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August 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discuses Matthew 24.--2- Why do women pastors make men weak---3- Can you explain Deuteronomy 22-25---4- Can you clarify why the situation in Acts 15-1-12 was so dangerous for the believers---5- How does the incident between Paul and Barnabas teach us to handle divisions---6- Is gambling a sin-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was written found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines version of max Y rises 77075 open lines if your newbie this is a Christian apologetics show questions on the Bible difficult issues like these Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, atheism, evolution you oppose the Colts all kind of stuff so we do a lot of discussions a lot of different topics going to be calling 772072276, not waiting and I thought about doing this yesterday and since you will be waiting right now, which sometimes happens, but the summer I want to do is read through Matthew 24, read to Matthew 24 and the comments on Matthew 24 says NIST talks about the things that are here for the signs of Jesus return what you be in place so limited.

It was serene and you want to call 877-207-2276 school.

Matthew 24 verse one Jesus came out of the temple and was going away when his disciples came up to point out the temple building to him.

He said to them, do you see all these things.

Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left on another which will not be torn down was fulfilled in roughly 70 A.D. when when the Roman armies came in and destroyed Jerusalem and the temple burned and the gold from a lot of the ornaments and stuff melted down into the cracks between the bricks or the big stones and so they tore the stones apart nor difficult verse three has he was sitting on the Mount of olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, tell us, when will these things happen and what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age. So even the disciples were aware of this idea of the end of the age which most Christians are not aware of what's the end of the age and which I think is a shame because most pastors don't teach about this.

I've never heard a pastor teach about in all my years never heard the others for Jesus answered and said to them, see to it that no one misleads you for many will come in my name, saying, I am the Christ, and will mislead many. You'll be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you're not frightened for those things must take place that is not yet the end for nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. Then they will deliver you to tribulation and will kill you and you will be hated by all nations because of my name not check this out now Joel O'Steen or Kenneth Copeland or so these others you know God has a wonderful plan for your life was at Jesus in your heart and your life be nice and wonderful in your tithe the received ties you be blessed financially. Then they will deliver you to tribulation and will kill you will be hated by all nations because of my name. Jesus says now there is nothing wrong with having money and being comfortable, but notice what Jesus says about following him.

It's different than what a lot of people say.

He says at that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another to talk about the believers. Many will fall away and will betray one another. This is why I say that pastors should be preaching to the church out now. What I mean by that is, start preaching the word of God not I should suggest this take a sermon about Patrick and preach drive out to some lonely area were known to hear you and maybe the woods whatever and pretend Jesus himself is the only person sitting there listening to you and he's going to judge you on your sermon and how faithful you are to the word and preach that word. According to what is said in the word of God. Not that you want to make people feel comfortable with you if it's a time of comfort Scripture project, it was a time of difficulty and preach that and then come back on Sunday and preach the sermon wouldn't change because of the people that you want to see. I believe that believers and unbelievers are mixed in with the church. The visible church centers that I believe the pastor should preach in such a way that what they need to do is fix it in their pulpits so that when they speak. Those who will regenerate those who love the Lord Jesus those who are redeemed will resonate with the truth of God's word and those who were there to be babysat to be coddled and to be comforted and get their bank accounts expand and be taught that they are worthy of great things because they are children of God. There were the people fall away, they will leave a church that focus and preach the word of God and I would even go so far.

It's as say any pattern is not doing that right now will be held in judgment by God. Any pastor whose preaching to make the church comfortable, so unbelievers can come in is gonna be judged by God hard thing to say is that what Jesus did is that what Paul the apostle did they preach in such a way that people make comfortable to get unbelievers that could comfortably come in and they can fill the seats is that what he they did know it's not what they did was they simply preached the truth and they called the Christians to action to make disciples to live for Christ to learn the truth. This is what the preaching is for the believer is for the conditioning and changing of the believer. If a pastor is preaching in order to reach the unbeliever that he's not equipping the believer. The church is not supposed to be for the unbeliever to come in and be comfortable. The church is supposed to be the place where they are equipped Christians are equipped for the work of ministry, and I believe that if a person were to start preaching.

According to the word of God as though the only one listening is Jesus that with the church will thin out the those who are not true sheep will find another false Shepherd to follow. If they stay well so I can sign. I was think it would've unbelievers in the same preach in such a way that they want to run out the door, missing the nature of the truth of God's work needs to be taught in its entirety.

Nothing wrong with nice messages and music and being comfortable and we would welcome unbelievers, but that's not the primary purpose of the church anyway so he says it at that time many will fall away betray one another hate one another. Many false prophets and Christ's will rise mislead any because lawlessness is increased. Most people's love will grow cold with what endures to the end will be saved. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. I think it's interesting callers like not the board so we get to them only read the first of 20 or so before two verses of Matthew 24.

There's plenty more to come to all right list of the phones with Emily from Iowa Emily welcome you are on their sugar. We got okay now I not and I had never before that jerk in the second part listed in first.

All right. Why do women pastors make men weak when I like to say my wife gets a little uppity with me on this when I submit are better at most everything. What I mean is that were stronger. We climb hills faster we can drive cars faster, dive deeper, your strong okay and we do a lot of things that went a lot better muscle on various butter sandwiches just got myself in trouble like distillates with what we what I say is this is that men have a tendency to excel or to get worse. The funny thing is about being a man is we rise to the occasion. Generally speaking, or we lower to the occasion. Generally speaking, if women pastors are there and the man comes in, then he is not listening to the word of God because he submitting to one pastor and elder and he is not taking the place of leadership in the church this with the Bible teaches that men are supposed to do so to say.

Men excel at most things I that's what I mean. They excel at most things, including being lazy. If a woman gives men with women give men in the church the ability to be lazy will be lazy if women are doing everything in most churches that I've been implemented quite busy. The women are quite busy that work well together, but there's something about the issue of women being in the pulpit and men sitting under that authoritative spiritual thing and it atrophy's them.

They don't really grow spiritually. They learn how to set basically do nothing and so the funny thing is I give an example of something back in the turn-of-the-century 1900s they are.

They, whoever they was wanted to get been together for a dangerous trip to think of the South Pole and he put an ad in the local paper hi Rose England or whatever men wanted for trip to the South Pole.

Sign up for blah blah blah. Pay is lovable and basically nobody signed up on that date someone got an idea and said put the ad in this way, a dangerous mission to the South Pole. Survival is not guaranteed pay is minimum to sign up for this. Come to this depletion time and they had to turn people away men like challenges and they rise to the occasion and challenges. If there is no challenge if they get up to their air-conditioned homes and their automatic coffee pots and driving a GPS guided comfortable air-conditioned cars to the really nice church where everybody is dressed perfectly in the end, the chairs are comfortable and everything just wonderful.

The message is really gentle and everything is fine. The wound and everything where they strain where they grow where they push forward the kingdom of God. They don't men have this tendency to sit in the Tennessee to meet the need, and if there is no need that he won't do anything, but if there is a need they will so I say that if women are in church and they have women elders and pastors with women should do on a Sunday morning literally is all of you should sit down and not no service and someone to get up and save you men, you're the one responsible and his church take care of it to happen. And men need to come together and do the sermons and do the majority of the work in the church and a lot of churches.

This is the case, but this is what needs to happen. It weakens men spiritually when women are in spiritual control were designed by God to be the leader in an in Genesis chapter 2 and three when God made Adam and Eve gave Adam the authority to bring all of them is more what is the hold on right back after these messages, please match Y call 77077 charismatic slave back of the church, traverse or hearing the minutes or so and we are still there.

All right, as I was saying before the break, Adam and Eve. Okay so Adam is in the garden and God had Adam name all the animals not be. Then Adam named Eve he has authority because with the doctor called primogeniture, the firstborn male firstborn male has certain rights that others don't.

On the firstborn male in my family so back 2000 years ago. I we got a double portion of inheritance than my two younger brothers another bigger microphone across the room so this is how that this works so when Adam and Eve sinned.

Sin entered the world through Adam. Romans 512, but she send first Adam and Eve sin. First you the fruit first. Then she gave it to Adam and he ate. He sent with the Bible so that sin and the world to her but to him even though she was in the world and she send first. Furthermore, when the pre-incarnate Jesus came to Adam came to them. He said to the man where are you safe Adam and Eve, what have you done he said to the man where are you the address to me at first this because he's in this place of spiritual authority. That's what it is you don't like it did take a part of your Bible and ask your question.

Are you married okay.

Don't ask a question would you recall your husband, Lord, now Barakat Lord right. She did so my thought on this in live sessions and Bible studies before your sister obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord, and you become your children if you do what is right without being frightened by the fear, know I talked about this with the ladies present in Bible studies. I asked would you recall your husband, Lord, the way Sarah called Abraham Lord and they all say the same thing no as it limits is a question to this important this is an attitudinal thing is affecting everything the church the whole, but the people I said do you want your husband to love you as to what you want to be loved and thus of course you do.

Can you list for me the ways that husband can love you and the hands go up.

And I write on the board thinking to think over the men. Can you list me some things at higher Y think you will add more to it aplenty for the women okay can attest for you tell me how I'm writing down how you respect your husband and you know it's they don't have no idea what to say because are not taught what it means biblically to respect the husband Sarah calling Abraham Lord is a sign of respect we see that the reason is because he is a spiritual head of the family so me. For example, I married my wife good woman that she has accepted her taste and that I am the head of the house because on the mail that I'm not better than her. This just what it is so in that sense, on the Lord of the house now nodded no I don't Lord it over. We talk everything through you, but she understands that I'm the head of the house and I take it seriously. I don't always do anything perfectly and she felt that it tell you that you know but that's just how it is when I asked women. Would you do this, they see no they would not in those at all, say, why not and you will say to me because he's not worth working. They don't understand the theology of marriage, they don't understand the theology between male and female to the transgender gender confusion thing is partly an attack on this order God's creation is a serious issue in the church to so when women get up every pastors and elders are doing is taking the title of Lord doesn't belong to them there taking that place of headship and what it does it.

It takes men out of that place and to sit in her hands, and are quite good at being lazy.

And then the quite good at promoting error. Further me tell you I was at a I I spoke to a bunch of men years ago in Palm Springs, Southern California, and these men out of this quick story. Some men work they wanted me to teach apologetics soft tissue apologetics. And one thing led to another is there for 2 1/2 days, and one thing led to another and I got to the point I can feel all the details could take too much time we got to the point I started finding out that they didn't know anything and or pastors and elders is where well as laity. There I started asking questions and then I start asking this is at home. If you have 100 or more verses memorized no hands 30 people no hands only have 50 memorized usual men, no hands with 23 hands went up more than 10 but have to handle human Christians for 20 years or more, almost all the hands with another. I said show me your hands home. If you pray with your wife in a regular basis.

Nightly basis about half the hands how many pray for your children on a regular basis. Leisure wife and guide and this maybe 10 345 men are in a crisis in the church and within a crisis of the church to get a battle to fight.

There's no battles because were pulled in touch with your feminine side and toxic masculinity facet of looking to Christ as their guide and listen to the world and they also listen to some women on the air TV radio who talk like toxic next masculinity and then demand on toxics is guilty and he said in her hands all the more when pastors get up as are teaching the men and men will subside. We are the ones that God has given the command to be leaders in the home and leaders in the church so nobody should be going to any church with pastors and elders here in America should not be in the many to go for lazy rivers service. Study the word of God and and leading in their houses, and leading the churches of the best of their ability with humility. With love, with patients with kindness and the women need to do their part that when the men fail because were men were going to. We don't do everything perfectly, is why men, both enough when our failures as well as our successes one to another with mentally thinking that was Betty listeners on how bad it was when you when you're stupid, stupid is what guys do is we do we boast his mistakes is part of being a man is easier for a woman to stand by hind a man behind minutes and point fingers and what you did not want to do much with women understood how to encourage their men to Ruby really men and not consider anything is like toxic masculinity and crap and they encourage some of the church is the churches will ask explode. Men will start wanting to go.

I'd like to have a church in my dream where when you walk in Honda you walk into the right and the pulpits in front of you walk in the right wall and on the wall to the right. As for the event won't go on the left is for the women thing the flowers and recipes up there was trouble get on the right wall is a painting 20 feet high, 10, 15 feet high of the Galilean storm were Jesus was walking on the water in the Mandarin struggle in the boat is ready to be swamped on the waves of the sea picture that that's what men we need to be alive. Church got a man all right called Witzel who had okay go back in line folks we write back of his messages.

Mats like why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg back to show it to give you a heads up tomorrow on the error here to help Justin peters were just computers ministry. You can be on the radio with me and he's an expert and a lot of the heresies are being taught from a lot of the pulpits and TV. A lot of these wacko guys with perfect hair perfectly perfect smiles and talk like this is so nice for you and they speak. Heresies can be citing some of them and he knows his stuff. He does know his stuff, and I would recommend that if you're interested go to I think is Netflix. If it's a little prime Amazon prime and look up the American gospel. He's so featured in their quite well and he has, I believe it cerebral palsy. He can't walk on his own because of crutches literature to hold that and he works in the area of faith healers of all things always got good stories and I once told you Batman something he did.

Let's see if we recount the story anyway to put in a call to open lines 877776 Cindy from Ohio. Welcome back on your running your group on your hi Matt hi Mike I and about Deuteronomy 22 verse 25 and I think 2028 or 29 and where on a woman with freight and in that 20 to 29 it says that he is not betrothed that it marry her and cannot divorce her by 20 5K square sheathing gay that that he had and fell that fiancÚ will require nearing her otherwise they wouldn't have put him to death.

It is that a correct understanding exactly versus is that second one, 22, not chapter 22 engagement 101 and then verse 25 the one who is not engaged with Cedar verse 28 or 29 her clothes and in that case okay. He did not betroth Elohim had to marry her, that in the case that the engaged 19 get that that he had to be put to death that it doesn't mention whether she is still able to marry her fiancÚ most probably she could know a lot of people don't understand what this is about, so I don't know if I have an exact answer on one part of the question, but I do. On the other some information that's helpful. We don't have did not have jails back then, like we do now, not a Jewish culture was a different way of punishment and the people were required to pay back, and to do what was necessary. Now use a term and I don't mean to be derogatory when I refer to women in the sense but it's the only way I noted to get this idea across.

But when a woman was a virgin. She was highly prized when she was be careful here because my children forced upon by someone she was, so to speak. Here's a phrase, damaged goods and we don't mean in a derogatory sense from you know the women are damage they have relations is not it with the culture of the time was that if she was not a virgin then she may not be able to get married because the man who would marry her. There was a reputation of her virginity which was absolutely important because it would mean that she was chased that she was pure that she was godly that she was a keeper of the old covenant law and it it were her virginity reflected on the families name and the reputation of her father. This is extremely serious was so serious that if she was promiscuous he could bring disrepute upon the families name and the family name family might be ostracized, which could then lead to starvation. This is very serious stuff. So that's one aspect. Another aspect of this woman who would want to marry a woman who had been forced upon his neck term because my mutualistic shift been forced upon, and so now she is so to speak.

Not pure will who's in one marry her because they don't know that you put up a fight.

Did you help what's your reputation like if you were like this because in the culture. Also, women were not to go out on their own.

When you go to John forward, you just met a woman by her's at the well alone is very very unusual we go. It was a big deal are talking all know that culture.

Nope, not in pairs or they went out with a guardian mail. That's how it was and is still that way. A lot of errors of Middle East so she's out there by yourself in this happens to her what was she asking for it. With all these questions come up because of the cultural aspect so this is why she was forced or not she was forced but he the perpetrator of the crime was required to marry her because he was then obligated to take care of her for the rest of her life. The people's it was pretty horrible all that that something that your little my phone is a little hard on her side.

Better yet is no better, and that's why will that's a different one that's different, so if she's engaged to somebody else and he takes her. Now he's damaged that bond because engagement was close to marriage. There were accounts of people who broke the engagement they had to go through a ceremony of almost divorce for to be broken, so this meant that the perpetrator then could be executed though is very serious thing that will wire know for you, Fenton correct that.

That's good. Okay I know what date when she laughed again, what her fiancÚ and put her away. Sometimes they would submitted put her away and she would never be able to marry and have children because she was had been accosted and so this is this is this this is not fair to her, but this is the culture dusting is right. Something is wrong. I just think this is what was and so when Joseph and Mary, for example, when she was found to be with child, yet you don't I could you imagine her going the the the spirit.

An angel came to me and said he's going.

That's why the vision had come to him. He was good to put her away which was a gracious thing that didn't mean to harm her. But to put her into such a place where she be taken care of, but it would be married because no one I like how it then I end up getting married etc. and the whole bit. So this this is a different culture back is extremely important for a woman's virginity to have course, if she was married and that husband died or whatever event okay that was not an issue, but in the with the young new get married, that what's very important so that's why the guy that brings up another title so you have to indicate at her if she would not engage and he was required to marry her maybe lost a hello well it was move along the hope that answer the question and let's get on the phones with Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome your on the air else a metal pretty good.

Okay, I get the questions on the book of act 15 delivery from verse one.

Well, we see that scenario of their chapter 15 the X. How is that dangerous, but the body of Christ believers for teachings like that today about the specific topic because our country probably heard about the people selling you having the only argument that we don't see any item.

For example, if after the month of anything from the New Testament I would reject that. I don't think that's a good argument but I'm starting to see if I call households being baptized and hustled baptized and to say nothing was households had infants and you know is a great argument, but still you know will households but I would like to go about birth on the good that I understand you correctly, I think you you would say that the covenant, the great with the thought thing would be 40 laps in the administration is not necessarily to do all that, because grace is coming to Greece for works that I tell people you talk about this and you heard me say it just gets complicated pretty quickly. How many companies are there some say one something to something 371.

I kind of leaning towards one and two were fine because everything by God. I could see that easily have a website written issue of mass Y. Call 770727. Here is Matt's way back chauffeur about a problem with some odd odds and ends happening on my end here. I think that our Internet providers doing some glitchy things and is causing some replications are deleterious so there you go tomorrow.

Justin peters will be on the air. He's an expert in a lot of positive confession stuff name and claimant blab at grab stuff will be really interesting.

He knows his stuff in the good and that I will be tomorrow later time to build the whole hour I wouldn't do this for the first half-hour.

He knows me talking mostly be him and them will take all the let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson you're on here but they met. I get to question there with the first X 15 from verse one through 12, how is that dangerous date for the bodies of Christ believers for teachings like that the Jerusalem Council elaborate on that was a lot. There are some Kelly Nast's navigation give more specific question though what I understand from the passage there that believe there were the Jews were believing that you must be circumcised what love the Lord that would work is quite and work in order to be saved. My question how that dangerous site teachings like that.

What's going on in the body of Christ because it's a false gospel false gospel stamp any gospel that says that you have to have faith and do anything in order to be saved is a false gospel there be no believe in Jesus and get baptized and take communion and whatever our or don't you have faith and you can't do these this list of things is a false gospel and I think it's okay to sin, but they don't understand the true God as well as so they were dealing with the issue here as the early church. The first Council here trying to figure out what's going on in your Pharisees there that were saying it was necessary to observe the law of Moses. They had to get circumcised and there was a problem, of course, and they were rebuked and they said no you want to do that but abstain from a blood thing strangled from blood and things like that for 20 talks about so that that's it would try to do here is clean up your theology because the church is brand-new brand-new. The apostles were still alive and so is going on and it's an interesting and interesting to use this in part to refute the Catholicism, which says the issue of thing strangled from bloggers communion is but but stuff like that but nevertheless they're not too cute. Keeping works in order to respect their you to show like they want to keep the commandment keeps the commandments is to go to Galatians 310 says there is for as many as are the works of the law are under a curse for his written curses. Everyone who does not abide by all things written in the book of the law to perform them James to tense. I should go to James 210. Galatians 310.

James 210. Galatians 310 James 210 says whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point has become guilty of all of the standard of people's perfection so people can be saved by faith and keep the law you just have to keep it perfectly all the time. You can't mess up one's course is impossible not only Jesus could.

And that's why salvation is by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, not by anything we can do.

In addition to his wife. Mormonism says receive aggressive faith at all you can do 75 2523 and Catholic catechism. Paragraph 168 says you obtain salvation through faith and baptism in the observers of the commandments, the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach, and 72 watchtower pay think the first said that in order to be saved.

You can keep the commandments and faith in and commitment all false religions teach commandments recite as if we could do it for the holy God while Michael had the second question. First, the chapter them both issue with call and one little art called a little agreement. How is that important, learn that were able divide the body of yes good issue is going to take John Mark Mark and a policy position that they should not take long because he had deserted them earlier and had not gone with them to do the work and so what we see and hear as it could failed earlier, and as a consequence of that failure so should know and see the Bible you know if you can walk with Christ any good idea. So to serving Christ on the yacht. If you fail this forgiveness. But there are certain levels of acceptance back into ministerial work. So this is in the range of things okay okay what would you like I'm going to go ahead faster. There okay okay well look at next caller circle. Wait there. Let's get on to Carlton Florida party will be a long time, welcome you on the air.

There not happen again and see okay I can hear anybody that's so check this out. This is not going well right I knows going on. See okay are you there hello Carl, I can't hear anything again.

I knows going on so willing to do because I with the system availability here maybe dead air all the kind of thing I don't on the good troubleshoot some folks going on. I'm assuming that it's the Internet here. It's been bad lately and so we kinda do a lot of things with an in our house and I'm a computer tech X computer tech final stuff and am having problems. I guess you still hear me saw this continue to do is just continue talking about mental 24 until the end of the show. Can anybody and that's what it is I could reboot the calm repetition fulminant have to do that so well folks just just do this is all answer the question. Nexium online is gambling the sin with their different levels of gambling two different levels of gamma so yes and no.

Now if you mean going to Vegas and throwing money away. I would have been without now what you do if you know if you take 1/4 and go into a place like that and put it into a slot you want any walkout is a sin you.I don't I don't think it's a sin becoming become sinful when it has power over you or when you're putting your hope in the so to speak, randomness in order to win because what that's ultimately doing a sin that God is not in control and so in that sense, gamma would be a sin, particularly of gambling means you're losing money that could be used for the kingdom of God. So I never had what you do, though, if some is getting plenty of money away and has all the stuff and want to take a few dollars and go to a place to put it down and and slots and then that's all he does or she does and walks away. That sinful. I can't say it is.

I can't say it's not for me it's a gray area and I I don't do that. I don't gamble, never have, and want to put 1/4 in her nickel in the something once when I was younger, but I don't do that kind of thing because I don't want to support that environment want to support the idea of gambling. Anyway, I trust God's sovereignty and in his work and that's what I want to do so. Sorry, but that with the with the not be able to hear the callers I apologize for that. But let's that's weird. Now that's breaking up like this.

Different things and try this are welcome to show you on here can you hear me okay hello hello yes I can hear you. That was interesting. That was interesting. Anyway, we got a list of the show got drunk here with Matt.

There do not arrive and we got there okay. It did like that person like Broughton though, you will that no all will bet you out.

You on the week on like that week about getting the car when no.

One of them on Monday like that and all. Whenever you have, all about living with his girlfriend Mary thing not that I've been randomly they are not well you gamble you know me I when you done done is inadvertently caused some of the stumble because of that they they have brought something up against you as your witness of Christ is now weakened and so that's the stumbling them. So now you got to care that which means, in this essay, you don't don't gamble, don't gamble no more. If you can. If what you do causes someone else to look down on your witness as a Christian.

Nona talk about you messed up you goofed up. That's different. This is something where you are going out gambling and doing stuff and then they think you're doing it in your the power of your testimony is weakened and the power of the region that were to that point is weakened and that's not what you want is more important that they hear the word of Christ and they see Christ in you, then you have a little fun and and do that kind of thing I tell people I tell men suck it up and do it right before Christ. That's it. If what you do stumble somebody else will.

Don't do it the right cross and follow Christ rightly. I would like me but Newmark will allow for failing to gain weight without the command that you know it, but the home. Not right. I think that the market never only thing you know rebel you doing is gambling and so they pick up on recognized problem, which is why they accused you of of of a weakness so it like that you like to get all but I'm not. I okay just to show stop doing that and say to them. I heard what you guys say resident Mark very much the respect for you have that much more ability to speak okay close the Lord bless you and by his grace back on her tomorrow with just a

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