask God to lift their spirit, you know, to give them good dispute, because as easy as it got some evil and we won't be who we want them, we want Christians to leave. I'm a Christian. I will hold you and I want them to leave. So I just dismiss lavae before I call today to have. And we haven't it. Now, if he was there, he found if it. He hung up. But I don't like to hear people feel depressed about religion. We begin this stuff they go up about.

Right. And by praying. This is the thing we need to be doing and and seeing that, you know, asking the Lord to work. He's going to be the one who works. So. Yeah.

Right. OK. Thank you. OK. Thank you very much.

OK. Well, thank you. All right. God bless. Hey folks. We have no buddy waiting right now. Let's talk about the last call a little bit and the issue of the Christians in Nigeria. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians here in America, because they don't really face persecution. We don't relate to that kind of a thing very well. We might pray once we're done much, go to dinner, be comfortable, you know, before lost a son. When I would hear about people who lost children. I was sympathetic, but I wasn't empathetic. Now I'm empathetic and I understand it. And when something happens to you, it makes a concept real, unfortunately. It's a good thing that we've not been persecuted in America like that, like they are over there. And I'm thankful for that.

By God's grace, however.

We understand that there are Christians all over the world who are under persecution. A lot of people don't know this, but more people died for the Christian faith in the nineteen hundreds than all of history up to that point combined. Christianity is growing and the enemy of the gospel wants to destroy Christians and destroy the Christian faith. You're praying for others outside of your community, praying for those in other areas of the world, lifting them up. Is an admission of your dependance upon Christ and is an attempt to say thank you, Lord, for making me aware of this so that I can pray. No. We Christians are often very satisfied at the issue. Let's just pray we're done. We go eat dinner.

Well, I wish.

I don't know where it is, but I wish it was a way for us as Christians to build a write an email to somebody saying, are you aware of this going on at this place? You know, some place in the government, some place or a newsmedia or something where Christians could do this? Or what if we had this if I had the information right now, I'd be giving it to you right now for the radio. And what if Christians started writing e-mails all over the place about these issues? It's going to become something that will become more known. So we can, as Christians, do the two things we're supposed to do. Pray and do not pray and do nothing but pray and do. If we're going to pray, it's because we're asking God to guide, asking God to intervene. Sometimes you can't do anything at all. Sometimes you you know, someone's in a hospital and recovering from surgery. You can't go in. There's a doctor and fix them. You could but you could say, Lord, please heal that person. That's all you could do. Pray that point. But sometimes the thing what we call to pray and do. And so we pray about something. Can we do anything? I don't know. You know, the Christians in Nigeria, I wouldn't even know what to type in. You know, how do we help the Christians in in Nigeria? And, you know, if we're gonna do something like that, maybe I'm typing it in right now. Maybe we could find out if there's some place or some ministry or something that has money going in and out. We can contribute. And then there's like this looked under persecution, dot com, for example, help for Nigerian Christians. Well, you know what? There it is. Respond to the violent attacks providing much needed medical and other material assistance. You know what? And I've talked to these people persecution, dot com and their organizations. A lot of good people there. So, you know, replacement of Bibles destroyed by Muslim extremist provision of ministry, tools for frontline gospel workers, reaching Muslims for Christ, just called a persecution dot com, for example, forward slash Nigeria. And it'll give you information right there. And that's something that we can do as Christians and to the.

There's the music, folks. May the Lord bless you. And by his grace, who are back on their tomorrow. And if you've got questions. Well, why don't you. And you can ask it tomorrow by giving me a call. And the Lord bless you. And we'll talk to it. We'll see. God bless.

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