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2 Samuel Chapter 14:

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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August 3, 2020 1:00 pm

2 Samuel Chapter 14:

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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August 3, 2020 1:00 pm

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Obviously, you have to be led by the Spirit to ask Jesus to forgive yourself.

That's not something you came up with on your own.

The Holy Spirit faces you down chases you around until he can you convict to that you need to come to Jesus and then you know you finally give in after today's month years for decades or whatever but it's interesting that a lot of times we start out being led by the spirit and we think okay will finish this in my own strength. My own personal life. When I first got St. was like a God thanks for saving me things for forgiven me really appreciate.

I can take it for me and and the Lord must look down the hall looking to cross the bridge with David McGee, the senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina. We all need forgiveness in our life and need to provide forgiveness for others teaches to second Samuel chapter 14 you'll help us out with some of the teaching here today. Well Bob you know what we need to be led by God spirit able to forgive because of God's. And we been given the ability to be given because of experience of past labels could be talked about that this jump right into my first teaching.

Second Samuel chapter with me. The second Samuel chapter 14 looking at life of David, the life of Absalom and what happened before, is one of David signs had raped his half-sister and suffered no punishment from David or the government.

Absalom took it upon himself to conspire to kill Amnon and then Absalom flees the scene. So that's kind of where we catch up. Now this is a it's an interesting chapter, not that you want from a Bible study Bible teacher standpoint and some of this were dealing with motivation whenever you get into the area of motivations of trying to figure out why somebody did something we have to be very careful because you might think that you're always sure of somebody's motivation but there's no way that you can be sure somebody's motivation.

When we look at this chapter tonight, you start to ask yourself why did he do that or why did he do it like this and and some of his answers are disturbing and some of them quite frankly, or I don't know, but as a Bible teacher. I'm in the position like I have to get into a little bit of speculation so the interestingness can become a minefield. All product should address it with grace. Amen. Second Samuel chapter 14 verse one must look at it together so Joab the son of Zechariah perceive that the king's heart was concerned about Absalom starts out looking like Joab's concern is for David in might meet. So I think at the very least, I think there's some mixed motives going on, but will look them in numbers to enjoy them sent to Toccoa and brought from their wise woman and said to her, please pretend to be a mourner and put on morning apparel do not anoint yourself with a little bit like a woman who's been morning a long time for the dead go to the king and speak them in this manner, so Joab put the words in her mouth. This is interesting in chapter 12 couple weeks ago God use Nathan to come to David he told David a story and you can review were not going back over chapter 12 again, but Nathan told David a story by which David was very about what he is a beautiful story and Nathan had been the lead God to do that is very obvious when you read chapter 12. You don't see that in chapter 14 notice what's missing. It doesn't say God told Joab to go tell David these things doesn't say was led by the spirit and I believe to be honest that and again this is a little bit of speculation here, but I believe Joe and what he's doing and what he saying is he's in the flesh. He's not being led by the spirit. Now it seems like the right thing to do, and he's expressed concern for the heart of his king, and yet what we will see is that the fruit of this action is not good for us is amazing thing because here Jesus talks to us and tells us that we need to look at the root of people's lives and look at the fruit of ministries.

What is he saying that because sometimes it it's hard to tell some people might do the right thing at the wrong time or they might do the right thing at the right time for the wrong reason and not bear good fruit and you really don't know until the fruit begins to come out whether it's good fruit of the weather's bad fruit and that's what Jesus was saying that when you look at this chapter and you see the fruit that came out Joab's little story to really question if this was God or not. I think Joab heard what Nathan did a thought, well, how do all make up a story and I'll get somebody to tell it today, but notice what Nathan told the story and there was no deception about there's deception are involved with Joe and what we discover about Joab looking back and looking forward is he's quite the politician. I guess and say what we see is him, stating this thing up. There's deception involved in, and really the story doesn't work, so his motives may have been good.

Our next but here's the first life lesson we should be led by the spirit.

The lifelessness we should be led by the spirit. Now how do you how are you spirit led how are you led by the holy there's a lot of ways and in this really a teaching, in and of itself.

I don't think it's not is necessarily something that gets really weird and people start doing crazy things. I think a lot of times it's a very natural inclination or maybe rotten down the road and a clear thought emerges in your head of hey I need to do this do that call somebody or email somebody that could be the spirit of God leading you to do that to do something like that. That's interesting because a lot of times.

Obviously, you have to be led by the spirit to asked Jesus to forgive you of your sent. That's not something you came up with on your own. The Holy Spirit chases you down chases you around until he convinces you a conviction that you need to come to Jesus and then you know you finally give in after days, months, years, decades or whatever. So when you do that you're being led by the spirit. But it's interesting that a lot of times we start out being led by the spirit and we think okay will finish this in my own strength were no longer be led by my own personal life. When I first got say God thanks for saving me. Thanks for forgiving me really appreciate. I can take it for me and and the Lord must look down the hall man and no one all you've done is ruin your life. That's only thing you really did well will ruin your life and now you want to be back in control of your and that's how sometimes we wind up in the ditch life we can get you talks about June 23 or 24 talks about the fact that God is able to keep us from stumbling and fall. So what's going on in our lives and were stumbling and falling well were trying to direct her own life, which on the run the show never meant to save us and okay ASAP you're forgiven head on down the highway. That's not what God intended mentioned this before, but that bumper sticker God is my copilot hope you don't have that you have that one right there is a problem. God doesn't need a coat.

He was to be your pilot he wants to direct your life. And so it's like were heading down the highway of life. You know, got to think let me have the wheel and I know in my life right now. Get away from the will know what I'm doing.I'll consult your owner as needed basis. I'll take the wheel you happens sooner or later you no one up in the ditch and then what I do. God, what are you doing I thought you looking after them in the ditch is what you had your hands on the wheel.

He would let go the direction Galatians put it like this it Paul was writing this letter to the church at Galatia. We were looking at this in the book back. Galatians chapter 3 verse two and three pulses this this only I want to learn from you. Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law or by the hearing of faith and are you so foolish, having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh. It's a pretty huge application and it deals story's not in my notes but I remember being out in California used to travel new music and teaching being on California and in on this particular night. Benjamin is about two years old and it is felt to me to put on his socks and shoes which I thought hey I had a coat but now when to put on his socks and shoes and and Benjamin. First of all, looked at me like what's wrong you don't usually do this there's a problem. Not sure if you really know how to do this. So when I was trying to put his socks on his feet. He was trying to help me by putting his footless just wasn't work. I thought it still. Just let me do it now and will be will be finished we go inside, but it took like a few minutes and I'm frustrated he's frustrated he's he thinks I don't know what. So then I get a socks and shoes on not walking to the church trust we can walk in there and as I'm walking across the parking lot. God is exactly like me and said secretly to be really I'm the victim I'm conformity to the image of my son is not something you can do something I'm doing in you and through you, but it's not something you can do of your own strength but you keep thinking that it's up to you. You keep thinking I don't know what I'm doing but I do and I laughed out loud because as I was doing this thing with Benjamin. I thought Benjamin let me do what I know to do because if you don't it's going to take longer and this can be harder on both of and I knew that God had looked at me many times as I was going through things try to fix stuff myself got elected me about man let me do what I know how to do is if you don't is going to be harder on both of us, as it will take a lot longer verse four and when the woman of Toccoa spoke to the king, she felt her face to the ground, and prostate are so frustrated herself and said help okay. Then the king said to her, what troubles you, and she answered. Indeed, I am a widow. My husband is dead now. Your maidservant had two sons to fall with each other in the field and there was no one to park them but the one struck the other and killed him and now the whole family is risen up against your maidservant and they said deliver him and struck his brother, that we may execute them for the life of his brother whom he killed and we will destroy the air. Also said they would ask English my amber that is left and leave the my husband. Neither name nor remnant on the earth now taken note Joab story is it doesn't really follow the flat. Obviously this is a reference to Absalom, but the reference begins to fall apart in a hurried number one this is two brothers got a fight in the field wasn't premeditated.

There wasn't any sort of conspiracy to but in Absalom's case there was a lot of planning that went that was involved in a conspiracy to do it. It was very much premeditated.

He got other people involved with that is not consistent with the story that falls apart is that Absalom was not the only one who could be king after David and the story assemble you know achieve this assignment is banished, then you know there's nobody to be there. David had other son again. I think that's that's why look at this. I want to just shoot from the happens I will obviously lose will of God. I will walk you through what I came to that conclusion is a study this chapter in Absalom's plan, murder, conspiracy of violence is just very much different than the story the disc listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge will be back with more in just a moment but first, if you haven't been to our website and across the yet what you waiting for go to cross the to learn more about how listeners like you are helping get the life-changing truth of God's word to more people to the radio, Internet and mobile technologies across the you can also check out our broadcast schedule. Listen to more teaching from Pastor David@up for Pastor David's free daily devotional and there's more thereto, so visit cross the today. Now here's Pastor David as he continues showing verse by verse, verse eight.

Then the king said to the woman, go to your house and I will give orders concerning what David was saying here very wisely. Wish you let me think about this, we think about this and if you read the chapter beforehand.

Some of this is a little I know it's a little obscure ended up reading like four different versions just the kind of get the feel and refer back to the original Hebrew and some of the stuff. So David is saying you give me some time because I want to think about. That's wisdom that is wisdom friend of your ever in the position and actually Dave is going to find himself in this position if you're ever in the position here talking some I know I can't. Hey I need a decision now and it's an important decision that was going on.

Is there some coercion going on and you in a time crunch might make a decision that you would normally make. That's why when you watch the TV the Ronco and all the call in the next 90 seconds will give you five of these for free.

You know, that sort of thing they do that because they want you to make a decision to hurt what is more than likely you will make an irrational decision after 90 seconds ago. I don't need that much less than on the above listen to the friends and neighbors.

So be careful when somebody says I need a decision right now we run into something a lot in biblical counseling sure this with you. Here's what Proverbs chapter 6 verse one through three says, is my child if you cosign a loan for a friend or guarantee the debt one you hardly know if you have trapped yourself by your agreement or call what you said quick get out of if you possibly can place yourself at your friend's mercy swallow your pride go and beg to have your name arrest, strong and because here is what happens in that people come in and go home and financial hardships are wide in finance charge. Well cosign for my child and they're not paying this archetype for rent.

They're not paying for it and so now have the pickup that payment now I'm going to ask question you pray about all we have prayed about, you prayed about three cosign only the got to do all you got to and we taken with this verse and they go oh God will never tell you to do something that is contrary to his word and he says here don't do it. Not only this, there's another place in Matthew 2226 and do not cosign another person's note or put up a guarantee for someone else's one W. got a vague and now it's really straightforward and so be careful if you find yourself in this place and if you're in this place get out of that place is what the concept here is to move slowly in relationships with people. There's a safety net. We do that here. You know, we didn't have deacons or elders think like couple years and we had one the ability and after about three or four years. As I got to know these men, and I knew their hearts we start put we start appointing elders and deacons. While I am want to do it too quickly and so this woman is trying to force David into this kind of quickly and ends up that it works with first Timothy chapter 522's is. Do not lay hands on anyone hastily nor share in other people's sense. Keep yourself pure and the new living translation thing versus never be in a hurry about appointing an elder do not participate in the sins of others keep yourself pure. It's interesting that the bodices move slow so we have we have a saying around here. As far as ministry move slow move small because as you do. That was about to say about that. Says he who is faithful in the small things will be faithful in the big things to ministry principle that if you negate that if you walk past that the new may suffer the consequences of David say hey go on. Let me think about verse nine and the woman of Toccoa, said the King by Laurel King let the inequity be on me and on my father's house in the king and his throne be guiltless or she saying you don't go and make your decision and I'll pick up the slack, or take up the heat didn't verse 10 the king said whoever says anything to you bringing the mean he shall not touch you anymore and and so David sent possibly couple things here since the morning if somebody complains about my decision you bring them to me. They won't complain anymore or somebody messes with you. Bring them to me and they won't mess with you and let's look at verse 11.

Then she said please let the king remember the Lord your God and do not permit the avenger of blood to destroy anymore lest they destroy my son David's responses were interesting and he said, as the Lord lives, not one air of your son shall fall to the ground as I was reading through this and studying this Absalom had a huge head of hair will see that few met and it makes me wonder by David's comment right here. He doesn't already know where the story because he mentions not one hair on his head. Absalom had such main hair that I mean it was like well known in the kingdom. I just wonder if David sorting company at first. Therefore, the woman said please let your maidservant speak another word to my lord the king, and he said sale was 13, so the woman said wind and heavy schemes such a thing against the people of God for the king speaks this thing is one who is guilty, and that the king does not bring his banished one home again. Verse 14 is packed with stuff for we will surely die and become like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away a life, but he devises means so that his banished ones are not expelled for men verse one of verse water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up again while it was still the first part, for we shall.

We will surely die. The statistics on death or amazing art. Realize that one out of one people die. I mean, that's that there's not something you can get around everybody in here will have to face the we want to think about doing is amazing what I was contemplating is it it it's interesting because it used to be you know on Main Street.

50 years ago that it was part of life. If you will that a neighbor or friend on that street would pass away. I was just something to happen on a semi regular basis but with rest times come in for them back in restaurant. I think there's obviously there's a need, but what happens is we kinda move death off of the main Street so that we don't have to think about it nearly as much a friend. I'm not sure that's a good thing to see.

We all like to pretend that were not going to die and we watch those sci-fi things really can cryogenically freeze you have that done men that's cool will that were not doing that yet and I don't know that there were serious issues with physics. I think there so begs the question, are you ready are you ready I know it's him. Everything is everything while not ready right now things will happen right. While some of us will go through diseases and illnesses and we will have time to prepare ourselves and prepare a house with so much will we simply won't have that and so you should make yourself ready today tonight 11 like you could die any day and be ready with no regrets.

I understand that that's a huge challenge is, but as believers. That's the way that we should live. If you knew today was going to be your last day what would you not have done the day then why did you do it because it could've been your last and so this thing that we will surely die.

We we can play around with this, but there's a there's a reality there is water spoke on the ground when she saying here is this is over what Absalom did is done even though I don't agree with the story per se that I think it's in the flesh, but there are some biblical principles here, you know what, what's been done is been done, the spilt melting that's built progress will because single thing whatever happened to you. That was bad happened to you. It's in the past, but you know what we do. Sometimes we we go back to the past and we pull this past event into the future so I can continue to shape us who we are, who were not. That's a bad thing.

That's a deadly thing actually is believer were given great power as believers power guys like that word don't power we got, you know you got one car.

This powerful you can leg I get one is a little more powerful to turbocharge got to hear me guys are in the power of the work. You can't get a normal chainsaw to go get the turbo powertrain control. We like our words were power for each of you will not power is necessarily a bad thing. Power is is Cool thing to forgive a lot of power. The thing is it to be able to pray for semi that they would be sick anymore, and for them to recover are the power to proclaim the good news of the gospel. That's incredible that somebody's life might be changed by something that we sat that's incredible power, but you know, one of the I think probably the most awesome things that were given power with is the power to forgive. That's power. That's incredible power and it's a power that no other organization.

No other religion. No other people grew can offer you except Jesus life lesson, your God gives us the power to forgive God gives us the power to forgive. Now I know what some of you think well that you don't know what so-and-so did. You don't know what such and such happened you don't know how badly I've been treated or spoken against what friend that is true, that's true. But God and I'm not asking you to forgive some I'm not telling you that you have to do that. That's what God is doing this strikes me as ironic that David took Bathsheba for his wife and had Uriah killed in a very treacherous way using conspiracy now won't turn around and forgive us who actually did for less, and it sets in motion a chain of events can be harmful to be horrible for David to be horrible for Absalom to be horrible for the whole nation and the reality is the could've been stopped, friend. You know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now only Legion a short simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now. Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry.

Please forgive me of all those things. Please give me the power to live for you.

All of my days in Jesus name, amen it friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible. You've been forgiven you've been born again, so congratulations for you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make.

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