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August 11, 2020 9:00 pm

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August 11, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt reads and discusses emails received regarding his recent article on the BLM movement.--2- When Satan is released after the 1000 year reign, will true Christians be able to be deceived by him---3- What is your perspective on grief as a Christian---4- How did those who hold the amil viewpoint come to those beliefs---5- Is there a parallel between Matthew 11-12 and Matthew 22-12-14---6- Are there resources for better understanding parables---7- Is there any connection between the practices of Roman Catholicism and the Old Testament practices of incense, priests, etc.--8- Aren't social services a good thing and part of socialism-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is it apologetic to research what is found online. You have questions about my 550 wide open logic some 72072276. Thanks for listening growth or have a good day nice Friday and we got no call was written right now about doing what coming up soon but reading so mom email responses from the BLM article that we released recently and it's been interesting is been interesting to see the kind of hatred and stuff that comes in and I just had them and now I can't find them all were to go to go to school. Treasury in the so well if you're new to the show.

What we do here is answer questions on theology, the Bible of Mormonism with descriptive science unity behind Islam, secular matters in a week all kind of stuff been studying this for long time and so I BLM black lives matter, which is a very bad organization in its roots in its core. What it wants to, which is so do things like reconstructive family get rid of the male-female kind of distinctions of marriage wants to promote homosexuality and was asleep dismantle system Genesis gender privilege which means if you believe in male-female relationships dismantle that and the nuclear family stuff like this, which a lot of people don't know about an article and we release it on the website.

They got the email newsletter extremely interesting responses so that real little business, I should do this on Fridays for years. Where would you Michael Mallon hate mail and I thought about it because this is an important issue. One person said, and in relationship to the article that I wrote to greet you in the name of Yahweh as a Christian I read your article but was confused. You claim to be on the agenda for what what really is yours? Is it because the only issue you seem to have is black women having abortions. That's not true is not the article said in the unit is really interesting to me sometimes how people just don't read they don't study they don't understand it just pulls away so he says a is this person so so nothing else in the LM agenda doesn't matter to you, doubling up any goes, Mr. apologists search your heart before you begin to hear your useless opinions not love that kind of stuff I was left with a slogan like a kick out of it. Useless opinions I've had a lot of mobile years. He says didn't find it useful to talk with the Bible. When was the last time you preached on sending your church have a church guests in the course of a Christian. But what definition this was interesting you promote money and hide behind your pulpit. You don't preach Christ crucified, which is something Dr. prescribed his final time when I preach, because otherwise the moralistic false sermon and what you don't preach Christ crucified, you preached self and you don't shepherd your flock flock. I listen to the songs, you're promote on K-12 and most of them are blessed with so you know someone does not have all their paws in the litter box and how about this one is one more here if you want to give a call 877-207-2276 says no but oh my goodness, Matt. Pandering to an outright terrorist Marxist organization whose only goal was to demonize white people and Western civilization creates anarchy and black supremacy is shortsighted and at best arrogant.

I know you're a proud Calvinist theologian, and this in itself makes you high-minded and arrogant. Well good insult. I like that and it doesn't have any merit to it. Obviously the person it was a lovestruck person didn't read the article discuss can't talk a couple of things. The select up so you know you back going on, but reason for bring this up is because this is something that happens to us here, all the time. We always went on a weekly basis.

I could say we get people emailing us to sing the most horrible things and it's really interesting to me because people don't study they don't read. They don't pay attention to what I actually say, and this is something that happens a lot. They think I say something and then attack what I didn't say what they think I said and this is something that happens a lot happens to you a lot, but it does happen to me a lot and the person I could keep reading going to misrepresent so much of what I say.

For those of you who are out there listening. I hope you do listen and listen well, not only write about anything certainly wrong about some things here and there hopelessly here and there, you know, the thing I trying to prevent is a prevent error and promote the truth of God's word is why quote Scripture references. You can go check things out on your own. And that's what I want to have happen.

Hope you will do that as you listen to the show went this little bit of entertainment. I let's get on the phones with Kim from rural Hall North Carolina Kim, welcome you on the air going out in your laid out looking for the window. We already born again. Well, in that deal. From what I understand about that you know Satan will be bound for a thousand years and then unbound towards the end of the thousand year. Go around deceiving people and so it does not appear though the true Christians will be able to be deceived.

However, there are groups of people within that perspective, who teach, you can lose your salvation so I think some of them would say that that the Christians could be deceived in that context, except I don't see that in Scripture Bible says that the end times and I think it's the misfit get to I think is 24, 22 Lindsay, knowing it right, says some noise 2420 4X right just record false Christ and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect if possible. So the implication is that is not possible in order like there can also be translated as the chosen one ones were chosen means in their Greek rates because it's something we could collect us, but that's what going on to get that the Christians will be able to be deceived in that perspective, premillennial view, God bless you right okay let's get on the phones with Russell from Ashburn, North Carolina Russell. Welcome you are on the air. Hey brother it's going my meal and yes I think God. Sorry about that. So we go, but it will know your perspective. All agree and I am coy like some of us passed away in the proper light agree and then things like there may, there is a negative grade and reason I'm saying this I live in the file okay.

I don't know hat is in any other part of the country. I don't know.

I live in Europe or Canada here without my it's almost like a memorial every year that I pass away in the same old thing over and over and over. We went to mother's grave leave good flowers and is an is I like my parents are why I am a party, is the proper light agree that lot is on the only great Bible doesn't talk about any proper way to greet people grieve in different ways. If you watch some cultures I and Hispanic cultures in particular gone to South America. You'll see when somebody dies you'll see women falling down and crying and weeping loudly. You don't see that so much in America is nothing once better ones are suggesting there's different ways of grieving and people express it in different ways and so the Bible does has different to think about grief and how people were sad and how they wept and it records what they did and so grieving is something we ought to go through and unfortunately I mean is don't suppress grief every have something go through and also my wife and I lost our son. We grieved but we also grieved while we were trusting Christ through it all and it it really made a big difference. So is her right way to grief. I would say the right way to grieve is to grieve and process it and deal with it and as much as is possible to move through it, not past it never get past it, but you move through it is always to be with you and move through the grief and see how you handle it better and I think that is a Christian it's it makes it easier know God is allowed Ellingson is in control. We are able have Canada more of an advantage.

I will see how lost people really old man and I didn't really have in know the Scripture, and we know that one day we will see our love and yell. I learned that man is you know there's things like there sort of, maybe, just maybe, after like there is agree that there is a working through that alone to the other is tough on people do that process differently to say that you have 100 grief units do you you stretch my over 10 years, or do you rush through them.

People are different and how they handle things so my when I lost our son years ago my wife went to a mothers support group mothers who lost children and she was going there to be consoled me. She gave birth and and our son died know it's very hard and she came back later and said to me that she ended up ministering to a lot of people there because the thought of more Christians and they were just beside themselves and cook within control, inconsolable, weeping, you know, I just couldn't function and she didn't understand it well. She does because believers but nothing making light of that, but it was so much easier.

She said, as it is a Christian of trust in the Lord, knowing just like you said, see the arsenic make it easy, but it makes it easy for okay right well in the right great and think that merely area rely on them all, right okay I appreciated number. Let's go at the other day when somebody was on their show and I get Down and only now can you drop them in our life yell he had ever right again that you really when people disagree with me. I don't have any problem with this agreement when they won't let me talk to me a break. Now you tell me know what I write you right back after these messages give two of the lines 877-0776 max Y call 770727.

Here is Matt's way back to the show before we get on the air with the colorful essay you give a shout out to two people, Lexi and John, I hope you're enjoying listening Lexi and John, I'm leaving alright so there you go.

Thanks for watching or listening should say all right list on the air with the Richard from Georgia Richard welcome you want to hear hi Matt, I encountered something I'm not familiar with it, but could you explain how the millennial have gotten their belief would it shock you if I told you I was little millennialist will notice that I've just never heard of this book okay and first time I encountered it and I wasn't familiar with.

Okay well missing that both millennialism and Freeman skinny premillennialism are within orthodoxy. So the premillennial view would say that in the future. There's going to be a literal 1000 year reign of Christ and the millennialist would say that is not a literal 1000 years in the future, but that Christ's kingdom is now network and it and so that's what that means X all melts out without a literal one and so what if they do you know what kind of stuff. Well, for example, it says a thousand years. In Revelation, people's 1000 years is what it means well with the context I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding the key of the abyss angel probably literal. A key is figurative and literal key key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand so obviously figurative a late hold of the Dragon is figurative, the servant of all that be literal with the devil and Satan is literal and bounty for thousand years. So is the word thousand there literal or figurative and that's the question. Some people say what it means literal. Maybe it does. But how do you know because it's in a symbolic context switch is one of the things +30 the teaching is that during the millennial time of Christ, that Satan will be bound and believe it or not.

Jesus said that Satan was bound when he was walking on the earth. That's Matthew 12 2232. Jesus Ashley said in order to cast out demons.

You bind the strong man must first do that and so we read something else to you phone me so far.

Yet, or alright so this is what we say no in generally speaking, which taught mostly in America is that there's give you a thousand year.

At the end of the thousand years of new heavens and new earth are made. Okay the elements we destroy didn't do earthly burned up a new heavens and new earth of the bank at the beginning of the thousand years is when the rapture occurs. So is a thousand year difference between the rapture and the new heavens and the new earth. When think remake will read to you. Some scriptures and the first set is about the rapture and the second set is about the new heavens and new earth. But here's the first set for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

And so shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now as to the times and the ethics you have no need of anything to be written to you for you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. So we read this, we conclude that the rapture is the day of the Lord to come like a thief in the night right with you. Okay okay now go to second Peter three first 10 with the day of the Lord, the thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements we destroyed with intense heat and earth. It is work to be burned up if it's the same day because it's the day of the Lord .1 the day of the Lord, the company thief and it says one that the rapture happened, but any other.

It says the new heavens and the worker made. So you see the issue.

I never really think of anyone that was all but premillennial thought wasn't familiar with it and I did know where it came with its hundreds and hundreds hundred hundreds of years old. The Christian church back in the beginning she would happen was Scofield reference Bible which is dispensational in a bit of good Bible in the early 1900s. It was early in the late 1800s became a very prominent Bible and it was dispensational premillennial and so a lot of people just bought into it and just came the view and unfortunately what happened.

Also was a lot of millennialist's became lactose, and for a while there were some millennialist's who were saying well you don't he review the Bible is not that inspired etc. etc. and so the conservatives would attach millennialism to liberalism and say well it's bad you don't take what he got seriously.

On the contrary, they could very seriously and so you know they threw the baby out the bathwater at that point Natalie part of the stuff that I can show you so when people tell me that this could be a literal thousand year reign also came right so then I told him something else you know and you probably heard this as it was the days of Noah social would be the days of the coming of the Son of Man.

They were eating, they were drinking their giving in marriage to Noah entered the ark, the flood came and took them all the way to mental be in the field was taken on his left and that's mostly the rapture right you what I've always been taught. Yeah, you'd always been taught long now if you were read Matthew 24 and Luke 17 because they say the same thing you read the context of both and it says in Matthew 24 says, and the flood came and took them all the way Luke 17 says the flood came and destroyed them all.

So we, the ones who were eating and drinking, given marriage with the wicked. That's what Luke 17 is clearly teaching and the same wording is used by Christ in Matthew 24 when he says they were eating, they were drinking and getting married to the date of the flood came and took them all away and looks at the flood came and destroyed them. So it's the wicked who are the ones were taken. Soda said to mentor be in the field was taken, one is left. The context is the wicked and further, if you do read the end of Luke 17 they actually ask Jesus where they taken to the answers the question. He says where the body is the vultures will be gathered that you never heard this before I here's a question no, I've never found in my question is in and you need by less than the slick on the radio. You be careful, don't trust me you gotta go read the word out on your own. Matthew 24 looks of it, read through it and you will see that is talking about the wicked, and every time I've done this with people we show on the legal you're right. That's what it is good is no way around this would assess now here's something else it's really interesting rapture does occur. Okay, I believe the rapture but those verses are that here's a question. Why is it that all these preachers and teachers for all these years are teaching that it's the rapture when it is clearly is because they're promoting an agenda over the next hold on one more thing that I okay folks please take to Matt Flynn why call 77077 get back onto the caller that website right hand side of any page. Just look for the bottom of that right-hand column.

You'll see. Go find me click on that check stuff out really appreciate that. If you're interested. All right, let's get back on the air with Richard from Georgia, Richard. There all right, so I suspect that, shaking a little bit on some of those things. Let me do some more. You ready all right. Are you familiar with the parable of the wheat and the tears right in the terrors of the wicked people in the week of the good people. Okay, so the parable that Jesus said in Luke 13 starting verse 24. The he said in the parable of the servant, saying she would tear up the terrors. He says no, the future of the week.

Also, eminent read a verse to now isn't it true that what were taught is that the rapture comes first, and later the wicked are the ones were taken and judged right yet what I've been taught… This would assist virtually none but he said no.

For while you are gathering at the terrors you may uproot the wheat with them. Verse 30 allow both to grow together until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them up, but gather the wheat into my barn now we could look at that and see what one does this occur and how many gatherings are there questions that would have to be asked but have never heard anybody preach on this effort, and I never have. I have either and I think might be because it doesn't fit with people been taught and so they asked Jesus to explain the parable and he says so. Just as the tears are burned up with fire social would be at the end of the age and he says the enemy who sowed them is a devil in the harvest is the end of the age.

The reapers are angels so the end of the age.

The first was taken by the wicked good I just read it to you right out of scripture I here's a question. Why is it that people will will go to these these verses in Matthew 24 verse 37 following and Luke 1726 and following, and they get it wrong.

That is, it's the rapture. The two men in the field was taken was left.

I believe in the rapture just those verses aren't about it, those verses, but the wicked take.

Why is it that they get this wrong.

So regularly and so easily because it a lot of thought about quick exactly right.

They should check what it says and always be executing what it says not with the denomination's told them to believe that's what I'm my point is them even right. Maybe I'm wrong about some of these things, but what I like to do is show people these verses the safe.

What's your church teaching and are using those verses for those things when you're getting along. How come they can't get them right. When it's easy to see.

It's easy. Just read. That's a concern. Okay, so I appreciate. All right, so the all-male position may or may not be true. I hold to it and the Primo position may or may not be true but you know what we find out later find out later on and that's out here are my brother thank you very much God bless hope that held you two things all right. Let's get our phones with John from Canada hey John, welcome your near Imad how you doing buddy doing all right and hanging in there. We got I got this right. I quit the Lord. I had a question about unlimited pneumatic parallel between Matthew chapter 1112 and Matthew 2211 to 14. Is it okay if I we get to the club.

Yes, if you do that for the days. This is not an 1112 for the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take force and so 2211 to 14 but when the king came in to look at the dinner guests, he saw a man there who was not dressed with wedding clothes and he said to him, friend, how did you come in here without wedding clothes and the man was speechless.

The kings of the servants, bind him hand and foot, and thrown into the outer darkness and the place to be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are called but few are chosen very verse so parallel hello Mike. Now why don't my question would be pneumatic gold possible could make out you can't. You can't force your way into heaven and you can't make a way that will, in Matthew 1112 what it seems to be talking about.

There is the hypocrisy of people who are trying to do various things to get into heaven and nobody Jesus is right, however, then yeah is along the prophets were until John is talking with them. The proclamation of of God and the days of John the Baptist till now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, people are doing violence to the kingdom of God to the people of God, the truth of God's word.

It's happening today as well. I think this is talking about the violent and violent men take it by four that the things is exaggerating the season for themselves is not truth of God's word and had the heavenly things.

They have taken it by force and promoting these false things. It's not really taken, you could take take force possible with an exaggeration.

Okay really think you're right. Yes. Okay.

And then the other part. Then in Matthew 2214 that could be little topical way and not client rights is a parable of the kingdom of heaven. Okay and the wedding feast – and when I go to wedding features and proper attire not forgot the verse is a verse in Revelation, which talks about people who are clothed. The Son of Man is clothed, and then talk about us being closed your comes, yet she overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments & symbolic of purity ice that was Revelation 35 so it seems to be that the wedding the wedding feast thing is an eschatological model and times in this judgment. Bind them hand and foot with casting the outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth that on that the dinner, the wedding feast where the bride of Christ, the wedding feast graces the groom the idea here are some strengths use the illustration of the real wedding that young people are invited to not dress properly. Get them out there showing disrespect of the longer just using it nobly and ultimately you know I don't unredeemed persons to be in heaven who snuck in somehow that's not what's going on. So Jesus is talking about here is just talk about the necessity of understanding who he is what he's talking about and the using the wedding feast issue was big in Scripture body blow no effort is to out carry the message through that they would understand if you're not close properly clothed in righteousness. You kicked out one more thing to think about talking the Jews and the parables know Adam and E found themselves naked after they sent one of the Seawright theory is that they were covered in the glory of God, just as Moses when he was on the Mount. The presence of God. His face shined and took days and days for to the shining. To go away in God's presence something because of that, there's a hint we don't know for sure just offering this that the shining of God's glory upon Adam and Eve was such that it was fantastic. And then when they send it when away. They find themselves naked and critical that we don't know but it could be a lot of allusion on the kind of stuff in Scripture (Matt.

Thank you note to let it fill in mind for looking at the parables book to give to understand. I would recommend recommend that you go and get a book dual version.

It's complicated. It's very worth it. It's take a while to read, but it's worth doing, and it's called poet and peasant and then the second volume is present, and through peasant eyes and is a two-volume set of forgot the author is one of the most valuable.I got and I will never get rid of the loan it out because it taught me little parabolic. I took a lot of what I learned.

The parables from the book and put it into the parable issues on the current website okay all right okay thank you, lest they fall back after these messages, please stick to matters like why call 770770 with Jeff welcome all right and there were government been reading through the Bible I year ago and I'm finally chronicled that on capital. By the time so yeah claimant back, but I was reading and what I noted is as they like. Like for example part chronicled. Chapter 28 talking about the Dejan the duties of the priesthood and everything in talking about how the temple going to be built and David getting things ready for Solomon to build it and they're getting all the Levites felt that they can do what they have to do it better to talk about the shewbread you know the right of the present talk about the ends that talk about the golden the magnificence of the whole thing. I'm looking at that and the first thing that comes to mind is, Roman Catholicism and the monster in the left wafer and all that and then not popping circumstance and you'll have a bad extended gold everywhere and all that you know that the Raymond for the pre-and the Cardinals then everything else they have gone and then write "then you know in anything Orthodox, began enrollment about the venue I would have the infant burning in all the and I'm thinking how this seemed like it's almost like about the anything Orthodox. Whenever they do like all were Christian but let downplay the Christian part and left reinstate the priesthood and will make not cheap knockoff of the of the of the Jewish priesthood and get back to the Old Testament.

Basically, the like. Like that's basically what I got.

I would agree is a lot of that.

There also in the Old Testament was to blood sacrifice that the sins of the people removed and in the priesthood of the Catholic Church. The blood sacrifice of the mass is safe to drink the blood. It's really the blood, but is it with another look at a stop and I that the priesthood in the Old Testament had authority, and it was resting with them as a special class. The same thing in the Roman Catholic Church and I think you ought up the idea of special clothing they would have for you is a lot of similarities and put in the New Testament that priesthood is done away with because is fulfilled in Christ, and we are a kingdom of priests, male and female, and so the Roman Catholic Church is stuck in the Old Testament because some it well is not a Christian organization right it felt like to take a Christian moniker and then they abuse it spent with her Christianity and Meridian date. The loss betas by the Catholics are stilling the law because they have to.

Consistent with that is as Catholic catechism. Paragraph 2068 says that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments there still under the law, but if you died with Christ is assessed. Roman 7124 that are no longer under the law and you and your for your free from the law were not obligated to keep the law in order to be saved, but you aren't Catholicism. So they've never graduated through the true sacrifice of Christ into the New Testament economy to be justified by faith. They deny that they curse that because you're still lost back in the Old Testament covenant system, legalism, and work out anything about Rome, you don't look like they want Rome at the center look like the new Apple like everything that Rome is Jerusalem and the Temple.

It would be the Vatican right and so crazy that people are so so enamored with bad all that we have to feed a foul ball let's wind up in what I have no crowd 100,000 people. One guy, and blah blah blah like a hybrid like the high priest only perpetually the I know I'd like right now they look at me like Christ.

I like even though how they treat you close and I'd love to meet the pope I would just get the gospel and ask if you believe the gospel message.

I believe you got another right yet you know they call it may calm another cry right now right for the I would give him the gospel. Justification by faith alone in Christ love I'd ask him. Can you pray to Jesus and alone in beast forget of all of your sins. Jesus says come to me and he's when he forgives his only authority pray to him asking simple Christ we get it going to get a lot of calls would tell you I went to the North Dam in Paris and with my wife. We went into repeatedly but actually into this room and the gold, silver embroidery that was embedded in the glass cases and stuff like that hidden away the pomp of the wealth was sickening to me.

Sickening. It was right it was already full decay are magnetic on okay all right is going the phones with Melissa from North Carolina, Melissa. Welcome you are on the air.

I'm okay I'm fine what he got.

Sorry it's hard understand you. Could you move the phone with her mouth little bit.

I think it might help understanding that that's much better. Remember you and have a biblical on you have to isolate the war and not that I got Facebook product line united with them is a bad thing in. If you think things are a part.

Now imagine one day I got essentialism and painful comments. I will understand why, specialism because how we got the fire department in emergency department. I guess I like it like that type of specialism and we have Medicaid and Medicare liable socialist but you had. I find that I can't bring the company on mom now specialism on my face with mother bad thing because of low.

That's not what true socialism is the illustration I use is students in the classroom so solicitors 30 students in the classroom tend the students work really hard and they get a 10 of the students do minimum work and they just get THAT they don't do anything to get us. But 10 of the students elitist work just enough and they get sees for the hardware get A's and medium workers and would ever get sees in the once it is lazy don't really care. They get F's the teachers a socialist what he wants to do is redistribute the wealth wants to redistribute grades evenly because he's in control of this, the distribution of the grades for the betterment of the whole. Therefore, everyone's going to get a grade of C. He takes the A's and the F's of the averages them all out never to get to see the a students discover that their grade does not reflect our efforts so they cease to work hard.

The seasonings realize that the hard work of the a student is given to them.

It's (I can do it work any harder. I don't care if 30 to get it working well they realize you don't need to work as hard in order to get a good grade and so they were even less. The ZF students.

They don't care to work because they're being rewarded for not doing anything.

So the overall quality of the grades decreases and the ANC students work less because they don't get rewarded for what they're doing. This is an illustration of socialism.

Socialism is to confiscate money from the companies. People who are doing well because they work hard if taken risks reaping the rewards of what it is they do in the government comes in and says no, working to control your business to control how you do things really control the redistribution of the distribution of of wealth and the distribution of the goods they want to control the issue of of the distribution of goods in the production of goods they want to have that control so that it does not encourage private ownership. They want to confiscate private ownership and a preferred governmental ownership and direction for the benefit of the whole. This is what socialism does what it is and people who work ignorant who been brainwashed by her leftist schools who couldn't think their way out of a wet soggy paper bag have bought in and drink the leftist Cooley okay find my come back at me with bad about the mark. Emergency services and is not it.

That isn't, it is not what socialism is she socialism not it's it's part it's kind of, but is not really into socialism. The government owns the production and distribution and decides what's best for the majority the people based on the analysis of what the opinion is those people in control, but they cannot possibly do better than what I would do my own home.

It is an analogy that eligibility is you have a house you have, what you what you've done in your house, you're the one who built that extra room on your the one who furnished the house you're the one who saved money when I did all the stuff socialism would say they come into your house and tell you where to put your furniture and they tell you what can and can't have in their and they take it as a company take your your TV will be taken across the street give to the poor person would support person but doing well in their own welfare. Once they work. Why should they socialism see this is that what they're there for them to not find your leg. Well, there's a there is a type of socialism that United States is been going on undergoing some public schools Park Social Security this or socialistic ideas.

Social Security is something that is taken from basically everybody put into an account in the government's been reading that account here and there and then try getting it back to you. So the thing is that they want to reduce socialism reduces privately owned corporations and uses the private property in order to do this thing to have to take away your guns because we have the right to defend ourselves and defend our private property but if they confiscate our guns than the socialist system can come in and they would have Venezuela you have all kind of problems. Okay socialism is does not work and the incredible arrogance of the people say will will do it the right way, you so you know, I've had to work my tail off. I'm 63. I've been doing apologetics for 40 years, Carmen the website ministries but it's almost 25 years old and I'm down to 50 hour work weeks. I work hard. I don't want the government committed to what I can do. And I certainly don't want the government coming to tell you what I can and can't write and say over the radio with my freedom of speech I write what I see and believe the court of the word of God and of the government coming in safe to restrict your freedoms do socialism. Okay, my love, sorry folks about the Florida from North Carolina, Raleigh time, the Lord bless you have a great weekend folks in my history back on your Monday

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