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Overcoming Adversity

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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August 2, 2020 4:41 pm

Overcoming Adversity

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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August 2, 2020 4:41 pm

Overcoming Adversity- Episode 99

August 1, 2020


We are showing how there is always hope, no matter where you are in your life on the latest show of The Cure with guest Anthony Brown with CARE DD, who is sharing his incredible story of amazing grit, perseverance and triumph despite great adversity, suffering and homelessness only to turn around and start making difference by helping others.


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.



Anthony Brown is the founder and director of Coordinating & Assisting Recovery Environments located in Tustin, California. Since 1999, Anthony’s passion has been focused on providing specialized treatment for individuals who suffer with a mental illness combined with a substance use disorder. Anthony is a graduate of Cypress College where he received his Associate’s Degree in Science related to Psychiatric Technology in 2003 and became a Licensed Psychiatric Technician in 2004. In pursuit of higher education, Anthony attended Santa Ana College where he received his Associate’s Degree in Science and became a Registered Nurse in 2011 and then raised to Director of Nursing at a Psychiatric hospital.

In 2013, Anthony introduced Coordinating & Assisting Recovery Environments (C.A.R.E.) as a community based recovery program. He is the author of the life changing book “From Park Bench to Park Avenue.”

You can read more about Anthony Brown and his book - From Park Bench to Park Avenue here. 

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In this new side of my anxiety tolerance in the Hanseatic control coalition can still feel this is when the journalist Buchanan cancer can express something you will always with me when I go to work with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and the Q welcome L. My making partner Lawrence, while amazing thank you sometimes sometimes they get sorry for sometimes I share is available online on your radio off the life that are apathetic here on any smart phone and her website got a as well. As social media just recently discovered is being viewed and listened to all over the world. We are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite 135 pages station 11 states after the show. Any podcast next Sunday on 06 channel 131 the family top 10 this out yes is suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit will still survive, and encourage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone, as well as experts and inspirational speakers and they show the testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into adulthood. I do believe we all suffer. Somehow with the help of God. Be a source of healing with 40 chapter for me. God was the only cure that other forms of healing are presented as well. Service everyone life is challenging but there's always hope when someone cares at least God is only played earlier was control by Zoe.

We which one of us have not felt the spin and how many times have you struggled with the idea of losing control, especially these days. What hurts is something we never want to feel again that it also reminds us how thankful we are that God was always there, and he always did understand great suffering can be a very sad part of life that amazing Grace miracles and beautiful and beautiful things can transpire thanks to God and it is evident in the grateful heart.

When we are spinning out in space, holding onto every breath pressing on her chest and feeling there's nothing left. We can do is when God sees us through despite diversity at its best. Today, a lot of us are faced with the possibility of homelessness.

So we have a special guest today. Today Anthony Brown who lifted himself yet rose above to make a difference.

Anthony Brown is the founder and director of coordinating and assisting recovery environment care located in Anaheim California since 1999.

Anthony's passion is providing specialized treatment for individuals who suffer with mental illness, combined with a substance abuse use disorder with a bachelors in nursing from California State University Fullerton. He is a director of nursing and a psychiatric hospital. Anthony Brown has a dramatic life story as a homeless man addicted to drugs and alcohol since he was very young, experiencing unfathomable loss to a successful road of healing and service to others is presented in his memoir from park bench to Park Avenue detailing his incredible journey from dysfunction and homelessness to recovery and try and pursuing his ultimate passion of giving hope and helping those still imprisoned by destructive behaviors and substance abuse. Anthony, welcome to the cure year now. Life.

Thank you. I feel so honored to have you.

Anthony you have such an important message to share any been very active and outspoken about even being interviewed by Dr. Drew BBC News, among others. Another curious to tell us how it all began. Regards, Mark my story, wrote a book about my life every three or write about it more like the I am Google review: book, a lot of you wrote that carried on your pool rate rental article from Ohio. Originally all generally not going on Beverly dog you know your will.

Yes, I was wondering why what things bring someone to become homeless to come from the two. Home. What brought you to the streets.

How did you get there because a lot as we go through things but not all of us end up homeless life must've been extremely challenging what you all in our walk from you era it will all my mother's blood was there always are. Be. In the form of, or whatever your God that became unbearable and I left about 14 and never wanted to return 109 years old. I remember one day we woke up one day I walked my mother left and not board meeting and realized all of you by that must've made you lose hope completely. How long will you homeless 23 years of working for 30 70 yeah before what so you went to school after you after you were not homeless anymore.

What while you were homeless. No go. But it's hard all night our drug you're embarrassed about the way you look well market. Oh Marty, is that over anything when but what I got over that I was able to pull just any lien here lies was when someone is able to hear you see you and most importantly, believing you had time that you had last believing everything, including yourself, please tell us about what I like how the, might show about your love always, always believe in God. God rest you got 11 oh got me out of it. I'll do that or you know what I overdose Walkabout direct corporate got a all other finally where I think the move was brighter, God forgot their [the federal I ask you one point I was audio Anthony yet. Okay okay yeah I felt like that yeah let you learning and I know your legal body. What a bad living the life out of the allowed well and all that is never delayed DUI lifeline now show deals with suffering its nasty experience in the carriage to keep moving forward. I was forced into my abortion. I think I have a choice of people to do this twice. My heart break. Amy, every Saturday at one Eastern on the Truth Network welcome back. I think he pertaining me having to much for doing this is good, though I am God the tongue that displays played. Let's just hold on by Louis Tomlinson and Steve Hale. I remember a time when I thought my problems would last forever. Somewhat ignorant of God's promises that this too shall pass. I will not allow anything you cannot handle and I will always be there with you to help you through it. As the story goes. It doesn't end with just one book life as many chapters in your books can be written, but the greatest story ever told, is the one we leave behind the difference we make in people's lives and how we added to their happiness. It doesn't matter who we were aware we have been to. We are meant to be, when it all goes wrong, please don't give up just keep going on. It's only when we die that her stories done where talking to Anthony Brown.

His testimony helps us understand how to overcome adversity and bring supply a lot of hope Anthony what was the environment like what do you encounter when homeless is everyone crazy because I don't believe my brother is and last I heard from him.

He had been homeless for 71 well.


Well capable of going about birth or about I buy out what year, but being out there with other people. We will upload you there there okay all of this model one all but no doubt about our good result of the results that help individuals elect for you think you're crazy that we don't get our back. Oh what a people of about my so that you can be other people. I like the fact that regardless of where you are, God love you but I got everything right nothing was Jesus just to Anthony somebody believing you.

You are the criminal and he was the police officer living on the criminal.

But whatever they been arrested so got arrested.

Our team doing times what can I say and she was the police officer and how did you guys cross that barrier where you guys were able to help each other because I'm sure it was awful to him to help you in about a criminal. I will hold up to it. I thought about what was I will be through our drug goat. What I got a wreck. I got out what did I get a wreck." Get out so I know I know what happened. I know what happened. I bet you went on that's going back and found you what you wanted at the point where nothing mattered regular again. Love always Lisa and I know that will not my my drug they love their no human part help you. You got and God will remove everything from me that's what I did is on purpose.

I think I kept having a police officer finds you, so that he can finally have a leak in a contentious heart and say I need to help this guy. So, not the police officers about. We could of your dahlias that's needless to out every work of Dr. Fred part that out there with you while in order to delete one or not to get better law. I think that other half with variable public. The mental health walk. You have or who is that you don't have very criminal in Unable to physiologically handle what but wanted some help. Everything work out party had a friend in her and related tricks that are meant for free while not likely that I will was a culture shock that I spent 23 years. Back alley, not a dumpster fella like God know what not knowing what it's like to love somebody you can see yeah yeah I know they're pretty body I way that you know me once in a while with a rate of about what I what treatment there.

I was surrounded by all of these people that will and it was a cultural shock because how can what was beginning what was going on. Why are you why are you she said I was.

I was always really got to go about environment and I will gradually make only big rock that were comparable. I had Internet what sort homeless, got my caliber report spot continuity of the great bed vacuum Lord. I started out at a negative that people could have tried all about all yeah well you're a lot of rock of pride and they will now around long walk around long enough, people could love you you love your and start getting involved in recovery and people in recovery were guiding me both the left by over and what I like about it. At one point in time always known God to be a wreck of always known I got help me know what I never knew God every friend and once we know God is taken seriously never return. God is an awesome God's name and then call us today you soon know, welcome back and think speaking and over live every Saturday at 1 PM and you have to care and on our website. God is a Caradoc old shows are available. Also support custom video audio both caused just look for the cure with Amy, the sound that displayed let's cry at teaching my third day is very awesome song was recently dedicated to me. I am dear friend, thank you. Those to Melanie consider me an example of God's love, mercy and grace and healing. I may have lost a few people. Before long, a few people long before it was time and struggled many times that I was never alone in my penitence and pain.

Forgot did not let it keep me back from my life. It was when I was hopeless really and broken hearted that I cried out to Jesus who made it right it was when I had God by my side and I overcame to speak, and learn to fight where talking to Anthony Brown for sharing his testimony at becoming a nurse director from homelessness. Anthony you are ready.

It was perfect trying when God called you. I understand and it really was perfect timing, but for my brother.

Unfortunately I only spoke to him twice and he found God that African help, and he didn't want he wasn't ready so my question to you is how can you motivate homeless person when they're not ready or they refuse help everybody I know very way said I got what God was never lost. No word on Friday. Percival. And throughout all of God remove all the spring from me directly.

New York whatever he will slowly remove anything from me.

Okay all the other things are good at night I think are the sometimes we integrate have no control. We have a finite ability to big tobacco and I'm hoping that by writing the core only look out for the public.

People you know that other people. You know what that guard I can relate and they don't want to hear it again. Being out or something like I can do or anyone about the Apple so that people can be attracted to promoting because we people are correct and then the miracle happened even though when I had about two years in recovery or tears over everyone laid out my connection to God was nothing like I have today but your body will never forget. I got directly through their signal.

I know card run on Back and I know that all that work back to me that you were there and you know what maybe he did does find things to me that this is my husband having proposed to me after only two days of knowing in any dead he's an awesome God. What can I say God is awesome and never got God will come to my. On my every everybody body were guiding light and I believe I got in individual values universal in the white elbows will remove any doubt of who he and I found what I got who he was an experience that I have my Hiram by rocket only. I started out any with an eighth-grade education about the letter from prison that was it. Now I have a bachelors degree in nursing. The God that that I had back in the next few business is more my friend and I always laugh because God and I were times I pray every day I'm on my knees and I've got great big thank you for being alive throughout the day are a little prayer really funny because when I was little I want to be a drug dealer and now that my life is different. God pleases nurse why people difference difference I can understand what you say. Maybe since it was God now much better than he stopped. I thought I had a relationship with God. I need got all my life that I wasn't living the right life.

I wasn't thinking about all the time and praying every day and paying as much as possible, as many hours as possible. And it's when you take God seriously that you really feel his presence in your life really changes for the better.

Otherwise, you praying thinking. Your prayers and have answered and gotten is not love you wanted just you need to change your ways. Trust me, been there done that. How to establish relationship with God by hole and fight for his life had completely shifted the life of paper, but you know what Anthony I just think we need to do more than treat the symptom rather than the source, like the petting and homeless people in hotels and things like that and giving them homes is just a temporary fix really, it's about getting to the frame of mind getting them to give themselves differently in a positive way. To believe in themselves to believe that there is a God that he loves them unconditionally, and it doesn't matter, they can always start over, and they probably need therapy and structure and accountability and responsibility and with little accomplishments here and there. It promotes confidence and then makes the person feel like a whole person a real person, not just a problem that I agree wholeheartedly with the we have tried to imagine will God give me a mention and occult Brown manner and that hoping him to give it to homeless people your neck and what my hope with ownership and believing himself what you believe you spell their self-esteem, increased water, self-esteem, increase your self-worth will increase what your self-worth increase your confidence will increase nobly comfortable taking that neck indicated that as though we all have to do our part.

I know that I the homeless before we get about 33 dog night and I've seen a lot of that. I agree with you putting somebody in the home is temporary therapy and all hell All there is to let know now that one small piece of the puzzle once more. But how do you convince somebody once they're in that environment that they wanted something different. That's where it gets complicated, but there is a fear for that but a lot of times like that when I am when I first discovered God, God wasn't God was of love toward finding anything.

The solution wasn't lawfully just know know what to look for and impose a five some of our own issues or problems putting aside long enough to be able to be a little broader than we will find a solution I found as I know what works for me on what works for other individuals, but it has to be bigger. Just family your homework help you know only two people to know homeless but the struggling with drug addiction exactly mental illness anger anger problem. I'm almost everything. The fun part about the one to get out alive today as you go through my heart like that is how you know what that that's okay as long as God is. Honestly, I don't know what I do without God. I don't care bring in on my God is bigger coping mechanisms that ditch ourselves to look at the me that's broken I may not be strong enough.

I may not have what it takes but now I think pickpocket anything that is making me always when I will be right back 30s lecturing me in things pertaining every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern radio replicator dentition media just the forgot is the key later. The show will be available as a podcast later today. Actually search for the cure with Amy, and please subscribe and tell us what you think about it that I misspelled with it different it's redundant how AIM EE with and I am doubly and I the only other option is why why I don't know that song they just played piggyback for like king and queen by Ava Max.

That's my fun song I like to have one every child. This goes for queens as well as kings. So far the queens and kings who are fighting alone. Please know you not dancing on year-round. Imagine the angels and saints thing there popping champagne and raising a toast shaming and giving us hope, since Jesus is the King of all Kings, and we are made in his image. We have what it takes and it's when we do what's right at that size for once we start breathing fire. They can't tame well. So when elderly care clicks normal people to everyone can be a camera queen of article by talking to Anthony Brown sharing his testimony of the coming great adversity after being homeless for 23 years. Crazy 12. Amazing Anthony I you know I wanted to ask you Anthony you are pioneer for creating homeless in which you have a different approach. Can you tell us about Fran Brown manner, or their circular and care and other wonderful things that you doing with my life laying Brown manner.

Purchase character program neck (Matt bring all of them are from a gift from God. Everything I do. I pray everything everything God everything I got about you. I like Larry. I know everything like the name of the book. It was still coming Park Avenue yes please check it out. It's a very good book and I was unavailable right they got what I will not know you could get whatever you want and got nothing to carry out and I done without What about Brown manner, I'll let Brandon that a bottle. Write about it. There have a brother. He was only a few contact but you look like they like by the building he was sleeping and I wanted but he couldn't close the deal. So what I write about it. Look look the formula from my own plan Brown manner and bought the truck.

It took me a year to pay for the fact that when I finally what be the 3000 miles away from the eye when I opened the door.

The very first thing I pride that yeah I and I'm wholly bold what did I get and down I stepped outside a program I got on the way and the next day.

The thought of ever been in my whole life I got for an my YM work. You know now allow deteriorating and played work from one company to pay you know what, I love you and work with you and how God like the people around me that what I'm putting Brown manner. Again, like the job we do have a goal I do have one and all help in the appreciated but always told everybody that whatever you want will make the website to okay thank you and a great project because with care chairs like a mentoring program because you know it's it's it's about education and promoting a healthy frame of mind is not shared that his perception is misconstrued, it can be restored to normalcy literally every anyone great right by Gartner that is out there and I've learned that human being are pretty much right everything everything I know that if I can learn it. Why cannot unload it because I don't. I learned how to be home and undergo alert to so Gary I add "allow you to work from you. We have already paid back by the doctrine of the heart of Brown manner is a program that can help you discover we discovered possibly to start something that are not healthy and be able to make a transition in a cup environment.

Brown manner Brown manner structure care is the heart and parked at the Park Avenue pretty much right to publish the law that allows you all have allowed me to let go and let God easily now because it is a more and I want people to be able to get in my life that so that we don't pump on the things that we don't have working you have focus on the things that go God's will. Yeah you are providing holistic approach you have to your integrating different programs that you know will be helpful when I want our listeners to know if that's something they're not born that way, that sometimes we pick pick up unhealthy things in the environment characteristics that are undesirable and then we believe that we are.

That's who we become. Now that's what we picked up and what we learned. It's a learned behavior and just the thing we learned that no matter how long, how many years we learned it we can still on daily and nothing is forever. We can and do other bad things we learned learn new things and continue to be continue to practice the good things we did when we were younger and innocent, like you would repay well what you you know if your your educated or if your word you understand that different toys to give you different outcome.

The project and expect the fact that you only responded to the choices that will be for you and you really did get that part out of forces that will in your arena.

What I want to be you about a different story starter, mild.

That now our beneficial to me about actually mostly physically and spiritually in the far back are okay, but it is only a few minutes left hand typing and next year it is very helpful to hear your story to show that there is hope more information and Anthony Brown the candy stand. Anthony so there is Anthony Coward Anthony Howard so please help us with this project at frown manner\F. Brown manner hope for the homeless pray to ship in because this is an awesome cost thinking so let's finish with a prayer as we always pray for the homelessness time will look that's appropriate. I guess heavenly father we think is because your word sticks as Because you love us, you gave your only begotten son to die for us so we thank you that your love extends to every person on Ginger's race, color, and social economic classifications right now. We offer this prayer for the homeless poor and hungry. We pray that you will bless all men, women and children who may be without shelter across the globe. Also, we pray for divine covering and blessings upon the homeless poor and hungry lap no one to take the name we pray that your Holy Spirit will flood them with want security protection and strength. In Jesus name.

And we declare some 46 you shall be the refuge and strength a very present help in trouble.

We pray that they shall not fear even though the mountains me feel as they are shaking the Lord of hosts shall be written because the God of Jacob is their refuge, we commit this prayer to you in Jesus name. Thank you Arthur to try to producer Jasper for being with us today play my songs and making an assessment guide and thanks to Robbie telemark kingdom pursuit interesting car guy. His current genuine guidance and his love and dedication for others he says are truly awesome, inspiring and very informative. This is Amy capital you have been listening to the care you want to say of someone less and less words like buying new or alarmingly underlying God hearing on my hunger on have your following your thank you for bringing thing may have one nice nice having one share I

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