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August 4, 2020 11:00 am

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August 4, 2020 11:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is pride the sin God hates the most- Is that what Proverbs 6 is talking about---2- Is systemic racism a biblical concept- Is it similar at all to the sin nature---3- Why don't you believe in the rapture---4- Who are the ones left after Armageddon---5- What are weak churches actually doing-teaching- What are they so zealous for-

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A previously recorded Nats like show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why show him out yesterday because we have Internet problems here were we wrapped the hopefully having a work out fine today because I do reboot our modem brand-new modem for the company's twice today, so hopefully you will be fine to call you to fix this program with the company do that so that's what that is going to McCall.

We have four open lines 877-207-2276. We also have three schools folks if you just injected some things out school of theology at school, apologetics, a school of critical thinking. These aren't super highfalutin. But I'll tell you there's there's there's a bit of forebrain work in a few. For the most part they're pretty easy going to check them out only go to do is go to the website CRM G on the right hand side you will find holistic if you need for the site. Please allow up to 24 hours of fervent and go through it. It works because it's just that sometimes 120 or so we have little glitch and I just let you guys know that if you want to just give a shot.

Okay so there's that.

And let's see we do still nearby.

Your donations if you are so inclined and you want to help us out.

All you do go to websites. See in the right hand side of any page you can sign up what we do we ask for five, 10, $50 a month on a regular sign up because that really helps a lot. Make the budgets next week look for. I think that's about anything really hosted so well when we just do this, phones good to Aaron from California Aaron, welcome you are on near what it might look up silo bottle well I hope you help me with but well mostly for one time I heard a freaking left Sunday and I had a question about about that were talking about. I and I heard it a bad thing that got most, but I don't think I've ever heard that before and you they were talking about Robert. You know where the lake though that is there that haven't been a fan in the earth on earth. Anything that Outlook world is saying that it the one the first on the lit, and I don't know if that was the reason why is that should be the one that got the most. I will then ask you is there somewhere I can find in the Bible teaches that got away. I mean, color or more plainly bad in the mode.

Why don't associates it the most deadly sin because it was pride that led you to Satan's fall in the course for many people today it's it's a horrible thing that they harbor pride in your hearts and stuff like that so I got my sure not sure what verse that would be. I don't exist. I don't think it is there to be honest, yanks the most. I know he hates pride and also he hates those who do iniquity and things like that so well you know I brother and I had that about and I called them and asked them like where did you get that from.

I really don't remember being that and he said that he will you thing early, but I would like that. I mean how can you verbally where the Bible is not using it, and make your money like that. They want to do the same thing and they believe and exaggerate time and say they will 20 billion years. I mean I cannot do that. I mean it's a problem you want to verbally go wherever you want me to follow my thing with you properly. You asked the right question to ask where was the purple hyperbole does not is not good enough for us to say hello if God can do it. We could do what we want to set the word of God. We want it any point, so it's probably one of everything that I mean that got you that they have downplayed any lying, and I thought yes I know but you got.

And in doing work. I mean we cannot be looking for other people, but they someone is listening and I is a big problem and that person may now think about got me more than anybody else because I have the within the mode is giving him a something area and filter the right is just not there.

Is that it's would put some undo Bork burden on people good you're right your your your all right, I will elevate my thank you very much like to okay see you all right, that was in from California for good lines. If you want to give me a call you to do is dial 87720722764 open lines McCall Liska to Brenton from California Brenton welcome you around here. Hey Matt how are you all right McCall, I wanted that about the idea that meant great for them and other churches are talking about a kind of day that the biblical concept like the bike the same thing as sinful nature, and I sent an article to you on Facebook so I'm publish that no one afterthought that is if Palladian as I know a lot about Pelagianism to the article, will I have time to get it. Have a look at it. I got thousands of emails and 60,000 articles to update the new site all literally 6000 recorded words were.

I mean I'm working terrible long hours and so long, generally about the concept of right that biblical well it's only the sensitive sinful no systemic racism is the racism that shows up in different areas of our society and our stuff like that so you know in the government to prosecution getting arrested. Immigration things like that so well is a racism.

Of course the wrist is never going to go away is never going to people are sinners submitted okay but just what it is. And people learn it.

You don't learn it I remember very clearly. My dad was in the service and we would a lot and so we have some black neighbors and I would go to their house. I had no I know I member noticing the black but that was it.

Okay whatever. I didn't care played with her kids and had fun. I did not and then I remember seeing the news and racism all the black and white, there are brown or whatever it is that's where I learned what racism was and I remember oh so that's what people do that.

And so it's perpetuated in a sense by the means of trying to stop it. The solution is not external.

The solution is internal know if we know that were all made in the image of God as a matter what color you are, doesn't matter what gender doesn't matter how big or small. You were all made the image of God, then we just have different appearances if that's what were taught then racism doesn't have any founding simple and so it shouldn't take but of course when people reject God with their doing is giving way to all kinds of things to God is his bed and in our our hearts. There's lots of room with lots of stuff and if if God isn't filling all the corners of our hearts.

Then there's those courtly dark corners of racism and pride and selfishness and lust and anger.

These things are to be filled but what we want to put their what we are susceptible to, and also because the sins of others because I could see how Blacks could become racist against whites and to see a white become racist against Blacks. I can see how this kind of thing happens people are on unfamiliar. They see things that are different than themselves BC people different and so they have to work against it. It's as part of our nature and so I say to people. This judge people by their character, their words directions or deeds and not by what they look like this is what we have to do River, a rooster, a good lesson like a good lesson. I remember this I was registering patients in the emergency room and San Diego County Hospital and Escondido means Hidden Valley and so I didn't know how to speak Spanish to build a do all of that stuff registering some interpreting for doctors a few times this man came in, he did speak a word of English and he looked Mexican.

Whatever. And I had seen so many come in that were taking advantage of the system not paying your bills.

He came in either look at this.

His name and a $20 bill. I I thought this guy just as been forced to come in and pay twice here and to my utter surprise when I look at his account every single week. He's paying $20 as far back as the screen loads would go in my respect for him just skyrocketed.

It didn't matter if he was able to pay a whole bunch who knows what. But he was trying it and that's what I look like that's how I saw him I said this is how we need to look at people when they doing are they are they, just like I saw somebody today and I went to the store is handicapped because my wife's handicaps I have to pay attention as I see the spots this guy's girl jumped out, walked briskly to the store from their parked in the handicap place and not handicapped and you know it's like those of the actions that's wrong.

Now we should be very forgiving and and patient with people, much as possible and it takes to we have to be good receivers as well as centers and this is how we get get rid of racism we have to have God in our hearts and do the right thing as well as not jump to conclusions about people so fast, which is our nature makes sense yeah I mean clearly that that didn't make like at that is, of course, it's we can't get rid of of the prejudices that we have. Think about this. Why is it that the town has a sports team and that people group is loyal to that for the most part they're loyal to that sports team, but don't to 300 miles arrive at other sports teams evil will why because we have loyalties to where we are. The culture of the community where we are. We develop this kind of thing. And it's partly due two means of surviving.

Because if organ a survivor have to have we have to have the ability to trust the people were with level strangers over there.

How are they we we have in our my cul-de-sac. We live there's a six months ago so that's not what you want to do rid of it.

We have the wedding will I got left but a vote for five open one you call 07 mass Y call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to the show we have nobody waiting. That's a very unusual so if you want to call 877-207-2276 hey, let's talk about where the races come from the so-called three races.

I read a lot of stuff on genetics over the years. Did you know that the right conditions. If you have a couple male and a female who have basically all the genetic information like Adam and Eve did then. If you were to put people in different environments. Those who have lighter skin survive in higher longitudes or latitudes, and those have darker skin survive better and lower because of the heat.

The sun angles.

All this I read this article years ago and he said this is nothing more than the existence of genetic information surfacing and aiding and survivability the people. That's all make sense and they said you could have that within Ford for generations. You could have something like that in a different skin tone's surface was is interesting and just convinced me they were all the same. We harbor all the same sign. So I just hope the people and serve Christ to live for Jesus and lets you see what shines in the hearts regarding him for those who want to go out and cause problems anyway so let's go phones we have formed up in lines 877-207-2276 Tracy from Raleigh, North Carolina Tracy, welcome around here that might help wrap my sugar, no problem at all.

I don't personally I hope I'm wrong and I'm not saying if you don't like me, you know it's their dominant by saying that I just don't see any support for preacher ablation rapture in the Bible and the verses that I've seen people use arts about the rapture there to got a context.

For example, you have fun no use taken out of the way of the flood and people use that as this SAC he was above the waters in the art. So were to be above the destruction and thinking are you kidding me that exegesis all I have and another one is worth this one. This is let's see first Peter to find appointed its appointed not for C .2. Find that there's a verses but a lot of times as I've had to look at it, it says you're not appointed to wrath, but salvation and well what they're doing or destined to.

I think it is solidified it eldest.

So what they're doing is are seemingly not appointed for wrath, but here it is at second this phone is 59 sorry for God is not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I heard this would be the use of pretrip rapture the face see the wrath of the tribulation is not for us. That's not as talking about, for God is not destined us for wrath, but salvation wrath. There is damnation so you know it.

I see these constantly like this. And then of course that I've said this so many times over the year met 2437 I believe it is for the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. They were eating, drinking and getting emerged until the flood came and took them all away to minimum be in the field one is taken, one is left of this the most famous one thing is for rapture, but the westward taken in the context of the wicked not the good and we confirm that by going to the parallel passage in Matthew 20 is to be Luke 17, where Jesus says, he says that an innocent sink and the flood came and took them all away to mentor taken since the flood came and destroyed them all and then talk about two people being taken. They asked where they taken it says with a body as the vultures gather so you don't want to marry. I've examined them pretrip verses in context.

I've not seen just not seen and this is not me being me know.

It's like oh man, I I would prefer prefer to believe that going to be terrified when I will, I hope you are, you know, are you pretrip rapture you believe pretrip like hopeful how I messed you up you people say that you know will hear about this about this when this is really this really messes people up to all on this age next to come. Whenever you hear someone talk with the rapture you I never have, ever, ever, ever heard them mention this age of the age to come, and what happens at the end of the site. That's what Jesus taught. That's what Paul taught the two wage model. That's what they taught. I've never heard the pulpit. I've never heard anybody teach which is just ludicrous.

Why not. I don't really doing homework and so I asked him how me times of Jesus return is to return to one Richard Nelson will just one return of Christ with his pretrip rapture are two problems here. One is within us a secret return know is not returning you just coming in the clouds.

Women in acts one 911 it says every eye will see him as he comes back your singers a secret kind of coming back in the clouds to get the people to go it back up in the sky and the sky were sent the Scriptures. It is not there. Furthermore, it says this is big. What I think it says 77 years ablation piglet last seven years in the pre-tribulation. The protrusion starts with me that the preacher rapture starts the ablation. Right seven year tribulation will add seven years and you know what with agents comes back because they say that he's been returned.

Seven years later. I need to go back to Daniel at 1200 days in SAC. This is how will have to tribulation.

Here's this here's that comeback will let you know exactly what is coming back in the one was not that and then we find the you the harvest is called the rapture okay for the people. Rapture did the harvester gathered but this is what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 let both grow together until the harvest and the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them to gather the wheat into my barn.

So when I saw that you know it's one of those. I'm sitting here and here in my office alone reading through this and realized what this was doing eschatological look behind musically looking at me, look at this you know it's one of those because it says the first was taken at the harvest, which is rapture. The first was ticker the wicked. I'm staring at it, why have I never heard anybody say this at any time while it it's scary because he says the week. The tares explained later on the Aston and he gives an answer. Tell you what he says I write back after mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave.

All right, Tracy, are you still there okay so do is read what Jesus said that the parable of the week.

The tares is what it means when he said that allow both grow together till the harvest I will say to the Angels first got of the tares, so the first was gathered in the tares, the unbelievers of this what he says later on in that chapter and verse 371 who sows the good seed is the son of man field is the world for the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom and the tares are the sons of the evil one, and the enemy who sowed them is the devil, and the harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are angels. So, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, and will throw them into the furnace of fire and a place to be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

So, notice what he says he's good to be taking the wicked out of his kingdom at the end of the age and I would think that a pre-millennialist would say that this is going to happen at the end of the thousand year reign. But the Bible doesn't say anything about that were that fits this is the end of this age initially to ages.

This age needs to come in at the age to come as a new heavens and new earth. So the end of the age. The first was gathered on the in the harvest to the H and that's mostly the rapture and so that was to happen when Christ of it all comes back to the the end of everything not of the not hundreds of years before stuff you see them saying what about barley chat Matthew 13 the student met 13 I start started at verse 24 and just keeping to the rest of the chapter will of the rest of the chapter. Well talked about 53 sowed so 23 through 24 through 33. Roughly 43 you'll see it. He said each talk about it.

Then later he explained okay on your welcome so much God bless. Okay right okay let's get on the phones with Britney from North Carolina.

Brittany welcome your on the hello Brittany, I hit the button so you should be on.

I am now I can hear you fine. Go read Alan Colling might now think about the rapture leaving Colorado for that one cannot likely the reference on never close to rapture leaving to go through it. That's what I believe anybody really had all that they all think that Derek and I rapture that is at all and really think I thoroughly, that you believe is him to bed.

I got a call that depressed ecology when I teach so I go ahead with your question everything. The husband okay okay there after the battle of Armageddon. Third, playing with the one third remaining on the earth could that be the Christians that had made it through the tribulation is about being martyred to know I've not seen anything in Scripture that states specifically that only Christians will be the one to escape okay but not quite there.

It might be the case. I hope that it is but there's the Bible talks about people being beheaded and persecuted and running for the hills and things like that. This could be persecution going on. The Christians, so no this is not a pleasant thing to talk about. It's not real comforting but if people were to read Matthew 24 and Luke 17 the third actually read them just read him you'll see that it's not a real bright future and this is depressing, but maybe one day all this read Matthew 24 of the air and comment on it. That's what assess it's not exactly fun that's that's life to think about your feelings so they get better and I really appreciate if ever God you have well know, I try but by God's grace and I do the best of my ability. I know that I'm wrong in some areas. I just don't know where they are.

So God will show them to repent and continue to teach his work best of my ability was that Erin Scripture about someone like an another way that had a parade of people that I worried about everyone rapture like right here air and eight and are like painting that are going to had not lent their anything in our magic. Often and yeah that that's a concern and I have some ideas on some deceptions that are coming that will be extremely powerful and so if people are not ready for them and well prepared to fall fault if you are already full deceptions in the Christian church presently was happening. Joel O'Steen's a deceiver and a preacher, Kenneth Copeland.

We have a lot of people out there who don't teach the true gospel and so church is his dire need of good strong. God is sovereign. Jesus is the only way to pick up your cross and follow him kind of theology because that's what Jesus taught, and that's not what these gutter teaching okay or not, how a lot of people as they can about the cop and and they're not really red and an island. They make me happy. I got the crazy line my glass in her trying to God's house for sock. My job, and an on-call judge mental violence told the judge and other free, exactly.

That's were doing this a little close profits. Jesus says in Matthew 2424 for false Christ's and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect Edwards is not possible to mislead the elect who were the elect of this is were biblical theology gets in the way of a lot of people's feelings and desires. Billable theology teaches election.

That's what it says.

If possible, even the elect. With the elect was chosen by God and so there's the ones who will not be deceived because God is in them, and dwelling and so they will have that truth and are not to fall for false teacher but we have many people this is what's really a problem here in the Christian church today we have a lot of people we don't know the truth.

Believers are not true believers are, for example, go to Joel O'Steen's church. I've been to that church.

I've set the service once and at. It was weak.

It was namby-pamby.

It was catered to feelings to make you feel good and he does know you can even condemn Mormons for their false gods of the Roman Catholics for the false gospel.

He doesn't have the guts to stand on the word of God and so he, in my opinion, is a false teacher. I don't know if he is a true Christian and not wooden like I can say he is disease not but he doesn't seem to be because he's not preaching will of God. So we have Kenneth Copeland this guy. He's the reach of the face could help on the study of the beast think this guy, it's a set of the New Age intercity heresy is going on.

So, to be deceived and I'm not here trying to teach on the radio.

The truth of God's word and I'll tell you they can get. They can get people in my slot who pay them more money, but they can't me in because I don't have a whole bunch of this ministry is not rich. We barely real maker bills and yet they want the truth spoke because they know that's what I'm to do a compromise with word of God says because that's what you're concerned.

So good. That's a Truth Network right a lot of people don't call and are turned on now likely. Now I'm really glad that there I'm not sure here. Are you a preacher or anything that might want to hear from God. Three. I don't turn it on. Thank you guy are you I know I am an ex-pastor but doesn't say I have asked burgers about if you know that I met you and every now and then so people with Asperger's and autism spectrum disorder but we don't really connect with people emotionally as as much as normal people do that. And so it's easier for me just tell the truth something that's got bigger horrible goblins that are called all right mostly right back after this message is why call 77077 right here in Boise, Idaho. Welcome you on here.

Yes, I can if I can sure you realize how man and you talk about the frequently either really opening to every church is bent down really what the Bible you touched on it. With the recent call the lead in the chair wicked Shepherd and false prophet. Then they don't even seem interested in Jesus don't really care about you that there's a crop on the Catholic Church and they have a banner out front at the older you know there's open now at what I think that was a work I'm doing. There like a little community center, pretending to be a charter well without going to each individual lawn standing there sitting on researching be difficult but commonly speaking this is just my opinion.

Having talked to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people in different settings of things like this. One of the church is doing in my opinions are babysitting they are not equipping the Christians for the work of ministry. There are babysitting them and giving them milk.

So think about this. I've lived here in the Valley, forcing the treasure Valley here for 16 years and I have a radio show here on the air for Col. Pulley 1312 or 13 years and I have been asked to speak in less than five churches in all those numbers so all you people I I'll frequently ask him how many times you think I could ask speak of the signal 2030 4050 signal maybe twice a year. Now I'm not complaining saying what was me. I suspect that what is is that they know I'm an essay. The truth, and I do know if I'm going someplace on the one about apologetics on the be sending you need to be studying apologetics you need to be talk of this, the elders need to be teaching you because it's all true. The elder should be teaching that the pastor should be focusing to some degree people uncomfortable. If they know that I can answer questions and normative biblical answers.

Maybe they don't want that in a lot of areas because it can have a mess to clean up. I don't know. But the thing is you have more Christ. I am not bothered by anything the Bible and why other people don't like my letter not about this on a filthy vial Calvinist and also Mikhail blown away for person you what you sow out what didn't want to Calvinist beginner church yet. I click grief they want to tell the suspect in her church and it Calvinist ally charismatic like me to speak in her church will those who might be willing to do that don't want me in because I from infant baptism, not for salvation was a covenant sign and I can back it up in Scripture they don't know it. I can everything I'm saying that it is right to think I have my reasons for believing I do know I've gone to places and I've spoken a lot more in Southern California than here what I was in Southern California I would often post preacher at the public supply and I would one time I stay one day I saw you actually preached in three different churches to win them on Sundays and one in the evening someplace and I would go and they wanted to hear.

They wanted public supply and so I got here that all stopped. Everything stopped in radio show. Nothing happened, and I think this might it's might be. As I I've talked other Californians who moved up some I've known for 30 years they moved up they follow the sucker and they've said to that they believe they sense blanket of spiritual oppression here and I think it's because there's Mormons and Roman Catholics are lit, that's all wrong because I do not know but I do know what it is and maybe who knows so is it because I they know will speak the truth and if the if I'm asked the question of can answer it. That's that's dangerous you don't want someone like that you know in your pulpit right so you go to my mind sure child for wanting to read it. The whole thing is ironic. I think it would letter churches want to do is get numbers and what I have said over the radio many type of the fastest. The pastor should be preaching to thin the church out when I say that I don't mean preached in order to get rid of people but preach the gospel but I would love it if at church that met you got one month for Sunday's preach. According to the word of God.

I would say to them, people might leave let them leave. Then it would be me. Insulting people to be like this with what God says this with this is this is that there's a theology behind us here that hears this people don't necessarily want.

That is much as as can you tell me how to get rapture down to hear how my bank account needs to be fatter on you to have a better car because I'm a child of God, and I deserve it and this thing called picking up the cross, that's for others to do, not for me and I preach like that from the pulpit ice. They point to the congregation that you are called to pick up your cross, you called you. My job is to teach you how what that means and how to survive the difficulties that come with it that makes people nervous.

You may pick up the cross. Yes, live for Jesus and if need be.

You die for him as well and I talked about a different level greater than your man and are trying the super called to do what's gonna happen, persecution, and if we don't thin the church out by our preaching and teaching God's goodness send it out to persecution is when a church if that's true.

When a church is full of of of lukewarm unbelievers like Olivia Segan, church planting character. I've been there been a legacy statistic but when it's full of people who were lukewarm who don't have that that teaching to to do to move the net that everybody has to do everything all the time. You know you get your monthly home with the kids reason for the glory gutter apply this right way.

The thing is, if the church is full of people who go there to have the nice chairs. The nice music the nice fellowship in the fine yelled and got to eat afterwards in the state put a check in the type or whatever it is, occasionally, that's their so that's their Christian life was good having persecution comes along when they been told no. The pre-tribulation will get you get out of the trouble to everything to be fine.

Don't worry about it before it gets bad to be taken out. That means I don't have to worry about things I don't have to pick up the cross and practice carrying it now for the time of persecution when they have to carry it or drop it and hide and deny my Lord, what someone is going to be. And these are the kind of thing that preach and teach about when I'm calling people on the carpet and not always talk like that but that's what needs to be talked about her nipple. People would leave let the church leave and let those who stay become strong in the Lord and then we become that the pastors and teachers become more involved with that with strengthening the body of Christ for the work of ministry is to the babysitting, the unbeliever, so don't get offended that's weakening the gospel, the gospel, it offends nobody is not the gospel of the Bible in your printer.

Don't even believe in Christ sums due entire time there, even getting the no I don't really disturbed about the state of the church will learn to. I've written many articles on my website. Many on Karmanos. You've heard me speak or you know Cooper nesting Valley here but you but to know. I believe in in the last you have you ever heard me speak anyplace speak yes I have.

Okay what it had. Mark church now. I think know you are okay I got you had to be here any minute to think the political going downtown Boise day you'll be fun. So, you heard me preach you know I just I say I had is not mean but say it refreshing because they live in a culture that went positivity all the time like guide in full. Not fast with any and everything through rushing and you know what really made your that's right that's right and give kudos touch at a motel above talked about on the radio and could you not listening. I'm sure you'll he goes to Kenya and that way he got there and how that that whole thing worked out to me he's a Doer and he preaches a truth as well. So he's a great guy get him on the radio again fill in for me.

I am flabbergasted at work going on. I can't wait.

I'm leaving underneath it is worse than anything it's worth anything, it is because the church in America is largely Laodicea. It has so much power that has so much money has so much comfort and yet they're not serving Christ they think they are but they don't know what it means. So God what he does is he sends persecutions to purify and strengthen his people so that they become united in their hope of Christ because when you're persecuted your cell phones, not to save you.

Your car is not gonna save you when you're in a situation of persecution. You look up to heaven while you're bowing down on your knees and then God delivers and they live through that they take that into other areas of their lives and their lives are changed and they are strengthened because of strength. The church is not in numbers or how big a building is, but in the commitment that each individual has, to the person work of Jesus Christ and how they want to put Christ first in their life they trusted him beyond their own ability to understand and feel. That's the strength of the church. That's not what's being taught today and you can't learn that if comfort is your panacea. If comfort is your drug and if these false teachers out there who are teaching be comfortable, be warmed be filled instead of Jesus is pick up your cross and if you don't do that you're not worthy of me.

Jesus said that picking right that's right it to the plowing don't like that. Jesus said no eternity.

I see people in eternity is a long time to be wrong. Yeah right now the opportunity that's right yeah and and what that great. I can think of the name Chad just talked about in it (I can't think that that common grade, grace to the unbeliever is ran out at some point is true.

The kindness of God to the unbelievers is only last so long and the grace he gives to the church will only last so long as well.

He will never lose the ones who are his, but he will smile and discipline the people he loves, and persecution at the hands of unbelievers is how very fair so I hope that was really worth staying on affair forms are Nelson and Pam Carl and tomorrow, then by God's grace will talk you later

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